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  President Trump Holds Rally in Wilkes- Barre PA  CSPAN  August 2, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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what about dispersion and economic hardship in the court in 2017 for the epa can't go so far as to require that refinery be at risk out of going on business to exempt them from the irs and i believe it is equally unacceptable for the epa to merely exempt refinery because they fit the definition of a small refinery and i would think you would agree that there is space between those two options, would you? >> i would that agree that their space between the two options because just as there refinery does not mean they are entitled to an exemption and their othe other -- >> we take you live not to pennsylvania where president trump is holding a rally. he's here to support the public encouragement is running for senate. the russian life campaign 2018 coverage here on the spin two. turn to ♪
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usa, usa, usa. >> thank you very much pennsylvania. thank you. thank you very much. [applause] i am thrilled to be back in the state that gave us american independence. [cheers and applause] american steel which is coming back very strongly. and generations of hard-working americans just like you. it's great to be here. thank you everybody. than you. [cheers and applause] we live in a truly incredible
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country and this is an incredible time. you see what's happening. we are respected again. [cheers and applause] our economy is soaring. our jobs are booming. factories are coming from all over the world. we are defending our workers. we are protecting our constitution. [cheers and applause] we are crushing the terrorists. we are taking care of our vets. we love our vets. our military is stronger than ever before, 700 william dollars. [cheers and applause] and the forgotten men and women
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of the united states are forgotten no more. [cheers and applause] so i just watched last night our great vice president mike pence. he traveled all the way to hawaii, 12 hours and that was okay. it wouldn't have mattered if it was 50 hours to meet their remains and greet the families of the american heroes who gave their lives in korea. [cheers and applause] [chanting] usa, usa, usa.
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>> our fallen warriors are finally coming home to bead laid to rest on american soil. a long time. it's been a long time. we are honored to be joined tonight by your state's republican nominee for governor, a great guy, somebody i know well. he is going to be one of a governor. he's tough, he's smart, scott wagner. scott. [cheers and applause] and i also want to recognize your terrific republican candidates for congress.
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john, dan, john jordan and demand that was their right from the beginning. he heard i was going to be running. he said you've got to go. a man named tom moreno and he is a good friend and is a good friend of blue. they love each other. tom moreno, right from the beginning. i also want to thank pennsylvania gop chairman val did giorgio. thank you. and david, thank you and all of those people. david you do some job on television i want to tell you, david. you know pennsylvania years and years they talk about pennsylvania will be watched by the republicans.
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it almost got away. nobody knew what happened. always got away but we won the state of pennsylvania. [cheers and applause] remember that incredible mike in november. remember that incredible might. and you remember that we were way up in pennsylvania and there was only 2% of the vote left. we were way up. if i lost every vote we would have won the state of pennsylvania. and the fake news refused to call it, right? they refused to call it. [chanting]
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we waited for hours. we were at 98%. i said, what's going on? i want to win with the state of pennsylvania and then some interesting things happened before they called it. they said, donald trump has one the great state of wisconsin. [applause] they said donald trump has won for the first time in many years the great state of michigan and you people didn't get the privilege of taking us over the top. next time, next time. [cheers and applause] they wouldn't call it. i kept saying, why aren't they calling pennsylvania?
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remember one hour, two hours, so long. 98% and they wouldn't call it. there was suffering that night. that was suffering. i remember a nice man. i actually like him. he's very talented. all that red, red little tiny dot of blue along the ocean. a little blue around the los angeles area. that whole thing was red and his hands started shaking. oh my god another state came over. fake news. you know what you call them, right? suppression calls, suppression. they give you phony polls and
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they say you know darling we have an election tonight but trump won't win because the polls are so bad. let's go to movie and come home and we will watch his defeat. there's only one problem. nobody believed them and everybody went out to vote. [cheers and applause] and they turned on the television and they said darling, he's winning. he just won florida, just one north carolina. he just won south carolina. that was something. was that an exciting night? one of the worlds most. you know they kept saying the state of texas which every rally i went to us like this and by the way do you think this is a big crowd? go outside and take a look. go outside.
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[cheers and applause] but i go to texas and i said boy are we popular in texas. get him out. get him out. get him out of here. [cheers and applause] [chanting] usa, usa, usa. so, getting back to texas. for two and a half months i hear
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it taxes is in play. that means they are so close. it's going to be all might long. i couldn't understand it and they said utah. i couldn't understand it could utah, great people, incredible people and then we come to election night. i'm thinking it's going to be close in texas because i believe those people no longer, but i believe them. so it's 8:00 and they go two seconds after eight. donald trump has won the state of texas. donald trump has won the state of utah. now we won by so much and i said to my people somewhat innocently, what was that all about? they said if they convince
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people through the polls people don't go out to vote. enough people were not to vote and know better and since then the state of pennsylvania. [applause] and i want to introduce a very special man. he has been a friend of mine from the beginning. he has been with me saying you were going to win. you are going to win. he is a great political person. he is a leader. he is running against somebody who is so overrated. this guide. i was telling a little story. i have been there. i have to do this before we introduce lou. so i have been in washington now for more than a year and a half.
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i mean honestly, i had never met him. and i am sure i did but i'm not sure. now his father was a good man. i knew him a little bit. but he was a totally different person. i don't know this man. he's a senator. there are 100 senators. i don't know him. he's not an obstructionist. he's worse. he will do whatever schumer pelosi and the new star, and the new star of the democratic party tells him to do. do you know who that new leader is? maxine waters.
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very low iq. low iq. maxine waters is like their new star. but i want to introduce somebody that really is a start. he's smart, he's strong. he loves this state. people are just starting to know him but i've known him for a long time and he wants some thing to pennsylvania. he is brutal. he is brutal. so if you would lou barletta, please come out. [applause] lou barletta.
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thank you. thank you. this is just amazing. you know i never ever thought of my life that i would ever become a politician. i never thought that i would become a mayor. an effort.that i would become a congressman but never in my wildest dreams did i ever believe that the president of the united states would come to my home area to help me win an election for the united states senate. [cheers and applause] thank you. i am grateful and humbled by that. you know the economy is soaring under president trump to comment me. it is soaring. the market is up over 20%. unemployment is at 4%. black unemployment is at a low time -- all-time low. hispanic unemployment is at an all-time low.
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there are more jobs now than people who are unemployed. isis is practically gone. we are not tired of winning mr. president. but i wanted to tell you bob casey wants to stop that. he's become one of the most liberal senators in washington. he is so radical. he is so radical but he said no to no matter who president trump nominated to the supreme court. he said no before he even mentioned who it was. he supports sanctuary cities. he wants to take away your tax cuts. he no longer represents the values of people here in
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pennsylvania. we want to keep that economy going. we want to work with our law enforcement first responders and give them the respect they deserve. >> we want to take care of our bets. we want to secure our borders. we want to end illegal immigration once and for all and we want to stand for the flag. [cheers and applause] i need everybody here and i need everybody wanting to help. help me help president trump drain the swamp and make america great again. thank you. [cheers and applause]
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he did a good job. what do i have to do? you don't know lou. you don't know him well. i've known him well for a long time. i wanted him to get this position to run. i said all i have to do is introduce lou barletta to the public a little bit because he is known in his district as a legend. he was a great mayor, a great congressman. but the state did not know him really as much as tonight they'll know him. this guy is a dynamo. he is incredible and i have to say you are dealing with the other side who are the exact opposite. lou mentioned some of them but many think about justice corsets, you don't do better than that.
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and casey voted against him. and now we have somebody that is extraordinary. as you know judge kavanagh. [applause] yale college, yale law school, top, top student, top of everything. 15 years ago when he was with a lot of talented people someday he would be the supreme court judge and you know what, i think casey doesn't even want to read with him because schumer pelosi and maxine waters told him not to be. so he was a no what he will probably be a no it may know it maybe after tonight he will vote yes but i doubt it. his bosses are telling them him what to do and they always have. so they have no on kavanagh, no
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one corsets. in fact casey as a group they want to end the tax cuts. somehow that doesn't play well. somehow that doesn't play too well. and do you know what else, the biggest thing that only the business people in this room fully appreciate, he was a no one regulation cutting. we had regulation that made it impossible to do business in this country. highways would take 21 years to get through. it's going to be one year very shortly. very shortly. and do you know what? we want clean beautiful water. we want crystal clear air. we want our era to be the best.
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it is right now. the best it's ever been that you don't have to go through 97 different approvals over a 20-year period and we may reject plenty but we are going to reject him in a year. we aren't going to take them down the line 20 or 21 years and then you have a 3-2 vote against the projects. people worked their entire lives to get it approved so we have massive amounts of regulation. bob casey, bob casey was joining president obama. and his horrible attacks on our clean coal. bob casey was making it absolutely impossible for the miners and lou barletta was
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fighting on behalf of our miners, our companies and our beautiful pennsylvania clean coal. and lou on and so did i. so now with lou on our side we have won that war on coal. we were doing something else because we are putting these great miners, these are great people. in west virginia great minds, greet -- great people. i said to the miners you remember hillary clinton said we are going to close you up, right? then she had to come to pennsylvania.
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no, no, no, they only want to hurt republicans. it's all changing, folks. it's all changing. some things just take a little bit longer. they only want to go after republicans. you look at the kind of criminal actions in crime, they only want to go after the republicans. but lou wants to put our miners back and they are working but i'll tell you what i'm really proud of. about five months ago. it took a while to get all the statutory approvals. we are putting our steelworkers back to work at eclipse that nobody would leave. [cheers and applause] u.s. steel is opening up seven plants. new court is opening up a brand-new 250 million-dollar
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plant in florida. did anybody like that one? wasn't that great? the great state of florida. that was another one. they say the republicans are going to have the time hard time winning florida. we won florida quickly. they announced that one early in the night. the nice part, we are doing better in all of these states than we did on election night. despite only negative publicity, only negative stories from the bakers back there. i go home and i see my wife and i said honey i just feel something so great today, you know? missiles are being launched every two seconds in korea. what i did was, north korea was great. i got along great with chairman cam. that's a good thing, not a bad
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thing by the way. i got along with him. and do you know what? i got the hostages back. [cheers and applause] and you know what's they are no. they haven't had a test in nine months and do you know what else? they are not sending rockets over japan. they are not sending missiles over japan and they aren't launching missiles anymore. they haven't launched a one in nine months. the media, finally so good, so good. i'm looking so forward to getting up tomorrow and reading the dying papers. what do i read? what do a read?
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so i left three months ago. what do i read? they have been working on this stuff for 75 years. obama didn't do anything. in all fairness of their administrations did nothing. they have been working on it for so many decades. i left three months ago. donald trump isn't fast enough. i'm not moving fast enough. what a group. what a group. in helsinki i had a great meeting with putin. we discussed everything. [applause] we got along really well. by the way, that's a good thing, not a bad thing. now we are being hindered by the russian hoax. it's a hoax, okay?
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i will tell you what. russia is very unhappy that trump one, that i can tell you. but i got along great with him. and everybody said wow a couple of hours later they wanted me to walk up. they wanted me to walk up and go like this. they wanted me to go up and have a boxing match. they said whatever happened to diplomacy? and by the way, whatever happened to diplomacy? i used to study, not too much, diplomacy. i said whatever happened to -- some you have to be nice but whatever happened and let me tell you if i did go up and start screaming they would have
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said he was terrible. he was so rude. it was horrible. his performance was horrible. whatever happened to fair press? whatever happened to honest reporting? so we had a great meeting with russia. we had a great meeting. they really thought i was soft. i was the one that let out 60 diplomats. i was the one that complained about the fact that germany is paying billions of dollars for a ridiculous pipeline coming into germany that paid billions and billions of dollars eager to russia. i was the one that complained about it. we had a bad conflict in the
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middle east, which i hate but we had a conflict. a lot of people died and it was horrible. a lot of people died but i hated it. we are going to win all the time, folks. [cheers and applause] but if i get along with vladimir putin, that is a good thing, folks, not a bad thing. then, then i met with nato. now nato in all fairness, 25 countries including us, nato has been recovered us. we have been defending europe and they are not paying their bills. so i went and as i said folks you've got to pay up. you are delinquent. they will be paying $200 billion it took me one hour but it was a rough hour. [applause]
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the head of nato, sacre. general stoltenberg said to the press, they only make up stories so what happened, he said last year alone because of what i did the previous year we took in $44 billion. this is money to guard against russia. i wouldn't say putin is thrilled about that. he's not thrilled. now, they will be taking in over a short period of years $200 billion, 200 early in. are you okay? are they okay? are you all right? we have to stick with their people that wait here for hours and hours, right?
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, on. are you okay? good. she looks good. we have to stick with those people. anybody in this front row but it's been here for many hours, thank you darling. thank you. [applause] if you want, come back after you get a little bit better. you come back, darling all right? makes sure she gets back and we will put her up year. [cheers and applause] beautiful, thank you. so i raised $44 billion last year and you know i don't know if you know something was going down. they said, our their president, i won't be particular because you are only dealing with three people. we won't go back any further
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than that. they would come and make her speech and say could you please pay a little more money? thank you very much and they would leave. the next one would come, you know nato they don't pay any money. we are defending europe and they don't pay their money. can you please pay a little more money? thank you very much everyone it's been very nice meeting you. thank you very much luxembourg. they don't pay. the next one comes, same thing. fellows you are delinquent. you have got to pay. you have got to pay. and one of the leaders said mr. president could i ask you a question? if we don't pay what are you going to do about it? i said do you want protection are not? do you want protection are not? [cheers and applause]
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so i said to my wife, a couple hundred billion dollars and it was like so easy. it was so easy. i said honey wait until you see the press i get. it's going to be great. and here's what the fake news said. they said donald trump, our president was extremely rude. two presidents and prime ministers and a couple of dictators but that's all right. donald trump was very rude. they don't talk about the money i raised. i was rude and i wasn't the next way i have a better relationship with everyone of them than any other president has ever had, every one of them. [cheers and applause]
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and they respect us again. they respect us again. so nato is very well funded. these countries are starting to pay up. it got to pay up, folks. we weren't through the entire room and the last gentleman the prime minister said you know we are all saying how wonderful everything is but i don't think the president of the united states is happy. nobody is talking about it and they looked at me and just before they made the commitment i said president are you happy, to me that i said no, thank you for bringing it up. this was after they went to 28 people. i said thank you very much for ringing it up and this gentleman , he said we have to make the president happy. i said the only way i'm going to be happy as you've got to pay your bills, folks. you have got to pay your bills because the united states is not going to continue to spend our
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money, our sweat, our blood on people that aren't. i don't know if you know it, and i said to them look i'm all for nato. the one thing i know is that nato is better for europe than it is for the united states. you know you listened to some of the generals. sir, they are an ally. we must protect them and they are a long way away. i am all for nato. now the money is pouring in and they said they treated them badly. and i didn't. so i'm very proud of it. when i woke up i said this is going to be great. finally i'm going to get great press. and i got hammered. nato is in great shape. our country is in great shape. we are so strong. the.
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[applause] [chanting] >> i will give you one more of those crazy sentences. one more? i have great respect for the uk, the united states, great respect people call it written, they call a great written. they used to call it england but the uk, great respect. i was asked to have tea with the queen who was incredible by the way. so i was hearing, i'd landed and i'm on the ground and i'm waiting with the queens guards.
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wonderful people. i'm waiting. i was about 15 minutes early and i'm waiting with my wife and that's fine. hey it's the queen. you wait. but i'm a little early. so i then go up and meet the queen and she is fantastic. we then go up and we have tea. i didn't know this. it was supposed to last 15 minutes but it lasted for an hour because we got along. we got along. and she liked our first lady and our first lady like her. but we got along fantastic way well. the time went by. sometimes if you like somebody you have a good chemistry and the time goes by so they will we were there for about an hour. so here's the story. remember i got there early and the queen's guards waited with
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me. in fact we took a helicopter. see all the secret service guy's? they don't believe in being late. they are incredible. they believe in being early, not late. here was the story by the fake news. the president was to be minutes late for the queen. wrong. and then here is the rest of the story. here is the rest of the story. they said i was late. number two, i guess the meeting was scheduled for 15 minutes and that lasted for almost an hour. the president overstayed. [laughter] i was late and honestly folks it
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was such a beautiful, beautiful visit an afternoon that they can make anything bad because they are the fake, fake disgusting news. [cheers and applause] all right, let's get back to some boring subjects like bob casey. so bob casey, it isn't that boring complex now i have to start talking about.casey. don't fall asleep as we talk about sleeping bob. sleeping bob. that's it, sleeping bob. that's it. that's it. sleeping bob.
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so bob casey, e. is for open borders. in other words hey i went to school in pennsylvania. i went to grade school. i went to the best schools and you wouldn't believe it but i was a very good student. but you know i know the people of pennsylvania very well and they are not for superliberal democrats. they are just not. but bob casey wants open borders which means crime. you see this. he wants people to pour in and if they pour in by the millions that is i guess okay. i don't get it. lou, lou, yeah. [chanting]
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build that wall. build that wall. >> we are building it. so we started the wall. 1.6 million. we are fixing walls all over the order and we are going to start to get very nasty over the wall. you know the democrats, anything i want and it's not even the republicans. they care about me. they are very concerned. anything i want they want to impose. i'll say i don't want to build the wall and they will insist on building it. i just figured that out right now. so bob casey doesn't mind ms-13 coming in.
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these are the slices. they slice people up and remember nancy pelosi scolded me. how dare he call another human being in animal. they are animals. [cheers and applause] bob casey wants to fire the incredible men and women of i.c.e.. he wants to abolish i.c.e.. because he is weak and let me just tell you something. these people are so tough and you need tough because the only thing that ms-13 and these gangs that we are throwing the out of here and record numbers. we are doing a good job. [cheers and applause] but the only thing that these gangs understand it's tough. they don't understand that nice person like a gentleman in the
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second row. he's a nice man, i can see. you wouldn't last two minutes talking to i.c.e. i hate to say it. his wife knows i'm telling the truth. we need strong people. i have a sheriff who is a great friend of mine and he said, and he's had a problem with the ms-13 people. he said you know something president i don't really mind if i.c.e. comes in and does the job this is tough stuff. they want to get rid of these incredible warriors. we are fighting a war and we are fighting a war on drugs. they are bringing in drugs. they are bringing in lots of bad people. we are stopping it. so we are going to be taking tough actions. we are going to be taking some tough actions. i don't know if this is before
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the election or after the election. a lot of the republicans say, impaired good. they are friends of mine and they say president you know when some of them are really tough guys. sir sir we are better off if we wait until afterwards. it's better to do it before. rush limbaugh thinks it should be before. before the election. you know who else? shone hannity, a lot of them. [cheers and applause] great people. a lot of people, a lot of great republicans, they are well-meaning. we have the best economy ever. we we are doing great. i understand it. whether it's before or after we are either getting it or we are closing down the government. we need water security.
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we need water security. [applause] we have to have border security and we have to get rid of visa. how about back? visa lottery. do you know what a lottery is? you pick it out of a hat. do you think that these countries many of whom get aid from us and i hate to say it coming down the escalator the beautiful first lady in the white dress coming down the escalator, when everybody said oh he's just doing this for fun. he doesn't really mean it. if i don't mean that i hope you tell me soon because it's a lot of work. coming down the escalator and you remember what i said.
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i mentioned words. i won't even mention him tonight because there are a lot of young people but i mentioned words and everybody thought it was wonderful. but then two days later they said that he say this and did he say that? what i said was peanuts compares to what turns out to be the truth. it's peanuts. [applause] so we are going to have not lottery. ladies and gentlemen our first lottery winner. they think we are playing like a game show. he has seven convictions. he has killed nine people and we are getting him the out of our country and giving him to the stupid politicians that up and running the united states for many years.
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we are going to send him up there because he just won the lottery. congratulations. congratulations. that is a beauty. then you have chain migration. and this was the schumer deal. schumer wanted this. you have chain migration. you know what that is? a stone cold killer in many cases. a guy comes than and then you have to bring his aunt, his uncle, his father, his grandfather. his third niece by a different marriage. so this bad guy gave has run over and killed eight people in new york city, place i know very well driving 80 miles an hour and a 20-mile zone and then he said hey look there are nice people relaxing. some are jogging.
7:50 pm
a beautiful park along the hudson river. he decides to kill them. he makes a right turn. he killed eight and many are decapitated. they lost arms and they lost limbs. they lost so much. they lost their lives. nobody ever talks about the seriously injured people. they always talk about the people who'd died. what happens with some of these people have badly injured they are their lives are so badly destroyed in this animal killed eight and the wounded eight or nine. some are still in the hospital. i was a year and a half ago. he came in through chain and he has 22 relatives here they came in because he was here. he has his uncle and his aunt and he has his grandfather.
7:51 pm
so we have to change this and we are going to change it. here's the last. we have to change a thing called catch and release. this is like the stupid people. somebody walks across the border and they put one foot over and you might as well welcome to the united states. we will never get you out of here. remember what i said about a month ago. they want me to higher thousands of judges, thousands. can you imagine the corruption would take place? you go into barbershop anybody want to be a judge? we need judges. they want me to higher thousands. they said we don't need judges. we need border patrol. [cheers and applause]
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if you have a house and somebody goes to sleep on the lawn, get out of here. it's your lawn. this is our country. get the out. and we are doing really well but we have really bad laws. we are setting record numbers but we just have bad laws. catch and release. you catch them and now you take his name. he is supposed to show up to a court hearing. the problem is there are thousands and thousands of people. we don't have enough judges but hopefully the justice department will get moving on that. hopefully. come on justice department, give us some judges over there.
7:53 pm
so they come back three or four years later but here's the problem. they never come back. why the would they come back? so a very tiny percentage comes back so you catch a stone cold criminal. you take his name, you see he's a criminal. you see he's bad in many cases. catch and release. you catch him and then you release him and he now goes into your wonderful homes. he now comes to the wonderful state of pennsylvania. catch and release, we have to end it. we have to and catch and release. we have to end our lottery system and we have to and chain migration and we have to build the wall and we are going to do it. [cheers and applause] and bob casey is against every one of the things i just said.
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he wants the lottery system. once chain migration and if you ask them why he wants it he could schumer said to have that. they think it's good politically. i think it's horrible politically. what do i know but i did become president like a year ago. [applause] so we need republicans. we need louis barletta. he is tough. we need louis barletta. he is tough. they are liking you, lou. i could have told you that a long time ago. all you have to do is meet him. i hear that bob casey is afraid to debate louis barletta. he doesn't want to. i hear he's afraid to debate. is that true? i want to watch that debate.
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is the president of the united states allowed to come into a debate form or you probably have 25 people watching and he is allowed to sit in the front row watching louis barletta destroy bob casey. am i allowed to say that? if i am, i will be there. that will be great entertainment. that will be great entertainment. i've seen this one before. he is tough. so i want to thank republican leadership because america is winning again. [cheers and applause] loos said it before but last week we announced the economy grew at 4.1% last quarter. nobody thought that was possible and if the democrats got in the number would be 1.2 or could
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even turn negative three was going to go down. it's because of regulations. we would be a joke. i approve the keystone pipeline in the dakota access pipeline. in my first few hours in office. and the election we have added a number that nobody would have believed and i never would have said on the campaign trail. i never would have set it. 3.7 million new jobs including close to 400,000 jobs in the manufacturing world. remember? [cheers and applause] remember when they said manufacturing is dead. so who is going to make things? manufacturing is dead they said.
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400,000 credible jobs and you've heard this but i'm going to say it over and over because i'm early part of it. remember i said what have you got to lose? what you have for too loose, african-americans and so many others, what do you have to lose? you have high crime and horrible education. i went through a listing guess what happened? i looked and i said that it democrats are letting you down. what the hell do you have to lose? do you know what? this new election and certainly the next one where we are going to keep america great. love those hats but make america great again and we are hoping to keep america great! but don't lose those hats. they will be very valuable someday.
7:58 pm
make america great again. it may be the greatest slogan ever. ronald reagan had one, let's make america great. i like it but ours is better. i like ours better. so what happened is the african-american unemployment rate has reached the lowest level in the history of our country. [applause] honestly think of that number. i really think that's hard for the democrats did the. i have the lowest number in the history of our country. how do you top that? let's say i'm running against pocahontas or crazy bernie. i've got to hand it to bernie. i saw him up there the other day that hair is getting wider and wider and he is getting crazier and crazier. we will stop donald trump.
7:59 pm
and i looked at my wife and i said you know what you got to hand it to that guy. that guy doesn't quit. crazy bernie. he is one crazy dude. so i don't know who i will run against. i don't know. when bernie tells us how wonderful things are, think of it he wants to raise your taxes and he wants to create massive amounts of crime. he wants to open the ports. just think of it. when he goes out and i say one thing, african-american, hispanic, asian you have the lowest level of unemployment in the history of our country. how does somebody fight that, right? how does somebody fight that?
8:00 pm
[applause] how do you fight that? don't forget when i was running the last time against crooked hillary, what happened? i said i was going to do that but you had to take my word for it. one of these guys said recently, with the like him are not he has actually fulfilled more promises than he made and i have. [applause] .. >> we've gotten rid of the individual mandate. on! [applause]