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tv   U.S. Senate Majority Whip Cornyn Tribute to Sen. Mc Cain  CSPAN  August 28, 2018 1:04pm-1:13pm EDT

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trying to take your job away which johnwas doing. i understand and i expect . jim durkin was loyal to john mccain and that mccain was loyal to him, came in and campaigned for him. the people of illinois cc decided i should be senator, it didn't deter john mccain one bit from working with me from that point forward. there'snan empty space in this chamber without john mccain . there's an empty space in america without his spirit. he will be missed but he certainly will never before gotten and endorse the proposal to rename the senate office abuilding in honor of lieutenant commander and senator john mccain. like senator schumer i hope decades from now over and who are visitors to the capitol grounds will ask who was this mccain they named the building after? they will discover he was a man worthy of our respect, a
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man who has earned the respect of public duty, a man who was an american hero. mister president, i yield the floor.>> mister president, majority whip . >> mister president, we've been hit with hard news in recent days. toughest of all was losing our friend and colleague john mccain last weekend. he was a man who loved his country and was beloved in return. one of the things i appreciate the most about our friend senator mccain is he truly believed in all his heart, all his being and all his soul in american exceptionalism. and that america had to lead in the world. because in the absence of american leadership, that boyd would be destabilizing and even dangerous. we know that john cast a long
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shadow incongress over the last four decades of american politics . we will continue to honor and remember him this week and into the future . but here's and sentimentality are not what he would want fromus . today instead we should try to remain a little more grateful than we otherwise would be. grateful for his example, for his daring skill as a pilot and a lieutenant commander in the united states navy and for his tenacity and resolve as a prisoner of war in vietnam, subject to unbelievablecruelty and torture . one that endured all these unspeakable torments and one who was quick to remind us of what that was endured for and
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that was our freedom. he was i think one of liberty's bestambassadors . we should remain grateful to our friend john mccain's willingness and ability to serve his state of arizona for so many years and to serve our great country. by running for public office, creating such a sense of purpose, such a sense of loyal seriousness each time, even during tough grueling political races and they didn't always turnout the way he would have liked . we should learn from the dignity and honor he displayed even in defeat after his presidential campaign did not work out or campaigns i should say did not work out in his favor. like all of us, he was an imperfect man, let's just say
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he was awork in progress as we all are . he won many political battles and he lost a few along the way but he always responded admirably. after slipping into some run in withadversity, he got back up, dusted himself off and tried harder next time . we should also be grateful for senator mccain's dedication to our nation's armed forces throughout his political career r, including as chairman of the armed services committee where i served with him for a number of years, and we should cherish his friendship. we should remember that at the end of the day, the senator many called a maverick had a growth, sometimes intimidating exterior, but he also was compassionate and one who
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displayed not only tremendous loyalty to friends but a tremendous love for hisfamily who are now grieving .as our nation mourns the loss of john mccain and as my colleagues and i are all too aware of his absence here today, we are all challenged to be stronger patriots and better citizens. that's what he would wantfrom us . as he told cadets during the 1993 commencement address at the us naval academy, he said my time is slipping by. yours is fast approaching. you will know where your duty lies. our duty now lies in continuing the difficult, courageous work senator mccain devoted his life to
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and that it is not a burden that we take likely lightly. we do so gladly and remain mindful of those for whom the last two days have been the most difficult and as we express our condolences to senator mccain's mother, seven children and five grandchildren and of course his wife cindy and the entire mccain family, we want them to know that we continue to think of them. we continue to pray for them. and we continue to celebrate with them the great distinguished larger-than-life senator john mccain. it's hard to lose one of your best teammates but i know the legacy john mccain will leave will long remain. i just want to echo a few comments made by the majority leaderearlier today . john mccain was a lion in the senate and in american
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politics. and that's why i believe we should put together a bipartisan group that can bring together the best ideas on how we can memorialize his service to his country and his legacy here in the senate . we should do this carefully and consider all options about what the best form that tribute should take . doing this in a collaborative and deliberate way i hope is how senator mccain would have wanted it. i can't tell you how many times he always advocated for regular order. he didn't want ideas cooked up in some back room yand sprung on the nation in the senate, he wanted the committees to do their work because he knew by doing that , by thinking about them, by testing ideas, by committee process, that we improve the chances of abetter product .
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despite our heavy loss, we can't lose sight of our other work either. senator mccain i think would want us to keep pushing the ball forward andachieving more on the behalf of the american people . >> mister president, when you walk by senator mccain's desk , and you see the black drape and the bowl of white roses, it really underscores the loss. we lost a colleague. we losta friend . the country lost a truepublic servant . after the stories that you heard of him being shot down, spending all those years in the hanoi hilton


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