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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Perdue on Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court Confirmation  CSPAN  October 4, 2018 7:25am-7:37am EDT

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far left wing of the democratic party doing as they described it, whatever it takes to push their talking points. it is now all about the politics of personal destruction. don't seem to care much about what they do and how they damage people involved. don't care about the damage they are doing to the senate, to the supreme court, the american people deserve better than this, time for democrats to end their charade before they do more harm to the senate, the supreme court and the united states of america. thank you, mister president, i yield before. >> the potential of being a historic week in america. the last we 10 days have been
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very troubling to me as a united states senator, as an individual citizen, husband, father, son. i'm very troubled today by the extreme measures that we see being made right now about a case that my colleagues across the aisle are trying to make today. i'm outraged actually. after a personal incident involving my wife and myself this week we have seen firsthand the lengths to which members of the other side of the aisle will go to distract us away from the truth. this body, the united states senate, has become nothing more than a bully pulpit for someone's special cause when it should be a deliberative body. we should be finding the truth here. my democratic colleagues claim
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they want to work with republicans. they talk all the time about working in a bipartisan way and yet when you get into the heat of the battle, nothing could be further from the truth. this is bigger than confirming brett kavanaugh to the united states supreme court. this is about civility in our country. people have died supporting our constitution and fighting for the freedoms we have in this country. innocent until proven guilty, for goodness sake. when that is not convenient with an argument you're trying to make it gets trashed. that is what we have seen this week in this body. mister president, this is about common discourse in america. who said, we don't, whoever said you had to hate someone if you disagree with them? senate democrats have made it clear they are willing to say
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or do anything to stop the president's agenda which by the way is working, we are growing this economy at twice the rate we achieved under president obama. over 331 nominees waiting to be confirmed, first time in history this has ever been done to this degree. one of my democratic colleagues called brett kavanaugh your worst nightmare. another called him a nominee who wants to pave the path of tear any. another said this supreme court confirmation would mean the destruction of the constitution, seriously. that is irresponsible for somebody in this body. that person said before brett kavanaugh was even announced as the nominee. worst of all another of my democratic colleagues said anyone who supports brett
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kavanaugh's confirmation is complicit in the evil. i don't understand that, mister president. really? senate democrats want to be reasonable and work together, seriously? this rhetoric sounds anything but reasonable to me. i believe my democratic colleagues have gone too far this time. when paid activists who support you attack my wife, you have gone too far. the american people will know that on both sides. one -- that didn't start outside this body. it started in here. you are inciting this. disrespect of our law.
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one of my democratic colleagues in this body has encouraged people to come and i quote, get in the face of some of those congresspeople. really? how does that move the cause of justice forward. house minority leader wants to see uprisings all over the country. seriously? another member of the house says, i am quoting the entire quote here, they are not going to be able to go to a restaurant, talking about republicans, they are not going to be able to stop a gasoline station, she said. they are not going to be able to shop at a department store. the people are going to turn on them, protest, absolutely harass them until they decide they are going to tell the president they can no longer hang with him. same member of the house also says if you see anybody from that cabinet, restaurant, the promisor gasoline station, you push back on them and tell them they are not welcome.
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this is america but these are the tactics of germany in the 1930s, mister president. unacceptable. totally irresponsible. this is outrageous and unacceptable behavior but much less a member of that body, a member of congress, a member of the united states senate. you crossed a line. inciting dangerous behavior is not something we should be about in this body. when it comes to brett kavanaugh, this country was built on a bedrock principle that we were trying to build in america as opposed to what we are left with under different rule in europe and that is this. the presumption of innocence is sacred and an individual here is innocent until proven guilty. that is part of what makes our country so exceptional, mister president. senate democrats have become so
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far removed from getting to the truth is they will stop at nothing to delay the supreme court confirmation, that is what this week is about, further delay. any objective observer would say chairman grassley afforded doctor ford and brett kavanaugh an equal opportunity to speak before the senate judiciary committee and any more women this week, perpetrated on doctor ford by senate democrats. she wanted to stay confidential and this body could have done that comment on the investigation, confidential without dragging her name or brett kavanaugh's. some people on the senate side, democratic side of the senate want america to believe this is a simple case of he said she said it comes down to who do you believe? it is a lot more than that.
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it is they said. the accuser in this case named three people who would corroborate her story, not only did they not corroborate her story but they corroborated his story. senate democrats were not satisfied even with that. they were not satisfied when the letter was leaked to the press, some six weeks after it was received by senate democrats, six weeks, an investigation was started immediately by the judiciary committee. but wait, senate democrats chose not to participate. how is that for looking for the truth? what they did is waited for a hearing and said we need another investigation, another fbi investigation, that we knew
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would be totally redundant, what had been done by federal investigators to advise the senate judiciary committee but we went ahead and agreed as a committee to do just what you wanted and that was to allow a full and open fbi investigation which is nothing more than redundant of what had just been done in the prior couple weeks. brett kavanaugh has had six fbi investigations. this is the summer for fbi investigations. the many -- it immediately went into details with outside federal investigators without the help of senate democrats who were members of that committee. as a matter of fact, the senate judiciary committee met with brett kavanaugh two weeks ago, she had been in possession of this letter from doctor ford for several weeks and staff recommended an attorney to doctor ford but in that meeting with brett kavanaugh the first
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meeting between the ranking member and brett kavanaugh she didn't mention the letter one time. she held onto doctor ford's letter for six weeks before it was leaked to the press. it is clear senate democrats, this is a well orchestrated effort to cause delay and push this decision hopefully in their minds pass the election. shame on any member of this body, republican or democrat that puts self-interest and political interests before their constitutional responsibility. the committee has voted favorably to move brett kavanaugh's nomination forward. it comes to this board, seems to take a full vote before this body, before the united states senate. we hope in the next few hours, next day, to have this fbi report and put this sad saga to bed. time to put partisan politics
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behind us. time to confirm judge brett kavanaugh to the united states supreme court. i want to say one more thing. it is time for this body to reread their oath of office to uphold the constitution of the united states, to make sure what we say in this body is the best and very best america has to offer, to move our concerns forward. thank you, i yield the floor. >> one of four women in this country have been a victim of sexual assault. this is an epidemic, and it tells me and i think the vast majority of the american people that we need a cultural change in the way boys and men respond to women. last night the


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