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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. John Thune on Border Security  CSPAN  January 4, 2019 7:33am-7:42am EST

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day, hope springs eternal. this could be a good season, it could be a good year, it could be a year we focus on what is best for the people we represent. focus on what is best for the country. if we do that i think we will make a difference and we will look back and realize it doesn't have to be this way. i yield back. >> madam president, as we begin a new congress it is an exciting time. a lot of families and friends here and our members and colleagues who were sworn in earlier today, it represents a new beginning, a time there is a hope and optimism that we can come together and do good things for the people we represent and that is the way we approach this session of congress. there are lots of things we can do, to work together on finding
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common ground but we have to deal with the issues of last year's business before we can start new year's business and last year's business is incomplete because we are two weeks into a partial shutdown because democrats don't want to fund increased security for the border. border security is a national security requirement. every member of congress, democrat or republican should take seriously are responsible understood that. in 2006 the democrat leader and ranking member of the senate judiciary committee voted for legislation authorizing a border fence, they were joined by senators biden, clinton and obama. in 2013, every senate democrats supported legislation requiring completion of a 700 mile fence
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along the southern border. this would have provided $46 billion for border security and $8 billion for the wall. every senate democrat just last february, less than a year ago. today democrats would rather keep the government shutdown then provide the money we need to secure our borders. the question is what changed? our national security situation hasn't changed. our borders are not sufficiently secure and as we have seen they are a target for illegal entry and border crossing apprehensions have shot up by more than 30%. the holes in border security leave us susceptible to illegal entry by gang members, human traffickers, drug dealers, terrorists and weapons traffickers, democrats are
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feeding to budge on border security funding but that is a fair question. democrats are reluctant to oppose the far left wing of their party which increasingly seems to be advancing this preposterous notion that we don't need to secure the borders at all. every nation has to secure its borders. a country without borders, madam president, really isn't a country. preventing dangerous individuals and goods from entering is an essential part of every country's security and as my democrat colleagues have proved in the past they know this which is why they voted that way. in previous sessions of congress as recently as last year. i hope they will think better of this government shutdown and decide national security obligations are more important
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than catering to the far left wing of their party. it is time to fund border security and end this shutdown. it simply requires sides to come together and find common ground and do what is in the country's best interests and the best interests of the american people, to make sure the country has a secure border and the we discourage people from coming here illegally and encourage them to come through legal means. i had the opportunity a couple weeks ago in my state of south dakota welcome into our state, into our country, 99 new citizens from 33 countries around the world. they came the legal way. they went through the process and followed our rules. that is what we want to encourage more of. what we don't need more of our people coming into the country illegally and presenting the types of threats i mentioned earlier any time you have that many people migrating across the border.
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i hope and sincerely believe as congress and senate working with this president who has made this a big priority for his administration, it is an important priority for our country and a requirements and obligation we all have as united states senators first and foremost to protect our country, to protect the american people. if you don't get that right the rest is conversation. i hope the democrats will come to the conclusion their statements in the past, votes in the past in support of border security are the right way to proceed and continue in that tradition we had in the country in the past where these important issues, both sides come together and work to find common ground. i yield the floor. >> this weekend season cities tour takes you to santa monica california with the help of spectrum cable partners which
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highlight literary life and history saturday at noon eastern on booktv, a visit with journalist, author and professor saul rubin as he describes santa monica's culture, economy and more. >> santa monica is a progressive southern california beat city and it is a major tourist destination most well known for being a place people might come to enjoy the day and be a tourist and popular place for young tech startup companies. >> sunday at 2:00 eastern on american history tv, santa monica historian jim harris, author of santa monica. a century on the last great pleasure. shares the history of this iconic landmark. >> we see 9 million people a year come to the pier a, all
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income levels and interests. almost as many reasons to come here is there are people who visit it. if you were to walk down the p on any given day and ask what brought them you would get a different reason for each of them. >> watch c-span's cities tour of santa monica, california saturday at noon eastern on c-span2's booktv and sunday at 2:00 pm on american history tv on c-span3. working with cable affiliates as we explore the american story. in her book dark commerce, louise shelley talks about how illegal trade is growing globally with the emergence of new technologies. >> last year, 60,000 americans died from buying fentanyl. fentanyl is not something you buy on every street corner or if you do buy it someone probably bought it.
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it is something that is killing more americans that are dying in automobile accidents. this is something that is a form of illicit trade, if you have your account wiped out by somebody who bought tools that allow them to penetrate financial accounts, there is enormous impact on the ordinary. >> louise shelley, our guest on afterward sunday night at 9:00 pm eastern on c-span2's booktv. vice president pens takes part in the ceremonial swearing-in of newly elected senators of the 116th congress. members posed for pictures with their families in the old senate chamber. this is an hour and 35 minutes.


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