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tv   DHS Secretary Mc Aleenan at Migration Policy Event  CSPAN  October 7, 2019 1:51pm-2:00pm EDT

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[inaudible conversations] >> we are going to take you to afternoon session of a day-long conference on immigration law and migrant policy. starting live at 2 p.m. eastern. but first, a look at this morning's session after the acting homeland security director was shouted down by reporters. >> today you'll hear, again, hear voices from across the spectrum and from different vantage points. up doubtedly, you won't agree with all of them. but at the time when immigration has become so polarized, we firmly believe it is important to hear directly from stakeholders on what's animating their thoughts and actions, be able to question them and have a thoughtful, civil and informed dialogue. so again, welcome, and we look forward to a full day of engaging and provocative discussions. let me now introduce acting secretary of homeland security, kevin mcaleenan. he became acting secretary in april at the helm of a
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240,000-person agency, responsible for everything from airport and cybersecurity to performance response, the facilitation of trade and travel, prevention of terrorism and much, much more. more importantly for our purposes today, dhs is responsible for crucial aspects of immigration, u.s. customs and border protection and u.s. immigration and customs enforcement. before becoming acting secretary, mr. mca lee man held a number of roles including serving as commissioner, deputy commission exercise director of cbp's largest field command. he received a presidential rank award in 2015, the nation's highest civil service award with, and a decade before he received the service of merit medal for spearheading efforts to develop an anti-terrorism stooge in the border security context. he holds a law degree from the university of chicago. as just about everyone in america knows, immigration is
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about as contentious, complex and polarized a subject as exists today. dhs and the acting secretary is the center of that whether it's the major changes at the u.s./mexico border, the signing of cooperation agreements with mexico and central american countries or reshaping the illegal immigration system and refugee policy, all summits we'll discuss at length today in our panels. but for now, i know you're eager to ask the secretary questions during the question if answer period that will follow his remarks. with that the, i'll turn it over to you, secretary mcaleenan, and doris will be chairing the question and answer period. secretary mcaleenan. >> thank you. [applause] >> [inaudible]
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[inaudible conversations] >> okay. okay, okay, okay. >> what do we do? stand the up, fight back! >> okay. >> what do we do? >> stand up, fight back! >> what do we do? >> stand up, fight back! >> please, that's enough now. thank you very much. we hear you. this is a forum where we respect free speech, we respect your right to protest, but in respect to this audience who wants to hear the speaker, let's save the rest of it for the q&a period, thank you. >> stand up, fight back! >> thank you very much. please be seated.
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>> [inaudible] >> we'd like to hear the speaker now. please be seated. >> [inaudible] >> please, please, folks -- [inaudible conversations] >> please, folks, this is enough. please be seated so we can hear the speaker and engage in a dialogue. please -- [applause] be seated. [applause] mr. mca allee man? >> good morning, everyone. >> stand up, fight back! >> [inaudible]
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>> what to we do? >> stand the up, fight back -- [inaudible conversations] >> please be seated. >> what do we do? >> stand up, fight back! >> what do we do? >> stand up, fight back! all right, that's enough. >> what do we do? -- >> that is enough. >> what do we do? >> stand up, fight back. >> children are under attack -- >> what do we do? >> stand up, fight back! >> please be seated or take -- >> stand up, fight back. >> take the protest outside. we hear you, we hear you, we hear you. >> [inaudible conversations] >> we hear you. >> what do we do? >> stand up, fight back! >> what do we do? >> stand up, fight back! >> this audience is here to engage in a dialogue and -- >> [inaudible] >> please -- >> vicki enriquez -- >> [inaudible]
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[inaudible conversations] >> it's time, it's time to, it's time to finish this. you're robbing the rest of this audience of an opportunity to engage in a dialogue that is it is important to have on a university campus. please -- [applause] [inaudible conversations] please, until we hear, we are not in a conversation. so let's stop the one-way street, let's listen to speaker, and then let's have an exchange. thank you very much. let's try again. >> okay. i want to thank the migration policy institute the, georgetown university law center and the catholic legal immigration network -- >> [inaudible] >> what do we do? >> stand up, fight back. >> [inaudible] what do we do? >> stand up, fight back! >> immigration's under attack -- >> what do we do? >> stand up, fight back!
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>> what do we do -- >> could you please have, could you please have some respect for this audience who came here to listen to this speaker? >> what do we do? >> stand up, fight back! >> democracy is under attack. >> what do we do? >> stand up, fight back! [inaudible conversations] >> what do we do? >> stand up, fight back. >> and in fighting back, let's have an opportunity to engage with people that are making the decisions. please allow this speaker to make his remarks and this audience who has come here for this purpose to hear and engage. please. you may stay standing but, please, stop shouting. [applause] >> thanks, we'll give it one more shot. as a career law enforcement
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professional, i've dedicated my career to protecting the rights to free speech and all the values we hold dear in america from all threats so -- >> bullshit. [laughter] >> we'll go ahead and try one more time, but otherwise i'm going to go back to work and --? >> [inaudible] [inaudible conversations] >> we can post it on your web site. >> colleagues, you're invoking democracy. democracy requires dialogue. it requires listening. it requires a two-way street. the secretary has agreed to take questions and answers. we are robbing time from the period of questions and answers where we can engage with the public. could we please listen to his remarks and then have a chance to question him, including people who disagree with him may question him. >> [inaudible]


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