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tv   Coronavirus Impact on Politics and Prose Bookstores  CSPAN  March 28, 2020 1:04pm-1:16pm EDT

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is doing to address the pandemic. the spring book festival season has been canceled with book fairs in san antonio, an applet, maryland, and charlottesville, virginia, opting not to reschedule was the los angeles times festival of books has decided to all their 20 fifth annual festival in october. north america's largest convention, book expo has discarded to put their date back to july. remote services to customers through online sales, and local delivery. many like politics and prose bookstore are offering virtual author events through the online platform crowd cast. the country's book publishers are fulfilling their schedule of new publications that may delay the release of certain titles. booktv will bring you new programs and publishing news. you can watch our archive programs anytime,
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>> joining us is bradley graham, the co-owner of politics and prose bookstore in washington dc along with his wife, what is the effect of the coronavirus crisis on your business? >> the effect has been pretty severe as it has been on many retailers, bookstores a place where people come to browse and shop, a community gathering center. in normal times lots of author talks, we have a coffee house, much of that activity has had to stop, the spread of the virus and warnings to social distance.
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at the same time we have been able to carry on some activity largely through borders and at least until today, curbside deliveries, even those have been curtailed by the dc government. >> host: you shutdown your stores in dc. >> guest: yes. it comes in phases. last week, close the doors of all three locations to customer foot traffic and we are still doing online processing orders and shipping them as well as taking phone orders to curbside deliveries but now we had to, as the order issued by the mayor last night, ceased even
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the curbside deliveries. >> how many events would you hold at a typical time? >> we were up to 15 or 20 a week, i thousand a year, programming steadily over the last decade and a day and in various venues and all of that, we tried for a very short while to hold some of them, space them out, and others began to cancel and we decided to stop these events altogether in the interest of public health. >> host: politics and prose has
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been holding virtual events. >> guest: this past week we started to reconstruct some of our event programming by moving it online, using a platform called crowd cast which allows the authors to sit in their houses, viewers to tune in from wherever and offer a buy button for people to buy the book the author is talking about so it is pretty good viewing numbers that range from 60 or 70, at one case we had 200 viewers. >> people watching those, where would they go.
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>> website politics, click on the events a button, you see the schedule of author talks, follow the instructions, sign on to crowd cast. >> host: are you finding enthusiasm for the authors for these virtual events? >> guest: we are experimenting with this format, looking at the very popular authors charging -- in the event that we are very excited about the features the approach will allow us.
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>> host: do you see this as potentially in the future when we are out of this crisis? >> it could remain an alternative. nothing beats the author, getting a book signed and we expect to return to tried and true format once the crisis passes. >> hopefully you can expect to see these events on booktv as we are looking for author events in the midst of this corona crisis so thank you for spending a few minutes with us on booktv. >> guest: happy to talk to you. >> we are showing some of the authors discussing disease and pandemics. here is how diseases transfer from animals to humans. >> this is like a drumbeat of
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disease outbreaks. another on the arabian peninsula. a virus that emerged that closely resembles the sars virus, coronavirus, the sars virus that really scared disease experts in 2003. this new sars like virus out of the arabian peninsula has only killed one person, put another man in the hospital but scientists all over the world are watching it carefully, we know the next big one could look something like that. there is a drumbeat of these things. the diseases and i mentioned all of two things in common. they all come out of wildlife,
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they emerge from nonhuman animals and among those i mentioned they are all caused by viruses and that is the profile of the scariest of the exemplars of this phenomenon. scientists have a fancy name for it, they call these animal infections zoonoses. a virus can be other forms infectious bug, it can be a bacteria, it would be a protozoa, creatures because malaria, could be a fungus, could be a worm, could be a prion, which causes mad cow disease. usually it is a virus. and they passed from animals to humans, don't always cause disease. sometimes they become harmless
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passengers. >> watch this program and find other books on pandemics visit our website, type pandemic and the word book into the search box at the top of the page. >> here's a look at some authors who recently appear will be appearing on booktv's "after words," an interview program that includes best-selling nonfiction books and guest interviews. new york times reporter jennifer steinour talks about the largest class of women elected to congress. coming up, the director of inclusion in former un official michelle king offers his thoughts on the berries that prevent women from competing in the workplace. this weekend journalist eileen zimmerman will look at drug addiction. >> i came from the idea of
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addiction told implicit biases. i did not think someone struggling with the drug addiction would look like peter or earn the salary he was doing, have two advanced degrees, ba successful partner in a silicon valley law firm. someone struggling with addiction was struggling with bleak conditions in their life. struggling with a mental illness that is untreated, they were someone i would see on the side of the road, living under a bridge, panhandling on the subway. i was very wrong. there are plenty of people at the top of the socioeconomic ladder struggling as well. what i didn't know was i hadn't educated myself in the symptoms of drug addiction. i hadn't thought it would affect me or my family. i attributed it to everyone else. maybe he was psychotic or had
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an eating disorder, maybe an illness like cancer. i asked people if he had aids, nobody said -- none of us, not me, he had the symptoms of it and i thought it is the flu, he's working too hard, not getting enough sleep. all those things. >> "after words" or saturdays at 10:00 pm and sundays at 9:00 pm eastern and pacific on c-span2. previous "after words" programs available as podcasts and to watch online, >> good evening, every one. the study of war and democracy at the


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