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tv   [untitled]    April 17, 2012 9:30am-10:00am EDT

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>> so the challenge here is do as an owner want to be on that list or not be on that list is what i have to figure out. well, maybe tom westerner is a d choice. he's created a lot of television shows and entertainment. i guess magic johnson because who wouldn't want to be on a desert island with magic johnson. >> we're almost out of time. before asking the last question, a couple of housekeeping matter to take care of. i'd like to remind you of our upcoming luncheon speakers. monday, april 16th, alec baldwin. it's sold out but tune in to c-span to watch it streamed life. may 4th we'll continue with our
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baseball stream with mike rizzo, general manager of the washington nationals. and then we have billy jean king. and i'd like to hand out mug. it will be handy for drinking coffee on the desert island. and have i one last question. who do you think will win the world series this year? >> someone predicted i was going to give get this question and the answer i gave was every player pays the same amount of dues and those dues pay the salaries here. in seriousness i think even the most ardent baseball writer would say this is almost an impossible year to pick that. you've got six or seven teams in the american league that are just as good as any other to make it to the world series and the national league appears com. i answered the owner question but that question i'm going to duck.
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>> how about a round of applause for our speaker today. i want to thank all of you for coming today and i'd like to thank our national press club staff including the journalism institute and broadcast center for organizing today's event. can you find more information about the national press club on our web site. and if you would like to get a copy of today's program, please check out our web site at thank you all for coming. we're adjourned. [ applause ] >> a senate judiciary subcommittee is having a hearing on ration profiling. among those testifying the head of the aclu.
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that's live in about a half an hour today here on c-span3. this is c-span3 with politics and public affairs programming throughout the week. and every weekend, 48 hours of people and events telling the american story on american history tv. get our schedules and see past programs at our web sites. and you can join in the conversation on social media sites. >> today is tax deadline day. last night in philadelphia, republican presidential candidate mitt romney said president obama's proposal to raise taxes on millionaires is, quote, not exactly a grand idea. pennsylvania holds its republicans presidential primary a week from today, tuesday, april 24th, the same day as primaries in delaware, connecticut, new york and rhode island. hosted by the independent tea party association, this is about 20 minutes.
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♪ i was born, free, i was born free ♪ >> thank you. what a welcome, tea party. thank to you this group, i owe a special thanks, the independence hall tea party pac, all right? you guys were the first tea party pac in the nation to endorse me and i appreciate your help. thank you. michael, i appreciate you bringing tea party members from the tristate area. and thanks, joe, i appreciate your being here. thank you. >> now, i am asked from him what it is like running for president. i had not expected to have the great privilege of doing this
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and i find myself having the time of my life. yeah, there are challenges and there are days that you get beat up in the newspaper and you don't worry about it because you don't read 'em. and instead -- ann and i do amongst ourselves about the great experiences we've had and the people we've met. and the good news is that america is not just made up of the people up see on the news who by and large have done something unusual, that's why they're in the news. typically what they've done is not so good and that's why they're in the news. i have the chance to meet every day americans living their lives in states across the country. i come away with more confidence and more optimism about our future because americans are patriotic. we love this country. we understand the principles of freedom that created this country. [ applause ]
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>> we also are very entrepreneurial as a people. i was with one woman who runs a busine business. she says her husband runs the business and she's the chief executive. he lost his job years ago and he took a class in upholstering. and now they have 40 people working for them making upholstered products. i was in one factory. and as i recall a couple hundred workers, it was norm burns' factory. i went into his office. he as plaques of his patents. he has electrical products. i asked him where he went to garage scraduate school and eng. i said where did you get your undergraduate degree? didn't do that either.
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just an entrepreneur and by virtue of his skills and experience, he was able to build a business. another man who lost his job or left it in an advertising agency. he and his son decided to make a business building amplifiers for electric guitars. i marvel at the entrepreneurship. it's driven our economy to be the strongest in the world. but the last three and a half years haven't been so good. these have been tough times. we have had 38 straight months with unemployment above 8%. the president said if we let him borrow $787 billion, we'd not have unemployment above 8%. we had 2.8 million homes foreclosed upon, we had the longered period of long-term unemployment record we've seen
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in america's history. home values have dropped in some places by a third or more. the median income in america, the median income in the last four years has dropped by 10%, even as gasoline prices have now doubled and as people are paying more for health care obviously, in part because of obamacare. so the american people are struggling right now and we have a president that doesn't seem to understand that he's been part of the problem, not part of the solution. and he's got these ideas. his big idea now is this buffett ruled. someone calculated it would pay for 11 hours to run the country. this is not a grand idea.
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he's out of ideas and we're going to make sure he gets put out of office. [ cheers and applause ] >> now, i just don't think he understands the power of what makes america such a unique and exceptional nation, economically and perhaps otherwise. you know, i used to be in the business world. for 25 years i was in business and i traveled around to different countries and i remarked at some point at the enormous differences in the economic vitality of the nations that were right next door to each other. and i wondered why that was. why is america so economically powerful and mexico so much poorer? why is chile so successful and ecuador so far less successful? why is israel such a power house
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economically and egypt so far away? [ applause ] then a read a book by a former professor called "the wealth and poverty of nations" and he tracks the history of civilizations that grew to become dominant, powerful and then how they declined. and after about 500 pages of analysis he says roughly these words. heap sa he said if you can learn anything at all from the history of the economic development of the world it's this -- culture makes all the difference. what people believe, their principles, what motivates them, what guides them, that makes all the difference in the world. [ applause ] and the culture of america, the principles of america were established by founders like that one. when they wrote the declaration of independence and the
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constitution, their insights suggested both that they were brilliant and inspired because they wrote words that have changed america, made us exceptional and changed the world. they said the creator endowed us with our rights, not the government, not the king, not the state but the creator. [ applause ] and among those rights were life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness. we would be free in this nation with personal freedoms are we would have the capacity to elect people to represent news government. that's liberty. but then we would also have the right to pursue happiness as we choose, rather than having the government guide our course in life or the circumstances of birth determining what we could achieve, american would be free to pursue their dreams.
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some of the greatest success stories in american history are people who started out with ideas and a quarter in the garage. and then employed thousands of other americans. this freedom has empowered america to be the most powerful economy in the world. the reason this president has had such a hard time understanding what it takes to get the economy going again is he doesn't understand the power and impact of economic freedom. [ applause ] piece by piece he has waged war on economic freedom in this country. you think about this. when you have a government that every year adds a trillion dollars to the debt, you're crushing the freedom of the nextgnext next generation.
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when you have a government that wants to raise taxes from 35 to 40%. do you know what percentage of our work force works in businesses taxed at the individual tax rate, that 35% rate which he wants to take to 40, 54% of american workers work in businesses taxed as individuals. you raise that tax rate, you will kill jobs. it kills economic freedom. [ applause ] and then there's vice president biden. he's proposed a new global tax. i'm not quite sure what it's going to look like. but he likes the idea of a global tax. and the president of course is going across the nation campaigning to raise taxes on investment. this is -- and taxes by their very definition limit our freedom. they should be as small as
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possible, do those things that are absolutely essential, like protecting our national security, providing for our schools, caring for those who can't care for themselves. so deficits limit our economic freedom, raising taxes affects our economic freedom, regulation, you have to have regulations to make a marketplace work. you have to have rules and regulations, but regulations that get too large can overwhelm the enterprises that you're trying to encourage. so when our friends in washington pass a bill known as dodd-frank because they say they want to -- they're concerned about these too big to fail banks they don't understand what they did is make it harder not on the big banks but on the community banks. they make it harder for them to renegotiate with homeowners to stay in their homes, they make it harder for small banks to
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compete. guess what's happened since dodd-frank? the biggers banks got bigger and community banks got badly hurt. we're seeing an insinuation of regulators throughout our economy making it harder and harder for enterprises to accomplish their mission. we built an interstate highway system, we built a hoover dam. today we can't even built a pipeline for pete sakes. [ applause ] and there was a time we were known as the manufacturing headquarters of the world, largest exporter in the world. now we're known for being the lawsuit capital of the world. there was a time, by the way, our schools were so superb that our kids were the best educated in the world. now one half of all the kids in our 50 largest cities won't even graduate from high school.
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it's just criminal to see what's happened as a result of policies where washington gets large earn and larger and doesn't expect the power of free enterprise and freedom. president obama thinks the economy is struggling because the stimulus wasn't big enough. the economy is struggling because government is too big and we're going to bring it down to size. [ applause ] this campaign is just getting going. it's going to be fun. we're going to be -- [ cheers ] >> and we're going to be -- the contrast could not be bigger. he said the other day this is going to be a defining election. that's one thing i agree with him on. we have a very different vision for america. my vision says, for instance, we can't keep spending more than we take in to the tune of a trillion dollars is year. it's time to cut, cap and
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balance the budget! [ cheers and applause ] and people say -- people say how are you going to do that? and i say, well, you start off by taking all the programs we have and say which of them can we not just slow their rate of growth in, which ones can we eliminate, get rid of, cut all together? and the first on the list is oba obamacare. let's get rid of that one! [ cheers and applause ] and there are -- you know, there are other programs we're going to keep because they're important but we're not going to have them run at the federal level. we're going to send them back to the states where the states can
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determine how to structure them and fashion them to meet the needs of their own people. for instance, do you know how many federal workforce training programs we have? 49. 49. reporting to eight different agencies. take the money, seasoned nd it the states, let the states craft their own programs for their on people. [ applause ] and by the way, what's left, bring it down to size. make it smaller. we have too many federal employees through attrition. i'll cut it by at least 10% and i want to link the pay of government workers with the pay that exists in the private sector. [ applause ] now, the president wants to raise taxes. i want to lower taxes. i want a 20% across the board reduction in taxes and a simplification plan.
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the president has a view on energy. he said the other day he likes all of the above. and i thought about that for a moment. it's like, well, maybe what he means is he likes all the sources of energy that are above the ground, all right, so wind and solar. we like wind and solar, too, but we also like the sources of energy that are below the ground, oil, natural gas and coal. we're going to become energy independent. i don't know that there's ever been a presidency that's been more attuned to the people that provided money to his party, which are the public unions, the private sector unions, the trial lawyers. he has been doing their bidding by saying we're not going to open up new markets for american goods in the last three yearss are three and a half years, china and the european union nations have opened up some 44
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different trade agreements at various stages with other nations, we've opened up none. the three we got were negotiated by his predecessor, george w. bush. no questionpredecessor, george w. bush. and then, of course you have thing decision by the national labor relations board telling boeing you can't build a factory in a right-to-work state. again, that's what his special interests were telling him to done of course he took some of your money to invest in some businesses of the people who contributed to his campaigns. people say he likes to pick winners and losers. i said, no, he just likes to pick losers. but the right course for america's economy is not to have the government trying to guide the economy and pick winners and losers or to bow to the special interests that paid for their campaigns. right course for america's economy is to return to
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consumer-driven free markets, and i will get that job done. the president says he wants to transform america. i don't want to transform america. i want to restore to america the principles that made us the hope of the earth. and if i'm so fortunate that i can become president of this great country, i will endeavor to unite america again. i will not do as this president is doing, dividing us at every occasion, takinging one american after the other, trying too find one scapegoat, trying to find someone who can by virtue of attack in them can divert from his failures economically. i will bring america together, i believe we are one nation under
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god. and if i'm -- if i'm so fortunate to become president, i will not apologize for success here at home. and i will -- i will certainly not apologize for america's success abroad. this nation -- this nation has done more to free people from tyranny and help lift people out of poverty by virtue of the principles that these great
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founders had in mind and shared with the world than any other nation in history. this nation, we have no reason to apologize for the greatness of america. the founders expected us to not only lib by the principles by which they wrote but also to preserve them and protect them. and over the centuries, over a million men and women have paid the ultimate sacrifice, made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of those principles and those freedoms, and it's an image in my mind, as i recognize that the great majority of the people in this country, i think all of the people in this country, revere those who have fought and died for the preservation of our liberty. i remember i was -- i was serving as the governor of my state towards the end of my term and we got a call from the
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airport saying that the remains of one of our soldiers killed in iraq, as i recall, was being sent back to massachusetts, he was coming in on a us airways flight and the parents had been called but they live too far away to get to the airport to receive the body and they wondered if i could come in their stead. because my office was closer to the airport, and i said, of course. so we drove to the airport and drove out on the tarmac with the police escort and the us airways jet came in and stopped at terminal boston, and the people got off the aircraft and then the luggage came down the conveyer belt, and the casket appeared and came down the conveyer belt. i put my hand over my heart. and the state troopers i was with saluted. i happened, as i was there, very emotional to, look up at the terminal, the big glass wall in boston, the terminal has a huge glass wall for us airways and it
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seems the people who got off the aircraft had seen the police cars in the tarmac. so they lined up against the window to see what was going on. and then the people walking down the hall getting to their flights are going home, they saw the people leaned up against the glass, so they crowded in behind them. it's quite a crowd. every person i saw had their hand on their heart. we're patriotic people. we love this country. when i think of america, when i think of our future, i think of scenes like that where we come together. we need a president who will not attack fellow americans who will bring us together.
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you know it's always made me feel a little taller and stand a little straighter, as i'm sure it has you, to know that we have a gift that no one else in the world has. we're american. something we've always known. people around the world know, there's something very special about america. it means something different to each of us. but it means something special to all of us. today, there are some who question that around the world, maybe even some among us question that. we're bringing back that confidence and that commitment and that love in america. and making sure that destiny is consistent with the principles of our great founding, and we're doing that because we believe in america. we believe in the principles that made this nation the nation
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that it is. we love america. we're going to bring it back because of our conviction in america. i need your help. i need to make sure those who believe in those principles are willing to work and stand up and make sure we take back this great country and keep america as italways been, the hope of t earth. thank you very much. thank you. thank you. ♪ chasing dreams racing father time ♪ ♪ deep, like the grandest canyon wild, like an untamed ♪ ♪ stallion you can see my heart ♪ ♪ you must be blind you can knock me down ♪ ♪ and watch me bleed but you can't keep no chains on me i was born free ♪
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♪ i was born free i was born free ♪ ♪ born free and i'm not good ♪ ♪ at a long, good fight but look down deep into my eyes ♪ ♪ i was born free ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah oh, oh ♪ ♪ the calm facing danger
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lost like an unknown ♪ ♪ stranger, grateful for my time with lovely grass ♪ ♪ close to my destination tired, frailed and aching ♪ ♪ waiting patiently for the sun to set ♪ ♪ and when it's done believe that i ♪ ♪ will yell it from that mountain high ♪ ♪ i was born free i was born free ♪ ♪ i was born free born free ♪ ♪ and i will vow to shining seas and celebrate s


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