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tv   Politics and Public Policy Today  CSPAN  October 22, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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last week the benghazi committee questioned huma abedin in an eight-hour meeting. following the meeting she spoke briefly to reporters. we'll also hear from the lead democrat on the committee, congressman elijah cummings. good afternoon, everybody. i came here today to be as helpful as i could be to the committee. i wanted to honor the service of those lost and injured in the benghazi attacks.
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i'm proud to have served at the state department, and i was honored to work for secretary clinton and alongside distinguished diplomats and foreign service officers. i appreciated the time of both the members and committee staff today and i answered all their questions to the best of my ability. and with that, i'll be making no further comments. thank you. >> good to see you. we have a situation where we have had mr. mccarthy, congressman mccarthy, make it clear what this is all about. we then, of course, have the hand-picked member of the
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republican staff to affirm what mr. mccarthy had already stated. we then have congressman hannah to reaffirm all of it. but even if we wanted to put words to the side, the question becomes we've been asked to not listen to the words of mccarthy, not listen to the words of hannah but look at the actions of the committee. and this morning, again, we have a situation where it is clear that when we look at the actions, calling ms. abedin in, letting the press know about the
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time, the location of her interview, when she, based on other testimony that we've gotten, has no -- no policy responsibilities, no operational responsibilities, was not with secretary clinton on the night of this phenomenal tragedy only leads one to ask the question, did the gentleman, congressman mccarthy, congressman hannah, and mr. podiska tell the truth. that's the question. the question also becomes whether this is a taxpayer funded effort to derail the
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candidacy of hillary clinton and to be very frank with you when i take the statements of those three gentlemen and i match them up with what we look at what they do and what they said, it all matches. they come together. it is interesting to note that those associated with hillary clinton seem to be treated differently. mr. bloomenthal, cheryl mills, ms. abedin, jake sullivan treated differently. i said it from the very beginning that it is very
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important that when we joined this committee, when the democrats joined this committee, i said that we would be defenders of the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. and that's exactly what we intend to do. i think it is sad, i really do, that when the families came to us we met with all four families of chris stevens, shawn smith, tyrone woods, and glenn daugherty. i wanted to mention their names. sometimes they get lost in all of this. when we met with the families, do you know what they said? they only asked us for three things. just three things. and they basically begged us, they said do not make this political football. we beg you. some with tears in their eyes,
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the second thing that they asked for they said find out what happened on that night and they asked us for a third thing and that was do everything in your power to make sure this does not happen to someone else. i think no matter how you look at it when you have the number two person in the republican party who comes forward, the person who makes plans with the speaker and the person who will it continue to be -- who is one step away from becoming the speaker to tell you that is all about a taxpayer funded political effort to derail the campaign of hillary clinton, ladies and gentlemen, that is a problem. i'm not answering any questions. and so, again, i came out of respect for ms. abedin and i'm
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hoping that there will not be the targeted leaks that only give a partial part of the story but the whole story. this is the last point. i've said it over and over again when the e-mails of mr. blumenthal were released don't just release the e-mails, release the whole transcript so that the press and the american people can see the whole story. and we did not get a vote or an opportunity to do that. hopefully come thursday secretary clinton will have her day to explain all of this. i look forward to her testimony and i thank you all for being here. thank you all.
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former secretary of state and presidential candidate, hillary clinton, testifies before the house select committee on benghazi about the 2012 terrorist attack on the u.s. consulate. ambassador chris stevens and three others were killed in the attack. we'll have live coverage of mrs. clinton's testimony at 10:00 a.m. eastern here on c-span3. julian hattem of the hill, the house select committee on benghazi has 12 members. what's the breakdown numbers wise between republicans and democrats? >> sure. the republican majority so seven republicans, five democrats on the other side. >> trey gowdy of south carolina is the chairman. how was he chosen for this position and tell us a little bit about his background? >> mr. gowdy is a former prosecutor so has a natural proclivity to being tough but fair was his reputation. a lot of speculation and
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analysis the reason he was chosen for this job is he was not a year and a half ago considered a super party candidate. he was not extremely conservative. he had not been a super aggressive thorn in the administration's side before. there is some sense the speaker wanted to send a message that this is going to be a serious committee, a serious investigation, and not a super hyper partisan one, even though that's what a part of the criticism has turned out to be. >> let's go into the background of the other republican members. there are six others on the committee. tell us about them and how they were selected. >> sure. so it's a mix of folks. there are people like congressman mike pompeo, lynn westmoreland. they have that background. they're bringing to it. there's also jordan from ohio who tends to be -- he is more of a conservative thorn in the side of the administration. he has been a little bit more
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aggressive, out there and outspoken in the past, and i think that's more of his character to be more pointed and to be more aggressive, more pointed, i guess. martha roby has been very stick to the facts, just the facts ma'am. and i think i'm hitting everybody but it's a mix of folks hoping to represent the full cross section of the house but also relatively serious side there was some controversy, some criticism from people like darryl issa, a relatively controversial member of the house, has been known to go on a sparring contest with the administration. he was not on the panel and there was pushback from him that he has been shut out of what he thought would be his committee after he was the former chairman of the oversight committee. there was an effort clearly made to make this from the republican side, while certainly aggressive
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and certainly active, not overly partisan and not overly controversial. >> let's look at the democrats. four of the five democratic members are also ranking members of other committees. clearly the democrats looking for more leaders in their party on the house side. elijah cummings is the ranking member of the benghazi committee. tell us about him and his background. >> ranking member of the benghazi committee, as you note. he's the ranking member of the house oversight committee and he's been there for a while. he's there right now and he was also previously there when darrell issa was the chairman of the oversight committee. he's had a long experience being the minority democrat on a committee that is going after and probing the obama administration. he has had to come to its defense in many times in the past. in doing so he has had to have a stiff back, a stiff upper lip. and he's been somewhat of a
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fighter. there's actually a fair amount of speculation he might end up running for the senate in maryland. he has yet to announce. he says he's not going to make any firm commitments on that until after this hearing with secretary clinton. recent polling shows that if he wanted to do that, that option would be there for him. he could jump into the fray and would probably do well in the open senate seat up in maryland after mccloskey steps down at the end of next year. he has gained a lot of recognition because of this committee and might take that all the way to the upper chamber. >> you have adam schiff, adam smith, linda sanchez, tammy duckworth. any of those names stick out as someone who is -- was especially qualified to serve on this committee? >> mr. schiff, for instance, is the ranking member on the intelligence committee. ms. duckworth is running for senate, so this is another opportunity for her to boost her
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profile. she is taking on senator mark perk in illinois, hoping this will raise her and elevate her profile. mr. smith is the ranking member on the armed services committee. and so these are some serious names, some serious people who the democrats hoped would bring a serious front here. a lot of them have been relatively critical of the gop-led committee, especially mr. schiff has suggested that maybe democrats might not stick with it, that he's floated the opportunity that democrats should pull out of the committee entirely, which was some of the early speculation before this committee was made. there was a lot of talk about whether democrats should participate at all given that they see this as a largely partisan witch-hunt. they decided not to, to stick with it because they figured it's better to have someone in the room than not in the room. there has been a lot of skepticism this would be a fair
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committee and pretty much to a person right now all of those democrats say that this committee has been a partisan exercise and that's been their position for the last year and a half and it continues to do so. >> julian hattem of the hill, thanks very much for joining us, giving us a little background on the house benghazi committee. you can read julian at and he's on twitter @jmhattem. >> thank you. former secretary of state hillary clinton is going before the special committee to create -- create it had to investigate the terrorist attack on the american consulate in benghazi this morning. that attack three years ago, september 11, 2012, that killed u.s. a.mbassador to libya christopher stevens along with an information manager, an officer, and two cia contractors. hillary clinton was secretary of state at the time and will be the only witness today. now the hearing set to get under way at 10:00 a.m. eastern. it will be live here on c-span
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3. we will also have coverage on c-span radio and coverage a live look at the longworth house committeeing room, this is the ways and means committee meeting room. paul ryan, the chair, the current chair of the ways and means committee. a live look here. our coverage at 10:00 eastern here on c-span 3 and, again, also on c-span radio. and we'll look for your comments. and on twitter @cspan2.
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somewhat obscured there by staff and others, the chairman of the committee, trey gowdy, and you also saw a committee member as the committee comes in in 45 minutes or so, they will gavel in. some background on how the day will proceed from karen young of "the washington post" says that attention will be focused today on how well clinton does. now the front-runner for the democratic presidential nomination and a republican critics behave during what is expected to be at least eight hours of testimony scheduled to begin at 10:00 a.m. eastern. she writes the hearing is to consist of four rounds of questions lasting ten minutes from each of its seven republicans and five democrats. scheduled -- she also writes that on the republican side, members have been cautioned by their chairman, trey gowdy, a former prosecutor, to stick to the facts and avoid putting ammunition to the democrats who accuse them of having a political vendetta against clinton.
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she says on the democratic side expecting republicans to use rapid fire prosecutorial techniques that allow little time for long answers. democrats are prepped to restate the majority's questions he and try to elicit more thoughtful responses while also seeking to focus attention on what the administration has done to avoid such attacks in the future.
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on your screen, there's the chairman, trey gowdy. the hearing set to get under way at 10:00 a.m. eastern. we will have it live on c-span 3. elijah cummings in as well, the ranking democrat. you'll see it here on c-span 3.
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also online luke russert tweeting trey gowdy walked in battling a cold. he says we'll see if his voice is affected on hillary hearing day.
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in the center of the screen there, the chairman and the ranking democrat on the select committee on benghazi, the hearing with former secretary of state hillary clinton gets under way in 40 minutes at 10:00 a.m. eastern. we'll have it live here on c-span 3, you can follow on c-span radio and writing about it, the house committee on benghazi will focus its long-awaited questioning of former secretary of state
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hillary clinton on details of the 2012 attack on the libyan diplomatic outpost rather than on mrs. clinton's e-mail arrangements. republicans said this week. "the wall street journal" writing the gop-led panel's hand has been forced by recent suggestions including by some republicans that the committee's motivations are chiefly political and that has the committee's motivations -- and that has shifted the dynamics of thursday's high-profile hearing with republicans under pressure to show they are playing fair just as mrs. clinton faces pressure to show she didn't budge. a tragic incident. again, her testimony set to get under way at 10:00 a.m. eastern. .
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the: those were some of folks standing in line early this morning to hear the testimony of hillary clinton when she folks standing in line to hear the testimony of hillary clinton when she walks into that room on your screen. committee hearing in longworth office building on the house side of the capitol, steps away from the capitol. the select committee on benghazi, the lawmakers that sit on that panel, will be gathering. that will be the chairman, trey gowdy, a republican of south carolina, susan brooks, republican from indiana, jim jordan from ohio, mike pompeo from kansas, martha roby from alabama, peter roskam in illinois and westmoreland from georgia. the democrats elijah cummings, the ranking member from maryland, adam smith of washington state, adam schiff of
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california, adam schiff served on the intelligence committee. linda sanchez and tammy duckworth will all be asking the questions of the former secretary of state. she is expected to be in that chair for eight hours. so we want to get your thoughts on that this morning and start dialing in. republicans 202-748-8001. democrats 202-748-8000. independents 202-748-8002. congressional correspondent with bloomberg news, set the scene. what's it like in there for you to be inside? >> well, it's kind of a building crescendo of the excitement here. the chairman has looked out to see what is limited to reporters and some ticketed aides and that sort of thing in the room.
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what is already and as early as 7:30 a long line of public people wanting to get in but without the press or government pass itself. it's turning into quite a spectacle already. >> so, billy house, what's it like for the print media inside there? what's your setup like? >> well, there's two wings of wall seats of about 18 reporters each on both sides. the vantage point for those reporters is really nothing but the back of people's heads. other reporters there's about 20 good seats right behind where the former secretary and presidential candidate will be sitting. they won't see her face or expressions. that will be interesting to try to describe what's going on. >> our cameras are inside the
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hearing room and we'll be able to get several different angles. what are you expecting for questioning? >> one of the key aspects we know that republicans will go after is whether there was a deemphasis on security at the very time that the u.s. mission in benghazi was asking for more security. we don't know what e-mails or other communications that might indicate that. the chairman, trey gowdy, suggested he wants to know if there's a winding down of security at the very time ambassador stevens was asking for more. of course also -- go ahead. >> you finish your thought, please. >> in talking last night with the panel member, any beliefs or suspicion that they will be shy
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about going after some contents of e-mails because of recent misstatements by republicans is not going to happen. they will ask her about e-mails. they may not do it in the first round or two but her e-mail use and server will be a topic at this hearing. what is the committee telling you about what information they have maybe that's new what's new today? >> you're correct. they have not been publicly released. the indication is whether or not there were actual communications suggesting that they needed more security help leading up in the months of the attacks of
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september 11, 2012 attacks. so i think that will be the initial emphasis and much of that possibly will be fostered by new information. >> billy house, do we know if any family members of the four americans that died on september 11, 2012, will they be attending? >> i don't know that. some have made public statements they are upset about the politicalization of this whole thing underscored by misstatements by top republicans including mccarthy. i don't know if they'll be here. >> at 10:00 a.m. this gets under way. that's in about 30 minutes. what have you heard about
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questioning and how this will unfold today? >> there are seven republicans on the panel and there's five democrats. my understanding there will be an opening statement by the chairman, trey gowdy. perhaps some statements from other members on both sides. and then an opening statement by former secretary clinton. then they will begin their first round of questioning. one republican first about ten minutes followed by a democrat, maybe ten minutes, and they will go through the entire panel. trey gowdy, a former solicitor, which is a prosecutor in south carolina, likes to go last. aides say he likes to do that so he can absorb what has been asked and what has been said to formulate his own questioning, so there would be that initial round, and we're told it could go as many as four, maybe five rounds of that. and if you add all that up, some aides say, this could be a nine-hour event. >> all right. billy house, congressional
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correspondent with bloomberg news. appreciate your time this morning, sir. >> i enjoyed it. thank you. >> and as we turn to all of you to get your thoughts, you were just looking at the former congressman, tom davis from virginia. he's got a seat in the hearing room. we'll see who else -- some notables who will be in and listening to what they hear from hillary clinton. that begins in 30 minutes. and at that point you will want to tune in to c-span 3 because that is where we will be showing today's testimony by the former secretary of state. if you can't watch it on tv, you've got many other options available to you. listen to c-span radio. we've got a local station here in washington, but then we've also are on sirius xm channel 455 you can listen there, or you can go to on your desktop. you can also get on your phone. it's mobile friendly so you can watch and listen there. but you can also get the app for any of your devices.
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all you have to do is click on c-span3 and you can listen to the questions and the answers before the house committee on benghazi when hillary clinton takes the chair. and she could be there for up to eight hours, four to five rounds of questioning. each member will get ten minutes, we learned from billy house that the chairman, trey gowdy, he'll go last. he likes to go last. what are your thoughts on all of this? let me turn to rojer in sterling heights, michigan, a republican. you are on the air, roger. good morning to you. >> caller: good morning. i was wondering one thing. they keep saying one guy, larry davis, i think his name was, he keeps saying that, you know, she admits that it's her fault and stuff like that. so what are they doing all of this for? she already admitted it, right, that she takes blame for what happened. >> roger, what do you make of people who say, these families still don't know who, what, when, why happened. >> caller: right. but she admits it was her fault,
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correct? >> i think she, during her testimony in 2013, january of 2013, before house and senate foreign relations committees, she said, you know, she took responsibility as secretary of state. do you remember those hearings? did you watch? >> caller: yes. >> and do you remember the moment when she said, that a lot of people point to, what difference does it make? >> caller: yeah, i caught that, too, but that's like [ inaudible ]. i don't believe that. i was just wondering, it's just weird, you know. >> roger, i want to show you and others that moment from january of 2013. and i want to show you a little bit more than you maybe get to see from other outlets because it starts with questioning from ron johnson, a republican from wisconsin, and he's asking the s secretary of state why didn't you just pick up the phone while this violence was unfolding, or the day after, the days after, to find out really from the people on the ground what happened?
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here is that exchange. >> we were misled that there were supposedly protests and something sprang out of that. an assault sprang out of that. and that was easily ascertained that was not the fact and the american people could have known that within days and they didn't know that. >> with all due respect, the fact is we had four dead americans. was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they'd go kill some americans? what difference at this point does it make? it is our job to figure out what happened and to do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again, senator. now, honestly, i will do my best to answer your questions about this, but the fact is that people were trying in real time to get to the best information. the ic has a process, i understand, going with the other committees to explain how these talking points came out. but, you know, to be clear it is, from my perspective, less important today looking
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backwards as to why these militants decided they did it than to find them and bring them to justice and then maybe we'll figure out what was going on in the meantime. >> hillary clinton back in 2013 when she testified before the senate foreign relations committee about benghazi. she will be back up on capitol hill to testify again before the house select committee on benghazi. in the wa"the washington post" morning reports this, virtually all of the benghazi select committee's investigations has focused on the lack of security at the benghazi diplomatic compound. only ambassador stevens and state department communications specialist sean smith were killed there. both died of smoke inhalation while seeking refuge in a supposed safe room from militants who set the building on fire. of the two other americans who were killed, security accountors tyrone woods and glen doherty were hit by mortar fire at a
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nearby cia annex where u.s. intelligence agents on a separate mission were based. the cia contingent had far more protection including heavily armed private american security guards. woods was assigned to the intelligence annex and doherty was one of the contingent of guards flown to benghazi from tripoli, the libyan capital, after the initial attack. mike, in newington, connecticut, a democrat. hi there, mike. >> caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. on the subject of investigations and the lack of assistance, i have to go back to 2003 when the bush administration decided to invade iraq. the army chief of staff requested 400,000-plus troops in order to complete the initial invasion and stabilize the country.
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the bush administration decided that he would only need -- the army would only need 135,000. what happened in that case was they did not have adequate troops to control the situation after the invasion. i think it's similar to benghazi in that they did not respond adequately, the administration did not to the situation. shortly after we went in, paul bremer was assigned as the so-called governor. his first edict was -- >> mike, are you going to make a comparison between benghazi and iraq? >> caller: i am! i am! and they did not have adequate protection for the troops. they didn't have enough troops to do the job. >> okay, all right. i hear your point on that. there's elijah cummings, the
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ranking democrat from maryland on this select committee taking his seat in the chair preparing for hillary clinton when she makes her way into the committee room. take a look at the time line of the benghazi attack on september 11, 2012, is when it occurred. ambassador chris stevens and three others were killed on october 10, 2012, is the first hearing on what happened. december 18, 2012, an independent review is released. this initiated by the form earp secretary of state. and she's up on capitol hill january 23 to testify. on may 24, 2014, is when this select committee is created. on june 17, 2014, is when a suspect is captured and charged with the violence and the killings of those four american. we're getting your thoughts this morning waiting for this testimony to begin on the investigation into what happened on september 11, 2012. as we told you the line for getting into the hearing room began at 7:30 this morning. take a listen to what one person
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told c-span about why they're there. >> your name, where you're from, and why you're here. >> i'm from california. i had some free time visiting alexandria so i thought i'd come by and see a little bit of history in the making. >> and what are you expecting to hear from secretary clinton today? >> i expect her to put up a good fight, to show some of the steadfastness in her positions that she showed in previous hearings in front of this committee. i expect her to stand very solidly on what she knows to be true and hopefully not get diverted by the politics of the situation. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> folks are lining up to get inside the committee hearing room. you can see they're on your screen. it looks like inside the committee hearing room there presumably to hear what the form
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earp secretary of state has to say. he is not one of the seven republicans who are on this panel. there are seven republicans, five democrats. more than 50 witnesses interviewed. this was created on may 8, 2014. joan, hudson, massachusetts, independent. hi, joan. >> caller: yeah, hi. thank you for going through that time line. one of the things that i was really surprised to find out about yesterday in "the wall street journal" was that secretary clinton went home in the evening the compound was attacked, and was really surprised she left the state department while the embassy compound was being attacked and i also wanted to say that if claire mccaskill and lenny davis are concerned about the amount of time that secretary clinton has to be in this hearing, they should keep in mind that it's roughly the same amount of time
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that the compound was unaided, being attacked. >> joan, and for those that really want some detail about the benghazi time line, you can go to and they put a very specific, with times, time line together. if it's something you want as a reference while you're listening today, watching today what hillary clinton and others have to say about what happened in benghazi, you can use this as a reference. to look at what happened, when, what the reaction was. what hillary clinton said when. one part from this time line is they note that at about 10:00 p.m., the secretary of state issued a statement confirming that one state official was killed in the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. her statements which msnbc posted at 10:32 made reference to the video on september 12 obama labels acts as terrorism.
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and then also on september 12, clinton delivered a speech at the state department to condemn the attack and to praise the victims as heroes. she, again, references the anti-muslim video in similar language. so that from the time line. it is not until about september 16 when somebody from the administration talks about this not being a video but an act of terrorism. we're told hillary clinton should be arriving at anytime. annette in chicago heights, illinois, republican, what do you think, annette? what's on your mind this morning? >> caller: what's on my mind is confusion. i'm not sure because i voted at different times and i'm not sure where i'm going to head, you know, it at this point. for some reason it seems like the media hypes up the situation about hillary clinton more so, the bad things. she seems to me like the most
9:41 am
credible presidential candidate in this entire race. who cares about everyday, middle-class working people. and i think if the media cut her some slack like they do donald trump, who is very divisive, who is talking about people, immigrants he's going to put them on a boat and, you know, tag them like animals and they need to go back to their own country and calling barack obama a muslim and all kinds of names. the media is responsible, in my opinion, for making this situation really bad. >> okay. let's hear from mary in philadelphia, a democrat. mary, what do you think? >> caller: yes, good morning. and thank you for taking my call. you know, i have proposed several questions to the benghazi committee from isis issa to gowdy.
9:42 am
i'm proposing these questions on the air. did ambassador stevens, did he have a problem with his security force at the time? and is this why he had no -- he had questions regarding the security that stood down while the embassy was being attacked. okay, the conservative groups and the political action groups that presented that video that was forwarded to those muslim countries, the video photographer was prosecuted. these people aided and abetted in the crime, how come they were never prosecuted? and are they continually receiving tax exempt stat us. >> okay, mary. those are some of your questions. we're getting a look inside the committee room. we also have cameras outside the committee room.
9:43 am
just saw "the new york times" columnist making her way into the hearing room right there. lots of media want to get access, want to get into that room to hear what the former secretary of state is going to say. that caller was just talking about the compound in benghazi. from "the washington post" this morning they say this, that the diplomatic compound had always been a poor stepchild of the state department, chosen specifically by ambassador stevens, a middle east expert who spent significant time in benghazi and at the u.s. embassy in tripoli, it had no permanent staff. instead a handful of security and diplomatic personnel rotated in and out in 2012. while the state department tried to decide what to do with it. so there's that from "the washington post" this morning. don, houston, texas, democrat. you're on the air, don. >> caller: yes, thank you for taking my call. i just have a short statement to make. 4,400 people were killed in iraq on lies by the bush administration. nothing has ever happened to any
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of those people who perpetrated that lie. and now they're on hillary like flies. i'd better cut it off. >> we know the end of that one. mary in south carolina, republican. >> caller: my name is mary. i live in south carolina, and i just want to say that benghazi happened simply because it was an election year and president obama was running on the platform that benghazi is dead and al qaeda was dead. well, and then when that happened, they could not admit that it was terrorists attacked that compound. if they had, that would go over the line that al qaeda was dead. and i have one more thing i want to say about this. hillary clinton's daughter had been in that compound or president obama's daughters had been in that compound, they
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would have moved heaven and earth to help them instead of abandoning those people. >> okay. mary, this is from fox news. they report in the year leading up to the 2012 attack -- let me actually pause and acknowledge that the secretary of state is making her way down the hallway in longworth, making her way to the committee room saying hello to the media that has gathered outside there. she will be stepping into the hearing room momentarily and her testimony taking place in about 15 minutes. you'll probably see her shake the hands of the lawmakers that make up this committee. there are seven republicans, five democrats, and she will be sitting in the chair for potentially up to eight hours. four to five rounds of questioning. each member gets to talk and ask her questions for about ten minutes and then her response on top of that. the folks are thinking she could be there until 6:00 p.m. or
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later and, of course, our coverage on c-span 3 in about 15 minutes here on c-span we're going to stick to the room and your calls and getting your thoughts on today's hearing and this investigation. over on c-span 3 is where we will be carrying the hearing. that is because, of course, the house will be gaveling in for their legislative session at 10:00 a.m. and we will stick to our mission and bring you that. however, you can also watch and listen other ways if you don't have access to a tv. you can turn in to c-span radio. we are on sirius xm satellite radio channel 455, and you can also on any of your devices tune in to and watch it there. it's mobile friendly. or you can also go to the c-span app which is some place where you can listen to what the questions and answers are. here it is. you can tap on c-span3 and listen to it there either on
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your phone or your ipad or your galaxy or any device that you have. so this hearing about to get under way here shortly. megan, knoxville, tennessee, independent. you're up. go ahead. >> caller: yes. i have a question. i'm just really confused. so they -- about the question of why they didn't increase the security of the compound. it's my understanding, and i may have this wrong, that the budget of the state department from the sequester was cut roughly 10% of their budget, and then they asked to be able to move money -- the authority to move money from -- their money interest one account to the other, and that was also denied by the house of representatives. and so i guess i'm thinking maybe i have that time line wrong. >> that was brought up in 2013. we were there. we covered it. you should go to our website,
9:48 am you can watch the entire hearing there, her testimony. she talks about resources for security at the state department and republicans cutting the budget there. this is from fox news. i started to read this before about security in benghazi, libya, at the time. in the year leading up to the 2012 attacks, this reported by fox news, records show there were 234 security incidents in libya, 50 of which took place in benghazi including a june assassination attempt on the british ambassador in which a rocket propel grenade struck his vehicle. the team narrowly escaped. this attack and intelligence was shared with the state department, no additional security was added. the same month british ambassador was targeted, there was an ied attack on the u.s. consulate blasting a hole in the perimeter wall. still security requests were denied. you're on the air, sandra.
9:49 am
>> caller: yes, i'm registered democrat but i am really, you know, i'm very conservative in my way of thinking. this amazes me that when this happened it amazes me that i just can't comprehend 9/11, the date, of why any lack of security on any of our embassies was so low. on that specific date especially. but, i would like to ask a question. would the lack of security been the same if it would have been carolyn kennedy as the ambassador? i don't think so. >> all right, sandra. barbara, st. louis, missouri. republican. what do you think? >> caller: i've been watching this for quite a while, the hearings and everything, and
9:50 am
i've come to realize that in true clinton corrupt fashion, and i used to be a democrat activist and was involved in his presidential campaign, so i know what i speak of. they're corrupt. they're liars. everybody knew he had a problem keeping his zipper up, and they ran with him anyway. getting back to this situation, clinton and rumenthal were doing business deals and had plans for the clinton foundation to come in and make money off the situation. and they were running guns. it has been proven with e-mails. they were running guns in violation of u.s. and u.n. law. why is that not being brought up? >> okay. all right. we're just showing you on our screen some of the folks that have gathered inside the committee room. we saw louie gomart talking with
9:51 am
frank luntz, a gop pollster to listen to what hillary has to say. you might hear today about cables, requests for security that came from the ambassador. "the washington post" notes this, that cables like all of those sent from diplomatic posts abroad were addressed to the secretary of state. that cable, clinton said at the 2013 house hearing, did not come to my attention. i have made it very clear that the security cables did not come to my attention or above the assistant secretary level. i am not aware of anyone within my office, within the secretary's office, having seen the cable. the state department she said received 1.43 million diplomatic messages a year. they're all addressed to me, she said. they do not all come to me. daniel, an independent, florida. >> carol: tha . >> caller: thank you for taking my call. i have a comment and then a
9:52 am
question. your last guest, i cannot remember his name, i'm sorry. >> lanny davis. >> caller: he was talking about the cost and the republicans should pay for it. $4.6 million is what i believe has been spent already. that is absolutely nothing compared to the $19 trillion we're talking about in debt. so i would just like to throw that out there, $4.6 million is a drop in the bucket. >> we have seen elijah cummings talking to some folks there. you have also seen linda sanchez, who is a democrat from california sitting down to take her seat. also adam schiff, democrat of california, taking his seat preparing for the questioning that will begin in less than ten minutes. aggie in virginia, democrat, go ahead. >> caller: yes.
9:53 am
there's only two facts that matter to me. ambassador stevens asked for help. he asked for more security. democrats and republicans neither dispute that. somebody told him no. whoever told him no, they're responsible. videos don't matter. nothing matters. whoever wouldn't give him more security is the person responsible for these four men's death. thank you. >> okay. all right. in the room, sheila jackson lee. she is not part of the select committee on benghazi. just saw her there taking a seat in the committee room. lisa in georgia, republican. hi. >> caller: hi. i'm calling to let everybody know that i feel the problem here is communication. these people, politicians, right, left, the issue is -- mostly on the left. i am a republican. is deny, dismiss and demean. if i ask you a question and you deny it, if you dismiss it or
9:54 am
you demean it, other than answer it, you have done nothing to forward the conversation. at every turn there has been stonewalling. there has never been -- i have requested a question, you answered the question. it has to stop somewhere. hopefully it will today, but i don't think so. >> all right. robert is an independent in virginia. robert, good morning. you are on the air. >> caller: yes. i was noticing during the first hearing on the attack in libya that the secretary -- not the secretary, but the senator from south carolina lindsey graham pointed out that there should have been more of a military response coming to the attack in libya because -- not suggesting that secretary clinton needed to have a response, but it should have been more of a military response because the embassy was coming under attack. >> okay. pearl in oklahoma city,
9:55 am
democrat. pearl, we're getting your thoughts this morning ahead of hillary clinton's testimony which will get under way any moment now. pearl, what are your thoughts? >> caller: my thoughts are, we spent all that money on an inquiry. we learned a lot. what has been done for future people that are assigned in that area? >> you are talking -- you want to know what's going to be done for those that are there now? >> caller: what has been already been done after $4 million? surely, somebody has implemented some steps to secure the security of others that are assigned in the same situation. >> okay. all right. taking their seats on the republican side is march that roby, republican, as well as mike pompei. there are seven total and five democrats. the they will get a round -- up
9:56 am
to four to five rounds of questioning, ten minutes for questions and for their thoughts to hillary clinton. that will take place here any moment. elijah cummings, the ranking democrat, taking his place. hillary clinton already there, near the longworth committee hearing room in a holding room. saw her come in, say hello to the press, make her way to a doorway right there in the hallway. she will come out any moment now. we want to say to our viewers who have been watching us on c-span3, we will say good-bye to you now. you will continue to get to watch the room and see who is in there as it unfolds and as she -- the gavel comes down and this hearing begins. here on c-span we will keep to your calls for a few more minutes until the house gavels in their legislative session. of course, then --
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