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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  September 28, 2016 6:00am-8:01am EDT

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outside of damascus, and continued his gruesome use of barrel bombs on civilians this dramatic demonstration of weakness left a vacuum that was seized by president putin, we are now faced with an enduring quagmire. president obama's stunning remark that there is no victory, belies the obama foreign policy that has ignored and belittled the advice of our foreign leaders. the president issued a memo yesterday ordering you and general dunford to consider climate change during our process. we dealt with multiple terrorist attacks on our shores. last night we heard that isil may have launched a chemical attack on our troops. it boggles the mind that the president would issue such an order during this critical time in our history 400 civilian
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deaths in syria, i wonder what the carbon footprint of these barrel bombs would have been that we could have prevented had we acted decisively. i have the highest regard for you as an individual as i've already stated. and i thank you for your service. i wish you had been given the appropriate authority by the president to turn this administration's misguided policy around. i was hear when this hearing began at 9:30. you've all been very patient with your answers, and i know you've discussed this already mr. secretary. at this point, toward the end of this hearing, is there anything else you'd like to add in response to what i've said. it seems the president is more resolved now than ever to forgive his 2012 promises. what's your recommendation as to the future of the assad regime?
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what about the president's -- what about your statement during confirmation as the president has said, assad has lost his legitimacy and cannot be part of the long term future of syria, is that statement still operative? >> i think it is i'll just give a general answer to you -- to your general question. it was discussed earlier, and even though we are going to be i'm confident military successful against isil. in so far as the syrian civil war is concerned, the violence can't end there until there's a political transition from assad to a government that is decent and that can govern the syrian people and put that tragically broken country back together. that doesn't look in sight now, it is what we talked earlier about, secretary kerry's trying
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to make arrangements to promote. it is -- that's necessary for the resolution of what is as you say, very tragic situation. let me see if the chairman wants to add anything. >> let me just ask this if you don't mind. >> it would help if the bombing ended, and i spoke to a democratic colleague of mine today. i've been calling for a no fly zone to stop the barrel bombing, i asked this colleague of mine on the other side of the aisle, if he would support that. he said yes, i want to call it something else, rather than a no fly zone, but that this particular senator, it is a fact that this particular senator has changed his position, and would like us to take action to present -- to prevent the barrel bombing. what is your position about that, and won the it help if we
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took decisive action and end ed this carnage? >> it -- i don't know the specific proposal. that you're discussing with your colleague. i'd make one comment and see if the chairman wants to add -- >> i think he was talking about a no fly zone. described in more palletable terms. >> the one proposal i think focused on right now is the one secretary kerry's trying to promote namely a no fly zone for the russians and the syrians who are attacking the syrian people. if they're talking about a no fly zone for american aircraft fighting isil, needless to say, that's not going to get any enthusiasm, get strong enthusiasm, get strong opposition.
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