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tv   Freedom Summer in Mississippi 1964 Clip  CSPAN  February 11, 2017 12:01pm-12:06pm EST

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back to chief judge jackson. >> thank you to paul for his spectacular job. [applause] and to atacular -- spectacular man. we are so grateful for these remnants. as you sat on the bench with thurgood marshall -- align >> tonight on lectures in history, professor joel teaches a class about freedom summer, 1964 black voter registration project in mississippi. is a preview. -- here is a preview. reading,ds engaged in here is a volunteer. this is one of the freedom
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rule mississippi. -- rural mississippi. they put them where ever they could put them. in spite of the media blitz in mississippi, violence ensued. you knew what was going to happen. you knew but was inevitable. here is a picture of someone who was a volunteer. he was someone of the youthful volunteers. there were a number of ministers and rabbis that helped this summer -- that helped during the summer. a volunteer was hit with a tire iron in hattiesburg, mississippi. i wish i have the entire photo, but his shirt is covered in blood. large-scale violence ensued in spite of the fact that there was massive media coverage of what was happening down here. disappearance of cheney
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and goodman, the media defended -- distended upon mississippi. 80 volunteers be 10 and over 1000 arrested -- 80 volunteers ten and over 1000 arrested. this is one state and one service -- this is one state in one summer. there were six known murders. six. people were dying. people are dying so people could vote. people are dying so people could eat in a restaurant with white people. people are dying to do things said we take for granted. think about the things they wanted to do? and the the level of violence leveled against them? -- and look at the level of violence leveled against them. >> watch the entire program at
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8:00 a.m. and midnight eastern tonight on "lectures in history." american history tv, only on c-span3. >> sunday night on "afterwards," melissa fleming, spokesperson for refugees recounts a young syrian's -- a young syrian woman's journey. interviewed by the president of refugees international. point do they feel to the they had to leave. turning on the television and living under an oppressive regime, but they have homes. this family must are politically active. they are caught up in this
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excitement. the other countries around us are changing, maybe things can change here and demonstrations are starting in the street. , who was 16 years old, is inspired to see what is happening. she witnesses been peaceful protesters are shot at. >> sunday night at 9:00 eastern on "afterwards." >> philadelphia's museum of the american revolution is scheduled to open on april 19. a team of archaeologists excavated the site a few blocks of independence hall and in the process, they eventually uncovered about 82,000 artifacts. tv's"erican history american artifacts, we will learn about the artifacts from the early 18th century up to


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