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tv   Inside the Trump Campaign  CSPAN  March 3, 2017 2:54pm-2:57pm EST

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former trump presidential campaign manager, corey lewandowski, offered his insights recently into president trump's white house, with what it took to get there and how the president bl campaign operated. he was in his home state of new hampshire and he sat down for a discussion at new hampshire institute of politics. see his remarks saturday at 8:00 p.m. eastern on our companion network c-span. here's a preview. >> we looked at a couple different factors coming into the race. the early voting was a primary indicator and the state of florida was the most that muumu. we didn't know how they would break. we didn't know if they would
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break before us or break against us. he had 33%, which is good for republican. we thought we would do good in florida which is a battle ground state for us. north carolina, going down about 225,000 votes. mitt romney down about 300,000 votes going in election day. mitt romney carried north carolina four years ago, five years ago now by about 77,000 votes. we felt good in north carolina our numbers changed rapidly. in pennsylvania. we knew we would win iowa and ohio. wisconsin, pennsylvania, michigan, they were very concerned about. the reason being is they took him for granted. it wasn't until the last seven days, last ten days, and i'm a new hampshire guy, and i won the
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last rally. i planned it that way. the last rally will be at verizon wireless center or whatever it is called now, it has been very good to us. we add rally in the snowstorm. this is it and 8:00 rally. they said you can't have it at 8:00. why not. i know this president he won't stop working at 8:00. you have to do like a midnight rally. no, we will hit this one. pennsylvania, pennsylvania, new hampshire, we stop. i said, guys, i know this guy please don't make it the last stop. i know he will have another one. he came here. big light snow. massive blow out. went on the plane to michigan. he went to michigan and like it, thrown together last minute thing. landed at la guardia at 3:00 in the morning because he wanted to stop in michigan. it made a difference. we knew if we could make a turnout model, that said the people haven't been engaged


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