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  President Trump Announces New Manufacturing Jobs in Wisconsin  CSPAN  July 26, 2017 5:19pm-5:49pm EDT

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between the countries. unfortunately, with the latest laws that have been enacted, there are women from qatar living with their husbands in the ue have to leave the ue. we have some cases with kids are separated from their moms. we have cases where fathers are separated from their families. so i think what we are in qatar trying to focus on a primary objective is to find a relief from this humanitarian crisis. >> and where has help come from so far? >> in terms of the humanitarian? >> uh-huh. have you gotten any food assistance. >> we leave now to take you live to the white house where president trump is expected to make an announcement on jobs. live coverage on c-span 3.
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distinguished members of the congress, ladies and gentlemen, we are in the middle of the eyeball revolution. high resolution is displayed in
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a powerful complication. with artificial intelligence and new system is born. it is a key for the future. for example, ak will enable new medical solution to limit loss in surgery, lessen pain in treatment and greatly reduce the cost of health care. we are committed to building america this most advanced system industry in the world.
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why do it here? american does not have a single to produce a complete ak system. we are going to change that. [ applause ] it is starts today with this investment in wisconsin. [ applause ]
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mr. walker, i'd like to thank you and your leadership teams. i also would like to thank you, mr. jared kushner, the white house office of american innovation for your hard work to make this investment a reality. speaker ryan, thank you for all your advice and support. vice president pence, we have facilities in your home state. your support is very much appreciated. mr. president, we just met
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inside. we met in -- we spent 10, 15 minutes talking. i met you three times. this time you have emphasized the importance of manufacturing in america and providing high skilled jobs for your workers. i feel confident to say this is a win-win solution. mr. president, with you, the vice president, the speaker and the governor walker supporting buy american, we are confident that many american ports will be a great success. [ applause ]
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i know you are committed to grow manufacturing in the united states. because of you, we are also committed to create great jobs for american people. mr. president, the eagle flies. thank you. [ applause ] >> thank you. thank you. >> first off, thank you to the president for hosting as you will be hearing from him in just a moment. mr. vice president, my good friend and former colleague to the speaker, my good friend and long-time neighbor to the legislative leaders here from
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congress who i'll mention in just a few moments, to our legislative leaders in the state and particularly to you terry and your team, it's good to see you guys here. spent a lot of time with your great team. i've got to tell you, i personally want to say terry just gave a great speech there. but terry for us embodies not only america, but in wisconsin we think about success story in terms of hard work, determination, building a company with just literally a few thousand dollars in 1974, starting out building the knobs, remember the old knobs on black and white tvs. gag g gallagher, i'm thinking of you in particular. but building those knobs. and then getting an atari contract. now being one of the leaders in the world. we are thrilled to have you here today and to have your success story be a part of the american success story and particularly
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coming to the state of wisconsin. so, terry, thank you. [ applause ] >> this is a great day for america. it is a great day for wisconsin and it's a great day for foxconn. [ applause ] today we're announcing the single largest economic development project in the history of the state of wisconsin and one of the largest in the history of this country. [ applause ] >> in fact, we went back and verified this. this would be the largest green filled base company investment from a foreign based company in u.s. history measured by jobs. this is literally number one. so thank you, terry. [ applause ]
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>> foxcomm in the state of wisconsin tomorrow where foxcomm will invest $10 million -- >> billion. >> billion, sorry. i'm glad to see paul ryan is keeping track of millions and billions. little different than dirksen, our neighbor to the south. $10 billion. for a minute there i thought i was on a tv show, right? $10 billion which will create 13,000 jobs in the state of wisconsin. [ applause ] >> and turn the state of wisconsin to fulfill that commitment, our partnership with terry and the foxcomm team will invest $3 billion in economic incentives to make that
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partnership go forward. these are exciting times. these 13,000 jobs have an average annual salary of over $53,000 plus benefits. in addition -- [ applause ] >> sure, you can clap for that. in addition to the 13,000 jobs directly created by the foxcomm investment, the project is expected to create at least 22,000 indirect and induced jobs throughout the state of wisconsin. now foxcom m's manufacturing campus will be a combination of a variety of buildings in total. get this number, total 20 million square feet. now think about that. that would be three times the size of the u.s. pentagon or for those of us who are packer fans, that's big enough to put 11 lambo fields inside of that space. [ applause ]
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>> some 10,000 construction jobs will be needed to build that campus. so we're going to need people from all across the state of wisconsin and throughout the midwest to help us out. foxcomm will build the first facility in the united states that will build lcd panels for everything from the automotive business to health care to entertainment and all tri induss combined. going forward, i want all of you to know, but particularly the president to know that these panels will be made in america proudly in the state of wisconsin. [ applause ] >> foxcom m's new echo system will transform wisconsin. in fact, terry and i came up with a name. we call it wisconn valley.
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the region we will call wisconn valley will become the new leading edge for technology. it will help us with one more tool, to keep our college and high school graduates in the state of wisconsin instead of going beyond our borders. this exciting in transformation. [ applause ] >> and in addition to thanking terry and his great team from foxcomm and sony -- sharp, excuse me. to sharp having seen their great facilities, i want to particularly thank the president of the united states because as terry eluded to, the president in late april met with terry and his team. the next day, a number of our folks from wisconsin gathered
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together in the office, the chief of staff reince priebus and we started this great journey together. we've had multiple meetings, great discussions. the rest of the team here at the white house did a fabulous job. we've been back and forth all over the state of wisconsin to work with our local and regional partners. we made a great trip to see terry and his team. when he talks about that 8k, it is phenomenal. we're proud to say it's going to be made in the great state of wisconsin. so together we had a special bond built and that started because the president said we want to build this kind of technology in the united states. it just so happened it was kind of nice that about a week or so before the visit that terry and the team made here to the white house, the president had been on snap on tool in kenosha, wisconsin. and riens filled him in and he told terry and the others, it would be nice to build something like that right in that area in
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southeastern wisconsin. so that's exactly what we're doing today. it has been a tremendous effort, a tremendous team. i want to thank two of my top cabinet members, as well as my chief of staff and all they represent in the state of wisconsin. i want to thank our leaders in the legislature and senate president roger roth who are here as well as thanking minority leader, who has been a great advocate on this as well. and i particularly want to thank the members of the congressional delegation from wisconsin starting with the dean of the delegation, jim, congressman duff fi, congressman gallagher, senator baldwin and senator johnson. they have been tenacious in working on this project with us for the good of everyone in the state, republican and democrat and everyone in between. we all win with this. [ applause ] >> and certainly a big part of
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that team is someone we're very proud of, someone who grew up down the road from me flipping burgers at mcdonalds just like i did. but the speaker of the house of representatives has been an advocate all the way through. he had dinner with us. he made the case about why this is exceptional to do business in the great state of wisconsin. he's a champion for the people of the first congressional district, a champion for the people of the great state of wisconsin, he's a champion for the great people of this country. my friend, the speaker of the house, paul ryan. [ applause ] >> thank you. well done. wow. what can i say? this is a great day for american manufacturing. [ applause ] >> you know, and for southeastern wisconsin, this is an absolute game changer. it means more jobs and more security and more prosperity for families. it is another example of how our
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region is truly a manufacturing powerhouse. it truly is. look, i too want to take this opportunity to thank president trump for his leadership. i remember the day when reince priebus called me. scott mentioned this story. and seeing the space that some of our shuttered factories, talking about how the president was so focussed on making sure that we bring manufacturing jobs back to america and that we bring manufacturing jobs back to wisconsin. one thing we know about this president is how committed he is to reviving american manufacturing and bringing jobs home [ applause ] >> this right here shows actual results, getting it done. every time we talked about this, he was so engaged and so willing to get the work done to get it to where we are right here. i want to thank our quarterback of this effort. i want to thank our governor scott walker.
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[ applause ] >> governor walker quarterbacked this effort. under his leadership, we have seen wisconsin manufacturing make a huge comeback, and this is the topper of all toppers. when he asks us to get involved in talking to foxconni could not have been more excited. chairman go and his team have been incredible throughout this entire process. terry, i want to thank you for your commitment to the people of wisconsin. thank you. [ applause ] >> your vision, terry, for building high technology, high skilled manufacturing right in the heart of america, it is truly impressive. i cannot wait for americans to see what this is all about. i cannot wait for wisconsin to see the true impressive vision
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that this represents. we cannot wait for this partnership to begin. and at this time, i want to introduce someone who is no stranger to the potential of midwest manufacturing. and that is my old colleague as well and great friend and a great advocate for american workers, and that is my friend and our vice president, vice president mike pence. [ applause ] >> governor walker, speaker ryan, senator johnson, secretary minuchen, secretary ross, chairman go, members of congress who join us today of the house and senate, distinguished members of the state legislature in wisconsin, on behalf of the first family, welcome to the white house. [ applause ] >> and thanks to the leadership of president donald trump,
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welcome to a historic day for american jobs in the american heartland. [ applause ] >> you know, since the very first day of this administration, president trump has been busy, rolling back federal red tape, unleashing american energy, working lower taxes, rebuild our infrastructure and give the american people the world class health care they deserve. and job creators have responded to the president's agenda with optimism and action. businesses large and small have created more than 800,000 new jobs since president trump took office. [ applause ] >> company after company are announcing record investments, billions of dollars and thousands of jobs and today's announcement here at the white house is just the latest vote of confidence in our president and his agenda.
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and our partners at the state level and companies from across this country and across the wider world are going to continue to invest in american jobs and american workers and america's future because under president donald trump, america is back. [ applause ] >> so ladies and gentlemen, with gratitude for his leadership and his determination to make america prosperous again, it is now my high honor to introduce to you the 45th president of the united states of america, president donald trump. [ applause ]
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>> thank you very much. i want to thank our great vice president. thank you to speaker ryan for working very, very closely. we're getting a lot done. governor walker has been so tremendous from the first time we announced that terry even had a small amount of interest in going into this country someplace and, you know, when you give that to governor walker, it's pretty much of a done deal. ron johnson, senator, he's been so helpful to us. only thing you haven't heard too much about, health care. and i think we're doing okay, ron. i'm hearing good things. good. i'm hearing good things.
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all of the congressmen, the great congressmen and senators we have in the audience, thank you very much and thanks especially to my friend, one of the great businessmen anywhere in the world, terry go. [ applause ] >> i would see terry, and i would say terry you have to give us a couple of those massive, these are massive places that you do such great work with, and he's going to be doing that in a state that is very close to my heart, wisconsin. so we're very happy. one of the big job producers anywhere at any time, scott.
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so i know it's going to be fantastic for the people. this is a great day for american workers and manufacturing and for everyone who believes in the concept and the label made in the u.s.a. [ applause ] >> today i'm pleased to announce that foxconn, a world leader in manufacturing for computers, communications and consumer electronics, one of the truly great companies of the world, will build a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for the production of lcd panel products of wisconsin, investing many, many billions of dollars right here in america and creating thousands of jobs, and i mean american jobs. that's what we want.
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[ applause ] another big investor in our country, steve, will you stand up? he's raising so much money for our great republican party. andrea, please stand up. please. thank you. thank you, steve. [ applause ] >> done a great job. you have done a great job, steve. thank you. foxconn will invest in southeast wisconsin, while a larger facility is constructed over the coming years. and that facility is currently under negotiation. it will be about the biggest there is anywhere. the company's initial investment of more than $10 billion will create 3,000 jobs at a minimum with the potential for up to
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13,000 jobs in the very near future. the construction of this facility represents the return of lcd, electronics and electronic manufacturing to the united states, the country that we love. that's where we want our jobs. to make such an incredible investment, chairman go put his faith and confidence in the future of the american economy. in other words, if i didn't get elected, he definitely would not be spending $10 billion. [ applause [ applause ] >> his great company has seen the -- you'll see exactly what i'm saying. our administration's work to remove job killing regulations. he's been watching.
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to institute buy american and hire american and all of those policies and to pursue the steps necessary to revitalize american industry, including repealing and replacing obamacare. we better get that done, fellas, please. mike, we need that so badly. cutting taxes, fixing our trade deals and rebuilding our infrastructure. we'll be submitting an infrastructure bill in the not very distant future. we are going to be submitting a tax bill in the very near future. [ applause ] >> when this investment is complete, foxconn has the potential to create more manufacturing jobs than we've seen in many, many decades. chairman go, i thank you for
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your investment in the american worker. they appreciate it. they will not let you down. they never let us down. there is nobody like the american worker. terry go told me that he believes in america and he really believes in america. and that is a great entrepreneur, one of the greatest in the world, by the way. he won't say it, but i'll say it. one of the great entrepreneurs of the world. he has a real bond with the administration and with americans. foxconn joins a growing list of industry leaders who understand that america's capabilities are limitless and that america's workers are unmatched and that america's most prosperous days are just ahead. we are going to have some very,
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very magnificent decades. thank you all for being here. thank you, terry, and thank you to foxconn. god bless the united states of america. god bless you all. thank you very much. thank you. thank you. [ applause ] >> thank you, everybody. [ applause ] earlier today, press
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secretary sarah huckabee sanders announced president trump is donating his second quarter salary to the department of education. she spoke during today's white house briefing and showed a check for $100,000 that was signed by the president. education secretary said the money will go toward hosting science, technology, engineering and mathematic camps for children at the department. well, congress is in session today. the senate working on health care. and the house on 2018 spending. we spoke to a capitol hill reporter f eer today to learn m about what's going on with health care in the south. >> this headline, this senate rejects the measure to repeal much of the affordable care act. joining us on capitol hill is mike. he covers congress for the washington post. walk us through what happened today and where things stand at the moment. >> sure. thanks, steve, for having me. so the senate just finished voting today on a