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tv   Wilson Center Conference on U.S. Mexico Competitiveness Part 5  CSPAN  June 24, 2019 8:00am-9:03am EDT

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your question about the northern border and particularly the rail line so all my comments aren't perceived as potentially lly aspirational. to talk about the ingenuity. you have large-scale imaging equipment, generally meaning x-ray, trying to detect radiation. large-scale imaging equipment that used to move over a conveyance. the conveyance stays stationary and you would drive this over. when we first started deploying these in '96, we used to pull large tractor trailers through
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large stationary -- almost like a car wash, pulling it through. and you get these x-ray images. all of a sudden the engineer said on the northern border why don't we keep the technology stationary? we'll figure out the algorithms, whatever it took. we'll let the trains drive through. and remotely -- why can't that image be sent to where the port of entry is? now you have these conveyances driving through the technology and so people who have never heard that turn, screaming at speed, it's a concept that's being done. >> thank you. with that, you know, i would like to just for fun want to ask a yes or no question.
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is it feasible to close the border, the threat that we have heard a couple of times? yes or no? just for fun. >> i thought you were going to ask me if i'm still a new york met fan. >> i don't want to get that -- >> absolutely not. absolutely not. at least in my career, we never closed the border. even after 9/11, the border was never technically closed. traffickers brought to a screeching halt where the consequence undermining the u.s. situation was catastrophic but the border was never closed. >> pat, private sector? >> no. >> no. >> you heard it here. thank you all for being here. and thank you for our panelists for joining us.


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