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tv   Reel America A Better Ohio - 1937  CSPAN  September 7, 2019 11:50am-12:01pm EDT

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racist. now even white nationalists are saying i am not racist, whether they are in the white house or planning the next mass shooting. former, at 11:00 p.m., defense secretary jim mattis recounts his career and thoughts on leadership in his latest book. watch book tv, every weekend on c-span2. each week, american history america bring you archival films that provide context for today's public affairs issues. ♪ >> discouragement, fear,
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failure. only a few years ago, these impressions from the great depression haunted america. ♪ we groped, we struggled, we found the way to better times. ♪ today, depression is a fading memory. millions of men and women have round employment, and with it, confidence and hope. ♪
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the great work program has removed a vast army from the --. in a program which covers the entire nation, ohio takes an important place. to fill the need for air transport facilities, they are moving 20 airports serving ohio cities. at cleveland, 4000 men are constructing the largest -- in the world for the state's largest city. where the wright brothers developed the first successful airplane, the work program is building for the city its first commercial airport. when completed, it will be one of the finest on the transcontinental air route. pollution of water supplies by seepage from abandoned coal mines is a public health problem
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discovered by scientific feeling of the event its task -- abandoned task. this has been prepared by the works program and a modern dairy farm has been constructed, which comes from milk. other institutional products in ohio are the rebuilding of a wing of an old people's home after instruction by fire and the construction of a one half allion -- of half-million dollar tuberculosis institute in toledo. this has drafted all resources of government in an effort to eliminate the perils of life. a large partrs did of the cleaning up after the sting of 1936. and the program is being carried
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forward by the construction of 56 flood control dams and 56 levees and retaining walls. the planting of 4 million trees as part of this plan. and in toledo, the new naval armory, largely built with salvaged materials from the public works program. the naval center for service and marines, the armory contains a large drill site, gymnasium, firing range, and storage space. ♪ even gunnery instruction is provided with complete equipment. -- is a direct concern of a large part of ohio's population. to the farmer, there is no greater problem than that of duce to his pro
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market. he cannot turn it into money until it is delivered to the city. people say the condition of the roads makes the transportation of it difficult -- a bit difficult. in the case of this shipment, consultation piles on complication. as the farmer gets some rectus at catching a greased cake -- some practice at catching a greased pig, until the paid got tired of the game. they are converting old, rutted roads into perfect highways. are blocks of city streets included in this program to read are important to every citizen of the state. to farmers, they mean access to markets, better and everytention,
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farmer and every family in the important of the the works program in developing a better rural school system. the wga has aided in consolidating several one room school than to building and transporting children over the new roads by bus. the old type of school has been replaced in this area by modern structures, served by school bus lines. ♪ federal funds have financed public giving centers in the 75,000 acre roseville game preserve, where this house is found. the preservation of historic monuments is part of the works program. recovery regarding indian forays in 1791 have been restored to commemorate the battle. the mining education,
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employment, and youthful production is the aim of the works program. women are being taught the art needle, and the clothes they make are distributed to needy families. over a million and a half garments have been produced . an interesting faith of -- is thef wpa in ohio opening of nursery schools. been providedave for daters is out of abroad educational program in which of has helped millions women, children, and adults. it promises great dividends in the future of good citizenship. ♪
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another home of public service is the establishment of [inaudible] . and the employment of life guards to protect the lives of babies. beaches and pools are guarded, as are other places that were formerly extremely hazardous. guarding devices have been erected near schools to remind motorists of their obligation to drive safely. as an example of work accomplishment and improvement in ohio, a zoo in toledo is being improved. here again, salvaged materials were utilized in construction. a new empathy at her, we find the wpa -- and at a new amphitheater, we find the wpa sponsoring the concert, put on for the benefit of the community. in this new progressive program, every effort is spent towards
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enriching the lives of the people and building sound bodies and minds of our future citizens. long after depression is forgotten, these developments will remain a part of better ohio. ♪ >> what is your vision in 2020? studentcam 2020 is asking students, what issue do you most want to see the presidential candidates address during the campaign? c-span'sm is nationwide video documentary competition for middle and high school students with $100,000 in total cash prizes at stake, including a $5,000 grand prize. students are asked to produce a short video documentary. include c-span video and reflect differing points of view. information to help you get started is on our website, >>
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next on the presidency, george h w bush's longtime chief of staff talks about the man she once knew. knewalks about the man she up until the white house. public library hosted this program. >> good evening. start jean is going to give us a wonderful presentation about george h w bush. everyone,t to ask because c-span is filming tonight, please use the microphones we will place. that is so your question doesn't get lost on c-span


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