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tv   West Virginia State of the State  CSPAN  January 31, 2020 1:05pm-2:27pm EST

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sunday night on "q&a," catherine sullivan, the first american woman to walk in space, talks about her book, "handprints on hubble." >> we've learned we have so much more to learn about how our universe operates. we've learned a ton more about black holes, what they are, how galaxies form, how stars form. we've looked into stellar nurseries were stars are actually forming. we've looked back in time because of the power of hubble. that's our place in the universe and how this universe works. it's a big part of what hubble is unlocking. >> watch sunday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span's "q&a." the first votes of campaign 2020 are just days away. watch our unfiltered coverage of the iowa caucuses, live monday, as we follow the candidates on
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the campaign trail, take you inside caucus voting sites, and show live caucus results beginning at 7:30 p.m. eastern on c-span, online at, or listen with the free c-span radio app. now west virginia republican governor jim justice delivers his state of the state address from charleston. he spoke about education funding, health care, and investing in the coal industries in the state. this is an hour and 20 minutes. [ applause ]
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ladies and gentlemen, it is my distinct privilege to welcome this evening his excellency james justice jr., the governor of the state of virginia. [ applause ] >> okay. if y'all don't want to be here all night, sit down. they've got me wired every way you can wire somebody up. which is good. you know, the first thing i would tell you is, it's a great,
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great evening in the state of west virginia. and i bless you in every way and i thank you in every way for being here. you know, today is a great day. a great day in our state. before we go any further, i would like to recognize my family, you know, i haven't seen you and catherine since you got here. but my beautiful wife kathy, daughter jill and her husband adam, daughter-in-law catherine, and our son jay. [ applause ] without going long, you know, i would surely introduce my cabinet and i'm just going to
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say my cabinet, without going through everybody, and now i would like to move on to our constitutional officers. you know, these people that are sitting over to my left have done something that is unbelievable in my opinion. they have restored honor and integrity to our court when the storm was pretty rough. and so if i could introduce our chief justice tim armstead, justice margaret worthman, justice elizabeth walker, justin he knew jenkins and justice john hutchinson. i have had the opportunity, which is so unbelievably rare, it's off the chart. i had the opportunity to appoint three of these judges. they're good people. they've done lots and lots and lots of great stuff for our state.
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as has our other two justices. and so at the end of the day, i salute you. i can never thank you enough, i mean really and truly. we were in a storm and you're pulling us out of it very proudly. thank you so much. [ applause ] now, because i don't know the seating chart here, our attorney general is somewhere. patrick morrissey. and before i have him stand, i would like to just say this. you know, our citizens of this state deserve good stuff. one of the things they surely deserve is affordable health care coverage which is why today
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i'm asking the legislature to ensure that people with preexisting conditions in this state, even though you may have loved obamacare or maybe you didn't, surely all of us can agree on one thing and that is just this, west virginians should be protected against preexisting conditions. if patrick morrissey can stand, wherever patrick is. over here, okay. [ applause ] our secretary of state mac warner is here. mac has made a mission to intaur t ensure the integrity of west virginians' election.
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if our secretary of state mac warner could stand, please. [ applause ] our auditor, j.b. mccuskey. j.b. has made one thing for sxhsure and that is for us to be transparent. we don't need to hide anything. j.b. secures the fact that we won't do that. so give him a big round of applause. [ applause ] commissioner consistent leonhart. we have so much potential opportunities within agriculture in this state, and we know it. and he's after it. one thing that kent is, is he is stuck on all the time. every time i see him he's just striving to do more and more and more. bring opportunities to our farmers within the state to where we can consume more of their products within our state.
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so please give a big round of applause to kent leonhart. [ applause ] and our treasurer, john purdue. john is a friend. he's been a friend a long time. john is the guy that looks after our money. it is hard to believe the magnitude of the money. $13 billion. it's unbelievable. he's done the job forever. he's done a great job. i'm very proud to call him a friend. john. [ applause ] now, i'm looking real hard and i can't find craig blair. but i really wouldn't have been a bit surprised to have seen him here. he's a tough nut, that's for sure. you know, just like all of us that are exposed all the time to different things, he had a bad, bad traffic accident.
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he could have no longer been with us. he's a tough guy. i'm really proud to call him my friend. and craig, if you're watching and everything, just know that everybody here just can't wait for you to get back and they're waiting on you. craig blair. [ applause ] all those that are either really smart or maybe they just got a little tired or maybe the circumstances or whatever it may be, all those that had decided not to run for reelection, if you would please stand, i surely would like us all to give you your due and give you a round of thanks and a round of applause for all the effort that you've made for nothing other than your love for this state. please stand, all those. [ applause ]
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before i get into all the nitty-gritty, i want to just tell you a little quick story that's more about me. you know, it's easy to figure jim out. i'm not a politician. i really don't want anything. now, i know this is probably not going to be real popular with some. but really, it is so easy, it is so easy to just watch me. you know, i do stand like a rock with our president in regard to things that he stands for like legal, and i say legal, immigrati immigration.
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i absolutely believe that sanctuary cities do not have a place in west virginia and i hope and pray they never come. i can tell you that without any question whatsoever, i stand with the unborn. i'm a sportsman. i love the outdoors. the second amendment is ingrained in me forevermore. there is no question about it, whether you love me or don't love me, it's just simple facts. the other thing i would tell you is just this. we had a thing happen within corrections. and in all honesty, what happened was not good. we had -- we have had lots and lots and lots of great things going on within corrections. and we got a lot of really good people. but i will promise you to god above, on my watch, there is no
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place for hate and there's no place for anti-semitism on my watch. [ applause ] so let me show you this, and you're going to say, oh, my gosh, justice is doing it again. do you remember this? i don't know where the other is. hold on, now. i hope it won't slide. and do you remember this? let me tell you, the reason i brought these is just this. i gave an inaugural address a
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long time ago. at that inaugural address, prior to orial day, i was at a cemetery with my parents in jesse, west virginia, a little hillside, nothing. and we went to the gravesite, kathy and i, and we were leaving. for those who have forgotten, there was a lady standing at the bridge, there was a guardrail there. she had leaning up against that guardrail several fishing rods, some car heart cover alls. she had this tackle box and this axe. the little daughter standing beside her, didn't know where to turn. i stopped. i gave her $100 for that axe and $100 for this tackle box and i
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put them in my car. everywhere i've gone, even down here tonight, they rode right with me. now, i'm telling you, that lady looked at me and she said, mister, you'll never know how much i appreciate this but you have no idea how bad i'm hurtin'. now, let me just say this. when i walked in the door, and if i could just drop this, so don't jump, when i walked in the door, things were pretty tough. and i'm not patting myself on the back in any way. we've gone through lots and lots of stuff. and i want to say, without any question whatsoever, nobody, nobody does anything alone. you have been great. sure, we've argued from time to time. but you have been great and you
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should be very, very proud of what you have accomplished. in all honesty, the biggest thing that i cling to is maybe, just maybe, i was maybe the catalyst that brought hope. and that to me means everything. so before we go any further, let's remember that lady. remember her little daughter. and just remember how good and how strong we are today. you deserve so much credit. i could never thank you enough. and i would say as profoundly as i know how to say, ladies and gentlemen, the state of our state is strong and it's growing stronger every single day. [ applause ]
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now, imagine, personal income last year, in 2019, grew 3 billion, that's with a "b," $3 billion in this state. unbelievable. revenue growth wednesday up $511 million. it's off the chart. off the chart. the biggest revenue growth surely by far. but in addition to all that, enough revenue growth that was 1 1/2 times the previous ten years put together. it's unbelievable. now, think about it. since we walked in the door, we've been able to put $113 million in a rainy day fund. we put $100 million in pei. it's unbelievable. we're going the way we ought to go.
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now, i've got to show you just this. when i walked in the door, i said i was going to take you on a rocket ship ride, like that. and we've been on this rocket ship ride. now, i want you to be really smart. the one thing that i am is a business guy. and i'm going to tell you nothing that remains on straight up or straight down is healthy. so at the end of the day now, what i want you to do is change. and i want you to become on this lightning bolt ride with us, because that's where we will go. we're underfilling, and we're building in what should be built in. that's why tonight you're going to see that the budget that i propose to you is very, very
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conservative. very conservative. because nothing goes just like this. that $511 million, where we are today, where we are today, with our budget, we're okay. we're not knocking it out of the park in one way. but if you feel -- if you look at it and you say, we're comparing apples to what we did last year, and last year was all time record beyond belief, then we are knocking it out of the park. we've still got a lot of people to help. we're still lots and lots and lots of stuff to do. so i would say to you let's take off with the people that may very well be hurting the most. our medicaid fund has grown way beyond belief. we're on a pace to have an
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excess in the medicaid fund of $309 million by year end. if we don't watch out, we'll spend it. we'll come up with any way and every way to spend and spend and spend, because that's what all of us do. what i'm proposing tonight is something that is maybe not never done before but is surely seldom done. i am proposing tonight that i want to announce legislation to establish the medicaid families first reserve fund. and i want to lock away $150 million to ensure that always, those that are the most vulnerable, and i have a hard time with that word, my
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secretary's executive assistant pam will tell you that, but i want to lock away those dollars to be sure that we will always have vital services for those that are the most exposed and need the most help. if i can turn the table real quickly to jobs, jobs in this state are good. there's no question that they're moving in the right direction, and they're good. here's something that i want everyone, just as i did last year, to know. the business inventory and machinery tax is holding us back in some areas. we need to try. we need to try to find a solution to where we can either get on a glide path or quickly get on a better glide path to
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eliminate that tax if we can. [ applause ] we have to be careful. there's counties to consider. there's school boards. that's people that we absolutely want to protect. we've got to be careful. we've got to be careful of where we are with our general overall finances. we have to be careful and we've got to be smart. but i don't want there to be anyone to doubt that i would like it gone. i would like it gone, at least gone in time. now, we have 20,000 new jobs today in the state of west virginia. one of the reasons we have those jobs is a guy sitting behind me and that is president carmichael who came up with the idea, you know, to let our kids go to
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college for free. it's working. it's one of the ideas that's just working. today we have an all-time high employment. all time. it just gets better and better and better. now, brother mitch, we got to have those kids. and you know we got to have them. we got to get them trained and we got to get them prepared for the workforce. we need more and more and more of them. the reason, if i were to say to you this, let's just -- let's just be fair and be real. what if i were to say to you, and it is nowhere in my notes, this is nowhere at all, and normally i wouldn't have any notes, and i would be sweating and this would take a long time. but here's the thing. what if i were to say to you, in the state of west virginia, your severance tax dollars are going to be the lowest, the lowest
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that they've been in the last 25 years. and then i would say to you, how do you think you're doing? think about it. think about it. from the standpoint of the general revenue, the percentage of general revenue, we are the lowest in comparison to one another, we've been in 25 years. nowhere on these notes. i just know it. and yet, our state is doing better and better and better. tell you why. tell you exactly why. we've diversified. we're on the move. we've changed our image. there's all kind of things happening within the state of west virginia. now, do we want to do any and anything we can possibly do to create another coal job? absolutely. do we want to do anything and everything we can do to promote more and more gas and everything? absolutely we do. with the constraints, and
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remember i said early on, i'm a sportsman, i love the outdoors more than good sense. the last thing on earth i would ever want to do is harm the water, harm our environment. we've got to absolutely be absolutely aware of that all the time. now, if in fact we had the best unemployment in a decade, there's a big reason for that. and a lot of that reason is up here. and i'm not going to call names right yet but i just want you to just listen. northrop grumman is adding additional 500 jobs. procter & gamble is doing all kinds of great stuff. the great barrel company is up and going in white sulfur springs.
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pietro florentinflorentini, did that? pretty close. r unbelievable what you're doing. ramaco, think about this just for a second. all of us think, we can't burn any more coal because the world is rebelling in every way, shape, form, and fashion against that. ramaco, it would tell you that coal, now, get this, that coal is too expensive to burn. you're wasting an opportunity when you burn. i thought they were crazy when i was told that. but nevertheless, what they're saying is, they can make carbon fiber out of coal that is -- let me get this straight -- is four times as light as steel and twice as strong.
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they absolutely have a way to do things with coal that can be an alternative use for coal that it would be so perfect for us, it is unbelievable. wbu right now, i am announcing tonight, and i'm sure that everyone probably already knows, but they're going to develop and open a research facility at wvu to research just this. and not only that, ramaco is looking at the possibility of bringing one of these plants to southern west virginia. imagine that -- [ applause ] imagine this just for a second. imagine, well, we understand you
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can do something extra with coal but how much would you use? do you realize in the state of west virginia today we're probably on a run rate in west virginia today of 82, 85 million tons. probably a third of that is metallurgical tons. so say we've got 50 million steam coal tons. do you know how many tons are in america? 700 million. do you know how many they can use in this process? 125 million tons. it's unbelievable. it's unbelievable. if in fact it's real, it's unbelievable what the researchers are doing and they're doing it, they're making it, they're absolutely doing it right now in wyoming, and they're making it. so now, i would like, with heno motors' steve stallmaker, to stand. mark west erwin, osling, from
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pietro florentini, max embrosy in for cornerstone, ed sparks and craig zoglio and with ramaco, randy atkins. they are everywhere up here and give them a monstrous round of applause, please. [ applause ] okay. now, if i can switch channels just a little bit and say just this. i believe airports are our heart. they're our heart. there's lot of things that makes
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us really good. but the airports are everything to us. i've got to brag just a second on an airport that's phenomenal, what they're doing. we've put real dollars in yeager and they're doing great stuff. we've put real dollars in all kinds of different airports across our state and they're doing great stuff. but there is no place like north central west virginia airport at bridgeport. it is unbelievable, the opportunities and what they're doing. you know, they brought a presentation in to me and i immediately said go. they took that presentation and hit the ground running, in building a new terminal, building another 50 acres onto it. now, get this, they've got 1,200 employees from 22 of our counties up there right now. and they are going to grow and grow and grow and grow.
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they can't make a place fast enough that they don't have a tenant to go. it's amazing. pratt and whitney just announced a $30 million expansion. they're going to build a new engine, i don't know what it does, it's a new modern, a futuristic engine that is phenomenal. bombardier and mitsubishi and aurora, they're all just cookin'. it's good stuff. it's great stuff. so if we can now recognize martin d. premio, i believe, david hinkle, county commissioner, andy lang is the mayor of bridgeport. and please, they're doing it. give them a giant round of applause. [ applause ]
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i've got to pass kudos back behind me again to a fellow, roger hanshaw. roger hanshaw's team has come up with a concept, a mountain impact fund. it is basically just this. you have a fund that becomes the bank that you can loan money and inspire people to invest within the state of west virginia and you can give all kinds of great return on their money that they invest. and you can bring money to our state like you can't imagine. it is an ingenious idea and i absolutely will fully support it. and roger, i thank you for it. y'all can clap, that's a big thing, guys. [ applause ]
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i've been with our president many times. i am looking for more and more and more and more jobs. at the end of the day, that's what you elected me for. that's what we are doing. i've been with our president on these occasions. we want to try to attract any federal agency that wants to get out of the craziness in d.c. and wants to find a good place to come to that has four unbelievable seasons and absolutely has good people and is within a rock's throw of d.c. and has all the greatness that we have, it's right here waiting on 'em. you see, this is true. we have changed ourselves from the state that was backward and having a tough time, dingy and dark. we've changed ourselves to become the diamond in the rough.
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the diamond that they thought they missed. and really now they're trying to find us. now, let me tell you one more thing. there's a company from wales. we talked about them before. they're an illumination company. they have a lighting concept that is unbelievable. the amount of energy that it uses is almost nothing. and the amount of light that it kicks off, off the chart. i have worked diligently on this. and i will not stop until we secure that commitment. they're looking at all kinds of different locations all over the country. but i am confident as i can be that we'll be making an announcement within 30 days that you will absolutely love. they're the real deal. and i hope and pray that they're coming. now, if i could switch channels
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one more time and say, what about the roads? the best thing i can tell you about the roads is i was getting my hair cut the other day and this lady named kinette kaufman. i can't remember if it was her brother or a good friend, but kinette said, my brother or this good friend is a guy that loves to be way out in the boondocks. and he said to her, he said, i'm telling you, i don't know how anybody in this state couldn't be happy today because they're even driving the roads that i drive on. now, if that be the case, and so let me say this, and these guys are coming in the door, y'all hold on just a second, just one
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second, 280 pieces of new equipment we have now, 27,000 miles of maintenance that they've done, in 18 months, 500 projects and 1,100 miles done. we just went through the second round of bonding and we have, we have, believe it or not, another $146.5 million that we can just do anything we want with. and we're going to pour more and more and more money into our roads. now, what i want you to do, because we've got five guys right up there that bust their chops every day. they stand in the road. and it's dangerous. and they work hard every day. and we have the deputy secretary and the secretary right with them. jimmy reston and byrd white. i want them all to put one of these jackets on and stand up
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and applaud them, it will be something we'll remember together. when you leave, i want the jacket back. [ applause ] you've got to help them. well, help me. get two of them. all right. now i want y'all to know this, that these people got me one that fits. and i also want you to know
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they're a bunk of smartalecks because it's got 7x on the back of it. god bless you for all you do. keep doing it. [ applause ] you know,s at the end of the a, whether we're democrats, republicans, independents, whatever we may be, we all drive on the roads and we all appreciate the roads because they give us pathways to go wherever we want to go. so again, guys, thank you, thank you from all of us in every
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shape, form, and magazinfashion. in our second bond go-round, the first letting we're doing right now, and it's just happened, and it is the inwood bypass. it's from i-81 to route 51. [ applause ] you guys must like that. and it came into bid at 27.7 -- $22.7 million which was $3 million under estimate, so that's good too, really good. [ applause ] now, there's a couple of things, brother white, that i am ordering you and brother jimmy to do and that's just this. there's going to be a trump infrastructure program. it's going to happen. there still may be some hacking
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up and things like that but it's going to happen. and when it happens, $2 trillion is a lot of money, guys. and we really need to get our fair share. and we will this go-round. so byrd, and jimmy, i am ordering you to be ready to start work now, start work right now, to where you'll be ready, you'll have dollars for matching, and you'll have so many different things that will give us the opportunity to instantaneously finish corner h, instantaneously finish the expressway and on and on and on. [ applause ] now, we've gone through a little quagmire and everything on the marc train. we needed to get it done. we needed to have the marc train.
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you know what we did have happen? and craig, you know, you're not here with us, but you played a big role in it. we had the counties, we had craig, we had others that are right here. we had many different sources. we had jb mccuskey step up to the plate like nobody's business. and then it fell right in my lap from contingency dollars and i did it because it's important. it's really important to that neck of the woods and we absolutely need to do any and everything we always can. let me switch channels again to the national guard. the national guard and the challenge academy stuff that they're doing is off the chart. now, they graduated 4,663 kids. if you haven't ever been, you need to go. it's amazing. it is truly, absolutely amazing. now, we found enough money.
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and i would like for two people to stand. and i'll get to our general later on, but if david turner and sarah thomas could stand. these two are two of our graduates. two of our new graduates. and so give them a phenomenal round of applause. [ applause ] we have also now, in working with the guard and in working with our budget in every way, we've now found the dollars, without increasing our budget, we have now found the dollars to be able to start the mountaineer challenge academy at montgomery at west virginia tech.
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[ applause ] good stuff. now, if we can talk about drugs. the very thing that in my opinion if we don't watch out, it will cannibalize this state. but we're making progress. we're moving in the direction now. we've still got a ways to go. there's great stuff that's going on in huntington. there's great stuff that's going on in marshall. there's great stuff that's going on in all areas of our state. one of the things i brought a thing like this last year called jim's dream. we'll put it up right here and you were kind enough to fund it and everything, and lo and behold it's off and going.
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just think about this. we launched it in october. we've had 1,200 referrals. there's all kinds of stuff that is happening and it's working. if you've never been, you should go. you're going to see people that are excited about getting their life back. you're going to see people that are on the track of really doing really great stuff. it's working. you know, it's like a great football team. when you run a play that works, i was always a believer, keep running the play until the other side took it away from you. it's working. i was at camp dawson not long ago for a graduation. there were six kids there. five guys and one girl. the one female was, you know, relatively young girl. one of the guys was an older guy. you know what they had just gotten trained on and just gone through a course on? they had gotten trained to run a grader.
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now, one of the guys had been offered a job like two days before that. another guy had just received his second offer for a job. and those guys and ladies, you know, you could read it all over their face. there's nothing better, there's nothing better than touching a life and helping somebody turn it around. it's good stuff. really, really good stuff. one of those is here with us. william phillips. and his transition agent -- those transition agents are so vital, it's off the chart. wherever they are, you've got a guy on his way and you've touched a life like you can't imagine. before i think he got out of the room he got his second job offer. and we congratulate you in every way. [ applause ]
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>> and shannon, i hope i said shannon karns, but i can't see very well, so i'm doing the best i can do. like i said before, we're making progress. and i'm going to ask you for something, and i'm going to probably say something that somebody will say i wish you wouldn't say it like that, but i don't always say it, you know, we have too many drugs that are just slipping in here and people are taking advantage of our kids, and they're taking advantage of our weaknesses, and they come from any and everywhere, and we try, we try to catch them, they usually come
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through communities that don't have a whole lot of population, because they know you're soft, and you can't catch them. you can't do anything to it. so tonight, i am ordering secretary jeff sandy to form a new unit called a narcotics intelligence unit. a new unit at diffusion center. it will be a strike force. i'm going to ask you for $1.9 million, and i'm going to ask you to give us that, to stop this terrible effort. and i'm going to ask you, in this way, i will promise you, promise you that if you are kind enough to give us that opportunity, and i want to say this, as sincerely and as forcefully as a human being can ever say it, i want to look right in the camera and tell
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anybody, anybody that is trying to come into our state with drugs, we are going to bust your a, that's all there is to it. [ applause ] >> . >> i'd say ya'll are with me on that, huh? the iddb waivers, can you imagine that, can you imagine those that are having a life that is so difficult and the care-givers, a life that is so difficult, it is unbelievable. there's a 1,060 and them that have been on a wait list for a long time. some of them four years.
1:53 pm
600 of them with children. we have now found enough money. tonight, i'm so proud to announce that secretary crouch and secretary hardy have found a solution and my budget will contain the funding to eliminate the wait list. [ applause ] >> child welfare is right behind -- bless you, bless you. child welfare is right with it. you know, when you think about a kid, and i had the opportunity when i'm coaching basketball team to be with a bunch of kids
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and i see all kinds of little rascals and everything, our little grandson the other day said, or jill said to him, said jc, you've been eating the dog food again, haven't you? he's two years old. and he said no. and she said now, jc, in our house, we tell the truth all the time. you've been eating dog food, haven't you? and he always says okay, and for this, he said okay. and then she said, well, what did it taste like jc and he said cake. now, there is nothing as precious as a kid, we put a bunch of money and a bunch of people to work last year in child welfare, we don't have enough, we don't have enough, we got a real problem, and we got to own up to it and step up to the plate and do something about it. so, we're going to to, within my
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budget, again, you know, we're going to try to improve child welfare in the state of west virginia, until it is the very best in the country. we're going to hire another 87 people that are going to be out in the field, as child welfare people to be able to assist and help us in every way. [ applause ] >> let me say something about communities in schools. a lot of you don't have one clue about communities in schools, i'm going to tell you that kathy didn't know much, and neither did i. kathy needed some cause, or whatever you want to call it, to get really behind and everything, and greenbriar county, they had a phenomenal success story with communities in schools, but it wasn't linked to the state in any way. kathy got educated. and then she got behind it.
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and now, it is doing stuff, and i would say, and i'm going to tell you this, this is how i believe, our family should be, we should be honest with one another, we should be loving, but we should be honest, and sometimes, honesty is not what the other would like to hear. but i'm going to tell you just this, of every single program that i've been involved in, or i've seen, there is nothing working like this. it's unbelievable. unflat-believable. today, there are 71 different schools and it is touching 28,000 kids, and you know what the teachers, do you know what absolutely the parents, do you know what the kids, do you know what they are saying? the very most disruptive kid in the classroom is now the model, because maybe he just needed a toothbrush, maybe he just needed
1:57 pm
somebody to stay and help him, maybe he needed enough food. absolutely it's working beyond belief. and i hope to goodness that every last one of you will get out and see how this program is really kicking it out of the park. it's really, really happening. now, we got to recognize and i'm very proud to, kathy brunty, and she is with us somewhere and deithra krause is also here, and let me talk a second. kathy is a teacher at west side high school in wyoming, high school. she had 25 of these kids, 25 kids that were struggling. not 25 naturally just picked out brainiacs, 25 of these kids were struggling. 25 out of 25 graduated.
1:58 pm
it's amazing. [ applause ] >> deithra is one of those. and you know what, she's on her way to do, to become a nurse. it's amazing. [ applause ] >> good job. i want to do a little more. we got too many people out in, all across the dincht different regions of our state that are hungry. i want absolutely to commit a million, a million to create more food pantries, or be able to buy more food, for people that are really out there, and really hurting.
1:59 pm
[ applause ] >> in addition to that, i want to take $2 million, two million additional dollars, and go to the department of education, and put that into their backpack program, and i am not terribly familiar with every one of these, but their backpack program will ensure just this. and gosh, i see it. i see it. can you just imagine, can you imagine going home on friday and know you are going to be hungry, it's tough stuff, guys. it is really tough stuff. if we can't find $2 million to help our kids and help the hungry, then we're not much of us. that's all there is to it. so anyway, in my budget, there's $2 million going to that.
2:00 pm
[ applause ] >> we all know tourism in the state is really moving. we all know it is doing great stuff. before i got here, we had four consecutive years of traveler spend declines, boom, boom, boom, boom, the lightning bolt going the wrong way. chelsea ruby, wherever she is, is doing an incredible job, and get this number, get this, our growth, our growth surpassed the national average of growth by 58%. unbelievable. [ applause ] unbelievable. chelsea, where are you? i don't know where she is, but we are going to clap for her. >> the dnr is doing exciting stuff, too. the dnr has been able, since
2:01 pm
2017, to acquire 78,000 acres of land. 24 wildlife management areas have been established. the total from 2001 to 2016 was 30,000. 78,000 last year. or since 2017. they stocked 2.7 million traveled since 2017. now, surely, goodness, you could all catch a few of them. for crying out loud. now hunting and fishing license are up by 50%. pre-sales doubled. our elk heard rd is doing great. we spent $60 million in park upgrades. and you know where all this is tied right back in, is tourism, tourism, tourism, tourism. it's amazing. so steve mcdaniel, thank you. and i'm going to keep moving. our petrochemical industry has
2:02 pm
so many incredible potentials. austin caperton is heading up a task force, a downstream task force, it is unbelievable, if you'll just be patient, it is unbelievable what is going to happen to manufacturing in this state, and it's all going to flow, not all, but a lot of it is going to flow through the petrochemical side. we want our oil and gas people to thrive, we want like i said before, to try any and every way we possibly can, to continue to manufacture one additional coal job. one additional gas job. it's happening. it's happening. it's tough. it's doug flat tough. the coal market, the thermal market, was at $78 a ton, and
2:03 pm
now, it's $35. there's no way. we just can't hardly compete, and it's really tough. the metallurgical market was at $210 a ton, fob to miner, and today, it is $85. it's tough. but we got to try to keep finding solutions and ways to absolutely ensure that our coal miners are going to have their jobs. now, one thing now that we've been able to work and compromise on, from the gas side, that i am absolutely supportive of, is that is our low pressure wells and i believe with all in me that this is a real opportunity for a real bipartisan effort. i believe there's support across the aisle on both sides. and i believe that this is what we need to get behind, in an effort to try to plug the oil wells and to give a people break
2:04 pm
in these low pressure wells. there's something called virgin hyper loop. one of my good buddies in my tunnel is out of his mind about virgin hyper loop. and so am i. a lot of you wouldn't have any idea what in the world virgin hyper loop could possibly be. and i didn't know, either. but we went to morgantown and wvu is reaching out and we're reaching out, in every way shape or form or fashion, and it is a possibility, it is an absolute possibility. what it does is just this, there's a tube that is built over land, and it is, it is revamping the entire transportation system in any way that we may know it, and you get in a pod in it, too, and you can go in excess of 600 miles an hour where you're going. you can't even feel the ripple of it at all.
2:05 pm
i do believe that we are on, in the finalists to have that research center at wvu, we have the terrain, we have the willingness from all of our people, i took every secretary head that we had there, we met with them, we went round and round and round with them. i talked to the president since then. and it's possible. it is so phenomenal, it's off the chart. i will do anything and everything i can, and jay, and jay is the president, and jay, if you hear me, know that you got a governor here that is a big guy that is absolutely willing to do anything that i possibly can within my power to try to get you here. because it would be unbelievable. now, there's two people from wvu, there's a dean, of the west
2:06 pm
virginia college of business and economics, and there's a lady, sara pillar, and she is the executive director of wvu's vantage ventures and the dean is javier vivas, i believe, now i probably mispronounced but please stand and let's give them a round of applause. they have done unbelievable work on this project. [ applause ] >> i know those chairs are getting hard, but i'm almost done. i want to talk a second about education. i'm a real believer in this. the first time you ever saw me, this is exactly what i said. i said we ought to make education our center piece. we have in a lot of ways. we've made a real commitment to education. and we have done lots and lots and lots of stuff and i'm not going to go through all of the
2:07 pm
blow by blow of what we've done but absolutely, we have changed the way the outside world thinks about us, and thinks about education. we got lots more to do. we got lots, lots, lots more to do. and to make it better and better and better as we go forward, i hope we can do more and more and more and more. we want to make it better. we want to reward our people better. we want to make it better for our kids. we want to make the scores better. we want every part of it to be better. so, but tonight, we have our teacher of the year, and whoo am i going to have a time with this one, jennifer schwartz fager, how about that, jennifer, where are you? right there. [ applause ]
2:08 pm
>> jennifer has transformed, now, get this, transformed the way that science is being taught to our kids, and she is transforming the way we think it ought to be taught. she has done an incredible job, and her sponsors toyota and highmark blue cross blue shield, and mohorace mann are with us somewhere, and the west virginia lottery, and you got to give them a big round of applause, too. [ applause ] >> now, i'm with the state police every day. i drive myself because they don't drive very well. [ laughter ] >> and they scare me totally to death.
2:09 pm
no, i'm just teasing. they're really good, and it's amazing how dedicated they are, and all of the great stuff they've done. you know, you go back to when things were really tough, you didn't have a class, a cadet class for four years, and we're about to enter march of 2020, and send our third class into action. [ applause ] >> good stuff. [ applause ] >> they do work like you can't imagine. absolutely they protect us, and we should respect and love them, every single solitary day. you know, i'd like to talk just a second about our elderly. in some ways i guess i'm talking about me. you know, but again, i thank you, and congratulate you for what you did in removing or in the tiering of removing the income tax on the social, on the
2:10 pm
state income tax on our social security. it was a great move. it was a great move for our elderly. you know, last year, we committed a million to the bureau of senior services. it's not enough money but it enabled us to purchase a bunch of new vehicles to supply hot meals to the home bound. again, you know, it's a curse, and it's a virtue, you know, i won't give up on trying to care for somebody, i won't, and whether you buy it or not buy it, i'm only here to care, and if you think about our elderly, the people that have been through their life and given us so much, it's unbelievable, and thab there's some, and we know
2:11 pm
there are they're sitting right there and they'd just love a hot meal, again, is it too much? i mean is it really too much? so this year, there's $3 million in my budget to buy another 43 vehicles, and to supply all kinds more meals to the seniors that are out there that are looking for just a warm meal. and a kind voice. [ applause ] >> you're going to sit down. i don't know where you stand here, let me tell you just this, i can't tell a story enough, but
2:12 pm
i was in barbersville with the veterans, and i said, what would you want me to do, whatever you can do, and they said, we'd like, governor, we'd like our retirement exempt from state income tax. and i said well how much would that cost? and they said, i said is anybody here that knows, because we were in session, and nobody really knew, but all of a sudden, there is this one guy who is a really sharp guy and he stood up and he said governor, i think it's somewhere between $2.7 and $3.2 million. i couldn't believe it. i could not believe it. again, these people have given, each and every one of you, and me, every single thing we have in this life. everything. everything. i don't care what it is. i don't care if you're going to wendy's. i don't care what in the world you're doing, we owe every single thing in our life to
2:13 pm
them. everything. it's all there is to it. again, i say it over and over and over, they ask so little, and they have given so much. it's unbelievable. so we came back, and i set it up and you were kind enough to get behind it, and boom, it was just done, that quick. i thank you again. i thank you for all of them, i thank you for me. i thank you for my dad. i thank you for kathy's dad. i thank you. now, in my budget, you will find $5.5 million that's going to the nursing home in clarksburg, you will also find that we've gotten, we've been able to purchase more vans to be able to get our veterans to the hospitals. you'll see in my contingency fund that i was able, because these people stood in the road, they did everything in the world to raise money for the oceana memorial wall, and my dad is on that wall.
2:14 pm
and so we took a few contingency dollars, and we are were able to get them over the edge, and that wall is built. [ applause ] >> but let me tell you this. we've got a medal of honor recipient. it's unbelievable. you talk about a hero, i mean you may think you're important, i may think i'm important, we can't hold a candle to this man. and not only is he that, but what he's doing, all across this country, for our gold star families is off the chart. so i don't know how our thunderous applause can thank him anymore, no way can it thank him any more, but police, woody williams -- but please, woody
2:15 pm
williams, stand, and let's absolutely give him the applause that he deserves. [ applause ] >> governor, if i may be so bold. >> come up here. >> you come up here by my tackle box. >> if i may be so bold. >> yes, please. >> we are going to do a monument
2:16 pm
on the capitol grounds that will be two times the size of anybody else's in the country. because we are west virginians! [ applause ] >> you come up here. you come right on up here. move this out of the way. [ applause ] >> come over here and just talk. they would rather here from you than me. >> currently, we're in 45 states. 45 states in this country. many communities. we've lost count of those. but they have put up a gold star memorial monument to honor those families that gave more than any of us, they gave one of their loved ones so we can be free. we've got 63 more that are in
2:17 pm
process somewhere in the country. west virginia can be very, very proud. we already have seven communities in this state that have put up a gold star family memorial monument to honor those in their communities. we have four more that are in the process, and working every day, and in just a few months, they will be online. so it's happening all over the country, because of the big hearts, and the love that people show for those who gave so much of a sacrifice. we need $12,000 to meet our goal for our capitol monument, so i hope we can get $12,000 out of
2:18 pm
him. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> well, i tell you what. you can keep that little orange jacket, and i'll give you the $12,000 tomorrow out of the contingency fund, and you stay away from my hatchet. [ laughter ] >> listen, let me tell you something else. the good lord gave you the ability to smile and laugh, it's good stuff. this is an unbelievable hero right in our mind, and he is unbelievable, unbelievable what he can do and say, and i'd like to touch on a couple of other things really quick. the arts, and the funding of the arts is terribly important to our state. we don't want, in any way, to lose our identity of how great we really are, and you know,
2:19 pm
that every dollar, every dollar that we pump into art, we return back 23, almost instantaneously. brother randall, where are you? oh, my goodness. well, please stand. and we're going to, we're going to -- >> [ applause ] >> i mean what a job he's doing. it's off the chart. look at you. i love it. [ applause ] >> you didn't even let me recognize these two other people, there's a lady here and her name is tio fineler, how about that, and she's a senior director of programs and policy, and she heads up this effort called save the music, and absolutely, there's packages of
2:20 pm
musical instruments in all 55 of our counties, it's unbelievable how important that is, and if she, hold on just one second, and the other person that's here, that we want to recognize is our senior adviser to the office of senior deputy chairman. good gracious. oh, no, wait a minute. this is the chief grant coordinator. oh, forgive me. we need you really bad. and this is joshua mullthy, where is he? thank you, sir. [ applause ] >> now, on the homestretch, the year 2020, an incredible, incredible anniversary year. 100 years now, 100 years, that women have been able to vote. absolutely, 100 years, and please, let's all cheer in every way, shape or form or fashion
2:21 pm
for that anniversary. [ applause ] >> okay. last year, i came to you with the idea of an intermediate court of appeals. i really truly believe that it is a part of putting us on our way to restore honor and integrity to our system even better. we need to do it. and i think we can get it across the finish line this year. it will help us, in lots and lots of different ways. you know, now, the other thing i
2:22 pm
would say about this, is just this, with the follow-up of the court we have right here, and the assistance that we can give, in many different ways, we got to get that across the finish line. the last thing i'd say, my very last page, i'd say just this, kathy and i the other day, we went to the national guard hangar, and at that hangar, there was a plane that landed with 100 plus of our bravest and best, that came back from 11 months of duty all over the world, most of them in iraq and kuwait, and just think about it, think about last night, think about last night, if you would have been the parents or the spouse of your child that would
2:23 pm
have been in iraq at one of those bases. just think about what i've said about how much we owe, how much we truly owe. kathy and i were there. and they got off the plane and all their families were there and everything, and here they came. and kathy kept saying, can you imagine. can you imagine really and truly how tough and how good this really is. we both walked around with tears running down our faces, it was unbelievable, how great it really, really truly was. now, but on that same day, that same day, we had seven being deployed that day. now, let me tell you, tonight, we have with us mrs. tiffany holston, her husband, and her
2:24 pm
daughter taylor. her husband is a technical sergeant brandon holstein, he is deployed with our 130th air lift wing. if she would stand, please, give her the love that absolutely all of us want to give. [ applause ] >> tiffany, brandon will be home soon and that will be great stuff. you know, i leave you with one
2:25 pm
thought. there may be people here that love west virginia as much as me, but there's no way on earth there is anybody here that loves it more. i love you. i love this great state. i love all that we stand for. i love the fact that i've been able to be maybe a coach. i've been maybe working towards the fact that if we could just say that maybe, just maybe, i've been a coach that's been working to train you, for the olympics, and that's you being west virginia, and all i would say now, is go win the gold. god bless you. thank you. [ applause ]
2:26 pm
>> go somewhere, but don't take the jackets. are we going? new york governor andrew cuomo delivered his state of the state address from the empire state plaza convention center in albany. he outlined his policy agenda for the year, whh


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