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tv   Execution of Timothy Mc Veigh  CSPAN  April 21, 2020 7:57pm-8:01pm EDT

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and help close the memory of the lost we have seen in the work of detectives. and police.
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we have seen it in the courts, due process ruled case was proved; the verdict was calmly reached; and the rights of the accused were protected and observed to the full and to the end. under the laws of our country, the matter is concluded. >> life and history bring tragedies, and often they cannot be explained. but they can be redeemed. they are redeemed by dispensing justice, though eternal justice is not ours to deliver. by remembering those who grieve, including timothy mcveighs mother, father, and sisters,
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and by trusting in purposes greater than our own, may god in his mercy grant peace to all to the lives that were taken 6 years ago, to the lives that go on, and to the life that ended today.

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