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tv   Newsmakers  CSPAN  November 1, 2009 10:00am-10:30am EST

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the manhunt for a suspected rapist is over. he's behind bars now. the police are questioning him about the six bodies they found in and around his home. the only challenger in the afghan presidential runoff says he's out of of the race. the why he thinks having only one candidate left had will help democracy. plus, should kids get the h1n1 vaccine? some moms say definitely. others think no way. hey, good morning. i'm natasha curry. you're watching hln news and views on this first sunday of november. first things first. did you remember to fall back? we're now on standard time, folks. if you haven't set your clocks
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back an hour, you're going to be an hour early. our top story is on the minds of a lot of drivers. the reopening date for the san francisco oakland bay bridge is still up in the air. transportation officials are refusing to commit the o a dait but they do say they're working on it around the clock. >> the design that originally happened when the crack was found is the saddle assembly that we installed. then, based on the tuesday event, we decided to make enhancements to that design. so really the secondary design occurred just last tuesday. and now in the field we're making further adjustments. >> last tuesday two steel rods and a steel cross beam fell off the bridge and landed on the roadway. the bridge has been closed ever since, leading to a traffic nightmare for bay area drivers. the only challenger in the afghan presidential race is pulling out. abdullah abdullah says that next saturday's runoff will be just as rigged as the first round of
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voting. he explained it this way. the. >> the only way to decide in this country will be through free and fair elections so my message is loud and clear to the enemies of the democratic process and through our commitment to these principles and values we will di appoint anybody who would like to become an absenobstacle to the process >> hundreds of thousands of votvote votes togss out in the first round because of massive fraud. the hamid karzai run it but couldn't avoid a runoff. the hillary clinton said yesterday the vote would be legitimate even if abdullah quits. the white house supports a credible process, not any particular candidate. police in cleveland are checking missing persons reports dating back to june of 2005. they're trying to learn the identity of the decomposing corpses found in this man's hoim
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home. anthony sowell was arrested on rape and assault charges yesterday. when fleece went to his home last week, they found six bodies inside and outside. police say two of the corpses are black females and one of them died a violent death. soum was released from prison in 2005 after serving 15 years for rape. you've heard a lot about the so-called public option in the house version of the health care legislation. the well, the congressional budget office estimates only 2% of americans under the age of 65 would use that option. the cbo also estimates the vast majority of americans would keep their private insurance if the house bill becomes law. even though the cbo is a nonpartisan economic analyst, the health insurance industry is questioning their findings. treasure secretary timothy geithner siz says that the economic recovery could be choppy. in an interview that airs today, he says it will take a while for the economy to come back. he says this crisis hurt the economy a lot so it's taking
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time to fix that they're encouraging signs in the economy right now, but he refused to say whether the recession is over. he said the real test of recovery is bringing back jobs and investors' confidence. president obama celebrated halloween the same way that many of you might have, greeting trick-or-treaters. some 2000 kids came to the white house with their parents and mr. obama doled out presidential m & ms, dried fruit and butter cookies made by the white house chef. michelle obama wore cat ears and a top with leopard color. later, they held a reception for military families in the white house. two men allegedly involved with a radical islamist group have an extradition hearing in canada tomorrow. they were arrested in windsor, ontario, yesterday morning. a two-year investigation by the fbi alleges they conspired to commit federal crimes. their arrest came days after a
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shootout with the fbi in detroit. the one killed in that shooting was also arrested in windsor. the number of kids who died from swine flu jumped this month. the cdc says h 1wun at least 11 have died since the spring. the government says children are at high risk for h1n1 and should get vaccinated. as march snow reports, the advice has some parents divided. >> i'm going to get a glass out or something. >> reporter: lara wellington says she does what she can to keep their family healthy. the when it comes to the vaccine -- >> i'm absolutely not getting the children vaccinated. no. the risk is not worth it. >> reporter: laura has four children and is pregnant with her fifth. she's not against vaccines in general and has paid close attention to information about swine flu and swine talked to
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her doctors. >> reporter: is your main concern side effects, the speed of the vaccine? >> it's side effects. it's potential down the line. you know, you put something new into your body, you know, people react very differently to different things they put into their body. for one person it may be fine, another person it may not. >> reporter: while laura is not very worried about her kids getting the swine flu, amy is. she's especially worried about her 9-year-old son antonio who was hospitalized as a baby because of the flu. the. >> i am really nervous. >> reporter: because you've seen what happened when he had the flu before. >> i saw what happened to him and other people. i work for an advocacy group and i've met a lot of parents who lost their children to regular seasonal flument i'm so grateful that didn't half to us. the. >> reporter: amy was able to get the h1n1 vaccine for her son nicholas, but she's still anxiously waiting to secure one for antonio. in the meantime -- >> we have stuff all over the
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house. i constantly tell them to wash their hands and the antibacterial gels are everywhere. it's a constant issue for us. we thish about it all the time. my kids are pretty paranoid at this point. >> among parents concerned about the vaccine, one big question is potential side effects. health officials say they see no proof of any damaging side effects. they do say there may be soreness or redness in the arm similar to a seasonal flu shot. mary snow, cnn, new york. even as hope dims of finding any survivors, rescuers are still searching the waters off southern california for a third straight day today. overnight thursday a coast guard plane collided with a marine helicopter. witnesses say that a massive fireball fell into the pacific ocean after the collision. the nine people on board the two aircraft are now feared dead. the coast guard says all nine had access to heat-retaining dry suits and were in excellent physical shape.
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there were problems with halloween night last night as far as the world series goes. a lot of rain. but what about today? how is it looking for the world series? reynolds wolf joins us. >> it looks a little better. the yankees won the game. tonight in philadelphia, conditions should be a little better. one of the issues we had last night were the scattered showers. still we see them moving through the philadelphia area. what we expect is for the frontal boundary to drive on through. when it does, we expect a little bit of drier air to move into the area for the series. tonight for the series itself, we expect temperatures right into the 40s, a few scattered clouds, first pitch around 8:20. meanwhile, for the rest of the nation, what we can expect is for the frontal boundary to make its way to the eastern seaboard, high pressure building into the ohio and tennessee valleys, pretty nice conditions. a lot of sunshine popping up in a few plays like the ohio valley, even back towards texas. something else we can expect is
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cool temperatures in the great lakes with highs in into the 50s in most spots, memphis, 53, 86 in phoenix, 52 in billings, and 55 in minneapolis. that is a look at your forecast. i'm reynolds wolf for hln. what a stunning turnaround last night in game three of the world series. after a long rain delay, it looked like the hometown philadelphia phillies were on their way to a big win. but then the yankees' superstars took over.
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a robbery suspect is in critical condition after a group of people reportedly beat him up. phoenix police say justin pair broke into an apartment late friday night and tried to rob a man at gun point. when pair told the man inside not to move or he'd shoot, the man took off. and that's had when neighbors stepped in. >> when i came out i seen the gun, told my kids, get me my bat. and i went out there, we cracked him with the bat. >> he deserved whatever he got. he pointed a gun at all of us, saying, give us your money. he meant business. >> three victims had minor injuries. pair has a skull fracture and other life threatening injuries. a marine who recently returned from afghanistan says he was a bit overwhelmed by the reception he got from a third grade class in arizona. sergeant andrew valora was stationed in afghanistan when he was adopted by the class and started getting packages and letters from the students. he was invited to the school thursday to meet the students and expected a small gathering. but the class had other ideas,
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putting on an extravagant party. >> i thought i was going to come home and see the kids in the class. i didn't think it was going to be a huge production, but it's very nice to see how much that they think i meant to them, but i hope i can convey how much they really mean to me. >> the children sang a song valora is very familiar with, "god bless the usa." while he was in afghanistan, the class recorded a video of them singing that, he played it for his entire unit. very cool. brett favre returns to green bay, but he is not wearing the home colors? what's going on here? larry smith has more. >> most of favre's history with the packers is great, two super bowls, one champion in 16 seasons. when he retired in 2008, the packers elevated his successor aaron rogers to starting quarterback. the when favre had a change of heart a few months later, the packers chose to stick with
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rogers and eat play with the jets. it has been an interesting week in green bay, full of pranks and jabs at their former hero. >> to go to the vikings? i mean, that's tough there. i think it's a stab. he's pretty much a traitor. >> they shoulded cheer him on like he did when he was a packer. he's worth it. they shouldn't be thinking wh whatwha about what jersey he's wearing. even if they are packer fans, they should remember what he did for green bay. >> amazing to find favre's viking jerseys on sale in green bay. the running back who wrote homosexual slurs on his twitter account may have his suspension cut down. he also publicly questioned the head coach's lack of football experience. unbelievable catch in the missouri game. the watch this. the tigers routed colorado thanks to plays like this.
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the gerald jackson, the one-handed catch. look at this. it's a bad pass. jackson makes up for it. could be the play of the day if we were choosing that. but we're not. very nice. that's sports. it seems things are always bigger in texas, including hometown pride. country singer aaron watson shares some of his favorite hangouts in abilene for "my city my secret." >> howdy, folks. the i'm aaron watson. they call me the honky-tonk kid. ♪ i can still see you standing there ♪ i live in abilene, texas, and i want the to show you some of my favorite hangouts. the we're here at the abilene zoo. this is one of my favorite spots to take my two little boys. the abilene is a hidden gem because it's rare for a town of this size to have such a fantastic zoo. my favorite attraction here at the zoo is our new white tiger. what does he say?
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here we are at bogie's, downtown, abilene, texas. you can order something off the menu or they can help you build your own sandwich. it's an enjoyable eating experience t.'s kind of the cheers of downtown abilene. this is the historic paramount theater. we did our album cover here for my honky-tonk kid cd. when you first walk into the paramount, you're overwhelmed with the detail and how fanny everything is. so it's always been a place that i enjoy to not only see movies in but to have my own concerts. those are my city secrets, now show me yours. go to
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hi there.
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i'm robin meade. we salute the troops every weekday on "morning express." we're doing it on the weekends as well. today's salute is from the pale of benjamin frank. he deployed to afghan, and his wife being three sons and daughter are waiting. his wife says the kids are having a hard time staying strong, miss their daddy. do you want us to salute somebody you love in the military? go to and watch for those salutes every morning "morning express" from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. eastern. the parents of a 15-year-old california girl who was allegedly gang-raped are urging people in their community to do something positive. yesterday their pastor read their statement during an event at the high school where the alleged attack happened. police say as many as ten people were involved in the rape which supposedly happened during a homecoming dance. the five people were arrested, but authorities say a sixth person won't be charged because there is insufficient evidence.
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three statesmen who oversaw the fall of the berlin wall nearly 20 years ago were in germany's capital yesterday. former president george h.w. bush, the last soviet leader and former german chancellor were honored in berlin. bush said the wall's collapse had more to do with the determination of everyday people than the power of big governments. >> the historic events we are gathered to celebrate were set the in motion not in moscow or washington but rather in the hearts and minds of people who had too long been deprived their god-given of rights. and the wall could confine them from loved ones and lock them in a failing economic system, but in the end it could not extinguish the embers of their undying hope or harness their human desire for freedom. >> germany's former chancellor said the fall of the berlin wall was his proudest moment.
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the suspect in a deadly iraq bombing managed to kill someone during a police interrogation. the iraq's interior ministry says he grabbed a gun from a guard and shot an investigator. the investigator wrestled the gun back and shot the suspect. both died from their injuries. the suspect also wounded the guard he took the gun from. the investigators were questioning him in last sunday's bombing in baghdad that killed at least 160 people. that was iraq's deadliest bombing since 2007. the bids are really stacking up for a motorized recliner a man drove while drunk. >> then about five minutes later, they call me, 20,000! i'm, like, are you kidding me? >> with just a couple of days left in the auction, the price is going up.
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