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tv   American Politics  CSPAN  November 2, 2009 12:30am-2:00am EST

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okay. i'm back and we're talking about how to lose weight. that's a reason to stay tuned. right? joining me are registered dietician and author of "joy's life diet," joy bauer. jorge cruise author of "the belly fat cure" and dr. michael roizen, the co-author of you, the owner's manual." let me start with you. before we go, i want a tip. doctor, tell me what can i do this week to lose a pound or two? just one week, give me your answer. >> walk 30 minutes every day. extra 30 minutes a day and call a buddy. tell them you're doing it. the second thing is avoid white
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food. >> okay. no white food, meaning rice, bread, pasta. how about cheese? >> cream sauce. anything that is white other than white fish. >> that is so racist but i love it. jorge, really fast. >> what the american heart association recently released after two and a half years and i spoke to rachel johnson, the doctor at the university of vermont said everything i spoke about high cholesterol was wrong. they said sugar was the primary cause of heart disease. lower sugar to 15 grams or less but get 6 serving of rich, fibrous carbohydrates. get the bowels healthy. >> leave my bowels out of this. >> that will guarantee your insulin levels stay low. and release belly fat four to ten pounds a week. >> no sugar and more -- >> avoid, you need to make sure anything that increases insulin, sugar, processed carbs, those two things are the most detrimental to our health. you do that you will release belly fat.
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and not just a pound or two, joy. four the nine pounds is what i talk about in my new book that will be out next year. "the belly fat cure." >> joy, a woman gets the last word on this. >> two tips, omit liquid calories. omit the sodas, fruit juices and all these coffee concoctions. the second tip, enjoy your sandwiches open face. lose that top slice of bread. if you eat a sandwich every single day, that means at the end of a month, you have saved yourself 30 slices of bread. that's 3,000 calories. >> and a lot of sugar and carbs. >> that's very good. let's talk about some fad diets because we didn't do that. there's the cookie diet where we just heard about. the atkins diet. the grapefruit diet. the zone diet. what about those? joy? what do you think about the atkins diet or the south beach? it's very similar. >> at the end of the day, it's about your own personality. what can you sustain? you need to eat less and move more. i think there are options out there for all different food preferences and lifestyles. so i don't have bad to say about any of these diets.
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you know? again, eat less, move more and watch the weight come off but pick something that you can personally stick with. >> jorge, dr. roizen said walk 30 minutes a day. >> research shows the more exercise you do, the more you eat. you've known me as a fitness expert. you know me from "the view" for years. i really changed a lot of my philosophy. i exercise and walk for cardiovascular health. not to lose weight ever. >> i disagree. >> that is the cover of "time" magazine. >> that makes it gospel. >> look at what most people do. exercise. we're more overweight than ever before and eating less. >> you heard that. what do you think? >> part of what he said is absolutely wrong. when you exercise, you increase insulin uptake. you increase its effectiveness. he's arguing for getting foods that don't increase insulin. one of the ways to increase
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insulin is doing a little exercise consistently every day. the second thing is you don't want, with the zone and the atkins diet, if you make them more like south beach, which is more healthy fat rather than unhealthy fat with the protein, it's much healthier for your body because you don't stimulate inflammation. >> what do you think about burst exercise? my trainer. i have this trainer. she's wonderful. she says 12 minutes on the treadmill go at a normal pace and then for 30 seconds, increase, increase, increase. >> love it. >> and then go back down. only 12 minutes a day. dr. roizen, do you like that? >> it's the intensity that you're getting is excellent and it actually is healthy. >> there you go. >> if you can do it a little bit longer. >> no one enjoys any of this. >> the bottom line with exercise -- you enjoy it when it's done. >> there is no such thing. >> when it comes to exercise, i find this with so many people that i personally work with, and
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this is why i argue with what you said, it puts people in a positive mindset to then make smart food choices later in the day. >> i don't want anyone watching. i have written 5 million books on exercise out there. i exercise. i believe in it. it increases serotonin levels. it makes you feel good, keeps your muscles young. youthful, toned and firm but what the science -- this is the new science that's just come out truly, the more you exercise, the more you build your appetite. that's what doctors used to tell your patients in the 1950s if you needed to gain weight go exercise because it will build up your appetite. work out. >> exercise does not burn that many calories. it doesn't show that it puts you in this feel-good, i can do mind-set so that you follow through with healthier lifestyles. >> doctor, when's the last word on exercise? you give it to us. >> three components make a difference. weight bearing, that is resistance. >> right.
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>> any exercise, walking, and a little cardiovascular. that's for your health. in other words, what we look for in a diet isn't just getting thin. it's getting thin and living with a quality of life that you want. that is those three components combined. >> okay. >> and the most important thing, if people are out there, this is what i tell people that the fat you have on your body is not your fault. a lot of people beat themselves up. they think it's their fault. the science in my opinion misled us partly because the conventional wisdom has been about counting calories and telling people to eat less like the cookies. if you can do that for life, you are the first person to eat cookies for the rest of your life and it's about insulin levels. that's what the new science is talking about. and if you can keep that low, joy, you will release fat effortlessly without exercise. >> and portion control. >> i hate portion control. >> i know. >> so do i. >> it is such a drag and sorry to bring it up. at the end of the day, the only thing that you could really
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truly eat unlimited amounts of is going to be nonstarchy vegetables and -- >> wait a second. before we go, isn't it better to just eliminate something rather than portion control? i'd rather leave out all the white food. >> i agree the white food is bad. absolutely. >> if you can do that if it doesn't backfire. >> it does. >> if it's a personal trigger food, you have one and opens a pandora's box, don't go near it. if you can have a small amount, go for it because it's all about your head. >> thank you all. very good, very smart. thanks to my panel for joining me. back in just a minute with hulk hogan.
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one, two. ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this bout and the new world wrestling federation heavyweight champion. >> inside the ring he had to deal with opponents like andre the giant and the undertaker. in his new book "my life outside the ring," hulk hogan paints a bleak picture of abuse, anger, affairs and suicidal thoughts. and that was just on the first page. welcome to the show. can i call you hulk? >> that's awesome. >> what is you real name? >> terry. >> terry? >> that's like saying santa claus' name is bob. you know the kids and -- >> terry's not a macho name.
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>> i hear hey, hogan! >> but you know, your book is filled with all sorts of things. suicide attempts, abuse. didn't anything nice happen to you? >> a lot of good stuff. a lot of great stuff happened to me. >> it opens with a horrific revelation that you nearly -- you discuss a suicide attempt. tell me about it. >> yeah, well, i kind of like bottomed out. i had a whole bunch of things happen in a short amount of time. i lost my family. basically i had a show on nbc, prime time show, the first day on the set i got hit with divorce papers in front of the sony sound stage and arena full of people. nbc on one side and my son was there. >> the reality show? >> it was "american gladiators," a prime time show. that hit me at once. and just a bunch of things happened. my son had an accident. you know?
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and i went through some crazy things trying to get through the shoot. because we had a bunch of episodes ordered and i just couldn't get out of it. when i went back to the big house my family grew up in, everything was gone. the kids weren't there, my wife was gone. we were animal freaks. we had animals. we love animals. all the animals were gone. every closet, the clothes were gone. there were pictures all over the house of my family. and stuff. >> why didn't she take the pictures? >> i don't know. >> that's weird. >> i was in so much pain from my back and hips. i had a chair that i had in in the bathroom. i could only shave half my face. i had to lay on the floor and get up and shave the other side. i found myself sitting in the chair and it was like, it came on all at once. you know? after 23 years of marriage, everything was over. and i just found myself going back to kind of like the old wrestler attitude. i grabbed the bottle of liquor, and i found this really old
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battle of xanaxes. i ate a couple of them and i started drinking this bottle. as the day went on, my gun was there. i don't remember getting it. i just remember hiding the gun in the safe. >> she didn't take the gun? >> no, no, no. >> she left the gun and the pictures. >> i remember hiding the gun in the safe for many years because i didn't want to turn into another phil hartman. it was that crazy of a marriage. and then all of a sudden i was there with this gun. i thought anybody that attempted suicide or thought about it was a coward. i had no idea you could slip into this situation and not realize it. i was playing with it, messing with it. i was messing with it and hitting myself on the teeth and this went on for several days. several people called me. my neighbor called me, a friend of mine, bubba, called me. eric, another friend. i thought i was doing good saying i'm okay. then finally, layla ali called me. >> mohamed ali's daughter? >> uh-huh. she said, we're so worried about
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you. you left l.a., we're so worried. we haven't heard from you and hearing her voice snapped me out of it. it really did. >> it's interesting, that story. it went on for a couple of days? where you were toying with the idea but then you decided not to do it. >> i just hypnotized myself. i sat there. the more i sat there, i almost looked at myself for so long. it didn't seem real. >> did it change your attitude to suicidal people? because one woman i know who tried to kill herself because she was very ill, she said it really is impossible to do. very hard to do. it takes a certain kind of guts to do it almost. it's not a cowardly thing. >> i couldn't do it. >> you could not do it? >> i couldn't do it. and the thing was, you know, i just didn't realize how -- i didn't understand why things changed so fast. >> the wife, your wife, 23 years with her. you say it was horrific to live with her. what was she doing? >> she was unhappy. you know? >> yeah. was she unhappy for 23 years?
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>> when we started out, i mean, i'm still madly in love with her. she's a great person. i know that person. that's the linda that i married. as the time went on, she had a desire to move back to los angeles. my work was on the east coast. we made several attempts to go back and forth. i kept several homes in l.a. and, you know, as her desire to go back to where she started, happened, my career was getting bigger, bigger and bigger. the drinking started out as a social thing and it got to the point where it never stopped and i asked her, the kids asked her. she went to the betty ford clinic for a short while and then it got to an aggressive, violent relationship where instead of saying hello, every word was the "f" word to me. >> really? the booze was doing it? >> in my opinion. >> she told "people" magazine
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that over the holidays in 2007, she sank into a depression. she said, i didn't have a gun, but i didn't want to live. that was the same time you were contemplating suicide. >> well, i mean, you know, she filed for divorce. and over the years, no matter what it took -- >> but both of you were very crazy it sounds like at that time. >> i don't know her situation at that time. >> that's what she told "people" magazine. >> i'm not sure. only thing i heard was they said it was going to be a war. i didn't understand that either. >> how did that happen? >> behind the scenes there was some serious hard times but, you know, her attorney, an attorney named a.j. out of miami made a statement to "people" magazine that this is going to be a war. i mean, that was the one thing that i begged linda, don't file for divorce. please don't file. when she publicly filed, that changed me.
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all of a sudden, she told the public she didn't want to be with me. didn't love me. didn't want to see me again. so that was different than a private argument. >> do you think the lawyer geeked her up a little? >> i don't know. >> before the divorce settlement, you said to "rolling stone," this is an interesting quote. i could have turned everything into a crime scene, like o.j. cutting everybody's throat. little violent. you know that a 19-year-old boy is sleeping in bed with your wife. i totally understand o.j. i get it. what happened there? she was sleeping with a 19-year-old boy. >> she's in love with one of the children that went to school with my kids and that's who she is with now. >> she's still with him? >> yes. >> how long now? >> i don't know. almost two years. >> really? >> yeah. it was a situation where when you live in a town and you're proud to be from that town, you're a world champion, everybody looks up to you and then all of a sudden all of your friends and family and everybody there is telling you there's a young kid driving your cars and
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your motorcycles and your boats and sleeping in your bed with your wife, it does something to you when you're a man. it takes you to a point where you have to decide, good, bad, yes, no. take the high road or the low road. i was at that point in my life, i'm saying, okay, am i going to go down the tubes and be a statistic or am i going to take the high road? i understand how someone like o.j. can go down that road. i understand how people can make mistakes, do the wrong thing. but i was at a point in my life where i chose to take the high road. >> but o.j. simpson from what i understand, he was in a lot of wife abuse, the two of them. >> right. >> for a long time. i don't think it sounds like your marriage was like that exactly. there was a lot of hitting -- was there any hitting? >> there was no hitting. there was no hitting. >> this was just a jealous rage that she was sleeping with a kid. ho old is your wife? >> 51. >> 51. she must have something that this 19-year-old's attracted to her. what do you think? unless he's an idiot.
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>> well, what i'm saying, you have to make a decision in life. sometimes you have to say, okay. do i want to become a statistic. do something really stupid? >> but you didn't. >> no, no. do something really stupid? >> but you didn't. i understand how people flip out. and yet you call her an abusive alcoholic. >> well, i understand. i know the person that she was when i married her. i know who that person is. as things went along, i went through a situation that i thought it was normal to yell and scream and have chaos and hear cuss words all the time. i didn't understand mentally and verbally that sometimes when you hear that all the time, whether you call it abuse or manipulation, at the time i thought that's how life was. when i snapped out and got sick and tired of being sick and
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tired, what i call breathing clean air, i realize how wrong that was. that's not normal. that's not how things are. i went through this crazy period and i survived it. >> i see that. okay. we'll be right back with more hulk hogan after this.
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tonight, live to the heartland. a 9-year-old little missouri girl plays with a friend, walks home, still daylight, through her own neighborhood, no more than 1,000 feet. she never makes it home. the search for 9-year-old elizabeth olten comes to an end. her body found in a wooded area just houses from her own home. police converge on one of those homes, the last known sighting of the 9-year-old alive. breaking tonight, a murder suspect in custody. no, not one of the registered sex offenders in the area, not a parolee.
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the suspect is a 15-year-old girl. reportedly the sister of little elizabeth's playmate. in the last hours, a judge brings down the hammer in a bid for the 15-year-old girl to walk free. >> breaking news in the case of 9-year-old elizabeth olten, whose body was found in a heavily wooded area behind her home. abc reports the teen suspect, who's reportedly female, is the older sister of the little friend elizabeth was last seen playing with. law enforcement will not confirm this report to hln. >> the sheriff wants first-degree murder charges which he plainly says this was something that was planned. he says they have written evidence and they've also talked with this 15-year-old girl. >> the teen will not be allowed to go home while waiting to find out if she will be tried as an adult or juvenile.
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>> malice or premeditation can be formed in the snap of a finger. the time it takes you to raise the gun and pull the trigger. >> a teen representing the teen waived the detention hearing today. the teen suspect will remain at the detention center until the certification hearing november 18th. >> the fact that it resulted in death. this kid is is not going to be prosecuted in a juvenile hall but in a real adult jail. >> also today, kmiz reports the house searched shortly after the body was found is the same home the suspect lives in. yesterday, we learned from neighbors that the home search is also the home of elizabeth's friend she was last seen playing with. police will not say how these two reports are connected. >> the mindset of the killer is that there is a preoccupation with wreaking vengeance and seeking harm and rendering the victims into a very helpless state. and tonight, live, colorado. the whole country on pins and needles. a 6-year-old boy's life hanging
1:03 am
in the balance. and a beautiful silver space-like balloon soaring through the clouds. police, sheriffs, national guards, even an airport and commercial carrier trying to save the life of a 6-year-old boy, whose parents swear is trapped inside that balloon. after 60 miles of terror, the balloon lands. no boy. was he dead? was he lying down a ravine with every bone in his body broken? no, he was hiding in the family attic the whole time, blurting out on tv it was all "for the show." on two morning shows, the boy so nervous he vomits. after an alleged domestic abuse 911 call and a video the boys sing a rap song, their father taught them full of vulgar language, the title, a slur on women, i will not repeat. and after another attempt of daddy using the boys as fodder
1:04 am
for a reality show, and a confession from mommy it was a hoax from the get-go, bombshell tonight, just when you think there couldn't be more, home video surfaces on tmz of daddy with one of the boys as an infant forcing a cigar into the baby's mouth and making the baby suck on a bottle of beer. we have the video. looks like bye-bye reality show, hello, cell block. >> no. >> hi, baby. bradford. hey. hey, bradford. hey, bradford.
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>> turn the tv on and take the beer. take this. >> hey, bradford. oh, yummy. bradford? bradford? >> oh, that's good. your hand's in the way. oh, god, richard. >> stop it. stop it. stop it. >> your hand's in the way. >> oh, bradford. bradford? hey, bradford. hey, bradford. bradford? bradford! hey, bradford. bradford? >> sing a song. ♪ mary had a little lamb, little lamb ♪ >> bark like a dog. >> woof. woof.
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>> meow like a cat. >> no, my other one will get pissed. >> can you imagine putting a bottle of beer and a cigar in a newborn's mouth? good evening, i'm nancy grace. i want to thank you for being with us. a 9-year-old missouri girl plays with a friend, walks home, still daylight, only 1,000 feet. she never makes it home. the search for 9-year-old elizabeth olten comes to an end. her body found in a wooded area just houses from her own home. bombshell tonight. the murder suspect in custody, a 15-year-old girl. all in court, just hours ago, in a bid for the 15-year-old to walk free. that's right, free, back in the same neighborhood where she allegedly lured and murdered her little sister's 9-year-old playmate.
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>> have you ever had somebody go in and just reach inside you and pull your heart out? that's what it's like. >> new details emerge in the case of 9-year-old elizabeth olten found murdered in a heavily wooded area behind her home. according to abc news, the accused murderer, who's reportedly a 15-year-old girl, is the sister of the friend elizabeth was last seen playing with. police will not confirm this report to hln. >> a 15-year-old girl is the murder suspect? not just murder, premeditated malice murder one suspect. this was planned? >> it's absolutely ridiculous. because the reality is, if this crime is premeditated, she's going to be doing some adult time. >> the suspect will remain at the juvenile detention center until her certification hearing november 18th. at that hearing, a judge will decide whether the teen will be prosecuted as an adult or minor. cops want the teen charged with premeditated first-degree
1:08 am
murder. >> there was a fondness for aggression. whenever teens plan to commit violence and want to do it and fixate on it, they write about it. >> according to kmiz, the home searched right after elizabeth's body was found, is the same home where the teen suspect lives. neighbors told us yesterday, the home was where elizabeth was last seen playing with her little friend. what's the connection? police will not say. >> it will be extremely likely you'll be able to determine cause of death and the fact that she was very well concealed may actually help coroners figure this out. >> straight out to ladd egan, news director and anchor with krcg. ladd, thank you for being with us. what can you tell me, the whole case was in court. it's my understanding there was actually a bid for this girl to walk free? after being accused of luring her little sister's 9-year-old playmate and murdering her? >> yes. today they were scheduled to have a detention hearing in the juvenile court system, and when
1:09 am
they got there, however, the 15-year-old's attorney waived the right to the hearing. so she will remain at the detention center for the -- the youth detention center until the hearing in three weeks from now that will determine if she'll be tried as daunlt or not. >> with we are taking your calls live. out to joanne, alabama, hi, dear. >> caller: hey. >> what's your question? >> caller: i want to know how a 15-year-old can do this to a child? and i watch you talking about your twins and i have grandchildren, myself, you know, that goes and plays with their playmates. how can she get away with this? >> i can tell you this, joanne in alabama, i would never, at this point, ever, and i know it sounds overprotective, let the twins walk home from a playmate's home. even in the neighborhood. absolutely not. to you, caryn stark, psychologist joining us from new york. i don't understand the psychopathy behind this act.
1:10 am
a 15-year-old girl? aren't they usually playing basketball or soccer or cheerleading or something? 4-h? i don't know. murdering a 9-year-old little girl and allegedly the little girl leaves the home to go home and she's lured back into the home by the 15-year-old. >> this is not a normal 15-year-old girl, nancy -- >> okay, caryn, no offense. no offense, caryn. you're the shrink, not me. i already know that. i already know she's no normal 15-year-old girl. okay? so let's shed some different light on this. >> this kind of a 15-year-old girl, nancy, would not be playing basketball. this is a 15-year-old girl i would be interested in seeing probably has behavior problems. i would want to see what her relationship is in abusing animals, what it's like for her in school. it's hard to comprehend -- >> caryn, again, don't mean to interrupt you, but who cares what her record is in school.
1:11 am
i mean, she's charged with murdering, premeditated. that means it's no accident. it wasn't a spur-of-the-moment thing. she premeditatedly lured this child back, a 9-year-old little girl, to murder her. then, according to sources, concealed her body so well cops couldn't find it. it was only a few feet away from the child's cell phone. they still couldn't find the body. >> well, nancy, you're right to be outraged because this is somebody who has an antisocial personality. the best i can tell you is that it would be her inclination to do something like that. she's not normal. she wouldn't go ahead and do the kinds of things you think a teenager would be doing. >> let's unleash the lawyers. susan moss, new york. renee rockwell, defense attorney atlanta. john burris, defense attorney san francisco. renee, now i understand why she was a no-show in court.
1:12 am
to actually go before a judge and ask to wait and home with mommy and daddy? back in the same home where she allegedly lured a 9-year-old girl to her death? are they kidding? >> well, nancy, it was obviously a strategic move, but can i just switch back to what caryn was saying? it is going to be important what kind of life she led because they're going to determine whether she's going to be handled as a juvenile or an adult. >> she's just a baby. her mom, i mean, she's a wreck. i mean, she's like i am. her dad's a wreck.
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a horse-drawn carriage carries the remains of the 9-year-old girl hundreds spent two days last week searching for. the devastating ending to that search drew dozens back together. >> according to abc news, the accused murderer who is reportedly a 15-year-old girl, is actually the sister of the friend elizabeth was last seen playing with. police will not confirm this report to hln. >> missouri state statutes allows for "a" and "b"-felony cases involving juveniles to be open hearings to the general public. this will be the case unless the juvenile court judge orders a close. >> there is no way this juvenile will get a fair trial in this city, county, state. i don't know where my client would get a fair trial once this name is released and the facts of the case are released. >> we are taking your calls live. with me right now is a very
1:17 am
special guest. joining us from st. martins, missouri, peggy florence, this is the olten family spokesperson. ms. florence, thank you for being with us. >> hello, nancy. >> ms. florence, please tell me how the olten family is doing tonight. >> well, the family is doing as well as can be expected. the family is a very strong and loving family, and they're pulling upon each other and supporting one another in this terrible time. >> ms. florence, according to all of our sources, this was an extremely safe neighborhood. that the mom did everything right. she knew where her daughter was. just down the street with a playmate. it was about 1,000 feet away. it was daylight. she had a cell phone for elizabeth to stay in touch with her all the time.
1:18 am
>> yes. it was a very safe neighborhood. she did everything right. she was a very loving and concerned mother. >> peggy florence, the family, the olten family, knows this 15-year-old girl. is that correct? >> the children played together, yes. >> we are taking your calls. out to lakisha in indiana. hi, lakisha. >> caller: hi, nancy, first of all, my family and i thank you very much for what you do for the children and victims and i was wanting to wish you a happy belated birthday. my birthday is november the 1st. i don't know how to contact your show to wish me a happy birthday. i would appreciate if you could wish me one. >> you stay on the line and our producers will get your
1:19 am
information. i want to wish you a happy birthday ahead of time. thank you very much. what is your question, dear? >> caller: okay. i know you might not care, but other people might care. i was wondering what the 15-year-old suspect, if she was at the house or where she was at before she killed elizabeth? >> to rupa mikkilineni -- >> caller: before all of this happened -- >> right. -- our producer on the story. rupa, it's my understanding that she was at the home where they were playing. >> that's my understanding as well. sources have indicated that she is the older sister of elizabeth's playmate. she was in the home at the time. >> i want to go back to ms. peggy florence, the olten family spokes person. you know, ms. florence, we read about statistics, about homicide statistics all the time. i study them. i pore over them to determine patterns and assessing methods of homicide.
1:20 am
but i want to talk about elizabeth and what kind of a girl -- >> thank you. >> -- she was. >> thank you. >> what can you tell me? she's not just a statistic. this is a beautiful, vivacious little 9-year-old with her whole life ahead of her. tell me about her. >> i've been with the family since this started, and they have shared so many wonderful things with me about elizabeth. her smile, she always was happy. she loved her little nieces and nephews. what she aspired to be when she grew up, when she was a little girl, she wanted to be a mother. she wanted to love others and take care of others. she was -- she was just a lovely child. she was -- she never met an animal she didn't love and she didn't dress up and play with. she dressed in fancy little
1:21 am
dresses and would go run in the snow and play in the mud. she was just a beautiful little girly girl, nancy, that had everyone's heart.
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breaking news in the case of 9-year-old elizabeth olten whose body was found in a heavily wooded area behind her home. abc news reports the teen suspect who is reportedly female is the older sister of the little friend elizabeth was last seen playing with. law enforcement will not confirm this report to hln. the teen will not be allowed to go home while waiting to find out if she will be tried as an adult or juvenile. an attorney representing the teen waived the detention hearing today. the teen suspect will remain at
1:31 am
the juvenile detention center until the certification hearing november 18th. also today kmiz reports the home searched shortly after the body found is the same home the suspect lives in. yesterday we learned from neighbors the home searched is also the home of elizabeth's friend she was last seen playing with. police will not say how these two reports are connected. >> we are taking your calls live. out to pat brown, criminal profiler, author of "killing for sport." pat, i hardly even know where to start with you. because all of this is your expertise. i want you to weigh in on your profile of this 15-year-old girl. i have to tell you something, pat, out of all the cases i've ever prosecuted, investigated, or covered, this one has really thrown me for a loop because when i immediately see a set of facts, i conjure up in my mind, analytically, who i think the perp is. all right? i would never have guessed a 15-year-old playmate sister. never. >> i'm with you there, nancy. we haven't had many females do
1:32 am
this kind of thing to little children. we are seeing an increase of violence among those teenagers these days. my book was called "killing for sport." that's what this girl did. she killed for sport. she killed for a thrill. she is a cold-blooded psycho path. no remorse. no guilt. maybe watched one too many slasher films. that's the kind of thing i want to do because that will give me the fun. i don't get this fun out of normal teen activities. i want to give the parents a word, when you let your child over to play, not only should the playmate be okay, check those parents out, brothers and sisters. it you don't trust the family implicitly, don't let them go over there. because they might have one of those creatures sitting around the house. >> hey, hey, hey. you are preaching to the choir. john and lucy's teachers, there i am looking through the window and there i am looking in. just checking. >> absolutely. >> you absolutely cannot be too safe. i want to ask you, in your expertise, the mode of killing.
1:33 am
the autopsy report has not been released. >> right. generally speaking i think you're right. you have a strangulation-type thing, a suffocation. this girl might like to beat somebody with a rock or something like that. i don't think guns. possibly a knife. i tend to think it's going to be a hands-on kind of thing. >> back to the lines. mercy of pennsylvania. hi, dear. >> caller: hi, nancy, thank you for taking my call. i have two quick questions. >> okay. >> caller: i have two quick questions for you. my first one is -- do they know for sure if the letter was written by the 15-year-old girl? and not somebody else? and my second question is, do they have motive yet? >> good question. to rupa mikkilineni. we were told yesterday police were led to the 15-year-old playmate sister because of written evidence. now, we later thought to be true that the girl had written out a diary, but apparently there was an anonymous letter that went to police from who? what do we know?
1:34 am
>> the police are being tight-lipped about this but they did announce initially there was some type of correspondence which led them to the 15-year-old suspect. later they said when they were charging her with first degree premeditated murder they had written evidence which leads us to believe there were two separate pieces of written information. one possibly a diary, the other correspondence. we don't know to who from possibly the suspect. >> to dr. kent harshburger, medical examiner, forensic pathologist, joining us out of dayton, ohio. doctor, thank you for being with us. again, the autopsy report has not yet been released. the child's body was in the element for several days. do you think they'll be able to pinpoint cause of death? >> sure. they should be able to. being concealed like that it might be partially buried, will help in the short time interval. physical evidence may be preserved. it's not out in the rain, the
1:35 am
wind washing away potential evidence. plus the remains out of the sun and out of those elements will help slow down decomposition. analysis should be precise. >> to tom shamshak, former police chief, private investigator, instructor at boston university. tom, thank you for being with us. tom, what should the police be doing right now to prove this case? >> well, nancy, they should be looking in the social network area on the internet, namely myspace accounts. i suspect that this individual boasted to somebody in her peer group and that individual might have spoken to a parent and that's how the information found its way to the police. the -- all of this child's acquaintances, friends, schoolmates, teachers, they should all be interviewed very, very extensively by investigators associated with this case. they will come to some more information and i won't be surprised that people won't come forward now and say that, yes, i had heard this was in the plans. >> you know, tom, these pictures of elizabeth are just killing me because, you know, every day
1:36 am
when i look at lucy, i think she is the most beautiful girl i've ever seen, and i know elizabeth's parents thought the same thing about her. i just -- i don't know how you cope with the death of a child like this. back to the lawyers. susan moss, renee rockwell, john burris. susan moss, now i understand the more i hear about this case why the girl was a no-show in court today. how dare they go to a judge to even ask that she goes back to the home where she allegedly lured a 9-year-old little girl to her death. walk free. back in the same neighborhood. >> let her go, oh, heck no. i have to tell you something. lured back by a criminal? any type of juvenile punishment is too minimal. this girl is going to be tried as an adult. she's going to get an adult sentence. i don't care how many psychological tests you throw at
1:37 am
that judge. it will be in an adult court. >> that hearing is scheduled in the next weeks. will this 15-year-old girl face up to adult trial on an adult crime? that crime? allegedly premeditated, planned malice murder of this 9-year-old little girl. her little sister's playmate. we are switching gears. more out of the balloon boy story. you know, you think you've seen it all. take a look. >> bradford. >> oh, no. >> hi, baby. bradford. hey. hey, bradford. >> turn the tv on. take the bear. take this.
1:38 am
take the beer. >> baby. hey, bradford. >> ooh. >> now get him to look at you. >> bradford, bradford? >> that's good. your hand's in the way. oh, god, richard. >> just when i thought lying to the police was bad enough, having your three little boys lie to the police just so you can get famous was bad enough. ellie jostad, all-time low. i would rip the hand off somebody that gave a beer bottle to lucy or john david. to suck on. or a cigar for pete's sake. >> yep. well, this is another video allegedly of the heene family. in this video you see the oldest boy, bradford, then just a baby. he is propped up on a couch. richard heene is trying to pose him with a cigar, putting it in his hand, in his little mouth.
1:39 am
you see him right there sucking on the beer bottle. >> let's go to the defense attorneys. renee rockwell, you're the defense attorney. has your client lost his mind? the more these people are out there, the more it surfaces. it gets worse and worse and worse. >> talking about losing his mind, that's not going to rise to any level of a mental defense. he's got much bigger problems than this, nancy. how about little bit of conspiracy or contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile, having those children lie like he did? >> let me remind you, ms. rockwell, you're acting as the defense attorney. i don't need a horse behind me. very quickly, we are taking your calls live. we'll show you the video in full. go ahead and buckle your seat belt. quickly, to tonight's safety tips. halloween a few days away. please keep safe while you're trick-or-treating. don't trick or treat alone. don't let your children go alone. you have to supervise your children. have them walk in groups. stay on sidewalks.
1:40 am
if you've got sidewalks. use flashlights after dark. put reflective tape on costumes and bags. never go inside somebody's home. never. wait outside for candy. wear flame resistant costumes, accessories like fake swords and knives should be short and flexible. look over the candy. let your children only eat those that are wrapped individually and avoid homemade treats, please. for more information, go to
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bradford. >> oh, no. >> hi, bradford.
1:44 am
bradford. hey. hey, bradford. hey, bradford. >> turn the tv on and take the bear. take this. >> bradford. hey, bradford. >> ooh. >> look at the tv. now get him to look at you. >> bradford? bradford? >> oh, that's good. your hand's in the way. oh, god, richard. >> stop it, stop it. stop it. >> hand's in the way. he's bottling the bottle. >> oh, bradford. bradford? hey, bradford. hey, bradford. bradford? bradford? >> try soft talk. >> bradford.
1:45 am
>> sing a song to him. ♪ mary had a little lamb, little lamb ♪ >> bark like a dog. >> woof, woof. >> meow like a cat. >> nope. my other one will get pissed. hey, bradford, pay attention to when i'm talking to you, son. we're going to pull the bottle away. now look. bradford, bradford. what you've got to do -- pay attention to you when i'm talking to you. hey, hey, hey. i'm talking over here. hey, buddy. >> you know, renee rockwell, i was worried about switching the twins from formula to real milk. i thought it might upset their stomach. but that's a cold miller genuine draft the baby's got in its mouth. it's an infant. thoughts? >> nancy, again, it's in pour taste. >> poor taste?
1:46 am
>> it's not illegal, nancy. it's not going to rise to the level of the family getting an entire rescue operation where people could have lost their lives looking for falcon, the 6-year-old, that was just hiding in the attic, if you will. >> let's go to nia bender. news director, knus radio. nia, thank you for being with us. no, i doubt since the statute has run, the child is now 10 years old, there isn't going to be prosecution for feeding a baby a beer bottle and a cigar. it's part of a long line of using these three boys. it's that cooky reality show we showed you last night or the balloon hoax where thousands of dollars were lost and genuine dollars were lost and genuine 911 calls were diverted trying to save the boy's life in a balloon who wasn't in there, to the rap song with the vulgar female slur? it's -- i refuse to even say it
1:47 am
on the air. this is just one in a pattern. >> it is one in a pattern. about the time you think it's just not going to get any more bizarre, it does with this shocking video. and i have three kids. i mean, i can't even fathom doing something like this. you know, even if this was meant as some kind of joke, what are you doing releasing this stuff? you know, my question is is, you don't do this with babies. >> you know what it reminds me of, nia, rosie, see if you can pull up the video of the little boy on the morning show, falcon, vomiting, and the father just keeps giving his interview. the mom holds a tupperware over for the little boy and they all act like nothing's happening. >> that's because it's all about dad. it is. the whole thing is all about dad. >> nia, is it true that to top it all off, the icing on the cake -- here we go with the vomit.
1:48 am
there you go. this is off the "today" show. do we have sound on that? >> that's what he was referring to when he made that statement. >> and i know i want to point out that the sheriff's office said last night they believe your account of what happened, but they do want to question you a little bit more. >> that is meredith vieira interviewing heene while his kid vomits in his lap and then it happened on another morning show. and they just kept on with the interview again. the boy's being asked to lie, not only on national television, but to police. the mommy breaks down and admits it was all a hoax. to ellie jostad, please tell me i'm wrong. i want to be wrong on this. is it true the heenes are now pointing the finger at the sheriff saying they're responsible for wrongdoing? >> the heene's lawyer, the lawyer for richard heene, asked the sheriff be investigated.
1:49 am
>> wait, wait. richard heene, the daddy who taught the kids this filthy rap song and put it on youtube? he is claiming the sheriff did something wrong? did you say that? >> that's right. they're asking for a criminal investigation into the sheriff -- >> of the sheriff? >> into the sheriff because they say that sheriff mentioned to the press that he had instructed cps to look into the case. >> child protective services. wouldn't he, john burris, the sheriff, be derelict in his duty if he did not refer this case to child protective services? >> it's true. it doesn't mean he has to tell the world about it. this is confidential information. >> burris, please. let me have a little respect for you, okay? keep it confidential? this family has kept nothing confidential. >> no, no, no. the issue over going -- two wrongs don't make a right. the sheriff is not supposed to give out confidential information about somebody's
1:50 am
referral to cps. he's not supposed to do that. that doesn't mean just because the other people have committed criminal conduct he gets to, himself, waive the particular rights these individuals have. he doesn't have a right to do that. i can see where he can be -- i doubt if he gets prosecuted. >> you are saying he has the right to provide a horrible home environment, mistreat his children, lie, but the public cannot find out that child protectionive services? >> no, no. the public has a right to find out. but only after an investigation has taken place and then it's supposed to be -- if you want to prosecute him criminally, do that. that's public. c
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