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tv   Today in Washington  CSPAN  November 2, 2009 10:00am-12:00pm EST

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take a look at these pretty pictures from new york. a brand new warship built with world trade center steel arrived in new york city this morning for the victims for the families of 9/11 victims. it is a very special moment 37. >> a guy that is not my cousin. and if it is my cousin, i'm sorry. >> also, the bodies of six women have been found hidden inside the home of a convicted rapist. no one knows how long they've been there or even who they were. but one thing police were sure of, they were all murdered. a mom and her toddler, they got kicked off an airplane because he wouldn't stop screaming. we are hearing from you on this one. what would you do if you were
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the parent? welcome on a monday. home you had a nice weekend. set the clocks back, extra hour of sleep. i'm brooke baldwin. topping the news, first, back in new york right now, this navy ship built with steel from the world trade center is in new york city. it is the "uss new york" and it was near ground zero where a lot of the first responders, the families of 9/11 victims held a ceremony. part of that was a 21-gun salute. just this morning, a father who lost his son in the 9/11 attacks talked about how important this moment is. >> what better way for our young men and women that are going to be on the uss new york to feel that spirit of our country than to have this ship have that steel in the bow and represent not the bad, the good of our country. >> this ship will be officially commissioned saturday. and new this morning. what a pain in san francisco.
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that bay bridge may, fingers crossed, reopen later today. a state transportation spokesman says the final inspections are under way on all those repairs. >> it is our priority. clearly, we have taken our time with implementing this. all along we've had great participation from the third-party reviewers. we believe we're nearing completion on the repair. we are not through our final inspection at this point in time. we're waiting for that to finish, and that will dictate when the bridge will open. just a heads up wondering if it's open for the morning commute, it is closed unfortunately. "the san francisco chronicle" is reporting some drivers faced eight hours or more delays here round trip. the bay bridge closed tuesday after 5,000 pounds of metal crashed into rush hour traffic. by the way, almost 300,000 cars cross that bay bridge each and every day. some people have been worrying about how safe the h1n1 flu vaccine is. starting today, an independent
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health group will watch exactly how it's working. they say they're not expecting too many problems, but they want to reassure all of us, dispel any fears. one pregnant woman, though, with four kids says she is not taking the risk. >> its side effects, its potential down the line. whenever you put something new into your body, people react very differently to different things that they put into their body. in one person, it may be fine, for another person it may not. >> right now, five drug companies are really cranking out the vaccine. 10 million more doses are expected by friday. so the supply may start meeting the demand soon. that of course is a good thing, because you've seen the lines. the backups have been terrible just in the last couple of weeks. >> i think you can't protect yourself from everything out there, but i think to a certain degree, it protects you from the worst of the worst. >> there are no reports of any problems with the vaccine other than some sore arms and fever but had that's pretty routine. have you heard the story in
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ohio. police are trying to identify the six women found dead inside one man's cleveland home. the coroner is saying it appeared they were all strangled and their bodies there for weeks, maybe months, possibly years. 50-year-old anthony sowell lived here after serving 15 years for rape. police arrested him saturday. >> a sigh of relief. i said, the street is now safe again. >> i'm dwlad he's off the street. >> and we're just thankful that they got him. >> police found the bodies after they tried to serve a warrant on sowell as part of a different rape investigation. in fact, one woman says he attacked her at her home on doo september 22nd. police stopped by earlier that day for a routine check on the registered sex offender. afghanistan's president just won another term in office, but without a second round of voting scheduled for this weekend, this coming saturday. election officials declared
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hamid karzai officially the winner and canceled the runoff. karzai would have been the only candidate left because his challenger pulled out yesterday. he says the vote could not be fair because the election commissioners were appointed by karzai. and a u.s. man won the new york city marathon for the first time, i can't believe it, 27 years. rafer weigel, really, first american in that long? >> a string of dominance from other companies but this is a proud moment for america. meb keflezighi. his family emigrated from east africa. he became a citizen in 1998. when he won, he kissed the ground, crossed himself and broke down and cried. this guy's journey amazing. he was a star at ucla. he won the silver in the 2004 olympics. but this was his best race at 34 years old. 26 miles in a two hours and nine
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minutes, proudly hoisting the american flag. brooke. >> 26.2 miles. >> 26.2 miles in two hours and nine minutes. that's five minutes a mile roughly. >> exhausting just thinking about it. that's amazing. rafer, thank you. seattle police, they need a break to find whoever shot a veteran officer to death inside of his squad car saturday night. they say officer timothy brenton was coaching a student officer when a car just rolled up and suspects started opening fire. police say brenton died instantly. a bullet also grazed that trainee officer, but she tried to fight back. >> the student officer exited the patrol car and began shooting and returning fire to the suspect vehicle. >> i heard the shots and i was thinking that it was fire crackers. >> police say there had not been a threat against officer brenton. he had a wife and two young kids. awful. the coast guard says there is no hope of rescuing nine
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people who plunged into the pacific last week. remember the story, that midair collision. the coast guard plane and marine helicopter collided off of southern california last thursday night and authorities have officially given up the search and rescue mission yesterday after 60 hours and still no sign of survivors. >> we looked at the time that was involved. we looked at the nature of the collision itself. we exhaustively searched the area where we would have found them if there was anybody who could have survived it. you look at the cold water exposure models as far as the time goes. when you put all of those pieces together, we no longer believe there's any chance somebody could still be alive. >> the coast guard will have a memorial for the victims this friday. and the u.n. wants $39 billion here to fight the number one killer of children. did you know it's pneumonia. hopes to save more than 5 million kids by 2018.
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agencies want to vaccinate our children and work on economic development because pneumonia deaths are linked to malnutrition, poverty. but one critic says trillions have been had spent on promoting economic change with very little success. a quick check on the markets here. dow up sharply, up 128 points. it was expected to rebound after a sharp drop on friday. gdp up last week about 3.25. hopefully we'll see it hilt above the 10,000 mark later today. president obama and the first lady had scary visitors at the white house over the weekend. the first family passing out candy and healthy here, passing out dried fruit to more than 2,000 trick-or-treaters. you see mrs. obama dressing up as a cat, the president, i guess, going as a president for halloween. afterwards a retreat for kids of white house employees. imagine the bragging rights for a kid monday morning. where did you trick-or-treat?
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>> a piece of white house candy. >> white house. >> you frame that piece. >> right, put it on the wall. >> what's going on, brooke? good to see you on a monday. first week in november, got to be better than last week in october. it is. if you look at the weather pattern, not quite as sharp as what we have. we have this from the gulf throwing massive amounts of rain on the gulf coast but areas of low pressure. one just offshore from cape hatteras. moving away from you but enough to get rain generated across south jersey, philadelphia. world series game should be okay. don't think it will be delayed but light rain showers off of long island rotating back in towards new york city. down the pike further, things are cloudy, too. let me show you what it looks like in d.c., if you're traveling in or out. big dark clouds in and out of the region. short delays a possibility at the airports there, but that's just because of the low clouds. the rain itself all the to be far away. i don't think you'll experience any of that. toward the great lakes, here's the cold front, passing through chicago. the rain itself is basically in
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central michigan. it's really light. no flood warnings or anything like that. but light showers hanging around chicago and heavier downpours around nebraska, too. pull the picture out farther, quick glance at the west coast, cold front off the puget sound. enough to get clouds in there but going to be clear for you all the way down in towards southern california. full details on that coming up again in a little bit. good to see you on a monday. >> bob van dillen, you have kids? >> two. >> you thinking about saving for college. >> >> you have to. >> especially, listen to this, you may pay more to send them to college. a new study finds that the people who run the schools are earning a little bit more as well.
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all right. take a goodlook here. police just released this new mug shot of a man charged with killing four people in a north carolina parking lot. investigators say they tracked down marcos gonzalez at a motel in virginia about 40 miles from the crime scene. they say he shot and killed four men yesterday outside of a tv shop. police are not giving any
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details, but they do not think this was random. and tuition costs, here we go again. yes, they are rising fast in many private colleges, but so are salaries. a study published in today's "new york times" found average compensation for presidents of major private universities was more than $600,000. that at least was for last year. a total of 23 college presidents made more than a million dollars. did you know that? meanwhile the number of schools charging $50,000 or more for tuition went frto $58,000. and one person in new hampshire has died after eating meat that may have been contaminated with e-coli bacteria. now a company is recalling more than 500,000 pounds of beef. i was just telling you in the commercial i had a hamburger from halloween dinner. >> brooke said, what should i
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do? this is only if it's in your fridge. if you're eating it out, that's not something we're talking about here. but if you bought store brand meat -- so you have to watch out. it could be masquerading under any of these stores that we'll show you in a minute. if you bought it in the northeast at any of these stores, you've got to be careful. dig it out of your freezer or wherever you have it in the fridge, acme, bj's, ford, trader joe's. you can take it back but i would say get rid of it. health officials say people have gotten sick in massachusetts, maine, connecticut, new hampshire. this is the code for you to look for. est 492. i wish there was an easier way for you to know, but because they're under store brands it's not so easy. if you can't remember that, if you didn't have a pen, check our website and scroll down to looking out for you and then you can take that number right over to your fridge and see if anything matches. and if so, get it out of there. e-coli is the bacteria that could be involved here. a big bankruptcy to tell you
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about, one of the biggest in u.s. history. citigro cit group. they're a big behind the scenes lender, which is why they're really seen maybe not as important for you but maybe the pizza shop in your neighborhood or grocery store. they lend to more than a million small and medium-sized companies. and if they go under, i mean, companies rely on them to help get them through the payroll. sometimes money doesn't come in. they had borrowed more than $2 billion of taxpayer money, your money. you may not -- we may not get that money back. they do hope, though -- you know, bankruptcy doesn't necessarily mean they've gone belly-up. it's like life support. so maybe they'll get out. we'll see. >> maybe, maybe. a quick look at stocks because, boy, friday was a stinker. up 114. some of that, a couple of reports just came out. but the one that seems to be maybe leading the pack here that's gotten the spirits up is
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the ism, manufacturer services report, basically telling us manufacturing better than expected. you never want to say manufacturing is healthy at this point. >> we had a big rally last week and then it just tanked. >> and that tells you there's a lot of anxiety out there if people are willing to buy and then ditch all at once. they're not sure. >> okay. all right. it is every parent's -- thank you, jennifer westhoven, by the way. it's every parent's travel nightmare. your kid starts screaming and crying on the plane. yes, it actually got one mom and her toddler kicked off of a flight. what do you think about this?
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southwest airlines has now apologized for kicking a mom and her toddler clear off a flight. the crew booted them because the boy's screams of, go, plane, go, and i want daddy drowned out that preflight safety announcement. mom said she was confident he would not have behaved once the plane took off but they never actually got the chance to see. southwest called her, offered a refund and $300 travel voucher. so we have been talking to you about what you think, what perhaps the airline should have done. gladys in connecticut says just the opposite here. ouch! thank you for sending in your comments here. shall we talk sports now? >> my producer's kid actually
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hurled on someone's laptop while he was working. so you think that's bad, that's bad. >> that's a horror story. >> they let him fly. >> you talking about marathon? >> no alex rodriguez. >> a-rod, ouch. i saw that video. >> he gets hit by a fastball and he responds. let me tell you, this guy has been the ultimate story. could become the world series mvp. but this was the very first pitch he saw, a 0-mile-an-hour fastball in the back. this is in the world series last night. that was the third time they hit him in two days, so the umps are like, kids, settle, be nice. so here is his response with two outs in the ninth, the score tied. a-rod hits back, knocks in the eventual game-winning run and the yankees one game away from winning it all thanks to kate hudson. that's another story. >> that will leave a bruise. >> it will. brett favre, the 40-year-old viking, speaking of purple, came back to green bay. they were so happy to see him. okay, sorry, those were boos. >> maybe not.
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>> loudly. but favre was the one who had the last laugh. he absolutely destroyed the packers, passing for four touchdowns. if you know anybody from wisconsin, they're probably very depressed today. give them a call or a hug. i'm not being glib because it had to hurt. the former watch and recent girlfriend of raiders head coach tom cabell claims he used to beat them. both women says he has anger management issues. he 5:00 noned he struck his wife with an open hand but that's the only time. the lawyer disputed the fairness of the report. the nfl is investigating allegations he hit an assistant. on halloween night, a bat, that's right, a bat got into the at&t center of the spurs/kings game. look at that. how does a bat get in there? the spurs coyote with a net, with a batman shirt. ginobili swats the bat in air.
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later the team says he just stunned it. a couple of big crashes in tallade talladega. i'll tell you later. >> the video looks like a tv show but it's real. still to come, if you have one of thoms tax-free flexible spending accounts for doctors and dentist bills, the health care proposal could hit hard. blvg @@@@@@@@@@@@@
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a new navy ship built with steel from the world trade center is now in new york city. there it is. it's the "uss new york." it was near ground zero where a lot of those first responders and families of 9/11 victims held a ceremony. now the ship will be officially commissioned this saturday. boy, oh, boy, what a pain in san francisco, live pictures of that bay bridge. yeah, the bay bridge might, might reopen later today. but we won't know what time there will be. a california state transportation spokesman says final inspections on the repairs are under way right now. you know if you live out there the bridge closed tuesday after 5,000 pounds of metal crashed into rush hour traffic. at least 35 people died when
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a suicide bomber caused a blast outside a bank. police in pakistan say people were waiting in line for paychecks when it happened. hours later in another pakistani city, two suicide bombers attacked a police checkpoint. no report of any deaths there. ♪ i saw this this weekend. this was too cool. michael jackson's "this is it" thrilled audiences now to make it number one at the box office over the weekend. it made more than $21 million for its national debut. by the bay, the runner-up, "paranormal activity" second making $16.5 million. welcome back to "morning express." i'm brooke baldwin sitting in for richard lui. this is video taken from a few moments ago thanks to our affiliate wdiv. multiple explosions at this michigan welding supply company. emergency responders on the scene. a whole lot of smoke. now live pictures. look at what presumably is the
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roof here, a whole lot of water trying to put this thing out. at least one person is hospitalized. this is marysville in michigan. marysville told members of the local media an employee was removing a valve from a tank when it exploded. this is a south park welding supply plant. there may be chlorine gas in the air. billses and homes are evacuated. live pictures out of michigan for you this morning. also, new this morning, a little bit of good news about the financial health of the only big u.s. automaker that did not get the bailout. money expert jennifer westhoven here talking about that. good news for ford today. >> good news for ford. and they've been looking a little bit better. they got some good ratings in "consumer reports" lately for quality. now here comes the bottom line. a billion dollars in the latest quarter. and of course that's from their sales all around the world. they also did better here at home in north america. i tell you, that is rare. detroit hasn't been doing well at home for quite some time.
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they've been losing money. so for the first time in four years, ford made money in the united states for the quarter. of course that's partly because of some of the big sales due to cash for clunkers helping the ford focus, the ford escape. you may not think of that as a green car but it met the rules. ford believes it will do fine even though the program is over. it says it will be solidly profitable in 2011. that's good news for not just detroit jobs but detroit spirits in a way. >> absolutely. i spent a lot of time in detroit inside the gm facility and it permiates the spirit of people in detroit. so good, good, good. good for them. jen westhoven, thank you. jury selection today starts for a man accused of killing a tv anchor in arkansas. anne pressley found beaten in her bed and later died. curtis lavelle vance pleaded not guilty to all had charges. his attorneys say police coerced him into giving a dna sample before his arrest. senator joe lieberman says
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he'll do anything he can to stop a health care bill that includes what is called a public option. yesterday he argued that kind of legislation would be worse than not getting a health care bill at all. democratic proposal with the public option expected on the senate floor soon. democrats need lieberman's support here to avoid a republican filibuster. remember he is an independent. >> it's fascinating and, frankly troubling, that it has suddenly become a litmus test. if you're not for government health insurance company, you're suddenly not a good democrat. if you look at the election last year, the presidential election, the public option was never discussed. this was all about how do we control the increasing costs of health insurance and how do we make health insurance available to people who can't afford it now. those are our goals. >> but president obama's senior adviser says the public option would achieve those goals, plus
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cut costs and expand coverage, but it would bring competition to private insurers. and your tax dollars could be paying to fix airports. it probably -- you never fly from. usa "today" analysis shows since 2001 congress funneled more than a billion dollars into earmarked projects at small airports. those airports mostly serving the private, the corporate planes. a congressional watchdog group says earmarks could threaten efforts here to ease flight delays at the country's busier passenger airlines. the faa says earmarks account for 5% of airport grants. i guess if you're out and about trying to fly this morning, bob van dillen, good news, bad news? >> yeah, what a great weekend to start out with. it's nice. now you're looking at a good day to start out monday, too, for travelers. big change from last week. we had huge storms rolling through the rockies, lots of heavy rain for the gulf coast, too. not happening today. in fact, we're just looking at one weak cold front but there it is. you can see the clouds all wrapped up from washington state
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down in towards northern oregon and stretching back toward the pacific. but this is a quick moving cold front. you'll get light rain showers possibly around western washington state later today, but that's about it. not going to be flooding by any stretch. then the other storm we're watching is an upper level low and surface low kind of weak around the great lakes. but you can see that cold front jacking down through lake superior. close in to chicago, too, where it's riding along it. light showers for all of central michigan. it's going to be off and on before finally turning to lake ontario later. philadelphia, world series game going on tonight, i think you'll be fine. the rain offshore from the jersey shore, south of long island. that's going to be there and rotate in towards new york city. sunshine, clouds mix and low clouds hanging in an out. watch for airport delays at philly and new york for most of the day. get away from there, that cold front near chicago. but south of the front it's going to be dry with the exception of low level cloudiness across the carolinas and georgia. take you live to atlanta. big airport trying to get in or out. so far, no more delays. you can see those low clouds
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beginning to break up just a touch. temperatures today in the mid 60s. kind of cool. >> beautiful. leaves changing. i love fall. >> too bad halloween was almost a washout for a lot of folks in the east. >> at least we got a nice sunday out of it. an airline apologizing for booting a toddler and his mom off the plane. you'll hear what the boy screamed on the plane before takeoff. plus, an oil rig has been leaking about 400 barrels of oil into the ocean every day. now you can see it is on fire.
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all right. more on that breaking story out of michigan. there were multiple explosions at a michigan welding supply company. here are those pictures. we're told at least one person is in the hospital after all of this. this is happening in a town
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called marysville. police told local media an employee was removing a valve when the tank exploded. the local newspaper reports nearby homes, businesses, yes, they are being evacuated right now. a horrific crash at talladega speedway making headlines. rafer weigel, i have seen the pictures. i cannot believe somebody walked away about. >> that's the amazing thing and a real testament to nascar, how safe these cars are. you're right. but every year, there's a big crash at talladega speedway. this year, there was two. this was the worst of the two. ryan newman. you can see his car here with five laps to go. it gets airborne, flips upside down, slides along the roof, sputtering along the crack. it hits the wall here. we're obviously showing you this in slow motion. it's not even close to being over. it would slide down to the grass where it would then flip over a few more times before it lands again on the roof. it took crews 13 minutes to get
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ryan newman out of this car. he said it was like, quote, being stuck in a tomb, not able to get out. there he is. amazingly walked away from this crash and he would be okay. as i said, there was another crash, i'll have that in a few minutes. again, he was okay. >> unreal. all right, rafer, thank you. let's go to this story near australia. leaking oil rig is on fire. look at these pictures. the fire started yesterday when workers tried to plug a leak by pumping mud into a hole. like i said, this is near australia. the company operating the rig says it doesn't know how this whole thing started. the leak actually began ten weeks ago. indonesia says thousands of dead fish have drifted near its coast last week. as we mentioned a couple minutes ago here, ford is announcing a $1 billion profit. the news different at chrysler. the bailed-out automaker cutting even more jobs. jennifer westhoven is here. that is not good news. >> no. well, the hope is, brooke, of
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course, that by it getting smaller and smaller it will eventually be profitable. very hard for workers who survived so many rounds of layoffs. they'll buy out another 23,000 workers. this week, chrysler says it's going to lay out a five-year plan to get back into profitability. chrysler out of bankruptcy but still in a lot of financial trouble. so a lot of people are going to have a big money decision to make, do they want to take the buyout, do they want to take their chances and stay? a lot of people i think will be at the bars and kitchen table making big decisions that could affect their future. there still could be layoffs. check this out! if you love cruise ships, you want to see this video. this is worth coming in the room for. this is the 20-story "so a sis of the seas." it only had two feet underneath that bridge. it barely made it under there. they lowered the smoke stacks. it's on its maiden voyage. they said there were hundreds
10:43 am
watching it go by. from a shipyard in finland to port everglades, florida. the shipmakers say it is one of the greenest cruise ships out there now. there's been a lot of criticism, right, about dumping of sewage in the water. they say it doesn't do that at all and it also runs on less power than smaller, similar ships. it's so big, it's divided into neighborhoods. >> merry-go-round on the cruise ship. >> >> they say they have a bar -- you know, revolving bars. this bar go up and down between floors. >> i think you should check it out and take "morning express" cruise ship. >> check it out, have a party. >> amazing, beautiful. >> ice rink. that was an ice rink you just saw. maybe these folks were headed to a vacation. southwest airlines is apologizing for kicking a mom and her toddler clear off of this flight. the crew booted them because the boy was screaming "go, plane, go and i want daddy." apparently drowning out the
10:44 am
preflight safety announcement we have heard bazillion times but can ha confident nonetheless that he would behave after the plane took off. southwest offered her a refund and $300 had travel voucher. lots of people were watching to see what would happen when brett favre returned to green bay in a viking uniform. what brett had to say about the reception.
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want 20 tellyou about this scary story out of california. investigators say they've found the body of a missing 4-year-old boy in a dryer. they discovered it in his neighbor's home saturday and arrested a 14-year-old boy who lives there. the fresno county sheriff says he will be charged with murder. so far investigators aren't saying anything else about a possible motive. >> you don't know who is actually your neighbors. you think you know them, but you actually don't. so now it's like you're afraid to let your children out in the streets, because you can't trust nobody. >> wow! neighbors also say the suspect's
10:47 am
mom was baby-sitting the victim. and our money expert clark howard serves in the georgia state guard. and this weekend you will see him serving the troops. clark and robin teamed up to help soldiers and you save more, spend less, yes, avoid getting ripped off. >> all right. so senior officer jeff torres, you want to talk about investing in a certain plan. let's ask about that. >> since becoming parents in the last year, my wife and i have been concerned about the forecast for higher educations. so what i've done for the first year is invested in my state's 5 9 plan. i was wondering what your thoughts are on 5 9 plans or state and federal plans i don't know about. >> 529 is a college savings plan. you can put money into it, and all the money grows tax-free. as long as the money is used for college. all the earnings are tax-free. so it is the absolute best
10:48 am
vehicle to save for college. and so you're doing the right thing. what state plan are you? >> virginia. actually, i made a conscious decision to remain a virginia resident almost exclusively for education benefits. >> let me tell you something about virginia. virginia is one of the states that has multiple 529 plans. and there are good 529 plans in virginia and bad ones. so i have a guide on my website, which is where you can do the hyperlink and make sure that the virginia plan you're in is the good one, not one of the bad ones. >> you can watch "operation clark smart" this weekend at 6:00 a.m., noon and 4:00 p.m. eastern right here on hln. you know this guy, brett favre, made his much anticipated return to green bay in a hated rival's uniform. rafer weigel knows all about the reception he received there. yikes! >> it was surreal, if you think
10:49 am
about it. this guy spent almost 20 years in green bay wearing a packers uniform. so the 40-year-old viking comes to green bay, and they were just so thrilled to see him. [ crowd booing ] oh, i'm sorry. those were boos. never mind. yeah, there were a couple of cheers, although you couldn't hear a lot of them and most of them were wearing purple. favre says weighs not looking for revenge against his former team, but whether he was or wasn't he got it. threw for four touchdowns and afterwards commented on the mixed reception. >> all the packer fans were there. there was some purple and i saw just a mixture of everything -- cheers, a couple of fingers. >> he meant the phone number one fingers. in other football news, they were the biggest surprise in the nfl, but the denver broncos were pummeled back to earth. the broncos had not lost a game, that is until the baltimore rave nls said never more. good things don't last forever. fortunes change. just look at these two teams as an example. two of the worst teams in the
10:50 am
nfl, we affectionately dubbed it the toilet ball. the st. louis rams against the detroit kittens, i'm sorry, lions. that's how they reward their coachlions. they had lost 17 games in a row before this one. and that's how they reward their coach, the gatorade drizzle. they didn't even fill up the entire bucket. that is why the victory shower must go away. we showed you one crash at tallade talladega, but with two laps left, 14 cars get taken out there. this is the dash cam video from it. can you imagine being involved in that? again, he was okay. he walked away. that's the surprise. the other surprise was this guy, jamie mcmurray, who had not won in 86 races winning. jimmie johnson took six. talladega is like winning the lottery. if you're the last person standing, you can win. johnson will probably win his fourth straight sprint cup. >> nice edgar alan poe reference. >> somebody got it!
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>> nevermore, the raven. somebody paid attention in english glass. nice job. let's go back to our breaking story. multiple explosions at a michigan welding supply company. here is what we know from affiliate wdiv. several people are hurt and an employee is hospitalized with burns to his head, upper body, hands, and arms. an employee was removing a valve from a tank when it just exploded. the local newspaper reports nearby homes and businesses are being evacuated. and a sheriff is not giving up on trying to charge inmates for rent, for hair cuts, and even medical visits. the massachusetts supreme court will be hearing an appeal today all about this. he actually started the program back in 2002, but a judge struck it down. the sheriff says fees can teach inmates to quote/unquote accept responsibility and ease taxpayers' burden. but inmates' attorneys say it's like an illegal tax. and some veterans honored the men who saved their lives.
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you will hear about the stunning rescue of the so-called lost battalion. y8
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right now on "showbiz tonight," jon gosselin's freaky friday. tonight, is tv's most controversial reality star show dad joining forces with the octomom? plus, jon's wild claims about making mistakes and finding his spiritual side. tonight, the crazy jon gosselin news making for one very freaky friday. tonight, is jon gosselin "showbiz tonight's" most provocative celebrity of the week? or will it be levi johnston for his naked ambition and new slams on sarah palin? who else is in the running? tonight, "showbiz tonight" names the most provocative celebrity
11:01 am
of the week. tonight, big breaking oprah news. why a big star's wife is calling oprah a domestic abuse hypocrite. plus, patrick swayze's widow goes on oprah's show today and reveals her heartbreaking ordeal for the very first time. tv's first provocative entertainment news show starts right now. hi, there, everyone. i'm brooke anderson, coming to you tonight from hollywood. and tonight, jon gosselin's very freaky friday. and yes, you can definitely file this one under, "you can't make this stuff up." how else do i describe the news today that jon gosselin could have been doing a brand-new reality show with the octomom. i mean, what were they going to call it, "jon plus kate's 8 plus octomom's 14 equals 22"?
11:02 am
but, wait, there's more. just as we're trying to absorb the jon/octomom news, "showbiz tonight" reportat suleman. her turn-ons are having babies and that's pretty much it. her turn-offs are numerical nicknames. we might have a match. because "showbiz tonight" found auto today that this famous father of eight and this famous mother of 14 talked susly, very seriou a teaming up for a reality show. >> it's truly a match made in reality tv hell. >> reporter: "showbiz tonight" is wondering, is the world ready for "jon & nadia plus 22." amanda sidman tells "showbiz tonight" that they definitely considered a reality show between the two. >> we did see an e-mail basically talking about salaries. what it says to me is that jon at some point, if not now, was definitely interested.
11:03 am
>> because i'm carrying your baby and you're off on a boat with a bitch fishing. >> reporter: the show is being shopped around by the executive producer of the trash-fest "cheaters." bobby goldstein tells "showbiz tonight" the proposed octomom/gosselin show would be about, quote, the development of their relationship, if any, and the merging of two families with lots of kids. and octomom may be up for it. considering the nice things she said about jon recently on radaronline. >> i have a crush on jon gosselin. is that his name? he's hot. >> reporter: but alas, it appears the jon gosselin/octomom show is not to be. publicly, team gosselin is saying, no, thanks. >> his rep, mike heller, is saying absolutely not. jon wants to be taken more seriously. >> reporter: and "showbiz tonight" can tell you, we may have been spared from a gosselin and octomom reality show by nothing less than a higher power. in a statement denying plans of
11:04 am
a reality show with nadya suleman, gosselin tells "showbiz tonight" he's going to rediscover his spiritual side with the help of celebrity rabbi shmuley boteach. >> he's going to be meeting with rabbi shmuley and he's going to be making a statement at the upper west side synagogue on sunday night. he wants to apologize to people that he's offended. >> reporter: so it looks like the new spiritual jon gosselin has no interest in teaming up with the octomom right now. but the producer of the proposed reality show is holding out hope. he tells "showbiz tonight," "gosselin is playing hard to get. we'll see over time if he's worn down with what i see as his insatiable need to be part of the spotlight." and the producer is giving some advice to gosselin. >> he thinks that jon should definitely take $1.5 million, because he thinks in six months, jon will be asking him to do
11:05 am
"cheaters" for free. >> reporter: so with the octomom/gosselin reality show looking doa, we're left to ponder the reality tv trash-fest that might have been. >> and there is just something so d-list and so seedy about the two of them, we can only wonder what a show bringing the two of them together would do. >> with all the freaky twists and turns jon gosselin's wild drama-filled life has taken, i can say with absolute certainty, i did not see the octomom's spiritual transformation adventure coming. heaven help us. here in hollywood tonight is hyla. he's an entertainment journalist with and in new york tonight is rachel zalis, a contributing editor for life and style weekley. okay, guys, let's begin with jon getting in touch with his spiritual side. i really do wish him the best, but i'm not so sure that jon should be taking this journey in public with michael jackson's
11:06 am
former spiritual adviser, and issuing a press release about it. hyla, do i have that right? >> no, you have it wrong. because if he does it privately, how does he get the promotion for it? how is he able to score big television shows with the octomom? no, he can't do this in private. >> you're right! >> you've got to do this in public, it's the only way to do this. >> but if he's so serious about it, then why tell the world? i think his actions will speak louder than his words. i say, be private if you're serious about doing something like this. but i do have to tell you this, we have never seen anything like this reaction we have been getting to this jon drama today on our "showbiz on call" phone lines. glenda calling in today from pennsylvania is still team jon all the way. listen. >> caller: say what you will about jon gosselin, i still like him. i think all the abuse he took from kate is beginning to show. >> glenda does have a point. rachel, if for nothing else, do you think that jon's spiritual
11:07 am
journey could be the best thing to help him heal from what jon says was a verbally abusive relationship with kate? >> oh, this spiritual journey is about as real as his ed hardy tattoos. come on! and if he was abused by kate, i get it! look at his philandering, his tantrums, his general bad behavior. i mean, be a man, jon gosselin. >> be a man! i'm right there with you, rachel. well, jon's other new adventure on this freaky friday has to do with those reports today about him considering doing a dating reality show with the octomom. although jon calls the reports a scurrilous rumor, the producer of the show told us today, "i did see e-mails from one of their agents that said they would be interested in the project if the economics were right. it all hinged on the condition that both parties would agree to cooperate in the premise." hyla, he's saying that, yes, jon considered doing a reality show with the octomom. they're not rumors, what he is saying. was jon out of his mind to even
11:08 am
think about doing this? would he be a laughing stock? >> no -- well, would he be -- he is a laughingstock! but this would be huge. i mean, strictly from a business perspective, okay, he is one of the biggest celebrities in hollywood right now. you guys can hate him, we can make fun of him all day long, but the reality is, who do you talk more about on your show than jon gosselin every week? and for him to team up with possibly the second or third or fourth biggest story of this year, that's a reality superpower. that's huge. that's going to make a network money and that's going to make jon gosselin money. business wise, great. for us, a bit of a headache. >> rachel, an octodad and octomom reality show, what do you think? does it make you go, ew, or is it genius? >> i would be devastated if this show doesn't happen. he robbed kate of her money and now he would be robbing his fans of the best reality show. you know the producers are
11:09 am
pitching this as the next great pairing. i'm already going to set my tivo for that. come on! >> you're ready for this. you're hoping they sign on. well, "jon minus kate plus octomom" reports come on the heels of octomom confessing that she actually has a crush on jon gosselin. and you've got to hear the octomom's dating advice to jon and his 22-year-old girlfriend. watch. >> i have a crush on jon gosselin. is that his name? he's hot. >> what do you think about him dating a 22-year-old girl? >> he's dating? >> yeah. >> i think the media should leave them alone and stop exploiting them for money and you know and people are entitled to their privacy. >> please! hyla, explain that one. the octomom thinks jon's dating life should be private, but she's considering signing up to be on a dating reality show with him? what?! >> we've figured out the formula in hollywood. you say one thing and do another. kate gosselin goes on shows and says, jon shouldn't be talking to the public, while she's on a
11:10 am
public television show. jon says he wants a private life, but praying to god in public on sunday night. we know this is the formula, this is how it works. and watch out heidi and spencer. octomom and octodad could be the next big hollywood couple. >> they're giving them a run for their money. all this back and forth and he said/she said and the hypocritical things they're saying, it's giving me a headache! rachel zalis, hyla, thanks! good to see you. and now we want to hear from you on this. this is our "showbiz tonight" question of the day, jon gosselin and octomom, should they appear in a reality show together? vote at e-mail us it has been quite a week for jon gosselin. in court, fighting over money issues with kate, slammed by his own girlfriend, and now a nominee to be named tonight "showbiz tonight's" most provocative celebrity of the week. another nominee, levi johnston for his "playgirl" posing and new sarah palin smackdown. and about michael jackson based on his new movie. and big breaking oprah news
11:11 am
today. oprah called a domestic abuse hypocrite. and oprah today with patrick swayze's widow, who reveals her heartbreaking ordeal. and jessica simpson reveals what she wants in a man. why, tonight, she and jon gosselin might be a match made in heaven. and now the "showbiz news ticker," more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now. you are watching "showbiz tonight" on hln. and right now i want you to keep on watching the bottom of your screen for more nonstop compelling and provocative news from "showbiz tonight."
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11:14 am
"o" magazine, stop staring at my articles. i am so excited. my issue of "o" is come out in two weeks and the real cover has not been revealed yet. so this is just a photo that oprah and i took over the weekend. this is what we do went we hang out. we just push each other on swings and sometimes we play in her bouncy castle. and it's oprah, it's a real castle, it's not bouncy. >> ellen got in the halloween spirit today by gracing the cover of "o," sort of. one of ellen's running jokes
11:15 am
this season was begging oprah to be on the cover of "o." it looks like oprah's been listening. welcome back to "showbiz tonight." i'm brooke anderson. did you see this? it's the guitar guy versus united airlines. first, united airlines broke musician dave carroll's guitar. hi musical youtube video about the whole incident became an internet sensation. and now, in an unbelievable stroke of bad luck, united lost the guy's luggage on a different flight. but he's not yelling about it, he's singing. here's cnn's jeanne moos for "showbiz tonight." >> reporter: one thing we're all united on, when baggage handlers mess up a guy's guitar -- ♪ you broke my taylor guitar >> reporter: he writes a song about it, the airlines should try not to lose his luggage the next time. ♪ because united breaks guitars ♪ >> reporter: dave carroll got famous for putting his complaint about united on youtube this summer. ♪ you broke it, you should fix
11:16 am
it ♪ >> reporter: and although he never got his $1,200 repair bill reimbursed, he did get offers to speak on improving customer service. and on his way to just such a speaking engagement -- >> united was the only way to get here and they lost my bag. >> reporter: lost his bag, took almost three days to return it. dave couldn't wear the dress shoes he wanted to wear to the presentation and he couldn't hand out cds of "united breaks guitars." ♪ united breaks guitars >> reporter: because they were all in the suitcase dave lost. when he mentioned his guitar video, united reps said they knew and suggested in his next song -- >> that i write about how nice the customer service people were. >> reporter: he's already written two songs about the events. ♪ the passengers from the seat behind me said, my god they're throwing guitars out there ♪ >> reporter: a third song is on the way. the saga has been great for the
11:17 am
performer's comedian career. he testified and sang at a congressional hearing on passengers' rights. boy, they really picked the wrong guy's luggage to lose, huh? united says, "we apologize to mr. carroll for this inconvenience. it's unfortunate, but it's also an anomaly. 99.6% of bags we carry arrive without incident." unfortunately for united, this 0.4% sings. ♪ united, united >> reporter: but at least dave's guitar was reparable. united did pull a john bluchy. a parody has even popped up, suggesting that john unite with united. ♪ we know you love to pick it, we promise we won't picket, we'll put it some place exponential where it won't get jarred ♪
11:18 am
>> that was cnn's jeanne moos for "showbiz tonight." the "showbiz on call" phone lines have been buzzing about levi johnston after he claimed he has secrets that could hurt sarah palin. we got a call from nancy in connecticut who thinks levi needs some perspective. >> caller: has anybody forgotten that this levi johnston character is the father of sarah palin's daughter's baby? i think he has even forgotten. and he let all the fighting between him and sarah go. this isn't scoring him any fatherhood points. >> thank you, nancy. we also heard from chris in new york, calling into "showbiz on call" who says levi actually owes sarah palin for his fame. >> caller: maybe levi, sick of looking at him and hearing about him, should be grateful that sarah palin and his daughter. he would not be known if it was not for them. he would be back in alaska, so he should be very grateful that
11:19 am
he's made to be an idiot and made an idiot out of them. >> thank you, chris. call us at "showbiz on call." let us know what you think about this or anything else that is on your mind. the "showbiz on call" phone lines always open. ive give us a ring, 1-888-sbt-buzz. leave a voice mail. we'll play some of your calls right here on "showbiz tonight." tonight, there is some big breaking oprah news i want to tell you about. today, one big star's wife says she's disappointed in oprah. is oprah a domestic abuse hypocrite? plus, patrick swayze's widow breaks her silence on oprah today. and tom hanks sings beyonce? >> oh, oh, come on! ♪ a ring on it, ring on it >> that is tom hanks singing beyonce's "single ladyies," but
11:20 am
why? and "showbiz tonight" names the most provocative celebrity of the week. could it be jon gosselin for his bad boys, or levi johnston for his sarah palin smackdown, or michael jackson for his blockbuster new movie? and now the "showbiz news ticker." more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now.
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now on "showbiz tonight," big oprah news breaking. tonight, why oprah is being called a domestic abuse hypocrite. plus, patrick swayze's widow gives her first tv interview to oprah since patrick died. jon gosselin plus jessica simpson? jon is getting divorced, jessica wants a new man. tonight, are these two perfect for each other? and "showbiz tonight" names the most provocative celebrity of the week, jon gosselin, levi johnson, michael jackson, who will it be? plus, more stories breaking from the "showbiz news ticker," tv's first provocative entertainment news show continues right now. welcome back to "showbiz tonight." it is 30 minutes past the hour. i'm brooke anderson coming to
11:31 am
you tonight from hollywood. and tonight, big oprah news. oprah winfrey is making all kinds of big breaking news tonight and not all of it is good news. the wife of gospel great b.b. wyman is calling oprah out today, accusing her of being p hypocritical about domestic abuse. today, he appeared on oprah to promote his new cd. his ex-wife is saying shame on oprah for inviting him on. it was just a couple of months ago that oprah was singing a completely different tune on her show about domestic violence. >> if a man hits you once, he will hit you again. >> that's right! >> reporter: even more breaking oprah news today, patrick swayze's widow, lisa niemi, opened up for the very first time today to oprah about patrick's final moments. and wait until you hear about the bombshell secret she shared about their marriage.
11:32 am
joining me tonight in hollywood, pat lalama, an investigative journalist. and from new york, rachel zalis, a contributing editor for life sand style weekley. i want to begin with the controversy over oprah inviting b.b. wymans on show. >> my friend b.b. wymans kris crossed the country in search of the best karaoke singers. check this out. >> i'm on my quest for the best karaoke singer in the land. >> okay, bebe was charged in february after he allegedly pushed his ex-wife to the ground during an argument over custody of their children. in a brand-new statement today, debora, his ex, tells tmz that she is hurt by oprah's decision to have bebe on the show. after all, oprah refused to have chris brown on after he beat up rihanna. pat, is oprah being a hypocrite? >> not at all. i do not understand this
11:33 am
controversy. what is this, state-run media, where, you know, someone has to dictate to her who she can have on for what reason and what's politically correct? she may have all kinds of reasons why she doesn't want chris brown on her show and why she wants mr. winans on her show. maybe she has determined that chris is a creep, she wants nothing to do with him, but the jury's still out. he's innocent until proven guilty. there are all kinds of reason and she has the absolute right in free america to determine who's going to be on her show. >> she certainly does. and we tried to find out the reasons behind it. we reached out to oprah's show today, but we got a "no comment." let's not forget, everyone, that oprah did broadcast a show about domestic violence after rihanna was beaten up and oprah crucified chris brown for what he did. but, rachel, bebe winans was also arrested for domestic abuse. i do want to make that clear.
11:34 am
his case, though, is still pending. chris brown did cop a plea deal. what do you think, rachel, is oprah being hypocritical? >> absolutely. i disagree with pat. this is a major misstep for her. we're seeing a crack in the oprah armor. she dedicated an entire show about domestic abuse to all the rihannas out there and where does that leave debora winans. >> how do you so this as different, pat? you're shaking your head. >> first of all, he hasn't been convicted. perhaps oprah truly believes that he is not guilty in this case. if we're really going to be advocates for doing something about domestic abuse, we have to make sure that all the ducks are in a row, that there has been a crime committed, and we do the best we can for the victim. we don't know all the facts in this case yet. he hasn't been convicted yet. she may not believe the story and she has every right to be fair in that regard. >> but that's the point. the hearing is still pending. so why not wait until you know
11:35 am
for sure? it doesn't seem right. >> it's her show! it's her show. there's no government control. there's no fairness doctrine here. and she can make that case. >> and right now bebe does have a cd to promote. and the "showbiz tonight" facebook page has been on fire about the oprah controversy today. and joanna writes, if she blasted chris brown, she is being a hypocrite. doesn't look good on her part at all. so, pat, do you agree to any of what our friend at home wrote? does having bebe winans on her show make her look bad to some? >> you know what, there is nothing more horrifying than domestic abuse, one of the most horrifying things on earth. if oprah winfrey is opposed to that, bless her for that. but she still has the right to entertain someone on her -- to have someone on her show whom
11:36 am
she may feel is not responsible. that's her choice. you know, there are a lot of false accusations in domestic abuse too. and i don't think we should be promoting that. i think we need to know the entire story, if it turns out he's convicted, then she may have a different opinion. but for now, she's entitled to have him on and hear his say. >> and the show is "the oprah winfrey show." so she is entitled. i want to move now to more big breaking news from oprah's show today. patrick swayze's widow, lisa niemi, gave her first tv interview since patrick died. she opened up on oprah today about patrick's final moments and she revealed a bombshell secret about their marriage. first, though, i want you to hear how lisa described patrick's final days and when he gave in to the cancer. watch. >> he was very comfortable. >> he had sufficient drugs? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> i mean, we were very -- and there's a strange difficult transition from trying to treat and make better to try to make
11:37 am
comfortable. very, very, very hard to do, because -- >> because once you try to make comfortable, it means you've given up the fight to make better. >> ah, yeah. >> rachel, it just sounds heart wrenching, doesn't it? >> it's absolutely gut wrenching. these two were the golden couple in hollywood, together for about 37 years. and, you know, every loss is tragic, but this was definitely a huge loss for their family, for everyone in the industry and for all his fans around the world. >> yeah, she seems like a very, very strong woman. i'm sure his absence is gut wrenching right now. and i want you to hear this, in a bombshell confession, swayze's widow also confessed to oprah that their 34-year marriage wasn't all roses. in 2003, she and patrick separated for a whole year because of patrick's alcohol problem. >> he's had some drinking issues and some very dark thoughts. he's, you know, he's an amazing
11:38 am
man, but he's also amazingly difficult and complicated and wonderful and generous and loving. all those things. >> but you separated for a year? >> yeah. he had a -- he was imploding pretty badly. it was pretty difficult. i thought -- i didn't think he would live through it, frankly, and i didn't want to be there to watch him die. >> they went to hell and back. they went through that and so many other problems and still managed to stay together for 34 years, pat! talk about an anomaly in hollywood. it's pretty amazing. and, you know, i think a lot of couples can learn from them. what do you think? >> oh, my goodness, absolutely. for anyone who has shared their life with someone who suffers from substance abuse, they know the pain and suffering. but they also know where there's true love, where there's true devotion, you stick it out, you stick together, you help that person through it. and as far as i'm concerned, she gets an a-plus for being one of the most admirable people on television today, talking about this and everyone can learn and realize, it doesn't have end to.
11:39 am
you can stick with them. >> it is an inseparatipirationa. pat lalama, rachel zalis, thanks, ladies. jon gosselin is getting divorced and we know he likes the ladies and i think jessica simpson needs to find a great guy. in fact, tonight, she's revealing just what she's looking for. and let me tell you, could jon be the one for her? also, is jon gosselin the most provocative celebrity of the week? will it be jon? is all his spirituality talk for real, or how about levi johnston who's still battling sarah palin and about to take it all off for "playgirl," or maybe it's michael jackson. his new movie causing lots of controversy. find out as "showbiz tonight" names the most provocative celebrity of the week. also this -- >> oh, oh, come on. ♪ had a ring on it, had a ring on it ♪ >> why is tom hanks singing beyonce's "single ladies"?
11:40 am
is this some wild halloween joke? and now the "showbiz news ticker," more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now.
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11:43 am
tonight, "showbiz tonight" is about to name the most provocative celebrity of the week. who will we choose? jon gosselin for his new religious makeover that some are calling a pr scheme? plus his alleged reality show with the octomom? levi johnston for his thinly veiled threats against sarah palin on national tv and his big revelations about posing for "playgirl"? or michael jackson. some of his fans are saying his record-breaking new film "this is it" is exploiting him in death. who will we choose? welcome back to "showbiz tonight." i'm brooke anderson in hollywood and we will be naming "showbiz
11:44 am
tonight's" most provocative celebrity of the week in just a moment. but first, incredible new revelations today from jessica simpson as she speaks out about her top ideal qualities for the perfect man. jessica's not mincing words tonight. she's telling "extra" what exactly she wants from a man. and after years of heartbreak, this girl isn't messing around. she knows what she wants and wait until you hear her list. one must-have quality, a spiritual man. tonight in hollywood, kim serafin, the senior editor for "in touch weekly." and also joining me in hollywood, carlos diaz, a correspondent for "extra." and you guys got a fascinating interview with her. she tells exactly what it is she is looking for in a man. watch this. >> i like a confident man. i definitely love a spiritual man. i love intellectual men, people that will always keep me intrigued. i love artistic men.
11:45 am
somebody that really understands their art. >> jessica, we know, has had so much heartache in the past and it's all been so public, from nick lachey to tony romo, it's been pretty intense. carlos, do you get the sense that she's really grown up a lot in the last few years? >> she does, and she has grown up, and i completely feel for her, because what she looks for in a man, confidence and those kind of natures, you know, those kind of characteristics, you know, she's going to find in a guy like a tony romo or a nick lachey, but those are high-profile relationships. so it's one of those things where, maybe for her next relationship, she's going to look for someone that's confident and has those characteristics, but maybe doesn't have the high profile that she's kind of sought out in the past. >> yeah. and that person cannot be intimidated by her fame, her celebrity. and when you look at the list of men in jessica's life, from nick lachey to john mayer to her last heartbreak, tony romo, they all pretty much stack up to her perfect man.
11:46 am
so, kim, what keeps going wrong with her? >> you know, i don't know. she seems like a great girl. it seems like she's always trying to further her career, whether it's with her product line, or with her music, now this reality show that she's been working on, traveling around the world, the price of beauty, which has kind of an intellectual aspect to it. baa, yeah, everyone that she -- every quality that she named kind of goes with the guys that she dated. john mayer, certainly confident, nick lachey, definitely artistic. tony romo, maybe a little bit more brawny than brainy, i don't know about his intellectual prowess, but it seems like she is picking the right guys, she just needs to find that right one. >> and there was one part of jessica's interview with "extra" that really caught my ear. and she says she really loves a spiritual man. so what do you think? should she hook up with jon gosselin? just this week, jon sent out a statement letting the world know that he is studying under rabbi shmuley boteach to work on being a, quote, moral exemplar to his
11:47 am
kids. would they be a match made in heaven? >> no, they had be a match made in hell. if jessica's looking far confident guy, you don't need to go for jon gosselin. >> yeah. we're totally kidding about that. it would be a complete disaster. and you know, jon's sudden new religious morality makeover has made him a nominee tonight as "showbiz tonight" names the most provocative celebrity of the week. not only that, but an even bigger whopper, some guy is now claiming he was hired as the executive producer of a reality show starring jon and the octomom, getting romantic. also on our list, levi johnston, not only is he speaking out about dropping his pants for "playgirl," he's also taking on his almost-mother-in-law, sarah palin, saying he could reveal secrets that would hurt her if he wanted to. or should the title of most provocative go to michael jackson? his brand-new hit movie "this is it" is making some of his fans say, that's enough! they say michael jackson being
11:48 am
exploited. and the winner is! jon gosselin. who is "showbiz tonight's" most provocative celebrity of the week. carlos, was that your pick? >> you know, i actually had him in third place in my categories, because i think michael jackson having this amazing mooevie out but i have levi johnston on number one. it takes guts for a guy to go on a news show and one minute be talking about taking his pants off for "playgirl" and then the next minute ripping a possible presidential candidate. >> it takes courage or stupidity. i'm not sure which one it is. kim, who was your choice? >> yeah, i do not think levi johnston. it's a one-trick pony. every time he opens his mouth, he's going to say something bad about sarah palin. i'm definitely going with jon gosselin. this week, definitely, he's
11:49 am
found religion, found this new spirituality and you have this new reality show that "in touch" had reported on, but now apparently his spiritual advisers are advising him against it is the new thing. and by the way, i think that should have been called octo-jon. that to me would have been a better title, by the way, just fyi. >> jon gosselin, hands down, most provocative celebrity of the week. two to one, carlos. here we go. carlos diaz, kim serafin, thank you both. have a good weekend. okay, what do you get when tom hanks sings beyonce? a totally hysterical piece of tape that we have got to show you. >> oh, oh, come on. ♪ a ring on it, a ring on it >> um, okay. so why was tom belting out beyonce's "single ladies"? did he put on a leotard, heels, and dance around? you have got to see this. and now the "showbiz news ticker," more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now.
11:50 am
? >> it's time now for "making it work." tonight, selalma hayek. says to "showbiz tonight" the keys to sauxzful marriage, picking the right person and having a backbone. >> oh, i'm just very lucky. i picked the right -- the right guy, because he is very, very supportive of has i do. he loves it. he likes -- he likes that i'm passionate, and he likes it had i'm angry about something. leez not intimidated. that i'm strong, that i'm successful. he actually is respectful and
11:51 am
likes it, so that helps a lot. >> sounds like they've got good thing going. you're watching "showbiz tonight" on hln, and right now i want you to keep on watching the bottom of your screen for more nonstop compelling provocative news from "showbiz tonight."
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