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tv   U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  November 3, 2009 10:00am-1:00pm EST

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all right, big news today. the polls are open in key elections all around the country. there is something for all of us to watch for really no matter where you live. will today be the start of a republican comeback? plus, a mom with another baby on the way just vanishes. why her family fears time may be running out to find her. also ahead, cameras catch a football player going for an opponent's eyes. ouch! look at this. but it's his punishment that's getting all the attention this morning. welcome if happy tuesday to you. i'm brooke baldwin in for richard this morning. the election story happening nationwide. voters all over the country are heading to the polls for a
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couple of hours now. why do we care? why, you're asking? some of today's state elections may be an early sign as to whether republicans are gaining strength and a test of president obama's influence. a litmus test, is what some are sayi saying. the president worked hard to help democrats in new jersey and virginia, but in new jersey here's the situation. democratic governor jon corzine is in a tight race with republican chris christi and chris dagut. yes, they are trailing here. new jersey and virginia have long historying of electing governors from clever party doesn't hold the white house. now, conservative party candidate doug hoffman is battling it out with owens to represent the 23rd congressional district. former republican nominee is backing owens here. that's a big deal. republican backing a democrat. she dropped out last weekend amid backlash from conservatives who said she was too moderate of a republican. we will have more on a couple other races later this morning.
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meantime, 20-year-old woman whose father allegedly ran her over with his jeep in a parking lot has died. noor almaleki was in a coma for two weeks and had spinal surgery. they moved to arizona from iraq. authorities say her father thought she had become too westernized. her father is expected to face new charges here on what some are calling an honor killing. >> this behavior is not islamic. this person was not acting like the muslims that every muslim i've met act. that dishonor consumes that individual such that the fact in a way that's barbaric and feel legitized to end the life of that poor girl. >> the mother of noor's boyfriend was hit as well. she is expected to survive. the father fled arizona after the daughter's attack, but he was arrested last thursday when arrived at atlanta's airport. he was sent there from the uk where he was denied entry. new this morning, this could
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be a huge mess. almost a million people are having to find a new way around philadelphia today. why? the city's largest trans atlantic union went over strike last night. no buses, no subways, no trolleys in the city and even suburbs. talks broke down over pensions and work rules. transit officials say their offer was competitive. also new this morning. nearly half of u.s. kids could be on food stamps at some point during their childhood. a new study says 90% of african-american kids and 37% of white kids may get food stamps by age 20. it says these kids may be at risk for malnutrition and the recession could possibly be pushing those alarming numbers higher. the study is in the archives of pediatrics and adolescent medicine. new security measures finally, they are in place. california school where police say that 15-year-old girl was gang raped. the district put up these automated lights in the area
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where they say it all happened. and today it's taking bids for security cameras, as well. now, the school superintendent did assure people at a rally yesterday that the high school is, in fact, safe. church leaders call for 100 volunteers to help. >> we believe that if we can have a presence on campus during the lunch hour and the classroom, that that will help curb some of the negative behavior. >> what i would say to parents is that i've got two daughters myself, and i would have my daughters going to richmond high. >> police do have five people in custody. they say more arrests are likely. meanwhile, support still poring in for this young victim. another rally is scheduled for this afternoon in richmond, california, police say people from around the country really. they are sending in donations, even offering teddy bears because apparently the girl collects them. and in the world of weather, what's it look like, bob, nice? >> i think so. dwl you know, you look at the west coast, not a lot of action going
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on. good thing if you're traveling. except for l.a. l.a.x., 1/8 of a mile of visibility. no planes coming in or out because of that fog. lasts for another 25 minutes or so. here's high pressure dominating the four corners. west farther, things are looking nice. about central california northward, clouds streaming in across pacific northwest. take you live to san francisco. here's the way it goes. travel out to the bay area today. it's going to be a nice, beautiful one for you. there's bay bridge, open for business finally. 75, 76, the high today. currently, about 58. yeah, getting on the warm side for you. feeling extremely comfortable. the east coast, things are different. a weak front traveling and another one around new england. you see the rain wrapped up with that. good news, most of the rain, in fact almost all of it,stays away from the gulf coast over the next five to six days. flood warnings are out there from this weekend's rain and the rain they had over the last two weeks. all the areas there shaded in
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bright green. flood warning. great news for you. no rain in your forecast. back up to the northeast. light rain across central new york. that's the actual cold front. east coast, northern parts of vermont. this morning now it's gone. the cold air is behind it. into the low 30s across canada. that cold air going over lake superior. lake-effect rain, lake-effect snow. we had that early this morning. look at that radar things are falling apart just a little bit. we'll talk about that again in just a little bit. good to see you on a tuesday morning. weather is good for everybody. >> isn't it nice to see cars over the bay bridge. hallelujah. bob, thank you. remember this video? it's disturbing. it's video of anna nicole smith. and now it is at the center of a legal battle. remember this? well, the defense, the prosecutors have very different stories about what this tape actually shows.
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one dose of the h1n1 vaccine can protect almost all pregnant women from the flu.
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federal health officials hope that announcement be at least reassure some of the expectant policewomans out there. 92% of pregnant women in the trial studies had a strong immune response to a single vaccine dose and no side effects were reported. that is good news. trials also confirm that kids 9 years and younger will need two doses. you remember this disturbing video? it's just kind of sad when you take a look at it. anna nicole smith dressed up with a clown. this could become key evidence in the trial of three people accused of giving her those drugs. take a look at smith here who is pregnant at the time, appears to confuse a doll for her unborn child. >> your baby? >> my baby is over there sleeping. >> your baby down there. >> your baby down here? >> that one. >> i think i just have a little gas. >> say it again. say it again. >> i think i just -- i think i'm
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having some gas trouble. >> prosecutors say smith's by haif your in that video proves that her boyfriend howard k. stern and her two doctors were keeping her drugged. they showed this video in a preliminary hearing last week and defense attorneys say it shouldn't be used as evidence and that smith was acting. they say the part that proves it got edited out. the defendants pleaded not guilty. lawmakers want to ban using laptops in cockpits. you remember the story last month, those pilot tons northwest airlines plane that over shot minneapolis by 150 miles. they were apparently on their laptops when that happened. the subcommittee said a bill could be introduced in a week. other devices they may ban, dvd players and mp3 players. would you pay a tax on a text message? people? vallejo, california, will vote today. they are deciding to include utility tax to include pagers,
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voice over internet services. the city filed for bankruptcy last year and dozens of california cities use similar measures to try to raise some money there. lawyers calling eight nice little stimulus package for hundreds of thousands of walmart employees, getting checks from the company and a massive legal settlement. jennifer westhoven has more on that. good news for them? >> it is for them. a lot of them felt like that they got cheated, the money that was theirs, they weren't allowed to take their breaks. this is something for the hundreds of thousands of walmart workers are going to get checks after a nevada judge approved a big settlement. walmart will pay between $65 and $85 million to settle allegations it didn't let workers take their breaks and manipulated timecards to cut their pay. lawyers forth wo the workers sas real money from $150 to $1,000 a person. it could take a few months. this suit covered 39 lawsuits in
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multiple states. meanwhile, in washington, i tell you, so many of the business headlines are coming from washington these days. >> why is that? you're right. >> they're in charge. the senate is a large step closer to hammering out this bill for up to 20 more weeks of jobless benefits. that could help millions of out of work americans get through the holidays. now, to attract republican support, it's also going to extend the first time home buyer tax credit that $8,000 tax credit. that will run through june under this new bill. it does cost a lot, about $20 billion. as you can imagine, a lot of lawmakers want to get this bill passed before friday. that's when we are going to get a big headline about the employment situation. and it's very likely to say that unemployment topped 10% in the latest month. you can see why lawmakers want to look like they're considerate, like they're responding. >> i thought you were talking about washington state, washington, d.c., a lot going on tl. just a little bit. u.s. government, yes. jennifer westhoven, thank you. what about this story? how young is too young for social networking websites?
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there are a few hard numbers on this. but researchers say more and more preadolescents are using myspace, facebook. just three years ago 61% of 12 to 14-year-olds said they had an online profile. some scientists say the websites could damage kids' relationships and brains and cause internet addiction. have you thought about that? others though, they say this is just harmless stuff here. right now, voters deciding critical close elections. in fact, in one race, a woman might become the first openly gay female elected mayor of a major u.s. city. plus, a mother describing the horror of watching her baby fall right in front of a train. there's the video. amazingly, the baby is okay.
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we told you it's election day for a lot of you. we're talking about atlanta, voters there could elect their first white mayor in more than three decades. mary norwood is one of the front-runners and lisa borders and reid. no n. new york city major michael bloomberg expected to win a third term. much smaller scale than his 2005 victory. in houston, big news could be made here. may elect its first openly gay mayor. city controller annise parker facing off with a two-term city councilm councilman. florida family made a plea for help finding a missing mom with a baby on the way. she is two months frpregnant. her family says she went to see her unborn child's father last week and has not been seen since. they are not sure what to tell her 5-year-old son.
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>> i hope she's not hurt. if anybody knows anything or saw her, just hope they come forward. >> police have talked to the father of watkins' baby twice but will not reveal what he told them. pilot had to make an emergency landing yesterday after byrds hit the plane. this happens every day. the delta flight was headed from phoenix to salt lake city when this happened. impact left a teeny tiny hole above the cockpit window. there was only surface damage so the pilot circled back to phoenix and did land safely. >> the pilot just calmly says, you know, we've hit some birds, and nothing to worry about. we're going to turn around and go back to phoenix. but then when we got on the ground we heard people say, you know, they were near the front, they heard thud, you know. >> kind of scary, right? remember miracle on the hudson? it was a bird strike then that forced hero captain to land his plane in the hudson river back in january if like i said, the
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faa says this happens every day. didn't realize that. we are now hearing from a mother who watched her baby fall in front of this on coming train when his stroller tumbled on to the tracks. watch. >> there was a moment they thought i should jump. for a second i should have a look, what has happened to him. i just wanted to have a look, how is he? and -- and that time, i just -- i was blank. i was complete shock. >> she's speechless. i would be, too. amazingly saw him, her son is fine. look at this. look at that. he only apparently had a couple scratches after accident. it happened in australia last months. the train's engineer managed to see the stroller fall, slammed on the brakes, but the train still rolled another 100 feet. well, a football player was caught on camera trying to gouge out another player's eyes? and his punishment have some
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people pretty upset. i saw the video earlier, i just did this. i couldn't believe it. >> right. and then now people can't believe the response to this action. >> response to the response. >> response to the response. essentially this is assault. the question is, what kind of punishment should he get? here's the video we're talking about. brandon spikes jamming his fingers into the face mask of georgia's eli. urban meyer says he doesn't condone the behavior. that's good. suspended him for the first half of their game against vanderb t vanderbilt. a half. spikes did apologize saying he accepts responsibility for his actions. and the conference says it is satisfied with the discipline. the question is, are you? val from colorado springs on our facebook page. i can see if this happened by accident due to normal, aggressive tackling. but it was quite obvious the play was over when the gouging occurred. it was disgraceful. meanwhile, jimmys, i see the
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ncaa showing commercials all the time talking about sportsmanship. they need to step in and say they mean what they say. go to click on our facebook i con. we're also blogging about it. the city of new orleans has something to cheer about. the saints are keeping the good times rolling on. high-flying act got them a win over atlanta. jumping way up high to get that. they're the only unbeaten team in the nfc. thomas getting some air there. a lot of people think these guys could go undefeated. a lot of reasons to cheer down in the big easy. the falcons had one last chance, a hail mary was picked off. ultimate blooper. semi pro team in las vegas. look who tackles him. his own guy! can you see it? look at the guy's reaction when he does it. like he realizes how much of a mistake he made. as soon as he does it, he's committed, he's down, then it kicks in. oh, what have i done?
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>> hands fly up. >> that's when it kicked in for him at that very moment. >> hey, you're on my team. >> i know. the next half hour, the world series takes another turn, as the world series turns, as it were. >> and it is. thank you. talking about trick or treating, halloween may be an old story but this is a new twist here. one trick-or-treater may have something more valuable than some candy in their halloween bask basket. ohio woman thinks her diamond anniversary ring slipped off her finger saturday night while she was handing out candy. >> i had had it enlarged. when it got cold, i think, you know, your fingers get smaller. i noticed it was spinning around more than it had been before but i didn't realize it was so loose that it was slipping off. as i was handing out candy, my suspicion is, i inadvertently threw my ring, too. >> oh, man. the woman figgeures she's not t first person that it's happened to but hoping to get it back.
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>> if it were his husband, he would be in so much trouble. sheriff is defending his idea to charge prison inmates $5 a buck for rent, even hair cuts. now it's gone all of the way to a state supreme court.
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for some of you waking up, it is election day in your state. important elections across the country day. may be an early indication whether republicans are gaining strength. the president worked hard to help democrats, especially in knowledge knowledge and virginia. but in both states, the democrats may lose the governor's mansion. both states have had long histories of electing governors from whichever party does not hold the white house. and a 20-year-old woman whose father allegedly ran her down with his jeep has died. this is noor almaleki, his father thought she had become too westernized. the mother of her boyfriend was hit but she is expected to recover. both women were walking along in
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this parking lot together when they were attacked. right now nearly a million people trying to get around philadelphia without almost any form of public transportation. what a pain. the city's transit strike went on strike overnight after contract talks broke down. what does that mean for you in philadelphia? no buses, no subways, no trolleys. even in some of the suburbs, only regional rail, we're told, still up and running because its crews work under different union contracts. and those are some of the headlines for this tuesday morning. welcome back. good morning once again to you. i am brooke baldwin. let's talk election day. more now on the two gubernatorial races. we are keeping on eye on here on hln. the president spent a lot of time trying to make sure democrats in both virginia and new jersey win governor. but, here's the deal. the democratic candidate in virginia is trailing. virginia is seen as an early indicator as to how voters'
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attitudes towards the president's policies will play out in the polls. >> fiscally conservative state. and some of these things that have been proposed by united states congress aren't resonating with the virginia voter. >> here's the thing, the president spent $70 million in virginia last year. unprecedented. we'll spend maybe $20 million. you know, we're trying to build on what he did as much as possible. >> that's the story in virginia. let's go to new jersey. jon corzine is in a tight race with republican chris christi. but a moderate third-party candidate could split the gop vote and give corzine a second term. how about this story out of ohio? police say it could be weeks before they identify those six women found dead inside this cleveland home. the coroner collecting dental records now for several missing women, including nancy cobbs who lived in that very neighborhood. he is also asking relatives to
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provide dna samples. one missing persons advocate say the deaths could have been prevented. >> nancy cobbs walked to the store. walked to the store on 116th and hasn't been seen since. six families are going to get horrible news. but if we had an a. missing persons department or active, ongoing investigation on these cases as much as possible, maybe none of this would have happened. >> as far as the investigation, police are rying to get a warrant to collect dna from this man who lived at the home. he's a convicted rapist, in prison for 15 years. they are also tracing all the places he's lived since he got out of prison in 2005. sowell has not been charge with any crimes though yet. new numbers this morning show a slight majority of americans approve of how president obama is handling his job. a cnn/opinion research poll found 54% of people surveyed gave him two thumbs up. they're not as happy about his
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he's handling the current economic crisis. 49% say they liked his tax policy. 47% approved of how he's handling unemployment. police officer shot and killed halloween night will be memorialized this week in seattle. a service is planned for friday. this vigil was held last night in the neighborhood where the officer was shot in his patrol car. a student officer, this trainee was also grazed by a bullet. authorities are still looking for suspects and they're investigating whether or not a recent torching of four police cars in the area could be part of the case. bob has been complaining about not having any good weather to talk about. >> which is a good thing, people complain, you don't talk about this state or that state. dp i don't talk about you, nothing is going on. i wish i could. there are a couple of glitches in there. let me show you what's happening. we have a couple of cold fronts.
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one is offshore, trails up across central florida later on today. winds off the ocean north of that boundary. watch for showers come in. around ft. lauderdale and cape canaveral area. weak cold front is around new york state stremping down in towards texas. the tail end of that, it's dry. no rain for you the next five to six days. that's the area that doesn't need anymore. flood warning, all of them shaded in green right now. good chunk of arkansas, eastern parts of texas, louisiana, missouri towards illinois. and parts of tennessee and getting in towards kentucky, too. you won't get any rain. not at least for the next five or six days. that's great news for you. cold front moving through central new york. light rain hung up across the mountains, towards maine. behind it, cool. m cool air going over the warm waters of lake superior. a little bit of light snow, too. look at the radar, things are beginning to wind down, which is good. get over the lower part of the
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east coast. there's florida, the east shore should work on. the only glitch out west is that fog in l.a. yeah, i don't mind complaining about the poor weather because it's great for just about everybody. >> speaking of complaining i meant to is, did you watch the world series last night? >> i did. that's why i've got three hours sleep. i had the pinstriped shirt all ready to go. maybe thursday. >> maybe thursday. sorry. all right. going home for the holidays could cost you some extra bucks this year. airlines plan to squeeze more money out of you. but there's still one way to save.
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it's video we've been showing all morning. you've probably seen it,
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football player gouges out another guy's eyes. a lot of you talked about saying this player got a slap on the wrist. rafer, what was it he was tossed out, for half of the game? >> he will miss half of a game. that's the thing about this, brooke. this happens all the time in football. the question is, should this man be punished more for it than he actually is being punished. this is florida linebacker brandon spikes. he is caught trying to gouge the eyes of georgia's. the coach suspended him for one-half of their upcoming game against vanderbilt. a half for this. again, this does happen in football, but a half, really? the school and the conference are happy with the punishment. the question is, are you? should this be over or should this man be disciplined more? frank from myrtle beach said, they say that sports can build character. i guess it can also create cowards and losers. gouging someone's facemask is not a part of the football i
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know and love. love that post. cory from new john in canada says, the video proves assault. it should be treated as such. trying to blind someone has nothing to do with playing football. a lot of people are against it. want to see more discipline. if you agree or you disagree, is where the facebook page. we are also blogging about it on there as well. brooke? >> i guess i can't say i ever played football but i imagine there are things worse that happen on the field. >> well, yeah, but that doesn't make it right. >> it does not make it right. rafer, thank you. searchers combing north dakota rang land for three missing college students. a friend got two calls, one right after the other from one of these women sunday night. both calls mention water and said they needed help. but then the call broke off. the women play softball for dickinson state university. they're believed to be in a white 1977 jeep cherokee with california plates.
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and, yes, it is, what, the third of november now? hard to believe we're talking about the holidays. if you'flying to see your famil get online and book the flight before the fees go up any higher. jennifer looking out for you now. jen, the airlines are loading on the surcharges. >> they actually send us e-mails and say, why do you pick on us? because you're loading us up with fees. >> paying too much money. >> $40 now is the surcharge on a round trip ticket if you dare to travel on the busy days around thanksgiving and christmas. it will come on top of the base fa fare. the airlines want to make as much money as possible for to make up for the empty seats they're seeing on the there flights. they have cut back on the flights but it's a recession. in terms of your strategy for buying a ticket. last year experts said you could wait around, you could get a kind of 11th hour, last-minute
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deal. they say it is much better this year to buy as as soon as possible. that's when it comes to airlines. stores, though, i tell you. this is going to be a great holiday season in terms of some of the deals out there. i know that a lot of us, you know, you want to keep your budget. don't spend irresponsibly but you're going to see a lot of deals. at sears -- that is good news in a bad economy. at sears, they're not wait for black friday. they are calling it black friday now. if you don't want to wake up on that friday morning after thanksgiving at 4:00 in the morning, you can go to sears on saturday. every saturday through christmas, they're going to have some of those amazing door buster sales. one example this saturday, a 42-inch plasma for about $500. over at walmart, cutting toy prices even further. some toys less than ten bucks now. target is handing out gift cards if you buy a certain amount you get a gift card for this amount. the price wars really on. and that could definitely help you if you are really trying to be a strategic shopper, just not
10:43 am
going out and doing it in one fell swoop. >> got to stay competitive. thank you. time now to tell you about the question that we're asking this afternoon if yut your views." earlier, a grown number of kids are ignoring age requirements for social networking sites like like myspace, facebook. a lot of kids are logging on. >> the 12-year-olds are right there at 13, they think they're old enough to do everything. they'll fudge a little bit. they'll get on these websites, the myspace, the facebook, all these places that, to me, they seem like they could be scary places for kids, wouldn't you think that's why they have these age requirements? maybe not, brooke. there's a study that people have been talking agent since yesterday. psychologists say everybody calm down. they say that the fears that young kids on these social networking sites are in for danger. they say that there's a reason to be a little concerned but
10:44 am
don't freak out. that these kids know how to manage these sites because they've been around for nearly their whole lives now, at least the internet at the very least. so that maybe if parents are vigilant -- >> i was going to say, parent take some responsibility there. >> if parents are vigilant, calm down. some people say, no, i don't want them on there even if they are old enough. a couple of questions here. first question is, should these site bs more vigilant about making sure that the kids that are on their sites are the right age, that aren't fudging their age. or, you know, what role do parents play in this? if parents do allow their kids on these sites, we want to know, parents share the stories about how you try to monitor what your kids do on these sites. call us right now at 1-877-tell. hln. e-mail us at or go to my facebook page to bring up the page, richelle carey. do you agree with the study, do you think it's hogwash, myspace
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and facebook are scary places for kids. what do you think? >> we'll hear some things, this is what you should do. thank you. actor ted danson took on the religious right last night right here on hln. hear why he says rush limbaugh and others out there are exploiting their listeners. >> those are p t. people that really piss me off, to be honest. i totally understand people who are angry and are faearful. i understand church is a huge part of their life. i understand people not wanting their daughters to watch mtv. i understand and have empathy for all those people. the people that come along and make use of those people's fears and insecurities to make money or to maik something -- a position for them, you know, more palletable, those people are -- shame, shame. >> do you want to name some names? >> rush, we're talking rush. >> who else? >> you know what, pretty much the religious right does that, by and large. you know? >> the extremists.
10:46 am
>> yes. >> and they prey on people's fears? >> yeah. and it's the people -- people's fears you totally understand. i understand that. i understand wanting to go to a mega church because, you know, the rest of your life is tough. you know, i understand all of that. but then you come along and organize those people off of their fears and anger, and i think that's too bad. >> you can catch "the joy berha show" here. 911 operators get some weird calls. >> all right. you heard it. you get the idea. hear what happened when drunk drivers call to say i want to report myself.
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happen right now. german chancellor speaking to an joint meeting of congress. let's take a live look. there she is. she wants the u.s. lawmakers to support the new global deal to fight climate change. that was also one of the topics
10:49 am
when merkle met with president obama an hour ago. there is everyone applauding her being there. he says it is first time a german chancellor has ever spoken to both houses of congress at the same time. history in the making there. one woman apparently knew she drank a little too much before getting behind the wheel, so what did she do? she dialled 911 on herself. >> all right. that's a first. dispatcher asked her to pull over. she agreed. police say when they found her she told them she started drinking earlier in the day, had seven or eight liquor drinks at bars. officers say her blood alcohol content was nearly twice the legal limit. >> i applaud her having a conscious. >> you like the honesty? >> brutal honesty.
10:50 am
>> points for her. points for the phillies, i guess. bob said he got three hours of sleep. >> all for not. they said they didn't listen to jay-z in the dugout. >> do they didn't listen to jayz in the dugout. >> do they normally? >> they normally do and they didn't and now things are sunny again in philadelphia. their backs were against the wall. the yankees were on the brink of winnings the world series. the yankees dancing in the dugout for game five. perhaps a little premature in that celebration, because the phillies were the ones dancing. star chase utley, one of the best names in baseball, chase utley put a hurt on new york. he had not one but two home runs in the game to lead philadelphia to the win. utley now has five home runs for the entire series, which is amazing. it ties a record for the most in the fall classic. game six is in new york on wednesday. meanwhile, in other baseball news, a milestone has been reached in professional sports with the chicago cubs. according to multiple media sources, the cubs have the first
10:51 am
openly gay owner. laura ricketts of the ricketts family who bought the team recently is an open lesbian. she came out in her 30s and says her family supports her 100%. and a woman battling multiple sclerosis finished the new york city marathon a day after it started. z zoe kopploowitz is truly an inspiration. and ginobli had to get a rabies shot. he got multiple shots and after this you shall her took it, he took it out, and flew away presumably to the theme song of "born free." >> that is the bat seen around the world. that bat got some serious tv time. >> we're glad it's okay.
10:52 am
>> rafer, thanks for that update. some people from rabies shot to h1n1 flu vaccine, some people will not have to wait very long to get one of these. how one health department trying to make sure people do not get stuck in these long lines we've been seeing lately.
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right now on "showbiz tonight," jon begs kate to forgive him. tonight, caught on tape, jon's shocking new public apology to kate at a jewish temple. >> i am sorry for doing the things that i did and i do ask for her forgiveness. >> tonight, the rabbi who was side by side with jon right here in the exclusive interview you'll see only on "showbiz tonight." and the great debate. should kate forgive jon? tonight, just released, the very disturbing anna nicole
11:01 am
caught on tape shocker. >> you know when you're having gas and you feel it and it's like, pow! >> anna nicole smith peaking her pregnancy for gas. where did this chilling tape come from and could it lead for prison for former boyfriend howard k. stern. and big news breaking today about scary star stalkers. the targets, ryan seacrest, miley cyrus, justin timberlake. tv's most provocative entertainment news show starts right now. hi, there, everyone. i'm brooke anderson, coming to you tonight from hollywood. and tonight, jon begs kate to forgive him. what we are about to show you is truly extraordinary. jon gosselin caught on tape at a jewish temple publicly asking kate to forgive him for acting like such a jerk. and the rabbi jon was with is
11:02 am
with us tonight for an exclusive interview you will see only on "showbiz tonight." but, wait, there's more. just a short time ago, the nation watched as kate went on television tonight and was grilled by an nbc news correspondent. i have to tell you that these latest developments in the jon and kate drama seemed almost surreal today and they all made for big news breaking. first, he was a devoted husband and father of eight. >> good boy. >> reporter: then he was in the tabloids as a hard-partying ladies' man. now "showbiz tonight" can tell you jon gosselin is turning over a new leaf, so he says. >> to ask for forgiveness from someone who may never forgive me is tough for me. >> reporter: at a public event sunday night in a new york city synagogue, jon gosselin had his own night of atonement. she's apologizing to his soon-to-be ex-wife, kate. >> i do apologize to kate. i am sorry for toidoing the thi that i did and i do ask for her
11:03 am
for givens. >> reporter: jon also announces a break from his 22-year-old girlfriend. >> jon gosselin is finally on his big apology tour. he was on his fame whore tour 2009 and now he decided he wants the public to like him again. >> reporter: the general public stopped liking jon soon after he and kate announced their split this past summer. >> his behavior has been that of a high school teenage boy let loose when his parents go out of town. >> reporter: several months and lots of bad headlines later, a new more humble jon gosselin landed in this synagogue for an apologetic and public chat with his new swifrl adviser, celebrity rabbi, shmuley boy ta boteach. >> he was michael jackson's spiritual adviser. >> reporter: with prodding from
11:04 am
rabbi shmuley, jon admitted he hasn't exactly been the best role model for his children. >> i will be the model of my daughters' husbands. so if i act the way i'm acting, they will probably marry someone like me. >> would you want them --? >> in the last eight months, probably not. that would probably be very bad. i would be very upset with that. >> reporter: and jon also is apologizing for starting a controversial relationship with 22-year-old hailey glassman, the daughter of the doctor who performed kate's tummy tuck. hailey and jon became a very public twosome have soon after jon and kate announced their split. at his synagogue confessional, jon admitted that was a bad move. a confession seen this morning on "good morning america". >> i'll apologize to her for openly having relationships in the public eye and that was a huge mistake. because if she would have done that to me, it's almost like a stab in the back. >> reporter: just last week, hailey accused jon of being emotionally abusive. now, jon's owning up to that.
11:05 am
and in his confessional shown this morning on "good morning america," jon says he and hailey are putting the brakes on their relationship until after his divorce. >> i don't want another failure in my relationship. from my past actions. i don't want to make the same mistakes i did with kate with hailey. >> reporter: entertainment journalist joe piazza tells "showbiz tonight" she's not exactly sure gosselin has given up his fame-seeking ways. >> i think by jon choosing to work with rabbi scheduhmuley, i not like he's ready to give up fame. he didn't go to the local synagogue or the priest down the street, he chose a celebrity rabbi. i buy the fact that jon is sorry. is he genuinely sorry for what he's done or is he sorry because now america dislikes him for what he's done is the question. >> "showbiz tonight" is also breaking big news tonight, because coming up right here, get ready for my explosive one-on-one exclusive with the
11:06 am
rabbi who was with jon gosselin last night. it's the headline-making interview you will see only right here on "showbiz tonight." so here's tonight's burning question. and it comes down to this. should kate accept jon's apology? with us tonight in new york, cooper lawrence, a psychologist and author of the book "cult of celebrity." and in hollywood tonight, carlos diaz, a correspondent for "extra." okay, it really was startling to me to see how apologetic jon was. i have to say, there was no ambiguity. he came right to the point and the whole nation got to see it this morning when it was played on "good morning america." watch. >> and i'll apologize to her for openly having relationships in the public eye. and that was a huge mistake. because if she would have done that to me, it's almost like a stab in the back. >> yeah. well, then jon plain and simple asked indict forgive him. cooper, should she? >> well, let's put aside the fact that these are two complete media whores.
11:07 am
let's look at them as two people -- it's serious. these are two people who have eight children between them and they're getting divorced and d forgiveness is good for them. for her, just letting go of it could be a good thing for her, regardless of how you feel about each one of them individually as human beings. >> carlos, your take, should kate forgive him? >> she has no choice but to forgive him. this is a brilliant move on jon's part. and i disagree, because in the piece, he's seeing rabbi shmuley, who is a famed rabbi. but what he's doing is he's saying he's sorry to the world, not just a rabbi. but here's the thing. he says he's sorry and now kate can no longer say, i don't know this man anymore, he's going out with these women, he's doing all these different things. she's forced to say, i forgive you or i don't. and if she doesn't, she's the bad person. >> but these are just words right now, carlos, these aren't actions. these are just words. >> but there are actions. today he went back to
11:08 am
pennsylvania, was in new york last night, went back to pennsylvania today and went back to cleaning up the kids, cleaning up the house, and being a dad again. so he's being a dad again. he's forcing her to say, okay, i forgive you, you're being a dad. >> well, we'll see if that lasts. hopefully it will. he's got to put his money where his mouth is. and while jon is asking kate to forgive him, i've got to wonder what she's thinking, because jon blamed kate for the way he's asking. he said, quote, i was looking for the affirmation at the clubs and bars that i wasn't getting from kate at home. i think i was giving love and it was being reciprocated back to me. i didn't feel respected. she always said i was the ninth child and i felt like the ninth child. cooper, it seems to me like, yeah, i'll apologize, but kate, you've got some apologizing to do yourself. >> we all saw the show. she was more than just disrespectful. she was emasculating at times. so there's no surprise that he would overreact afterwards, after their divorce, after they separated by dating anything that would have him, anything
11:09 am
under the age of 25. no shock there. i think a lot of men do that. but i think he did do it. he was hurtful to her. so i think he should own up to his responsibility, regardless of what the impetus was. >> well, jon not only one speaking out. just a short time ago, the nation watched an extraordinary interview with kate that was broadcast tonight on tlc, home of the "jon & kate plus 8" show. kate sat down for an hour-long interview with nbc news correspondent natalie morales that was taped before jon's public apology. she talked about the toll that the last few months have taken on her. take a look. >> how is this affecting you all? that we don't see? >> i'm awake in the middle of the night, thinking, am i making the best decision? >> so there's kate on the left, speaking on tv tonight in a nationwide special, jon on the right, speaking before 50 -- count them, 50 paying customers at a new york city synagogue. carlos, quickly, what's wrong with this picture? seems to me kate is coming
11:10 am
across as much more powerful. >> no! i disagree, because jon's interview was seen in its entirety. you can watch the whole interview and get an opinion of jon. kate's interview was completely edited. it was edited by tlc and of course they'll want their product, kate, to look good on tlc. she's got the crocodile tears flowing in the same thing and it's the same kate we've seen over and over again. at least we're seeing a different jon with this, with him apologizing. it's a jon we've never seen, a kate we've seen a thousand times before. >> okay. good point. carlos diaz, cooper lawrence, we appreciate your insight. thanks. and another reminder that coming up, my explosive one-on-one exclusive with the rabbi that was with jon gosselin last night. it's the headline making interview you'll see only on shii"showbiz tonight." moving on now, i cannot believe this just-released anna nicole smith tape. watch. >> my belly's getting -- because it's gas. >> it's your baby. >> no. it's gas.
11:11 am
>> it's your baby. >> anna nicole smith mistaking her pregnancy for gas?! where did this chilling tape come from and could it lead to serious jail time for ana's former boyfriend, howard k. stern and her doctors. brand-new tonight, it's lohan versus lohan. lindsay goes after her dad, michael, in a startling public rant. she even calls him a lunatic. will lindsay take her own dad to court? and for the very first time, the mother of the baby that miraculo miraculous survived after getting hit by a train speaks out. and now the "showbiz news ticker." more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now.
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tonight, will jay leno return to "the tonight show"? in a brand-new interview revealed today with broadcasting
11:15 am
and cable magazine, leno says he'd rather have stayed on "the tonight show." and leno says if he was asked, he'd go back. right now t"the tonight show" hosted by conan o'brien is getting beaten by david letterman and leno's 10:00 p.m. show isn't doing so hot, but no changes are in the works yet. welcome back to "showbiz tonight." i'm brooke anderson in hollywood. tonight, three very scary stalker stories involving three big stars. brand-new breaking details late today about "american idol" host ryan seacrest's alleged stalker. is ryan in danger? also breaking tonight, justin timberlake wins a temporary restraining order against a woman who trespassed on to the grounds of his home in los angeles. and brand-new questions tonight surrounding miley cyrus' safety. prosecutors say they didn't have enough evidence to charge miley's alleged stalker. joining me tonight in hollywood, kim serafin, a senior editor for "in touch weekly." kim, let's get right to it.
11:16 am
i want to begin with this scary ryan seacrest stalker story. late today a guy named cheaty uhzoma was formally charged with stalking seacrest after slipping into the studios at "e!." back in september, the game was was arrested in orange county. kim, that has got to be incredibly, incredibly scary for ryan. >> it's very scary, especially for someone like ryan seacrest, whose job it is to kind of be out there. you can turn on the radio and know exactly where he is. he's at "e!" or at the children's hospital in orange county, he was talking about being there and broadcasting live there. and this is his appeal. being able to twitter, to be able to talk about where he is, what restaurant he went to, what celebrity he's seeing or talking to. so it's very scary. because it's not like angelina jolie where he can go off and shoot a movie. his job is to be out there. >> you're right.
11:17 am
great point. and tmz reports that the u.s. army confirms this guy is currently a member of the u.s. army reserves and is assigned to a special forces unit. now, ryan was granted a temporary restraining order and there will be a court hearing november 17th to try to extend that for three years. turning now to another scary stalker story, this one involving justin timberlake. for a third time, 48-year-old karen jay mcneil made it on to timberlake's property before being placed into protective psychiatric custody. kim, justin has just gotten a temporary restraining order. i've got to wonder why he waited so long. >> yeah. you have to wonder that, especially, because apparently this woman had restraining orders against her from axle rose and the guys from metallica too. but at the same time, the court filings show that her behavior had become more ominous, more threatening. justin timberlake has a lot of obsessed fans, a lot of people who send him gifts or say that they love him or want to be near
11:18 am
him or show up at concerts. you have to find that balance between who's a groupie or a big fan or someone who's dangerous and orvbviously it got to the point where she was someone who was considered dangerous. >> kim serafin, thank you so much. we appreciate it. okay, just a short time ago, kate gosselin was interviewed we nbc news and our "showbiz on call" phone lines are still being flooded with calls about jon and kate. we got a call from carrie in pennsylvania. she thinks the women that defend jon are way off. >> caller: i'm a little annoyed at the fact that people, especially women, keep saying that he's such a great guy when he's out galavanting around and even his girlfriend, who's 22, is talking crap on him. when his wife is keeping pretty much a low profile and doing everything she can to take care of her children. >> carrie, thank you for your call. debby calling into "showbiz on call" from mississippi thinks
11:19 am
kate is a hypocrite. >> caller: i'm really sick and tired of kate making jon to be the money-hungry, the wild lifestyle, like he's an unfit father. and look at her. it's the pot calling the kettle black. not only does she love celebrities, she's celebrity hungry, she's money hungry. >> thank you, debbie. call us at "showbiz on call." let us know what you think about this or anything else. the number, 1-888-sbt-buzz, leave us a voice mail. we'll play your calls here on "showbiz tonight." and tonight, jon is apologizing to kate. jon begs kate to forgive him for all his womanizing. >> i'll apologize to her for openly having relationships in the public eye and that was a huge mistake. because if she would have done that to me, it's almost like a stab in the back. >> jon does all this at a jewish temple, unbelievable! tonight, the rabbi who was right there at jon's side is right here in the exclusive interview
11:20 am
you'll see only on "showbiz tonight." every time i see this video, i just have to turn away. the baby who survived being hit by a train, his stroller rolling on to the tracks. tonight, the mother of that baby speaking out for the first time. and also this. >> you know how when you're having gas and you feel it and it's like, ow! >> that's your baby kicking you! >> no. >> she's having brain trouble. brain trouble. >> the brand-new disturbing anna nicole smith tape, ana mistaking her pregnancy for gas. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. and now the "showbiz news ticker," more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now. @@@@@
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and i'll apologize to her for openly having relationships in the public eye. and that was a huge mistake. because if she would have done that to me, it's almost like a stab in the back. >> now on "showbiz tonight," the rabbi who is lending a helping hand to jon gosselin is right here. rabbi shmuley boteach in the exclusive interview you'll see only on "showbiz tonight." also, the completely disturbing, just-released anna nicole smith video in which she seems to mistake her pregnancy for gas. >> look how big my belly's getting. because it's gas. >> it's your baby. >> nah-huh. it's gas.
11:31 am
>> it's your baby. >> it's chilling video and brings up some very disturbing questions. lindsay lohan's unbelievable public tirade against her own father. why she's calling him a lunatic and why she wants to go after him in court. plus, more stories breaking from the "showbiz news ticker," tv's first provocative entertainment news show continues right now. we welcome bayou back to "showbiz tonight." tonight, a "showbiz tonight" exclusive. jon and the rabbi. jon gosselin's incredible confessions last night in an intimate discussion at a new york city synagogue. he revealed all about the pitfalls of fame with his new spiritual adviser, rabbi shmuley boteach. >> i think i'm just misunderstood. you know, like i said, i'm not a
11:32 am
fame seeker. >> tonight, we are going one on one, exclusively, with the rabbi himself. rabbi shmuley boteach is also taking all your burning questions about jon gosselin. and i have to say, nothing was off-limits last night as jon revealed so many intimate details about what he's going through as he navigates this messy divorce, smack in the middle of the media frenzy. >> i'll apologize to her for openly having relationships in the public eye. and that was a huge mistake. >> joining me tonight is rabbi shmuley boy taik, founder of this world and the author of "the broken american male and how to fix him." welcome, rabbi shmuley. >> hi, brooke. >> great to have you here. jon really put himself out there last night. he talked about his bad relationships, apologized to his soon-to-be ex-wife, kate, explained why he and hailey are taking a break, and even went into his own parents' divorce. it was some really heavy stuff.
11:33 am
rabbi, why did jon decide to reveal this really intimate information right now and also so publicly? >> i think jon has been rightly condemned for immoral behavior, but he ought to be applauded for moral courage and last night was an evening of moral courage. we have very high rates of infidelity in the united states and high rates of divorce and it's time men start taking responsibility for their actions. you can't humiliate your wife in public and only apologize in private. when he said i humiliated my wife, i caused her great pain by being photographed with other women, that was the morally courageous thing to do. and i believe he's doing it now because he understands that he's at a turning point in his life. will he continue behavior that he can to the approve of that's not in sync with his moral convictions or will he be the man that he wants to be. one of the things i thought was most moving, that he would be embarrassed later in life when his kids would google him and see his behavior because every
11:34 am
parent wants to be a hero to his or her kids. >> and he should take responsibility now before it gets any worse. i want to take a look at a very profound moment in your discussion with jon last night. i have to say, he paints a really sad picture of himself as a man who had hit absolute rock bottom when he came to you. let's watch. >> it's all -- it just kind of, a month ago, just kind of came crashing down. didn't know what to do anymore. and i came to the rabbi and that's who i went to talk to. not because he's jewish or a rabbi or any of that stuff, i just had no one else. >> this is a shocking revelation. rabbi, what kind of person was jon when he came to you for help? >> let's go back for a moment. isn't that interesting, we live under the illusion in america that fame brings great joy and happiness. here's a man who's became a household name and who said he was utterly lost, that fame became intoxicating, and it made
11:35 am
him into someone he didn't want to be. the outset of your show, three very sad stories, lindsay lohan, jon gosselin, anna nicole smith. fame is destroying people's lives. fame can be used for very good purposes and that's what i'm encouraging jon to do. i think jon is someone who's inspired by his father example. he spoke very eloquently about his father last night as a child's dentist who treated handicapped children, fixed their teeth so they wouldn't be bullied and made fun of in school. and when you live under the specter of parents who were not famous, but they were just righteous, tried to live decent lives, you begin to assess your own life in light of their example and you feel inadequate. and i think jon really wants to change. having said that, as i spoke to him on the phone today and reminded him, his words last night were very move and eloquent, but in the final analysis, he'll be judged by his actions in the coming future. >> exactly. and you make a great point about fame. it is very dangerous for some who can't handle it. we asked our "showbiz tonight" facebook fans what burning
11:36 am
questions they had about this. our facebook wall has been buzzing about jon's discussion with you, rabbi, especially when jon dropped the bombshell that he and his 22-year-old girlfriend hailey glassman were taking a break. what he said was first scene on tv this morning on "good morning america." let's watch. >> slow things down and calm things down a bit. until i get through my divorce and until i know everything's settled and okay. i don't want another failure in my relationship, from my past actions. i don't want to make the same mistakes i did with kate, with hailey. >> rabbi, here's a question for you from "showbiz tonight" facebook fan donna r. a are you going to counsel jon on how wrong it will be if he stays with hailey, the daughter of the surgeon who did kate's stomach repair after the birth of his eight children. wouldn't that be a constant reminder of the pain he has put on his family. >> i think the reason why putting this relationship on ice
11:37 am
a little bit is so important is for three reasons. number one, when you're going through a divorce, your children are in a lot of pain, you can't be distracted by a relationship. and number two, you aren't divorced yet. the children deserve clarity. finally, number three, you don't date someone on the rebound. you have to create a relationship out of strength and not out of weakness. in they return to this relationship later oon and it's real, then god bless them. but i think it's too premature to talk about other consequences of the relationship. jon and kate have eight children. and even if they're not husband and wife, they'll always be mom and dad and those kids now need the priority. >> absolutely. and speaking of hailey, though she did really let jon have it last week when she went on national tv and told the world that jon was emotionally abusive. not only did jon admit that hailey was right, he tried to explain last night why he acted like a jerk. watch this. >> for ten years, i just kept it all in and never said anything and i emotionally abused people because it all of a sudden just came out one day and unfortunately, it was kate, and
11:38 am
unfortunately, it was hailey. >> rabbi, jon seems to really be owning up to his behavior here, but i've got to tell you, there are going to be a lot of people out there who are not buying it with what he -- how did he seem to you? did he seem contrived? did he seem staged at all? a lot of people are going to think that was how he came across. >> well, brooke, i think there's two sides to all of us. at last more sincere inner side, which is more altruistic, selfless, and another side of us that can be a bit more narcissistic, more selfish. and jon was speaking from the heart. when he goes back into the limelight, will he still be in touch with that inner voice of consciousness? what he said last night was absolutely insince absolutely sincere. but he should be judged in light of his actions and not in light of his comments. words are nice, but actions are everything. no matter how famous you are or rich you are, are you a success in life if the people that mean
11:39 am
the most to you think the least of you. and it's not this audience that matters the most to jon and not the tlc audience, it's the children. they're the ones whose respect he most wants. >> very good advice. rabbi shmuley boteach, thank you so much for taking time to be with us tonight. we really appreciate it. and i'm sure jon really appreciates your advice to him as well. thank you. tonight, just released disturbing video of anna nicole smith. >> you know how when you're having gas and you feel it and it's like, ow! >> that's your baby kicking you! >> no. >> she's having brain trouble. >> anna nicole caught on tape saying apparently she thought her pregnancy was just a bad case of gas. it's the very chilly video you will have a hard time believing. and also lindsay lohan's unbelievable public tirade today against her own father. why she's calling him a lunatic. and who could forget this horrifying video? a 6-month-old boy run over by a
11:40 am
train when a stroller rolled on to the tracks. amazingly, he survived, barely a scratch. and for the first time today, his mom spoke out about what that moment was like. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. now the "showbiz news ticker," more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now.
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look how big my belly's getting, because it's gas. >> it's your baby. >> nah-huh, it's gas. >> it's your baby. >> brand-new startling video obtained by "showbiz tonight" of a dazed and confused anna nicole smith in clown face in a home video shot in 2006. did she really think her pregnancy was a case of bad gas? welcome back to "showbiz tonight." i'm brooke anderson in hollywood. tonight, did anna nicole smith really forget she was pregnant and thought she had gas? in this unbelievable video obtained today by "showbiz tonight," anna nicole actually believes her baby bump is a horrible case of gas.
11:44 am
it's the disturbing video you have to see to believe. and also breaking tonight, lindsay lohan strikes back at her dad. why is she taking to her twitter page to call her father a lunatic? joining me tonight in new york is jane velez-mitchell, the host of the fabulous show "issues with jane velez-mitchell," which you can catch every night right here on hln. also joining me tonight in hollywood, carlos diaz, a correspondent with "extra." jane, carlos, i have got to start with this video "showbiz tonight" uncovered today. it's absolutely disturbing footage of anna nicole smith in clown makeup completely spaced out at a child's birthday party in 2006. she can't figure out if she's pregnant or if she has gas. watch this.
11:45 am
>> first of all, the fact that this young child was exposed to this type of behavior is reprehensible to me.
11:46 am
now, that video presented in court at a hearing that ended with smith's doctors and former boyfriend howard k. stern ordered to stand trial on charges they illegally provided her with prescription drugs. jane, how could anna nicole smith forget she was pregnant? >> well, first of all, i have to say, brooke, the fact that she is this apparently stoned and pregnant is so extraordinarily disturbing on so many levels for the health of the child, for example. but to answer your question, yes, when you are very, very high and stoned, you can forget a lot. you know, there's that comedy movie "dude, where's my car" about two potheads that get wasted and wake up the next morning and can't remember where they left their car. that's a comedy, but that kind of thing actually happens all the time. for example, with alcoholism, there's something called wet brain, where you destroy so many brain cells that you literally become mentally disabled as a result of the substance abuse. so this can and does happen. >> it's very, very sad to watch. now, a judge decided the video
11:47 am
will not be played when stern and ana's two doctors go on trial. the judge said hektd be sure that this video showed that anna was on drugs. not on drugs? she seems incoherent, totally spaced out, but what do you think, was she acting? >> that's the thing. if you've seen this whole video and i've seen the whole thing, there's no point where you see anna nicole taking drugs, so it's wise for the judge not to have this in court for any kind of jury to see. but if you've ever interviewed anna nicole smith, she always kind of acts kind of out there, but this, not knowing that you have a baby in your stomach and thinking that it might be gas, that's taking it to the nth degree. >> takes it to a whole new level. it is so upsetting to watch. i do want to move now, though, to lindsay lohan's brand-new smackdown with her own father. this too is over prescription drugs. michael lohan has been going around telling the world that lindsay is addicted to prescription drugs.
11:48 am
he says he's going after conservatorship over lindsay because she won't go to rehab. well, lindsay took to her twitter page and wrote this. "my father is a lunatic and doesn't even deserve such a title since he's never been around in my life, other than when he threatened me and my family. he should be where he has always put himself, after verbally abusing and physically abusing people all my life, behind bars. it's so sad to get a phone call from my baby sister just now asking, why is daddy doing this through tears? she's crossed the line and hurt me and my family for the last time. so much for having a dad. i'm going to spend some time with the ones that love many eaeme and i love now." jane, does lindsay have the right to be furious? >> i don't think so. personally, this is not coming out of the blue. she has a history of trouble, car accident, high-speed chase, dui. very recently, she was an hour and a half late, reportedly, to court and got slapped with an
11:49 am
extra year of probation. and a judge has warned her to take her alcohol education classes seriously. so i think that she has a track record and her dad is responding to that. and you know, he's had his own problems, but it takes one to know one. so he may actually have the wisdom to be able to see at this point that she needs help. >> who knows, jane, they both have had their issues, but it seems that they should both be quiet for a little while. >> we'll end it there, jane velez-mitchell, carlos diaz, thank you both. tonight, for the first time, the mother of the baby who narrowly escaped death, being run over by a train is speaking out. did you see this? who can forget this horrifying video at a train station outside melbourne, australia. a mother goes into a panic as the stroller carrying her 6-month-old son rolls off the platform and into the path of an oncoming train, the mother almost jumped in front of the train herself. amazingly, the baby survived hardly a crash. on the "today" show this morning, matt lauer asked the mom about that unimaginable
11:50 am
moment when the stroller rolled on to the tracks. >> there was a moment that i thought i should jump, but i just thought for a second that i should have a look what has happened to him. i just wanted to have a look, is he, and -- and that time i just -- i was -- blank. i was complete shock. >> oh! baby doing just fine. truly mly miraculous ending to story. we took baby kate to the pumpkin patch. there she is. she was fairy for part of the time and she was a ladybug for part of the time. of course, girls got to have choices right? sitting up on her own. he plopped her among the pumpkins. she had a fabulous time. we had a really fun first halloween. i hope you at home had a great halloween as well. no everybody spent halloween looking cute in a pumpkin patch. lots of people went to see a
11:51 am
scary movie. undercover inside a movie theater to investigate horror movies. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. now more stories from the news ticker making stories right now --
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12:00 pm
an arizona man accused of running down his own daughter way car is back in the u.s., back in jail. prosecutors are preparing murder charges against him. voters are going to the polls across the country today. what's at stake in this off-year election? in myspace, facebook, other social networking sites, they do have an age limit, but lots of younger kids lie about their 5i67 as, they sign up anyway. how old is old enough? we'll share your views. hln "news and views." hi, i'm richelle carey. thanks, as always, for your time. got an update on a story that's affected a lot of you. responding. charges are expected to be upgraded against a father y accused of running over his own
12:01 pm
daughter. apparently because he thought she was too westernized. the iraqi woman, nora, just 20 years old, died yesterday. she'd been in the hospital since being run over two weeks ago. family members say he was upset his daughter was living with her boyfriend and didn't live by traditional muslim values. during a hearing before his daughter's death, a prosecutor called him a flight risk. >> the defendant tries to hide behind his moral conviction, yet he also fled. so the state has serious concerns that this defendant would attempt to flee if he were to be released, and that he does have the resources and others who would be willing to help him as they obviously did. he got as far as england. so he clearly was able to get pretty far away from the jurisdiction and attempt to escape responsibility for his actions. >> the boyfriend's mother in this case, the boyfriend of the young woman killed, was also
12:02 pm
struck by the car. family members say she is in serious but stable condition. a 25-year-old pregnant mother is missing. she went to see her unborn baby's father thursday. hasn't been seen since. now her relatives are desperate and distraught. here's bill pierson with affiliate wear. >> reporter: jasmine robertson says her cousin is a good-hearted soul. >> she'll help anyone. anyone. she will help, if you were in need, she would help you. she's a nice person. she don't care what she got to do to go out of her way, she would do it for you. >> reporter: mother to a 5-year-old boy on her way to see the father of her unborn child. the family tells us that man married to another woman had been wanting to meet privately with her for some time. samira only wanted to meet 3ub likely but she gave in. she's been missing ever since. >> i hope she's not anywhere
12:03 pm
hurt. if anybody saw thing or saw her, i hope they come forward. >> reporter: moving into this unit below the one samira was going to. he said the man living here was awfully busy move out of here. two days after she went missing. >> in a hurry to get gone. a u-haul trailer. didn't see the tags. everything moving over here. as far as they was, just in a hurry for the family, a tough few days especially when the 5-year-old starts asking questions. >> how's he doing? asking questions about mom? >> yes, actually he is. he is wondering where his mom is. >> reporter: how hard is to answer that question. >> oh, it's very hard. right now, i'm just hoping she's still alive. that's how i'm trying to take it. >> reporter: the family knows time is running out and their desperate for someone to help out. >> somebody knows. somebody knows. somebody knows, but they probably scared to come forward, but i hope they come. i just hope before it's too
12:04 pm
late. she's probably hurt right now, but i just hope y'all cull forward. if you know anything, please, come forward. please. >> again that was bill pierson of pensacola, florida, affiliate wear reporting. searchers combing north dakota rangeland for three missing college students. they found no trace of the wimthe only for police so far, a friend that got two calls from one of the women sunday night. both calls mentioned water and said they needed help. the woman plays softball for dickinson university. they were out star gazing believed to be in a white 1997 cherokee with california plates. almost 1 million people are having 20 find a new way around philadelphia today. no bus, no subways or trolleys in the city, also some of the suburbs are not running because of the city's largest transit union went on strike at midnight. talks broke down over pay, pensionsened work rules. transit officials say their
12:05 pm
offer was competitive. stay tuned. from new york to california, it's election day. again, voters will pick governors members of congress and big city mayors in today's off-year balloting. the results to be an indicator of the public mood one year after the election of president obama. one closely watched race is for governor of virginia. the one on your left trying to become the state's third straight democratic governor. president obama carried virginia last year. however, the republican is the favorite in the race. the last poll showed him way double digit lead. o'donnell is a form 0er state legislator and virginia attorney general. deeds has been a state senator for 18 years. new jersey governor jon corzine is fighting hard for a second term. the latest poll show the democrat incumbent is running neck and neck with this republican challenger. former u.s. attorney chris christie. a wild card in the deck. an independent candidate, chris
12:06 pm
daggett, drawing significant support. former last governor sarah palin reported an endorsement of christie used in automated phone call, robocalls, to perspective voters. the most damatic race may be the one for congressional seat up in new york. a third party conservative candidate doug hoffman has a chance to win because the republican nominee abruptly left the race last weekend. gop candidate endorsed democratic opponent billowens. today's special election will fill a seat in republicans hands for decades. new numbers show a slight majority of americans approve how president obama is handling his job. a any cnn opinion research corporation poll finds 54% give him a thumb's up. not as happy how he's handling the economic crisis. 46% approve how he's handling the economy. most americans disagree with how
12:07 pm
he's handling, iraq, health care, afghanistan, the deficit and immigration. the next story will break your heart. nearly half of all u.s. kids could be on food stamps at some point during their childhood. a new study says 90% of african-american kids and 30% of white kids may get food stamps by the age of 20. the recession could push the alarming numbers even higher. studies say pediatricians should be aware their at risk for malnutrition and other sicknesses linked to poverty. seems everyone is on facebook or myspace these days. everyone but little kids. right? that is not always the case. how young is too young to log on to these sites? talking about that, next.
12:08 pm
12:09 pm
researchers say more kids are ignoring those age
12:10 pm
requirements on websites like facebook and myspace. both websites require users to be at least 13 years old, but you know kids. they're pretend to be older. going to sign up. survied by pew internet research found 38% of kids ages 12 to 14 have online profiles. i bet some of the parents don't know this. some experts say too much exposure at such a young age to lead to internet addiction and even brain damage. others point out there's no solid research and they're making a big deal about nothing. this is the viewer question today. what do you think about kids being on social networking sites? not the internet general. specifically the social networking sites? getting a lot of comments on one particular social networking site, facebook. if you want to get in on it, search richelle carey@hln to comment. terry said my 10-year-old does
12:11 pm
myspace. i sfind safer than facebook and easier to monitor. she has all her family and a few close friends on her page. i think it's a good way for her to stay in touch with them. a lot of people say it's a good way for kids to stay in touch with families. and marie says i think children need to socialize with their peers on an authentic level. children spend enough time on the internet and need to be involved physically with others in sports and social levels. if all they know thousand do is type, how will they learn how to communicate with others throughout their lives? a phone call. this saddle more authentic. i think marie might appreciate us talking to somebody. carmen is calling from virginia. what do you think? >> caller: i think children are too young to be social networking nowadayses. the age limit should be set higher to 18 or 16, and parents should monitor. parents should definitely get onboard and monitor their children, because it's too unsafe for children.
12:12 pm
too many people taking advantage of young children. >> someone ills on my page thought 16 should be the age limit, thinking 13 was just too young. rick calling from tennessee. do you have any kiz? >> caller: no, i don't. i got three brothers and a sister and pretty much helped raise myself. but i believe that -- i agree with carmen. it should be a little older for a lot of these websites, facebook and what have you. but i believe there should be a system set up where they have to enter either a social security number or a driver's license number. if they're that age. so the company can run them down. they can run down a credit card number in a hurry to get your money, they should be able to look you up and find out how old you are, you know? >> it shouldn't be as easy as just faking out the system? okay. where do you think the parents need to step in as well to make sure that their young kids
12:13 pm
aren't on these websites? >> caller: of course, parents should be able to monitor their kids, but teenagers and kids these day, i was pretty sneaky when i was a kid. they get access to computers just about anywhere. friends houses, more liberal parents, or what have you. so i mean, it's not a -- you know, a complete solution to the problem, but you know, i think it would help, and have something like, if they find out the kid's using somebody else's i.d., hold that person responsible. find out where that came from. you know? >> take a little bit more effort. rick, thank you for your phone call. let's get a few more myspace -- i'm sorry. facebook comments. anna marie opted, also a regular. we appreciate her. she says, i think if you're going to let your kids on social networking sites you have to be just as responsible as if your small child were going outside. they need to be supervised. terry sent this. terry says, my 7, 13 and 17-year-olds all have their own facebook page. it's a great way for them to
12:14 pm
stay in touch with family all over the country. i have their passwords, and i check in on their pages now and again. i also have the computer in the kitchen at the kitchen counter so you have to sit in the kitchen in order to be on the computer, and it makes it easier to monitor. and she says she has her passwords. ip think a lot of people are concerned, do the kids go off and have a separate page the kids don't know about? terry certainly seems to be giving it her very best shot to monitor everything. let's keep talking about this. what do you think? should children be on facebook and myspace and other social networking sites? do you think there's got to be a certain age? is 13 the right age? 16? what do you think. call now, 1 d-877-tell-hln. if you prefer to text, text the word views plus comments and name to hlntv. standard text rates apply. some kid out there may have an extra treat that's worth a lot. a lot of money. >> when she told me, i really
12:15 pm
just felt sorry for her. >> how a woman thinks she lost her anniversary ring on halloween.
12:16 pm
12:17 pm
we now have a cause of death for that 4-year-old boy whose body was found in a dryer at neighbor's house. investigators say he drown. sheriff margaret miami says alex new the 14-year-old boy accused of killing him and voluntarily went to his home. this all happened in fresno, california. he says the child was probably killed with an hour and then stuffed into a dryer. alex's mother is struggling with the fact this happened so close to home. >> i knew my son would not leave the area. my son was here and he would play right here. i knew he was close by. to find out that he was just only feet away from us -- >> investigators say it appears the teen suspect acted alone,
12:18 pm
but they're also interviewing his family. prosecutors are still deciding whether to try the teen as an adult. a trick-or-treater may have something way more valuable than candy in their halloween basket. an ohio woman says her diamond anniversary ring slipped off her finger saturday night while she was handing out candy. >> i'd had it enlarged. then when it got cold i think your fingers get smaller and i noticed it was spinning around more than it had been before, but i didn't realize it was so loose it would slip off. as i was throwing candy -- my suspicion, throwing candy in pillowcases and buckets i inadvertently threw my ring, too. >> said she's probably not the first person this has happened to and is hoping she'll get her ring back. come on, parents and kids. give her her ring back. s if you're flying to see your family forced holiday, book the flight before the fees get high perp airline are loading on
12:19 pm
another round of surcharges. major airlines doubled the surcharge for traveling on the busy days around thanksgiving and christmas. you could pay $40 round trip on top of the base fare. they want to make as much as possible on the days people are flying to make up for the empty seats on the other days. travel experts say last year it was good to wait until the last minute to get a sale, but this year it is better to buy as soon as possible. pay attention. you see those commercials that offer up a free credit report? well, the government says, that free report is not so free after all. the federal trade commission has even created its own spoof of the ads to warn folks about companies that promise a credit wart for free. the ftc says you'll be lured into a monthly fee. the government already requires all three major credit bureaus to give awe free report once a year. okay. so to get that, this is the address -- pay attention. it is
12:20 pm not the other ones that are close. checking your credit report more than every few no months is not necessary. one expert calls it paranoia. a ticker free fall, many dreaded opening our 401(k) statements. good news now. money expert clark howard says opening your statement these day, not so scary after all. did i have great news for you? you know those 401(k) statements you've been afraid to open? well, you know why you've been aparade to open them, right? because you've been worried that you're never, ever, going to get back to where you are were few short years ago. a new report out from vanguard says, open your statements. why? because the typical person now is actually even or above where they before the stock market fell off a cliff two years ago.
12:21 pm
if you're really close to retirement, that probably didn't happen to you, but people who are younger have made a full recovery. why? because if you stayed the course and kept contributing to your 401(k) converse phied as you were before the stock market went in the toilet, you were buying shares at lower and lower prices, as the market recovered so did the entire value of your account and you should actually be ahead of the game. think about it. i'm clark howard for more ways for you to take control of your investments, go to c get more great consumer advice from clark howard every saturday and sunday at noon and 4:00 p.m. eastern time right here on hln. "news and views" will help you save more, spend less and avoid getting ripped off. following interesting mayors races across the country today. which city can elect its first openly gay mayor and which one could have its first white mayor in 35 years? c
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charges are expected to be upgraded against a father accused of running over his own daughter apparently because he thought she was too westernized. nora just 20 years old died yesterday. she'd been in the hospital since being run over two weeks ago. family members say he was upset his daughter was living with letter boyfriend and didn't live by traditional muslim values. >> this defendant hopped two countries in an attempt to escape, and we believe that his family has given him assistance in his escape. by his own admission, this was an intentional act, and the
12:31 pm
reason was that his daughter had brought shame upon him and his family, and we can't be naive and ignore there is a cultural aspect to this and there may be people that would support him, including his family, but also others who share his beliefs. this was an attempt at an honor killing. >> the boyfriend's mother was also hit by this car. family members say she is in serious but stable condition. a 25-year-old pregnant mother in pensacola, florida, is missing. samira lee watkins went to see her unborn baby's father thursday and has not been seen since. relatives are december trit and distraught. >> i hope she's not nowhere hurt, and anybody that knows anything or saw her, i just hope they come forward. >> pensacola police aren't commenting on persons of interest or suspects. if you know anything about this, police in pensacola what to hear
12:32 pm
from you. 850-435-1900. searchers combing north dakota rangeland for three missing college students have found no trace of the women. the only lead for police so far, a friend who got two calls from one of the women sunday night. both calls mentioned water and said she needed help. the woman plays saftball for sickenson state university. believing these were out star gazing, believed to be in a white 1997 jeep cherokee with california plates. it's been a year since barack obama was elected president. so what are voters thinking about today? we may found out, because it's election day in much of the country. in virginia, a very high-profile campaign is coming to an end. sandra, this is kind of the time when political junkies try to read the tea leaves, if they can. >> reporter: that's right, richelle. kind of like take the temperature of the political
12:33 pm
scene right now, and there's some key races here, as you mentioned. the polls here in virginia have been open about 6.5 hours and we've only seen a little trickle of voters come in to cast their vote, but as mentioned, and were you talking about several key races to look for. here the governor's race in virginia. also one in new jersey as well. these are 1some of the contests president obama threw his political clout into and tonight we'll see how it all plays out. last year virginia was smitten with then candidate barack obama. in this election it seems it's taking some work to motivate those wovoters. >> you're going to loob looking at the next governor. three days. >> until the polls close, my friends, sleep is overrated. >> i've come to say thank you for your. >> so far. >> reporter: in notch's governor's race it's neck and
12:34 pm
neck between incumbent democrat jon corzine i. feel we've got a lot of momentum to come from behind. >> reporter: and republican challenger chris christie. a year ago the state delivered a double digit win for mr. obama. the president made a number of campaign appearances for corzine, hoping for a democratic win. in a congressional race in republican lish upstate new york, third party candidate conservative doug hoffman and democrat big owens are duoh -- >> they may not have room for moderate views in the republican party upstate anymore, but let me assure you, we have room. >> reporter: however the vase played out today, the white house is already softening what could be a political blow if democrats lose key races. and there are several may oral races taking place as well in atlanta, new york city, houston and boston, and given this is an off election year, turnout is
12:35 pm
key. especially among independents who could really sway the vote. rirnl? >> thank you for that wrap-up, sandra. appreciate it. new numbers show a slight majority of americans approve how president obama is shandling his job. the new cnn opinion research corporation poll finds 54% of people surveyed give him a thumbs up. but they're not at happy about hue he's handling the economic crisis. 46% approve of how he's handling the economy. most americans also disapreof how he's handling iraq, afghanistan, health care, the deficit and immigration. and then our "what matters" partnership with "essence "maeg seine i sat down with five prominent leaders in the african-american community and think if things have changed for black men since election of president obama. marcus murray executive director of project brotherhood and organization that offers health and social services for black men in shik believes there's a health crisis in this country.
12:36 pm
>> black men in general i think we're in a krisz. i think it will take you know, a collective, like a collective resource of everybody in this country to help elevate black men and get us back to being human beings and treated like human beings. >> all right. see the rest of my interview with marcus murray this afternoon at 4:00 p.m. eastern time right here on hln. almost a million people are having to find a new way around philadelphia today. 1 million. because the city's largest transit union went on strike overnight. that means no buses, subways or trolleys in the city. some of the burbs either. transit officials say their offer was competitive. look at this. a very unusual picture. a bunch of luggage. you can see the luggage in somebody's yard. stolen bags. stolen luggage in a front yard
12:37 pm
at someone's home in phoenix. well, the couple who live there's was arrested, accused of stealing thousands of bags from passengers at sky harbor international airport. police served a search warrant on this house last night. we don't know if all the stolen luggage is in that yard. neighbors say the couple often held garage sales that included the sale of luggage, and other items. wow. how popular is the michael jackson documentary "this is it" here's a sign. getting an extended run. look at the box office receipts so far.
12:38 pm
12:39 pm
here's something that will stop you in your tracks. nearly half of all u.s. kids
12:40 pm
could be on food stamps at some point during their childhood pap new study says 90% of african-american kids and 30% of white kids may get foot stamps by age 20. it warns the recession could push the numbers even higher. the studies is in the archives at pediatrics and adolescent medicine. lawmakers want to ban pilots from using laptop computers in the cockpit. i wonder what brought this on? remember that northwest airlines plane that overshot minneapolis by 150 miles? the pilots say they were on their laptops when it happened. the chairman of the senate aviation subcommittee says a bill could be introduced in about a week. other devices bike dvd players and mp3 players could also be included. the michael jackson documentary "this is it" will now run through thanksgiving. it was originally scheduled to run for just two weeks. well, so far, this film that's got rehearsal footage from the final days of the michael jackson life raked in $101
12:41 pm
million for profits from sales in the united states. the rest of international sale. in other words, doing pretty well. i'm jane velez-mitchell. here's my issue. i went out and saw "this is it" over the weekend an never been more perplexed by the mystery of michael jackson. his extreme talent really shines through this entire movie. he's got an amazing singing voice opinion the dancing incredible and his millisecond times and precision is just unbelievable. but the movie and all this energy he exudes doesn't match the portrait of an insomniac drug addict who needed anesthesia to fall asleep. i think mj is destined to be the ultimate conundrum and achieved only through his death what he wanted. this movie, which has made $103 million in just five day, check it out. i'm jane velez-mitchell and that's my "issue."
12:42 pm
>> find out what else jane has on her mind. watch "issues" right here on hln at 7:00. seems like everyone is on facebook or myspace these days. everyone but the kids, because the little kids aren't supposed to be. right? there's age requirements. well -- y know the kids try to get around that. how young is too young to logon to those sites? we're talking about that today.
12:43 pm
12:44 pm
getting a lot of submissions from our i-reporters on the hotly contested races across the country. many see the outcome as an early test of president obama's influence. the governor's race is one of several contests that could have national implications. william burnstein sent a report from virginia beach and says he hasn't seen a huge turnout at the polls -- yet. >> people across virginia are going out to vote for who they want to be the next governor. look at all these signs. it's not just governor people are voting for here in virginia. it's also you can vote for
12:45 pm
lieutenant governor and several city and area councilmen. you see bob tata there. and this is at the corner of kemphill road and lock street, in virginia. anyone that lives in the fairfield area, this is where you vote. you can see it was early this morning, but there are a -- nothing like the election of last year. we had record turnout. >> so what's the hot race in your area? planning on standing in line to vote? send us your stories, your pictures. go to, click on the upload now link. there's instructions how to submit your stories. it's pretty easy. researchers say more kids are requiring age requirements on websites like myspace and facebook. there are rimts there. they want you to be at least 13. kids pretend they're older just to sign up like all their friends are. a survey by pew internet
12:46 pm
research found 38% of kids ages 12 to 18 have online profiles and that many parents don't know they do. too much exposure could leez to internet addiction even brain damage. others say there is no solid research to back that up what do you think? should children be on facebook? and myspace? and some of the other social networking sites? what's old enough? what do you think is appropriate? call now at 1-877-tell hln. e-mail us or if you're into the social networks yourself, you're in facebook. search richelle carey, hln, go to discussion. if you have creative ways you keep up with what your kids are doing on these websites, let us know that, too. we'll continue to talk about it. an update on a story we're keeping you abreast of. the cause of death for a 4-year-old boy whose body was found's in a dryer at the neighbor's house.
12:47 pm
investigators say he drown. alex new the 14-year-old boy accused of killing him anvil tearily went to his home. it happened in fresno, california. the child was probably killed with an hour and then his little body stuffed into a dryer. alex' movie is struggling with the fact this happened so close to home. >> i knew my son would not leave the area. my son was here and he would play right here. i knew he was close by. and trying to find out that he was just only feet ewa from us. >> investigators say it appears the teen suspect acted alone. they're still interviewing his family. prosecutors are deciding whether to try the teen as an adult. new security measures are in place at the california high school where police say a 15-year-old girl was gang raped. the district has put up automated lights in the area where the attack happened. today it's taking bids for security cameras as well.
12:48 pm
the superintendent assured people at a rally yesterday the school is safe. church leaders called for 100 volunteers to help. >> we believe that if we can have a presence on campus during the lunch hour and the classroom, that that would help curb some of the negative behavior i. would say to parents, i've got two daughters myself and i would have my daughters going to richmond high. >> police now made a seventh arrest in connection with this case and say more are still coming, and soon. the latest suspect, 21-year-old man, arrested this morning on charges that could lead to life in prison if convicted. support is pouring in for the victim and another rally is scheduled for this afternoon and richmond police say people from around the country are sending doan a donations and teddy bears because the young girl allegedly raped collects teddy bears. lawyers for the d.c. area sniper mastermind are planning
12:49 pm
to appeal to it supreme court to spare his life. scheduled to die of leith's injection next week. he and his accomplice killed ten people in 2002 during a three-week shooting spree. they plan to file the appeal today. malveaux is serving life in prison. connecticut sin vest gating complaints of price gouging and preferential treatment for the seasonal flu vaccine. the state's attorney general says his office received complaints some people were shelling out $100 or more for a dose. now, depending on your health insurance, this should cost you $15 -- $50 at the most. connecticut's attorney general richard blumenthal has writ ton 13 mmpers and distributors asking for an explanation. you've seen the commercials that offer up a free credit report? the government says it is not free after all. the federal trade commission created its on spoof of those ads to warn company people about
12:50 pm
companies that promise a free credit report. you'll be lured into a monthly fee. the government requires all three major credit bureaus to give you a free report once a year. all right? year. our money expert clark howard serves in the georgia state guard and this weekend you'll see him serving the troops. robin meade from "morning express" teamed up to help soldiers and you save more, spend less and avoid getting ripped off. >> what's the best way to invest in gold? >> other than turning in your wife's jewelry and stuff like that? >> those ads you see on tv for people that will buy your jewelry and that, run away. second, buying gold is tough because when you buy actual gold you have to pay a commission to buy it. you have to pay a commission to sell it.
12:51 pm
and then let's say you put real money into gold. let's say you take all of your savings and put it into gold. gold people want to steal. then you have to pay to lock it up. so then anything i like about buying actual gold but there's a trick way to buy it that's easy and cheap if gold is what you want to have. you can buy ownership in gold like you buy a stock and it's called an etf. exchange traded fund which sounds complicated but it's not and you pay a company to buy gold for you. they store it for you in a vault and then when you choose to sell it, you can sell it right away at whatever market price is. it's really easy to do and it saves you a fortune. you have the same thing owning gold. >> so smart. watch operation clark smart this weekend at 6:00 a.m., noon and
12:52 pm
4:00 p.m. eastern right here on hln. a popular coach passes away and now had his family is facing foreclosure. what his former students are doing to help. 
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