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tv   U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  November 4, 2009 10:00am-1:00pm EST

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-- captions by vitac -- major gop wins in two governor races, new york gets a third-term mayor, but so what? why this election could affect your health care and much more. and relatives mourn the death of a pregnant college student. she disappeared on thursday, her body then found on monday in a bayou, authorities share what they know with us. exporting americana to america. these banlds rocking out china want to export their rock 'n' roll to the place it was born. first off for you, convicted rapist accused of keeping ten
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bodies in his basement, backyard and living room is being held without bond. a judge made that decision in the last 90 minutes, after prosecutors called anthony sowell an incredibly dangerous threat to the public. cleveland police found more corpses, four more corpses, and a skull at sowell's home yesterday. the bodies of six women were found last week. today authorities will search the walls and the floors as well of the home. >> this gentleman and the scenarios around all these victims until we know exactly how they lived their lives, it makes it very difficult for us to come up with answers to your questions. i have to believe at this point all these victims voluntarily went to this residence. >> as a registered sex offender, sowell was required to check in regularly with police, but officers did not have the right to go into the house, but they would stop by to make sure he was there. neighbors say the area had a terrible odor.
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>> we used to think that it was coming from out of ray's sausage, but you'd smell these smells, and i live right there. i used to be in the house and be like, oh, we used to come out here and the smell would be horrible. but, man, i didn't know it was no dead bodies. i just thought it was the sewer system. >> wow. police first searched sowell's house last thursday based on an assault and kidnapping charge against him. none of the bodies have been identified as of yet. shocking story, though. republicans may be feeling a bit better about their party's future, partying a little too. they swept yesterday's tight gubernatorial races. last year president obama was the first democrat to win in virginia in more than four decades. then in new jersey, incumbent jon corzine lost to republican chris christi. mr. obama campaigned hard for corzine, trying to help him. both parties spoke to cnn about
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this. >> last night was an example of what happens when elected officials and others don't pay attention and don't listen to what people out there are saying. we're listening and we're paying attention at the gop, and we're going to build off last night and hopefully bring more victories home last year. >> i think you need to read these as local races with local concerns. that's traditionally been the way these races have gone in the years after the presidential race. but the president is quite popular in both new jersey and virginia. >> watching those two gop wins, democrats still made some election history, a big upset in new york and the wider implications, what it means to you. now to a missing pregnant woman that has been found dead, her body discovered in a bayou in florida. samira watkins was last seen thursday. she had a 4-year-old son, worked at a mcdonald's and was going to junior college. local reports that pensacola police have spoken with the father of her unborn child several times. they say they are not ruling out anyone as a suspect in this
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case. and now we have more details this morning about the three missing north dakota softball players found dead. ra rafer weigel has more. >> right now authorities say the three women were inside their jeep, submerged in a pond. they are 22-year-old keer stin gem march, 20-year-old ashley neufeld and afton williamson. authorities say they likely drove straight into the water into the dark t is believed they were star gazing. the jeep was in ten feet of water hidden behind tall grass. >> if she was my daughter, i'd be proud. she was just an awesome person. >> she was great. she was very fun loving, she was funny as can be. like you could joke with her, she wouldn't care, she just sent it right back at you. >> now, the sheriff says frantic
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ca calls the women made to friends helped officials find them. kn neufeld's dog was also in the car and all windows were shut. a justice of peace who refused to marry an interracial couple has resigned. keith barredwell says he does not regret his decision, but he says he was advised to step down after the couple filed a discrimination lawsuit against him. now to the health care overhaul, it may take longer than expected, as you might expect. yesterday harry reid was asked if his health care bill would pass this year, reid refused to give a timetable there. democrats say the congressional budget office blew its deadline for analyzing the bill's cost. the senate can note vote until they are finished. that decision may mean reid is having trouble getting enough votes. as the health care reform
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debate goes on, who knows how many months that will be. >> yeah, really. >> one thing we know for sure, the weather looks okay in some parts of the country. >> but it's the end of hurricane season, it goes through november 30th. tropical depression 11 just formed near panama and costa rica. high pressure dominating the eastern seaboard but we have a quick moving clipper system out of the great lakes into the midwest. you can see the rain wrapped up with that. that's all the blue shading coming in. basically coming in through ohio and towards western p.a. and new york state later today. rain goes back towards indy and wisconsin, near chicago too. but it's on the real light side. don't have to worry too much about the delays here. might see a half hour delay in chicago because of the low clouds, but that's about it. down to miami, can you see thunderstorms just offshore. they stretch down toward the keys, and these will develop later on today. record high in miami yesterday, 89 degrees. close to that once again. high pressure dominating the fo.
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in lax, a mile to less than a mile visibility at times and then it burns off into the mid-70s by later this afternoon. zeroing in toward the tropical depression, it's brand-new and you can see where i put the circle, that's tropical depression 11. it would be ida, the "i" storm. and blue skies, 72, and we are now the number one toxic city in america by "forbes" magazine. >> how is that? >> we're number one. >> smoke stacks, all kinds of garbage. >> los angeles, no? >> no, atlanta. but i'm immune. i'm from new jersey, grew up there. >> so you're saying it ain't my city, i'm a new jerseyan. >> no, i'm immune. >> okay. thanks, bob. a judge is letting a convicted robber sue the people who chased him out of a store
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but he'll have to do something first, and, all right, you're at a casino, you win more than $160 million, only have it taken -- only to have it taken away, and why one casino is telling a not so lucky guy, sorry, charlie.
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republicans may be on the comeback trail, the gop swept two big gubernatorial races, new jersey, chris christi there defeated incumbent democrat jon corzine and in virginia bob mcdo notal crushed creigh deeds. it may not be a direct referendum on president obama, though, but it's a punch that leaves a bit of a bruise. the president came up short after personally campaigning hard for both democrats. it may signal trouble for the democrats in the 2010 midterm elections. on the upside, though, exit polls show the majority of voters say president obama's job performance was not a factor in their vote. the virginia loss may sting the most, though, for the republican
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camp trounced by 51% to 41%. last year president obama was the first democrat to carry virginia in more than four decades. he won that over by taking a large proportion of independent voters there. but mcdonnell won independents by more than 20 points. so the really victories may be tempered by the big loss of a congressional seat in upstate new york that we've been watching. the race turned into a vicious internal battle between gop conservatives and moderates. democrat bill owens beat conservative doug hoffman, nationally known conservatives including former alaska governor sarah palin chimed in on this rice. they had big problems with hoffman's republican opponent dede scozzafava. she withdrew from the race and the gop held this congressional seat since the civil war going back to 1872. we'll have more on the election and why it matters to you coming
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up. a convicted robber who is in prison is being allowed to sue the store he held up. plus, he's suing its owner and three employees as well. he was shot twice during this robbery and says he was beaten excessively. he wants $125,000 and there's a catch, though, the judge saying he has to come to -- he has to come with -- he has to go to this with $10,000 for the store, and employees' legal fees in case he does lose. he's got to put some cash up fro front. i guess you can always try. >> you can always try. >> that is the sultry voice of jen westhoven. i was trying to think of a good age he c ad jenlg tive. >> fluish. we're talking about a lot. >> it's spreading a bit, it's so
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important, because you may have ground beef in your freezer that you maybe forgot about, maybe it's the big freezener the basement or something, or maybe your spouse bought it and you just didn't look. the cdc says 28 people are sick, two people died after they ate this contaminated ground beef, and you might have it if you bought store brand beef at any of these stores. i'll just say a few of them. acme, bj's, trader joe's, shaws, well-known names. earlier you may have heard me say this is in stores in the northeast, so you might have thought i don't live in the northeast, i won't worry about that. but look, people are getting sick across the country, all the way to california. because what happens is the stores don't know that it's contaminated, they ship it out to their sister stores. the beef itself came from fairbank farms, new york, but you won't see that on the label. remember, it's store label. to check your ground beef, all the koefds, everything you need to know is at just click the link.
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yesterday your phone gave you a huge headache, massive service failure at t-mobile, richard's going to say happened to him. there he is. yeah. that's very frustrating in this day in age where a lot of people have dropped their land lines. this is the only phone they've got. more than a million customers had problems with calls, texts, for eight hours. they're not saying what was the cause of the problem, but that is two black eyes for t-mobile now. you may remember just last month, about a million people who had the sidekicks, all their data got wiped out. which, you know, in this day in age, that's a problem. >> we figured technology was well along. >> the intrepid voice. >> the most annoying? >> no. a florida man was ready to celebrate winning $166 million on a slot machine, but the seminole hard rock hotel and casino says it was all a mistake. the casino claims the machine
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spun out of control, its top prize was supposed to be $99,000. and since it was broken, they will not even pay him that amount. >> they make you think you won and make everybody around you think you won, and an hour afterward they say, we've got to investigate, and it's probably a malfunction. >> looking out for you, do you think they should give him the money? >> if you're standing there, they've got to promise -- i understand the machine only goes up to $99,000, give him the $9,000. >> $166 million is a lot. >> the machine says, i don't get to give them my money and then they say, oh, it was a malfunction. >> jen is looking out for you. the slot machine programmers are trying to figure out why the machine malfunctioned. the would-be winner is talking to a lawyer. a college football player is speaking out about an eye gouging incident on the field. you remember this video. another player apparently went for his eyes on purpose during a game. right there. but you'll hear why the victim
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is saying, hey, it's not a big deal.
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voters in maine have repealed the state law that approved gay marriage. gay marriage has now lost in every state where it went to a popular vote, a total of 31 states. five states have legalized it through legislation or the courts. in maine, opponents won by a 6% margin, that vote overturned a state law enacted last spring. well, a football player suspended for trying to gouge out another player's eyes is getting some unlikely support. rafer weigel's been watching
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this story. >> yeah. well, you know, i said i'm not so blind to not realize this happens all the time in football. >> right. >> i still felt the guy should be suspended. but of all the people to come to brandon spike's defense and say i was wrong, the man whose eyes he tried to gouge out, says he should not be suspended at all, sticking his fingers in his face mask in an attempt to hurt him. spikes was suspended for half a game. ealey seemed surprised that the play is getting so much attention and said they're just out there playing football and these kinds of incidents happen all the time. so my kid's not going to play football. speaking of football. roger goodell is asking congress's help to eliminate steroids, help me to help you. goodell told lawmakers they could wipe out the drugs if it weren't for state laws. two minnesota players were suspended for taking a banned substance but were reinstated after they sued in a state
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court. one congressman said involving us in the fed could open a pandora's box. nothing's happened with roger clemens, so i don't know why it would. and michael irvin got booted off "dancing with the stars" last night. they sent him home. despite the fact he posted his highest score of the season monday night, but this has got to be a tough pill to swallow, his former teammate emmett smith won that competition. jerry rice came in second. so i don't know. it's -- >> you know there's going to be some rib poking there. >> but it's such a double edge, because it's "dancing with the stars." like what's emmett smith going to go, in your face! >> you can't win either way. or you can. i don't know. >> thanks very much. here's a subject you probably don't want to get too close too. bad breath. today we're going bebeyond the surface because it may be a problem you can't simply brush off. a big concern among patients, obviously, is bad
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breath. it's really the bacteria that causes in part the bad breath. gum disease is the real cull pretty for really bad breath. you'recteribacteria. perhaps a crown is a bit loose, you do get the bad breath from bacteria under that crown. parents ask me, my child's breath is awful. if you look and see two big golf balls in the back of the throat, the tonsils harbor bacteria. a lot of these mouth washes are just alcoholy, minty, and they try to mask it. hydrogen peroxide diluted 50/50 with water is actually a good mouth rinse. another thing people don't think about doing is brushing your tongue. just get any areas that may harbor bacteria. now, some robbers got more than they bargained for when they tried to hold up a jewelry store. there was an 84-year-old man who
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knew how to shoot a gun, and when push came to shove, he did not think twice about using that. c
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convicted rapist anthony sowell is being held without bond after place in cleveland, ohio, found ten bodies in his home. this morning a prosecutor called sowell an incredibly dangerous threat to the public. today firefighters will tear into the walls and floors of sowell's house to look at what's there. and a justice of the peace who refused to marry an interracial couple has resigned. keith bardwell does not regret his decision but he says he was advised to step down after a discrimination lawsuit was filed against him. three missing football players were found dead in north
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dakota. they were inside their jeep in a pond. the sheriff says they may have just driven straight into the pond in the dark, it's believed they were star gazing. he says calls the women made to friends helped them track down cell towers and find the jeep. we're also having a good midweekday. more infants and young people are hospitalized for the flu, but in california more people are likely to die from it. a study says the fatality rate from h1n1 in california is around 11%, but for people over 50, the fatality rate is as high as 20%. the study looked at california cases from april to august. and now, to the election results from overnight from some of the most-watched races from around the country. in new york city, michael bloomberg will serve as a third-term mayor. he set a record for personal campaign spending. listen to this. more than $100 million, but he still only won by five
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percentage points. south to atlanta, a battle for may ser going to a runoff. a city council woman who would be the first white mayor in nearly four decades will face an african-american senator. plus houston is headed for a runoff as well. if the front-runner there wins she would be the city's first openly gay mayor. republicans scored huge victories in two key statewide races for the governorships in those two states. you'll hear more about how those gop wins could affect president obama's plans. we'll get you those details in about ten minutes, so stick around for that. and we're hearing for the first time from the 15-year-old girl who was gang raped outside a high school dance. last night her statement was read to hundreds gathered at a vigil in her honor. >> violence is always a wrong choice. we realize people are angry about this, butlet the anger cause change, change that is necessary to keep our children,
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our neighbors and our friends safe. meanwhile, police in california have arrested a seventh person in connection with this brutal attack. this is video of him being taken into custody yesterday. police say as many as ten people attacked that one single girl. ten more watched without even calling 911. president obama does not talk much about his father but we may be getting a glimpse of the man now, the president's half brother you see here says barack obama, sr., was an abusive person who beat him and his mom. the president's half brother has a self-published novel going on sale today, loosely based on obama, sr.,'s life. >> i saw the millions of people who loved or supported my brother, barack, and in the process, in some weird way, i came to terms with many things
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that i had shut out of my life. including the obama name. >> barack obama, sr., married mark's mom after divorcing the president's mother. the president hhe is described but busive. and this subcommittee is important because they control money, it's the subcommittee on appropriations, and they are also asking the cdc about why folks cannot get the vaccine. a house hearing is under way right now on capitol hill. lawmakers say there are too few vaccine manufacturers in the u.s. not enough people making this stuff. and that's just part of the problem, the department of health and human serviveices sa it is trying to speed up the distribution process as well. we'll listen to that and get you all the tidbits from this hearing and what it means to you and h1n1, the vaccine.
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bob van dillen joins us now, our meteorologist. bob and i were talking earlier, it's looking pretty good. >> it looks decent. in fact, it's hot across the west coast, too. let me show you the rocky mountains, down across the deep southwest. this is high pressure sitting over the four corners. the heat continues to build. yesterday, record high around phoenix, 96 degrees. tucson, you broke a record at 93, and colorado springs, 73 degrees. all record temperatures for the day. but again, it's cold in the northeast. it all evens out. you're looking at a lot of cloud cover and fog around southern california. up the line, though, not as bad. take you live to the bay area, you want to see a nice shot, look at this. temperature is 71 degrees. is that the city court building? >> transamerica. >> transamerica. >> wrong city. >> although that is a beautiful building you're talking about too. >> it's going to be a great day in the bay area and it's going to be nice for the next couple
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of days. cloud cover to the north, but that's about it. i want to show you across the tropics. tropical depression number 11 just formed about a half hour ago. it's really been gaining strength for the last couple days now. thunderstorm action around that low level circulation looks a lot better. that's panama right there, costa rica there. looks like it will sit here for the next couple of days, gradually drift up toward the north. if it becomes a tropical system, a named one, it would be ida. pretty slow hurricane season, nobody complaining, though. high pressure dominating the eastern seaboard. and the record highs across the west, phoenix, 96. record high. 94 today, not quite as warm, but still present decent. more tomorrow. >> i'm sorry, is my calendar wrong, are we in november? >> yeah, we are, but then you look at the record cold temperatures for october, it all evens out. >> thanks, bob. a former miss california and the people who run the pageant have decided to play nice. find out how they settled a battle over her breast implants.
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republicans are celebrating some huge victories this morning. the gop swept two key gubernatorial races yesterday in new jersey, chris christi defeated incumbent democrat jon corzine and in virginia, bob mcdonnell trounced democrat creigh deeds. weak voter turnout may have been a factor here. let me give you numbers, in new jersey's race, the age group 18-29 made up 9% of the vote. that is down from 17% in 2008. and let's swing you over to virginia where 10% of the electorate there was also from the young group 18-29.
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the gop wins may have a big impact on president obama's ambitious policy agenda. you've been hearing about it. there's health care. the president may have more trouble rallying moderate democrats as he tries to push through a massive health care reform bill, and then there's a climate change bill that is looming on the horizon as well. cnn's senior political analyst david gergen talks about both of these. >> it may give pause to some moderate and give democrats in the house of representatives when the president is counting on with regard to health care, the environmental legislation called cap and trade, and a whole host of other things. they may be running a little more scared tonight than they were this morning. >> now president obama reportedly did not plan on watching election returns last night. a white house senior adviser saying the president was more likely to be watching the chicago bulls basketball game than the politics. yes, he does like his basketball.
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he's from chicago. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> all right. richelle carey here. the exact cause of an acceleration probably mains a deadly mystery. now -- jen westhoven, i thought i was talking to richelle, but let's talk to you. >> we'll start with this. how scary. imagine you're in your car, on the highway, and all of a sud continue starts speeding up out of control. transportation officials say the problem may go beyond the floor mats in this toyota recall. there have been many reports of cars, toyota, electiolexus sudd accelerating. this is a crash that ended with a patrol officer and his family killed after their lexus went up to more than 120 miles an hour. they were calling and say, we can't stop the car. help us slow it down. first the blame was on the mats. the thinking was maybe the mat jammed the gas pedal. 4 million of the mats were recalled but there could be more to the story.
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this morning's "new york times" reports the government is still investigating. this case is not closed. it's looking at the gas pedal design and the floor plan of the cars involved. so when we see anything, we'll let you know too. some of the models involved here were some of toyota's really very popular cars. >> that's tough because some of those are mechanical, some are electronic, some are both. >> and it could be a very expensive problem to fix. so we'll watch that one closely. because of all the fear about the h1n1 swine flu, the government, as you probably know, have said, if you get sick, stay home. don't get everybody in your office sick. but what if you don't get sick pay? you may be thinking i can't afford to stay home. i've got to feed my family. a congressman is introducing a bill so people who don't currently get sick pay may get up to five days off if approved. congressman george miller says 50 million people don't get sick pay, and might be able to get this option. by the way, it's the company that makes the choice, though. you can't just call up and say, oh, i'm sick, pay me. the boss would have the idea if
10:43 am
he wanted people to stay home to keep everybody healthy. >> that's a nice idea, i'm sick, pay me. thanks, jen. time to tell but the afternoon, "your views" question. a year ago today president obama became the 44th president of the united states. richelle carey is here to tell us how can you weigh in on how the president is doing. he had the successful election one year ago today. >> people get yearly check ups you could kind of equate it to that and everybody has an opinion when it comes to their local politicians and their president. is there really a connection is kind of where we're going with this. how do you think the president is doing a year after barack obama became president? let's think about this. do you think things have gotten worse where you live? have they gotten better? in there are, a couple of state elections everyone was focused on, virginia, new jersey, they went republican, but those are states that were really critical
10:44 am
to barack obama becoming president. again, republican governors, what do you think that says about the job president barack obama is doing, or do you think there's no connection at all? people really pay attention to politics. we really want to know, do you think there's any connection between the two a year later? this is really a broad-ended question for a reason. we want people to really weigh in on this, think about it, connect the dots, if you think the dots need to be connected, or you think, hey, lay off, people. it's only been a year. tell us what you think, calm us now, 1-877-tell-hln. if you want to get in on the discussion on my facebook page, dive into the discussion, and you were even forward thinking when you were talking about this during the break as well. what do you think this means for races down the road. >> 2010 elections, and what do folks think about what congress has done. i'll be interested to see what you guys have this afternoon. >> we'll do some polls. >> looking forward to it "your
10:45 am
views" this afternoon. to be a fly on this wall may not be safe. a student in california ate a dead fly on a dare from his algebra teacher. >> he said if anybody aelts this fly, then i will give then an "a" on the test. >> you didn't get a sense he was joking? >> no, i didn't think he was joking. >> okay. his teacher did keep his word and gave him an a on his test.
10:46 am
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we told you earlier about a student in california who learned never take the easy way out. he thought he made a deal with his algebra teacher to eat a dead fly for exchange for an "a" on his test. he failed his test but the teacher gave him an "a." kind of. >> he said that i told you i'd give you an "a" on your test, so here's your a but it's not going in the grade book. >> reporter: so what did he say was going in the gradebook? >> the "f." >> the principal is looking into this and says the teacher could not comment on that. rafer weigel joins us now. did you do that?
10:48 am
>> you can't take the easy way out. you go through life thinking you can eat a fly and cut corners, the kid would be doomed. >> it would be something i would try. >> look where it got you. >> not such good grades is what it got me. voters narrowly approved a controversial tax increase, so good and bad, i guess. >> depending on how you look at it. it's been such a fiery topic. the southwestern school district is facing a steep budget crisis, so they cut all sports, as well as drama and transportation. three times voters shot down a levee increase to keep the sports. results show the increase was approved this time by a very narrow margin, only a few hundred votes. owners of a $100,000 home will have to pay an additional $227 per year to keep the programs. but such a hot topic, cops reportedly had to break up demonstrations on monday. stephen colbert is coming to
10:49 am
the rescue of american speed skating. you like this guy? very funny man. >> he's hilarious. >> after the team's largest sponsor, the dutch bank dsb withdrew, colbert announced "colbert nation" would pick up the tab. >> how about that? >> and the crowd goes wild. viewers are being asked to go to his website, or go to the u.s. speed skating website as well. >> what a guy. and lance armstrong's bikes fetched $1.3 million at auction to raise money for his cancer foundation. seven bicycles. now, the frames were designed by artists, including the uk's damian herst. lance said parting with the bikes were not easy since he likes to keept ones he races, but it was for a good cause. $1.3 million. one bike got $500,000. and tom brady's wife is putting the super in supermodel.
10:50 am
just one month from giving birth, she is close to getting her helicopter's license. "people" magazine reports she passed the written test and now needs to complete the flying test. so she'll be able to fly new yoo to the photo shoot and go out for a game. you know. >> she's so behind the times. most super models have their license by now from what i read. >> my wife hate this is story. >> like big deal if i go to the store, she's flying helicopters. >> i love your wife. a lot of great things. thank you. one soccer player scores big when it comes to helping the homeless. he says it doesn't take that much to make a huge difference. robin meade has that story in this week's leaders with heart. >> lawrence grew up playing soccer. now he's using that sport to keep homeless men and women off the streets. >> soccer usa is using sports for social change. what you see is people believing in themselves again. it isn't just about playing
10:51 am
sports. >> can the firsthand how easily life can change. >> when i was 9 years old my house burned down. thank god we had family to support us. really taught me what community can do. >> what started in 2005 as one team in charlotte has grown to 16 across the country. there is even a homeless world cup. off the field, he coaches the players in life. they set personal goals. >> when you get here, your spirit is broken, your self confidence is broken. being where there is trust and team work that helps. >> chris found a job, moved out of the shelter and is going back to school. >> no one wants to be homeless. my heroes are the people that come through the program. >> police say they found stacks and stacks of stolen luggage at somebody's house. how one officer cracked what looks to be a huge suitcase scam.
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right now on "showbiz tonight," what could be the ultimate jon and kate shocker. are jon and kate getting back together? tonight, "showbiz tonight" uncovers the startling clues. including kate's new confession that she still loves jon. >> part of me always will. >> tonight, "showbiz tonight" reveals why jon and kate could be ditching their divorce. the tyra banks weight controversy. tonight, tyra's remarkable revelations about her weight loss. but wait, isn't this is same
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tyra telling women accept the way you look and be proud of your body? >> kiss my fat ass. >> tonight, the hot weight debate is tyra being a hypocrite. jessica simpson's outrage over her sister fired from "melrose place." hey, could it be that ashley is just a bad actress? tv's first provocative entertainment news show starts right now. hello. i'm a.j. hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. >> hi there. i'm brooke anderson coming to you from hollywood and tonight, are we on the verge of seeing the impossible come true? could jon and kate really be getting back together again? "showbiz tonight" has been digging all day and come up with startling clues that could
11:02 am
indicate we might see the reunion of the century. for the first time since jon and kate announced their divorce kate has revealed that her love for jon has not disappeared. and this new revelation the day after jop revealed he is asking kate to forgive him for being such a jerk. "showbiz tonight" can tell you these fast moving and at one time unthinkable developments made for big news breaking today. since they announced their split it seemed jon and kate gosselin have been starring in their new reality show. jon and kate plus hate. >> it's mean, nasty, it's gotten down and dirty. it was hard to imagine this pair could have been in love. >> what a difference four months makes. now "showbiz tonight" can tell you we're seeing something different from jon and kate. they are actually making nice. >> do you still love jon? >> a part of me always will. >> on a tlc special kate acknowledged she will always love jon. >> i was very hard on him and i
11:03 am
would never deny that. >> she acknowledged something that fans of the show "jon & kate plus 8" noticed years ago. >> i'm sorry, can you stop breathing so loud? >> that maybe she wasn't always that nice to him. >> i was wrong to treat him that way. >> i don't think we've ever really seen her admit that she perhaps had done anything wrong. >> and what about jon? >> i do apologize to kate. >> at a public event sunday night in a new york city synagogue jon gosselin apologized back to kate for his hard partying post-divorce behavior. >> i'm sorry for doing the things that i did and i do ask for her forgiveness. >> wait a minute. kate's actually apologizing for being bossy. jon's apologizing for, well, being jon. and both are actually sounding a little nostalgic about the old days with each other. >> they all to a degree say you know, i wish mommy and daddy could be here at the same time.
11:04 am
and you know, to that i say i do too. >> call us crazy but might we, could we be seeing the beginnings of a jon and kate reconciliation? >> a week ago if you would have asked me would jon and kate ever get back together my answer would be there is no way that could ever happen. but now one has to wonder, it might be possible that there could be a jon and kate reunion. >> it's very lonely. >> in her tlc special last night, a tearful kate told the "today" show's natalie morales that it's hard to face the pressures of being a tabloid fixture by herself. >> i'm not alone per se but i'm alone as far as i don't have an adult person in my same boat. that's the hard part. >> and at his night of atonement this past weekend, jon also said the tab blid scrutiny is getting to him. >> it's pressure on me.
11:05 am
>> we're seeing both of them soften at the same time when both of them have been put under increasingly critical microscopes. >> maybe the pressure this ex-couple is under may have helped soften their anger toward each other and may bring them together. >> both of them have been alienated from friends and family, both have been attacked and scrutinized by the media, so perhaps the only people they really have in their lives are each other. >> we realize this could be wishful thinking but if this earnest couple we all fell in love with years ago can break up, then anything is possible. maybe even a reconciliation? >> the idea of a big family reunion of this family torn apart, coming together again, certainly would make all of us happy and would be a great story. >> i don't know. is it really that unthinkable that jon and kate could ditch the divorce and get together?
11:06 am
joining me tonight, suzanne rozdeba, senior editor for "star" magazine, and then midwin charles, an attorney. midwin, i would like to begin with you. you heard us lay out the case including kate saying she still loves jon. you see a reunion in their future? >> it's clearly not impossible. she's apologizing, he's apologizing. i think it's excellent. there are eight beautiful lovely reasons why they need to think this through. and if there's a possibility for reconciliation, hey, go for it. >> you know, it seems that kate is still waiting for the call. i was struck when i heard her on her show talking about how you know, maybe one day jon will call her up, let's look at that. >> i still wake up every day and i -- i think the phone will ring and it will be -- the old jon.
11:07 am
>> that's something she's kind of been saying ever since the breakup first happened. let me go to you, suzanne. does it sound like perhaps kate is crossing her fingers that jon will call and maybe that can be the first step of getting back together? >> absolutely, 100% no. no. no. no. these two are not getting back together. we have to remember they have got a big divorce to finalize. there's a custody battle in the works. these two are going to be on their best behavior, especially jon. him saying that he misses kate, that he made mistakes, i mean, this is a guy who was going around having flings left and right, being with the nanny and all of these women he was with. he is going to be so good right now. there's a lot of money at stake, everyone knows kate's the one who is the cash cow here. and jon has to be on good behavior. these two are going to make it
11:08 am
seem as if everything is amicable. behind the scenes they detest each other. they will not be together. >> it could be a case of they are taking the advice so many including us here at "showbiz tonight" have been giving them as they have been fighting it out. now they may be smoothing things out. while we have shown you some of the clues pointing to the possibility of a reconciliation we would be remiss in not also revealing the obstacles that stand in the way. first of all, the divorce papers have been filed. and the word is everything could be finalized by the end of the year. jon has still not broken up with his 22-year-old girlfriend haley glassman. what about jon moving to new york city. he has his bachelor pad starting off his life here away from the pennsylvania homestead. let's break these down. i want to start with the first obstacle, the divorce papers. midwin, as the attorney on retainer here can they rip up the documents and stop this ors that the train left the station? >> of course they can. they filed the paperwork but you have to get a final decree from
11:09 am
the court. it's not a big deal if they want to get back together. i understand there's a lot of money at stake and for all intents and purposes they could put on a show here, right, because there is money at stake. but i don't think it's a big deal. >> let's talk about jon's relationship with haley. that's another obstacle. jon has said he and haley are not broken up, just slowing things down because jon doesn't want to make the same mistakes with haley that he made with kate. suzanne, realizing perhaps there is more going on, if we look at what's going on the surface, and we look at the possibility of a reconciliation, you think it would be because kate would be the one taking charge with that, and not so much jon? she certainly seems more emotional than jon about it. >> absolutely. kate is the one who's got the tlc show, she's going to have another show. she's the one who is really looking out for the financial
11:10 am
stake of the family. and of her children. and you know what, if she's got to drag jon back on the show for some kind of reunion be it something temporary even, just to bring in the viewers, she's going to do it. >> is that how you see it, midwin? we're seeing a better behaved jon, more introspective jon but emotional kate who does kind of seem like maybe she does want him around. >> when she wishes it was the old jon i wonder if this is the jon who would allow her to berate him the way she kept doing. you never know. this woman was married to this man. this isn't some fly-by-night dude. she had eight kids with him. if she wants to get together with him, so be it. >> this has a foundation in reality tv, stranger things have happened. thanks, guys. here is our question of the day. jon and kate, do you think they should get back together?
11:11 am
jon says he's sorry, at least for one thing he did. >> i apologize to her for openly having relationships in the public eye. that was a huge mistake. >> okay, a huge mistake. but jon's not the only famous guy with some, well, issues. coming up, a special report, hollywood's toxic bachelors. also, jessica simpson is outraged over her sister being fired from melrose place. but could it be that ashley is a bad actress? i'm just saying. we'll also have this. >> somebody's really drunk driving down granton road. >> she should know. >> are you behind them? >> no. i am them. >> you amp them? >> you am them? a woman calls 911 on a drunk driver. herself. >> the "showbiz tonight" news ticker. making news right now.
11:12 am
right now you are going to want to keep watching the bottom of your screen. it is more nonstop compelling and provocative news from "showbiz tonight."
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11:15 am
did you see this? a forklift accident in moscow caught on tape. the driver lost control of the forklift. getting buried under $150,000 of vodka. talk about driving under the influence. don't worry, the driver is just fine, brooke. welcome back to "showbiz tonight", i am a.j. hammer in new york. >> i am brooke anderson in hollywood. help me, i'm drunk. this is unbelievable. a woman called the the police to report a drunk driver. herself. it's not the first time something like this happened. here is cnn's jeanne moos tonight. >> mary stray did not stray from doing the right thing, turning
11:16 am
in a drunk driver. >> somebody is drunk driving down the road. >> are you behind them? >> i am them. >> you am them? >> yes. >> the wisconsin woman told police she had seven or eight brandy and cokes. >> are you still driving now? >> yes. >> you want to stop driving before you get in an accident? >> yes. i will stop. >> and she did. with a blood alcohol level almost twice the legal limit. >> this isn't the first time that someone allegedly driving drunk has called 911. it happened last year in washington state. >> i don't know if i'm safe to be driving. >> why wouldn't you be safe? >> i'm drunk. i don't feel good. >> in fact, he felt so bad he
11:17 am
smoke to a reporter without revealing his identity. >> killing someone else is the last thing i wanted to do. i think i started feeling guilty being on the road. >> guilt isn't always the factor. remember the michigan police officer who called 911 high on pot. he confiscated from suspects. >> i think we're dying. >> how much do you guys have? >> i don't know. we made brownies and i think we're dead. i really do. >> he didn't die but did resign and for those who prefer to recline. >> i had a ball with it. i don't usually drink and drive on it. >> dennis anderson's recliner has been on bid on ebay complete with headlights, radio and cup holder. this is the famous recliner that anderson crashed into a parked car last year while driving drunk. other people have motorized their recliners. but lacking the infamy they
11:18 am
don't get bids in the $43,000 range. >> it's ridiculous the price it's going for. >> anderson isn't getting the money. the police are auctioning it off. tmz reports that lazy boy insisted that they drop its name from the auction. when it comes to drinking and driving sometimes it's not just us versus them. >> you am them? >> i am them. >> here's a crazy idea if you're drunk don't call the police, just don't drive. that was jeanne moos for "showbiz tonight." showbiz on call line, they are ringing off the hook. people calling about jon gosselin begging kate for forgiveness. >> opinions are split. we have a call from cheryl in canada who says jon may talk the talk but he has to walk the walk. >> i don't believe kate should forgive jon until he shows that he is sincerely sorry. saying that and meaning it is
11:19 am
two different things >> we heard from joyce calling in from virginia. she says it's definitely time to forgive. >> jon and kate both have to forgive each other. they have to do this to be able, both of them, to parent these eight children. those kids are most important and i still say the show needs to go off of the air. >> we appreciate your call. remember the showbiz on call lines always open. >> this is the number. 1-888-sbh the buzz. do it. call the number. leave us a voice mail. we'll play some of your calls here on "showbiz tonight." so, tyra banks has a new controversy tonight. over her weight. you remember how she told everyone to kiss her fat ass because women should accept their bodies. well, now she is showing off her dramatic new weight loss. is tyra showing off a little bit of hypocrisy here. hollywood's toxic bachelors.
11:20 am
>> levi johnston, i like to call him the toxic bachelor that will do anything for money. it. levisn't the only famous guy with issues, shall we say. it's a showbiz special report not to be missed. hollywood's most toxic bachelors. for the first time ever rihanna is breaking her silence about the night that chris brown beat her. rihanna opens up how she coped with that event and everything that followed. now the "showbiz news ticker." right now i want you to keep watching the bottom of the
11:21 am
screen for more news from "showbiz tonight."
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all of you that have something nasty to say about me or other women that are built like me i have one thing to say to you. kiss my fat ass. >> now, on "showbiz tonight," the brand new tyra banks weight controversy. tyra tells women to embrace their curves, now she's promoting her big weight loss. is tyra being a hypocrite? jessica simpson's outrage. jessica is furious about her sister fired from "melrose place." could it be that ashley is a bad actress? >> i'll apologize to her for openly having relationships in the public eye.
11:31 am
that was a huge mistake. >> they are good looking, they seem so nice, but oh, no, they are big time heartbreakers. tonight, a showbiz special report, the most toxic bachelors in hollywood. more stories breaking from the "showbiz news ticker." welcome back to "showbiz tonight." it is 30 minutes past the hour. i'm a.j. hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. >> and i'm brooke anderson coming to you from hollywood. tonight, a showbiz special report, has jon gosselin split from kate and his wild antics made him a toxic bachelor? "showbiz tonight" is naming the most toxic bachelors in hollywood. i'm talking about the love 'em and lev 'em single men who seem to have a different woman every
11:32 am
week. we're thinking jon gosselin is pretty high on the list. this week he's working with a rabbi to rehab his image as a bad boy lady's man. but should we trust him or should women run the other way? he's one of the many men "showbiz tonight" is naming the top toxic bachelors in hollywood. careful ladies. they may look handsome and sweet but these men are toxic. tonight, "showbiz tonight" is rating the most toxic bachelors in hollywood. so, who's the most toxic bachelor of them all? we start with a classic hollywood bachelor, musician john mayer. >> john mayer has one of the most successful reputations in hollywood as a lady's man. >> it seems john mayor's second career after a musician is heartbreaker. from jennifer love hewitt to jessica simpson to jennifer aniston this is a wager wooer >> he talked about jennifer
11:33 am
aniston and his relationship with tmz, talked about their breakup. >> jennifer is the smartest person i think i've met. i ended a relationship to be alone because i don't want to waste somebody's time if something's not right. >> gabbing about a public breakup? bad move, john. and so "showbiz tonight's" declares john mayor's rating a mighty three broken hearts out of five. john, if you want to improve your record, keep your mouth shut. and come to think of it so should another hollywood bachelor t one and only levi johnston. he's the father of sarah palin's grandson, the ex-fiancee of crystal palin and a hunk of burning love that is until he opens his mouth. >> all teens are most of them are sexually active. >> levi johnston i like to call him the toxic bachelor that will do anything for money.
11:34 am
>> aside from scores of tv interviews, a shirtless photo spread with his naked son and interesting commercial selling pistachio nuts. >> now levi johnston does it with protection. >> levi johnston dropped the biggest bombshell by reportedly posing for "play girl." >> is anyone going to tell i'm it's not a sight for heterosexual women. >> levi johnston because he is so toxic i'm giving him four toxic hearts. >> and if you want to talk toxic, you got to talk bobby brown. his ex-wife whitney houston reveals bombshell after bombshell of his outrageous behavior. >> he spit on me. he actually spit on me. >> and now that he's divorced, ladies, he's eligible. so bobby really began to look like a terrible husband.
11:35 am
however, he at least took the high road. he didn't lash out on whitney so he didn't make it worse. >> so how does bobby brown rate? >> since he hasn't been that big of a bachelor this year, he's probably getting two toxic bachelor hearts. >> and now for the biggest toxic bachelor of them all, relatively new to single life, this man has been wreaking havoc one lady at a time. so, who is this masked man? >> 2009, has to be jon gosselin. mainly because he was going out and gallivanting with pretty much anything. >> aside from his -- soulmate, 22-year-old haley glassman who now claims jon is the emotionally abusive jon has been connected to his babysitter, some questionable ties in vegas
11:36 am
and former star magazine reporter kate massier told "showbiz tonight" that jon is a major player. >> we held hands and this was all -- >> on the first night? >> yeah. >> you kissed on the first night. >> unfortunately, yes. >> jon got to do something to fix his tarnished reputation and fast. but until that day happens, jon gosselin is officially named the most toxic bachelor of them all. jon, you get five broken hearts out of five. >> so, did we get it right? is jon gosselin the most toxic bachelor of all time? our "showbiz tonight" fans have been duking it out all day long. joining me in new york is suzanne, the senior editor for "star" magazine, and in hollywood, kim serefin for in touch weekly. "showbiz tonight" is naming jon gosselin the most toxic bachelor.
11:37 am
but jon has been teaming up with a rabbi, claiming he's a reformed man who is now moral, working to get on more civil terms with his soon-to-be ex-wife kate. suzanne, are you buying it or once a toxic bachelor always a toxic bachelor. >> i'm so not buying this. he is obviously being on his best behavior because he's got something called finalizing a divorce coming up and a custody battle so he's trying to be really good lately. he's even releasing statements saying that he misses part of kate and he made mistakes and you know, he's an adult now. but the thing is that once a bachelor always a batch lr. jon is still going to have his flings. they are going to be quieter but it's still going to happen. and he broke haley glassman's heart, told her over and over he didn't have flings on the side. jon is the number one toxic bachelor. >> he does seem to love the play
11:38 am
boy lifestyle. we got other on target votes. holly writes, jude law, he is always cheating on his woman. he is cute, though. lol. hey, got a point. he was caught cheating with the nanny and his brief girlfriend has given birth to their child. kim, what do you say? how does jude stack up against the others? >> yeah, i mean, of course i would be very worried about dating him. he doesn't seem to be able to be faithful to the women that he's with. but you know, he is good looking, a good actor. he's up there with john mayer. same thing. you know what you get with john mayer, he's a player but looks like he's fun. you walk in knowing what you're getting. >> you have to be careful with those types. >> he can call me, so that's fine. >> you will be prepared. okay. well, sherry writes on our facebook wall. chris brown, he is oozing
11:39 am
toxins. i agree. after admitting to beating up rihanna, i think it's safe to say chris brown is a toxic bachelor. >> absolutely. you know what's the most annoying thing, rihanna starts releasing things about her album, how excited she is. doing all of this new work. chris brown has to come out, stamp all over her parade, do the same thing, promote his album. this is a guy who issued this faux apology and trying to rebuild his public image and it just really isn't working. >> you know, i agree. time will tell with that one. interestingly, many wrote on our facebook wall george clooney and garrard butler should be called toxic bachelors but mary is having none of it. she writes toxic is the key word. george clooney, not toxic. garrard butler, not toxic. jon gosselin, very toxic. kim, is it fair to kround jon
11:40 am
gosselin the most toxic of all? >> again, george clooney a little bit of a player but jon gosselin, you would never know who was showing up. jon gosselin with michael lohan, jon gosselin with octomom, with his spiritual adviser. you never know. >> he does seem like a womanizer these days. thank you both. good to see you. >> you remember when tyra banks did thatties my fat ass thing when she got slammed for her weight? i thought it was a terrific message for women. embrace your bodies. but tonight, tyra is showing off her new big weight loss. so i got to ask, are these mixed messages bad? is tyra a hypocrite? also kers city alley's plan to lose weight. she gained 83 pounds. wait until you hear what she's going to do. and jessica simpson furious with "melrose place" for firing her sister ashley. i got to ask, could ashley
11:41 am
getting canned be because she's just a bad actress? the "showbiz news ticker" more from the "newsroom" making news right now. you're watching "showbiz tonight" on hln. keep on watching the bottom of the screen for more nonstop compelling news from "showbiz tonight."
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11:44 am
women whose names you know, women whose names you don't, who have been picked on, whose husbands put them down, girls in school, i have one thing to say to you. kiss my fat ass. >> you remember this, when tyra banks slammed the tabloids for disher weight. she sent a message to women celebrate your curves. but tonight is tyra be a hypocrite after dropping a whopping 30 pounds? welcome back to "showbiz tonight." i'm a.j. hammer. >> i'm brooke anderson. tyra's new weight shocker. >> tyra banks is revealing how
11:45 am
she dropped the pounds but hold on a second. is she talking out of both sides of her mouth? we've got a great debate. "showbiz tonight" learned that kir city alley is taking her weight loss battle to reality tv. i've got to ask after exposing her weight loss disappointments is she setting herself up for failure. also jessica simpson's tirade about "melrose place." she calls the show crap after her sister was fired. joining me is rachel for life and style weekly, also in new york is midwin charles, an attorney with midwin charles and associates. let's start off with tyra's weight loss revelations. "showbiz tonight" learned that on her show on wednesday she's going to reveal her secrets to dropping a whopping 30 pounds. i want to show you what tyra has to say about how she felt pressured by media tension to do this. take a look.
11:46 am
>> i felt exposed because i wasn't trying to like proclaim to the world i got fit and i got healthy and i got in shape because i felt kind of conflicted especially after the kiss my fat ass thing. it's still fat, by the way. i just feel better inside. >> i don't know about fat but right there you have tyra admitting that people might see her as talking out of both sides of her mouth. midwin, is she? >> i don't. i don't. i think her message was that women need to feel comfortable with the skin that they're in. and if she didn't feel comfortable and wanted to lose 30 pounds, so be it. what's the big deal. i don't think it's a hypocrite >> brooke,you and i covered the weight loss controversy two years ago or the weight controversy where you know, she was called out for her weight. she sent a great message, people back then saying way to go, tyra. and tyra says she's still
11:47 am
embraces her curves yet she lost this weight. you think that she can have it both ways or people are going to call her a hypocrite? >> i think people will call her a hypocrite no matter what she does but i don't think she is sending mixed messages personally. she says it's not about being skinny and you know, look at her, she's not emaciated. she is curvy, she looks great. and it's sending a message about good health. i think we all need to strive to be as fit and strong as possible because that's good for our long-term health. bodies and minds. when i say that tyra is sending a great message i don't think i'm alone here. rachel, are you with me on this one? >> i'm absolutely with you, with midwin. she never signed up to be the poster child for plus size women. when she said kiss my fat you know what she was standing up and sticking up for women of all shapes and sizes that don't want to be judged. and it doesn't matter whether she weighs 130 or 160. she is a great inspiration. >> let us move on to another
11:48 am
story. the a and e network confirmed that kirstie alley is doing a show documenting what they call her journey with weight loss. this is the same kirstie alley lost over 70 pounds as a spokesperson for jenny craig, put on a bikini on oprah and gained over 80 pounds back. i have been among those rooting for her all along. it does seem to me that perhaps kirstie is setting herself up for failure. she said it was miserable experience before. >> it was, but i applaud kirstie. it's difficult to share your inner battles with the world. remember, opera oprah did this, ran the marathon. it's what people go through. if she wants to share that i think that's a really good thing. >> we all want kir city to be her healthyist. is doing it on televig the way to go for her? >> she might be setting herself up for failure but i cannot wait
11:49 am
to watch. i love her on tv, a fan of cheers and now she's on a and e, this is a network that has intervention, mind freaks, dog the bounty hunter. >> and somehow it's going to be funny because it has kirstie. breaking today, jessica simpson blasting "melrose place" for firing her sister, writing her out of the show. take a look what jessica tweeted. cw catching up on mp who writes this crap. i've had bad scripts to work with but this? thank god my sister is amazing and you got some press. jessica is doing the big sister thing protecting ashley. but midwin, the buzz elsewhere is ashley was fired because, well, she's a terrible actress. i'm not saying that. you think jessica is making herself look silly? >> i think so, too. i wonder what else jessica has going on with her career or lack thereof, right, subject to
11:50 am
debate and argument. but it's entirely possible that her sister was not the best actress for "melrose place" and why she was fired. she needs to tweet about something else. >> what do was fired. she needs to tweet about something else. >> do you think this was a mistake? >> i think jes is at home jumping up and down. for once the table is turned and ashley's getting the bad press and she gets to stick up for her. >> she just has the little sisterly love on the outside but may be feeling differently on the inside. thanks, guys, i appreciate you being here. >> tonight, the big time custody battle. get this. sandra is fighting her husband's ex-wife for custody of their 5-year-old daughter. and it just so happens this ex is a porn star. that's right. it's sandra versus her husband eeks ex, the porn queen. what a bizarre story. these are more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom that are making news right now.
11:51 am
you are watching "showbiz tonight" and right now i want to keep on watching the bottom of your screen for more non-stop compelling news.
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an appetite that he had to fill. >> remains of at least ten people turn up at a convicted rapist's house. police are still searching. we have a live for you from cleveland. across iran, anti-government protestors are in the streets. look at this. they've got a message for president obama. and multimillion dollar win or machine malfunction? casino crashes a florida gamblers celebrating. it is so good to see you, to be back with you. i'm christi paul. thank you for sharing your time with us. let's talk about the story that so many people are talking about today, this convicted rapists
12:01 pm
who facing multiple counts of murder, rape, and kidnapping. he will stay behind bars. a judge this morning, you see the video here from it, denied bond for 50-year-old anthony sowell and called his alleged crimes gruesome. now, within the past week authorities have found the remains of ten people in and around sowell's home. suzanne candiotti is in cleveland outside the home. but, tell us first and foremost, what happened in court today? >> reporter: in court, the suspecting anthony sowell, didn't say much at all except when he was asked if he had enough money to hire a lawyer and he answered no, sir. this is someone they suspect had something to do with the deaths of ten people whose bodies were found inside house. plus, a human skull that was found wrapped in paper and placed in a bucket in the basement of that house. they asked for no bond. they said there was a possibility that they will seek the death penalty, a likelihood in this case.
12:02 pm
and then they asked the judge for no bond, and this is what he said. >> mr. sowell, 28 years of being on this bench, this is, without question, the most serious set of allegations that i've ever faced. given the nature and the gruesomeness of the allegations that have been placed against you'll, as well as your past criminal history, the court believes that the request of the prosecution in this matter should be held and remanded without bond is well taken and, as a result, that will be the order of the court. >> reporter: now, christi, outside the back of the house, there is still activity going on. however, authorities say they are done digging up that backyard. now they're going to concentrate on the inside of the house. they're seeking a new search warrant to go inside and start
12:03 pm
ripping everything apart, from top to bottom, tearing apart walls, floors, ceilings to look for more evidence and possibly more victims. we talked with the deputy chief outside the courthouse. >> 24 years in law enforcement, along with the other guys that have quite a bit more time, it's, you know, we've never seen anything like it. so it's -- it's very challenging from an investigative standpoint, emotional standpoint for all the investigators that are on the ground doing it. the coroner's office. so it's emotional but the guys are -- the men and women are professional and they're going to continue doing their job. >> reporter: so clearly there is a lot of work left to be done. investigators trying to find out how in the world something like this could have happened. again, this is a sex offender who did 15 years in jail. he moved to this house back in
12:04 pm
2005. how is it that no one noticed anything was odd, especially because of the smell that was coming from this house? but it turns out that there is a sausage and cheese factory literally a couple of doors down, and a lot of people said they thought that's where the smell was coming from. investigators are now going to trace this man's steps as best they can, in all the time he spent here, where he went, with whom he visited and find out exactly who those victims are. >> that was my next question. this has got to be a horrific wait for people and wondering if any of these bodies are indeed the people that they love. do we have any idea in terms of a time line as to when they will find out the identification of the other bodies that they found? >> reporter: no time line specifically, but police say they're trying to go as quickly as they can using dna evidence and trying to match them up against any missing persons reports that have been filed.
12:05 pm
at this hour, another autopsy is under way of the remains that were pulled out yesterday. those four additional bodies, and the human skull. we hope to find out at the very least the race and gender of those victims. what we know about the other six is that they are described as all african-american women who five of the six were strangled to death and the fourth one, according to authorities, unfortunately the remains were so decomposed they were unable to tell the manner of death. >> okay. susan candiotti. thank you. we appreciate it, as always. breaking news tonight, as well, as investigators continue to turn anthony sowell's house inside outlo looking for more victims. nancy grace will have the latest breaking developments. watch her at 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. eastern right here. meanwhile, investigators think three dickinson state softball players made the mistake of driving into a pond. no foul play suspected in the
12:06 pm
deaths of 22-year-old kristen gemar, 20-year-old and 21-year-old. the bodies of the women and newfeld's dog, in fact, were found in the submerged suv. it was found resten on its wheels in ten feet of water and doors and windows were closed. signals from the women's last desperate phone call on sunday night led investigators from that pond which was hidden by tall grass on private property. what are you looking at here? determined and fearless anti-government protestors in iran. they're back on the street for the first time in weeks. and this time they chanted "obama, you're either with us or with them." now, they marched in spite of warningis from the government t stay away. riot police went out. a lot of people were roughed up and arrested. the opposition march coincides with an entirely different protest here. this one was by government supporters marking the 30th
12:07 pm
anniversary of a seizure of the u.s. embassy in tehran. islamic students storld the compound and held 52 americans hostage. in a statement president obama said it's time for the government to decide whether it's wants to focus on the past or make choices that will open the door to greater opportunity, prosperity and justice for its people. that's a quote. americans exercise the power of the ballot once again. and raise in some cases more questions than they answer. what were voters thinking, do you think, as they went or you perhaps went to the polls in the off-year election. share your views on hln.
12:08 pm
12:09 pm
republican party insists he's not gloating, but admits he's smiling about the results of the off-year elections here. the gop, of course, won elections for governor in two states, taking both seats away from democrats. but in new york, congressional seat that was in republican hands for a century is not any
12:10 pm
longer. let's break this down for you. former u.s. attorney chris christie is the first republican to win a statewide new jersey race in more than a decade. incumbent democrat jon corzine spent twice as much as christie during his campaign. virginia also has a new republican governor, former state attorney general bob mcdonnell. he easily defeated democratic legislative creigh deeds. a special election meanwhile in upstate new york provided one last twist in a wildly dramatic campaign here. democrat bill owens will represent a congressional district that's elected only republicans for more than 100 years. he defeated conservative party candidate dug hoffman, the republican nominee quit the race last weekend. so for talking politics for your views question, richelle carey has been looking at what
12:11 pm
you had to say about yesterday's state elections. richelle, i'm curious to know what people are saying, you know, on your facebook and on all of our websites here. >> i can tell you this, christi if you touch the phones right now here, i think the phones are on fire. >> burning up? >> yes. people wanting to be asked this question. so i think we set the right tone today. it's been a year. i know it's hard to believe, since president obama was elected the 44th president of the united states. so we want to know, how do you think he's doing? you know, it's been a year. you go to the doctor, get a check-up, that's what this is. marcia is calling us from texas. marcia, you are first up out of a lot of people that wanted to weigh in. so make it good, sister. what do you think? >> caller: okay. i'm 52 years old. i have never felt unsafe like i do feel in this country today. i am very disappointed in him. i truly believe he should be impeached. he hnumber one endangerment for our country's defense, our health care, well being,
12:12 pm
endangerment to our government. i believe he's trying to turn us into a socialistic country, and he has embarrassed was for apologizing for us to the world. >> marcia, did you have these concerns, fears before he was elected, or are there things that he's done to make you feel this way? marcia, can you turn the tv down, also? >> i don't have the tv on. >> i'm getting a little -- i'm getting feedback. i thought that's where it's coming from. >> i'm sorry. no, i had some, but not -- not anything like this. i was really hoping that he was going to be shining through. but his inability to make prompt decisions where our military is concerned about backing down, i think he's showing weakness to the world. and i think more people are going to be attacking us. >> all right, marcia, thank you very much for your call. let's get to mary in florida. my producer tells me you're coming from the opposite side.
12:13 pm
what do you think? >> i'm 63. i think that president obama is an excellent president. i think -- i hope he gets -- i hope ad and pray he gets a second term. >> you are seeing things already in these first nine months, like people are already saying in the first nine months they feel scared. you have seen things in nine months that make you feel good about him? >> oh, yeah, he's a great president. he's trying to help all of us. i think those people that are downing him, they ought to stop and they ought to back up our president. he's a a good man. he's thinking of his people. i hope the health care goes through. i admire the man. i think he's one of the best presidents we have had since kennedy and clinton and lincoln. he's fantastic. i don't know what's wrong with the people. >> did you say reagan? it sounded like you also threw a republican in there. >> no, i didn't say reagan. no, not reaganomics.
12:14 pm
>> sorry. i misunderstood you. seems like you're coming from a democratic point of view. >> yes. >> thank you for your phone call. got some facebook comments as well. search for richelle carey hln. this is what michael says about the elections yesterday. specifically the gubernatorial race, new jersey and virginia. he says gubernatorial races have no reflection on president's performance/popularity. each state has its own unique problems and, if voters are smart, they would elect governors who have the best plan to solve these problems. party affiliation is just an avenue for campaign donations. he's speaking to the fact that republicans won. he says, i have seen no change. he is too caught up trying to already get re-elected. looks he is more campaigning instead of getting the country back on track. all right. keep dishing it out. we want to know what you think, how is president obama doing a year after being elected president? call us right now at 1-877-tell-hln. e-mail us at also, if you want, text the word
12:15 pm
views plus your comment and name to hlntv. standard text rates apply. i got my numbers wrong. 11th month, he's been president for 11 months now, christi. >> good to point out. richelle, yeah, i've got to tell you my facebook page is burning up with this one, too. please keep it coming. we love to hear from you. all righty. thank you. their son was allegedly beaten to death by his college roommate. if that's not upsetting enough, why these grieving parents were sent a bill for $29,000 by the hospital that treated their son.
12:16 pm
12:17 pm
in case you forgot, veterans day is a week away but we salute the troops every day here at hln. today, robin meade from "morning express" has a salute, she says she's so grateful for the sacrifices her son makes each and every day. >> today's salute comes to us from a proud mother to her son
12:18 pm
marine corporal. greg, your family is so proud of your accomplishments and your service to your country. >> hi, rob, this is marian. i'm saluting my son, corporal in the united states marine corp. we're so proud of you. your whole family. we missed you so much during your deployment and can't wait for you to return home. god bless you. you're such a role model for your younger brother, sister, and all your cousins. we're so grateful for all your sacrifices. we miss your practical jokes and bear hugging. be safe. come home to us. you rock. >> congrats to him. back to you. >> all right. robin, thank you. again, our hats off to all of you who are serving. you know, days after a california state student was found beaten in his doorm room and died, his parents got another shock when they opened their mail. listen to this. gerald and elizabeth hawkins say they got a $29,000 bill from the hospital even though their son
12:19 pm
was insured pap long with the bill was a detailed letter explaining doctors' efforts to revive their son and they say that forced them to relive their tragic loss. >> barely enough energy to just finish your sentencing, having to sit down and actually deal with something like this out of the blue is extremely difficult. >> i honestly don't think that there's any civilized country anywhere in the world that would allow parents of a murdered boy to receive a bill like this and a letter like this. >> the hospital has since apologized saying the bill and letter should have gone to their son's insurance company. police are accusing a fellow student of killing him. this afternoon, california's inspector general will release the results of a two-month investigation into the handling of this man, phillip garrido's parole. remember, garrido was under federal parole supervision for rape charges when jaycee dugard was kidnapped in 1991.
12:20 pm
he and his wife pleaded not guilty in the dugard case. how is this for an odd couple until "30 rock" actor alec baldwin there and steve martin, when we say couple we mean they're going to co-host next year's oscars. martin has hosted it twice before but first time for martin. he liked the idea of they're contrasting personals. you can decide for yourself when the oscars air on march 7th. appliance makers are doing their part to make us more energy efficient, of course, at home. they won't just save energy, though. hln money expert clark howard contends the latest household technologies will save you money, too. >> how much does it cost you to heat and cool and provide all the energy for your home? well, it's a big, big money thing for a lot of people. and if you live in a warmer climate, those summer bills are so huge, or cooler climate, winter time is what you fear, and going to your mailbox and
12:21 pm
seeing what the bill is to heat your home. i want you to know that we are on the cusp of a new era where you're going to be able to buy smarter houses and smarter appliances. easier is the appliances. it is now more and more manufactures are going to roll out appliances that will actually go on at times the power company might give you a cheaper deal. as for using less energy to heat and cool? listen to this. there's a development, a breakthrough, with solar panels where they're built into the roof shingles that go on to your house. that's right. you can save money and not have those ugly-looking solar panels on your roof. i'm clark howard. for more money-saving tips go to >> speaksing of money, it is every gambler's dream come true, hitting the mega jackpot. one florida gambler found out it's just a dream after all.
12:22 pm
why the casino was not faying on the big score.
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a convicted rapist who is facing multiple counts of murder, rape and kidnapping will stay behind bars. this is the video from this morning where a judge in cleveland denied bond for 50-year-old anthony sowell, whom you see there, calling his alleged crimes gruesome. >> mr. sowell, 28 years of being on this bench, this is, without question, the most serious set of allegations that i've ever faced. given the nature and the gruesomeness of the allegations that have been placed against you, as well as your past criminal history, the court believes that the request of the
12:31 pm
prosecution in this matter that you be held and remanded without bond is well taken and, as a result, that will be the order of the court. >> within the past week authorities found the remains of at least ten people in and around sowell's home, including a skull discovered in the basement. neighbors say they complained of foul smell in the area, but some thought it came from a nearby business that sold sausage. at a news conference later today the county coroner may release the preliminary cause of death. we'll stay on top of that. breaking news tonight, as investigators continue to turn anthony sowell's house inside outlook for more victims, tearing down walls now. nancy grace will have all the late-breaking developments for you. watch her at 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on hln news and views. investigators say they think three dickinson state university softball players made the deadly mistake of driving straight into
12:32 pm
a farm pond in the dark. no foul play is suspected in the deaths of 22-year-old krirs tir gemar, afton williamson, and ashley neufeld. the doors and windows were closed. signals from the women's last desperate phone calls sunday night led investigators to the pond which is hidden by tall grass on private property. italian judge has convicted 23 americans in the 2003 kidnapping of an egyptian cleric in milan. 22 were identified by prosecutors, though, with cia agents involved in the agency's rendition program in the war on terrorism. all were tried in absentia. three other americans were acquitted. former milan stations chief received the stiffest sentence, eight years in prison. the other 22 reach received a five-year sentence. no comment though from cia
12:33 pm
spokesman in washington just yet. the chairman of the republican party insists he's not gloating, but admits he's smiling about the results of the off-year election. the gop won elections for governor in two states, taking both seats away from democrats. but a nrk congressional seat that was a republican hands for more than a century is no longer. so let's break this down for you. first of all, former u.s. attorney chris christie is the first republican to win a statewide new jersey race in more than a decade. incumbent democrat jon corzine spent nearly twice as much as christi did but it didn't overcome the strong negative impression they had for him apparently. virginia has a new republican governor, bob mcdonnell. he easily defeated democratic legislator creigh deeds. a special election in upstate new york provided one last twist in a wildly dramatic campaign, this thing has been.
12:34 pm
democrat bill owens will represent a congressional district that has elected only republicans for more than 100 years now. he defeated conservative party candidate doug hoffman. the republican nominee quit the race last weekend. , so of course, we're talking politics. richelle carey is here talking about what you have to say as a viewer. and i know that the phones have been lighting up. people have a lot to say about this. thank you for chiming in. >> they want to know do these local elections mean anything bigger for president obama. some people say there's no connection whatsoever. of course, it kind of depends on which political party you're in whether or not you think it means something. it has been one year since we letted, the people elected barack obama president. we figure it's time to do a check-up. we're kind of leaving this open-ended. we want to know how do you think he's doing as president? do you think things have gotten better, gotten worse? do you think that these elections we just talked about on the states of new jersey,
12:35 pm
virginia, new york, do you think this is a type of referendum on how president obama is doing, congress is doing? get to your facebook page, your phone, text, do whatever you want to do. let's talk about this. what do you think the president is doing a year after being in office? call us right now. 1-877-tell-hln. e-mail us at also text the word "views," plus your name to hlntv. standard text rates apply. or hit me up on my facebook page. somebody just did to make sure that i knew that lincoln was a republican, which i did know. i just couldn't hear the calls. we're working on that. richelle carey hln. there's a lively discussion going on there as well because they're talking about politics. this is people everyday lives. >> i've gotten several on my hln facebook page as well. all over the board. >> that's why we wanted to make it open ended. we don't want to confine you.
12:36 pm
we want to know what you think about this. >> good to know. richelle, see you next hour. well, because of all the fear about the h1n1 flu, the government is urging you to stay home if you get sick. but what if you don't get sick pay? maybe you just can't afford to stay home? now a congressman is introducing a bill so people who do get sick or do not get any sick pay, i should say, could get up to five paid days off. congressman george miller says 50 million people just don't get paid sick leave, so he's going to push for a quick floor vote on that measure. if your ipod is constantly on full blast now, you may pay the price later. susan hendricks explains how age affects hearing in this "health minute." rb she has served from allergies all of her life so she's suspected congestion may be part of the reason why she has pressure in her ear, making it hard for her to hear. she also wondered if time was taking its toll on her hearing.
12:37 pm
>> sometimes i have to have people repeat what they say to me. >> reporter: turns out, many of us gradually do experience hearing loss as we age. but the way to treat your hearing in your younger years affects its function later, prior to mid-life, nerve hearing loss usually isn't an issue. dr. paul atwater suggest it is things seem muted, get to the doctor to see if the problem is wax build-up. don't use a cotton swab to clean out your ears. it only pushes the wax further inside. don't smoke. also, turn down the volume. >> noise exposure is the most common cause of hearing loss in a younger person. >> reporter: that noise, certain medical conditions and your family medical history can contribute to hearing loss awe you age. >> you may lose your hearing as you get into your late 50s and beyond. >> reporter: as for robinson, it doesn't appear that she has hearing loss due to age, so she's trying allergy medications hoping to find some relief.
12:38 pm
for today's "health minutes." rihanna is making her silence now. what she's saying about those photos of her battered face that leaked on to the internet.
12:39 pm
12:40 pm
thank you for sharing your time with us. we're finally hearing from pop star rihanna for the first time after being assaulted by her boyfriend chris brown. she's saying that her ordeal and media attention were humiliating. she said the police photo leaked
12:41 pm
to the media showing her bruised face added insult to injury. now, the 21-year-old says she felt particularly disappointed to learn the police officers accused in the leak are women. when the story broke of her beating, rihanna says she awoke to find helicopters circling her house and reporters swarming her streets. this is how she puts it. quote, i went to sleep as rihanna and woke up as britney spears. that was the level of media chaos that happened the next day. here's a subject you probably don't want to get too close to, talking about bad breath. today we're going beyond the surface because it may be a problem that you can't simply brush off. >> a big concern of my patients obviously is bad breath. it's really the bacteria that causes, in part, the bad breath. gum disease is the real culprit for really bad breath. you're smelling the bacteria. perhaps a crown is a little bit loose. you do get that bad breath from
12:42 pm
just the bacteria under that crown. i have gotten many concerned parents to ask me about, well, my child's breath is awful. if you look and you see two big golf balls in the back of the throat, the tonsils harbor bacteria. a lot of these mouthwashes are just alcoholy, minty, they try to mask it. hydrogen peroxide usually diluted 50/50 with water is a good mouthwash. another important thing that people don't always think about doing is brushing your tongue. just get any areas that may harbor bacteria. their son was allegedly beat on the death by his college roommate. if that's not upsetting enough, why these grieving parents were sent a bill for $29,000 by the hospital that treated their son.
12:43 pm
12:44 pm
today's anniversary of
12:45 pm
president obama's historic election, what matters partnership with "essence" magazine. richelle carey sat down with five prominent leaders in the african-american community. she asks if they think things have changed. tom williams is the first black head football coach in yale university. he talked about how he, like the president, is breaking down barriers. >> i do feel a sense of responsibility. you know, i want to be a role model for young african-american coaches who aspire to be head coaches. and i want to do a good job and be known ultimately as a good coach, but i'm certainly proud of my african-american heritage and would like to represent very well. >> you can see the rest of richelle's interview with coach williams at 4:00 p.m. eastern. results are in for major mayoral race ace cross the country. billionaire michael bloomberg won a third term as mayor of new york city. he spent $100 million of his own money and defeated piece
12:46 pm
opponent by five percentage points. two candidates in atlanta are headed for a runoff. city councilwoman mary norwood will face reid on the right next month. if elected norwood would become the city's first white mayor in 37 years. a runoff will decide the mayor's race in houston. openly gay candidate parker will square off against former city attorney gene lock on december 12th. boston, the mayor has been reelected to an unprecedented fifth consecutive term. he's been in office for some 16 and 1/2 years. very popular. voters in maine meanwhile appear to have repealed the state law that approved gay marriage. gay marriage has now, here's the thing, lost in every state writ went to a popular vote. that's a total of 31 states. five states have legalized it through legislation or the courts. in maine, with most precincts in, opponents of gay marriage won by a 6% margin.
12:47 pm
the vote overturned a state law enacted last spring. a justice of the peace who refused to marry an interracial couple has resigned now, word from state officials in louisiana. keith badr well has said he doesn't regret his decision but told affiliate wbrc he was advised to step down after the couple filed a discrimination lawsuit against him. we have new information for you that we're learning. a missing pregnant woman has been found dead. her body discovered in a bayou in florida. that's watkins there last seen thursday. she had a 4-year-old son, worked at mcdonald's and was going to a junior college. the pensacola police have spoken with the father of the unborn child several times. they're not ruling out, they say, anyone as a suspect. days after a california state student was beaten to death in his dorm room, his parents got a new shock when they opened their mail. listen to this. gerald and elizabeth hawkins say they got a $29,000 bill from the
12:48 pm
hospital even though their son was insured. along with the bill was a detailed letter explains doctors' efforts to revive their son and they say that forced them to relive the loss. >> barely enough energy to just finish your sentencing, having to sit down and actually deal with something like this out of the blue is extremely difficult. >> i honestly don't think that there's any civilized country anywhere in the world that would allow parents of a murdered boy to receive a bill like this and a letter like this. >> the hospital has since apologized saying the bill and letter should have gone to their son's insurance company. police say his dorm roommate beat him to death. he was shot by police and is expected to be charged with murder, by the way. this afternoon, california's inspector general will release the results of a two-month investigation into the handling of this man, phillip garrido's parole. f
12:49 pm
garrido and his wife are charged with kidnapping jaycee dugard. the 29-year-old was reunited, by the way, with her family in august. some robbers had to run for their lives when they came face to face with an 84-year-old man. art lewis says he pulled out his gun when four people tried to rob his jewelry store monday. he said one of the robbers shot at him first and this is what happened. >> when i saw the flash of his gun, i drew my gun. i had it in my pocket. and i fired five times. and as i was firing, everybody exited real quick. >> you think? his store, though, has been robbed twice before and in one attack he was tied up and robbers took everything. a florida man has settled for an undisclosed amount with a casino near tampa after thinking he had won $166 million on a
12:50 pm
slot machine. the seminol hard rock casino said it was a mistake. top prize was $99,000 and since it was broken the casino wouldn't even pay him that. >> they make you think you won and make everyone around you think you won and an hour after they say, well, you know, we got to investigate this and it's probably a malfunction. >> they have settled on an indisclosed amount. gaming commissioners are trying to figure out why the machine malfunctioned. >> our money expert clark howard serves in the georgia state guard and this weekend you'll see him serving our troops. clark and robin meade teamed up to help soldiers and you save more, spend less and avoid getting ripped off. >> she says what's the best way to be debt free before retirement. when will you be retiring? >> two years from the army
12:51 pm
reserve and two to five years from civil service. >> okay. so the question is what kind of debts do you have that you're trying to get your arms around? >> i want to get around to paying off the house and having just house and utilities by the time i retire. >> paying off your home mortgage is not always a priority. the big priority is paying off any unsecured debt. personal loans, credit cards, next would be car loans. home mortgage debt is not a high priority with me. it's more important that you beef up your savings than it is to be mortgage debt free. it's psychological for people to be mortgage debt free on the day they retire. i'm not into that. your house isn't going to feed you money. you're going to feed yourself from the money that you have saved. >> watch operation clark smart this weekend at 6:00 a.m., noon and 4:00 p.m. eastern right here
12:52 pm
on hln. it's a side of president obama's life we don't get to see very often. his half brother in china is breaking his long silence. his surprising words about their father. 
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