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tv   U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  November 5, 2009 10:00am-1:00pm EST

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almost all of us knows somebody who lost their job. well, today many of them got some good news. checks in the mail through the holidays plus home buyers get big bucks back. mothers thinking their newborns died and had been cremated, but the doctors then allegedly were selling the babies for about $1,000. we'll dig into that for you. plus a zest tape could be why carrie prejean waved off her demandses and suddenly settled her legal battle. what is said to be in the tape of the ex-fiscal cal that is called too racy to post. all that this hour on morning express. first off, the body count rises. police now have recovered 11
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bodies from a registered zegs offender's home. we only knew of ten yesterday and we've also learned the identity of one of the viblg tims. authorities identified her estonia car michael, a woman missing for about a year. police say they was buried in the backyard with marks indicating she was strangled. her mother talked about this loss. >> i lost a mother, as well as my older sister and my younger brother. as you can see from the pictures, she had a beautiful smile, they was a beautiful person, she loved her family. >> suspect an ton any sowell showed no emotion in court yesterday. he's charged with five murders. his attorney wants him to get psychiatric evaluation. she says sowell is an ex-marine with a heart condition. also police are no longer calling sowell a convicted rapist. court records show he was charged with a 1989 rain, but pleaded guilty to attempted rpen
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in a plea deal. now the baby found alive underneath her baby-sitter's bed this florida. police say 7 month old shannon dedrick had been hidden inside a box. the baby has been placed in protective custody and appeared healthy. >> we are the proud papas of a little girl. this is shannon dietrich. we usually do not get to the happy endings that we have today. if you want to see a bunch of grown men cry -- tonight when we rushed her to the hospital and weefs all calling home to our wives to let them know we'd found this baby safe. >> deputies have arrested the baby-sitter, her husband and the child's mother.
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so far police have not released what charges all three may be facing. another news conference is scheduled for noon. of course we'll be listening to that. a happy ending. a lot of proud papas. >> firefighters battling a school alarm school fire about 90 miles of seattle. these pictures from a little bit earlier this morning. the school was being remodeled about. there are reports that workers were doing welding work. no injuries being reported. classes are canceled while the district finds another space for students. and three doctors and a nurse are accused of selling hugh borns. a woman in mexico says she was told her newborn died at the hospital and then was cremated, but she says she got an e-mail from the hospital director's son saying the baby was alive and had been sold for $1100. police say they've arrested t doctors, a nurse and a hospital receptionist. police think they have sold other newborn, as well. how to video from a police car camera that may be a new
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clue in the drive by shooting of a seattle police officer. investigators say the video shows a car similar to the light colored sub compact car from which the shots were fired. and the seattle times is reporting that a note threatening officers was left at the scene where four police cars were set on fire. that happened nine days before officer timothy bren ton was killed on hal loan would he. his funeral will be tomorrow. that you maegers are throwing a life line to millions of folks across the country struggling to find jobs. jen westhoven joins us. this has to be some good news for a lot of different folks. >> it is. and we've heard the estimate that 7,000 people a day, their jobless benefits run out. we've got the holidays coming, we know the job market hasn't got p p gotten any better. it's not law yet, it's not a done deal, but it's on its way. hundreds of thousands of out of work americans could get 14
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weeks more of benefits, so that would carry them through the holidays. and if you look at the states in red, in those states where unemployment is higher, folks would get 20 weeks of checks. 27 states in red, the majority of the country. and if you look, they're some of the most populous states, as well. but lawmakers clearly trying to get action ahead of the news tomorrow. and unfortunately that is the big employment report and many economists expect that it could hit 10%. it's been 9.8% before, so very very close to that, but you know it will be the lead of all the papers saturday morning if that's the case. by the way, tucked into the bill, a little gift for home buyers. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. people who are beast are ob
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have more risk forgetting cancer. more than 100,000 knew cases of cancer are linked to extra body weight. this includes breast and colon cancer. experts say people can lower their risk by simply losing weight, increases physical activity and eating healthier. the party is on in new york city. what is it, like 10:00 a.m. right now? the yankees have won the world series. rafer is here and i bet people dancing through the streets. >> who of the people working on this show tonight have not been to sleep. the yankees, 27th world series title. that is more than any other team. but this one was anything but pedestrian. it's team's first win in their brand new park in nine years. the team with the huge payroll and expectations lived up to them. beating the phillies in game six. and a victory parade is planned for tomorrow. derek jeter getting
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congratulations, rodriguez hoisting the trophy. he was not the story soin this game. but little nope fact, so far every time the yankees have opened a new stadium, they've won the world champion ship. >> so they'll be building new stadiums like every -- was bob the one that didn't sleep last night? amazing. i can't even tell. he'll be back with more again on the mvp. in the last hour, the house majority leader predicted they will have the votes to pass the health care reform bill. it's getting last minute help from the aarp. the associated press reports the powerful seniors lobby will endorse the house bill today. president obama will also visit capitol hill tomorrow to make a personal push for that legislation. >> a gruch inmates jumped no n. to a fight involving a prisoner and a guard, but surveillance video showses that this story
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does not end like you might think. and the son of nba ledge he said michael jordan says he only wanted to wear the shoes endorsed by his dad, but his decision has cost his college.
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time too look at weather. he's watching what was a tropical storm and you're tellings us something is going to happen. >> remember yesterday it wasn't even a depression at this time yesterday, but it built itself into a tropical depression, and storm and then a hurricane. first thing this morning, hurricane ida came to shore, currently over land. so really raining very hard across eastern nicaragua, 75 miles an hour. that's a weak hurricane, but look at the track. this is odd to see it in november, but the track will take it back into the caribbean and if it holds together over
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land, about it comes back into the gulf of mexico, it could be a problem for the lower gulf coast sometime mix week. so we have a lot of time to watch it, but interesting to note, usually 5% of all tropical activity occurs in november. so it's kind of rare to see something this late in the season. west coast, a lot of clouds spilling inland around san francisco. goes all the way in towards seattle and look at the rain just offshore. that rain is working in. seattle today could get as much as one to two inches of rain and we'll talk about that in a little bit. >> fast mover. you've got to see the video of a prison attack with an amazing twist. an inmate attacking a 64-year-old guard behind that desk putting him in a chokehold. then other inmates jump into help the deputy. you can see them pumpging the guard's attacker, holding him down. one inmate used the guard's radio to call for backup. >> it's hard to point your finger at what present voeked this had, but it was fast and it was vie lepts. he truck him in the face and
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proceeded to lock into what appears to be what's commonly referred to as a rear naked choke, used in ground fighting and in martial art, cuts off the blood supply. these inmates likely saved deputy moon's life. >> the jail commander says the guard was not seriously hurt. his alleged attacker was locked occupy drug charges. the bill passed by the senate to extend job wls benefits up to 20 weeks also includes a big bonus for home buyers. jen westhoven, you've been watching this for us. we're trying to get that home market moving along. >> and most economists say it has helped. what they're not sure about is if that will last. but if you're thinking about moving, even if you're not a first time home buyer, the senate tucked this gift into that bill. more people could qualify for that tax credit for money to buy a home. if you've been some your home for more than five years, you could be part of this. you would get not the $8,000,
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but you'd get $6500 to buy another home. and the $8,000 tax credit for first time buyers, that would last all the way through june. and economists, they do credit it with helping the housing market. smors also raised the income cap so more people could qualify. you can if you're a couple making up to $225,000 a year. and new this morning, the latest read on the job market. it went in the right direction, but we're still some tough shape. the government says the number of people who filed for jobless claims for the first time, that number fell by 20,000 to the lowest since january, but we're still talking about more than half a million people. and, of course, we've been talking about the big weekly number coming tomorrow. i'm sorry, the big monthly number. >> and you're always watching that for us. and that home buyer incentive will cost billions. >> i think i saw an estimate that the whole bill is $20 billion. but, yeah, all of these things,
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they're good, but they come with a price tag that we'll all have to pay down the road. >> thanks, jen. being one of five iron chefs on the food network can be stressful and time consume, so it's no wonder that cat cora can serve up delicious travel tips in this week's road warriors. >> i'm a mom, an iron chef, i'm a wife. i'm on the road 200 plus days a year. being an iron chef is intense. it's not easy to be on the road especially when you've just had a baby. we definitely are calling constantly in touch, sending lots of pictures through i pope. i still do bedtime p. for matter what city i'm in, i'm calling home and helping tuck my kids in bed. my strategy for jet lag is to hit the gym because that really refreshes me. there's nothing that doesn't make you crankier than being
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delayed on a flight and not having something good to eat. so being a chef, i always have almonds, pretzels, some pieces of fruit. i think restaurants usually buy what new and exciting, chef buddies that always hook me up, so i go visit them. remember, keep cooking.
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prison officials missed several opportunities to catch the man accused of holding jaycee dugard captive for 18 years. a report from california's inspector general says officials monitoring phillip garrido did not investigate why there were utility wires running from his house to the backyard cow pound. they also misclassified garrido as a low risk zegs offender despite his rape conviction in 1977. >> we agree that serious errors were made over the last ten years. we obviously deeply regret any error that could have possibly resulted in the victims living you said these conditions for even one additional day. >> the report also says that dugard repeatedly tried to conceal her identity when she was rescueded by police. she told authorities she was hiding from an abusive husband in minnesota and even defended garrido. they've pleaded not guilty to
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charges related to the kidn kidnapping. >> the celebration on in new york. i'm yubd stating it as the yankees once again are world champs. a lot of people are happy. >> a lot of people aren't. you're either saying damn yankees or 27th heaven. they'll have a victory parade tomorrow, but we've been talking a lot about rodriguez, big star, who is always great in the postseason, but it this year's mvp hideki matsui. his nickname is godzilla and he had a monster game. he knocked in six runs. that ties a world series rorld. george steinbrenner was too frail to see it in person, but no doubt he was smiling. michael jordan's son cost his college millions just would i wearing his dad's shoes. marcus playing some his first game at central florida wore his dad's nike air jordans but the
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school has a deal with adidas. and they pulled the plug on their deal. marcus' team did win, though. so what are you saying about this some dennis wrote, marcus jordan has good reason to want to wear his father's shoes. this just shows how small minded the decision makers for adidas are. meanwhile, another post, he needs to get with the program. can he wear his dad's sneakers on his down time. whose side are you on? go to and with all the negative attention weighing heavy on his heart, florida linebacker brandon spikes asked to serve a full game suspension for doing this, trying to gouge the eyes of a player before now his coach got some criticism because he only suspended him for half a game. spikes said he did not want to be a distraction. so this guy showing the maturity here saying, looking just suspend me a full game and let's move on for this. but i don't think it was cool
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that his coach and the scht e krechlt put t sec put the player in the position to have to say it. >> thank you, rafer. and what a game that was last night. a sex tape of former fiscal cal usa carrie prejean according to a source and the story getting a lot of attention at tmz says it got the home video in the summer but it was too racy to post. the managing editor indicated prejean was alone on that tape. her lawyer would only say the settlement was confidential and he could not discuss it. a man who dressed up as a breathalyzer machine for halloween got arrested in ohio for allegedly driving drunk. police say they pulled over the man after he was driving the wrong way on a one-way street and did not have his head heights on. cops say he was nearly two times over the legal limit. he's facing several charges. so much for the costume. a once did disgraced pastor is stepping back into the
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pulpit. sort of. see where ted haggard is starting a makeshift church.
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a woman missing for about a year has been identified as one of the 11 boats found at a register sex offender's home. tone qua car michael was buried in an ton any sowell's backyard. her daughter saying car michael struggled with drug addiction. and is this new video of a florida pen who had been missing for five days. she was found alive yesterday hid nn a box underneath her baby-sitter's bed. the baby-sitter, her husband and the baby's mother have been arrested, but not yet charged. the baby has been placed in protective custody, but all those law enforcement officers very proud and very happy to have found that baby alive. secretary of state clinton will
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represent the obama administration for saturday's commissioning of the uss new york. that's what an anonymous white house official tells the ap. the bow contains about 7.5 tons of steel from the world trade somewhere towerses. those are some of the stories we're foeling for you on you had thursday as we get warmed up to the weekend. right now, a jury hearing closing arguments in the murder trial of an iowa mother. these live pictures here, prosecutors staying michelle killed her 2-year-old son and then tried to kill her 7-year-old son last fall. and she's sitting on the right hand side of this picture you see here. her attorney has argueded she was mental ly ill and could not understand her actions, but a psychiatrist testified yesterday that she knew right from wrong. we'll get you updates as we learn more. and we're expecting bernard kerik to plead guilty to federal criminal charms. the associated press telling us that kerik was facing three
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separate trials for corruption, tax fraud and lie to go the white house. a source close to the case told the ap the plea deal could lead to 2.5 years in prison. back in '04, kerik withdrew after a week as president obama's nominee not homeland security secretary spot. premature births may be the main reason the u.s. infant mortality rate is higher than most european countries. a government study saying about one in eight u.s. babies are premature. experts say ropes include the increasing use of c-sections and labor induesing drugs, poor access to prenatal care, maternal obesity, and smoking. but premature babies born in the u.s. are more likely to survive than those born elsewhere. police release 911 calls that capture some of the last words of a new jersey priest. refer represented ed hines was stabbed 32 times. investigators tell wabc that he called 911, but got disconnected
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when dispatchers called back, they say the church janitor accused of killing him picked up the phone. here are both calls thousand. listen. if you were listening kafrl, could you hear the priest in the background. dispatchers could not pinpoint his location because he used a cell phone. the tea party express is headed to texas. the latest stop on a nationwide bus tour organized by conservativ conservatives. in alabama people on both sides showed up to the event. >> it gives the government too much control over our health
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care system. it settings up a public option, puts multiple different taxes on the people. >> we position it's a moral issue, health care is a human right. it should not be based on only given to the people who can can pay for it. >> the tour will stop in eight cities in test as over the next three days and of course we'll be following what they'll be doing. thousands are still waiting to get the h1n1 vaccine, one hockey team had no trouble getting it and rafer weigel, some folks aren't liking that. >> you have to forgive the cliché, but a lot of people are fired up over this as the calgary flames are under fire for what some are calling special treatment. a canadian government efficient was actually fired for giving the h1n1 vaccine to the team wheel thousands, including women and children, waited in line to get it last week. now, a spokes map for the alberta government actually said that more people could be punished because of this. a team spokesman said that the players and their families all got the vaccine at a private
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location and believe that they went through proper channels. >> thanks, rafer. new this morning, questions about cash for clunkers. the associated press reporting the most common deal was ford 150 pickup owners trading in for new ones. the idea for cash for clunkers was to encourage people to trade in gas guzzling cars for more fuel efficient ones. also investigate building 150 questionable deals in which people bought knew cars that had the same or worse gas mileage as the trade-ins. your car may soon have air bags that are mounted in seatbelts. ford motor company says they will put seat belt mounted air bags in the back seat of the 2011 explorer. these air bags will inflate more gently than those in the front and have cooler air, too, which will make them safe every for kids. ford will be the first to mass produce this technology. back in the day, just putting on a seat belt was a big deal. now we'll have air bags inside of them. >> i see pictures of me being
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brought home as a baby in a cardboard box. so we've come a long way. >> back in 1952. >> 1932. >> that's right. you have lots of stuff there. >> the clouds are already blarsiblars i blasting through the pacific northwest. the blue and the yellow and green, that's the steady sfreem stream of rain working in. ahead of a cold front that will slam by. if you live in seattle, portland, down some towards northern california, you will see the rain showers develop this afternoon. heavy at times. could get one to two inches of rain. down the pike a little bit farther, live to los angeles, trying to get in or out of the city, i think it's going to be mostly cloudy. a little hazy right now, but i think the rain stays up toward the north. no delays there, but if you go up towards san francisco, you have an hour delay because of the same thing, low clouds. as for the east coast, middle part of the country looks really good, no problems here. here's another clipper type
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storm rolling through the great lakes with light rain and a little light snow trying to get involved with it and across northern parts of p.a., back on some towards new york. a good stream of rain off of lake erie for the last couple of hours, all moving eastward. will affect new york city by later today. it wasn't a cardboard box, was it? >> i think it was a tomato box. >> and uphill both ways and snowing, too? >> you know how it is. it was tough. you think you know the new, test yourself. you can pick your favorite anchor and there's robin meade and she'll talk to you online. play now at cnn you've been trying to keep you and your family free of the h1n1 flu? today there's a warning for people with pets. plus, a label that claimed a cereal boosts your child's immune city being yanked. why kellogg is backing off its immunity claims.
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23 u.s. citizens may be considered international fugitives. prosecutors say 22 of he's u.s. citizens are cia agents. the suspected terrorists say he was kidnapped in italy in 2003 and then taken to egypt and tortured. the u.s. government has denied sending suspected terrorists to countries that practice torture. the u.s. citizens did not attend the trial, the state department saying the u.s. is disappointed with this verdict. police say a teenage who are confessed to killing a child and putting him in a drier admitted he molested the 4-year-old. an affidavit revealed in court yesterday says 14-year-old raul
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castro allegedly lured his young neighbor into his house and molested him, but later panicked when the child threatened to tell and then drowned the boy in the bathtub. the victim's family is having a tough time coping with this. >> things as horrible as that, you have to just rely on things of a higher nature. and that's truly what they've done and that's what's carrying them through this. >> the child's family and friends held a vigil tuesday night. castro has been charged as an adult. his family describing him as a good boy who whoo has never been in trouble. crackdown on your creditors. lawmakers want to speed up the new rules on credit card companies. jen westhoven is looking out for you. always on top of credit cards you are for us. >> i love to watch these stories. and had one is really heated up here because we don't really know that this is going to become law through the senate, but the house, they are hopping mad. they voted to slap tough new rules on on the credit card
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companies sooner rather than later. they're looking to speed up those new credit card rules to start december 1st instead of waiting up february. so if approved, it would effectively freeze rates and fees for nine months. well, the house lawmakers basic le said we've heard from too many of you, from voters writing in complaining saying, oh, my gosh, what are we going going to do, these banks are squaking up the fee, we're already stretched to the limit. new york democrat carolyn maloney said, quote, the credit card companies brought this on themselves. and i think one of the reasons that many of the democrat lawmakers were so angry about this, they said that the banks came to them and said we need time because we've got to put these rules in effect, could you help us, and they said we will, we'll give you plenty of time. and now they see that the banks have used this time to get as much money as possible from customers. and they're mad. kelloggs had pull a label off the rice crispy and cocoa
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krispies boxes. it claims that the cereals could boost your child's immunity. well, some people said that could be trying to play about some to parents' fears of the h1n1 swine flu, so maybe it's not appropriate. kelloggs said that's not why they did that, but they are dropping it anyway p. back to you you. swine flu forced a school district to well. >> well, the super inten deny says last year during flu season so many kids called out sick
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they had to have makeup days on saturday. a lot of folks are having to cut back on holiday spending because of the economy. you might be one of them. so the question is how are you handling that are you telling your kids about your financial situation? richelle carey joins us and you've been looking at -- what prompted this discussion, by the way? >> i reached out and asked people what to you want to talk about and a lot of people said i'm having a tough time staying above water and i'm not sure how to talk to my kids about it. i want to hear from other people to see how are they talking to their kids about it. and they say holiday spending is the last thing on their mind, they're just trying to make it from day to day. and some of the things that we've been talking about this week, had one stud dha startled so many people, that half of american kids live in households that get food stamps before the age of 20. also, 7,000 people a day are losing their unemployment benefits. we've talked about legislation where they're trying to stepped some of those, but, still, 7,000 people a day are losing their unemployment benefits. a lot of people are out of work,
10:45 am
finding themselves in situations they've never been in before. and they have to come home and face their kids. and they don't know how much do i tell them about why we can't get the things we used to have. forget holiday spending. qua even see through december, i got make it through today. so they're trying to have this effect of i want to hear what other people are doing because this will sound weird, but some people say they can hook back and say i didn't even realize i was poor because my mother never told me, we always had what we need. so in this tough economy, who you do you explain to your kids that you have less money? tell us how to discuss tough topics like this with your kids. call us at 1-877-tell-hln. e-mail us. you can also jump into this sdgs on my facebook page and we'll talk about it. and you said that you didn't have a lot growing up, but generally had the basics? sgh you made he me think about this. we were on food stamps, but i don't remember that discussion.
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so a lot of people had will be digging deep to remember. starts at noon. a fl taking basketball team gives new mean to go the term old school. mean the granny globe trotters.
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british troops are finding it harder to trust afghan police. this video reportedly filmed by the taliban a shows what appears to be afghan police men willingly gives their weapons to the taliban. british officers say taliban fighters have infiltrated the afghan police force.+++tp0 excuse me, since there is pressure to quickly recruit more afghans, properly vetting the new policemen is tough and the prime minister is concerned about this, certainly, of the britain. remember, the bird's nest, the center of last year's olympic games in beijing. now chinese officials are trying to figure out what to do it. now, only a few thousand a day
10:49 am
pay to tour it. that's down from 50,000. sports teams have not been able to move into the nest because it costs just too doggone much. but it looks, great, rafer w weig weigel. >> but doesn't look good empty. >> it was not empty last night. people looking forward to the victory parade, when that happens. we're talking about the new york yanks. >> the empire fights back. it is the first one for the yankees in their new $1.3 billion park and their first in nine years. oh, how they've just suffered so much and how sweet it was. >> yankees win, the yankees win! >> incidentally, when the yankees opened old yankee stadium in 1923, they won the series that year too. every time they open a new park, they win. as richard said, victory parade is tomorrow. michael jordan's song, marcus, played in his first game and already cost his school
10:50 am
millions of buck. wore his dad's nike air jordans. that's nice, but the school has a deal with adidas reportedly worth almost $2 million. as a result, adidas pulled the plug and said it will not renew its deal with ucf when it expires next year. we've been taking your thoughts on this. ken wrote, i think it is a very selfish choice made by jordan's son. he made a decision that showed no concern for the school losing a $2 million. while jane posted, "family pride is admirable, however, so is team pride. marcus jordan had an obligation to his team to wear the adidas. let him wear his air jordans during the other 95% of his life." you know what i say? let nike sponsor the team now. mike, give them a call. i'm sure they'll do it. and friends and family gathered to remember three dickinson state university softball players that were found dead on tuesday. classes are going to be canceled today. the three women were found in an suv submerged in a pond near the campus on tuesday. police do not believe that foul
10:51 am
play -- they do not suspect any foul play. and lastly, changing gears here. while some in their 80s might be playing shuffleboard, these seniors are putting the granny in granny shot. they are the granny globetrotters. all women 80 and over, some of which are even in their 90s, truly impressive. they travel all over the state of texas, playing in games. the team's point guard is 88 years old and says she just took up the sport. very impressive. here it is. there it is. nothing but net. >> she taught rick barry how to play, obviously. any of them can dunk? >> i do not think so, no. but that's all right. neither can i. >> producer tim wanted to know answer to that question. get ready for a good food fight at the white house. the the food network plans to tape an episode of iron chef america there. top chefs unioning there, we're talking about will face off against the white house chef.
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bam! closing arguments have wrapped up in a bizarre murder trial. why the defendant's weight is a big factor in this case. 
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right now on "showbiz tonight," sandra versus the porn star. tonight, america's sweetheart, sandra bullock, in a nasty, dramatic fight with a porn star who used to be married to her husband. over a 5-year-old child. >> what would give her the right to take away my daughter? you know, this is my daughter. i'm the best mother i can be. >> tonight, "showbiz tonight" with the explosive battle and the hot debate. sandra versus the porn star. who's right, who's wrong? josh and fergie versus the
11:01 am
stripper. tonight, the startling claims that josh duhamel cheated on fergie with a stripper. "showbiz tonight" reveals josh and fergie's dramatic new move today to shut up the stripper. is mega-movie star nicolas cage broke? tonight, the shocking, almost unbelievable story of how cage may have lost his entire multimillion dollar fortune. tv's most provocative entertainment news show starts right now. hello, i'm a.j. hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. >> hi there, everyone, i'm brooke anderson coming to you from hollywood. and tonight, sandra bullock versus the porn star. >> yeah, brooke, this is truly a remarkable story. it is so bizarre, it almost seems made up. sandra bullock, the superstar
11:02 am
pa actress who has been called america's sweetheart is now in a nasty fight with a porn star over a 5-year-old child. a porn star that used to be sandra's husband, jesse james. a porn star who just got out of jail and now says she wants her child back. a porn star along with sandra bullock who made for big news breaking today. this is one hollywood battle with a very odd cast of characters. >> we are -- >> getting married. >> there's the world-famous girl-next-door movie star, sandra bullock. >> we're putting a giant motor in a humvee. >> reporter: her husband, tattooed biker and reality star jesse james. and jesse's ex, an ex-rock video vixen, exporn star, and ex-con. now bullock is supporting her husband as he battles his ex for custody of his 5-year-old daughter. and this morning the ex went on "good morning america" to tell sandra bullock to back off.
11:03 am
>> what would give her the right to take away my daughter? you know, this is my daughter. i'm the best mother i can be. i have absolutely made horrific choices in the past. "showbiz tonight" can tell you, it's a bitter hollywood triangle with a little girl at stake. >> james doesn't feel that janine is a fit parent anymore and neither does sandra. >> reporter: amanda sidman tells "showbiz tonight" bullock has been helping james carry for little sunny since january, when the girl's mother, janine, began a six-month sentence for tax evasion. >> sandra is also saying that she has reduced her workload, she has reduced the number of films that she's doing and made herself available to sunny and sandra has said that she feels like more of a stepmom. shelves like sunny's mom at this point and they feel that sunny is more safe and happier in their home. >> reporter: bullock and james have a problem with janine's current husband, who like
11:04 am
janine, is also an ex-convict. but their bigger concern is janine's history of drug use. in a letter to the court obtained by abc news, bullock writes, quote, while in janine's care, sometimes sunny is left alone during the day while her mother is asleep from drug use. >> i've had my share of drugs, but then there's a huge portion of my life, a ten-year span where there's nothing. i didn't need it. >> reporter: in an interview this morning on "good morning america," janine lindemulder admitted her troubled past, but insists she's clean now. >> sandy doesn't know what goes on in my house. she doesn't know how -- i would love for her to. please, come over. i'll make dinner. you know, let's sit down. >> reporter: the battle between the porn star mother and the comedy star stepmother has gotten very personal. in her little to the court, bullock wrote, i am aware that janine has claimed many times that my desire to have sunny was because i could not have children of my own. it couldn't be further from the truth. janine lindemulder denied saying
11:05 am
that during her interview this morning on "good morning america". >> i do believe the reason sandra is so interested in sunny, she is saving sunny from me, from her own mother. >> reporter: lindemulder says she's having financial trouble in part because the courts have barred her from doing anymore adult films. she's asking bullock and james for financial help. in the end, it looks like it will all be settled by the courts. >> on the one side, you do have a very, very powerful hollywood couple versus this b-list adult entertainment star. and i think a lot of people will think that sandra and jesse's money and fame and influence can help them win this battle. >> now, "showbiz tonight" did try to contact the parties in this difficult custody fight. they didn't respond in time for our show, but there is so much to talk about in this case. coming up on "showbiz tonight," we, of course, will do just that. it's sandra versus the porn
11:06 am
star. should sandra bullock get custody of her husband's daughter? that explosive debate is coming up at the bottom of the hour. tonight, mariah carey's shocking claim of abuse. that claim and rihanna's domestic abuse case also made for big news breaking today. in a brand-new and dramatic interview seen tonight just hours ago on cnn's larry ki"lar liv live", mariah carey opens up for the very first time about being emotionally abused when she was married the first time around. also breaking tonight, the startling reaction today to rihan rihanna's brand-new refrlations about the night chris brown beat her up. rihanna now says she would like to be a role model, but has that ship already sailed? joining me tonight from new york, midwin charles, an attorney. and also from new york, cooper lawrence, a psychologist and author of "the cult of celebrity." ladies, i want to begin with mariah carey's brand-new bombshell revelation. in an interview seen tonight on cnn's "larry king live," mariah
11:07 am
and larry were talking about the rihanna/kris brown case and when larry asked mariah if she had ever been abused, she revealed a bombshell. watch this. >> abuse has several categories. >> larry: you've been emotionally abused? >> emotionally, mentally. >> larry: why is it hard to get out of it? >> well, it's scary. you know, i just think you get into a situation and you feel locked in, if your situation is similar to one of the situations i've been in, which i won't talk about. >> larry: but it is hard to get out? >> for me, to really get out, it was difficult, because there was a connection that was not only a marriage, but a, you know, a business thing, where the person was in control of my life. >> okay, although she doesn't mention his name, mariah clearly
11:08 am
talking about her ex-husband, music mogul tommy mottola here. tommy mottola did not respond to her calls for comment. cooper, they've been divorced for 11 years. how hard do you think it's been for mariah to keep this in for so long? >> well, we don't know if it's true or not and why is she saying it now? i actually know people that work with tommy mottola for years and i called them and i asked, tell me about them, what do you know, and they called him a god in the history. that doesn't mean he's not abusive. a lot of time you get people who on the outside seem very on the up and up, and then find out horrific things about them. why is she coming out with this now? who knows. i never understand why mariah carey does anything that she does. >> if it is true, i'm sure it's been very difficult for her to keep it inside for that long. i want to move now to rihanna. she's speaking out for the very first time about the night she was brutally attacked by chris
11:09 am
brown. in an article in "glamour" magazine, she says women who are abused often hide it because it's embarrassing. listen to what she said as read by "showbiz tonight" producer sandra lee. >> my story was broadcast all over the world for people to see and they followed every step of my recovery. the positive thing that has come out of my situation is that people can learn from that. i want to give as much insight as i can to young women, because i feel like i represent a voice that really isn't heard. now i can help speak for those women. >> rihanna here sounds like she wants to be a voice for women who are abused. midwin, do you think it's too late for her to do that? has that ship sailed? who is any time the right time for rihanna to speak out? >> it's never too late. remember, she's been through a traumatic experience. and like i had always said, she is a celebrity. but she never chose to be a victim. so she can handle this in a manner in which she thinks is best for her and in a time frame that is best for her. but i think people are going to embrace this. there are a lot of young girls
11:10 am
who are probably going through the same thing. and knowing that rihanna will speak about it i think will help them. i actually commend her for coming out and talk about this. but she doesn't have to. she doesn't have to. >> exactly. i applaud rihanna for doing this. and i want you to take a look at. "showbiz tonight" was right there at the soul train music awards last night in atlanta. keisha knight is on the fence about whether rihanna is obligated to do something. but she also told us that she thinks rihanna could have an enormous impact. watch. >> i know by her speaking out, she could do a tremendous amount of good and i think that very much outweighs any of the negative that it could do. and she could help one life, one girl not experience what she did, i think that that's worth it. >> cooper, very quickly, does it matter that she's waited this long? >> this is one of the most underreported crimes that goes on. so if just one woman steps up and says, i'm being abused, it doesn't matter how long she waits. i think the sooner she gets out there and starts talking and gives women courage, the better. >> me too.
11:11 am
and she says she feels super fearless now. i'm sure it took her a while to get to that point. midwin charles, cooper lawrence, thank you both. and our "showbiz tonight" question of the day, rihanna speaks out. do you think she is a good role model for young women? vote at e-mail us, tonight, it's josh and fergie versus the stripper. there are startling brand-new explosive claims that josh duhamel who's been married to fergie from the black-eyed peas for less than a year cheated on her with a stripper. well, josh and fergie are fighting back against the allegations. you've got to hear what they're doing to shut this stripper up. and this is so shocking, so unbelievable. is nicolas cage broke? yeah, really, this guy is one of the highest paid actors in the business, but tonight i can tell you he may have lost his entire multimillion dollar fortune. you have got to hear this incredible story. also this. . >> reporter: we've seen him in rain, in sun, in cold, in heat.
11:12 am
now meet the forecaster in chief. >> president obama weatherman? here's your "showbiz tonight" forecast for tonight. clear skies with a whole lot of laughs. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. it is time now to roll out the "showbiz news ticker," more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now.
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well, sarah palin's making the rounds, big time. now, we already know that she's doing oprah, but tonight i can tell you she will sit down with abc's barbara walters for a, count them, five-part interview. the five-parter will air beginning on november 17th. all this, of course, is timed to the release of palin's new book called "going rogue." welcome back to "showbiz tonight." i'm a.j. hammer. >> and i'm brooke anderson. hey, a.j., did you see this? obama the weatherman? >> i did, brooke. as if he didn't have enough to do, being leader of the free
11:16 am
world and all. now president obama apparently is predicting the weather. >> here cnn's jeanne moos for "showbiz tonight" with obama, the weatherman. >> reporter: we've seen him in rain, in sun, in cold, in heat. now meet the forecaster in chief. who needs meteorologists? >> and then tonight, cha cha cha chilly. >> reporter: are you tired of rooting around your closet trying to figure out how to dress, whether or not you need to bring an umbrella? don't stick your hand out a window, go to, type in your location, watch the five-day forecast pop up with the president demonstrating what to wear based on actual weather data from >> i'm meteorologist jen carfagno with your national forecast. >> reporter: yeah, well, he's barack obama forecasting temperatures in the 80s in miami, wearing flip-flops, shorts, and tank tops. dressed in a parka in antarctica, stripped down in
11:17 am
india, carrying an umbrella when rain is predicted, wearing an obama t-shirt in l.a. now, what did you do? did you do anything here? >> i picked some clothes. >> reporter: you picked some of the outfits? >> yes. >> reporter: natalya lives in new york. her brother and her friend living in the former soviet republic of belarus created the website because they thought having a charismatic world leader give the weather would be fun. they're computer programmers. >> absolutely genius. >> reporter: if you don't like getting your weather from the president, you can choose to have it delivered by angelina jolie or the character bender from "futurerama." but why have a weatherman tell you how to dress when vyou can have the president show you. while most politicians are braving the elements, he's predicting them. it's the next best thing to accuweather, obamaweather, even
11:18 am
if he is a little foggy at times. >> that was cnn's jeanne moos for "showbiz tonight." and if you're a fan of the fox medical drama "house," you can go to and have dr. gregory house give you a daily forecast too. >> it's pretty wild. i just went to the website. very cool. i think, brooke, that the forecast, however, for jon and kate, looking pretty stormy right now. >> yeah, a.j., i do not think these two are going to get back together because it's gotten so ugly between them. but it is pretty darn sunny for our "showbiz on call" operators right now. the phones are still lighting up about jon and kate gosselin. here's a call from ann in texas. she definitely thinks it is time for jon to move on. >> caller: i want to just say that jon gosselin may be acting like an idiot, but he was treated like dog poop for so long on the show by kate, i watched her just degrade him and give him the most condescending looks and talking to him down in
11:19 am
front of the children. i hope he goes for someone better. >> thank you for your call, ann. >> we also heard from cardin in oklahoma who thinks that jon and kate should say sorry to each other. >> caller: of course, jon and kate should forgive each other. that doesn't mean they should couple their marriage back together. they have two very different personalities. coupling jon and kate back together is kind of like putting steak with ketchup and kate is obviously the steak here. call us at "showbiz on call" and let us know what you think about this or anything at all. >> the number, 1-888-sbt-buzz. sandra bullock versus the porn star. i know it sounds absolutely made-up, but it's not. tonight, america's sweetheart is caught up in a nasty custody battle with her husband's ex over her hubby's 5-year-old daughter. this is a bizarre and disturbing fight. and tonight, we've got the hot debate. should sandra get custody? and another big-time
11:20 am
hollywood battle, josh duhamel and his wife, fergie, take on a stripper. the stripper is making brand-new startling claims that josh cheated on fergie with her. but tonight josh and fergie are fighting back. wait until you hear what they're doing. also this, breaking mariah carey baby news. >> are you with child? >> right now? i'm going to have a swig of my scotch and let you know. >> larry: take a swig and i'll wait. >> just tonight, larry king asked mariah point-blank, are you pregnant? this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. >> and now the "showbiz news ticker," more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now.
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now, on "showbiz tonight," america's sweetheart versus the porn star. tonight, the explosive details of sandra bullock's fight with a porn star for custody of a 5-year-old girl. josh and fergie versus the stripper. the gloves aren't the only thing coming off after claims that josh cheated on fergie with a stripper. plus, nicolas cage's money woes. >> nicolas cage earned $40 million in just one year. so why is he crying poor? >> so, how is it that cage may have lost his entire multimillion dollar fortune? i have that unbelievable story. plus, more stories breaking from the "showbiz news ticker,"
11:31 am
tv's most provocative entertainment news show continues right now. welcome back to "showbiz tonight." it is 30 minutes past the hour. i'm a.j. hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. >> i'm brooke anderson, coming to you tonight from hollywood. and tonight, the great debate over sandra versus the porn star. sandra bullock and her famous biker husband jesse james are battling jesse's porn star ex-wife for custody of his 5-year-old daughter. >> and brooke, it is an explosive story. tonight, we'll show you the angry letter that sandra bullock wrote with to a judge fighting for custody. sandra and jesse say they want sole custody of the girl. they've been taking care of her while her porn star mother served a six-month jail sentence for tax evasion. and they're making some heavy-duty claims against her. but now that jesse's ex, janine lindemulder is out of jail,
11:32 am
she's striking back big-time. so who's right, who's wrong? it's the "showbiz tonight" great debate. and joining me tonight from new york, midwin charles. also in new york tonight, cooper lawrence, a psychologist and author of this fine book "the cult of celebrity." i've got to tell you, i am seriously looking at sandra bullock in a whole new light now. she's really digging in in this battle, claiming that jesse's porn star ex is not only an unfit mother, but battled with a drug problem, and is married to a convicted felony. midwin, what do you think, do sandra and jesse have a shot at getting sole custody? >> they have a shot if the facts they're alleging is true. a judge will look into this and determine whether or not it's in the best interest of the child, that's the standard, as to whether or not she should go with her mother or with jesse and sandra. and those kind of allegations can easily be proven. i mean, either she's on drugs or not. either she's with this convicted felony or not. either way, a judge is going to look at the situation and assess whether or not it's in the best interest of this little girl to
11:33 am
be in that type of environment. >> and sandra is taking this very seriously. "showbiz tonight" actually has the letter that sandra wrote to a judge, explaining why she and jesse want custody of jesse's daughter. she describes what she calls janine's poor parenting, the girl's supposed isolation from other kids, and even claiming that the girl was left alone all day while her mother was asleep after using drugs. i want you to listen to what sandra wrote, as read by "showbiz tonight" production assistant annisea hussein. >> i myself have stopped working like i used to in order to be here with jesse and the kids, because we are on constant high alert, never knowing what condition janine will be. >> all that said, they have a very strong bond. cooper, let me ask you, do you think it would be a bad idea to take this girl away from her mom permanently? >> permanently take her away in terms of living with sandra
11:34 am
bullock and jesse, i think that's a different argument. i think she should have her mother in her life, but the latest research on child development is showing that the child's environment is equally influential as who she becomes as the people around the environment. so is she going to be around porn stars? is she going to be around a mom who is a drug addict? what is the physical environment going to be? it's really, really -- it really has a strong impact on child development. >> and as a matter of fact, we do know that some of that may have changed as a judge has ordered that she no longer do adult films. in fact, that's been the source of some financial difficulties for the mother of this young girl. brooke anderson, come on back in here. because, obviously, you're now a new mom yourself, so you're really getting to understand that special connection a mom has to their child. so from what you've heard, brooke, do you think it would be wrong to take the daughter away from the mother here? >> no, i don't, a.j. but it does have to be proven that that child is in a situation that is dangerous or detrimental.
11:35 am
listen, the sad fact is, and this makes me so angry, but it is not uncommon for a mother to mistreat or neglect her child. it happens every day. and it is shameful, but we do know there are two sides to every story. bottom line, the child needs to be in the most responsible, caring, loving hands. bottom line. >> yeah. let's hear a little bit of the other side of this story. jesse's ex, janine, was seen in an explosive interview. it was on this morning on "good morning america." and she does admit, she cops to the fact that she's had some problems in the past, but really all she wants is for sandra bullock to meet her halfway and communicate. take a look. >> i've had my share of drugs, but then there's a huge portion of my life, a ten-year span where there's nothing. i didn't need it. sandy doesn't know what goes on in my house. she doesn't know how -- i would love for her to! please, come over! i'll make dinner. let's sit down, two women. >> all right. midwin, let me ask you this. it seems that all she wants to do is sit down, talk this out, work something out.
11:36 am
but it seems to me from the very strong language in that letter that sandra bullock wrote to the judge that sandra is and jesse really are not in a talking mood here. >> it doesn't look like it's going to happen. they're not going to get along and it's not going to be all in the family. i think that sandra and jesse are probably coming from a place where they might have some evidence to substantiate they claims. so if they don't think highly of her or of her parenting skills, rather, they're probably not going to sit down at the table. however, a court may order mediation, depending on what the additional circumstances are. so she may have to come to the table if a court says so. >> well, jesse was married to his ex-wife for about a year before he divorced her. and he left when she was seven months pregnant with their daughter, sunny. that's the young girl that we're talking about here. and basically, he didn't see sunny for the first two years of her life. cooper, do you think that that could possibly be used against jesse in his custody battle? i mean, there are big items on both sides here, it would seem. >> when you get into these
11:37 am
situations, people use everything they possibly could, but you can't look at that. you have to look at what's happening right now. and the fact that sandra bullock is even coming forward and doing this really shows her commitment not just to the little girl, but to this marriage. so it seems like this really would be the better environment. the they should call in a psychologist to assess both environments and see which would be better for this little girl, because 5 years old is a very pivotal age. she's about to go into a very important part of identity development. >> and it's really so interesting to see how sandra has embraced this relationship and apparently she has a very strong bond with sunny. and sandra has been quite candid throughout her career that she always put career first, wasn't so much interested in kids. midwin, what do you think? is the idea that jesse was not so involved in sunny's life in those early years, is that something that from a legal standpoint a lawyer could point that out to the judge and try to use that against jesse? >> oh, they can poisnt it out, try to use it, but whether it would be successful, i don't think so. like cooper said, you really have to assess the situation
11:38 am
now. what are the living conditions? who is being brought into the house? how is she being spoken to? is she eating three meals a day? there's an entire assessment that has to be made, i'm not going so say it's a slam dunk, but you look into the circumstances and see what's going on in the household. >> whatever is best for this child. i hope that's what comes into play. tonight, josh and fergie versus the stripper. brand-new claims that josh cheated on his wife, fergie, with a stripper. they're not taking this lying down. i'll tell you how they're fighting back. also, breaking mariah carey baby news. larry king got right to the point. >> larry: are you with child? >> right now? i'm going to have a swig of my scotch and let you know. >> larry: take a swig and i'll wait. >> i have to be honest, i don't think that's really scotch in that mug. but could it be true? is mariah carey having a baby? and nicolas cage's money
11:39 am
woes. he's a megamovie star and you're not going to be how he may have lost his entire multimillion dollar fortune. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. >> and now the "showbiz news ticker," these are more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now.
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welcome back to "showbiz tonight." i'm a.j. hammer in new york. >> and i'm brooke anderson in hollywood. >> tonight, cashless nicolas cage? could it possibly be the man that forbes named the fifth highest paid actor in hollywood is broke? as a joke. brand-new reports today say that nic cage overs over $6 million in back taxes and now cage is pointing the finger at his manager, slapping him with a lawsuit. but is the star of "national treasure" ultimately to blame for his money ending up gone in 60 seconds. here's cnn's randi kaye for "showbiz tonight." >> reporter: nicolas cage earned $40 million in just one year. so why is he crying poor?
11:43 am
cage blames his longtime business mag for allegedly mismanaging his money. a lawsuit filed by cage last month against samuel levin claims levin, "lined his pockets with several million dollars in business management fees while sending cage down a path toward financial ruin," and that cage is now "forced to sell major assets and investments at a significant loss because of levin's incompetence, misrepresentations, and recklessness." is actor owes uncle sam more than $6 million in back taxes, because, he says, levin never filed his taxes. here's what cage claims levin did, or should i say, didn't do. according to the lawsuit, levin was supposed to provide accurate accounting statements, prepare and file income taxes, and analyze the risk of potential investments in exchange for 5% of cage's gross earnings. instead, the actor's accusing levin of, quote, gross mismanagement of his affairs,
11:44 am
which resulted in significant monetary loss. the 45-year-old cage who won an oscar for his role in "leaving las vegas" is suing levin for at least $20 million, claiming professional negligence and breach of fiduciary duty. levin did not return our calls for comment. to free up cash, cage, who is married to a former waitress and has a son with her, is unloading a handful of his homes around the country. on the market, this home in belaire for about $10 million. this one in las vegas for the same price. his home in new orleans for about $3.5 million. and this in rhode island, a 24,000 square foot mansion with ocean views on 26 acres. list price, 12 million bucks. he already sold this bavarian castle in germany for $2.5 million. does cage have a case or should he have kept a closer eye on his own money? >> we are always all
11:45 am
individually responsible for our own taxes. that's an obligation that can't be delegated to an accountant or to a business manager. when you sign your 1040 on the dotted line, you are responsible. and so nic cage is going to be responsible for his tax liability. >> reporter: the lawsuit says cage hired levin in 2001, but that he first learned he was in dire straits after he replaced him in september 2008. with more than 50 films in the last two decades and half a dozen more slated to be released in the next two years, cage is a tireless actor. good thing it pays the bills. >> that was cnn's randi kaye for "showbiz tonight." so is nic cage ultimately to blame for his own financial meltdown? joining me tonight in new york, midwin charles, an attorney with m midwin charles and associates. midwin, i'm thinking here, a lot of people probably looking at nicolas cage, a guy who earned $40 million last year alone and they're saying, you know what, i don't really have any sympathy for the guy. how could he not keep track of
11:46 am
his own money? but does he have any recourse here? >> he does have recourse. i mean, look, on the one hand with his federal taxes, he's entirely responsible. you can't blame it on someone else if you weren't watching that person. however, if that professional was not paying attention, breached their fiduciary duty and did not hold themselves to a professional standard and was stealing from him, oh, absolutely, he has recourse. >> now, even if he could recoup his money through a legal fight with this guy, given how complicated this seems to be, i would have to imagine, this is the kind of thing that will take years and years of legal battles, won't it? >> it will take a lot of work, that's for sure. you're going to have to go through discovery, pay people to look through records, financial statements, filings, fees that this guy might have collected. but it's not impossible. he can clearly hire the best team possible to do this for him. >> so, midwin, if you were a betting woman, i'm guessing you would bet that nic cage will never see this money again. >> well, a, i don't bet, but, b, it's hard to say.
11:47 am
who knows how wealthy this levin person is. usually, if you want to sue someone, you want to make sure that they have deep pockets. that you can actually get an award if you are awarded one from the court or what have you. but he might see it. it depends. >> wow. it's just such an unbelievable story. and as if the story of nicolas cage losing his fortune is not unbelievable enough, brooke anderson, come on back in here. how about that josh and fergie and the atlanta stripper story that just surfaced today. that is wild. >> it is astounding, a.j. and take a look. it's right there on the cover of the new "people" magazine that's about to come out. "showbiz tonight" got an advance copy today. josh duhamel and fergie rocked by scandal. i want to bring in david kaplan now, a senior editor with "people" magazine. now, the stripper, nicole forrester, said the other day on a radio show that she and josh duhamel, "had lots of sex" after meeting at a strip club in atlanta. forrester actually spoke to "people" magazine about this. david, what does she claim happened during this tryst? >> yeah, she says, quote, that
11:48 am
they had a lot of sex. she says that she met josh at the stripper club. he said that josh initially only introduced him as j.d., he said that he was a porn star, and that initially they met, she just did a dance, they had some cocktails and it wasn't until a few days later that he actually approached her again and that's when they arranged to meet at an atlanta hotel for their sexual tryst. >> it is all just so unseemly. well, josh's rep issued a statement today saying, "this is not the first nor will it be the last time that a stripper was paid a large amount of money to sell a false story about a celebrity." and fergie's rep also stated today, these allegations are nonsense. midwin, though, the stripper claims she has proof, including text messages from josh. if she is lying, though, do josh and fergie have any legal recourse here? >> it's possible. i mean, they can always sue her for defamation or what have you, depending on whether it's timely or what have you, the statute of
11:49 am
limitations has run. but if she can prove it with text messages or at least provide evidence that makes it likely that what she's saying is true, they're going to have a hard time. >> david, she mentions that she has children and that has affected her employment in a way in that she's not receiving income, so what did she say and could she be out for some money? >> she does say, listen, she's a single mother, she does have this children and because of the story that came out, even though she was really a willing participant in the initial tabloid story about the affair that it is affecting her income. people sort of view her a bit as tainted. it's not necessarily someone you want to employ. and definitely, she does -- and she does cop up that she did sign a contract with the "national enquirer," which is implying there were funds exchanged. so she's definitely making some money out of this. >> we've heard both sides. what does the new issue of "people" report about who is telling the truth here?
11:50 am
>> we're still hearing from her side. right now it's a he said/she said case. so it seems to to be that people are deciding and taking their own sides.saying, oh, they never believed the person who comes on the tabloids. >> i hope the claims aren't true. these two haven't been married even a year, and they seemed so happen, david kaplan, midwin charles, thank you for your insight. you can pick up your brand new issue of "people" magazines on newsstands friday. >> tonight, breaking mariah carey baby news. you can say one thing about my buddy larry kin king, he gets right to the point. >> are you with child? >> right now? i'm going to have a swig of my scotch and let you know. >> take a swig and i'll wait. >> could it be true? is mariah carey having a baby? it's time for the showbiz news ticker.
11:51 am
more stories from the showbiz newsroom, making news right now.
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a missing baby's ordeal over at last. there she is, folks, why the recovery of this 7-month-old girl is making grown men cry. and the more time cleveland police spend at the home of a convicted sexual offender, the more things they uncover. also, a deputy sheriff is flung to the floor and surrounded by inmates in a county jail. look at this. we're going to show you how this violent confrontation had really a very unexpected ending. i hope the day is treating you well so far, i'm christi paul, thank you for keeping me company here, welcome to hln "news and views." let's talk about this story. police in florida admit they had given up hope of finding this 7-month-old, shannon diedrich. when the missing baby was
12:01 pm
finally found, though, even the sheriff was just reduced to tears here. aaron holly of affiliate wmbb has the story. >> we are the proud papas of a little girl. this is shannon lee diedrich. >> reporter: at a 1:00 a.m. news conference, relatives of baby shannon learned that not only had she been found, but that she is alive. >> we do not usually get the happy endings that we have that happened here today. >> reporter: he says shannon was found in a box under the bed of susan baker, her step aunt, at around 9:55 wednesday night. shannon was immediately rushed to the northwest florida hospital, and was determined to be in good health. >> if you want to see a bunch of grown men cry, tonight when we rushed her to the hospital, and we were all calling home to our wives to let them know we had
12:02 pm
found this baby safe. >> reporter: they believe she had been in that box since around 8:00 wednesday morning. >> the family is joyous right now. my life will be a lot better now that i know she is safe. >> reporter: family present at the conference tell news 13, they weren't expecting a happy ending. >> well, she has been missing for five days, and she is so tiny, we just expected the worst. >> reporter: they learned shannon was alive, as she was brought into the room by the sheriff, and gave the baby an emotional welcome back. shannon was reported missing halloween morning by her mother wednesday. investigators began looking into possible connections between shannon's disappearance and a disappearance of the stepson of susan baker more than 20 years ago. family members of shannon's father, rusty diedrich tell news 13 that susan baker is shannon's step aunt. >> she is my step sister and that was the biggest shock.
12:03 pm
>> reporter: susan and her husband, james baker, along with shannon's mother, christina merser are in police custody. police say the investigation is ongoing. >> we want to thank erin holly of wmbb for that. investigators have scheduled a news conference to discuss the case at this hour. if we get that signal up, we'll bring it to you. meanwhile, the body count is increasing in the house of horrors in ohio. police have recovered 11 bodies now from anthony sowel's home, in this crawl spaces and backyard graves. and they plan to tear apart interior walls as they search for possibly more bodies. a chain linked fence near the home has now become a make shift memorial with stuffed animals and fliers of 13 men and women who vanished without a trace. relatives are now asking how the gruesome scene went unnoticed for so long. sowell was held without bond
12:04 pm
yesterday. one of the bodies in sowell's home has been identified as this woman, 52-year-old tanya carmichael. she had been missing almost exactly a year. police say she was buried in the backyard, and that she had marks-her body that show she had been strangled. she fit the profile he targeted, women with criminal records or drug or alcohol problems who lived or hung out near his home. last night, nancy grace, carmichael's daughter shared some memories. >> i'm looking at these pictures of your mom, and she has the most beautiful smile. tell me something about her. what were her joys in life? what was she like? >> well, as you can see from the photographs, she had a gorgeous smile. thank you for the compliment on that. but she loved her family. she loved holidays and vacations. she loved to cook and prepare meals, thanksgiving and
12:05 pm
christmas. she loved seafood. she loved trips to vegas. she just -- loved her family. >> and watch for breaking news tonight as police search for more victims. nancy grace talks again to that daughter, and tonight, she also speaks with the victim's mother, barbara carmichael. watch nancy grace tonight at 8:00 and 10:00 eastern here on hln. crunch time for health care reform. the house will begin debating the democratic proposal saturday. it's getting a boost today. aarp is endorsing the plan, which includes a government-run insurance program. president obama will be on capitol hill tomorrow to lobby for the bill, and there will be two more democrats in the house when health care comes up for a vote. tuesdays special elections in new york and california. right now in washington, though, people who oppose the health care measure are gathering outside the capitol. republican leaders will address the rally organized by the so-called tea party anti tax
12:06 pm
groups. minnesota representative michele bachmann is spearheading the rally, we she dubbed a house call by the activists. last week, she publicly invited tea party members to swarm the capitol building to tell lawmakers they oppose the health care reform bill. we know holidays, they're just creeping on us. they're all about tradition and spending. but with the economy the way it is, so many of us have to cut back. are you, i should ask, talking to your kids about it, and how are you talking about your financial situation? your stories in it a moment.
12:07 pm
12:08 pm
looking for a new house? listen to this. the house is expected to vote today on a bill that would extend that new home buyers tax credit worth $8,000 by an extra seven months. that's not all, though. home buyers who have lived in their current homes for five years will also get a $6500 credit. it also extends unemployment benefits, as well. so the senate passed the bill yesterday. president barack obama is
12:09 pm
expected to sign it into law pretty quickly. if it's passed by the house. and first time jobless claims fell more than analysts expected last week. the labor department says they dropped to 512,000. that's down 20,000 from the week before, and it's the lowest level since january. monthly jobless numbers for october come out tomorrow. we'll be watching those. now. now, a lot of people are having to cut back on spending. because of the economy. so how are you handling all of this? and even more importantly, how are you talking to your kids about your financial situation? because they might be a bit confused, too. richelle carey is here, and richelle, i want to talk about how this whole thing -- this whole question got prompted. >> because it is the your views segment. sometimes we lose track of that, so with it being the your views segment, i asked people on my facebook page, what are some of the ideas you want to talk about, i got a lot of responses from people saying i want to talk about the tough time i'm
12:10 pm
having talking to my kids about the fact we don't have as much money we have as before. half of american kids will live in house holds that will get food stamps before the age of 20. agencies can't keep up with assistance, because 7,000 people are losing their unemployment benefits every day so what do parents do when they lose their job, when they don't have as much money to spend on the family as they used to? this is kind of the new normal for a lot of people. how do you make it work with your children? what do you tell them? we have been asking for your views on this. let's get to the phones. lisa is calling us from missouri. lisa, what's your situation? >> caller: hi. i'm a mother of seven children. >> wow, okay. >> caller: and i've found that, you know, it's better to be honest with your children as the situation occurs, because children are a lot more understandable these days than we think. >> okay. you think that they're mature than we give them credit for. >> caller: yes, i do. >> okay. are you fortunate enough to still be in a situation where you can take care of them?
12:11 pm
>> caller: yes, i am. my husband is back to work now. unfortunately, i'm still laid of off, but my children understand those things, because we have been completely honest from day one with our children. >> okay. hang in there, lisa, and i hope that you are gainfully employed again soon, as well. let's get to greg calling us from arizona. all right, greg. lisa says that you should talk to the kids about what's going on. what do you think? >> caller: well, in our household, we have three rules about family and christmas. >> okay. >> caller: the first rule is, at the dinner table, we don't talk business. we talk about family matters. >> okay. >> caller: everybody should take a lesson from the movie "the godfather." the second one is, we don't try to out do ourselves each christmas by buying bigger better toys. the third thing we do is, we buy toys that the whole family can play, and our children aren't saying where are the toys, they're more active with the toys they have. >> all right. so that plays into making sure the kids aren't selfish and it's me me me, it's more about the
12:12 pm
family in general. >> caller: right. and not expecting bigger better toys each year. >> you may have to go to my facebook page and post those rules. i like those very much. >> thank you. >> if you're in facebook sear searchesearch ery shell carrie. beat tryst said be honest, let them know there are hard times, and lifestyle changes, and let them see you the parent try to improve family life. lori says she feels sympathy for those who are truly struggling, but she says she thinks some people who could work are choosing not to. she said she heard a lot of people taking advantage of the unemployment rules and not looking for a job and living off the system. she says that is wrong. and heather is a nurse. heather is temporarily out of work, because she is sick, and she writes this. my children are 10 and 7. i just told them, things are going to be different for a while, and we have to cut back on things like movies and eating out many let's get back to the
12:13 pm
phones. elizabeth is calling us from california. elizabeth, how are you handling things? >> caller: hi. i am a disabled mother of five. >> okay. >> >> caller: and they've always known that christmas is for family, to be together, and i would like them to know that just being with each other is the greatest to me. >> have things been tougher than usual in the past few months like they have been for a lot of people, or have you always been in a situation where you've tried to make them aware that money doesn't grow on trees? >> caller: they're aware of it. and they're understanding. except for the baby. she is 5. >> okay. >> but, you know, we make the best out a bad situation. and we just love each other.
12:14 pm
>> okay. elizabeth, thank you for your phone call. appreciate it. we want to continue to your hear views on this. we don't have to tell you, the economy, things are tough right now. if you have kids, how do you explain to them that you might not have the kind of money that you used to have before? that you're out a job and you don't know when you're going to have another job? what is age-appropriate? call us at 1-877-tell hln, or e-mail us, or add a comment to my facebook page, search richelle carey, or text us to hlntv. standard text rates apply. we'll air your responses throughout the day. and if you have family rules that you have found worked for you, share them with us so other people can learn from your experiences. christie? >> yeah, richelle, on my facebook page a lot of people are saying, honesty seems to be the best policy. charles wrote, you know, what's so difficult in letting the kids know things are tight.
12:15 pm
get the kids to prioritize and really make the kids think, okay, what's important to you? thank you, charles, and thank you all for chiming in. we appreciate it. let me ask you, though, how much do you know about the news we talk about every day? at the your news knowledge with the cnn challenge. you get to choose your host for the game, and hln's own robin meade is one of the choices. check out cnn and show us how smart you are. we have some dramatic video of a confrontation in a florida jail you have got to see. an inmate jumps a deputy sheriff. but wait until you see who came to his rescue.
12:16 pm
12:17 pm
all right. we are just awaiting a news conference starting any moment now from washington county sheriff bobby haddock. 7-month-old shannon diedrich has been found under the bed of her babysitter much listen. >> this morning, because this is
12:18 pm
not an "i" thing, this is a "we." when we started this saturday -- saturday afternoon -- excuse me, saturday about lunch, we came together as a team, we remained as a team until we found the location of this young lady. so let me go on into the press conference here. on saturday, october the 31st, approximately 11:23 a.m., the sheriff's office received a call about the disappearance of 7-month-0 old shannon dedrik. approximately 3,770 man-hours of rescue man-hours. i want to recognize the personnel from the -- search and rescue from liberty, gulf and bay county, canine teams, class
12:19 pm
kids, florida state hospital, gulf correctional, southwest panzer, bay -- and also the bay county mounty posse. the law enforcement officials, the washington being sheriff's office, department of law enforcement, the fbi, office of the state attorney, glen hess, the bay county sheriff's office, and jackson county sheriff's office, gulf county sheriff's office. holmes county sheriff's office. the chippewa county police department, gracedale police department, also the department of corrections, we want to say thank you to the salvation army for assisting out in the search and rescue. during the investigation, susan, who is shannon's aunt, susan baker, who is shannon's aunt,
12:20 pm
became a person of interest. susan and james baker were reinterviewed yesterday, and provided law enforcement a consent to search their home. it included a canine search and rescue team. >> all right. we're going to keep listen to go this. we're expecting charges to be brought against that woman, susan elizabeth baker, the aunt of the baby, as well as her hous husband. we do want to get to some other news now, because if a credit card company has reduced your limit, hln money expert clark howard says now may be the time to give yourself some credit. >> seems not a day goes by that i don't hear from somebody who has had their credit limit cut on a credit card, or their credit card closed without notice. and here's the crazy thing. huge percent of the people who are having their lines cut or accounts closed are people who have never missed a payment, have great credit scores, but as
12:21 pm
a result of the limits being reduced or the accounts being closed, your credit standing, your credit score, goes down. now, here's what you need to do. if you are someone who has been a good payer, you have been good about how you have handled credit, but you get by with just a credit card or two, this is a time, you're not going to believe it, that i want you to go apply for another credit card or two from someone else other than who you already have credit with. why? it's almost like a free insurance policy, that if your limits are reduced or your account is closed, you're going to protect your precious credit score. do it now. i'm clark howard. for more ways to protect yourself, go to >> get more great consumer advice from clark howard every saturday and sunday at noon, and 4:00 p.m. eastern. . okay. not that unusual for a man to go bald, right? but a bear? what is making these formerly furry animals lose their hair? @
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it is such a remarkable story. this is the 7-month-old baby girl who was missing for five days. there she is, in the arms of the sheriff. now she is in protective custody. shannon dedrick was found in a box, a sealed box, mind you, according to the sheriff, under a benefit in her babysitter's home in chiply, florida, along the florida panhandle. authorities are planning to charge multiple charges against the babysitter, the husband and the baby's own mother in the disappearance. but at an emotional news conference today, the washington county sheriff talked about finding little shannon alive. >> at approximately 9:55 p.m., shannon dedrick was found in a 2 by 3 foot cedar chest underneath
12:31 pm
a bed. understand, under the bed was the box shoved in the back, and a lot of material in front of to deceive anyone who was looking. this box had a lid on it, and also had a clasp on it. she was in the box from -- excuse me. she was in the box for almost 12 hours. >> boy, it's just hard to imagine, isn't it? so far, authorities aren't really talking so much about the mother's role in the disappearance, but saying multiple charges are going to be brought against her. they say the babysitter was investigated in a missing child case more than 20 years ago, but we do want to go back and listen, because this press conference is still going on. >> that she won't recover, and time is of the essence, and that's why we were there until 1:30 in the morning, just with flashlights and doing everything
12:32 pm
we could that night, the initial call. >> what was baker's reaction when you guys come out holding this baby. did she say i didn't know it was there? what did she say? >> she's all right. she's all right. >> why did christina, the mother, call 911 if she actually handed over the baby earlier that night? >> we'll leave that for later. please. >> did she call 911? >> pardon me? >> did she call 911, or was it the neighbor who actually made the call? >> i have to back up and check. make sure. she had went to the neighbor's. i think it was at the -- i want to think it was christina that called and made the 911 call through the neighbor, but if somebody could correct me. >> i think that's fair. >> could you clarify about mrs. baker being the last person to see shannon? >> what i am saying about the last person seeing shannon, when we first initially received the call, miss baker is the one who gave the child to the parents
12:33 pm
friday afternoon. so between miss baker, the mother and father, that's the last three that basically had last seen the child, shannon, until we got the call the next morning at 11:23. >> can you provide any further details about the actual process of searching through the house, sort of the -- the matter of the house? >> can we provide that? it's -- it's just a single-wide two-bedroom mobile home in a very rural area of washington county, southeast part of washington county. i'm sure a lot of you have been there, it sets off the road on orangefield highway. >> any indication what baker wanted to do with this child long-term? >> no, we have no indication. >> what did the father -- >> he was released this morning. approximately 3:00 a.m. >> you said the mother of the baby is also being charged?
12:34 pm
>> that's correct. >> why is she being charged? >> because she -- her and miss baker conspired in this together. >> to hand over the child? >> to hand over the child at 1:30 that morning, at the mailbox at the end of their drive. >> but she didn't have anything to do with putting the child in the box, or -- >> no. no. >> was this child -- child services were looking in. would that have anything to play -- changing custody? >> changing custody? >> giving custody of christina to baker? >> that -- we have not seen that in this investigation. >> okay. >> no. also won't take -- tell you that the department of children and families are now talking to the families, and they will be taking the child from here and be in their custody. >> anything else you can tell about why the baby was so small? >> i'm not in the medical field. we have got those weights of the
12:35 pm
baby from the doctor himself. who has seen the baby. and i can't tell you. my understanding, she was a premature baby, is what i was told. when she was born. >> is anyone mentally disabled? >> i can't tell you, i'm not a psychologist or psychiatrist. >> 12 hours in the box. what was the method -- was there a hole in the box? >> what was the method? >> for air. >> well, maybe we'll get the picture to you, if we can. >> we stopped by yesterday evening regarding the home, and it's my understanding that shannon was in the box at that time. >> right. >> and you were outside? >> right. we were trying to do our part as fast as we could to get inside the home. >> can you tell us more about some of the other items? baking soda? >> the baking soda was inside the box to mask the smell of a dirty diaper, if she spoiled her diaper. >> anything else? >> there was no bottle. just a blanket to cover. >> any indication that the baby
12:36 pm
had been fed recently? >> she was healthy. i mean, when the investigator pulled her out, she was just wide open and surprised, kind of a little -- light shining in her eyes. but just like nothing is going on. she -- >> had she lost weight? >> i couldn't tell you that. >> did you see the box yourself? >> yes. >> could you -- >> it's a 2 foot by 3 foot, that's 24 inches by 36 inches. >> what was it made of? >> wood, cedar. >> what was your reaction when you talked to the babysitter, miss baker, and she denied any knowledge of where the baby was, and placed a lot of blame on the mother? what was your reaction to that story? >> i'd rather keep that to myself. >> can you comment on the bakers as women, the husband? >> i can't hear you. >> can you comment on the bakers' employment? >> i don't believe either one
12:37 pm
were employed. >> did she -- >> we have not had any calls out there to where they live or any calls where they previously lived. they have never been on the radar anywhere with us in if law enforcement. >> here in washington county. >> washington county. >> have you heard about her -- >> no. >> how long have they been in washington county? >> the father is a resident in washington county, and i can't recall just how long the mother has been here, just maybe a couple years. >> and this is shannon's father and mother. what about the bakers? >> they lived here since whatever happened in south carolina to bring them to washington county. >> this is since the '90s? >> probably. >> it is a mind-boggling story, multiple charges being brought against the mother, the babysitter, and the babysitter's husband against a missing 7-month-old, shannon dedrick,
12:38 pm
we're told they found the child hidden in a 2 foot by 3 foot cedar chest at the babysitter's house, with material around it to conceal the fact that the baby was there. and the charges against the mother stem from the fact that the mother and the babysitter conspired to hand over this child to the babysitter who also in some way seems to be related, we're told, to the father of this child, as well. so as we try to figure out exactly what's going on here, all we can tell you at this point is that that baby is in child protective custody, and is -- under another examination. but even though they found her 12 hours after she had been placed in this box, the sheriff says, she has been checked out at the hospital, she is fine. he wouldn't comment on the mental state of the mother. but again, multiple charges being brought against the mother, the babysitter, and the husband. and they say, you know, this is one of those cases where a lot of grown men were crying when they found this baby, because they were so thrilled. and relieved to know that she had been found alive, and well.
12:39 pm
we'll keep you posted. meanwhile, going to cleveland. the body count increases in the house of horrors there in ohio. police have recovered 11 bodies from anthony sowell's home in the living room, crawl spaces, backyard graves, and plan to start tearing apart interior walls now as they search for more evidence or possibly more bodies. a chain link fence near the home has become a make shift memorial with stuffed animals and fliers with pictures of 13 men and women who vanished without a trace. relatives of presumed victims are now asking how the gruesome scene went unnoticed for so long. sowell was ordered hold without bond yesterday on five counts of aggravated murder. a tv series that considered itself mind blowingly inappropriate may be living up to its own hype. with why can an activist group wants to boycott an episode of "gossip girl."
12:40 pm
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12:42 pm
you know the house may vote today on a bill that would extend that new home buyers tax credit worth $8,000 an extra seven months. and that's not all. home buyers who have lived in their current homes for five years will also get a $6,500 credit. it also extends unemployment benefits. the senate passed the bill yesterday. president obama should sign the bill into law pretty quickly if it's passed by the house. and first time jobless claims fell more than analysts expected last week. the labor department says they dropped to 512,000. that's down 20,000 from the week before, and it's the lowest level since january. monthly jobless numbers for october come out tomorrow. >> i absolutely --
12:43 pm
>> a lot of people having to cut back on spending because of the economy. so we want to know how you're handling this, and specifically how you're talking to your kids about your financial situation. that can be a little dicey. richelle carey is with us now, and you know, it's interesting, because on my facebook page, a lot of people are just coming out saying, you know what, you've got to be honest. first and foremost. >> because the kids can figure it out one way or another. and a lot of people are dealing with this, christie, because you were talking about unemployment numbers, and we're going to have new ones tomorrow. regardless, we're near 10% right now, so a lot of people are in the same boat. and i posted this question on my facebook page, what do you want to talk about, and they wanted to talks about this. it's tough. we talked a few days ago about how nearly half the kids in the u.s. at some point are going to be on food stamps. >> by the time they're 20 -- or under 20. >> and some parents never tell kids they were on food stamps. some kids were like i never knew i was poor because i always had whatever i needed. parents have different approaches for what constitutes honestly. there are different levels.
12:44 pm
>> it's true. well, you want to tell them what they can handle at that appropriate time. >> exactly. so we're reaching out to you. we want to know how you're dealing with the fact that you may be out of a job or working fewer hours and you can't spend the kind of money you used to be able to on your kids of. it's kind of a new normal for everybody. it really is. let us know how you're dealing with this. we have one comment i want to share with you. jillian writes this. i think you start making presents count, thinking ahead to christmas already. make the presents count, because kids look at the amount. so she says, buy inexpensive ones to stuff the stockings and grab the sales, because, you know, kids will count how many presents i got. >> that's true. >> so she is already thinking ahead. but some people are thinking day to day, to tell you the truth. so we want to hear your views on this. in this tough economy, how do you explain to your kids you have less money? tell us how you discuss it. call us at 1-877-tell hln. e-mail us at or comment on my facebook page,
12:45 pm
richelle carey, hln, to dive into the discussion. we'll keep talking about this. some of you may have an idea that another parent hasn't thought of, and appreciate hearing from you about this. >> really puts it in perspective. you can make your kids prioritize if it they know this. what do you want, what do you need kind of thing. >> exactly. >> richelle, thank you. very good information. so what do matt dylan and jay leno have in common? is born in the same town, new rochelle, new york. we go to my city, my secret. >> hi, i'm debby nigrel, and new rochelle, new york, is my city. it's known as the between city of the south, and i'm going to show you some secret spots, about 30 minutes from new york ci city. glen island is a place i've been walking at for about 20 years. i haven't lost a pound, but i'll be back tomorrow anyway.
12:46 pm
why? because it's acres of sheer, gorgeous nature. i am a girl who loves to eat, so one of my favorite restaurants is posto 22. sometimes restauranteurs nail it. joe knows how to do it right. the ambiance, the food is unbelievable. you get more food for the money than any place i've ever been. we're on the college grounds of new rochelle, and this isly land castle, and the castle gallery is where we're going next. the entrepreneur named leland built the building and used this gigantic castle for his summer residents. the gallery is filled with exhibits open to the public. i've shown you my city secrets. show me yours. go to boy, we have some dramatic video of a confrontation in a florida jail we want to show you. an inmate jumps a deputy sheriff. wait until you see who came to his rescue.
12:47 pm
12:48 pm
12:49 pm
an activist group is urging tv stations not to air an upcoming episode of the series "gossip girl." they are accused of reckless and irresponsible advertising for the show by describing a plot twist in a teenage love triangle as a threesome. the organization has gone after the show and its promotional campaigns before. it claims the network is marketing graphic content to a teenage audience. the cw network is not responding, but does say the average viewer is 27 years old. check out who helped rescue a prison guard attacked by an inmate here. this is surveillance camera that shows an inmate attacking a 64-year-old guard. he's goings to put him in a choke hold there. other inmates jumped in to help
12:50 pm
the deputy. this happened at a jail near tampa. you see him punching the atta attacker, holding him down. the jail commander says the guard commander says the guard was not seriously hurt. his alleged attacker was locked up on drug charges. >> he looks a little different but that's our money expert clark howard there. he serves in the georgia national guard. he teamed up to help soldiers save more, spend less and avoid getting ripped off. >> i have about five more working years i'm going to invest. i don't get reserve retirement until i'm 59 1/2. we'll have extra money to invest during that time. what would be the best thing to look into for end of career type investments? >> let me ask you a tough question. if you quit working at 59 1/2,
12:51 pm
you know the odds are that you'll live another 30 years or so. do you think you'll be able to carry yourself the rest of your life? >> unless there's a market crash i expect to have enough by the time i hit 60. >> you feel comfortable that you are going to be able to bag work at 60, and you're done? >> i might not want to quit work. i still like to work. >> do you understand why i am asking this question? i want to make sure that you are in a position and although i was talking with a young soldier about doing a roth account for you doing a roth is even better because you're allowed to do what's known as catchup. you can do an extra thousand a year at six grand each year into a roth account and i would do that for these next five years.
12:52 pm
>> you can watch operation clark smart this weekend at 6:00 a.m., noon and 4:00 p.m. her son was killed while fighting in iraq and every year on his birthday since her death this mother remembers him in a unique way. y8
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