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tv   Today in Washington  CSPAN  November 6, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning. so glad to be back with you. it's friday morning. i'm robin meade. we have to start with really horrific news today that soldiers at ft. hood army post search for answers this morning after a stunning shooting rampage allegedly by one of their own. we've got exclusive insight on the suspect as the death toll rises. in the last hour we have learned that another person has died in a horrific shooting at ft. hood. that brings the total to 13. 30 are hurt.
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military officials now say the shooter, a u.s. shooter, is alive in stable condition. earlier reports said major nidal hasan was dead. they lifted the lockdown so families at ft. hood could finally reunite. two moms say they don't take it for granted their daughters survived. >> you know, i'm praying for them and i know that my daughter's okay but there's a lot of families that don't have their child tonight or their spouse or, you know -- and my heart goes out to them. >> i'm sure the parents would have the feeling i would have, though. they know their child was doing something for the country and they're very proud of them. the hurt would still be but they'd be able to be very proud.
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>> overnight a s.w.a.t. team raided the apartment of the alleged shooter in killeen, texas searching for evidence and clues about a possible motive. why? here's what we know about the suspect, if we don't know the why. we know that he was born in virginia and is a graduate of virginia tech. hasan is 39 and of jordanian descent. he is a psychiatrist and used to work at army reid medical center. now the owner of a convenience store in ft. hood says the man he knew as major nidal came in for coffee and hash browns nearly every morning and released this exclusive video to our sister network cnn and he says it shows hasan in the story just hours before the shooting. the store owner says hasan often chatted with him when he stopped in. >> an exchange that really stuck out in his mind -- like i said, this was a regular customer -- but about a week ago, he estimates it was, he came in and seemed to want to talkability he
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knew the own her been overseas. he expressed he was worried about his upcoming deployment and he expressed that he had a problem, i guess one would judge his religious conflict but as a fellow moslem and someone of faith he had a problem with having perhaps the opportunity in the future to have to shoot or kill or injure or fight other moslems and that was weighing heavily on him. >> hasan's cousin spoke for their family yesterday because major hasan's parents have passed away and in a statement he said, quote, we are filled with grief for the families of today's victims. our family loves america. we are proud of our country and saddened by today's tragedy. we're going to stay on top of all of the developments in the ft. hood shootings. if anything breaks, we'll go right back to it. because we're hln, let's cover some of the other news of the day that affects you as well. emergency help for nearly 2 million out-of-work americans is
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on the way. president obama will sign a bill today extending jobless benefits up to 20 additional weeks. lawmakers twice before extended the benefits up to 79 weeks total. here is melissa long in for jennifer on how the extension breaks down. good morning. millions of people are waking up today without a job or fearing they could lose their jobs. this is welcome news. today's bill will extend jobless benefits in all states by 14 additional weeks and then people living in states with unemployment rates higher 8.5%, will get an additional six weeks of benefits. the bill may also boost the u.s. housing market. it is going to extend the $8,000 first time home buyer tax credit to june 30th. it also creates a $6,500 credit for current homeowners to buy a home if they have lived in their current home for at least five years. again, the president signing that this morning after it has passed through the senate and the house. be robin, we'll tell you how businesses may also get a tax
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break in this new bill. the story is coming up in less than ten minutes. >> melissa, thank you so much. the h1n1 virus is now the most dominant flu in the world. that's from the world health organization. it is seeing more cases in north america, europe, and parts of asia. in the southern hemisphere even in the summer they see a lot of cases compared to the regular flu. on this, police could be processing 11 bodies found in a sex offenders home. coroners in cleveland have identified three women but they need more families to come forward with dna samples and the coroners are having to reassure them the samples won't be turned over to police. suspect anthony sowell is being held without bond. his charges include five counts of murder. new this morning president obama's health care plan has lost some ground with americans. in a new cnn/opinion research poll, 45% of those asked favor the plan. 53% opposed it. that's a nine-point increase since october.
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but a total of 59% felt that congress should continue working to make changes to the health care bills. tomorrow the house takes a floor vote on the bill. you know, phoenix, arizona, police are sorting through about 1,000 pieces of stolen luggage. they found in a couple's home. the chances of identifying the owners of the piles of clothes, medical gear, cameras, laptops and other items, well, they think it's pretty slim. >> none of the luggage has any i.d. tags so what he was doing, as soon as he was taking it from the belt he was taking all identifying marks from it. >> well, police say keith king and stacy lynne legg-king have been taking luggage for at least a year, walking off with it. routine baggage claim checks were stopped to cut out costs. airport officials say they will discuss putting them back in effect. you don't say. so the new part of that story
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was -- i mean, they found luggage like a couple days ago -- they found even more like stacked up. >> i love the picture of the two people that allegedly did it. it looked like they raid add suitcase from 1983, put it all on. >> including hair and wigs. >> the hair. what's going on, robin? good to see you back. we had a hurricane around nicaragua and honduras. right now it's a tropical depression. the spin is still there. it's moving up towards the north in a northerly direction about six miles per hour. it is expected to make another emergence into the water. it could gain a little bit of strength. look at the path that goes up to that channel and bends by wednesday morning as a possibility of a tropical storm. we might be looking at a hand fall, a tropical storm in the u.s. soil sometime the end of next week. so we have about six, maybe seven days, to watch. we definitely will over that time frame. as for the actual weather going on, now a big low-pressure
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region merged with another one last night. look at the wind behind that. the clouds are wrapped up with it. it's cold. in towards schenectady and new york state, places like pormd, but that's about it. just windy and cold. good to see you again on a friday. >> thank you. you know what, i wanted to say i think a lot of our viewers are probably -- their hearts are going out to the people at ft. hood right now. you can go to our facebook page and write your thoughts and comments and we'll try to include that in today's show so people who are watching from ft. hood or have family there will hear your thoughts. we are learning more details about the deadly shooting. this morning we found out that a 13th person has now died. coming up, we're going to hear from the families of some of the victims of the shooting who survived.
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more on our breaking story this morning out of texas if you're just joining us. at least 13 people were killed
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and dozens more injured in a shooting spree at ft. hood. now the shooting happened about 50 yards away from a military graduation going on at the base. about 600 people were in a nearby auditorium during the attack. the mother of a soldier who was injured in the shooting was relieved to find out her daughter was okay. >> i didn't think that i would hear about this here. she is being deployed to iraq and i thought i was more worried about her going over to iraq than here just doing training. she just got there yesterday. right, you don't think about your loved one being injured during training. the names have not been released yet. a hotline has been set up. these are the numbers on your screen. please keep in mind this hotline is set up for family members only. i will just tell you right now we're not going to do a traditional salute to the troops today because our thoughts are going out to our troops and
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family members affected by what's going on, the tragedy at ft. hood. so go ahead if you feel so moved to put your thoughts for them on our facebook page and we'll make that the salute to the troops today. that is if you don't know how to get to face book there's a little link right there. i don't think you have to sign up to the facebook or anything if you go to our wage. i'd be happy to read your -- i'd be honored to read your salutes all morning. a bill today that extends jobless benefits will give businesses a break as well. how so? melissa long is in for jennifer westhoven. this is long awaited for businesses as well. it allows some businesses, again, some businesses, to turn losses into cash. the bill allows those businesses to apply losses from either 2008 or 2009 to any prior to 2008. there are two big exception. no business that took the bailout rescue funds from
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t.a.r.p. from the government eligible for the tax break and any refunds for taxes in the fifth year would be reduced by half. also, let's look for some good news this morning, certainly in a bad economy. the stock market closed above the 10,000 mark on thursday jumping more than 200 points. the nasdaq grew more than 50 points. the biggest one-day percentage gains since july 23rd and it looks like you've been spending some money, more money in the stores. retail sales surged to their best performance since april of 2008. retail sales rose more than 2% open for at least one year and coming up, robin, one of of the big things people seem to be buying and i know you have a large collection of them. >> jewelry? >> no. >> melissa, thank you. >> sure. listen, and oprah are teaming up for the biggest oprah's book club event ever. go to to read excerpts from say you're
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one of them. file an i-report and share your thoughts plus register for the book club event happening monday night. back to our breaking story here. we are learning more details about the trained army psychiatrist accused of killing 13 fellow soldiers. he may have been struggling with his own mental health issues and his family says he even tried to get out of the military.
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that is what thousands of families at ft. hood, texas, heard yesterday as a crisis was unfolding on the base. that would make your heart drop, wouldn't it? military officials say major mi daal hasan, a psychiatrist trained to help others with combat stress opened fire on his
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own colleagues. 13 people were killed, another 30 are injured. one psychiatrist says hasan may have been suffering from his own mental health issues. >> we have a reputation around our colleagues to be the nuttiest of the group but, no, i'm around thousands of e psychiatrists, what the heck was going on with this guy that caused him to go berserk? that's at least one of the questions that people have to ask. at the clinics we do brain imaging. we published a study on murderers. we've actually scanned a number of mass murderers over the years and all of them have brains that did not work right. well, law enforcement officials tell the associated press they started looking into hasan at least six months ago because of some alarming internet posting. they equated suicide bombers to
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save their colleagues. they had not determined for certain if hasan was the one who authored the posting. a formal investigation was not opened until yesterday's shooting. in other news people whose loved ones were sickened eating salmonella tainted peanuts cannot believe nobody has been prosecuted yet. nine deaths are blamed on the outbreak traced to a processing plant in georgia. nearly a year ago already. investigators found roaches and mold there. the company is now bankrupt. it says that it's cooperating with the investigation. a little boy in illinois is battling a rare form of leukemia and his parents expect the worst. >> we don't have much time left and we don't know if he'll make it to christmas, so we wanted to have christmas for him early. >> that effort to brighten his final days has spread throughout the neighborhood. that's new for you in about 20 minutes. the soap opera surrounding an l.a. dodgers divorce takes another turn. the owner.
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>> you're right. >> hi there. >> good morning. welcome back. >> thank you. >> it's nice to see you. >> you too. yeah, so the owner fired his wife jamie as the team ceo after he says she allegedly had an affair with her chauffeur. she sued to get her job back. they said her job was not protected by law. now it's still to be decided whether she gets the $500,000 a month in living expenses she's asking for but here's progress. mccourt has agreed to let her have sole access to their side-by-side malibu homes and, get this, with use of the swimming pool from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. >> but not after 2:00 p.m. the new york yankees have their victory parade today celebrating their 27th championship. the route called the canyon of heroes will start at battery park and move and stop at city hall where mayor bloomberg will give them the key to the city. derek jeter, anti-pettitte and
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jorge posada went on "david letterman." >> it's an experience that will last forever, isn't it? >> you just explained it all so we have nothing to say. >> and then they got up and left. no, i'm kidding. manager joe girardi went from winning a series to being a good samaritan. that story at 10:00. thank you. you may be one of the millions of families experiencing unemployment for the first time and some don't even know what kind of help is available. hln money expert clark houd howard has the answers. >> are you unemployed? maybe you never faced it before. maybe a member of your family is unemployed who has never faced it before. well, there are certain things that you have to look at and consider if you have never been through the cycle. now i was talking with a woman the other day who has been
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unemployed for a while and she was asking me questions about which bills she should pay, which ones she shouldn't and all this and that. i said what unemployment check are you getting? and she looked at me like, unemployment check? i said, you have filed for unemployment? >> she said, no, i didn't think i should. i was like, yes, it's insurance. you should go apply. a lot of people who have never been unemployed feel like somehow it's not right to take unemployment compensation. it's fine. go get the money. and then if your situation gets really dire and you've never had to consider this. you might be eligible for food stamps. look at what's available to keep food on your table. i'm clark howard. for more ways to deal with this recession, go to my website, >> clark will teach you to save more, spend less, and avoid getting ripped off. catch him at noon eastern on saturdays and sundays right here on hln, 4:00 p.m., too. our breaking story this morning, the death toll is now at 13 after a shooting allegedly
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carried out by a u.s. soldier at ft. hood. you're going to hear how president obama, the military and congress reacted as news of the shooting spread. @@@@@@
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the suspect in the shootings at ft. hood is alive this morning. major nidal malik hasan was shot several times when he opened fire but did survive and was taken into custody, contrary to what we were hearing yesterday. this is exclusive video you're seeing here of what a sales clerk says is hasan at a local convenience store just hours before the shootings. about one hour from now we're expecting the military officials to update us on the investigation at ft. hood. they still have not released the names of the 13 people killed or
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the 30 others injured. of course we'll bring you that news conference live as it begins. a jury in texas convict add polygamist leader in the first criminal trial linked to the raid. raymond jessop could face up to 20 years in prison. ♪ one love one life >> love it. u2 returned to berlin for a free mini concert on thursday in front of the gate. the concert was to mark 20 years since the fall of the berlin wall. the berlin wall fell november 9th, 1989, ending almost 30 years of east/west cold war division. and those are some of the headlines we're following this morning. i wanted to say hi to you. it's 31 minutes past the hour. i'm robin meade. some of the families of those
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injured at ft. hood are talking about it this morning. one soldier's uncle says his nephew was shot in the calf and hip and he had served two tours of duty in iraq and was getting ready to 0 leave for afghanistan. he told his uncle he was getting his shots when this happened. >> the next thing he knows there was a lot of shooting going on and he hollered to the other people in the room with him to follow him and they escaped out a back door. >> as many as 25,000 people can be at ft. hood on any given day. it's a huge outpost here. now one soldier says that she feels lucky because she was actually planning to be in that area where the shooting happened but ended up not being there. >> definitely was a close call. i started thinking the what ifs. what if i would have gone there, what would have happened if i was there? how would i have reacted or maybe i would have been the unfortunate one. >> just to recap what we do know
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so far about this horrible shooting yesterday at ft. hood, the suspect is a u.s. soldier and is in custody this morning and survived being shot several times during the attack. 13 people were killed. the lockdown at ft. hood ended last night so that people have been able to get on and off the post now. so far the names of the victims have not been released. we're going to stay on top of all those developments from ft. hood this morning and we're watching for a live news conference. when that happens, we'll take you there live. because we're hln and we're "morning express" let's cover some of the other stories on your mind today. a house vote is set for tomorrow morning, a rare saturday meeting on a $1.1 trillion health care overhaul. democrats trying to line up enough votes to secure passage got a big boost late yesterday when both the aarp and the american medical association endorsed the legislation. republicans, meanwhile, rallied with tea party movement protesters on capitol hill
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signaling continued solid opposition. well, after winning the world series, the manager of the yankees played good is a msamar and helped a crash victim on had his way home, right, rafer? >> exactly. joe girardi was heading home after his team won the world series and they had the celebration at the new yankees stadium when he spotted a car that had crashed along a busy, curving stretch of highway. wnbc reports jury agirardi saw jutting into traffic. he parked across three lanes of traffic to help her out and then flagged down cops as they drove by and the funny thing about this, the woman had no idea who he was. >> he left and then one of the officers came over and said, do you know who just came and helped you? and i was like, no. she was like, joe girardi. i was like, oh. >> now to be fair, she is from connecticut. maybe that's why. maybe she's just not a baseball fan. >> i'm so glad she's all right.
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thank you. christmas lights are going up early in one illinois town. a little boy who has a rare form of leukemia. the 18-month-old's parents say he's running out of time and might not make it until christmas so they decided to celebrate the holiday early and their neighbors joined in. >> to see how everybody has really pulled together to try to demonstrate thinking of them, that's what we were trying to do was find a way for people to show them they were thinking and supporting them. >> he really likes christmas lights so that's where this all started. >> neighbors have strung up lights by the thousands just within the past five days. gets you right here, the support people will show for each other. it's 35 minutes past the hour. okay, a lot of you going into the weekend and wondering is the weather going to cooperate to get the leaves off the ground or what's going to be happening in your backyard. hi, bob. good morning, robin. i think it's going to be breezy
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today. trying to get in or out of new england this afternoon, winds are already out there. we have that low, the breeze out there yesterday afternoon. now off the coast of maine but the wind is wrapping down behind that. a little bit of white snow. adirondacks stretching down into the mid part of the hudson valley. light rain showers possible around boston early this morning but if you're going to check out the ticker tape parade, looks like it's going to be breezy for that yankees celebration about 45 degrees. 39 currently in ny. 30 in buffalo. only 29 degrees when you get to detroit. 42 in chicago. winds out of the south today. it's going to warm you up just a bit. cool temperatures down through roanoke, charlotte 32. atlanta 39 degrees but cold air basically halts right across central parts of florida. 60 in tampa. 70 in miami. winds offshore again today coming right inland. you're going to see more showers. we'll talk about that and a look at tropical depression ida. it's down by nicaragua in about a half hour from now.
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sing er rihanna is speaking out for the first time about her assault by ex-boyfriend chris brown and last night on hln's "the joy behar show" joy spoke with a star about her experience with domestic violence. >> a lot of women blame themselves. did you blame yourself? >> of course. of course. >> in what way? how did you do that? >> if you were less this or more that it wouldn't happen. you wouldn't make him mad. his mother said to me once i told him not to hit you so much. i remember thinking, when, just on birthdays? it was hard -- it was hard, too, because that happened in my life years before i ever was in show business and then i got a show and they went and found him, exacerbating things in his life more than mine. i moved on. >> well, tonight comedienne kathy griffin tells joy what she thinks about levi johnston and sarah palin. this ought to be good. catch "the joy behar show" at
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9:00 p.m. eastern here on hln. the army post at ft. hood is so big that it's practically a city in itself. we're going to get a closer look at the crime scene where 13 people were killed.
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more now on our breaking story. it's out of ft. hood, texas. the response for blood donations from local hospitals following the shooting spree was so great that some people are now being turned away. the hospitals say that they'll call for more donations if they need them. the death toll is now at 13. ft. hood is the largest military installation in the world by size. it houses thousands of families and service members -- families of service members and other
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civilians. cnn's tom foreman looks at the crime scene. >> there are roughly 40,000 troops based here at ft. hood and about 17,000 family members actually live on the post and not that far from where the shooting took place. if you come out like this and move over here you can see the housing right over here, there's an elementary school down here. this really happened in the heart of the building and one more thing i want to show you, this is where the shootings took place. the fellow we are looking at so closely tonight worked only about a mile away from here, right down here at darnell hospital. so there's going to be an awful lot of looking at his job down here, the people who knew him here, how he got up there, why he was up there, how he happened to have weapons on him as this all plays out that whole way and how this came to be the story that it was. >> military official s as are s trying to find a motive behind the shooting rampage, why. listen, some people are
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outrage that had workers at some wall street companies have already gotten the swine flu vaccine. melissa long's in for jennifer westhoven. so i wonder if the argument's about, well, you know, are they in a crowded place where they're going to spread the flu or is it because they have money? let me tell you more about the angry and those angry about the decision. the wall street giants got the doses, as you mentioned, the h1n1 flu vaccine and it's for at-risk employees. in order to get the vaccine, the company must have a medical staff. so you have hospitals, universities, the federal reserve also getting doses for the high-risk employees. the state health department says giving such high doses is a great avenue for vaccinating people at risk but of course the outrage is growing. senator chris dodd, the democrat, saying, and i directly quote, the vaccine should go to people who need them most, not people who happen to work on wall street. as you know a lot of shoppers
6:43 am
have been frugal lately buying just what they need. apparently you need shoes, pumps, boots, sneakers, shoe sales are up. robin, have you been contributing to this? >> yes. of all things, whether a gives? >> let's try to explain, figure it out. shoe sales last month were $1.5 billion so, again, why? retail executives and analysts have theories. consumers think of shoes as a necessity so they don't feel guilty when they're standing at the cash register. a fashion strategist says shoes are bright sometimes and they stick out and they make you very happy. maybe that's why you buy them, robin. here's another theory. women may get an emotional lift from buying shoes they don't get from maybe buying a pair of jeans or a cocktail dress. it doesn't matter if you've gained a few pounds, the shoes still fate. >> amen. amen. yeah, you can have sodium bloat and the shoes still fit, honey. yeah, i do remember that years ago people would buy lipstick if
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they couldn't afford something else because it felt something new but it was cheap. >> an affordable luxury. think you know the news? well, here's your chance to prove it. challenge your friends, yourself, be your knowledge. you could pick your favorite anchor to be your host. pick me. i would love to be your host. i hope you choose me. not to put any pressure on you but pick me. pick me. love me. the cnn challenge at and so you pick a host. i'm like your new best friend. more right now on our breaking news story. the military psychiatrist accused of killing 13 people and injuring 30 others may have been dealing with his own mental health issues. what his family is saying happened to him during his military career.
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we're learning more about the soldier accused of gunning
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down his colleagues. he had been telling his family he wanted to get out of the military since 2001 because he was taunted for being a moslem. he was transferred to texas in july. we've heard from his former neighbor in maryland. she says he lived there apparently with his brother. >> it is strange this other guy would do this. i would never have believed that because he seemed so calm and, you know, he was never upset with anything whenever i saw him. i'm shocked. i'm really shocked. i mean, all these years -- i think nothing has ever happened like this before so i'm really shocked that he would do something like this. creepy because, you know, you think somebody is really nice and you think somebody is really calm and i don't know what led for him to do that, what triggered it. honestly they seem like really cool, calm guys. >> dr. hasan treated fellow
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soldiers for posttraumatic stress and one of his patients says that he was one of the best psychiatrists he ever dealt with. a doctor who worked with hasan at walter reed medical center paints a different picture. he says that hasan had counseling during his internship because he had problems in iraq. the news now, the son of the florida prison inmate said he never had reason before to be proud of his dad until now. his father was among the group of inmates who rushed to help a prison guard after another inmate attacked him. well, the inmate was a 64-year-old guard. he put him in a chokehold. >> proud of him. seeing him struggle has been hard but this is something that's good. change things up, give him a second chance. >> indeed. the jail said that the guard,
6:49 am
ken moon, was not seriously hurt and is at home recovering. it's 48 minutes past the hour. business travelers want to come home and some of you want to go away for the weekend. here's bob. a little windy for you now, robin, specifically across new england, down through new york city and kind of touching off around philadelphia with some gusty winds but not quite as bad when you get south of ny. we're looking at about the hour or more delays around the new york city metros including newark because of that gusty north wind. on the other side looking at chicago. winds up out of the southeast or southwest, too. winds of about 30 miles per hour is a possibility. boston, gusty winds, shorter delays. san francisco later today, clouds and then rain moved back into the bay area. again, an hour delay yesterday. just about the same thing today. more weather, robin,a bit. >> you've got it. thank you. the first woman to play basketball with the boys is now the first woman to coach them. the first woman ever? >> on a professional level,
6:50 am
yeah. >> that's what i wondered. >> i don't know they've actually had a woman coach on the collegiate level but never professional level. this woman, hall of famer nancy lieberman, is incredibly impressive. she played professionally just last year the age of 50. she was introduced as the coach of their developmental team. their present coach thinks they will have no trouble taking orders from lieberman and they consider this a break through the barrier. this this lasted 14 seconds. it's back on saturday. what this tells me is this sport, which a lot of people find very violent, is here to stay and it's on prime time. people have mixed reactions about that. one of the best pitchers in baseball was arrested on suspicion of pot possession. he won the cy young award last
6:51 am
year. he was pulled over by cops and when he rolled the window down, police smelled the pot in the car. he handed over a small amount and a pipe. and lastly, it is time for our true champion this week, and in honor of national diabetes month, it is chicago cubs quarterback jay cutler. he's talked openly and candidly about his battle with the disease, and at one point he thought he was going to die. i was very moved at how vulnerable this guy was, and this is a tough-guy sport. >> i did not know that about him. >> and he was only recently diagnosed about six months ago. so it's something he recently discovered it and has to deal with it, so people with that disease can look at it and
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really find some inspiration. >> thank you. we're tracking the latest breaking news out of ft. hood this morning. then there is this. one city has to return almost 1,000 swine flu shots because they got into the wrong hands. y8
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