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tv   Capital News Today  CSPAN  November 6, 2009 11:00pm-2:00am EST

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right now on "showbiz tonight," rihanna's unbelievable brand new revelations about the night chris brown beat her. in an interview seen nationwide tonight, rihanna gives graphic horrific details of what happened. the physical pain she felt. >> i was bleeding and swollen in my face. >> the emotional pain she felt. >> there was no person when i looked to him. >> she reveal fist she still loves chris brown. >> sandra and jesse strike back against the porn star. tonight, sandra bullock's husband with a shocking warning
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to his porn star ex-wife. back off! leave sandra alone! the custody battle over his daughter. the dramatic new porn star interview that you will see here on "showbiz tonight". is sandra bullock the most provocative of the week or is it rihanna or josh duhamel. tv's most provocative entertainment news show starts right now. i'm a.j. hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. >> i'm brooke anderson from hollywood and rihanna's beating tell all. >> moments ago, the nation watched as rihanna told for the first time the absolutely chilling details of what happened the night that chris brown beat her up. the special that just aired on
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abc, rihanna revealed the story of how chris brown pounded her with his fists the night before the grammys. let me tell you, anyone who had any doubts that maybe it wasn't really so bad and maybe, just maybe what we have been hearing may have been exaggerated, let me say listen for yourself. her terrifying story just revealed tonight made for big news breaking. . >> i was battered. i was bleeding and swollen in my face. >> we have all seen the pictures and heard secondhand reports about the vicious beating she suffered at the hands of her then boyfriend, chris brown. nothing matches the chilling impact of hearing rihanna describe it in her own words. >> at point your mouth is filled with blood? >> yes. >> how did you think it was going to end? >> that's all i kept thinking the whole time.
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when is it going to stop. when is it going to stop? >> she told it to diane sawyer on 20-20. >> listening to her voice that was shaking at times, you knew how painful it was to recount. >> it happened the night before the grammys this february. the a-list couple was in los angeles attending the pregrammy parties. >> we had a blast that night. >> things took a violent turn. they were driving in brown's rented lamborghini when she saw a text message that was sent to chris brown. >> he kept lying to me and i wouldn't drop it. it escalated into him being violent towards me. it was ugly. >> ugly is an under statement. police documents say during the argument he punched her, shoved her head against the window, bit
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her and placed her in a headlock and told her "now i'm really going to kill you." >> he had no soul in his eyes. just blank. he was clearly blacked out. there was no person when i looked at him. my next option was to get out of the car and walk. start walking. in a gown and a bloody face. >> rihanna was 20 and chris brown was 19 at the time. they were the it couple of music. >> he was definitely my first big love. >> she said they fell for each other hard. >> the more in love we became, the more dangerous we became for each other. >> there was a lot of public outrage when she briefly got back together with chris after the beating. tonight we heard her reveal she soon ended things once and for all. >> he didn't accept that very
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well. obviously he didn't want us to be apart. i knew i had to make a decision for me. >> in a startling revelation, she said she still loves brown. >> do you hate him? >> no. i don't hate him at all. i actually love and care about him. i want him to do well, have a great career, have a great life and grow up. >> even as rihanna's interview reaired, so did a new interview with brown and he told mtv how he looks back at that night. >> have you learned from your mistake? >> i need to help other people with this situation and become the person that you want to be. >> even as chris brown tries to put out his side of the story, all eyes are now on rihanna who after months of silence is telling the world about the hell she went through.
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>> was it a good idea for rihanna to reveal so many details about such a personal tragedy? joining me is ta mika ray, an entertainment journalist and mar vet is a publicist and strategist. ladies, i personally think rihanna's new interview that just aired tonight on abc was astounding, especially her detailed account of how she was beaten by chris brown. it was chilling. i think it was a great idea that she finally talk so specifically about the details of that night. what about you? >> i think it was a great idea. i don't think we could have bought her album and listen to her songs without getting the details. we were way too curious. the point of detail that she went to was shocking. we are not used to celebrities opening themselves up and being so raw. i'm not sure what effect this will have on her career or chris's, but i'm cher he will have an answer.
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>> she does go there and to omit the ugly details would have glossed over how serious the situation was and what was so especially chilling to me was how rihanna described chris brown that night. watch how it was first revealed on "good morning america". >> he had no soul in his eyes. just blank. he was clearly blacked out. there was no person when i looked at him. >> very open and honest about the entire thing. what's your take on this? a good idea to reveal such gruesome details of the evening? >> chris brown will have to work really hard to recover from this interview. she was revealing and more importantly, we finally heard from the victim after nine long months. she was humble, honest and you got the sense that she really didn't want to speak to hurt chris brown. she loves him. this will do her well and it's
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very damaging for chris brown. she told us what took place. everyone has been curious. we could not move on with her or chris brown unless we knew the details. she confirmed everything we have been hearing for months. >> absolutely. now we know the truth. we have been getting a lot of passionate phone calls about this. nicole from louisiana doesn't think that rihanna should have spoken out about the beating. listen. >> caller: i think she really needs to keep her personal business her business. she is an entertainer, but that has nothing to do with entertainment. i don't need to know had he ever personal life and i am a fan. >> nicole said she is still a fan of chris brown. i think even when his fans hear all of these disgusting details, how can they still support him? >> that's what i'm questioning as well. sherry shepherd was on the view
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saying she bought her nieces tickets to the concert and didn't want to drill in he had done something bad. i'm not sure what you have to do to support the details of someone who beats a woman. i'm not sure where people are going with this as far as not understanding rihanna. she has to come open with this. for her it's cathartic. everybody deserves a cathartic moment. she would have loved to have done that if the photos were released and the 911 calls were released. it would have been easy. you do not have that option. >> she did not have that choice. you mentioned sherry shepherd and what she told her ladies of the view. >> my niece wanted to go see chris brown and i bought the tickets. we had this discussion and we talked about it and i feel he has said he is sorry.
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he said he is going to get help. he is paying the price for what he has done. i think he deserves another chance. >> what do you think? can chris brown get past this when people hear rihanna describe how brutal he was that night? >> chris brown can and should get past it. it's very damaging to finally hear from the victim. we are hearing from rihanna as to what took place. the time suggest not the greatest. she is promoting an. >> al: bum and he is. we need to hear it. it's not up to us to judge, but we need to know the details. >> personally i think he needs to dig deep and do soul searching before he is let off the hook. another domestic violence shocker led to an oprah show showdown. we got slammed for having bebe on her show because there changes against him. oprah has done a remarkable and perhaps embarrassing 180.
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is that fair? tanika and mar vet, we will get to the hot debate in a moment. >> the porn star speaks women got ahold of a new interview with the porn star in a nasty battle involving sandra bullock and her husband. >> am i a horrible person because of tattoos and porn that you can't sit down for a cup of coffee? >> a shocking warning to his porn star ex-wife. back off and leave sandra alone. i know sharon osbourne is not shy, but she ripped into susan boyle. >> i like everybody to do well and even someone that looks like that. >> are you kidding me? sharon, i love you, but that is out of line. this is making news and you have to hear the rest. >> josh duhamel and rihanna's
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confessions and sandra bullock takes on the porn star. who will show biz name the most ro pro vokative celebrity of the week? now for the stories making news right now.
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welcome back to "showbiz tonight." i'm a.j. hammer and pope ra's show showdown. she did an amazing and perhaps embarrassing about-face today after being called a domestic violence hypocrite. she decided to edit bebe out of a show she taped with him. he was arrested in february for allegedly pushing his ex-wife around. oprah was slammed for having him on after she passionately slammed chris brown for beating rihanna. the startling news that we could be seeing the end of the oprah winfrey show as we know it. joining me in hollywood is
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tamika ray, an entertainment journalist and mar vet is say publicist and strategist. let's begin with the explosive decision to now cut bebe from her show. do you see this as an embarrassing about-face? >> kboeng anything she does is embarrassing, but that she had to swallow her pride. i'm sure she was trying to hook him up, but she has to stand on her morals and i think she did the right thing. >> a lot of people didn't get how oprah can have bebe on the show after her warning to women after chris brown got arrested for beating up rihanna. >> yeah. it was a conflict and contdictory. again, she didn't know chris brown the way she knew bebe and when it came up, she did the right thing. i hope it goes away. >> let's take a look at that moment when oprah said that. >> for a man hits you once, he
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will hit you again! he will hit you again. i don't care what his plea is. >> the words had to have been ringing in her ears and she had to do something. >> we didn't want to send missed messages and be viewed as a hypocrite. she knows bebe more intimately than chris brown. he's a friend. chances are she got the back story and felt comfortable moving forward, but whether she realized she was facing criticism and people were not comfortable, she made the right decision and pulled him from the show. >> it was a smart move and people will let it go now. the report that oprah's show as we know it could be moving to the cable network that bears her name in 2011. oprah's people said she will make a final decision on whether or not that will happen by the end of the year. tanika, i have to ask you, would
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she have to be out of her mind to leave for a cable start up? >> no, she is not out of her mind. the only thing constant is change. to evolve and get the network up and running, she has to make bold moves. if her show is syndicated, who will go to the cable network and watch her? if she pulls off as i understandication and puts it on the network, that's a huge boost. it's a wise decision. >> what are about you? a bold move, but a wise move? >> a wise move. she has to build a network. she will use that to build her own network. >> as we all know, if oprah pulpull builds it, they will come. >> thank you. >> brooke, as you know, the phone lines keep on ringing. a lot of people are so fired up about this brand-new rihanna and
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chris brown interview. both aired just today. >> we got a call from crystal in canada whoa thinks it will definitely help others. >> the rihanna thing doesn't just affect women and young girls, but young boys too. after what happened, my son started to react badly towards young girls. i believe that this maybe changes around boy's ideas. i applaud her and think what she is doing is wonderful. thank you, rihanna for standing up. >> we urge you to call and let us know what you think about this or anything at all. >> rt phone lines are open 24-7. >> 888-sbt buzz. james gandolfini goes totally soprano and it's caught on tape. why did he get punch we a total stranger? forget about it. >> i like everybody to do well and even someone that looks like that.
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>> i am totally in shock. sharon osbourne going off on susan boyle. so wrong on so many levels. the rest of the interview is making news today. it is time to name "showbiz tonight's" most provocative celebrity of the week. josh duhamel or rihanna or sandra bullock fighting with a porn star. time for the "showbiz news ticker" and more stories from the newsroom making news right now.
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. britney spears putting on one of the sold out concerts, but there is a new controversy over her circus show. i know you have seen britney spears in concert. >> it is true, a.j. it was a great show. >> you know she does a lot of lip synching during the show. >> that's okay with her fans.
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>> i can tell you there is a controversy about her lip synching. she got to australia for her circus tour and one of the government officials wants to make sure they know brit lip synchs and may push for disclaimers saying that part of the show will be prerecorded. not everybody realizes that and they deserve to know what you are in for. >> beyonce's single ladies is one of the most popular songs of the year and she is not a single lady. ♪ >> when beyonce just accepted the award for best video, she had to give props to the person that made her an unsingle lady. >> only one person i want to thank. that is jay for putting a ring on it.
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>> beyonce is talking about her husband, rapper jay z. >> a lot of you writing in about the carrie prejean reported sex tape. is the former miss california, usa a hypocrite? she is so pro family values and now this. it's interesting her perspect e perspective. isn't that a prerequisite these days in order to be famous? sorry, carrie, sometimes things come back to bite you in the butt. you can sign up for facebook and our twitter breaking news alerts. >> here's what's coming up. sandra and jesse strike back against the porn star. sandra bullock's husband has a shocking warning to his porn star ex-wife and the dramatic new on camera porn star interview. >> i like everybody to do well and even someone who looks like that.
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>> sharon unborn unloads on susan boyle. the most provocative celebrity of the week. who will it be? josh duhamel or rihanna speaking out about her abuse or sandra bullock's porn star war? this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. >> more shows from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now.
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>> when santa ra >> when sandra bullock and jesse james claim you are a bad influence, what do you say. >> the porn star speaks as they fight for custody with his porn star ex-wife. a new battle in the car. sharon osbourne lashes out at susan boyle. sharon is not to mince words. >> i like everybody to do well. even someone that looks like
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that. >> why is sharon saying such mean things about one of the most beloved singers in the world. "showbiz tonight" names the most provocative celebrity of the week? josh duhamel, rihanna or sandra bullock. tv's most provocative news show continues right now. >> welcome back to "showbiz tonight." it is 30 minutes past the hour. brought tafting won't and every night from new york city. >> i'm brooke anderson from hollywood. tonight sandra bullock versus the porn star, the sequel. >> you are about to see caught on camera, the porn star strikes back and sandra's husband striking back. here's the big news breaking in a bombshell interview. jesse james's porn star ex-wife
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is speaking out again, claiming bullock refuses to talk with her which is getting in the way of her feud with jesse over their 5-year-old daughter. you have to hear her message for sandra. also a furious jesse james struck back at his ex-wife for dragging sandra into the middle of their feud, saying leave sandra out of this. can the porn star win a battle with the husband of america's sweetheart? joining me tonight, jim is the chief correspondent for inside edition. you have the bombshell interview with the ex-wife. she is fighting jessy and sandra bullock over the custody of the child she had with jesse. sandra wrote a letter to the judge laying out her plea for custody. she had a message for sandra when you interviewed her for inside edition. take a look. >> sandra, yes, you air wonderful movie style, but you are not too cool to have conversation where regards to this 5-year-old child.
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am i such a horrible person because of tattoos and porn that you can't sit down for a cup of coffee and get on the same page? that's my gripe. >> it seems to me a cup of coffee is not going to happen here. why is her gripe about sandra and not jesse? >> her gripe is about sandra because she wrote a letter to the judge saying specifically that the daughter would come into a room and her mother would be passed out from taking drugs. let me be clear about something. i talked to her and she said look, i'm no june cleaver. i have tattoos and i had a drug history and i'm clean now. i was a porn actress and i'm not any longer. am i a great mom? i'm the best i can be and i love my daughter. i want shared custody and think she is upset as a mom that her ex-husband who she said broke up with her when she was months pregnant and didn't want anything to do with the daughter
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for three years and now wants her completely. that's what has her upset and to say sandra bullock is not a party is disingenuous because she put herself into the court action by writing the letter. she would be the stepmom, but she would be the parent basically if jesse jackson gets sole custody. also janine is not suggesting that jessy and sandra are not great parents. they can give her things janine can't. >> i don't mean to correct you, but it's jesse james. he is outraged that his ex-wife is attacking sandra. backing up what you just said in a new statement issued to he is saying leave sandra out of it. sandra bullock is not a party to this litigation. mr. james's is for the best interest of his daughter, the proper forum to resolve this case is in the courtroom. as you mentioned, we heard this
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before. bullock has been helping to raise this girl since january. when you spoke with jesse's ex-wife, did you get the sense she was threatened by sandra bullock? >> no, she never spoke to sandra bullock and never met her. when jesse married her, she wrote a letter welcoming her into the family, so to speak. the big strike against her is she recently got married to an ex-con that she met in a halfway house. that's probably the biggest strike against her. i like to give our friends at the soup something to run every week. >> you have done it and we have coverage there as well. you have to admit on paper for people who are not involved intimately in the legal wranglings of the case, she has a lot working against her and she just got out of jail after
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serving six months on tax evasion and starred in over 100 porn films and used drugs in the past. when you pit that against jesse james and america's sweetheart, sandra bullock, i have to bring in mid-win charles. going up against america's sweetheart and her star husband, who do you think a judge will side with based on all that. >> it depends. the baggage looks horrible, but you have to assess the conditions in this household now. not 10 months ago or 12 months ago, but now. is she in a safe environment or is she being taken to school or eating three meals a day? an assessment has to be done and you shouldn't judge this ex-wife because she has the tattoos and didn't have a wonderful background. the point is, is this place for this little girl in her best interest right now? that is with her mother or with
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jesse james and sandra ra bullock. >> we neat to look at inside editionbullock. >> we neat to look at inside editi edition. >> they are giving her good love and a wonderful life. who am i to step in front of that? but i am her mom. i have got something a little extra that i can't buy her a lot of things, but we have the bond. >> we spent a fair amount of time with her. do you get the sense that she thinks she can win this thing? >> well i said are you going to lose custody ask and she said not a chance. i'm her mom. coming between a mom and her child is something you don't want to do. sms going to be a hard fight, but she will give it all she's got. she has one day a week now and
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she wants shared custody. >> i want to get a mother's perspective. brooke anderson, come on back in. even though janine has all that baggage, do you feel sympathy for her as a mother? >> in a way i do, a.j., but another part of the interview and jim mentioned this briefly. janine said in another part of the interview that she is the best mother she knows how to be. that is key here because a lot of women did not have good examples set for them by their own mothers. i don't know if that's the case for her, but a lot of times it is all they know. they have to be taught to be responsible mothers. in a way i feel sympathy, but if she is a bad influence which she has admitted, then put the child in an environment where the people are going to do what's right by her. >> obviously what the judge will be considering. mid-win, based on all we know, where do you see it going and
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what will happen in the end? >> in the end they will have shared custody. jesse james and sandra have an uphill battle in terms of proving the allegations that they put forward in terms of the type of lifestyle she is currently living. if they can't prove it and show in court that this really is a bad environment for this little girl, i think they are going to have to share custody. i can see a court determining that being in the best interest of this little girl. >> yes or no. do you think that's going to happen? >> there will be a form of shared custody, yes. >> mid-win charles, thank you. >> sharon osbourne is lashing out at susan boyle. >> i like everybody to do well. even someone that looks like that. >> we all know sharon is not to wince words, but she is shaying such mean things about one of the most beloved singers not
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world. james gandolfini, wait until you see what he did to a total stranger. and it's friday. that means it's time for "showbiz tonight" to name the most provocative celebrity of the week. will it be josh duhamel for claims that he cheated on fergie with a stripper or rihanna with revelations about chris brown beating her or sandra bullock for her custody battle with a porn star? this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. >> now more stories from the newsroom making news right now.
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the most provocative celebrity of the week. the nominees, josh duhamel for the alleged stripper affair or rihanna for her tell all that aired about how chris brown beat her up, or sandra bullock caught up in a battle with a porn star over a 5-year-old child?
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i'm brooke anderson n hollywood with a.j. hammer in new york. we will be naming the most provocative celebrity of the week, but first, sharon osbourne's attack on susan boyle. she is a judge on "america's got talent" is slamming her for the way she looks. on the morning show on sirius xm radio, she said unbelievable things about boyle. wait follow you she this. leslie marshall, host of the leslie marshall show and an online columnist. leslie and mark, from the most susan boyle appeared on "britain's got talent," nobody said she was a beauty queen. sharon osbourne took it to a new level. >> this great picture of susan boyle smiling, looking like a --
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that are are that is a great shot. >> what a great line. that's a great line. >> do you like susan boyle or do you not love her? >> i'm happy that she is. i like everybody to do well, even someone that looks like that. god bless her. you go girl. >> talk about vicious. what's wrong with sharon? >> sharon just put the cat back in cat fight. this is beyond. not everybody can be or is a beauty queen. i'm sure all of us won't look as hot when we are 90, 100 years from now. this woman has immense talent.
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immense talent. i know there people out there who would say i would rather be brilliantly talented than beautiful. that voice can just bring so much more than just a pretty face can. i'm surprised as a woman she would go there. >> me too. i'm shocked. it was a low blow and cruel and unnecessary. sharon did not make the cut of our nominees for the most provocative celebrity of the week, but some of our nominees are wishing they could crawl into a hole right about now. i think josh duhamel who has been making had the lines for an alleged terrorist with a stripper is wishing he could disappear. he is one of the nominees. also on the list, rihanna for her new confessions. she shared every last painful detail about the night chris brown beat her up. the whole interview just aired hours ago on abc. and making headlines over a
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nasty custody battle is sandra bullock. the next nominee. america's sweetheart getting slammed for getting in the middle of a fight between her husband and his porn star ex-wife over their 5-year-old daughter. pretty big contenders this week. who do you think should be named "showbiz tonight's" most provocative celebrity of the week? >> definitely rihanna. we have been waiting for so long to hear her side of the story. we have heard nothing from her own lips and we finally hear the dramatic, horrific night that chris beat her. that has to be it. that's what we have been waiting for. >> i'm sure it was very tough for rihanna to be so forth coming about it. leslie, do you agree? >> i actually do. i have to say rihanna blew me away and provocative in a good way. she not only gave us all the details, but i think there were a lot of lessons to be learned
11:48 pm
by young girls who look up to her. she talked about mistakes going back to him. i was proud of her. i thought the provokation was necessary. >> she wants to be an example for young girls. before "showbiz tonight" names the most provocative celebrity of the week, i want to show you write ins. yvonne said nicholas cage for money problems. he should have stayed more involved in what was going on. or oprah for having an alleged wife beater on her show. she refused to have chris brown on her show. what a hypocrite. do you have a wild card? >> i think it's carrie prejean, miss california. this is a woman with an alleged sex tape. carrie has an alleged sex tape? if there is that sex tape, that is definitely provocative. >> i'll say that qualifies. leslie? >> i don't know. everybody has a sex tape
11:49 pm
nowadays. am i missing out? i would have to say beyonce. she is so provocative, the world is freaking out. she has a concert in egypt and her posters are up. those in egypt where the women dress more modestly are up in arms over her. >> she may be showing too much skin for the conservative mideast. there really was a fired up debate in newsroom about this, but the moment has arrived. who is "showbiz tonight's" provocative celebrity of the week. the winner in a close vote is rihanna for startling confess n confessio confessions. any doubt that it's ri arounda? >> no. i'm with leslie. provocative. everybody should be proud of her for being inspiring and brave. >> leslie marshall and mark,
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thank you both. as we move on, james gandolfini and again, wait until you see what the former sopranos star did to a total stranger. it was wise guy-worthy and this is show biz tonight on hln. >> show biz news ticker. this is more from the show biz tonight report making news right now. time now for "making it work." how famous couples make their relationships survive in the spotlight. tonight, mary j. blige. mary j. and kendu isaacs have been married for five years raising the children from a previous marriage. she caught up with mary j. at the premiere of "precious."
11:51 pm
she did a song for the movie. how did she balance her career with family? >> it just happens. i just try to not be so self-centered. as an artist, you can tend to be like me, me, me. even if you're married with children. it's good and balances out well if you give of yourself completely. >> mary j. credits kendue with saving her life.
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you can take the man off of the "sopranos" but you can't take the soprano out of the man. james gandolfini went off on a photographer who was taking film of him in new york city for a website called guest of a guest. watch. >> relax, man. >> get away from me. you understand me? >> relax. >> i'm going to break your [ bleep ]. face.
11:55 pm
>> okay. >> now, this isn't the first time gandolfini went all tony soprano on a photographer. last year in the airport, he punched a fan who want an autograph. in a brand new interview, the tennis star is speaking out about the revelation that he used crystal meth in in t1990s. an interview for sunday's 60 minutes. he got emotional when katie told him thatnavratilova compared him to steroids. >> when someone takes a performance inhibitor -- a recreational drug. >> versus the performance enhancing drug. >> i hope there are not rules to be followed with her. but along with that, it comes with compassion that this person doesn't need condemnation. maybe this person could stand a
11:56 pm
little help. because i was in a time of my life that i needed help. and if i'd gotten the help, maybe things would be a little easier and maybe i could have, you know, found a way. but when you -- if you can get the help, then you can help others. you know, it could just be a problem. you know? imad a problem. there might be many others out there that test positive for recreational drugs that has a problem. i would ask for some compassion. passion. >> lit be out on monday. >> oh. >> thursday we asked you to vote on the question of the day. moments as, the final results, her tell-al. do you add mice her for speaking about her abuse. 51% say yes. 43% say no rene writes -- rihanna should be praised for deciding to discuss a very
11:57 pm
painful and private matter. liz from michigan says it's too little too late. she lost an opportunity to speak out sooner and be an at voe kate forovers the same swigs we do now tonight on the "joy behar show," ian mcgregor talks about "funny rights" and "the prisoner" and the joys of going organic. the always outspoken kathy griffin drops by.
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carrie prejean's sex tape and other tasteful topics.
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tonight on the show, everyone's favorite gay man, kathy griffin. you think you've had enough, but there's room for a little more. we discuss that drama. joining me in the studio, they have a lot in common. beknighted by the queen, and i've been known to act like one. the fabulous sir ian mckellan. all this and more starts right now.
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she's a comedian and a self-proclaimed and she has a new album called "sucking it for the holidays." hello, how are you? >> the two red heads, aren't we cute? >> and i love the way you say self-proclaimed whore. it sounds juicy. >> it's accurate, isn't it? >> it's awesome. >> so where did you get the title "suck it"? >> i tell people to suck it. because i think this is going to be the best kwanza ever.
12:02 am
i really do. this is an opportunity to get away from the kids, put down the bible, and enjoy some inappropriate material that, by the way, has very little to do with the holidays. it's a way to get a grammy nomination and everyone loves christmas. >> it has a parental advisory on the cover here. >> it should. >> it should, because it's really quite dirty? is that what you are trying to say? >> yes. this is not for the kids. this is for mommy and daddy time or daddy and daddy time which >> and, also, you're in a skimpy santa outfit again. it seems like you're constantly without your clothes lately. >> yes, i have a banging bikini bod owe alike to show it off as much as possible. >> do you think you look better than valerie bertinelli in a bikini in this point? >> yes, i think i do. and better than paris hilton or niki hilton. >> how about kirstie alley?
12:03 am
watching her go to in and out burger, no matter what she does, i find her fascinating. >> the girl is riveting. and she has a new reality show. i love to watch that stuff. >> she absolutely is riveting. and i like when she went on oprah and had the crazy voice. and it take as lot to freak out oprah. so you really have to be nuts and allegedly -- i say that with love. i enjoy how she described a reality show of having a videographer in her house, which is really not how a reality show is done. that's what you want to do with your -- a little bit nutty and you want to follow somebody around with the camcorder. i hope she does have a show and i will watch every moment of it if she does. >> where you're doing something else besides talking about everybody and, you know, running around, your show is great. is there another concept in your
12:04 am
repertoire? >> other than my soft core porn feel, more of a showtime after dark feel. i think it's important that i comment on things around me, celebrity culture, some of the political stuff, i do the pop culture stuff. i think people want to hear the things that you're afraid to -- or shouldn't. >> how much trouble have you gotten into lately? >> well, let's see. i'm sure kristie alley is probably not happy with me after that last segment. oprah is never happy with me, nor is gayle. >> how about barbara walters? barbara walters cannot be happy with me. in fact, my last special which just premiered this week has a story that you were present for when barbara tried in vain to ditch me backstage at "the view." and i hunted her down like an animal in the public women's
12:05 am
restroom. >> the truth of the matter is, barbara is barbara walters, the living legend and icon. one of the reasons is she never went to the bathroom. all of those years -- seriously. that is her claim to fame. because other people would have to go to the bathroom and they couldn't get the call as fast as she could to watch the dot and every other person that they interviewed. what do you think about that? >> i don't doubt that for a second. because as a woman, she had to work harder and jump higher. although, one of the times i was on "the view" i recall her saying that the women's view was gone. the movement is done. then elizabeth compared mandy moore toe lose beth steinam. i do digress. she went to the bathroom when i was there and she regrets it. >> you followed her in. >> i followed her and knocked on the metal door of the stall. >> and you always seem to put her into your act. i saw another one, which i won't
12:06 am
go into -- and the other little tail out of school, something that you heard in the green room and went on the air with it. >> she never likes my jokes or doesn't get them and therefore i have to make more jokes to her face. >> which is it you don't think she likes them? or she doesn't think they're funny? >> there is nothing that barbara walters doesn't get. she's probably had it with me at this point. i can't resist. she is my brokeback mountain. i can't quit her. >> i can't quit her either. >> you don't have to. >> i know. so the christmas album, why is there no x-rated christmas album really. >> well, no. by the way, this cd is called sucking it for the holidays. really to grab your attention. the language in the cd is much worse than that. and i'm out to offend a lot of groups. let me just read you some of the titles. one of them is -- it starts with happy kwanza.
12:07 am
i enjoyal religious groups. and i enjoy kwanza because as far as i know it's a madeup holiday that is seven years old. and then there is a section about president suze orman. i believe she should and will be president. >> why. >> because you need a nice sturdy lesbian running this country. the bailout wouldn't have happened, none of the wall street stuff would have happened if there was the segment of the suze orman show. only a matter of time that she's president orman. and i do try to offend people and make sure that no one gets out unscathed. >> it's such a hollywood game. you guys try this. it's really fun. people are such [ bleep ] in hollywood that i went to everybody single person in the
12:08 am
party. i practiced it. congratulations. except tina fey. tina fey said, what? you can go to people and say, congratulations and you can say thank you and just walk away. >> i went to ron myers' house, a movie big wig. someone went up to another person and said, oh, by the way, congratulations. i thought it was interesting that the person didn't say what for. that's a common hollywood greet greeting. >> move to new york, people say who are you again? congratulations for what? screw you, you're in my way.
12:09 am
>> what who are the biggest jerks in hollywood? >> by the way, did you know that there's a new show coming on "steven segal lawman." i'm in no way affiliated, but you should know, steven segal is psyched about it. stay with me. a surprise you don't want to miss."
12:10 am
12:11 am
12:12 am
back with comedian, kathy griffin. you're 39? >> i'm 39 again. i liked it so much the last few
12:13 am
times, i decided to stick around. >> i'm not the only one that wans to wish you happy birthday. i have someone on the line for you. say hi. >> hi, kathy. >> guess who it is? your boyfriend. >> levi? >> levi -- i miss you too. happy belated birthday. >> it's weird that i'm seven years older than you, but i think we can make it work, levi. >> you're still looking good. >> she is looking good. >> when are you two going to get married? people are twittering me and asking me this question. why don't they get married, these two. >> my baby bump is showing. if i see levi looking at another woman, i don't know what i'm going to do when we go ahunting. >> levi, you're attracted to older women. >> a little bit. but this one caught my eye. >> what is it about kathy that
12:14 am
turned you on so much. >> yeah, levi. >> she's outgoing. she doesn't mess around. she likes to beat me up a little bit. >> is it because of the new album with santa claus between her legs. is that what's doing it for you. >> there's a naughty picture. i should warn you. i don't want levi to fly in his famous jealous rages because he sees me and santa. we have to nestle up in our igloo and make things work. >> say happy birthday. we need to let you go. >> hope to see you soon. >> thanks, levi. see you soon. more of levi johnson -- much more of playgirl magazine. >> a lot more coming down the pike. >> and this monday insider. so, kathy -- >> wasn't that my most genius schemes ever? >> to do what? >> to be in a serious
12:15 am
relationship with levi johnson. >> i'm one step away from living in the white house, joy. >> are you going to buy playgirl magazine? the playgirl issue? >> i've seen seen the goods. but, yes, i will. but i'm sure that mostly women will be reading that. >> what was the estimation of his goods. >> i would say he's going to need a large fig lear to cover it up. it's something to behold. gay men everywhere are going to be thrilled. >> do you think he realized that playgirl is not read by women? >> i don't think he cares. he's in great shape. he's getting a paycheck. enjoy, he likes anything that's a middle finger to sarah palin and i'm with him on that one. >> oprah could be leading her
12:16 am
new show. in the album, you talked about when suze orman introduced you to gayle king. let's listen. >> she says, hey, hi, gail, what's going on girlfriend? how you doing girlfriend? gail king and kathy griffin, gail king. so i, you know, thought of all i've talked about, oprah and gail over the years, flashing before me in a tunnel of death and just looked at gail and said, hi, it's so uncomfortable to meet you. >> kathy, how do you handle it when you meet somebody after you've been trashing them mercy mercilessly in your act? how does that work out? >> usually i'm so excited to see a famous person or meet them, i'm happy to be in the room with them and also i like to be able to observe celebrities. and i'm hoping one of them will have a fit. one time whitney houston waved her finger at me because she was
12:17 am
upset with me. i think i was calling her cracky mcgee or cracky crackerson. i never remember. sometimes you get it, sometimes they don't. >> you're sort of a xitsy on it. you're a trasher and kick as. >> i am a trasher. i like to make fun of them when they've left the rooms because i would like to talk about people behind their backs. >> that's the best. >> i don't understand the whole philosophy of say something to my face. i was raised right and i wait until you leave the room. >> i totally agree with that. >> thank you. >> i don't care what people say about me behind my back either. do you? >> just wait until i go to the bathroom. or in barbara walters's case -- >> did you hear that oprah might be moving her show out of chicago? >> wouldn't you, if you had all of that money, and she's oprah and a lot of things she can't do. i don't know.
12:18 am
maybe she wants to do it out of her basement or something. she's made basically an oprah biosphere and soon she won't have to get out of her pjs to rule the world. >> speaking of ted who haggard, either way he's on his knees. you know what i'm saying? >> the gays don't even want to know. >> i know. >> the gays that i know are like, oh, you can keep him. we're going to throw that back with the bath water this time. >> exactly. but he's starting a new church out of his basement. i'm just saying. >> wow. >> let's go back to oprah for a second. who's going going to be the next oprah? >> that oprah here is footsteps. i think tyra is coming down the lane and she's hungry. she's got the eye of the tiger.
12:19 am
she's got the wings of the tiger. there's nothing tying tyra can't do. >> can she be oprah? she's not quite that -- i don't know, the maternal thing going on that oprah has. >> she raises -- she raises models. she raises and nurtures models. >> that's true. >> from romania and poland and all sorts of third world eastern block countries and turns them in to women. >> like angelina jolie in a certain way. they have a similar thing. >> more important and more given. >> what does the next president need to do? she's trying to remember the 4-year-old version. rachael ray discovered by oprah. she can do it all, cook. it has to be somebody with an empire. that's key. >> what about star jones? remember star, she could do it. >> yes. i think that -- well, it's good, why does it have to be an african-american woman. how about lisa ling.
12:20 am
>> what about you. >> i have a problem which i am not a beloved or even slightly light. so my mother is trying to tell me to be likable. but she says -- my mother says i'm funny and smart but not likable. that's how we have this big house. >> comedians don't have to be likable. you do in a way. here's a twitter question for you that i liked. this person says kathy is a beautiful woman. is she going to stop with the plastic surgery? was that from levi? >> no. your mother. it's through somebody in england. >> first of all, i call it having dental work. so, yes, i have been to the dentist a few times for -- >> quickly, what have you done? >> i've done pretty much whatever you can lift and although my boobs are the same and i've done a lot of refreshers. although i haven't done anything lately.
12:21 am
>> okay. you were always funny and thank you for being with me again. >> all right. >> her new album is sucking it for the holidays. that's in stores now and so is her book. official book club selection. okay. enough with the plugging. i'll be back with more in a bit.
12:22 am
12:23 am
12:24 am
>> oh, i remember my first dance. i went with ritchie schneider, he had two left feet. >> a bit of a klutz, hey? >> no, he had two left feet. some freak thing, his mother was an x-ray technician. >> we all remember her from the very funny sitcom, "the nanny." she's an author, cancer survivor, and on activist. and the creator of a skin caroline called "the fran brand. what are you doing, dood
12:25 am
careful. that's my new skin care line exclusive for hln. i'm nine years well, thank god. it came to my attention that many of the skin care productse have carcinogens or suspected carcinogens in them. since the skin was the largest organ of the body, i take what goes into the family. i made available like myself and women like myself meaning women to have a scare care product that they can trust. they won't be harmful. >> everything is organic. >> organic, natural, botanicals. it's wonderful. there's no added fragrances. the beautiful smells in the product are because of the ingredients in it. eco-friendly.
12:26 am
the old school glass jars. it's so wonderful. it's like the cold cream jars that our moms used. >> like the old grandma thing. >> it's made in the usa. it's animal friendly and all another thing you ear involved. >> yes. >> you had uterine cancer? >> yes, they did. eight doctors, yeah. so with that cancer schmancer movement, we educate women to know what materialiest warning whispers are of the cancers that could affect them and the tests that are available. we want to transform patients to medical consumers. it's the 21st century. so that's if we were diagnose nosed in the stage 1, 95% of the people would suh five. the main reason we lose loved ones to cannes is due to late
12:27 am
stage dyno cisse. that's reversible today. you have thrown yourself in to this. >> i'm very involved in the current administration and also appointed -- how did they act and behave in this case? did they help you? >> i actually got a -- was very strumtd instrumental in getting a bill passed that president bush signed into law. and it was women's health issues during the last administration and now has carried over to this a minute strags. poor health is the great equalizer. >> rich and poor. >> no party lines. rich, poor, young, old, republican, democrat. when we come back, jon and kate. oh, then again. it never ends with those two.
12:28 am
12:29 am
12:30 am
you know, for me, some stories are like the godfather. when i thought i was out, they pull me back in. the never ending saga of jon and kate kos lynn sobbed this week. she sob in a one our pattern, including comedian caroline ray would they want. >> like the rest of america. >> when prince charming left snow white, he missed him too. of course she does.
12:31 am
she needs a personal assistant. i don't know if you have children left. but your libido is in your placenta and it's moved at birth and very smart mammals will eat theirs. eight children, there's no way -- >> maybe her brain was in the placenta. not her libido. >> i feel bd for her. >> she says she's still in love with jon? listen. >> you still love jon. >> a part of me always will. it's hard to be married to someone for ten years and to say, no, i don't love them anymore. it doesn't work really well. i love the memories that we have together. i love the good times. >> ah, the good times. i'm sure she meant the good times like this.
12:32 am
>> white sandals? >> no, i'm saying flip-flops. just let them wear what they want to wear. so i don't have to hear it all day. >> so we lose good shoes and they have nothing to wear? >> i've got enough to take care of. stand with me or stand against me. >> i'll talk in here. >> that is riveting tv. that is good stuff. i have five hours to spare. i want to see what happened with those shoes. >> i want to see what happened. he never keeps his balls. >> sorry. >> no, i'm sorry. >> now, don, you're the expert on pop culture. she hasn't slammed john since they split. >> i think it's a combination of those two things. she's mourning the loss of her marriage. it's like a death when you split up with somebody after being with them for so long.
12:33 am
and then there's the cynical side of me, of course, she's being pr savvy and making sure she has a career after a marriage has dissolved. >> it's hard to pauses like that. it took that long. it's like david mammoth pauses. oh, my god, they had another baby during that last pause. jon is getting counseling from the rabb bye. >> michael jackson got rabbi who is not the ticket here. >> i love him and kosher sex. >> the best way to apologize to your ex-wife and family and children is not in front of a bunch of strangers and perhaps at home and in private. >> this is true. >> you look directly into the camera and say, very true. >> i can't believe kate was the one of those people who pipped her children. oh, my gosh, it's my baby. that's the cutest baby.
12:34 am
>> much better looking than kate gosselin. >> you're going to be ovulating because she's so cute. >> we have women later that have 18 children, something like that. stay tuned for that. any way, let's switch gears. jay leno said that if the nb c-suites told him to, he would return to the tonight show. not old enough to wear suits. they're 12-year-olds on that network. >> should conan be worried? >> he should be worried because he's been following leno for years. they make a change and move jay in front of them. the same situation he's always been in and we're still talking about jay leno. i'm available too. first of all, i love leno. he's on ""the tonight show"" in daylight savings. that's all he's doing. i would be so pissed if i
12:35 am
weren't -- >> get in your 452 cars and tell jokes and leave conan alone. how do you like that? there's a 13% increase in the ratings. >> he didn't commit the ultimate sin of ratings. he didn't switch time slots. his viewers stood by him. >> why does anybody care about letterman's affair? i understand if it's a nurse and doctor and she passes the wrong
12:36 am
scalpel and somebody dies. but this is a comedian who is beloved by all. >> what do you mean he's beloved by all? what kind of a blanket statement is that. >> i love him. >> you love him and conan. you don't seem to love leno. >> apparently you had some sort of bitter -- >> you love letterman more than i've been in a married relationship forever. >> am i looking at any of them. >> i've been married forever. >> you have not married. >> i am not married but in a relationship. just as good as married. >> i agree. i'm in a relationship just like
12:37 am
that, with steve. >> i'm in a relationship just like sitting here right now. >> anyway, i think letterman's numbers went up because people went to the sex scandal and stayed. >> people tune in after the sex scandal and found out he's still funny. he's been funny. no one had reason to check. they were lulled to sleep by jay len mow. something to co-at a i cannot have this. >> first of all, are your guests need to have our tns? like $1 already 4 br jay leno. >> who'll retire first? >> your name is on the tip of my
12:38 am
tong tongue. >> two years ago, looks like younger than joy. >> she went like this. i'm 140. what do you think of caroline or fey or joy. >> who's going to retirement first, conan, at east he west toe tire. >> here's the thing. leno works on the road every weekend and is on the road constantly. he spent not only lives on his comedian money. >> what does doe with his television money? he stores it in the cars. i don't know. >> he's thinking of buying oprah. >> this is so much fun. >> it's funny.
12:39 am
>> stories you won't read in a parenting magazine. it must be funny if it's got afterbirth in it. >> why do i need to pay? >> do it because you want to. >> that looks like a retirement
12:40 am
12:41 am
12:42 am
>> why should i do it? >> you need to stay out. give yourself a chance. he's watching you, now you watch him.
12:43 am
do it because you want to. because you must. >> that looks like a retirement community in boca raton. it's not. that's from the new amc series "prisoner" debuting november 18. sir ian mcclellan? >> sir ian, police. joy -- it's just me. >> joy. yeah. yeah because ben kingsley, he insists on sir ben kingsley. >> no i would prefer to not be separated out from everybody else. >> yeah, and let's talk about the trouble that we're having passing a gay marriage laws in this country because i know that you are a very articulate spokesperson on the topic. and i'm well-established in the uk, someone called the civil partnership for gay people. which has all of the rights of marriage and without the name. everyone seems caught up on the name. i don't -- >> you don't care about the word? >> no.
12:44 am
gays should be able to get married. we have this civil partnership, which you don't get married, but it's a legal contract, it has all of the rights that you can adopt and your partner can visit you in the hospital and it muddies the field. >> they inherit the money? >> they inherit the money. >> uh-huh. >> and it's only allowed for people who will living with some of the same gender. it's not -- straight couples cannot have a departure. so it's a it's a absolutely straight but everybody calls it marriage. even the times call it is marriage. >> i could see if you're a heterosexual couple, you have the right to get married.
12:45 am
so get married. >> i was attracted to a boy and became a priest. thas what happened to my men. >> first of all, i was attracted to girls and rapidly realized that images -- i like looking at >> when did you discover you were gay? >> about the same time you knew you weren't. >> first of all, i was attracted to girls. i rapidly realized i liked looking them in ancient statues, for example. it wasn't the women, it was ike angulo. and i was a bit odd.
12:46 am
the north of england after the last world war, you thought you'd never see anybody with this before. >> people didn't talk about it. >> my friends have been put in prison for makinging love. we've come through some difficult time ms. >> not always like that throughout history. the ancient greeks were very tolerant. >> some of the marriages conduct in the christian church in the middle ages are between men. >> is that so? >> yeah. so these altitudes are sort of victorian. >> yet victoria and albert were so enam orred of it, and so out there. they weren't so victorian even though the age was named after her. >> so they weren't going to do
12:47 am
what they want. you're 49 when you pibb lick came out it was a journey, particularly the kids of my generation. the kids today, they're in their early teens. i have an american friend when he was 14 his mother sad him down. he said what's that, mom, she said, said. your mother tells you. >> it's wonderful. >> but what did the kid say? no, i'm not. >> he was -- he is. but i had to tell my step mother when i was 49. and she'd known me for all my lifetime. everyone is worried about something else. >> in this country, they say the gay actors keep it a secret for a long time. the british actors don't seem to have that problem. >> there are plenty of gay actors in new york and faced the
12:48 am
other side of the state. it's the other consequence. in california, the film industry has been a problem. the young gay performers. we're waiting for the first successful run to provide a gender who says, honestly, said they bm the most statue in the world. you'll have a casual career and it will all be over. at the moment, when they say, oh, it's difficult for actors to come out, it's difficult for politicians and priests and it's difficult for everybody because society make it is difficult. >> right. view. but an actor in the united states, the women like to have the fantasy, or so they tell us any way, that the man, kissing a woman in the scene, that he love it is. so if you know that the guy is gay, you might think he's making a subs institution. >> does that work for you when
12:49 am
you question whether he's gay or straight? >> i don't. i don't even like movies like that. >> no, but i think that audiences are a little bit more sophisticated than that. we know that they are actors. we pretend to be. and get more fan mail from women than i do from men. >> you do? >> yeah. do not go see bops and monsters. and it's often very people don't work out their sex law laws. they don't need freefts or government to tell them what to do. >> do not listen to the priests on what to do on that topic. >> because the priests don't know anything about it, do they? >> the priests are a repressed group. they can't mary. i don't fault them as much as i do the hierarchy thus not
12:50 am
protecting children in the next. i'm -- we're always trying to be clear on that. i was reading in research that i saw of you that you thought younger guys come on to older guys.
12:51 am
12:52 am
12:53 am
12:54 am
my mother sat me sideways on the potty when i was a toddler so now -- >> oh, grow up, man. you had sex with your mother? >> no, never. >> well don't. >> that was sir ian mckellen in the new amc miniseries "the prisoner." you said part of "the prisoner" is about the nature of government today. you said that. >> yeah. it's a thriller, basically, but it's a thriller with so many twists i couldn't even go into it. it's really a commentary on the way the individual is treated by government, and, indeed, by
12:55 am
corporation, big business. surveillance and all that. >> surveillance and the -- >> it's about a lot of other things as well. very, very stylish. set in a village where people are extremely happy but can't get out. >> can't get out. you play number two. he can get out. number two. he's the boss. >> you don't know the plot. >> i remember the first series. >> yeah. >> it's not that similar? >> it's not that similar, no. it's a bit changed. i can't even comment on that, i'm sorry. not allowed to. >> oh. >> i would give away the plot which would give no point in watching. i'm the guy who seems to be in charge. jim is the guy who arrives and doesn't -- >> he played jesus in that mel gibson movie. >> jim seems to be doing fine. >> really, is that true? >> what happened to jeff hunter. remember him? jesus, he was very big.
12:56 am
>> he didn't rise again, did he? you recently performed with a full frontal nude scene. those theaters can get very cold, certainly. >> it didn't make much difference. >> in the original shakespearean concept, was he a nudist? >> he's a little bit dowdy. the nature of the universe and so on and sees a naked beggar in the storm and sees he's related to him. he knows he's the king but he likes him. he takes his clothes off. >> you think they did that in the old -- >> probably not. >> -- vick? >> oh, the old vick. that's not that old. now, on the whole, kings did take their clothes off but i wasn't allowed to do it on the dvd in case children saw it at home, because, of course, their parents don't have genitalia.
12:57 am
>> no. >> do you think -- >> he told me it's the best play he had ever seen in his entire life. >> let me get to a twitter question before you leave. what were you thinking taking monica lewinsky to the oscars? >> i let her at the oscars. >> she wasn't such an innocent. >> no, i'm not saying she was. she had a very, very bad time. when she was stuck in water gate, waiting for the trial, she couldn't leave, she was in prison. poor child treated badly. i felt sorry for her. >> we hope she can move on now, although i had so many jokes about her, it's pathetic. >> she's as adorable as you are. >> i'll be nice. catch him in "the prisoner" on amc, sunday november 15th. good night, everybody. 
12:58 am
12:59 am
1:00 am
breaking news tonight in the search for a 2-year-old florida girl, caylee. six months of searching culminate when skeletal remains found in the heavily wooded area 15 houses away from the anthony home confirmed to be little caylee. a utility meter reader stumbles on a tiny human skeleton including a skull covered in light-colored hair. the killer duct taping and placing a heart-shaped sticker directly over the mouth then triple bagging little caylee like she's trash. bombshell tonight. as we go to air, just when we
1:01 am
think we have heard it all in the tot mom investigation, another horrific heart wrenching detail surfaces. tonight, we learn, found at the crime scene, along with little caylee's remains, syringes loaded with chloroform, the superpowerful knockout drug. the same found in tot mom's trunk. with the deadly syringes, a gatorade bottle also loaded with chloroform. the bombshell, suggesting tot mom cooked up homemade chloroform, carried it in the gatorade bottle then injecting it directly into her 2-year-old girl's body, bound with duct tape. don't forget, computer forensics reveal multiple google searches on tot mom's computer on how to make chloroform. at the same time, freaky jailhouse photos of tot mom emerge including close-ups of a
1:02 am
tattoo covering part of her back shoulder, reading "bella vita." italian for the "beautiful life." the kicker? she got it just after caylee goes missing. grandparents george and cindy take off to a luxury cruise to the bahamas after reportedly raking in $20,000 licensing fees for their private photos of little caylee. >> they got all of their information from me, yet at the same time they're twisting stuff. they've already said they're going to pin this on me if they don't find caylee. >> i believe there's something. i smell, i'm like, oh my god. i think i whispered out to myself -- there was an overpowering smell, i admit that. >> i forgive whoever has her. i just want her to come home. i just want my baby back. >> the fbi said it found, quote, an unusually large concentration of chloroform, far greater than what is typically seen in human
1:03 am
decomposition in the carpet sample from casey's trunk where investigators found a mysterious stain. >> maybe my daughter ran over something. >> she's not a murderer. there's no evidence casey ever did harm to her child. >> i know in my gut, there's feelings. there's certain things you can feel about your child. you can feel that connection. i still have that feeling, that presence. i know that she's alive. my entire life has been taken from me. >> every single one -- you don't realize what you've done to us and you don't care. >> i'm frustrated and angry. you don't understand. everybody wants me to have answers. i don't have answers. i'm not in control over any of this because i don't know what the hell is going on. mommy loves her very much. she's the most important thing in this entire world to me. and breaking news tonight, live, new mexico, emts, police, race to a private home, albuquerque suburbs after a 911 call reports a gunshot to the head of a young father of three.
1:04 am
shot in his own home. alleged shooter? daddy's 10-year-old little boy, angry over being grounded.
1:05 am
good evening. i'm nancy grace. i want to thank you for being with us. stunning twist tonight in the 2-year-old caylee anthony tot mom investigation. new evidence reportedly found at the scene with little caylee's remains. did tot mom cook up homemade chloroform, carrying it in a gatorade bottle then injecting it directly into her 2-year-old little girl's body, bound with duct tape? >> all we had to do is google how do you make chloroform and we found more than a million
1:06 am
websites with instructions. on the first one we found, page one had an explicit warning about chloroform's dangers calling the chemical extremely dangerous and unpredictable and warning never to allow children to come near chloroform. fbi lab tests show high levels of chloroform in the trunk of casey's car. where investigators say caylee's body had been. there was a mysterious stain in the trunk along with caylee's hairs and dirt. >> if you think of anything that would help, don't be afraid. >> i won't hesitate to let you guys know. >> being forth coming and being truthful are two separate things. >> did you all think she was being forthcoming? >> as far as anything else at the moment, there's nothing i can give to you now. there really isn't honestly anything i can think of at this exact moment. >> if you would have told the truth and not lied about everything. >> how come she never had a chance to get the car? doesn't make sense. >> mom -- >> i trust casey. >> i know my daughter is not
1:07 am
leveling with me. i know what she's done in the past. >> all i want is caylee home. i want to be there when she comes home. >> straight out to mark williams, anchor reporter on the case from the very, very beginning, joining us from florida. this is a bombshell. in case anybody had any doubts on how little caylee died, now police reveal they found, just a few feet from little caylee's remains, her skeletal remains, bound with duct tape, syringes loaded with chloroform and a gatorade bottle with chloroform in it as well. tell me about it, mark williams. what do you know? >> it's all, part, nancy, of 21 pages released today dealing with the anthony affair and of course, the bombshell. fbi lab techs determine -- >> hold on one second. everybody, you are seeing the shots we are just getting in. these are official homicide
1:08 am
investigative shots and you can see at the bottom where they put a ruler up at the bottom of each shot so a jury will be able to tell how big each item is. you are just seeing the lid to the gatorade bottle and one of the syringes loaded with chloroform. just revealed. go ahead, mark williams. >> those fbi lab techs detected traces of chloroform inside that sports drink bottle as well as that plastic sir ring which we documented. inside the cool blue gatorade drink contained a plastic bag labeled disposable syringe kit. there was a plastic inside the bag, further tests show the syringe contained chloroform, testosterone, ethanol, and water. as you documented, in march of 2008 somebody got on the anthony computer at home and used the search word chloroform and neck
1:09 am
breaking. >> i'm sick. i'm just sick. what's so stunning about this, mark williams, we are showing you the photos we have just obtained over 2,000 pages of police investigation. what's so stunning about it is that many people came up with a scenario, i guess in order to make themselves feel better about it, that she was just trying to knock the little girl out so she could go out and party and would put the girl in the trunk. as if that's not bad enough mark williams, but now that we find chloroform in syringes. in syringes. that brings up the specter. it conjures up the theory that she injected chloroform directly into her 2-year-old girl's body, mark williams. >> nancy, this is the smoking gun that the prosecution needed. they have it. it's been signed, sealed and delivered to them. also, insects, known as the microscopic in size, known as coffin flies, thrive in
1:10 am
decomposition. they were found in the trunk of the car. there were paper towels in the trunk of the car to clean up the stain that was there and coffin flies and giving prosecution, experts a smoking gun. the report also says near the skeletal remains insects built a colony showing that bugs seeped into the bones of little caylee anthony. they were placed there in late june or early july of 2008 which blows out another theory saying caylee or casey never put the bones there, that somebody else had put the body there. >> to ellie jostad, our chief editorial producer on the story, tell us more about the insects, ellie. what did he learn in the documents today? >> this is the first time we got a full look at the report done by dr. neil haskel, noted expert out of indiana.
1:11 am
as mark explained, there are two main reports here. one explaining there were coffin flies in the trunk. >> okay. coffin flies is a unique term. jean casarez, explain. >> coffin flies come upon something when there is decomposition. that's what they veer toward. they found the coffin flies on towels, in casey anthony's car trunk and they found the coffin flies within the remains. they say that shows the coffin flies veered there in june or july. what that shows to the prosecution is the time of death was shortly after caylee anthony went missing. >> the stain that was in the trunk of my daughter's car -- when i opened up the trunk, we had the windows rolled down, the sunroof open. instantaneously, that gets in your house just like that.
1:12 am
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1:15 am
we have a 3-year-old that's been missing for a month. >> a 3-year-old? have you reported that? >> i'm trying to do that now, ma'am. >> there's absolutely nothing to find out, not even what i told the detectives. >> well, everything you're telling them -- >> if i knew where caylee was do you think any of this would be happening? no. >> we're talking about a 3-year-old little girl. we need to find her. i don't know what your involvement is sweetheart. you're not telling me where she's at. >> because i don't know where she's at. are you kidding me? >> i love her and support her and i know exactly how hard it is that she's giving up her life to protect her child. my daughter may have mistruths
1:16 am
or half truths out there, but she's not a murderer. there's no evidence casey has ever done any harm to her child. >> i, as a mom, i know in my gut, there's feelings as a parent, you know certain things about your child. you can feel that connection. and i still have that feeling. >> what she told me and what i found out was two different things. i don't know casey's reasons for telling me except what she told me. she told me she's protecting caylee and she's protecting the family. until this day, i still believe she's protecting caylee and the family. >> i wonder how she was protecting caylee when days after caylee goes missing, according to her, she's slung up at the tattoo parlor getting "the good life," "the beautiful life" tattooed on her back shoulder. rosie, do we have a shot of that? written in italian. now, that will take some
1:17 am
explaining. let's move that lower banner, please. that will take some explaining to a jury. there you see it on the left, "the good life." you know what? right now, i'm not so worried about her tattoos, i'm more concerned with the bombshell evidence that has just emerged today. the state's theory about the use of chloroform to murder little caylee has now been substantiated. we learn syringes, found just a few feet away from little caylee's remains, loaded with chloroform along with this. you are seeing the police investigative photos, a gatorade bottle also loaded with chloroform. joining me right now, special guest, dr. jake deutsche. he's a doctor in new york. doctor, thank you so much for being with us. if the body were left there,
1:18 am
abandoned there back in i, say, july, how could chloroform still be in the syringes all those months later? doesn't it evaporate or was eroroform would normally evaporate. if you're talking about a closed syringe inside other containers, absolutely it would still be there. it sounds like a substantial amount. that definitely is not something that was there from decomposition. this was something intentionally left there and used for the wrong purposes. >> dr. deutsche, you brought up a crucial point in my mind for both sides, prosecution and defense. the defense is going to argue that traces of chloroform found in tot mom's car trunk were the result of -- >> decomposition. >> right. some other type of decomposition. some other chemical reaction, cleaning solution. that's what they're going to argue at trial. there is no such argument for the chloroform found inside, formerly, sterile syringes and
1:19 am
inside a gatorade bottle. >> that are clearly drawn up with the intention of injecting it. this was something that was synthesized, potentially, and drawn up with the purpose of administering it and administering it for illegal purposes. chloroform is not routinely found in syringes and we don't use it routinely in the medical community. it reeks -- >> hold up, doctor. you said not commonly used in the medical community. isn't it true back in the '70s chloroform was banned for consumer use? >> right. because of the side effects and how dangerous it is. >> what side effects? >> the toxicity that's found associated with it. and the volatile state of it.
1:20 am
using it as an anesthetic is unreliable. it was replaced for modern, more reliable medication. >> dr. deutsche, while i still have you, how did testosterone or ethanol end up in there? >> this is a big mystery to me. testosterone is a hormone that's naturally found in the body but also used by people abusing steroids for body building purposes or people having gender reassignment. maybe they should be looking for somebody using steroids. or has that type of -- >> wow. >> is there blood on the syringe? are they testing it for dna? there would be evidence there if it was used to inject. >> with me right now, mike brooks, former fed with the fbi. weigh in, mike. >> you listen to dr. deutsche and he's absolutely right. there could be some blood in that, but, you know, there could also be fingerprint evidence because it was inside a sealed plastic bag. what i think we have here, nancy, is game, set and match.
1:21 am
1:22 am
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1:24 am
can someone let me -- come on! >> casey, hold on sweetheart. settle down, babe. >> nobody is letting me speak. >> i still believe my daughter. >> i believe in my daughter. >> i already answered this question. >> you believe she was fabricated. >> i already answered the question. >> do you have any interest in helping us? >> i had interest in helping law enforcement from the beginning. unfortunately, my hands were tied and i was put in a position where someone's trying to -- that's not going to happen. >> casey's lied to me in the past. when she's lied, she's told me the truth. we have always gotten to the
1:25 am
bottom of the truth. >> stunning evidence, both horrific and heart wrenching just emerges today. in over 2,000 pages of homicide investigative files. we learned that not far from little caylee's 2-year-old body, her remains, syringes loaded with the powerful sedative, no longer used for consumer use, chloroform. beside it, a gatorade bottle in a disney bag also loaded with chloroform. out to bounty hunter, joining us from sacramento, california, leonard padilla. leonard, thank you for being with us. are you surprised? this is a completely different mode of death than what we imagined. >> it's a sad day for me. i kept wanting to give her the benefit of the dad that she
1:26 am
didn't intend to kill her, that she merely wanted to put her to sleep and that it went, you know, it went awry. however, as you said earlier, i don't see how anybody can duck all of these things that are now gathered. i have to tell you this, the doctor and mike brooks are telling you something that the fbi, no doubt, has more evidence off that syringe, off that bottle and they're just putting it out when it's necessary, but at this stage of the game, you know, it's just -- i've had a tough day all day today because i just wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. tracie who befriended her, spent those ten days with her, has been really, really in sad shape all day. i even asked tracie, is there something you didn't tell nick savage or something you didn't tell the cops when you were out here talking with you? you know? there seems to be something missing there. i'm telling you, it's been a very, very tough day in the office because of the revelations that came out today. a source close to the investigation says there is evidence of traces of chloroform in the car of caylee anthony's mother. police confiscated her computer after her july arrest and found visits to websites with
1:27 am
information about chloroform.
1:28 am
1:29 am
1:30 am
a source close to the investigation says there is evidence of traces of chloroform in the car of caylee anthony's mother. police confiscated her computer after her july arrest and found visits to websites with information about chloroform. >> there's something wrong. i found my daughter's car today and it smelled like there was a dead body in the car. >> it was an overpowering smell, i'll admit that.
1:31 am
>> there was no odor in the car when it was towed down to the towing company. no odor. >> we have forensic evidence returned to us regarding the vehicle. preliminary evidence indicates there's decomposition from a human body. >> maybe someone put a body in the car after it was towed to the tow yard. >> maybe my daughter ran over something. >> air samples don't mean anything. >> tonight we learn from over 2,000 pages of homicide investigative files that a syringe loaded with chloroform and a gatorade bottle, also full of chloroform, found just feet away from little caylee's skeleton, still bound with duct tape. out to tristan lambert, professor at columbia university. professor, thank you for being with us. two quick questions. number one, if chloroform had been in the syringe for many, many months. we were talking to dr. deutsche about this earlier. how quickly would it have evaporated?
1:32 am
how much chloroform would have to be loaded in that syringe for it to still be in there? six, eight months later? >> i agree. if the syringe is closed, i don't think any appreciable amount of it would evaporate. it would be as if you had it in a closed container. >> okay. and what do you think of the fact that testosterone was also found in that syringe? is that a by-product of some sort of chloroform? >> no, certainly not. the doctor before had it absolutely right. he certainly knows more about it than i do. testosterone is a complex molecule. there's no way it's going to arise from anything as simple as chloroform. chloroform can be made in the home with simple chemicals. testosterone is something you have to get from a medical establishment. >> how is chloroform made in the home, professor lambert? >> it can be made in a number of
1:33 am
ways all of which involve very simple chemicals. some of the easiest ways, as your recipes on the internet say, are using things like rubbing alcohol and bleach or ethanol and bleach. you just mix those together and pretty much one of the things that comes out of that reaction is chloroform. >> to pat brown, criminal profiler and author of "killing for sport." okay, pat. before now, so many people had wanted to take the softest scenario possible and that would be that tot mom had tried to gas or chloroform her little girl when she wanted to go out and party, bind her and put her in the car trunk thinking she won't remember anything. this syringe changes everything. >> absolutely. this is a little map there. "a," "b," "c." home, car, death spot with syringe.
1:34 am
she has grandiose thinking. instead of a simple kill, she made up this master plan, leaving evidence on the computer and in the car and leaving the syringe with the body at the site instead of tossing it out the window or something. it's a good thing she wasn't bright otherwise we wouldn't have been able to catch her. and hopefully convict her. >> i'm wondering, mike brooks, if fingerprints are going to emerge on that syringe. >> there's a very good possibility, nancy. you had a syringe inside a plaster bag inside of this sports drink bottle. where does she get the syringe? when you have the test rost roan, that could have come from someone uses hgh, human growth hormone possibly for body growth. let's look at the witnesses on the list that were friends of her to see if they were involved in that activity. >> let's unleash the lawyers. stacey schneider, defense attorney in the new york jurisdiction. out of atlanta, former prosecutor turned defense attorney, craig mckeithen.
1:35 am
all right, stacey, this really excludes the theory of an accidental overdose. which would have been an aggravated assault, anyway, resulting in death which is felony murder which is death penalty qualified. but here there's no way. if you have a syringe full of chloroform, she had to be, according to the state, injecting it directly into her little girl. >> you're right, nancy. i can't disagree. it shows premeditated murder. that syringe was prepared with the chloroform and there's no two ways about it, but a door has opened for the defense here that i see. first, with the testosterone. i would send -- if i were defending casey, i would send my investigative team out and look at the males involved in this case and see if this syringe came from someone, as mike brooks said, who was, perhaps, a body builder and this was a used syringe they were reusing to commit this act. the next thing i would focus in
1:36 am
on is casey's ex-boyfriend. there was one computer -- >> put schneider up on the screen. >> nancy -- >> put her up. you certainly know how to make lemonade out of lemons. >> that's my job. >> if you can find a silver lining to this bombshell for the defense. what about it, mckeithen? >> we have to examine whether or not we can link the evidence to her. we don't know if there are fingerprints that link her to it, we don't know if she has an alibi. we don't know if we can connect her directly or indirectly to this evidence. we can argue circumstantial evidence. that is not enough, alone, to conclude. >> back to jean casarez, legal correspondent for "in session." jean, what can you tell me about the anthony's taking a luxury cruise the week the judge refused to throw out tot mom's murder charge? >> they took a cruise. they have the right to take a cruise. what's interesting though is
1:37 am
something you wear a bathing suit. they did. what was shown were tattoos on cindy, it's one of caylee marie with a heart that's on her stomach and george has a tattoo, both in remembrance of caylee of a girl with sun beams beaming down. i think there's a significance here. i would like to know when they got the tattoos. i think symbolically they're trying to show someone in mourning can get a tattoo to minimize the effect of casey anthony's tattoo that says "bella vita." >> jean casarez, i agree with you. if anybody needs a rest, it's these two, after what they have been to. there is the tattoo she's referring to. this is a freaky shot. the state prosecutors requested the shot to show tot mom's tattoo she got days after she, herself, says her daughter goes missing. she was at a tattoo parlor. back to the anthonys, no problem
1:38 am
getting away from it all. they need a break. what about the $20,000 reports say came from one of the networks underwriting the trip? >> that's what people are alleging. they're alleging there may have been money for photos and video that they used for a recent "48 hours" shoot and then they went on the cruise. those are all allegations. if they got the money, they can do anything with it. if that's the case, they didn't use it for casey's defense. everyone, quick break. i want to remind you, november lung cancer awareness month. the number-one cancer killer in the world. claims more lives than breast, colon, prostate, melanoma, kidney cancer combined. it kills more women a year than breast cancer. you don't have to smoke to get lung cancer. this saturday, november 7th, 8:00 a.m., the run/walk in alpharetta, georgia. for info on this and other happenings go to
1:39 am and the joan gaeta foundation at together, we can win the fight against lung cancer. as we go to break, happy birthday to georgia friend, barney walker. loves greeting the congregation every sunday. married to sue for 57 years. happy birthday barney. happy birthday to tennessee friend, investigative reporter, nicole parton. happy birthday, dear nicole.
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to rupa mikkilineni, our producer on the story, break it down for me.
1:44 am
what exactly happened? >> august 27th, the 10-year-old, now 11-year-old, was at his home. younger sister, 6 years old. he called 911. he called saying he needed help, doctors, needed the police to come. he said his father was asleep. when asked what did he do, he admitted he shot his father in the back of the head. >> what do we know about possible motivation, rupa? >> the operator asked the little boy. he said he was angry, i lost my head. i got angry. later when police interviewed him, we understand he said his upset his father punished him and grounded him. >> punished him for what? do we know? >> we don't know. >> to mike hillman, author of "my therapist is making me nuts." dr. hillman, what do you make of it? a child this age cannot, under
1:45 am
any circumstances in mexico be treated as an adult. he will not be facing life or life without parole. what do you make of this? you heard his voice on the 911 call. >> i don't think he fully understood what was going on. you know, there are so many resources here. child and family protection services were called to the house nine times. only one substantiated with the abuse to the wife. we don't know yet to who extent those abuse charges and how this may have affected the little boy. the other questions i have are how come the three siblings are not living with their mother? most of the time, unless a mother is proved incompetent, the child would reside with her, not the father. the last thing i have, the child protection said guns were securely stowed away. how does a 10-year-old have access to that? in terms of shooting, i don't think he understood the extent of what the damage was going to
1:46 am
be to. the other concern, the 6-year-old, his sister who was witness to this, how will it impact her, long term, watching the blood spatter? now, she and her other siblings are living with relatives, not the biological mom. these are questions that are going to surface as the investigation continues. >> dr. hillman, you're so eight, again. doctor, take a listen. i want you and pat brown to hear the 911 call, again.
1:47 am
>> okay. to the lawyers. stacey, as a former prosecutor, i don't think the boy understood what he did. >> i'm on the page with you, nancy. i defended many, many juvenile delinquents charged with violent felonies and set them down in my office to have a talk about what happened and they don't have the life experience, the sophistication, the mental capacity, the intelligence to understand the acts.
1:48 am
their bodies are capable of pulling triggers, but the mind doesn't follow. it's a very sad situation that he's charged with first-degree murder for premeditation. it just doesn't fit. >> well, hold on. hold on. before you go crazy on that, to you, rupa mikkilineni then back to mckeithen, in this jurisdiction this child cannot get treated as an adult. all right? the max he would ever do is till age 21. what do you know rupa? >> he's 10 years old, just turned 11. he's not charged as an adult. he is being charged as a juvenile, first-degree murder. high understanding from the police is the maximum he can get is incarceration until he's 21. >> to greg mckeithen, what's your defense? >> i agree with that, nancy. let me add, i would have him examined by forensic psychiatrist and use that as a basis for my defense. to allege that the child did not appreciate what he did and doesn't understand the difference between right and wrong.
1:49 am
>> good point. weigh in, brooks. >> did his father take him hunting before? did he know the effects of the shot gun? he had the withdrawal to put the gun back in his father's gun closet. did he get it there or did he have access to the guns? these are questions i have and they need to be answered. >> when you hear him on the 911 call, he is getting them there to save his father. he doesn't get he killed his father. everyone, very quickly, "cnn heroes." >> hi. i'm mary j. blige. i had the honor of performing at the first "cnn heroes: an all-star tribute," recognizing everyday people who changed the world. i'm dedicating myself to help women dedicate their full potential in life. now, more than ever, the world needs heroes. i am thrilled to help cnn introduce one of this year's top ten honorees.
1:50 am
>> how can i turn my back and walk away and leave you right here? i can't. because i know you wouldn't turn my back and leave me. veterans are neglected homeless unacceptable. what branch of service? >> army, so was i. we are brothers in arms. no man left-ha behind. my mission is to help homeless veterans. you got took change. we provide service for veterans only, a soef safe clean place to live. mental health services and it is that internal move. let him know, we will be back. they are the webest and they deserve the best. what i do i love.
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>> what a week in america's courtrooms. look at the people who touched our lives. >> we are the proud papas of a little girl. this is shannon lee dietrich. >> relatives learned not only was she found, but she's alive. >> this is a miracle. look at this baby. look at the baby. she is absolutely gorgeous. when i think of what could have happened to this child --
1:55 am
>> miss carmichael was the first one recovered from the back yard. she was a ligature strangulation. >> your daughter was one of the victims allegedly of anthony sowell. would you me about your little girl. what was she like growing up? >> she is always been a beautiful person to me of course. very lively and very active. very fun loving. outgoing. and friendly. >> stunning developments in the case of elizabeth alton. they are painting a dark
1:56 am
portrait of the teen girl accused of murdering elizabeth. the teen girl suspects allegedly lists her hobbies, including cutting and killing people. >> twitter has been erased. they may have erased them. before they were erased. >> i've got it. i got the twitter and the you tube and let me tell you, it's sick, weird, and twisted. >> let's stop and remember cody putnam, 22, lafayette, indiana, killed iraq. a paratrooper on a second tower who loves sports, basketball, football, e-mailing family back home. leaves behind mom and stepdad, larry. brother harry, sister, and widow and high school sweetheart, molly. 6-year-old little girl, madeline. cody putnam, american hero.
1:57 am
thanks to you for being with us. a good night from the new york control room. good night genealogy, norm, bret, rosie. see you tomorrow night 8:00 sharp eastern. until then, good night, friend. i'm a.j. hammer. here's what's coming up at the top of the hour. in an interview, rihanna gives details of what happened the night chris brown beat her. sandra bullock's husband with a shocking warning to his porn star ex-wife. leave sandra alone. that's your "showbiz tonight" news break. tv's most provocative entertainment news show starts
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at the top of the hour. ccccc
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