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tv   Newsmakers  CSPAN  November 8, 2009 10:00am-10:30am EST

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the ayes are 220, the nays 215. the bill is passed. >> health care reform passed the house of representatives last night and it did get some gop support. how many republicans backed the bill and the next step in the health care battle. hurricane ida is headed for cancun as a category 1 storm right now. we're going to tell you how soon it could reach the u.s. gulf coast. ground has been proeken on a permanent memorial to the flight 93 crew and passengers who died on september 11th. and one mom who lost a child explains why her sadness has turned to joy.
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hey there. welcome to hln news and views for this sunday. our top story, the house of representatives passed a sweeping health care bill along mostly party lines. last night's vote was 220-215. one good op vote, joseph cow. >> in congress, as you know, we will never get a perfect bill, as you know, and i had to make a decision and i felt that last night's decision was the right decision for my district, even though it was not the popular decision for my party. >> 39 democrats crossed the aisle to vote against the bill. if it becomes law, the bill will represent the biggest expansion of health care coverage since medicare was created more than 40 years ago. house speaker nancy pelosi says the vote is a huge win for democrats. >> if our bill prevails, which
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i'm certain that it will in these respects, being a woman is no longer a preexisting medical condition, that if you you have a preexisting medical condition you cannot be denied insurance, you cannot have recisions, you cannot lose your insurance just because you've become ill. the list goes on and on. if u a senior being the doughnut hole is closed. if you're a young person you can be on your parents' policy until your 27th birthday. if you're a consumer, you're protected by the public option. the list goes on and on. >> so what's in the health care bill that the house passed? perhaps the most controversial part of the bill is that it does contain the so-called public option. the government would sell insurance to those who can't find it elsewhere, but the congressional budget office predicts those premiums would be more expensive than insurance from private companies. other provisions of the bill would ban insurers from denying coverage to people because of
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preexisting conditions. the house bill also contains strict bans on using federal money for paying for abortions. democrats project the bill will extend health care coverage to 96% of americans. the vote was a defeat for house republicans who stood almost completely united in their opposition to the bill. but at least one gop member of the house says that the outcome was not a surprise. appearing on cc cnn, michael burgess says he expected the bill to pass after president obama was elected last year. he also said a single gop vote does not make this a bipartisan bill and he expects there to be consequences for democrats at the poles next year. >> many of those 38 or 39 democrats that voted against this bill were looking over their shoulders at the next election i. suspect other people will encounter some anxiety at home in their districts because of their vote on the bill. will we'll see how that plays
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out. >> president obama was among those keeping a close eye on the house vote on a health care bill. and as elaine quijano reports, the president is sure he'll sign it into the law before the new year. >> this vote is a huge victory for president obama after he made a personal appeal saturday to house democrats on capitol hill to get legislation passed. now being the president in a written statement released shortly after the vote said, "tonight in an historic vote, the house of representatives passed a bill that would finally make real the promise of quality, affordable health care for the american people." but the statement also alludes to the challenges ahead. the president goes on to say, "thanks to the hard work of the house we are just two steps away from achieving health insurance reform in the america. now the united states senate must follow suit and pass its version of the legislation. i am absolutely confident it will and i look forward to signing comprehensive health
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insurance reform into law by the end of the year." now, a senior aide says that the president did watch the vote as it happened in the house there from camp david. president obama set to return to the white house from camp david for the afternoon. >> the bill now moves on to the senate where it must also pass if it is to become law. as in the house, senate democrats are having a hard time winning over republican support for the bill. if the senate passes a bill, the senate version must be reconciled with the house bill that passed last night before it can be signed into law. it's going to be a tough day tomorrow for commuters in philadelphia. talks aimed at ending a transit strike broke done last night. bus drivers and subway and trolley operators just walked off the job last tuesday p. the union is demanding an audit to make sure pension fnds are secure and it says it will not start talks if a national health care overhaul plan is paed.
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ed rendell had been negotiating the talks, had urged union members to vote on a contract proposal. no new talks a s are scheduled. a shooting at a bar near a resort town killed one and left three injured. it happened nair vail, colorado. witnesses say a man was being escorted out of a bar when he pulled a gun and just started shooting. he went back inside the bar, fired several more shots. police arrested a 63-year-old man in the case. we are getting new information now about the people who were wounded in the ft. hood massacre. a texas surgeon says more of them are doing better. 42 people were injured in the shooting at the army post in texas thursday. an official says 16 of them and the suspected gunman with still hospitalized. >> all evidence at this point indicates that the suspect, allegedly, acted alone in the actual shootings at the readiness center on 5 november.
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we have seen no evidence whatsoever to date of any friendly fire occurrences during the gunfight between ft. mood law enforcement and the alleged suspect. >> major nidal malik hasan is not on a ventilator anymore, still in intensive care. meanwhile, friends and family are honoring the 13 people killed in the shootings. 1 of them is 19-year-old private aaron thomas nimelka, scheduled to go to afghanistan in january. his uncle read a family statement yesterday. >> aaron wassed intensely proud to serve under the leadership of the president. aaron believed we are all first and foremost americans. not democrats, not republicans, not white, black, browner, or any other color. aaron felt keenly the responsibility of representing both his country and his family.
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he was proud to follow in the footsteps of both his grandfathers that served, two uncles that are in the military currently, and one cousin. >> the first police officer who confronted the suspect after the shooting just had her second surgery. a military spokesman says sur jant kimberly munley is in good condition after last night's surgery. she was injured during the shootout with hasan, but it is not believed to be life threatening. her supervisor initially said that she brought down the suspect, but another officer also fired at him. so the army says that matter is still under investigation. the "uss new york" built with steel from the world trade center is officially in service. the ceremony took place yesterday. people in the crowd said that the ship is a symbol of healing and strength. >> it just represents to me the heartache of september 11th and the resilience of our nation.
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>> people who survived hurricane katrina built the billion-dollar warship. it will transport up to 700 marines to war zones and humanitarian missions. the "you uss new york" will be open to the public before being returned to its home pork of norfolk, virginia, thursday. police in cleveland have identified three more of the ten bodies foundz in the home of a register sex offender. anthony sowell served 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to attempted rape in 1989. he was arrested two days after police discovered the first bodies in his home last week. authorities have now identified seven victims found in or near sowell's home. the schokull of an 11th victim also found. take a look at this. this is what hit washington state, the season's first big snowstorm. this heavy snowfall shut down several highways and caused problems for drivers. but not everyone was complaining. >> just moved here from texas,
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and we don't get snow in texas at all. so we are planning on coming skiing and sledding and we just wanted to bring the kids out to play. >> looks like a lot of fun. for some people, the first big sheet of white is a reason to celebrate. what do you think? can you get in trouble for throwing paper during a ticker-tape parade? some people did just that during the yankees parade here in new york. but they may have picked the wrong paper to throw.
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♪ o christmas tree >> the capitol hill christmas tree has begun its journey. it was harvested yesterday from the mountains of northeastern arizona here. the 7,000-pound tree is now on a state wide tour of arizona and will arrive in washington on november 30th. the tradition of having states provide a capitol christmas tree started nearly 40 years ago.
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this is the first year the tree has come from arizona. someone paid about 54,000 bucks for the hat worn by the man who shot lee harvey oswald. jack ruby's fi dora was one of the items on the auction block in dallas yesterday. all items were linked to president john f. kennedy's assassination. the auction came weeks before the 46th anniversary of that event. a newspaper kennedy signed for a maid the morning of his death sold for about $39,000, worth about a nickel in 1963. i'm larry smith. veterans day weekend. last week the "uss new york," made of steel salvaged from the world trade center attack on 9/11, yesterday in indiana, navy's football team making a splash, how about the second straight win in south bend? they were beaten up by the irish 43 sfrait years.
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23-21 they knock off the ranked irish and out of bcs bowl consideration. real ticker-tape stopped being used in the '60s, how do you make do? some new yorkers threw important documents on to the street during the yankees victory parade, not even bothering to shred some of them. pay stubs, documents are sensitive and personal financial information on them were later found on the street. hopefully none belonging to you. you know what? you may find out soon, the hard way, if it was. a very scary scene in the cal/oregon state. he gets knockeded off balance, landing on his head and shoulders, he to be carted on a stretch he. it's a concussion. he had movement in all of his extremities. what a frightening seen. cal recovered, losed the game big to oregon state. the play of the day from the arizona state-you sc game. watch the bouncing ball here. how many players does it kuch
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before it finally winds up in a sun devils' hand? count the touches. there's one, two, three, this guy has it again, six guys touch you it, including a foot right there. arizona state lost to the trojans 14-9. that's sports. so what do matt dillon and jay leno have in common? they've probably been on "the tonight show" together but they were born in the same town. "my city my secret." >> hi. this is my city. it's known as the queen city of the south, and i'm going to show you some of the secret spots around new rochelle, which is by the way about 30 minutes from new york city. glen island is a place i've been walking at for about 20 years. i haven't lost a pound, but i'll
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be back tomorrow any way. why? because it's about 104 acres of sheer, gorgeous nature. i'm a girl who likes to eat. 1 with of my favorite restaurants is posto 22. sometimes restaurant tours nail it. joe just knows how to do it right, the ambiance, it just feels good in here, the food is unbelievable. you get more food for the money than any place i've ever been. we're on the grounds of the college of new rochelle and this is leland castle and the castle gallery is where we're going next. an entrepreneur built the building and used this gigantic castle for his summer residence. the gallery is filled with exhibits open to the public. i've shown my city's secrets. go to i city my secret. show me yours. >> announcer: "my city my secret" destination information
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well, it is just nerve-racking enough, anticipating being parents for the very first time. but one minneapolis couple decided to share their experience with thousands of people online. now, yesterday morning they welcomed their 6 pound 8 ounce baby girl here on a social networking site called moms like the site tracked new mom lindsey's experience from day one following her around for checkups and all the way through her 8-hour labor and delivery. cute baby. the former teacher looked at the experience as an educational tool and a way to create a lasting memento for her baby girl. congratulations. the dalai lama is in an indian town today to lead prayer services for buddhist amomonks. china and india claim ownership
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of the town of tibet. chiep na sees the dalai lama's visit as a provocation. india says he's tree to travel anywhere in india. a suicide car bomb has kelled 11 people in pakistan including a town mayor who turned against the taliban. officials say the bomb hit a market packed this morning. at least 36 people were injured. the mayor used to support the taliban but he switched sides two years ago. the taliban claimed responsibility for the attack and said that it had already tried to kill the mayor several times. this is a group of kids who led the ground breaking for a permanent national memorial to flight 93 yesterday. it's going to honor the crew and passengers who died in the september 11th crash in pennsylvania. one mother who lost her daughter said it was a joyful day. >> i was thinking of my daughter who was a passenger on flight 93, you you know, what she would
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think about today. and she would be very happy and proud that people will have a permanent memorial to come to and remember her and her fellow passengers. >> organizers say they're going to push to make sure the memorial is completed by september 11, 2011, the ten-year anniversary of the terrorist attacks. one father just got to hug his daughter for the very first time in three decades. >> i never stopped looking. you know, i never forgot about you, ever. >> they looked for each other for years and years, but they found nothing. but then a little consequence dense changed all that. 
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