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tv   Newsmakers  CSPAN  November 8, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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incredible details coming in on baby shannon, missing five day, then found alive under a bed. the infant locked in a chest for 12 hours, her baby-sitter ends up behind bars. this woman is an ex-con, even served prison time for child abuse and now cops say mom and dad not off the hook. charges could be coming for all three. and 11 women, victims of an accused serial killer and their families won't go to police, won't help identify their loved ones remains. apparently they're too afraid to
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turn over their dna. we will talk to one of the grieving mothers. >> controversy, point of view, your opinion, welcome, this is "prime news." >> this is "prime news." i'm mike galanos a. baby girl missing for five day, found alive, even brought veteran cops to tears. >> we are the proud papas of a little girl. this is shannon lee dedrick. we found her safe. we do not usually get to the happy endings we have here today. if you want to see a bunch of grown men cry, tonight, we rushed her to the hospital and we was all calling home to our wives to let them know we found this baby safe. >> it is a happy ending on that front in chipley, florida. it is also frightening. cops said they found baby shannon lying in a cedar box,
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sta stashed the stashed under a bed for 12 hours and the baby-sit hears a violent past and now we're hearing cops filed charges against baby shannon's mom, the one earlier reported her missing. and former criminal prosecutor with us and robin saks, sex crimes prosecutor. i will start with you. clear things up for us. as we know, thankfully, little baby shannon is okay. >> thankfully. >> thankfully, mom and aunt baby-sitter were in on this. tell us about it. >> they were in on this the whole time, mike, what i learned about it from investigators. there was a meeting that took place, october 30th, the night before halloween. they decided, shannon's mom and the step -- well, it's a little bit complicated, susan bake e also in relation to the family as well as a half sister.
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they decided they were going to pass off not custody but i guess visitation to be able to take care of this child to susan baker. at that point, they decided this meeting would take place at 1:30 in the morning. so they met about 1:30 in the morning, according to investigators and shannon's mom then passes the child off to susan baker at that a departicu time and files a police report. you have a lot of investigators joining forces. about 3500 man-hours were put into finding baby shannon. you have susan baker talking out about the case, hoping to find the child and you have the parents just watching and not coming forward and susan baker, that is until she let authorities search her home. >> authorities found little baby shannon in a box under a bed. >> she was in a box, she was
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underneath the bed for possibly more than 10 hours. so what had happened was investigators called susan baker and said, hey, could you come in for questioning? we need to question you. they had already decided she may possibly be involved somehow because susan has a past history. susan actually was involved with the case of paul leonard baker back in march 5th of 1987. this was a child living in her home, stepson and she was the last person to see this child go missing and we haven't seen him since. they bring her in for questioning at that point and say, hey, susan, would you mind if we go inside your house and look around? she say, no, go ahead. she thought she had covered the baby up enough but when they looked under the bed, that's when they found her. >> thank goodness. i want to bring in robin. the fear factor escalates. in 1987, not only was she
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indicted on charges of a 3-year-old, never indicted but convicted in 1987 with assault and battery of intending to kill her 6-year-old daughter who ended up with broken hands and sores on her back and sentenced to ten years. how long was the time served? 80 days. it's like a broken record, isn't it, robin? >> it certainly is. it's despicable. i heard your earlier guest talk about how there's problems with the legislature. there is but the problems really lie with the judges and prosecutors that allow these sentences to happen. we need separate the worst from the worst. stop feeling with marijuana plants and start dealing with the safety of our children. >> john, you look at this. you look back in 1987 and then this woman had her in a box. and then we look at she may have been abused at two weeks old? >> yes. these people have a past and
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they don't change. i agree with robin. the judges are the biggest problems, the ones letting these people go. it will only be solved at the legislature creating a law that requires and mandates judges to certain sentencing guidelines. that's the only way to fix this, otherwise, the judges are at will to take a ten year sentence and exchange it for 80 day, make no, sir sense, absolutely creates more victims. >> let's go back to michelle. there's so much here. i'm sure baby shannon is in protective custody. what about her father, the biological father, was he in on this? what do we know about that? >> that's something else investigators are looking into. susan's husband was taken into custody, he was detained, questioned and leads. at this moment, they don't feel he is involved. however, investigators said that could change as they start to talk to people and close in this timeline. mike, as you know, this timeline
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will expand only back to 1987. i do know there is an investigator from the case in 1987 that is in florida right now, meeting with those investigators so they can match up notes and cross timelines to figure out where susan has been, what is going on and why we are at this point right now 92. let's clear this up. susan baker has a husband, he's under questioning. the mom there, has to be a biological father. what's his deal? do we know, michelle? >> that is something investigators are looking into as well. we don't know exactly where he stands on this but he is some relation to susan baker. it would be very odd if he was at the home this was going on or at the time this plan was taking place and to be able to maybe know about this meeting, i'm not saying he did or was.
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at this point, we do have people charged, shannon's mother and susan baker. >> thankfully, baby shannon found alive and well and hopefully taken out of this garbage and maybe have a chance at a decent life.
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back to "prime news" on hln. we're so thankful 7-month-old baby dedrick is alive and doing well. details of how she was taken by her baby-sitter/aunt chilling. not only their baby-sitter aunt but her mom as they concocted this scheme so she could take over. i want to bring in john. the first of many disturbing notes, little baby shannon there, were allegations of abuse
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when she was two weeks old. >> yes. two weeks after this baby was born. you look at this woman's background going back to 1987, this is note first time she's done this. this is too many occasions where the government continues to let us down, process, judicial system. this woman received ten years in jail and suspended to 80 days. >> this is the baby-sit e not the momma. susan elizabeth baker. there are some horrific allegations and charges facing what she did with children in her midst in 1987. it begins with her 3-year-old stepson who vanished and we still don't know what happened to him, right? >> no, we don't. i pulled some information off a website called the charlie project. they cover a lot of missing kids. earlier today, when i was looking at it, they have information on paul leonard baker, who is in fact susan baker's stepson. back in 1987, she claims she put
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him to bed and that he simply vanished. unfortunately, investigators were coming through a lot of that information and they were able to find out he may have possibly been abused and other things going on at the time. when this happened with baby shannon, investigators said, hey, susan was one of the people we looked at right away, based on her criminal history. >> you have not only the 3-year-old, we also have her 6-year-old daughter who was also abused, let me read off some of these charges, this lady was convicted of assault and battery with intent to kill. her 6-year-old daughter had broken hands, sores on her back. the sentence again, john, i'll go to you on this, ten year sentence suspended to 80 days. how does that happen? it shouldn't happen but it did. this is a recurring event in a lot of cases you're covering in the united states. i really believe something has
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to be done at the legislative process where it mandates these judges to do something. tying their hands and having to give these people real sentences. this goes on -- when it goes on for two decades like this and little children continue to become victimized like this in such horrific way, something has to be done. >> do we know a lady like this, we don't know what happened to the 3-year-old, vanished, convicted with assault and battery with intent to kill her 6iel. was shimon tored after her 80 day sentence. >> that's one of the questions i'm waiting on now for investigators to call me back on in south carolina. the ones in florida, i'm in touch with a lot. they're piecing everything together. there is an investigator that drove down from south carolina and arrived in florida not too long ago, to sit down with those investigators and put their notes together to figure out her timeline, her background, exactly what took place here and how they are going to move
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forward as a team. >> we're thankful baby shannon is okay but we want justice against those accused. thanks so much. coming up, another story equally infuriating, alleged accused serial killer in ohio. and other potential victims who survived his attacks are coming forward. sowell.
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welcome back. two teenage girls busted when their raunchy photos show up at their indiana high school. you get the picture, lingerie, dollar bills, pretending to lick a lollipop. they were taken on summer vacation but posted on myspace. someone got ahold of those photos and the school principal saw them and the school punished the girls. what's the next step? the girls and aclu will sue the school. joining us to talk about it, ashleigh banfield, the host of open court and also lisa bloom, legal analyst for our sister network, cnn and attorney as well. they were originally banned from sports for a year suspensions reduced, will miss a quarter of the volleyball season in
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exchange for an apology and counseling. i think they got it right, hopefully they got the message and learned something and won't do it again. >> i certainly hope they learned something from this. the school is only one step in their journey of life. these digital records last forever and anyone who wants to hire them will look at these on their facebook pages there. is a legal argument different than your gut reaction. the issue is this is a public school. if this was a private school, no-brainer, the school could have done anything they wanted regardless of the time of year being summer vacation. plic school, a little more tricky, the aclu may have something. >> i look at the statement. playing sports is a privilege, you're an ambassador to the school, you have to watch yourself. here is what the school is saying, the attorney for the school district about enforcing the school's athletic code
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allowing them to bar from school activities any student athlete whose behavior in or out of school creates a disrupty influence on the discipline, good order, moral or educational environment. talk to me. did the principal go wrong? >> since when did our schools become big brother, responsible for enforcing morality. even things done during summer vacation at the girl's private home? i think this is a matter for the parents to deal with. ashleigh is right, it's an a terrible idea for the girls to post naked pictures of themselves online, we all know that. we also know teenagers will make mistakes and do things as we did, thank goodness there weren't cameras around to memorialize them to. keep girls off an athletic team when there's so many things for them to do and to make them apologize to their board of coach, they didn't do anything wrong to them and the athletic
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team, why apologize to them. i think the school is overreaching for trying to get at them for photos posted from the summer the school just didn't like. >> the game has changed. if they were having an elicit conversation on the phone, nobody would know about it. i don't believe there's privacy on these social networking sites. if you post a picture online, it could end up in the wrong hand and school's hands and these girls need to know about it. >> we all agree the girls need to be reprimanded and counseled because they did something stupid. the question is, is it the school's job to get them in trouble when they didn't do anything wrong at the school. that, to me, is overreaching and offensive not the job of the school. if they did something wrong on the sports team, fine, did something wrong in the classroom, fine, this was in a private home over summer vacation, frankly, it's none of the school's business.
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>> i would say, you're an ambassador for the school and the sport, if you're going to represent us, now, you're representing us in lingerie and lollipop. ashleigh, go. >> i do differ from lisa, in that i think sports is a privilege and going to school is a right. playing on the athletic team is a privilege and they do have to abide by the code of conduct. many of them sign agreements to play on these sports teams and be ambassadors throughout the community. i think the school can punish these girls this way. it will be a very interesting legal case there. are a lot of universities out there that have employees scanning facebook pages of their sports ambassadors. if you're out there watching right now, you play sports, watch what you put on facebook. >> we'll take your calls on this. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@
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