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tv   International Programming  CSPAN  November 8, 2009 9:00pm-9:30pm EST

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tonight, kate gosselin keeps on talking about jon, and jay leno says he would like to talk, but on his old show. then jodie sweetin says her life after "full house" was full of drugs. she'll be here to discuss. and evangelical women who have as many as 18 kids because they believe they're gifts from god. all that and more tonight.
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okay, this week rihanna, a singer, jay leno, a comic, and kate gosselin, the reality show star and ratings grabber extraordinaire put some pop in pop culture with controversial remarks they made. here's how kate gosselin has who is getting her doctorate in crying, has been handling the split from her husband jon. >> i don't let out how hard it is. very much. i'm awake in the middle of the night. thinking. am i making the best decision? so i have meltdowns. i have nights where the weirdest, dumbest thing will make me fall apart. >> night sweats? i think she's going through menopause and doesn't know it. and when she referred to the weirdest, dumbest thing, was she actually talking about jon? no.
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joining me to discuss this and more are comedienne caroline rhae, danian neck, and joe levy, whatever it is, editor-in-chief of maxim. okay, caroline, let me start with you. she apologized for being so mean to jon on the show. is it too late for them to get back together? so romantic. >> this woman suffered enough with that haircut. honest to god. when prince charming left snow white, she missed him, too. there were just the dwarfs. of course she misses him, she needs a personal assistant. she has eight children. first of all, people don't know this, but i don't know if you have children yet. >> not yet. >> not yet. >> but your libido is in your placenta and it's removed at birth. and very smart mammals eat theirs. >> where are you getting your information? >> i have a baby. and after eight children? there is just no way that they-- >> maybe her brain was in her placenta, not her libido. >> i feel bad for her. >> okay, she said that she's
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still in love with jon. listen. >> do you still love jon? >> a part of me always will. it's hard to be married to somebody, i think, for ten years and try to say, no, i don't love them anymore. it doesn't really work really well. i love the memories that we have together of the good times. >> oh, the good times. i'm sure she meant good times like these. >> the white sandals. >> no, i'm saying flip-flops. just let them wear what they want to wear so i don't have to hear it all day. >> what, so we lose their shoes and then they have nothing to wear? >> lose their shoes. >> listen, i have enough to keep track of. this is what i'm saying, stand with me or stand against me. >> well, i'll talk in here. because i'm sick of it. >> fun, fun, fun. >> that is riveting tv?
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that is good stuff. can we roll the rest of that? because ivor got about five hours to spare. i want to see what happens with those shoes. i want to see what happens. >> i want to see her go in the room, that where she keeps his -- he's never -- oh, i'm sorry. >> now, dawn, you're the expert on pop culture. she hasn't slammed jon since they split. is she taking the high road or is he is worried about her career? what do you think? >> i think it's a combination. it's like a death when you split up with somebody. especially after having been with them for so long. of course, then there's the cynical part of me that says, she's been pr-savvy, trying to make sure she has a career after this marriage has dissolved. >> it's hard to take pauses like that. you know what it is. that long, it's like david mammoth pauses, oh my god, they had another child during that last pause. >> jon, by the way, is getting counseling from rabbi shmuley. is he a reformed man now or what? >> michael jackson also got counseling from rabbi shmuley. so i think maybe rabbi shmuley is not the ticket here.
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>> i love rabbi shmuley. i love him in "kosher sex." >> i know. >> perhaps maybe the best way to apologize to your ex-wife and children is not in public at a but perhaps at home in private. >> this is how you communicate. >> this is true. >> you look directly into the camera and you say, i'm very sorry, your turn and now they do it. >> okay, let's do another story. >> i can't believe kate gosselin was one of those people who pimped her children. i just realized i had it with me. oh my god! >> and, by the way, that baby has better hair than kate. >> okay, that's enough with the baby. she is adorable. >> everyone is going to be ovulating because he is so cute. >> we're having women on later who actually have like 18 children, some of them. so stay tuned for that. let's switch gears. jay leno said if the nbc suits asked him to, he would return to the "tonight" show. >> they're not old enough to wear suits. he'll be waiting forever.
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>> 12-year-olds used to run that network. >> but should conan be worried? joe? >> you know, conan should be worried just because he's been following jay for years. they make a change, they put conan on the "tonight" show, and then they moved jay in front of him. the poor schmo is in the same situation he's always been in. you know what? i'm available, too. if the nbc suits ask me to host the "tonight" show, i'll do it. will you do it? >> first of all, i love conan and jay leno is denial that he ever left television or retired. he's on "the tonight show" in daylight savings. that's all he's doing. i would be so mad if i were conan. they should never have let him stay. >> why? jay should be mad, too. they ruined his career. >> well, then, why did he agree to leave? >> really? drive around one of your 452 cars and go tell jokes and leave conan alone. >> do you think that he did this on his own? don't you think they forced him out? >> absolutely. >> he was perfectly happy. he was kicking but over there with high ratings, then they give the 10:00 slot because they want the younger version, which you and i should be annoyed at,
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and you two maybe soon. >> well, excuse me, i am way closer to their age. thanks a lot. okay, go ahead. >> this is getting a little brutal. >> you and i are almost the same age. >> and the other thing is, letterman's numbers have gone up since the sex scandal. how do you like that? 13% increase in the ratings. >> yes, it's hilarious. he didn't commit the ultimate sin of ratings, which is switching time slots. so of course his went up. his viewers stood by him, where as jay leno's are wait, you're at the 10:00 hour? i can't do this anymore. >> why did people not care? i understand if it's a nurse and a doctor, and they have an affair, and it doesn't work out, and she passes him the wrong scalpel, and somebody dies. but this is a comedian who is gloved by all, and yeah -- >> what do you mean, he's beloved by all? what kind of a blanket statement is that? >> i love letterman. >> well, you know you love him and conan, we've heard that. what about leno? you don't seem to love leno.
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>> well, apparently you have some bitter romance with him. >> i love leno, yes. >> you love leno more than letterman? >> yes, i do. i do and i don't think this would have happened to jay leno. i think that there's -- >> no, because nobody slept with him. there is a reason. lots of people love letterman and that's why. >> that is not true. >> there's a waiting list for letterman, i'm sure -- >> plenty of people have slept with leno. in the days before he married mavis. i happen to know a few of them. >> am i seeing any of them? >> no, you're not. i've been married forever. >> you are not even married. >> i am not married, but i am in a relationship. excuse me. i am as good as married. >> i agree. i'm in a relationship just like that. >> goody for you. >> you know, i'm feeling like i'm in a relationship just like -- sitting here right now. >> any way, i think that letterman's numbers went up because people went there for the sex scandal and stayed. >> letterman's numbers went up because people tuned in after the sex scandal and found out he is still funny.
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he has been funny the whole time. they had no reason to check. they were all lulled to sleep by jay leno saying you know what happened today? something happened, and it was funny. >> aren't you aloud to have your guests have opinions? we love jay leno. >> you're going to disagree with me, but i'm going to fire right back. who do you think is going to retire first? letterman or leno? they're in the same age bracket. like us. >> you know what, i swear to god. your age is on the tip of my tongue right now. can i just tell you? >> we can bleep anything. >> faye dunaway once said to me, people our age. and she went like this and i said, excuse me. i'm in my 40s, you're over 100. do not combine our ages. what do you think of, caroline or faye or troy? >> who do you think will retire first?
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letterman or leno? >> oh, goodness. i don't know. >> or conan. what if conan is the first one to retire? >> i think leno is. it seems like leno will take his cars, go on the road and just do his own thing. >> here's the thing. leno will go on the road. he works in vegas every weekend. he's on the road constantly. he spends not one dime of his television money. he only lives on his comedian money. because he's smart. how do you like that? >> what does he do with his television money? >> he stores it in the cars, i don't know. >> he's thinking of buying oprah. >> this was so much fun to see you guys. thank you. come again. >> be more sincere. >> i'm serious. if you're in new york city saturday, catch caroline rhea at performing in "afterbirth," the new york comedy festival. stories you won't read in a parenting magazine. it must be funny if it got afterbirth in it. >> andrea martin.
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i'm sorry, but it's time for your appointment.
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>> and what appointment would this be? >> your hair cut appointment with mr. stephanie. >> come on, uncle jesse, let's play beauty parlor. >> uncle jesse doesn't want to play beauty parlor. >> yes, he does. >> no, he doesn't. >> yes, he does. >> no, he doesn't. >> yes, he does. >> it's an old story by now. a big star as a child and a bigger mess as a young adult. my next guest knows that all too well. he is went from that little girl you just saw stoorng tv's full house to being addicted to crystal meth. she chronicles her rise, fall and redemption in her new book, "unsweetined." let's talk about your life a little bit. you had your first drink -- you started drinking at a young age. >> yes, i did. i had my first drink around 13 or 14. >> where were you? >> i was actually at candace cameron's wedding. that was the first time that i remember drinking and getting drunk.
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and it was a really ugly scene. >> what kind of drink? >> it was really red wine. >> it's good for your heart but not at 14. >> no, not at 14. and not when you're drinking three bottles at once. i just remember them -- they started pouring where i was sitting. and then they started going around the table, and by the time they got around the table, i drank the whole glass, so they poured more. it was already an indication, as much as i could get as quickly as i could get. >> was anybody watching you? >> i remember my mom was upset when we got to the wedding because he is found out i was sitting all the way across the room at a different table. and my mom thought that this is not -- >> she just wanted to keep an eye on you? right, right. she knew i would probably get myself into some trouble. and i did. i did. and that was the beginning of a history of the -- the drinking and using and using that as sort of a way to cope.
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>> the next thing was you drank in high school, you also smoked pot. >> i drank in high school, smoked pot here and there. really didn't experiment with harder drugs until i got into college. i tried cocaine a few times and stuff, but nothing. it wasn't a frequent thing. i was still drinking mostly then. my drinking got out of control really quickly, even in college. >> and the crystal meth? >> that didn't start until my early 20s. between the time of going college and starting my heavier drug use. i was sober for a little over two years. i said i was sober, but i wasn't in recovery doing the things that i needed to do to remain sober, but i wasn't drinking or using at that time. >> i see. but you got married? >> i got married during that time. i got married when i was 20. >> you married a policeman? >> yes, yes. >> you were using during that period? >> i wasn't using when we got married. a little bit into our marriage i started drinking again.
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thinking that maybe it would be different this time, maybe i didn't know what i was doing. i was too young to have a problem with alcohol. i started drinking again, but then you know, it became easier to hide the drug use than it was to hide the drinking. >> from a cop. >> yeah. >> how did you do that? >> it took a lot -- it was a lot of emotionally exhausting covering lies. it was constantly trying to be two people and make up excuses for where i was, what i was doing and who i was with. >> but he didn't detect -- did people around you detect anything? i was reading that the side effects of crystal meth are slurred speech, sweating, convulsions and incessant conversation. it would be hard not to notice. it's almost like the person who would be with you would be purposely not noticing. >> well, the thing is this. what is frightening is that my behavior was a little erratic at times. i wouldn't show up, i would be late, things like that.
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but the things that you just mentioned, i really didn't have those sorts of side effects. >> you didn't? >> i would be up all night. he worked all night, so he wouldn't be home. he'd come home and then i would pretend to be sleeping. and then i would get up when really i hadn't slept and just continue going. he would sleep in the day and go back to work at night. >> but they did all find out eventually. >> yes, they did. >> how did they do that? >> the story i talk about in the book, i went out one night, the night i was drinking and i was using, i managed to get really drunk and wind up with acute alcohol poisoning and heart arrhythmia. i got out of my friend's car while she was driving down the street and passed out on the sidewalk for about an hour. and while they were deciding what to do, whether they should call the cops, you know, they were freaking out because they didn't want to let the police know because my husband worked in that area. there was a lot going on.
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that was how everyone found out. i wound up going to the hospital and, you know, some friends found the drugs in my purse and told my husband about it. that was how everything came down the first time. so it was, you know, wasn't my own choice to get sober at that point. i knew i needed to do something different. >> you were forced into it? >> i knew i needed to change some things, but i don't think i was in a point in my life to get honest of my own choosing to get and stay sober. >> you had a couple of setbacks after that. we'll be right back with more from jodie sweetin. don't go away.
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nobody's in here. steph, what are you doing here? >> just hanging around. >> she grew up in front of america on the sitcom "full house." but she did drugs behind closed doors. i'm back with "full house" star jodie sweetin, author of the new book "unsweetined." your story is so familiar in a certain way to people who watch television. because the list of child stars with trouble with drugs and alcohol -- i mean lindsay lohan,
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danny bonaduce, britney spears, todd bridges, dana plato, tatum o'neal, cory feldman, and michael jackson. what is the reason that child stars have such troubles, do you think? there are some that didn't. >> there are some that didn't. i think that there are two things. it's kind of what came first, the chicken or the egg. the personality type that is precocious at a young age, that is drawn to performing and talent and all that stuff has sort of these issues of insecurity so they're compensating by performing. are those some of the things that might be underlying all that addictive behavior? and then do all of the permissiveness of being in the business, growing up in an adult business, being allowed to do things at an early age? that plays into it too and adds on an extra layer. so, i think it's a combination of things. i don't think one necessarily
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makes the other. >> do you think you were unprotected by the family? >> not at all. my family was incredibly involved. my parents did everything they could. my parents -- my mom was with me on the set every day. my dad was a normal working parent. i came from a very normal, un-hollywood background. my parents provided me with every sort of normal upbringing they could. >> you've gotten better, obviously. you have a child now. >> i do, i have zoe, she's almost 19 months old. absolutely beautiful. she's amazing. she was a little bumblebee for halloween. she's just the light of my life. she really, really is. she's helped me in getting sober. >> how is your financial situation? did you save your money? >> i had. i had invested it in a house and things like that. i blew a lot of it. but, you know, things are a lot better now. i'm back working again and doing, you know, trying to get back in doing what i love. it's been a struggle and i wasn't always responsible with my money. i was able to -- to --
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>> you know the term young and foolish. that was you. >> yes, i know. >> you're not now. >> no. >> we have a question from somebody who tweeted us. >> awesome. >> this is from kelly swinner walker. she says, what is the one piece of advice you could give every child star? >> i would say find somebody that you can talk to that you trust. that kind of goes across the board, but i'd say it's really different as a child star. there are not a lot of people to relate to. try and find somebody that you can open up and be honest with. >> you still have your parents. >> you do have your parents but i think somebody that has been through it. there are a lot of things that nobody else, unless they've been through it, can really understand. >> like some of the ones that actually did well, like ron howard. >> exactly. an example of somebody who did very well. thanks very much for coming. >> thank you so much. good luck to you, jodie. back in a minute.
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