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tv   Q A  CSPAN  November 8, 2009 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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right now on "showbiz tonight." rihanna's tearful tell-all. rihanna opens up on camera for the very first time about being brutally beaten by chris brown. the painfully candid emotional tell-all seen today on good morning america. >> tonight, whyry anna got back together with chris, then finally walked away. was it wrong for her to speak out just as she's promoting a new album. the tyra banks weight controversy. tyra's remarkable revelations about her big weight loss. wait, isn't this the same tyra telling women accept the way you look and be proud of your body.
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>> kiss my fat ass! >> tonight the hot debate. is tyra being a hib cat. jessica simpson's outrage over her sister being fired at mel rose place. jessica, could it be ashley is a bad actress? tv's first provocative news show starts right now. hello, i'm a.j. hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. >> hello, everyone. i'm brooke anderson coming to you with the hollywood version. rihanna's tearful tell-all. >> i want you to forget everything since she was beaten by chris bowden and what heiss been going through. what we're going to show you will startle you. we've now since her first
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interview since that terrible night. rihanna holding nothing back and her pain and raw emotions and embarrassment and powerful lessons she hopes every woman can learn from her beating. >> don't react off of love. f love. >> blunt and powerful words from rihanna in her first tv interview since she was brutally beaten by her then boyfriend chris brown. rihanna tells diane sawyer she wants victims of domestic violence to do what she herself did not do, get out. >> come out of the situation and look at it third person, because love is so blind. >> "showbiz tonight" can tell you, it's a shocking interview, where an emotional rihanna finally talks about what it was like to be caught in a painful
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cycle of domestic violence. >> she feels like she owes it to her fans to finally speak out and break her silence. >> hovistic details after chris brown left her battered and bruised last february. there was more shock soon after when we all learned this super famous couple was actually back together again. >> they reunited and she received a lot of flack about that. >> even though brown's image was destroyed after the attack, rihanna started to suffer as well when she went back to him. >> people worried she going back to her attacker would send a signal to other women that this is okay. this is something that you should put up with. >> there are a lot of women who experienced what i did. but not in the public. >> rihanna tells diane sawyer the ordeal she went through was a million times worse because it was so public and she was embarrassed. >> why be ashamed?
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>> because that -- i didn't want people to think that's the kind of person -- that i fell in love with that person. that's embarrassing. that's embarrassing that that's the type of person that i fell in love prosecute. so far in love. so unconditional that i went back. >> but rihanna tells diane sawyer why she ended things with brown once and for all. >> when i realized that my selfish decision for love could result into some young girl getting killed, i couldn't be held responsible for telling them go back. chris -- even if chris never hit me again, who is to say that their boyfriend won't?
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who is to say they won't kill these girls. >> going back to chris brown is not an option to rihanna. as part of his sentence, brown has been ordered not to have any contact with rihanna for five years. now, rihanna's career is back on track. she has collaborated with jay-z and her new album releases this month. with her new tv interview on abc and her new cover story in "glamour" magazine, it's clear speaking out to her is another big priority to rihanna. >> this happened to me and it can happen to anybody. >> one thing that's really important to rihanna now is being a spokesman for other women.
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that's part of coming out and breaking her silence and showing the world what happened to her. >> now that rihanna is breaking her silence, will women embrois her as a role model. >> now, carlos diaz, a correspondent for "extra." >> this was a powerful interview with ron ark, how do you think she did? >> i think she did amazing. i've interviewed her several times. when people were calling for her to speak out for domestic violence, i said she's a kid. even who though she's confident on stage, when you talk to her she's very much like a kid. she came in on her own in this interview, even correcting diane sawyer when it takes how many times they go back after domestic abuse, rihanna says actually it's more like eight or nine than seven. she came across amazingly strong and confident. >> you're right. she is only 21 years old. we have to keep that in mind. tameka, what's your take? >> you know, i was very impressed with rihanna. everyone wanted her to speak out nine months ago when it happened, however, she wasn't ready. i don't think chris is ready to.
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but she's taken time, listened to supporters, jay-z and beyonce, people in her inner circle and she's handling it brilliantly. chris brown might want to take a note out of her page. each time he comes out it seems to early to sort of conceptualize what he wants to say on this matter. >> maybe he should look at this and say this is what i should do, give it a little more time. be genuine about how i feel, too. i have to tell you when i was watching her interview this morning with diane sawyer on good morning america, i was startled about her confession about why she left chris brown for good. watch what she said. >> when i realized that my selfish decision for love could
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result into some young girl getting killed, i couldn't be held responsible for telling them go back, even if chris never hit me again, who is to say their boyfriend won't. >> there has been so much speculation about why it did take rihanna so long to open up about the night she was attacked. when you hear rihanna now, carlos, it seems to me she really struggled with how her actions would affect other women in abusive relationships. it seems to me she was almost tormented by it. >> in honesty, people here and a lot of different places saying, oh, she's having a new album coming out, that's why she's speaking out. but like tanik, a said she considered her role. if she had thrown that out
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flippantly, matter of factually she didn't want anyone hurt as a result of what happened with her and chris brown, but when you see her say that, you can almost see the emotions, going through each of the emotions as each word comes out of her mouth. >> she's given this serious, serious thought. she always made a surprising revelation on good morning america. she said she felt ashamed by what happened. watch what she told diane sawyer. >> i didn't want people to think that's the kind of person -- that i fell in love with that person. that's embarrassing. that's embarrassing that that's the type of person that i fell in love with. so far in love. so unconditional that i went back. >> tanika. quickly, are you surprised she was embarrassed? she was the victim here. >> no, i'm not surprised. she said also in the interview if the only piece of her life that was left private and now exposed to the world, overnight she became britney spears, i'm very proud of her. i've been interviewing her since
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she was a young girl who didn't know how to do an interview to now sounding so eloquent, so conscious about what she was saying. i think she did a smashing job. >> tanika, carlos, good to see you. >> tyra banks has a brand-new controversy over her weight. you remember how she told everyone to kiss her fat ass because women should accept their bodies. now she's showing off her dramatic new weight loss. if tyra showing off a little hypocrisy here? also, could it be try? is mariah pregnant? a brand-new interview with mariah. also this. >> somebody is drunk down strahanton road. >> she should know. >> okay. are you behind them? >> no, i am them. >> you am them.
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that's unbelievable. you heard right. a woman calls 911 on a drunk driver. she am them. it's showbiz caught on tape. showbiz this weekend on hln.
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all right. did you see this? a forklift accident at a booze warehouse in moscow. watch this. the driver lost control of the forklift and, bam, slammed under all that booze. vodka and cognac, $150,000. please, don't worry, the driver was okay. >> he was very lucky. welcome back to "showbiz tonight." i'm brooke anderson in hollywood with a.j. hammer in new york. help me, i'm drunk.
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this is unbelievable. a woman called police to report a drunk driver, herself. it's not the first time something like this has happened. here is cnn's jean moos for "showbiz tonight." >> reporter: mary stray did not stray from doing the right thing, turning in a drunk driver. >> 911. >> somebody's really drunk. >> she should know. >> okay. are you behind them? >> caller: no, i am them. >> you am them? >> yes, i am them. >> okay. you want to call and report you're driving drunk? >> yes. >> the wisconsin woman later called police she had had seven or eight brandy and cokes. >> are you still driving right now? >> yes. >> do you want to stop driving before you get into an accident? >> yes, i will stop. >> she did with a blood alcohol level twice the limit. this isn't the first time someone driving drunk called
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911. it happened just last year in washington state. >> 9/11. >> i just don't 'n' if i'm safe to be driving. >> why wouldn't you be safe? >> i'm pretty drunk. >> in fact, he felt so bad he spoke to a kcq reporter without revealing his identity. >> killing someone else isn't something i want to do. i started feeling bad for being on the road. >> remember the michigan police officer who called 911 who confiscating pot from suspects. >> i think we're dying. >> how much did you have? >> i don't know. we made brownies and i think we're dead. i really d'oh. >> he didn't die but resigned. for those that prefer to recline. >> i don't usually drink and drive. >> his motorized recliner you up for bid on ebay, complete with radio, cup holder, the famous recliner anderson crashed into a
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parked car last year while driving drunk. other people have motorized their recliners. but lacking the cache of infamy, they don't get the price. the minnesota police are auctioning it off. tmz records lazy boy insists they drop the name from the auction. when it comes to drunken driving it's not us versus them. >> you am them? >> yes. i am them. >> here is an idea, but call me crazy. if you're drunk, don't call the police, just don't drive. that was cnn's jean moos for "showbiz tonight." tonight the mother of the
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baby who narrowly escaped death being run over a train. who can forget this. in melbourne, australia, the mother goes into a panic as the stroller carrying her six-month-old son rolls off the platform and into an oncoming train. the mother almost jumped in front of the train herself. amazingly the baby survived without a scratch. on the "today" show, matt lauer asked the mom about that unimaginable moment when the stroller rolled onto the track purchase there was a moment i thought i should jump. there was a second i thought i should have a look at him, have a look, how is he. that time, i just -- i was blank. i was complete shock. >> obviously emotional just talking about it. the baby is doing fine. truly a miraculous and such a happy ending to that story, brooke.
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>> certainly is. showbiz on call phone lines going nuts over the idea jon and kate gosselin might get together. >> i for one don't see this happening. i think it's gotten too ugly between the two of them. >> our callers agree with you. here is a call. she definitely thinks it's time for jon to move on. >> i wanted to say jon gosselin may be acting like an idiot, but he was treated like dog poop for so long on the show by kate. i watched her just degrade him and give him the most condescending looks and talking to him down in front of the children, i hope he goes for someone better. >> we heard from carden in oklahoma who says they should say sorry. >> of course they should forgive each other, the only option left. doesn't mean they should couple their marriage again. two different personalities. it's like stake and ketchup up, kate is the steak here. >> showbiz online phone lines up 24-7. give us a ring, 1-888-sbt-buzz.
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>> so jon gosselin certainly has engaged in some eye raising behavior since his split with kate. he's definitely not the only famous guy who has had some issues. tonight we've got a showbiz special report you do not want to miss. hollywood's most toxic bachelors. also breaking mariah baby news. are mariah and her husband expecting a little bundle of joy? larry king got right to the point? >> right now? let me take a swig of scotch and let you know. >> i'm thinking that's not scotch. could it be true? is mariah having a baby. while jessica is furious with mel rose place for firing ashley. could she have gotten canned because she's a bad actress?
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this is "showbiz tonight" on barred movie reviews. they said it would never last.
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it's the longest-lasting plugins ever. get freshness that won't fade away for 60 days. ahhh! with plugins lasting impressions. and yes, it's glade. s.c. johnson, a family company. s something nasty to say about me or other women built like me, i have one thing to say to you, kiss my fat ass. >> now, on "showbiz tonight" this week, the new tyra bank weight controversy. first tyra tells women to embrace their curves. now she's promoting her big weight loss. tonight, is tyra being a hypocrite? >> i'll apologize to her for openly having relationships in the public eye. that was a huge mistake. >> they are good looking.
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they seem oh, so nice. oh, no, they are big-time heartbreakers. tonight a showbiz special report, the most toxic bachelors in hollywood. plus shows breaking in the news ticker, tv's most provocative news show continues right now. welcome back to "showbiz tonight" this weekend. it's 30 minutes past the hour. i'm a.j. hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. i'm brooke anderson coming to you tonight from hollywood tonight. a special report, has jon gosselin split from kate and wild antics made him a toxic bachelor. tonight naming the most toxic bachelors in hollywood. i'm talking about love them and leave them bachelors in hollywood that seem to have a different woman on their arm every week.
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we're thinking jon gosselin is pretty highoon that list. this week he launched a major image rehab. jon claims he wants to make amends with kate and renounce his playboy image. seriously, should we trust him or should women run the other way. he's one of the many men "showbiz tonight" is naming the top toxic bachelors in hollywood. careful, ladies. they may look hand some in sweet but these men are toxic. tonight "showbiz tonight" is rating the most toxic bachelors in hollywood. so who is the most toxic bachelor of them all? we start with a classic hollywood bachelor, musician john mayer. >> he has one of the most successful reputation in hollywood as a lady's man. >> it seems john mayer's second career after fabulous must cig is heartbreaker. from jennifer love hewitt to jessica simpson to jennifer aniston. he's a major wooer.
11:33 pm
>> the big thing when he talked about jennifer and their relationship with tmz, talked about the breakup. >> she's the smartest, most sophisticated woman i've ever met. i ended the relationship to be alone. i don't want to waste somebody's time if it's not right. >> gabbing about a breakup, bad mover. john mayer's toxic bachelor rating, a mighty three broken hearts out of five. john, if you want to improve your record, keep your mouth shut. come to think of it, so should another hollywood bachelor, the one and only levi johnston. he's the father of sarah palin's grandson, the ex-fiance for bristol palin. a hunk of burning love, that is until he opens his mouth. >> most teenagers are sexually active. >> levi johnston, i like to call him the toxic bachelor that will do anything for money. >> besides a scores of shirtless
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interviews, pictures with his son on gq and now selling pistachio nuts. >> now levi johnston does it with protection. >> now the biggest bombshell by reportedly dropping trou and posing for play girl. >> is anyone going to tell him it's not a website for heterosexual women. >> how does he size up on the meter. >> levi johnston because he's so toxic, i'm giving him four toxic hearts. >> if you want to talk toxic, you've got to talk bobby brown. his ex-wife whitney houston revealed bombshell after bombshell of his outrageous behavior while they were married. >> he spit on me. he actually spit on me. >> now that he's divorced, ladies, he's eligible. >> so bobby really began to look
11:35 pm
like a pretty terrible husband. however, he at least took the high road. he spoke to the media himself and didn't lash out on whitney. to his credit he at least didn't make it worse. >> how does bobby brown rate on the "showbiz tonight" toxic bachelor scale? >> since he hasn't been that big of a bachelor this year, he's probably getting two bachelor hearts. >> and now for the biggest toxic bachelor of them all. relatively new to single life, this man has been wreaking havoc one lady at a time. so who is this masked man? >> the most toxic bachelor of 2009 has to be jon gosselin, mainly because he was going out and galavanting with pretty much anything with [ bleep ]. >> aside from his soul mate, 22-year-old hailey glassman, who now claims jon is emotionally abusive, jon has also been connected to his babysitter. some questionable types in vegas and former star magazine reporter kate major.
11:36 pm
she told "showbiz tonight" in an exclusive interview that jon is a major player. >> we held hands and kissed in the car. >> on the first night? >> yeah. >> you kissed on the first night? >> unfortunately yes. >> jon has got to do something to fix his tarnished reputation and fast. until that day happens jon gosselin is officially named the most toxic bachelor of them all. jon, you get five broken hearts out of five. congrats. so did we get it right? is jon gosselin the most toxic bachelor of all time? our "showbiz tonight" facebook fans have been duking it out online. senior editor for "star" magazine. and kim, "in tough weekly." let's get to it. "showbiz tonight" is naming jon gosselin the most toxic bachelor but he's teaming up with and claiming he's going to clean up.
11:37 pm
are you buying it or once a toxic bachelor always a toxic bachelor? >> i'm so not buying this. he's obviously on his best behavior because he's got something called finalizing a divorce coming up. he's got a custody battle. he's trying to be very good lately. he's even releasing statements saying he misses part of kate. he made a mistake. he's an adult now. the thing is, once a bachelor, always a bachelor. jon is always going to have his flings. they are going to be a little quieter. he broke hailey glassman's heart. he told her to her face over and over he didn't have these flings on the side. he's the toxic bachelor. >> he loves the playboy lifestyle. we got pretty on target votes for toxic bachelor.
11:38 pm
holly writes on the facebook wall, jude law. he is always cheating on his woman. he is cute though. lol! he was caught cheating on his wife with the nanny. his very brief girlfriend has given birth to a child. how does jude stack up against the other toxic bachelor. >> of course i would be very worried about dating him. he doesn't seem to be able to be faithful to the women he's with. he is good looking. he's a good actor. up there with john mayer. same thing. you know what you're getting with john mayer, he's a player. but he looks like a lot of fun. so you walk into it knowing what you're getting. >> you have to be very careful. >> john mayer, if listening, you can call me. >> you will be prepared. >> sherry m. writes on the "showbiz tonight" facebook wall. chris brown, he's oozing toxins. amen, i agree with you. after admitting to beating up rihanna, i think it's safe to
11:39 pm
say chris brown is a toxic bachelor. what do you say? >> you know what's annoying about him. rihanna releases information about her album, excited, chris brown comes out, stamps on her parade, starts promoting his album. this is a guy who issued this faux apology and is just trying to rebuild his public image. and it just really isn't working. >> you know, i agree with you. time will tell with that one. interestingly, many people wrote on our "showbiz tonight" facebook wall that george clooney should be on the toxic. >> mary j. isn't having any of it. george clooney, not toxic, jon gosselin toxic. >> george clooney, a little bit of a player. jon gosselin, if you dated him, you'd never know who was showing up your door, jon gosselin with
11:40 pm
octomom, spiritual advisors, you never know. >> he does seem like a womanizer. thank you both. good to see you ladies. >> remember when tyra banks did that whole kiss my fat ass thing and got clammed for her weight at the time. i thought it was a terrific message for women everywhere, embrace your bodies. tonight tyra is showing off her new big weight loss. i've got to ask, are these mixed messages bad? is tyra being a hip cat. mariah carey, baby news. leave it to larry king to get to the point. >> are you with child? >> right now? i'm going to have a swig of my scotch and let you know. >> to be honest, i don't think that's scotch in the mug there. could it be?
11:41 pm
is mariah having a baby? this is showbiz tonight weekend on hln.
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women whose names you know, women whose names you don't. women who have been picked on. women whose husbands put them down. women at work or those in school, i have one thing to say to you, kiss my fat ass. >> you remember that, when tyra banks slammed the tabloids for difficultiesing her weight in 2007. tyra send a message to women everywhere to celebrate their clothes. is tyra being a hypocrite after dropping a whopping 30 pounds.
11:45 pm
i'm a.j. hammer with brooke anderson in new york. tonight, tyra's brand-new weight shocker. tyra banks is revealing all about how she dropped the pounds. hold on just a second. is she talking out of both sides of her mouth? we've got a debate. showbiz learned kirstie alley is taking her weight loss bagts to reality tv. i've got to ask, after exposing her weight loss before is she setting herself up for failure. jessica's tirade on "melrose place." she called the show crap after her sister was fired. right now midwin charles, an attorney, with midwin charles & associates in new york, let's start out with tyra's weight revelations. showbiz learned on tyra's show wednesday she's going to reveal her secrets to dropping a whopping 30 pounds. i want to show you what tyra has to say about how she felt
11:46 pm
pressured by media attention to do this. >> i felt exposed. i wasn't trying to proclaim to the world i got fit and healthy and in shape because i felt kind of conflicted, especially after the kiss my fat ass thing -- it's still fat, by the way. >> i don't know about fat. but right there you have tyra admitting people might see her as talking out of both sides of her mouth. midwin, is she? >> i don't. i think her question was women need to feel comfortable with the skin they are in. if she didn't and needed to lose 30 pounds, so be it. i don't think it's a big deal. >> we covered the tyra banks controversy two years ago or the weight controversy where she was being called out for her weight. she sent a great message. people back then were saying way to go, tyra. tyra says she still embraces her curves yet she lost all this weight. do you think, brooke, she can have it both ways or do you think a lot-of- people will call her a hypocrite? >> i think people will call her a hypocrite, no matter what she does, a.j., but i don't think
11:47 pm
she's sending mixed message personally. she says it's not about being skinny. look at her. she's not he mastiated now. she's still curvy. she looks great. it's sending a message about good health. we all need to strive to be as fit and as strong as possible. that's good for long-term health, bodies and minds. when i say that tyra is sending a great message, i really don't think i'm alone here. rachel, are you with me on this one? >> i'm with you, midwin. she never signed up to be the poster child for plus sized women. when she said kiss my you know what a few years ago she was standing up for women of all shapes and sizes that don't want to be judged. she's a great inspiration everywhere. >> let us move to another breaking story. a & e says kirstie alley is planning on doing a reality show, her journey with weight loss. she parodied her weight on "fat
11:48 pm
actest." lost weight for jenny craig. put on a bikini to go on oprah, that gained 80 pounds back. i've been among those rooting for kirstie all along. midwin, it does seem to me kirstie is setting herself up for failure and she said it was a miserable experience before. >> it was a miserable experience. i applaud kirstie for doing this. it's so difficult to share your inner battles with the world. remember, oprah did this, too, lost it, gained it, came back, ran the marathon, put weight on. it's just what people go through. if she wants to share that with people, i think that's a really good thing. >> we all want kirstie to be her healthiest. what do you think, is doing it on television the way to go for it? >> she might be setting herself up for failure but i can't wait to watch. now a & e, intervention,
11:49 pm
hoarders, mind freak, the bounty hunter. >> somehow it will be funny with kirstie alley. another story. jessica simpson blasting "melrose place" for firing her sister ashley, writing her out of the show. take a look at what jessica tweeted. cw catching up on mp. who writes this crap. isd bad scripts to work with. this, thank god my sister is amazing and you got some press. i know jessica is doing the big sister thing protecting ashley. but midwin, the buzz is elsewhere that ashley was fired because she's a terrible actress. i'm not saying that but i've seen that buzz. do you think midwin is making herself look a little silly by coming out like this? >> i think so, too. i wonder what else jessica has going on with her career or lack thereof, subject to debate and
11:50 pm
argument. but it's entirely possible that her sister was just not the best actress for "melrose place" and why she was fired. she needs to tweet about >> has sisterly love on the outside and maybe feeling differently inside. i don't know. you said it not me. thanks, guys. tonight, big mariah carey baby news from cnn's "larry king live." if you can say one thing about larry, he gets right to the point. >> larry: are you with child? >> right now? i'm going to have a swig of my scotch and let you know. >> larry: take a swig and i'll wait. >> i don't think that's really scotch in that mug but could it be true? is mariah carey having a baby? this is "showbiz tonight" this weekend on hln. @@@@@@@@@ they said it would never last.
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