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tv   Capital News Today  CSPAN  November 9, 2009 11:00pm-2:00am EST

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>> right now on "showbiz tonight," should chris brown just shut up already? tonight rihanna's horrifying new details about the night chris brown beat her and wait until you hear what chris is saying about the startling tell all. should he keep his mouth shut? is carrie a hypocrite? a prejean sex tape shocker. what the controversial former beauty queen wrote before we
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learned about her sex tape. we tear to ask, has the poster girl for conservative values become the biggest hypocrite ever? >> taylor swift and snl kick to kate gosselin. >> every day i practice emphatically talking in front of a mirror. >> the most provocative entertainment news show starts now. i'm a.j. hammer broadcast for example new york city. >> i'm brooke anderson from hollywood. should chris brown shut his big mouth some. >> he just responded to rihanna's chilling graphic interview about the night he beat her up. i am not alone in saying, chris, give it a rest. dude, you are not doing yourself any favors. there was outrage after brown could not resist yet again
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stumbling while trying to climb his way out of a hole he dug for himself after the night he battered rihanna. it made for big news breaking today. >> i was batter and bleeding. >> "showbiz tonight" can tell you rihanna's first tv interview about her relationship with chris brown was a major event. >> the whole thing plays in my head. >> more than eight million people watched 2020 as rihanna told her story about the night chris brown beat her bloody. she revealed for the first time that she witnessed her father abuse her mother when she was a child. >> i said to myself, i'm never going to date somebody like my dad. >> on top of all the outrage, chris brown already earned for beating rihanna, he is managing
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to get people angry at him all over again. >> he needs to stop talking. he has diarrheaa of the mouth. >> brown was on mtv with his own. >> you learn from your mistakes and you help other people with the situation. >> chris brown released a new statement suggesting rihanna shouldn't be talking at all and writes while i respect her rights, i maintain my decision that it should remain a private matter. >> he said it's a private matter. again, denial and trying to brush it under the rug. >> "showbiz tonight" can tell you he is accused of hogging the spotlight. the headline on perez is blunt, to say the least. "showbiz tonight" viewers are expressing similar sentiments. >> i don't think people think it's his right to decide whether
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she should peek about it. if she wants to speak, that's her right to do so. >> in her interview, rihanna had strong words that suggest she may have provoked the beating from brown. >> ignorance. >> did you hit him and say to yourself that was my fault? >> no. i did not hit him. it was an argument. >> a verbal argument. >> verbal. >> she is scoffing at his attempts to apologize to her about the song he wrote for her. >> when you heard it, what did you think? >> i didn't hear it. >> about the you tube video which you watched for the first time in the interview -- >> i told rihanna countless times that i am truly, truly sorry. >> sounds like he might have been reading off of a teleprompter. >> that's not keeping him from
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trying again to apologize. in his statement brown said i am extremely sorry for what i did and i accept accountability for my actions. rihanna doesn't seem interested. >> what are do you want to hear from him? >> nothing. i want him to accept it. not find a way to feel sore for himself. >> for appears brown's words are having no effect on rihanna or his damaged image. >> every time he said something, he digs his hole a little deeper. >> was chris brown out of line for what he said about rihanna telling the truth? tonight in hollywood, an entertainment journalist for $5
11:06 pm and a correspondent for inside edition. people everywhere are out raged over chris brown responding to rihanna's "20/20" interview. chris brown summed it up perfectly. princess ri ri can talk all she wants. she is the victim, not chris. >> should he shut up and let her tell her story? >> i think so. he apologized which he did a while ago, but to make the comments is not doing him any good. rihanna made an interesting comment when she said she wanted him to take it like a man. silence can speak a thousand words. he needs to be silence and show respect. she earned the right to talk. >> every time he opens his big mouth it sounds like he is paying lip service. >> is chris out of his mind to
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give a statement saying the details of the night are private? didn't he lose his privacy when he committed the crime? >> when you hit a woman, e specifically a public figure like anna, you lose all rights to play out how it is in the press. whoever is advising you, they are a bunch of morons and doing nothing but bringing you backwards. you have to be sincere. it's great you are saying this, but what's behind it? people can say the guy can't even sit up in an interview. he has a cap on and looks like a punk. >> he is not truly remorseful and it's obvious from his demeanor and appearance and temperament. the most chilling part of rihanna's interview came when she described what happened the night of the attack. watch. >> i was battered.
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i was bleeding and swollen in my face. there was no way of me getting home except for my next option was to get out of the car and walk. start walking. in a gown and a bloody face. >> after hearing something like this, i'm thinking the only words that should be coming out of chris brown's mouth should be i'm sorry. >> indeed. he said that and he does need to be quiet t. hits so close to home, we have seen the internet blowing up with comments from women who are supporting her and saying we are so proud of you for talking about this issue. it's not easy to talk about. this is a difficult situation, but i want to praise rihanna for talking and chris, it is not your turn to talk. you need to be quiet. >> he feels a sense of entitlement and it's ridiculous.
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the guy is dilutional and i agree with you. it's very, very brave for having done this for rihanna. when diane sawyer asked her if there was a chance she would reunite, everybody expected her to say no and hoped she would say no. she left the door open and everybody wondering if she would take him back. >> can't answer that question right now because you never know what the future holds. >> after everything rihanna has been through, were you shocked to hear she would entertain the possibility of getting backing it with chris brown? >> my heart sank a little bit. she was hanging out with him again and she is being adult about this. let's give her a chance to get to the point where she closes the door. i hope and i pray she will get there. >> i do too. she seems like a bright girl.
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i hope she can stay away for good. megan alexander, we will leave it there for now. >> we move on tonight and it's taylor's swift kick to kanye west on snl. >>. ♪ you expected me to say something bad about kanye ♪ ♪ and how he ran up on stage and ruined my vma monlog ♪ >> did taylor knock it out of the park? the carrie prejean sex tape scandal. the former beauty queen basement poster girl for conservative values and her words are coming back to haunt her. why people are saying cary is a big old hypocrite. deep dark star secrets. . >> you were free basing cocaine? >> whitney is not alone. a bunch of stars are revealing
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their deepest, darkest secrets. it's a not to be missed special report. this is "showbiz tonight" on in the newsroom making news right now. you are watching "showbiz tonight" on hln. watch the bottom of your screen for more compelling and provocative news from "showbiz tonight." a areare
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britney strikes back. she is mad, mad, mad about the huge standal in australia when it was discover and i hope you are sitting down for the news.
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she was lip synching at her concerts. my goodness. i had no idea. welcome back to "showbiz tonight" with brooke ander snon hollywood. britney strikes back. we told you about the to do. the government officials there was up in arms and thought the fact that britney lip synchs some parts of the concert is misleading to fans. this official wanted a disclaimer on the tickets that portions would be prerecorded. britney heard about this and said to be extremely upset about it. her tour manager said what put her over the edge were reports of fans walking out because they were so disappointed. the manager said that is the biggest lie he has heard. >> oh, brother. the war at night. comedian george lopez became the newest warrior when he show debuted on tbs.
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"showbiz tonight" can reveal that with lopez now on the battlefield, it's just further proof that late night is not just a white male game anymore. >> i'm happy to announce i haven't slept with anyone on my staff yet. >> and above all -- george lopez, wanda sykes and the traditional late night establishment of white, white, and more white men. >> it's an untapped minority audience. >> sykes premiered on fox. lopez unveiled on cnn's sister station, tbs. >> the white house has been changing late night tv. it's time for a latino to step
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in. >> sykes with with the round table and lopez with a club-like atmosphere. >> you will see a show that does not have a desk. it doesn't have cards and it moves fast. >> he moves for an edgier feel. something he worked on in test runs. >> the monologues have been incredibly political and pointed. we name names. >> he is the first hispanic to host a late night talk show on a major network, but not the first time they had more ethnic audiences. magic johnson and arsenio hall. the recipe for success is simple. >> i think they just have to be funny. you can be a minority host to get a minority audience, but if you are not funny, people won't watch. >> a historic change of television and you can bet they are working overtime to bring on the laughs.
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>> he said these late night shows were more financial viable than the supply of fresh syndicated shows of comedy. >> the on call phone lines have been loaded up and a lot of people calling in about the interview about that night that chris brown beat her. >> a lot of opinions on this. we got a call in from staysy in alabama. call people need to give him a second chance. everyone makes mistakes and think of the people who have skeletons in their closet and not many careers would be changed if they were to come out. >> lynn called in from california. lynn said and i agree with this, it took a lot of courage for her to speak out and she knows from experience how hard it can leave an abuser. >> i would like to applaud her.
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i was abused for 10 years by my kids's father. it took 10 years for me to get out of this relationship. every time i see somebody abused, i feel bad. she is probably saving somebody's life. thank you for standing up. >> thank you, lynn. >> i encourage you to call us and let us know what's on your mind. >> the phone lines are open 24-7. 888-sbt buzz. leave a voice mail and we will play your calls here on "showbiz tonight." tonight, taylor swift kicks for gosselin on snl. >> the hardest thing about being a mom is having patience. because sometimes the paparazzi say they are going to be someplace at 10:00 and they don't show up until 11:00. >> she makes a pretty convincing kate. big buzz about her snl
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performance. did she hit it out of the park. >> the carrie prejean scandal. the beauty queen was the poster girl for conservative values and her own words are coming back to haunt her. why people are saying cary is a huge hypocrite. did you see this? absolutely unbelievable scene from a college soccer game. this woman elbows the other team and kicks and pulls hair and it's caught on tape. >> time for the news ticker. more stories making news right now.
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that's miley cyrus's song party in the usa. shocking shocker. miley doesn't even listen to jay z. what is the world coming to? it is true and i hate to be the one to break it, you can't believe everything she sings about in her songs. miley is dissing jay z in an interview on halloween for a website, miley world, the horrible truth came out. watch this. >> your song party in the usa,
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what jay z song is this? >> i don't know. i didn't write the song and it wasn't something that i expected it to be popular. it was just something i wanted to do and it turned out to turn out for the best. it was really like unexpected. >> you have to have one in mind. >> give me one. >> i never heard a jay z song. i'm really glad it has done as well as it has. >> jay z is no the only 1 ot diss list. >> she said she would never ever copy her dad's song, ek achy breaky heart. >> maybe she will save a life. some people will question the
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timing. amanda writes it's suspect that she does this right as her new album is about to hit the shelves. but that doesn't mean this should have happened to her or anyone else. i want to hear from you on facebook and twitter. "showbiz tonight." the show biz lineup and what's coming up at the bottom of the hour. the carrie prejean's sex tape scandal and people are crying hypocrite. john travolta speaks since the tragic death of his son. why he is speaking out today for his daughter's sake. also this. >>. ♪ you might be expecting me to say something bad about kanye ♪ ♪ and how he ran up on the stage and ruined my vma monlog ♪ . >> her swift kick on snl.
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>> the "showbiz news ticker" and more stories from the newsroom making news right now. right now keep on watching the bottom of your screen for more nonstop compelling and provocative news from "showbiz tonight."
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♪ you might be expecting me to say something bad about kanye ♪ ♪ and how he ran up on stage and ruined by monlog ♪ >> the swift kick to kanye west and kate gosselin. she goes after kanye and kate. is carrie prejean a hypocrite? the sex tape just out today. what she wrote before the tape came out. she was so proconservative
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values becoming a hypocrite. >> you were free basing cocaine? >> why many stars revealed their deepest darkest secrets. it's a not to be missed special report. more stories breaking from the news ticker. tv's most provocative entertainment news show continues right now. >> welcome back to "showbiz tonight." it's 30 minutes past the hour broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. >> i'm brooke anderson coming to you from hollywood and we have a sex tape shocker. carrie prejean is in the thick of a sex tape scandal as we learned today about part of her new tell all book that reportedly bashes pornography. is carrie prejean a big
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hypocrite? can miss family values save her reputation after this double standard? we are on the topic of outrageous, but did you see this? taylor swift making fun of kate gosselin. >> the hardest thing about being a mom is having patience. because sometimes the paparazzi say they are going to be someplace at 10:00 and they don't show up until 11:00. >> everybody talking about taylor swift's over the top spoof of kate gosselin on "saturday night live." wait until you see how she got revenge and let kanye west have it. >> i have become a big fan. joining me in hollywood, we haven't seen the prep for $5 we have a correspondent for inside edition. let us begin with the shocker.
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the new queen queen of family values made a graphic tape. they posted prejean's tell all book that among other things bashes pornography. when i hear that, i'm thinking it's about time to crown her carrie prejean, miss hypocrite 2009. >> you are giving her way too much credit. she is not a hypocrite. she is an idiot. she dealed with this with topless photos. she made the same mistake again. she lost her mind. i don't give her any credit. she should know better. if you make a sex video, it will come out. these are no brainers. >> know what you are writing and that the other stuff will get out there. i would like to flash you back. carrie prejean became a lightning rod when she can gave a controversial answer about whether same-sex marriage should end up being legalized. watch this. >> in my family, i believe that a marriage should be between a
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man and a woman. no offense to anybody out there, but that's how i was raised. >> the good old opposite marriage question answer. that made her a hero to champions of family values everywhere, but came along the sex tape and now listen to what we learned about what she writes about in her new book. i love this quote. our bodies are temples of the lord and we should earn respect and admiration of our hearts and not for showing skin to look sexy. i have learned our outer beauty can only get you so far in life. megan, are you with me on this? is there any way for her to redeem herself? >> it's a good statement and maybe she has indeed seen the light. rumors are this tape was shot a couple of years ago and we are not hearing all the details. we are waiting for her to come out and talk about it and admit she made a mistake and deal with the consequences.
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days go by and she is not speaking about it. she is going to need to. she was demanding $1 million, but dropped it like a hot cake when they showed the sex tape. up until then, carrie was doing the rounds and speaking on the circuit about family values. she got to new jersey over the weekend and at many she talked about the gay marriage answer. let's watch this. >> in my head, i was thinking god, why is this question being asked? you know what, i will deal with this question. i will answer it to the best of my ability and stay true to what i am and what i believe and the way i was raised. that's it.
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>> you hear them say who i am and the way i was raised. that's in stark contrast to having a sex tape. i'm thinking what is going to happen with her career. they would have to be nuts to hire her now. >> i have to 'tis agree. she has been talking about it. she is completely being hypocritical and no one can defend her now. you can make a mistake with topless photos. a lot of young women get caught up and make a mistake and they do that with the photos. in terms of a sex tape, no. too many things in a row here that show who she really is as a person. i will be interested to see what the talking heads say about her now. are the bill o'reillies going to continue to defend her? >> you are the voice of reason here. is anybody going to be able to take her seriously again? she has it stacked against her. >> it will be difficult.
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i think she needs to own up to her skeletons in the closet and talk about them openly and try to move on with her life and her career. even so, it's going to be difficult. a lot of people are not going to respect her or listen to her because of her actions. now i want to move to another dig time shocker, taylor's swift kick to kanye west and kate gosselin. everybody could not stop talking about her killing spoofs on "saturday night live" impersonating kate gosselin's appearance on "the view." it's pretty darn good. watch this. >> ha ha. ha ha. you are so funny. actually, you know what else is funny? how i got this hairstyle. my hairdresser was halfway through giving me the rachel when his blow drier exploded on the back of my head. >> what do you think? does taylor swift nail kate
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gosselin? >> she does. there was a rene she was the youngest nominee for entertainer of the year. she is a talent and it shows and the way she deals with things, laughter is one of the best ways to deal with embarrassment over the kanye west thing and she handled it beautifully and nailed it. great job. >> keeping it light-hearted. she seems like a natural. >> we know that taylor swift is a superstar in the music industry, but her potential is endless. if i'm a studio, i may want to make a movie out of her. she takes out the jonas brothers, twilight, kanye west and kate gosselin. that's amazing. way to go. >> who knew she was so funny. she let him have it in her musical monologue. it was her revenge in a way for the ambush of her when he grabbed the mike after she won the best female video award. watch this.
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♪ you might be expecting me to say something bad about kanye ♪ ♪ and how he ran up on the stage and ruined my vma monologue ♪ ♪ but there is nothing more to say because everything is okay and i have security lining the stage ♪ >> it was great, but i think in a way that she let kanye off the hook. was she too nice in it was her chance. it was snl. >> i think she dealt with it in a mature way and handled the situation well. she is a songwriter which i have a lot of respect for. she said situations in life are material for her and i think she dealt with the material and did a great job. i still think she handled it well. laugh and move on. the best way to handle it. >> she is a lady. she is very classy and i think that's why a lot of people really, really love her.
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thanks. this was a lot of fun. now we want to hear from you. what do you think our question of the day is? is carrie prejean's sex tape, is she a hypocrite? vote and e-mail us. the address is "showbiz tonight" at >> john travolta speaks in his first interview since the death of his son, jett. how the family is coping. steps they are taking each day to get by. it is a very emotional interview just out today. we also have this. >> he would oil you down. >> michael jackson's secrets about what his dad would do to him. the most dramatic and personal and deepest darkest secrets of the stars revealed. some are some speaking out so recently? it's a not to be missed special
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report. a female college soccer player punches, kicks, pulls hair, you name t. all caught on tape. i think it may be the dirtiest, most violence spores page of all time. time now for the sh"showbiz new ticke ticker". more stories making news right now. >> you are watching "showbiz tonight" on hln. at the bottom of your screen, more compelling and provocative news from "showbiz tonight."
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>> call it like it is. tennis was a deep part of my life for a long, long time. >> just after he shocked the world by admitting to using crystal meth, andre agassi opens up with an unbelievable confession. for most of his life, he actually hated tennis. >> andre agassi is one of the many star this is year coming
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out with a shocking dark secret. welcome back to "showbiz tonight" with brooke ander snon hollywood. we have a special report, dark secrets of the stars from heart breaking confessions of abuse to jaw-dropping allegations of incest. i can't get over how many celebrities came out with their darkest secrets. from drug addiction and hate and describing brutal abuse by his father, "showbiz tonight" reveals the most astounding and incredible and heart breaking secrets ever. >> dark secrets from some of america's most beloved celebr y celebriti celebrities. >> he would sit on me. >> secrets we would never believe unless we heard it from their own mouths. >> i started waking up in my father's hotel room. >> shocking and heart breaking.
11:46 pm
>> my mother would say no, joe, you're going to kill him! >> whitney houston stunned america when she confessed about her devastating drug use with now ex-husband, bobby brown. >> you were free casing cocaine. >> yeah. >> your drug of choice was weed with cocaine. >> rock cocaine. >> she dropped bombshells about her with bobby brown and how abusive their relationship was. >> eyes were looking at us. >> secrets don't get much darker than mackenzie phillips's revelations to larry king about her incestuous relationship with her father, john phillips. >> all i remember is arriving in the room, getting high and during a blackout when you are not in your body, you come to
11:47 pm
and i was in the act of having sex with my father. >> mackenzie's book high on arrival revealed the details of this dark secret she had carried for 31 years. >> we need to talk about how i useded the word rape for lack of a better word. he said raped you? we made love. i thought to myself wow, i am so screwed. >> her claims divided her family. >> it had somewhat of a negative impact on the relationships in my family. >> chyna said she believes her sister and it took courage for her to come out with the secret. >> i love my sifter and i'm really, really proud of her. >> for michael jackson, many details of his dark story didn't come to until his sudden and tragic death.
11:48 pm
>> when when michael jackson died, pandora's box was open. >> rt world was shocked when investigateors questioned his abuse of pain killers, including a dangerous anesthetic called pro propofol that killed him. one of the alarming secrets were the audio tapes revealing the graphic descriptions of being abused by his father, joe jackson. >> he would make you strip nude and oil you down. there was a ritual. he would oil you down so when the whip of the ironing cord hit you, you know, it was just like dying. >> the rabbi revealed the tapes to "showbiz tonight." >> even when i hear it now, it's painful because it shows a side of michael that is so contrad t
11:49 pm
contradictory to the superstar who played before millions of fans. >> there was nothing i could do, you know? i hated him for it. hated him. >> i don't think michael ever understood his brokenness. we jd him and rejected him. >> i think that all of michael jackson's fans still embrace him despite all the things we are finding out after his death. i think the thing about most pop stars, finding out the dark secrets makes us love our celebrities even more than we did before. >> tonight yet another new michael jackson secret revelation. his dad filed court papers to get an allowance from his late son's estate. he said he is $15,000 worth of monthly expenses that michael was helping out with before his death. >> did you see this?
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i think this could be one of the dirtest, most outrageous sports videos i have seen. university of new mexico soccer kicked and grabbed an opponent's ponytail and yanked her to a ground during a gape. i know the ladies play hard. but this is disgusting and caused coast to coast outrage especially because lambert wasn't kicked out of the game. tonight lambert has apologized saying, quote -- that punishment has been handed bout. she has been suspended from her team indefinitely. better late than never, i guess. john travolta speaks for the first time since the death of his son, jett. travolta is opening up and the steps they're taking each and every day. john's emotional words in an
11:51 pm
interview just out today. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. time for the showbiz news ticker, stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now. you're watching "showbiz tonight" on hln, keep watching the bottom of your screen for nonstop, compelling provocative news from "showbiz tonight."
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i'm going to be an old dad. you are going to be uncle charlie. we can do this. >> we? >> you guys better pack. >> what do we have to pack for? >> camping. >> john travolta's new movie "old dogs." travolta stayed out of the spotlight understandably since the tragic death of his son. tonight he is coming out to promote the movie, a family affair. john travolta says he is struggling to make it every day since the death of his 16-year-old son jett. in the first interview since jett's death, travolta tells "usa today" that he and his wife and daughter are far from healed and they're working on it
11:55 pm
getting religious counseling sessions almost every day. the family has been mostly in seclusion, but travolta is speaking out now he says partly because of his 9-year-old daughter. she makes her movie debut in "old dogs" starring her parents and travolta said, quote -- sound like ella blue does have the chops to have a great acting career. "showbiz tonight" caught up with robin will yap whose co-stars in old dogs with the travoltas and he tells us ella blue has the acting bug. what was it like seeing the travolta family in action. listen to what robin told us. >> they're sweet people and they're so, ella is a great actress, no one was coaching her. she knew what to do. and they let her do that because they knew it's her film. let her find her character. she did. there was nobody going, baby. it was like when i did a movie
11:56 pm
with zelda, she said i don't think my character would do that. i was like "go, girl." she is off and running. so was ella. she was ready. didn't need to tell her anything. she has got it. >> think it is great that the travoltas were able to work together on the film and robin williams served up good comic relief. and "old dogs" in theaters november 25th. friday, rhianna opened up on tv with dramatic details of the night that chris brown beat her. moments ago i was handed the final results. 59% said yes. 41% said no. sue from ohio writing --
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we appreciate all your e-mails. brooke, i disagree with the e-mailer. rihanna came up in the 20/20 interview. the reason you didn't hear from me i was in denial wanted to put it in the back of my head and not deal with it. >> if you watch the interview with diane sawyer, she meant what she says and she wants to be a good role model for the girls out there. >> i think she is brave. that's "showbiz tonight." i'm a.j. hammer in new york. >> i'm brooke anderson in hollywood. tonight -- lots of questions about the suspect in the fort hood massacre. was he trying to contact al qaeda, what part did political correctness play? and paula dean, queen of southern cuisine stops by with her husband michael who wrote a book about his wife. talk about cottage industry. i'll ask congresswoman, maxine
11:58 pm
waters why the health care bill from the house does so little for women? maybe it is time to get proactive, ladies. all that and more next.
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tonight on the "joy behar show" -- the rampage at ft. hood leaves us with a lot of questions but not a lot of answers such as what triggered this incident and could it have been averted? we'll try to shed a little light on the situation. then paula deen bounced back from personal tragedy to make it big. we'll talk with the queen of southern cuisine, and the interview will probably go right to my thighs. plus, robin roberts, co-host of "good morning america" is joining us. to tell us who might be joining her on the couch. rumor has it it might be a man joining her. there goes my shot. like i need another shot. all this and more starts right now.
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tonight -- i want to begin with the tragedy at ft. hood, texas. killing 13, injured 30. he regained consciousness and he is now talking. what set him sof the subject of a lot of speculation. joining me now to discuss, the founder and executive director of iraq and afghanistan veterans of america. our guest from the american islamic foreign for democracy. and former navy officer. first let's go to cnn correspondent on the scene. what is the latest, samantha? give us an update. >> joy, major hasan is awake and apparently talking. and you also know that he was shot four times. he is being treated in a hospital in san antonio, texas. and staff members there tell us that he has been communicating with them, although an official hospital spokesperson would not
12:02 am
tell us whether he has been communicating with investigators as well. back here at ft. hood, in an afternoon press conference, lieutenant general robert cohen, the fort commander, talked about how he feels in this tragedy they're moving on to a new phase. he said part of that is for the army to re-evaluate itself and re-evaluate its procedures to make sure if there are other soldiers harboring the same kind of discontent that major hasan was that they don't discount those indicators. >> we are going to take a very hard look at ourselves and look at anything that might have been done to have prevented this. and i think what's really important is that hasan was a soldier. and we have other soldiers that might have some of the same stress and indicators that he has. >> reporter: cohen also talked about how there were hundreds of people directly affected by the mass shooting on thursday. soldiers, of course, but also
12:03 am
many civilian workers who were there at the time, as well as medical professionals and law enforcement personnel. that he felt that the soldiers in some ways, he wasn't worried about as much. because, he said, they have had stress training whereas many other civilians and others affected by this do not. and he wanted to talk about how the army is trying to make every possible service available to those folks in their recovery. >> are they coming forward to say what happened? the wounded? are they forthcoming as much as they can? >> reporter: joy, some of them have. and, you know, when this first happened, there were so many people who were being treated in the hospital. and cnn, we were fortunate to be able to talk to private joseph foster this morning. he was shot in the hip. and he, of course, is recovering but he was able to speak to us this morning and he said something very interesting about what he heard the suspect say before hasan allegedly opened fire. >> i was sitting in about the
12:04 am
second row back when the assailant stood up, yelled, allah akbar in arabic and he opened fire. >> is it possible that he didn't really hear right? is it possible? is this a rumor or is it something we have to take at face value? what? >> reporter: this has come out in several different reports now, joy. we've heard this from this private and it has been reported from, for instance, people who were on the phone right before the shooting happened. or during the shooting. i think earlier there was a report from a father on the phone with his daughter who was in the processing center at the time that this happened. and she mentioned to him later on that she heard that, too. now, this is not something that is being officially talked about by the army or by any unit that's investigating this but it has come out in several reports and this was the first time we had heard it from a victim who had been injured. >> samantha, stay right there i
12:05 am
would look to bring in my panel. zudi, let me ask you something, would you say that ft. hood is more like, after this incident, more like columbine where somebody goes berserk or is it more like 9/11 where there is a planned terrorist attack involved? >> well, joy, i think if this was an isolated incident you could say it is columbine. but by no means is it isolated. we saw an attack on a national guard post in arkansas, number of attacks out of new jersey, north carolina, we've seen out of dallas and chicago. and there has been over 40 attack s prevented since 9/11. the only thing all these attacks have in commonnone of them were really communicating with one another. it is just an ideology of radical form of a faith that i love that has a political version that is militant, that is radicalized and hates western society, that separates church and state and separates mosque and state and a different type of islam. this is the issue -- whose islam
12:06 am
or which islam? the islam i was taught and i love, my parents came here because we could celebrate and practice our faith more freely in america than anywhere else in the world. islam dr. hasan ended up practicing is one that is truly an enemy within. >> what made him turn, do you think? is it -- was it planned? what is your assessment of all that? he seemed to be a well-respect ed army psychiatrist. and saying a few things that were very iffy, i suppose, and then this happened. what do you think happened to him? >> well, i think we need to look at it as a slippery slope. where the -- for example, the alcohol, let's say, if it is drug use, substance use, ends up worsening him, and that toxin is a political ideology that hates the west. that hates america and blames a theory, and everything wrong
12:07 am
and a western conspiracy theory. and he started to fall down that toxic ideology until he broke and you saw that he was handing out korans and we can't subscribe this to just being a psychotic break. he had a political ideology. his imam that was teach him just put on the website, cried about him. this is part of the al qaeda narrative. >> he is an imam. now is he in yemen? >> yes. >> he is saying that he admires the man. let me ask you a question -- do you think the intelligence community, the cia, i guess, and army officials missed the whole radicalization that was going on with this guy? >> it looks like they missed quite a few things. we still don't know what and that's an important point. we have to emphasize right now. we can't jump to conclusions. we don't know enough about the relationships he has externally, the relationships he had within the military. we've been urging everyone to take a deep breath and focus on the families at fort hood who really need the support of a nation. we can't rush to stereotyping soldiers. we can't rush to stereotyping muslim americans. we have to really urge folks to focus on the families and keep
12:08 am
that caution before we jump to conclusions about what this man's affiliations were because most people don't know right you now. >> there were certain signs, he was showing signs that he was radicalizing against the country and no one seemed to pick it up. let me ask you something. was this incompetence or political correctness that nobody came in and intercepted when this guy was showing signs of being anti-american in. >> well, you know, our greatest asset and our greatest liability in this conflict is this protection for religious freedom. what is happening, as much as i love it in order to practice my faith and my personal faith of islam, the public, the political islam which this guy was expressing, people probably felt they could not say anything about. because he said things that presentations were concerning, and officers thought they would be labeled as islamophobes, if they said anything. it is time to set aside that political correctness. there is an ideology, no different than the marxism that
12:09 am
lee harvey oswald practiced in the marines, that we need to follow and track differently from the personal faith. islam, and remember, one of the things i want to emphasize. if we're going to win this war of ideas and stop this virus that is spreading, it will be muslims' devotional practicing muslims that defeat this. therefore we can't alienate our greatest asset in this battle. >> a lot of people are saying he was taunted as a muslim. how do you think that that played into his behavior? either one of you. >> it must have added to his stress. i think there are a lot of complex factors. he was also a psychologist -- >> a psychiatrist. >> yes. >> a lot of training. and he experienced people coming home with severe mental health injuries. he is under a lot of stress in a lot of different areas. i am by no means making excuses, but i don't think we can look to one factor at this point in the investigation and say that's the cause. everything. hold on, sir. the folks at fort hood here have been through a lot. you have folks going through a
12:10 am
fourth deployment for the first cavalry division and those are repeated stresses. that may be a factor, too. we don't know. a lot of folks like your other guest, jumping to a lot of conclusions. we don't know until the investigation runs its course. >> wait, wait. do you think we should be monitoring mosques? is that politically correct to do that? what do you think about that? >> wait a minute. in this country, religious freedom is protected. we have to be careful. we we say monitoring mosques, i think if the fbi or homeland security is following an individual and he happens to go into a mosque, it shouldn't be a sanctuary for him if they're following him into it. remember -- mosques are usually public places. i really -- in my mosque, i wouldn't have anything to hide. but i don't want our religious facilities to turn into places for quote/unquote monitoring. the idea is if they're political, if they're advocating for the islamic state or shari'a law, a threat to the west, a threat to the individual rights that we so much protect and the human rights, we need to acknowledge. that one issue about what he was mentioning about harassment, if it is not harassment, individuals like dr. hasan will blame american foreign policy,
12:11 am
they'll blame israel, the jews, they're going to blame something. i would be careful to say that well harassment led to his acting this way. something he was going to find to allow him, to sanction his actions. >> stresswise, there are only 408 psychiatrists in the army and they're serving 550,000 active duty troops around the world. that is really a pathetic number. >> it is, it is. >> they are really suffering from post-traumatic -- >> the number of resources we have for mental health issues is woefully inadequate. as many as one in three are coming home from deployment with post-traumatic stress, severe depression. and these people separate from hasan are under severe stress. >> thank you very much. to my panel, back in a minute with the queen of southern cuisine. paula deen.
12:12 am
12:13 am
12:14 am
12:15 am
what i'm fixing to do is fry up the lady and sons macaroni and cheese. i'm going to wrap it in bacon and deep fry it. so here goes, y'all. >> i just gained four pounds watching that. paula deen went from a poor wife and mother with agoraphobia to the queen of southern cuisine. at first she couldn't leave the house. now she's so busy on the road, she can't get back to the house. a best selling cook book author and the star of several food network shows, including paula's home cooking. hi, paula, welcome to the show. >> thank you. i'm thrilled to be here. i'm so proud of you. i watch your show and love it. >> thank you very much.
12:16 am
>> love it. love it. >> what's for desert? angioplasty? >> a quadruple bypass. >> you know, your story, your personal story in your book, which i love -- >> that's michael's book. >> he'll be out later. your story is so relatable, i think to so many women out there. so i want them to know. you were married at 18. >> married at 18. >> by 23, what happened to you? >> by the time i was 23, my mother and father both had died, who were so impactful on my life. then they were gone. my security was gone. at 19, i started waiting to die. because i -- >> you started waiting to die? >> yes. because i thought god had taken my mother and daddy because i was going to die and they wouldn't have to see me. you now, crazy, that sounds crazy. but i was raised baptist where everything happens for a reason. and of course, you now, i know -- >> nothing happens for a reason. >> no.
12:17 am
bad things happen to good people. and subsequently, my mother and father died young. >> and you also had to raise your brother. >> yes, my brother was 16 at the time. so i had two babies under 3, a 16-year-old brother, and a husband to tend to. but my big fear was death. i was frightened to death of death. that went on for 40 years. >> 40 years? >> 20 years, until i was 40. >> you were in that constant fear that you were going to die for 20 years. >> yes, yes. >> paralyzing fear. >> yes. i would get you up every morning and i would try to cough up blood. i would check my pulse. it was a terrible way to live. and what was so bad about it, joy, i wouldn't share that with anybody because i was so ashamed. >> what were you ashamed of? >> i walked around with a smile on my face and all these fears that would send me into panic attacks. >> you had panic attacks.
12:18 am
>> i was afraid i was going to die in public. >> what were you ashamed of? that you felt this way? >> that was not right. >> there was something unholy about it? >> that there was something wrong with me. i had always been a pretty together girl. and then all of a sudden, i had this big flaw. >> kind of like a breakdown in a way. >> yes. but i did it alone. i didn't share it. >> did you tell your husband? >> he was the only one that knew. >> did he help you? >> i'm sure others -- no. he didn't know how to help me. he didn't know how. >> let's get to the upswing quickly because i don't have a lot of time and i want to make sure people understand what happened to you. you were agoraphobic from 1977 to 19 -- >> from 1966. my daddy's death. until about 1986. '87. and i was what i consider a functioning agoraphobic. i could go out and put on a good face, sometimes. but other times i couldn't. >> so you couldn't leave the house.
12:19 am
>> i could not leave the house. >> i had to take my children out uf of any outside activities because i couldn't take them. i couldn't drive them. how did you get out of it? >> it was just that thing. my husband came home when i was 40 years old and said we're moving to savannah. well, i was devastated. i said, some days, can't operate in my hometown, let alone across the state. so we went to savannah. i went to bed for two months and got up and cried and got up long enough to go to the bathroom. one day i got out of bed and i said, sister, you are going to die. now straighten up and fly right. the serenity prayer went through my head. which is the greatest prayer ever written. and i realized that some things are inevitable. death was certainly one of them. i accepted my mother and father's death, my family and friends, my children's death,
12:20 am
death is a part of living. and i said but god has given me today. so why don't you try to go out and live it. and at 42, i finished my completion in my head. i took total and complete responsibility for myself. because you know, i'm a product of the 40s, 50s and 60s where a man takes care of you because lord knows you don't have sense enough to do it. >> the cinderella complex. >> yes. >> the cinderella complex. >> i was only good enough for ironing and washing and cooking. >> you started to make sandwiches and sell them out of your house, right? >> yes. >> that started you. >> absolutely. i thought up this little business called the bag lady. i had these two beautiful young sons that didn't know what they wanted to do. i pimped them out on the streets with my sandwiches. i said the women in the office buildings are not going to be able to resist these precious things. sure enough, it was a success. >> it worked for you.
12:21 am
that's a wonderful story. when we come back, paula will be joined by the man in her life. met while the dog was pooping all over his yard. very romantic. >> very romantical.
12:22 am
12:23 am
12:24 am
i'm back with food network star paula deen and we are joined by her biggest fan, michael, the author of the book, "my delicious life with paula deen." hi, michael. who was your inspiration for that book? paula deen. >> yes. >> let's do a -- >> so michael, i love the story in the book about how the two of you met. tell us quickly what that was. >> that was pretty exciting. i was standing out in my yard. her dogs -- we were neighbors on a dead-end road. we live right on a creek. her dog is running around the yard. >> running around this big wall. >> wall. into my yard. she was in hot pursuit. >> and then you were in hot pursuit.
12:25 am
>> that's right. the dogs started pooping in my yard and she grabbed them and ran off running. >> he scared me. he was mean looking, joy. >> it was love at first sight. >> no, it was not. so two weeks later, the same thing happened again. >> again. >> same identical thing. >> it was meant to be. >> and i got to be buddies with the dogs. we started talking. and one thing led to another and we've been together ever since. >> look at this face, joy. the only one that you'll ever see like it. my big santa claus. >> he bites. >> yes, he bites. he bites and poops all over the yard just like the dogs. >> was she the big star -- she wasn't as big a star right? >> not quite. she had -- two restaurants. >> i had three cook book. >> and she had done some qvc work. but she -- >> didn't have a show. >> didn't have a show. >> i read something interesting about you. they said sometimes you feel like tom arnold.
12:26 am
you know, that roseanne used to tell america that tom arnold has a small penis. does that have anything to do with it? >> oh, my goodness. >> no, that's not why i feel like him. >> so why do you feel like tom arnold? >> well, i guess because paula -- >> because i'm overweight? >> lord no. because she's a big star. and i kind of feel like i'm in her shadow a little. >> you're the wind beneath her wings. >> there you go. >> absolutely. he is. and michael has a wonderful career. he is a harbor pilot, joy. and there are only a handful of these men. >> a harbor pilot? >> harbor pilot. >> savannah is the fourth largest port in the u.s. he gets on these 1,000 foot ships. he brings them in and parks them there on the river. so i mean -- >> you have children, too. >> none together. i've tried getting pregnant and
12:27 am
it has not worked out. >> how old were you when you married him? >> 55. that may be the problem. >> may have something to do with it. >> nowadays you can be 62. i'm in management, not labor anymore. >> you and me both. i would have to shoot myself. >> you would have to shoot yourself. and your children, do they love that the two of you are getting together? >> well, yeah. not at first probably. >> they weren't? why not? she is a gem. >> well, they were a team of three. michael had custody of his children. he raised them. so i was an interloper at first. >> how about now? now they love her? >> i love his children. >> everyone loves you. thanks so much. we'll be back in just a minute. don't go away.
12:28 am
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12:30 am
moments like this are why they sent us here. to final ly meet the challenges that washington has put off for decades. to make their lives better and this nation stronger. to move america forward. that's what the house did last night when it brought us closer than we have ever been to comprehensive health insurance reform in america. now it falls on the united states senate to take the baton and bring this effort to the finish line on behalf of all the american people. i'm absolutely confident they will. >> the house bill may be historic but it doesn't cover abortion for poor women so what good is it anyway? here to try to help me make sense of all this, the president
12:31 am
of for choice for america. congresswoman waters who voted for the house bill. and julie menham, host of "give and take" and contributing blogger with the "huffington post." i'm so agitated about this. congresswoman, how you are you? >> i'm fine. thank you. >> we know that you're pro-choice and that you're pro female and you would you do the best for all of us. why did you vote for a house bill that restricts abortion coverage? >> joy, let me tell you, i was absolutely torn. absolutely undecided. all during this process, as you know, i was the 218th vote. that means i did not vote early. i thought about it. and in the final analysis, i reluctantly voted because it covers 36 million people who have either been refused health insurance or who cannot afford it. and when you look at a district like mine, where you have so many people who cannot afford
12:32 am
health care insurance, i have to make a decision of whether or not i was going to literally hold up this bill for the entire nation or whether or not i was going to go with it and reluctantly, i relented. and i supplied the 218th vote. >> it is really kind of sad that we cannot get women's rights in these bills. can't we -- you now i'm hearing from the a.p. a little while ago, that the public option is going to be dead in the senate. what are we going to get? >> this is really an outrageous issue. basically we have this historic vote in the house on one of the most important entitlement programs ever, and yet it excludes lower income and middle income women from abortion coverage. and they're not excluded now. what is so incredible about this stupak amendment is it basically regulates the private insurance market. >> tell people what that is. >> let me jump in here.
12:33 am
the stupak amendment is simple, it means that women cannot access insurance that would cover abortion care, even with their own money. in the new plan. and so it is not just about low income women. it goes far beyond what has historically been known as the hyde amendment. >> so a woman who has the money to have an abortion will not be able to get one? >> that's correct. in this you new plan, in this you new plan, she will not be able to buy with her own money. insurance. that would cover abortion care. >> let me follow up on what nancy says, she is exactly right. what is hiss totoric about this is a poison pill. particularly for women democrats to have to suffer. that it goes farther than what the hyde amendment does. that is what is so despicable about this. what health care is supposed to be about eradicating the disadvantages. women are paying more in premiums. we're discriminated if we have a c-section and if we suffer from domestic violence. it excludes abortion coverage. it is really outrageous and people need to know about it. >> maxine?
12:34 am
>> maxine? go ahead. >> yes. let me say this. what they would have you believe is that women could pay for their abortions through a supplemental plan. but those of us who absolutely are just torn up about this don't believe that insurance companies are going to offer any supplemental plans by which people can purchase abortion. >> the problem with the writer is who knows if they're going to get an abortion. it is ludicrous. for awful these men in congress. like him to say do you know in advance you're going to have an abortion? >> no one plans to have an abortion. that's ridiculous. >> it is unreasonable. ridiculous. they think women will plan an unplanned pregnancy is ludicrous. let's also say that there was a promise here that women in this country that people in this country, would not lose ground on this health care reform. and what happened to women in this last action in the stupak amendment, women in this
12:35 am
country lost ground. they presently have coverage, insurance that covers abortion care. they lost that under the s tft abortion ban. >> let's talk about the white house. press secretary robert gibbs was pressed to weigh in on the amendment that cut abortion rights right out of the house health care bill. let's listen. >> i wish we were having this conversation as the last part of this process. but as your network and others have pointed out there are miles to go before we sleep. >> you now obama, president obama pledged in the presidential campaign that he would protect the woman's right. why has he wussed out on this? maxine, would you answer that? >> let me just say what i think about all of this. first of all, the conservatives, the blue dogs have too much power in the house of representatives. and the progressives are losing at every turn because they stick together. they threaten and they're getting what they want. that's number one.
12:36 am
and we've got to understand that. and women are going to have to go after some of these people. because again they are leveraging that vote. and that's what they did. as for the president, the president wants a bill no matter what. the president says he will sign basically whatever we send him. that's that. he believes that having health care reform is crucial to his re-election, and i don't think you're going to see him getting involved in any way to fight for any aspect. don't forget. on public option, what we have to do was keep pressing, pressing, pressing, and we still didn't get the kind of robust public option that we really wanted to have. >> joy, if there is -- i disagree. i think liberals and progressives really lost out. we do not have a robust public option. we do not have a woman's right to choose protected. these are real, use. the problem now is we will never be able to get to that point. hopefully health care is passed. but not get the great option that we really juaned to have.
12:37 am
>> let's keep in mind who the real enemy is. it is these anti-choice politicians who wanted to hijack health care reform and keep in mind, that their goal here is two fold. to hijack health care. >> what you can you tell american women watching my show right you now. >> they should write bart stupak. people need to understand these are democrat whose did this, not republicans, these are democrats who insisted on this amendment. >> the fight is not goes to the senate. >> no, no. no no. you are not going to -- no, you not going to change stupak. what you need is a commitment from the president and the speaker and the women in the house that they will not support a bill that comes out of conference that has this kind of language in it. >> true. >> you're not going to change those anti-choice democrats. >> that's right. maxine, the fight goes to the senate. for women of america, you you need to be calling senator harry reid. you need to be calling every u.s. senator across this country and saying it is unacceptable. >> everybody knows who their
12:38 am
senator is. >> that is absolutely right. >> is is not that hard to figure this out. >> but that fight has to happen there. that it is unacceptable. unacceptable. >> that language is included. >> thanks very much, ladies. maxine, we love you. coming up, who will fill diane sawyer's shoes over at "good morning america"? i'll ask robin roberts next. 
12:39 am
12:40 am
12:41 am
>> i am not my hair. i am the soul that lies within. that's it. no more wig. that's it. not going to do it. >> how did you decide to do it? is there a particular reason? >> i was finally strong enough. the hair keeps us from doing the things we all want to do.
12:42 am
i realized there was a part of me that was holding on desperately to the old robin. holding on desperately to the old robin, holding on to the way i looked. >> do you believe us when we say you are beautiful? because you are. >> oh! my mom says i look like a little greek boy. so i don't know. >> a tall greek boy, actually. r robin roberts has certainly gone through her share. trials over the years on "good morning america" but they're not over yet. you now her bosses are looking for a co-host to replace the legendary diane sawyer. >> what are you doing? do you want another job? what have you got up, huh? >> well, you know, i have between 7:00 and 9:00 i'm available. why don't i just work 24/7? >> you're doing well here. this is like a reflecting pool you have in front of you. it is so big. >> it is a beautiful set. we all look gorgeous here. let's talk about this. that diane -- >> i didn't distract you enough? >> i want to go back.
12:43 am
that's what america wants to know. >> what do you want to know? who do you think is going to get the job? >> how about levi johnston? he's cute and mute. >> give me some other names. >> any body else out there? >> george stephanopoulos. he'll to have sit on your lap. >> come on, joy! joy, you were doing so well there with lev ichi. and then you do that. >> he would be great. they're looking for a man or a woman? >> we're looking for the best available person. >> the best available person. we have a security guard down the hall. >> i feel like an athlete. the best available in a draft. draft by position interesting best available athlete. let me say this in all sincerity. >> don't get too sincere. >> i've had the time of my life sitting next to diane. i have learned from her and i am so grateful to her. so it is going to be difficult for anyone to -- there is no one that is going to be able to replace her. so we will find out how we will
12:44 am
move ahead. it's about good morning america. it has been and will be. no matter who was sitting there. >> that was pretty good. >> very sincere. >> thank you. >> is was sincere. >> are you part of the discussions? are you like jay leno hiding behind the closet listening to the negotiations? >> we have a very open door policy. we do have discussions. i think that we all have a say. i don't know who will have the ultimate vote but absolutely. they listen to us because -- and we listen to our audience to see who they want from us. >> what you have you heard from the audience? >> not much, actually. please, let us know. go to our shout out board. the audience, they like family. people don't like change in the morning. you have your routine in the morning. i have my routine in the morning. anything, you deviate from that. >> it has always been painful when we've changed the cast you -- of "the view." >> how have you all been able to do it. you've made a lot of changes and you've been able to maintain what it is about "the view."
12:45 am
how you have you done it? >> well, because barbara and i are there. the pillars, the twin towers are still there. you know? so that's why maybe. maybe if they took everybody off at once and changed it all at once, it wouldn't work. because it is gradual, it is not so bad. >> hopefully we won't do that. you have to have chemistry. sitting there with these people, right? >> especially in the morning. there is something very intimate about morning television. people are there in their pjs, they're watching you between their feet. they want to feel comfortable. yes, chemistry is important. just making the audience feel comfortable. but at the end of the day, the audience wants to be, especially in the morning, a different world right now. they want to be able leave the door and know what's going on. that's our main objective. making sure we give them the information they need to arm them. >> but not. so not so much that it will wake them up. >> that they'll put the covers over their head and go i'm not going to get up this morning. >> you were talking in that little footage about your looks. i thought that was an interesting thing. about, they had to shave your head. and you really had to go look in
12:46 am
the mirror and say who is this woman, right? how tough was that? >> it was very difficult, joy. it really was. many women say they would rather lose a breast than lose their hair when it comes to fighting breast cancer. >> really? >> you can hide that. you can't hide the fact -- that was the first time throughout my battle when i lost my hair, that's when i really felt i looked like someone facing cancer. up until that point, i wasn't feeling well and people you knew i was going through something. but when you lose your hair -- >> but you didn't wear a wig? >> only on the air, because i didn't want to distract. i didn't want people looking. this it was an election year so it was very important. around the streets of new york city, i was lying, hey, how you are you? >> what kind of a reaction -- >> it was great. people were wonderful. they embraced me. they told me their stories. >> that you could do that. it is really something that you're saying to the world like you know what? i'm so grateful that i'm here. i don't care if i have hair or not. >> you've been through the health care system in this country now.
12:47 am
>> i have. >> you how do you think it fared for you? >> i was very blessed. i was very fortunate. >> you have good insurance. >> yes. that's why i'm very greatful. that is why i decided to make my message. my mother said to me that i was very lucky because i had health insurance. that's not the way it is for everyone. i could not imagine facing cancer as i did if i had to worry about how i was going to pay for it and worry abow the care that i was receiving. >> and many people do. >> many, many. and that's why i was really speaking out and not letting people, not getting into the whole debate about universal coverage or anything. just saying if you are going through something like this, that i cannot imagine going through it and having those concerns as well. >> in your job though would you actually come out and say i'm for or against the public option? >> no. >> you don't do that. >> no. i can't do that. that segment that you just did was great. you bring people out to talk about the subject. you let your viewers get the
12:48 am
information they are supposed to make their informed decision based upon the people that you talk to. that i talk to. they don't want to hear my opinion and my opinion doesn't really matter. >> well, mine does. >> that's why it is the "joy behar show." >> exactly. >> if i have my own show, i can have an opinion, but until that time no. >> you are good. >> okay, let's see. >> what else you got there? i'm a little nervous. let me see that over there. >> let's talk about your interview with janet jackson. >> on saturday. >> tell me about that. when is it airing? >> it airs on the 18th. i was at her home in malibu on saturday. we talked about, because she has a new number one hit album coming out. she is working on a book. she is working on a lot of things. but also, oh, by the way, of course talking to her about michael. she has not been on the the record very much since his death. >> she seem to have separated from that crazy family more than some of the others. >> i asked her about that. i flat out asked her, your
12:49 am
father, does he make you cringe sometimes? she loves her family. but when asking about her father in particular, who has made some statements that -- >> are cringeworthy. >> cringeworthy. >> she said i love my father. but she did talk about like a lot of us when she first heard about michael, we're all like, no, she's used to things about her family. that's the first thing she said, well, you know it's my family. people are always saying something. she didn't even believe it at first when he was brought to the hospital. >> did she think he was murdered? >> i did ask her about that. i asked her about dr. conrad murray in particular. i asked her about the conspiracy theory, if there is one, what the family feels. i asked her all those things. >> what did she say? >> i'm not going to tell you. nice try. >> come on. give me a little something here. >> you, you, you. >> come on. a little taste. >> what about the film? and "this is it." >> has not watched it. >> have you seen it?
12:50 am
>> no. i would like to. not for the same reason she -- she does not want to sight. -- see it. maybe at some point. she hasn't seen it now. because like her brother, her brother was a perfectionist. i do look at life differently now and myself included. >> i'm not losing you yet. do you like carry underwood? so does miss roberts over here.
12:51 am
when we come back.
12:52 am
12:53 am
12:54 am
i love your home -- >> thank you. >> is it different when you're a about to go out there, your old high school, have to face the kids here as compared to the gazillion fans you normally face in stadiums and theaters? >> i'm nervous this morning. >> you are nervous? >> not cool. >> carrie underwood pays a surprise visit to her high school on "in the spotlight with robin roberts: bright lights, big stars, all-access nashville." that's the longest title. i feel like i'm in postmenopause now. explain to me the outfits in the country music. the rhinestone belts and belt buckles. it's like a giant gay bar in
12:55 am
nashville. >> that's the old nashville. it's a little more mainstream. you have a little of that. it's a little more mainstream. i want to go on record you said that. >> i said that. i'll take the -- a lot of country music i find -- i like it. i like it a lot. some of it's depressing. like "stand by your man" is a good one and you find out she has six husbands. >> that's one of the all-time classics. i like "sleeping single in a double bed." >> those are great. >> those are great names. country music stars are phenomenal. they are so approachable. >> i like them. we have them on all the time on the "view." >> it was neat to go to carrie's hometown, go with tim mcgraw back to nashville, his 900-acre farm, that's where his dad had his last days, "tug" mcgraw. >> see what i mean? depressing.
12:56 am
>> when i was going there -- >> might as well be italian the way they carry-on. you know, you had a book called "the seven rules by." i was fascinated by this book. when it came out in paperback you added a rule. now it's eight rules. >> maybe i'll keep going. seven -- ironically when i released the book it was before cancer so i was going around the country asking everybody the rules to live by. people asked me to write a new book. i said, cancer is no more than a chapter in my life story. my mama says, my 85-year-old mama in mississippi, we all got something we're going through. >> that's your message? >> find the message in what has happened to you and find out how it can help others. be of service to others. >> that's very good. some of the things -- >> like you're really moved by that.
12:57 am
>>. >> i am. i'm in tears. seriously. i am. one of my rules is always hand wash your -- >> that should be your title, actually. >> you have one about don't use the race card or gender card. >> or any other card. >> ever? i like to use the gender card. say george clooney comes on the show. i'm using the gender card though i could be his mother. >> use that gender card to get closer to mr. clooney. >> never, ever. >> it's a different world now. you can't use it sometimes and not others. you just can't go there. >> if someone comes on "good morning america" and is using the race card, would you call on it? >> i would. in a very polite southern way. that's just my way. you know this, if someone is a guest i cannot force my opinion on them or my beliefs on them. they are guests of the show. >> that's right. >> if it's something i don't necessarily see eye to eye on, i do let them have their say. >> robin, we have to go, baby. we have to go. >> you said the title of my name. >> thank you for watching. good night, everybody.
12:58 am
we're out of time.
12:59 am
1:00 am
breaking news tonight. live, florida. exclusive enclave, ponte vedra coast. a high-powered money man comes home to find his young wife with cover girl good looks, the mother of his two little girls, gone, vanished. left behind? a handwritten ransom note demanding $50,000 in exchange for the life of the wife and mother, quinn gray. she allegedly suffers a horrific ordeal of kidnap, abuse, sex attack. tonight, ponte vedra, after $50,000 cold cash is paid cops close in to nab the alleged kidnapper and accomplice. kicker?
1:01 am
it's mommy. mommy, herself, along with her brand new boy toy. that's right. they faked it. bye-bye, good times. hello, hard time, mommy. >> sheriff's office, 911. what's your emergency? >> my name is quinn gray, and i was kidnapped, and i'm not sure where i am right now. >> she is not with me. she called me a second ago and said she was held by gunpoint by three men -- >> did she tell you where she was at? >> no. >> it's just been the most
1:02 am
incredible ordeal to go through something like this and in a 24-hour period to be brainwashed so significantly that you actually believe that your husband is trying to kill you or he's not trying to keep you from being killed i should say. >> right. >> i don't know. it was just the craziest situation i've ever been in in my life. >> did you try to get money from your husband? >> of course not. if i wanted $50,000, all i would do is take it out of the bank account. and tonight, live, maine. police say a beautiful 2-year-old baby girl in extreme danger. baby hailey snatched from her own home after her young mother brutally attacked. every minute counts. tonight, where is baby hailey? >> an amber alert has been issued for a 2-year-old girl in sanford, maine.
1:03 am
police say 38-year-old gary traynham took his little girl hailey after a violent assault on her mother. police say the pair disappeared from sanford a little before noon and may be in the lakes region of new hampshire. traynham is believed to be driving a green 1998 dodge 1500 pickup truck with maine plates. good evening. i'm nancy grace. i want to thank you for being with us. live, florida. exclusive enclave, ponte vedra coast. a high-powered money man comes home to find his wife, the mother of his two little girls, gone, vanished. left behind? a handwritten ransom note demanding $50,000. after the $50,000 paid in cold cash, the cops nab the alleged kidnapper and accomplice. kicker? it's mommy. mommy, herself, along with her brand new lover. that's right. they faked it. bye-bye, good times. hello, hard time, mommy.
1:04 am
>> took me from my home. and that's all i have to say. i would never try to take money from my husband. >> if they just knew you were here by yourself all night long with a gun, they would have a fit. >> that's why i'm starting to feel like i'm the sinister one, doing this to my family. >> it's reid, remember? >> i know. >> did you have a sexual
1:05 am
>> did you have a sexual relationship with osmanovic? >> no, i did not. i don't know him. >> why would someone make this up? >> you wouldn't make it up because it's the truth. >> straight out to frank powers with wjxt. frank, this is a little hard to believe. what happened? >> well, the latest on this case, nancy, is that just this morning, reid gray, who investigators have called the victim on this case, was on national tv. he's standing by his wife. he believes she was kidnapped. and then because of her mental disorder, bipolar disorder that she bonded with the suspect and began to participate in this plot to extort $50,000 from reid gray. now, there are a number of times when they tried to arrange a ransom drop of the $50,000. it never worked out.
1:06 am
and she was released before any of the money was exchanged. >> take a look at these photos. she looks like heather locklear. she's absolutely beautiful. okay. to mark williams, anchor and reporter, also joining us out of the florida jurisdiction. mark, tell me the background. this guy is extraordinarily wealthy. they live there on the ponte vedra coast. why did she need money? she had money. she had his money. >> oh, she had -- she said she could go to the bank and get as much money as she needs. her husband, reid gray, is a health care executive, makes over $1 million a year. >> wait a minute. didn't he found the company? >> yes, he did. plus, they live in a $4 million home right along this exclusive seaside resort. she found this gentleman, this 26-year-old boy toy, as i call him, by the name of jasmin -- >> whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute. did you say 26? >> he's 26. >> okay. go ahead. >> hey, i can't make any of this up, nancy, you know that. my credibility rides on everything.
1:07 am
jasmin osmanovic. he and quinn gray cooked up this scheme to extort that $50,000. it was never delivered. obviously, there's audiotapes of them making love. >> take a listen to quinn, the alleged kidnap victim, along with boyfriend on tape.
1:08 am
>> straight out to the lines. beverly in new york. hi, beverly. >> caller: hi, nancy. my question is i want to know why would her husband be standing by her if she wanted to blow his head off, as she said on the tape recording? >> yeah, i noticed that. take a listen to what he just had to say in the last hours. >> i believe in all my heart she was kidnapped. i also believe at some point, i'm not sure exactly when, she believed that she needed to be a part of this. it was hard for me to understand when or why that happened. devastating, to say the least. but i am standing by her now because i believe that she has a mental illness, and that's why we are here. >> why don't you think this was just another episode of infidelity? >> that last such episode in june led to quinn going to rehabilitation, alcohol rehabilitation, and it was that point where i made this decision that we would end this marriage unless she went forward with this. that eight weeks before this abduction were some of the best eight weeks we've ever had in our life. i couldn't imagine for a second that she would have made this
1:09 am
up. >> okay. i guess he didn't know about the 26-year-old boyfriend. you just saw sound from nbc's "today show." we are taking your calls live. let's answer beverly in new york's question. after leading police and her own husband, much less her two little girls, on a wild goose chase with all these tearful calls about how the husband's screwing up the money and they're going to kill her, telling police she was sexually assaulted, beaten, brainwashed during all of this, why, dr. janet taylor, psychiatrist, joining us out of new york, why is the husband standing by her -- oh, by the way, everybody, she's gone to a rehab facility in st. simons island, georgia, which is really a resort. now the husband is claiming she's bipolar. okay. dr. taylor, give me a crack at it. >> well, he described himself. i think he's in shock. he's in denial. everything he's been holding on to. his whole world is crumbling around him. also, he does apparently believe
1:10 am
he has a bipolar disorder, and he said he didn't want to split the family up if she indeed has a mental illness and needs him. but i have a hard time believing that he can stand there and listen to her say "why don't we blow his head off" and he's still handing right by her. it's hard to believe. >> to ellie jostad, our chief editorial producer. everybody, we're taking your calls live. mommy is now in a rehab facility. what about it, ellie jostad? what more can you tell me? >> as you heard her husband say in that "today show" clip, she got treatment this past summer for alcoholism at a clinic in minnesota. now she's at st. simons by the sea. she was actually released on $200,000 bond. it was a million. her attorney asked for it to be lowered so she could get this mental treatment. she's there right now being evaluated.
1:11 am
don't know when she'll be able to go home. >> out to the lines. donna in maryland. hi, donna. >> caller: hi. how are you? >> i'm good, dear. what's your question? >> caller: well, i wanted to tell you i've been with you and following your pictures on the beautiful babies. >> they just turned 2 this past wednesday. >> caller: i know. my birthday's this month, too. they're beautiful. i noticed in the audiotapes that she identified three men. she said it was three men. did she give any description on the men? and did any of the descriptions fit maybe one of the young lovers? >> back to you, ellie jostad. didn't at one point she ask police to go back and look at the video footage, the surveillance he video of, what was it, a target or a sam's warehouse or -- >> yeah, it was a publix. she actually -- and this was after she'd already been interviewed by the police. she called them and said how come you guys haven't gone to publix? my kidnapper went to publix at one point. he should be on surveillance. and they said well, you've actually never mentioned that until now, but we'll do that. they got the surveillance tape and sure enough, she says
1:12 am
there's him, there's the guy on the tape.
1:13 am
1:14 am
1:15 am
1:16 am
1:17 am
every night hln's nancy i'm just reading this ransom note. it goes on and on and on about, well, you can only get this amount out of this bank but they don't care where you get the money. she goes through about starting with $7,000, that's good enough for right now, but they want $50,000. to wear a tight t-shirt when he comes to drop off the money. but it doesn't end there, does it, ellie jostad?
1:18 am
after all of that, after all of that, the dad, the victim digs up the $50,000 cold cash, he leaves it next to a jones stone cold crab -- some crab shack and then somebody else picks up the money. >> what happened is the alleged kidnappers apparently lost patience with the husband. they started dealing with the kidnap victim's mother. she tries to drop off the money at joe's stone crab. a bunch of guys, some german exchange students from valdosta state actually pick up the money instead. they think it's drug money, they freak out and call the police. >> it sounds so melodramatic. let's go out to the lawyers. joining me tonight, felony prosecutor eleanor odom. tamara holder, defense attorney out of chicago. peter odom, defense attorney out of atlanta. eleanor, listen to this. this is her writing her mom.
1:19 am
she's got plenty of time to lounge around and write ransom notes about herself. "drop the money out of the car. don't look back, mother. don't look back." all right? it's like sodom and gomorrah. don't look back. you'll turn into a pillar of salt. it goes on and on and on. she does this to her mother. "put your cell phone in the mailbox and drive without it. they won't hurt you or me as long as everything goes to plan." what about it? >> you know, nancy, this is the craziest thing i've ever heard. but that doesn't mean she's crazy. and what i'd look at is her competency at this time all this was happening. does she know the difference between right and wrong? and clearly from what we're hearing she does. >> out to the lines, jennifer in pennsylvania. hi, jennifer. >> caller: you know, nancy -- >> hi, jennifer. i think you're there. do you have a question, dear? okay. can't hear. let's go to angela in illinois. hi, angela. >> caller: hi. >> hi, dear, what's your question? >> caller: my question is how do they get all these audiotapes if she was already kidnapped? >> okay. how did that work? out to you, mark williams. >> the boy toy, the 25, 26-year-old boy toy, decided to make audiotapes of them making love, and then later they talked
1:20 am
about -- >> you know, i hate when that happens. >> -- getting their story straight. >> right in the middle of you trying to kidnap yourself and get $50,000 cold cash your lover makes tapes of you having sex. now, that kind of threw a monkey wrench in the whole thing, mark williams. how did they surface? >> well, they surfaced when -- >> he got arrested? >> yeah. he delivered the tapes. he says, listen, i don't want to get nailed on a kidnapping charge. so he gave them the tapes, said listen to them. and that's why they were released. part of the investigation. >> no, i did not. i did not know him. >> why would someone make this stuff up? >> you wouldn't make it up if it was the truth.
1:21 am
1:22 am
1:23 am
1:24 am
1:25 am
we are taking your calls live. out to peter odom and tamara holder. unleash the lawyers. peter odom, say you're the defense attorney. did you see your client talking to police? her story gets more and more bizarre. how after only 24 hours she starts identifying with her kidnappers? >> right. always a bad idea to talk to the police this early in an investigation. first thing i would have told her is don't say anything. let's see what the police have against you and maybe we'll respond, maybe we won't. she's not helping herself with all these things that she's saying. i will say this, though, nancy. everything we are hearing from her points to some pretty significant delusional behavior. >> wait, wait. everybody, you're seeing family photos from gray's facebook page. peter odom, i want to look you in the face when you say that. what it says to me, while she was having all that sex with her boyfriend and talking about him shooting her husband's head off,
1:26 am
it sounds to me like she wanted to make a quick $50,000 instead of getting a job like you work hard. you work long hours and weekends. eleanor, i know how hard you work, especially when you're prosecuting a death penalty case. tamara, i'm sure your practice of law is no walk in the roses. so long story short, she didn't want to work. she wanted her husband to fork over $50,000. she gets the cash, then divorces him. >> but nancy, she could have had millions of dollars for the asking. she was a millionaire. just the fact she's asking for $50,000 from -- >> she wasn't a millionaire. her husband is a millionaire, tamara. >> nancy, i agree that this boy toy has some supernatural powers, you know -- >> please put holder's face on the screen. i want to see this. >> no, he has supernatural powers or something. but the seriousness of this case, nancy is -- >> think about her two children as you're yucking can up. >> this woman has a pattern of mental illness, alcoholism, cheating.
1:27 am
it does not end here. >> what pattern, tamara? >> alcoholism. alcoholism. treatment. >> you said mental illness. you said mental illness. >> well, she was treated in rehab. >> that's not mental illness. >> they go hand in hand, nancy. >> what mental illness, tamara holder? >> she -- it's undiagnosed. she needs to be diagnosed. she was released without being diagnosed.
1:28 am
1:29 am
1:30 am
he started kissing on my ear and my neck, and -- >> how did you react at that point? >> i just -- i kind of reacted just still at first, you know? a little bit still. and then i started to act like i enjoyed it a little bit. and he started to kiss me and -- >> and what was your frame of mind at that point? what's going through your mind when this was happening? >> my frame of mind was we're going to have sex.
1:31 am
and i'm going to have sex with him, and that's all. yeah, all my clothes come off. >> okay. >> yeah. he helps me, but i'm helping too. and i acted like i enjoyed it. and i'm not going to lie. sometimes i almost did. i knew i wasn't going to -- to resist him. so i tried to make it the best possible. you know? and he would just over and over and over and over and over and over again, and sometimes i would -- i would say what he wanted me to say and do whatever he wanted me to do. >> there was a mole on the back of his neck. have you told anybody else that? >> i knew he was moley. he had moles. you know, but not a lot. >> did you see him with no shirt on? >> yeah. there was nothing distinguishable. his nipples weren't very dark. >> okay. why did you see him with no shirt on? >> because we were -- we had sex a lot. >> sheriff's office 911.
1:32 am
what's your emergency? >> my name is quinn gray, and i was kidnapped, and i'm not sure where i am right now. >> she's definitely participating. i'm not sure after four days of being with this person what she believes and what she doesn't believe. but i agree with you, there are times when i just want to shut it off and be finished with the whole thing. but i have to remember that there are many times when i heard his voice and him saying things that i believe he knew i would hear this audiotape at some point as well. >> if you go under the assumption that she didn't know she was being recorded, that makes her sound guilty. >> as guilty as can be. it's probably the most hurtful, devastating words i've ever heard. i think of my children. i think of myself. and i think of how this is going to affect their lives going forward. and i know at that point when i heard that, i was so shocked
1:33 am
that i knew something was wrong. i knew something was definitely wrong. that person that i knew so well would go to the extent of talking about that. >> that last sound was from nbc's "today show." let's go back to the lawyers. but first, to lisa lockwood, former police detective, author of "undercover angel." what do you make of this? an entire faked kidnapping where she tried to rip off her husband of $50,000. forget about the two little girls. >> have you ever heard the saying "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?" that's what i believe this is about. this is a woman who was after her husband. revenge. >> for what? >> to make him suffer for his affair. >> okay. hold on just a moment. let's backtrack. tell me about the affair. >> he allegedly had an affair before she went into rehab with a spanish woman. and these were written in a few of the letters. it was disclosed that she was
1:34 am
envious of this and this is her way of getting the money back. if you watch her physicality and her tonality in those interviews, you can clearly see this is a woman who is extremely calculating and was deceptive. >> you know, that's a really interesting take on it, lisa lockwood. i didn't really put that much stock in the whole theory of the husband's affair. but maybe you're right. with us, lisa lockwood, former police detective, author of "undercover angel." marc klaas, what's so disturbing to me is that while she was leading her husband, her children, and all the police on a wild goose chase there were legitimate kidnaps, legitimate children missing calls that were not getting the cops' full attention while they were dealing with the heather locklear look-alike. >> that's absolutely true. there's three points i'd like to make. number one, nancy, if alcoholism or mental illness were a justification or excuse for
1:35 am
committing crime, then we'd have to open the doors of every prison in the united states and let every one of those inmates out. secondly, we don't have kidnapping for ransom in the united states. it was mentioned by the husband in this that it sounded like a bad movie plot. well, it is a very bad movie plot. notwithstanding hollywood, these things don't happen. the last time there was a fake ransom like that was in the jonbenet case, another long, rambling note which we know was fake because the little girl was dead in her -- in the basement. now, the real concern here, though, for people in my industry is the whole idea of faking kidnappings. what that does is it creates cry wolf scenarios so that the next time something like that happens there's a cynicism on the part of the public, or very well could be a cynicism on the part of the public about whether or not -- >> i agree. >> -- that kidnapping is an actual kidnapping or not.
1:36 am
not to mention the resources that are taken away from legitimate situations. >> back to the lawyers. eleanor odom, peter odom, tamara holder. peter odom, what about her telling the cops? and this is obviously a voluntary statement. "i tried to make the best possible sex ever over and over and over again." then she goes on. and this is a new one on me. i've heard a lot of descriptions of a lot of perps. she describes his nipples. peter? thoughts? >> nancy, in the recordings that we're hearing, you know, it was the perpetrator, the so-called kidnapper, maybe hoax kidnapper, that decided what to record, not the victim in this case, ms. quinn. so you have to wonder what's going on during the times when he's not taping, himself. we've heard of stockholm syndrome, where sometimes kidnapping victims actually -- >> wait, wait. put him back up. >> -- identify with kidnappers. >> peter, there's no kidnapping, so there's no stockholm syndrome. okay? there was no kidnapping. that was her with her lover. okay? you do get it, right? she was never kidnapped, peter odom.
1:37 am
>> this case still has questions all over it, nancy. >> could you explain to me, peter odom -- >> he had some power over her. he had some power over her. he had some power over her, but we haven't explored it yet. >> i heard you the first four times you said that. to you, tamara. maybe i can get it out of you. since there's no kidnapping, how could there be a stockholm syndrome where you start to identify with your kidnappers? >> i don't think there's a stockholm syndrome here, but i do think that the woman has mental problems and -- >> let's talk about that. just one moment. >> -- and alcoholism -- i'm sorry. >> dr. marty makary, physician every professor, public health at johns hopkins. let's explore tamara holder's theory. we know she went into rehab this summer for alcoholism at a very ritzy rehab. nothing wrong with that. but what about the theory she had an untreated, undiagnosed mental disorder? that's what the husband is saying. and then in the last hours he says yeah, she's bipolar. she's never been diagnosed or
1:38 am
treated for that. >> i'm glad you're making the distinction, nancy, between behavioral problems and psychiatric illness. psychiatric disease, those are problems with pathways in the brain that result in behaviors that have a clear pattern. paranoia, schizophrenia, behaviors which meet clear-cut diagnoses. addiction, manipulation, extortion, those are not psychiatric behaviors. and they don't fit any of the criteria for known psychiatric conditions. >> out to the lines. kim in georgia. hi, kim. >> caller: hi. >> hi, dear. what's your question? >> caller: i would like to know is it possible that she's going to be charged in this case? >> oh, kim in georgia. she will be charged in this case. what i don't understand is how they let her go to a fancy rehab instead of sitting behind bars. that's what i don't get, eleanor odom. >> i agree, nancy. first of all, let's start with false report of a crime, and then we'll go on from there. some of her terroristic threats and whatnot. but you know she's going to be charged as an accomplice to this fake kidnapping.
1:39 am
>> we are taking your calls live, but i want to go back to frank powers. frank, what more can you tell me about the case? is the husband still standing by her at this hour? >> he has remained steadfast in her support, nancy. >> and to you -- >> go ahead. >> go ahead, dear. >> the reason that we see a lot of interest in this case, this case has really gone global. you also have a lot of pressure from the law enforcement community. we were talking about that earlier. they spent about $200,000 that weekend, both state, local, and federal officials, looking for her. and they're not too happy about that. >> to you, mark williams, why did the judge let her go to a fancy posh rehab at st. simons island? >> well, they thought probably -- more than likely that was the best thing to do in this case since the issue of her possible bipolar disease cropped up. so they put her there. >> okay. that's complete b.s.
1:40 am
everybody, as we go to break, happy 100th birthday to georgia friend of the show, miss sybil marsh-bateman. a faithful member of mikado baptist church, proud mother of three sons, billy, ken, bobby. mrs. bateman never misses a show. happy birthday, miss sybil.
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1:43 am
police issuing an amber alert for a missing 2-year-old girl taken by her father this morning in sanford, maine. police believe 2-year-old hailey traynham was taken from her mother's home by 38-year-old gary traynham. authorities say the two may be in the lakes region of new hampshire. >> straight out to dennis hoey reporter with the "portland press herald" and "maine sunday telegram." dennis, this is the only amber alert out of the state of maine. what happened? >> that's correct, nancy. it's the first amber alert ever issued by the state of maine since it was implemented seven years ago. what we do know is that maine state police and sanford police issued an amber alert around 5:00 this evening for 2-year-old hailey traynham, who was abducted from her apartment by
1:44 am
her biological father, gary traynham. the parents, gary and lisa gould, are the biological parents, but we're not certain whether they're married or not. and they're still searching for mr. traynham, who is believed to be in the lakes region of new hampshire. >> stacy newman, our producer on the story. stacy, what more can you tell me? what can you tell me about the little girl? >> this little girl, 2-year-old baby hailey, cops believe she is in extreme danger tonight, nancy. why? because her mother was violently assaulted moments before she was snatched and taken by her biological father. >> okay. back to dennis hoey. dennis, i know this is the only amber alert out of the entire state of maine. and it is a parental kidnap. a lot of people don't take that as seriously as other like stranger abductions. what do we know about the father, dennis? >> we know that the father, nancy, is her biological father,
1:45 am
but i'm pretty certain right now from what police have been telling me that he is not married to the victim, lisa gould. that's the mother of the girl. he lives in kennebunk, which is a town near sanford, with his parents. and he has a child, a 12-year-old child by a prior marriage who does not live with him and his parents. >> so he doesn't have -- whoa, whoa, did you say him and his parents? >> he lives with his parents in kennebunk. >> he's 38 years old and he lives with his parents? >> correct. >> okay. he does not have custody of either of the two children, and we know there was a brutal assault on little hailey's mother. and then he took the girl and left. out to marc klaas. he is the president and founder of klaaskids foundation. marc, what do you make of it? and why is it that when we have a so-called parental abduction it's taken less seriously than stranger on stranger abductions? >> well, it's not really taken less seriously, but it's thought that the children are not in nearly as much danger as they are in a stranger predatory type
1:46 am
of a situation. but i have to say, nancy, that if this woman was violently beaten at 11:00 in the morning it makes no sense that they would wait almost six hours before activating the amber alert. that tells me it's a failed alert for the simple reason that children who are murdered as a result of an abduction, 76.2% of them will be dead within the first three hours. this should have been called immediately. >> how does that break down to parental abductions? same stats apply? >> yes. absolutely. children that are murdered as a result of an abduction. that's across the board. >> and you know what else, marc, at some point the kidnapper, if he believes that cops are on to him, could very well kill himself and the child. they never just kill themselves, marc. never. that never happens. they kill the mother, they kill the child. they throw the child off a bridge when they're about to be apprehended. i believe that's why cops think
1:47 am
this is so dangerous. >> yeah. i completely agree with you. they need to find this guy, and they need to find him fast. they should have gotten this alert out much sooner than they did. >> what do you think the problem was? >> i have no idea. but basically, the way the amber alert is established and set up in this country, there is this built-in delay. the original intent of the amber alert in texas in 1996 was very different from the thing that it's transmogrified into here now in 2009. >> i want to go out to dr. marty makary. dr. makary, we have seen this scenario play out so many times. and you on your end at the hospital, what is your concern tonight? >> well, there are certain characteristic injuries that this person's at risk for, and dehydration and malnutrition compound the potential risk of those injuries, causing long-term problems with development. we're talking about learning disabilities down the road. we're talking about long-term problems that could come from a major trauma, psychologically
1:48 am
and physically at this time. >> dr. makary, that's if the girl lives through this ordeal. what i'm concerned about is what this guy's going to do when he realizes cops are on to him. let me tell what i know about this. gary traynham, age 38. he's 5'11", 230 pounds, balding brown hair. can we show a picture of him, liz? a picture in full since we're describing him right now. hazel eyes, dark goatee, which is not pictured here. maybe in the lakes region of eastern new hampshire. we believe he's driving a '98 green dodge pickup truck with a maine license plate 8629 n nancy b bermuda. 8629 nb. the tip line, 207-324-3644. after a brutal attack on the little girl's mother the child is reported missing. out to the lines, laura in florida. hi, laura. >> caller: hi, nancy. >> hi, dear.
1:49 am
what's your question? >> caller: first of all, i wanted to say your twins are beautiful, and we watch your show every night. >> thank you. thank you so much. and thank you for calling in. what's your question, dear? >> caller: what is the status of the mother? is she going to live? >> good question. what about it? dennis hoey joining us from "portland press herald" and "maine sunday telegram." what do you know about the mom's condition? >> the mother, nancy, is being treated tonight at a hospital in sanford for her injuries and is expected to recover from her injuries and be released sometime later tonight. >> so she's still in the hospital? >> police would not describe the nature of the assault other than that it was a violent assault. >> okay. out to the lines. amber, ohio. hi, amber. >> caller: hi, nancy. >> hi, dear, what's your question. >> caller: i have a question. if a stranger to stranger abduction is so dangerous, if this father beat her mother,
1:50 am
what makes the cops think that he's not going to do it to this little girl? >> you know what? i don't think anything -- if he will do this to the mother of his child, what will he do to a helpless little girl? stacey newman, does this guy have a record that we know of? >> well, as we go to air we were not able to dig up a record on this guy, but wouldn't be surprised if something did pop up, nancy. >> so no record right now, but we do know cops are saying this child is in extreme danger. in full since we are describing him. hazel eyes and dark goatee, not pictured here. let's show her in full. she weighs 35 to 50 pounds and father allegedly assaulted the mom brutally and took off with the little girl around 11:15 a.m. today out of stanford, maine. please be on the look out for a green dodge pick up, 8629 nb, maine license plate. to tonight's salute the troops. texas friend saluting her son,
1:51 am
army specialist cory gaffner. >> this is cory gaffner's mom. i am show proud of my son and i want to tell him to be strong and be and want to let him know that i love him very much.
1:52 am
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1:54 am
an amber alert has been issued for a 2-year-old girl in stanford, maine. 38-year-old gary took his girl haley after a violent assault on her mother. police say the pair disappeared from sanford a little before noon and may be in the lakes region of new hampshire. he is believed to be driving a green 1998 dodge 1500 pickup truck with maine plates. >> we are taking your calls live. i am hearing right now to stacy newman, i understand there is news? >> yes, nancy.
1:55 am
right now this is just coming in crossing the wire. there reports of a sighting of little haley in alton, new hampshire about 31 miles from sanford where the girl was abducted and the mom assaulted. seem like this amber alert is actually working. >> to marc klaas, you know minutes count. after about three hours whether it's a parental or stranger abduction, the child is dead for whatever reason. weigh in. >> this is true. if they have been located in alton -- >> sighted. >> okay, sighted. if she is locate and recover alive, it's a wonderful thing. the amber alert needs to be tweaked and the criteria needs to be changed. we don't need this central notification. >> guys, in the last minute that i have you, i am going to give you the tip line. 207-324-3644.
1:56 am
there is a sighting of this kidnapped child in alton, new hampshire. take a look at little haley. according to police, her life depends on it. let's stop and remember army sergeant thomas vanderling jr. killed iraq. studied at university of pittsburgh on a second tour and awarded the bronze star and two purple hearts. loves sports, tae kwon do and dreamed of traveling to australia. he leaves his parents and brothers. american hero. thanks to our guests and especially to you for being with us.
1:57 am
a special welcome back from our hearts to our supervising producer elizabeth. she has been gone in order to welcome her brand-new baby boy. congratulations. everyone, i will see you tomorrow night, 8:00 sharp eastern. until then, good night, friend. i'm a.j. hammer. this is your "showbiz tonight" news break. should chris brown shut up already. the horrifying details about the night chris brown beat rihanna. what chris is saying today about her startling tell all. the carrie prejean sex tape scandal. is she a hypocrite? the most provocative news show at the top of the hour here on hln. "showbiz tonight" at the top
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