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tv   Capital News Today  CSPAN  November 12, 2009 11:00pm-2:00am EST

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>> right now on "showbiz tonight," carrie prejean blows her stack on live tv. >> larry, you are being inappropriate. >> the must see video of the controversial former beauty queen threatening to walk out on "larry king live." >> you are being inappropriate. >> the explosive fallout. was carrie out of line and does she look ridiculous?
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the "showbiz tonight" exclusive. donald trump's fired up tantrum. what he is telling us about carrie's diss. donald trump with our brooke anderson and the headline making interview you will see only on "showbiz tonight." country takes on kanye. >> mama, don't let your babies grow up to be kanye. >> taylor swift's new revenge on kanye west. tv's most provocative news show starts right now. >> per i'm aj hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. >> i'm brooke anderson from hollywood. the beauty blows her stack. >> this was unbelievable and
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remarkable fallout from carrie prejean's incredible and downright embarrassing tantrum live on cnn's "larry king live," threatening to walk off the show. >> did you hear the question, carrie? did you hear the question? >> i can't hear you. >> i can't hear you, but i'm answering your question. wait, there is more. so much more, you will hardly believe what we are about to show you. carrie prejean got slammed for a hissy fit on "larry king live." after the conservative beauty queen was asked about the solo sex tape she admits to making claiming she sent it to her boyfriend when she was 17. hold on. today that boyfriend is claiming that cary is lying. she was actually 20 when she made the tape and he accuses her of trying to get him to lie about that. in a "showbiz tonight"
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exclusive, donald trump went on one responding to the claim that he humiliated contestants and told us what he thinks about carrie's melt down. joining us is whitney casey and author of the man plan. tonight in hollywood is carlos diaz as a kor respondent for extra. larry king was just astounding. i was sitting there watching as it happened and thought holy molly, i can't believe this is going. on he asked her judge y she settled the breech of contract lawsuit with the miss california organization. she reportedly settled when confronted with the solo sex tape she made. larry asked the question. watch what happened. >> what you are saying is in mediation it was discussed why you were mediating? >> larry, it's completely confidential and you are being inappropriate.
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okay? >> inappropriate lie continues. >> yes. >> detroit, hello. >> hi. i'm calling from detroit and i'm a gay man and i love pageants. i'm sure you have great gay friends that helped you possibly win. what would you give them as advice if they wanted to get married. >> did you hear the question, carrie? did you hear the question? is she leaving? what motivated the settlement. >> excuse me? >> did you hear the question? >> no, i can't hear you. >> you took the mike off. if you put the mike on, we can hear you. >> i think you are being extremely inappropriate and i'm about to leave your show. >> i will call that a tamper tantrum, but she is smiling the whole time because she's a beauty queen. was she out of line?
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>> i felt like i was watching the tv show v. the part where she said don't ask me questions because it will paint me in a negative light. the true monster comes out. very finishy because she is about freedom of speech. that's her big thing. the real thing is freedom of the press. you can go on any show and have your own agenda. you don't do that to larry king. he asks what he wants. you have been around for how long? you can't control larry king and i think she came off looking pathetic. >> if you listened to what larry was asking, he wasn't asking her to breech the agreement. just yesterday, carrie made a fool out of herself on "the view." they had a field day with what happened on larry. watch this. >> that phone call was i'm gay and i want to trap you.
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she wouldn't have taken the call. >> she had no idea who was on the call before the caller started talking. >> but she's also got to be fair. she's got to be fair. we had her on the show and we asked legitimate questions. maybe they were not the most comfortable, but she was a little pitchy. we didn't start out like that. >> is whoopie right? carrie's tantrum showed her true colors is what she went on to say. it didn't start out as an argument. >> that was an inappropriate question you asked me. seriously though. this was great television. i'm sorry i was entranced by it. what i will say is i thought it was interesting that she couldn't hear, but she could hear. every blond has espn.
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it was the finger-pointing. i don't know what it is about the right, but it's this finger pointing thing. she almost said you are inappropriate with the finger-pointing. it made me think of sarah palin and i go online and read they have become pals. prejean and palin are pals and it's about being perfect and you are inappropriate. >> don't palinize her. donald trump happened to be watching the show last night and today donald trump on a "showbiz tonight" exclusive interview, he did not hold back one bit of what he thinks of little miss ex-california. this woman barbed him in her book saying he humiliated contestants because he would single out the woman he thought were hot. >> that's right. i asked trump what he thought of carrie prejean's outrageous temper tantrum. watch this. >> i actually was watching. i'm a big fan of larry king and i was watching.
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i was very surprised to see it. she was talking about how inappropriate he was. that's more of a sexual term as far as inappropriate. i'm surprised she didn't say i can't answer that question. she wants to walk off the stage. it was surprising and strange to watch. too bad. i felt badly for her actually. >> he felt badly for her. i was surprised he said that. i thought he would be harsher. did you? >> you are thinking the same as i was thinking. he's being diplomatic, but he's a genius. if he starts bashing the girls that go out for the pageant, no one will want to go for the pageant. he owns the pageant and wants to generate money so he is being diplomatic in the case. at one point, he has to go rosie o'donnell on her.
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>> he is going to lose it. he is a smart business man and is being careful with his words. coming up, you will see the rest of my exclusive with donald trump. he told me whether he is going to sue prejean for what she wrote. i have his outrageous reaction to her sex tape as well. >> i top the hear that. the controversy broke out hotter today. more shocking revelations as her ex-boyfriend speaks out. this is the guy who reportedly was at the receiving end of carrie's sex tape. so she says. she claims she was 17, but he said she's lie being how old she was. >> how old was she? >> um, she was 19 when i was out there. the video poured in all the way up to just shy of, gosh, i mean she had to be 21 years old.
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i got a call from carrie basically screaming at me, asking me why, why did i do this and then she basically said at that point said will you tell them i was 17? >> how did you respond when she said will you say i was 17? >> i said hell no, i won't. >> if what had her exclaims is true and carrie was 21, will anybody have any reason to believe anything she says? >> no, but i'm saying this. this guy, let me defend him. he's kind of a louse to bring all of this out. it is entertaining for all of us, yes, and great for her book sales, but it's a jerky thing for him to do and why is he doing it? we have to ask that. those saucy pictures from san diego are fun we the reece's
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cup. come on. why is he doing this? >> definitely a question about that. whitney casey, thank you very much. we did reach out to carrie prejean and have not heard back from her as of show time. >> today i spoke with donald trump. he is really fired up over this. it is my "showbiz tonight" exclusive. the first reaction from the donald to carrie's larry king tantrum. you have to hear what he is telling me about carrie's big diss of him. i'm one on one with the exclusive headline-making interview. you will see it only on "showbiz tonight." more big news about levi johnston. he is not posing nude for anyone else, but he has an amazing personal connection to jon gosselin. levi and jon? my head is spinning. also your first look at oprah's interview with levi's good buddy, sarah palin. >> one final question about levi. will he be invited to thanksgiving dinner?
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>> talk about awkward, levi and sarah at thanksgiving dinner? pass the stuffing. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. >> more stories from the newsroom making news right now.
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welcome back to "showbiz tonight" with a.j. hammer in new york. did you see this? tonight the controversy over the brand-new movie 2012. it would have you believe the world is coming to a spectacular end in 2012. have no fear. the end is not near, but because so many people have been talking about the thing, even nasa decided to look into it. here's cnn's jeannie moos for show biz tonight. >> save the date could be the last one you save. >> september 21st, 2012. >> 2012.
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>> september 21st, 2012. >> are you high again? >> we will be high. sky high. bye-bye sistine chapel and u.s. capitol and white house. by an aircraft carrier. don't stop paying the mortgage because nasa assures us nothing bad will happen. >> there is no threat to earth in 2012. >> there is so much chatter -- >> they predict the end. >> nasa is reassuring people on the website. >> all this talk about a dooms day is say hoax. >> when they tell you not to panic! >> another planet is not going to smash into ours. >> it does not exist. >> it's ludicrous. >> they are created by those who believe this.
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>> still here, just a lot bigger. >> there true believers. >> get yourself as far away from the ocean as you can. they will come ripping at you. find out if i'm telling you the truth. >> analyze this. talk of the end of the world was the beginning of a flood of questions. real scientists like those who ask the questions are getting messages like this. >> there was a 4th grade boy who wrote in and said he was too young to die, but had heard about 2012 and was scared. that gives us days left to live. >> look to jesus. don't worry about 2012 and in july 2013, it will come.
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>> i'm voting for sarah palin because the world is ending anyway. >> if you want to check out the interpreting a of the end of the world, it hits theaters tomorrow. >> you know how we will know? when donald trump keeps quiet when someone attacks him. >> i can't wait to share about carrie prejean dissing him. >> operators are getting a huge amount of calls today about carrie nearly walking off the set of cnn's "larry king live." >> that's right. susan in new york thinks carrie was so out of line. >> caller: she couldn't even keep her mike on because she kept telling him he was being inappropriate as he asked questions and she was ready to walk out of the interview.
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aren't you supposed to stand up for what you believe, not run the other direction. seems like she does a lot of running. >> thanks for your call. >> jim from california. when it comes to trump versus carrie, she on team carrie. >> caller: why shouldn't carrie take on donald trump? why shouldn't she? because he's got a lot of money. she may get clobbered, but say what you got to say and let the chips fall where they may. go carrie. >> you too can call us at show biz on call. >> the phone lines are always open. 888-sbt-buzz. >> i am looking forward to your one on one donald trump. brooke has donald trump's fired up response to carrie's tv tanned rum. you don't want to miss what trump told us about carrie's big diss of him. it is donald trump 1 o one with brooke anderson.
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the exclusive headline-making interview here on "showbiz tonight." country takes on kanye. >> mamas don't let your babies grow up to be kanye. >> the country music that gives kanye a good old fashioned butt whooping. boy, does he deserve it. >> big news today. the stripper's message for fergie. it's where the stripper claims she a wild night of sex with josh duhamel and what she is telling fergie now. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. time for the news ticker and more stories making news right now.
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>> tonight the stripper who claimed she had an affair with josh duhamel said i'm sorry. >> nicole said she had a steamy night with josh who was married to the black eyed pea s, fergie. forester who said she met duhamel in atlanta is apologizing to fergie. she said she thought the affair wouldn't get out and it wouldn't hurt anyone. she realizes that obviously that's not true. we also just told you about fergie confirming she is bisexual and not only that, she thought of cheating on her
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husband with women. the ladies of "the view" were fired up about this. >> it doesn't matter whether you are doing it with a doorknob or, you know. >> that's okay. >> no, i think it's cheating. if we are going to go into that, if your mind is on somebody else or doing somebody with someone else, that is cheating. >> i cannot accept that. there is an old joke about these people are married and in beding it and they start going and turn around and he said couldn't you think of anybody either? >> you have to love the old school humor. cheat suggest cheating no matter who or what you are cheating with. >> our fans are going wild over what we told you about skbrujus short time ago. it's about everybody is fierce
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with carrie nearly walking off the set. when when larry asked her questions she didn't like. suzanne said she was inappropriate. she goes on a major show to promote her book and rudely reprimands the host for asking a logical question. her 15 minutes needs to expire soon. her confronting larry king is like confronting donald trump. it's something do you not do. i want to hear from you on facebook and twitter for breaking entertainment news alerts. sign up for facebook and twitter pages. here's what's coming up at the bottom of the hour. the exclusive not to be missed. the first reaction today to carrie prejean's tantrum and the donald's response to carrie's big diss of him. no holds barred with sarah palin. we just got our hands on it.
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wait until you see it. the personal connection between levi johnston and jon gosselin. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. these are more stories from the newsroom making news right now.
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now on "showbiz tonight." a show biz exclusive. a fiery response aftercary prejean lashed out at him. 1 o 1 w the donald in the interview you will see only on "showbiz tonight." levi johnston and jon gosselin. tonight, "showbiz tonight" has levi's revelations about his personal connections to jon. sarah palin sits down with oprah. >> one final question about levi. will he be invited to thanksgiving dinner? >> oprah and wait until you hear how palin answered that one.
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we just got our hands on this sneak peek today. more breaking from the news ticker. our show continues right now. welcome back to "showbiz tonight." it is 30 minutes past the hour. i'm broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. >> i'm anderson from hollywood. a "showbiz tonight" exclusive donald trump against beauty queen carrie prejean and it made for big news breaking today. wait until you hear my explosive exclusive with trump today, getting his very first reaction to prejean's over the top tantrum on "larry king live." ure not going to believe what the donald has to say. i asked trump if he plans to suing prejean for claims about how he runs his pageant, accusing trump and her book of
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singling out the beauty queens and humiliating them. i had to ask if he would ever consider making her a contestant on his show celebrity apprentice. this is the interview you will see only on "showbiz tonight" beginning with donald trump's reaction to carrie prejean's melt down on "larry king live." >> i want to start first with carrie prejean's melt down on cnn's "larry king live." i don't know if you caught the show, but larry was asking carrie why she settled her lawsuit against the pageant. she said he was being inappropriate. at one point she took off her mike. >> i'm not asking you what the settlement was. why did you agree to settle? >> i am not allowed to talk about that. >> the agreement discusses the motive behind why each party agreed? >> larry, you are being inappropriate. you really are. i'm not going to talk about.
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>> i'm asking a question. >> it's completely confidential and it was a confidential settlement. >> what you are saying is in mediation it was discussed why you were mediating. >> larry, it's completely confidential and you are being inappropriate. >> what's your reaction to that? >> i was watching and i'm a big fan of larry king and i was rauch ever watching this and surprised to see it. she was talking about how inappropriate he was. inappropriate is more of a sexual term as far as i'm concerned. he asked a very, very easy question and i was surprised she department say i can't answer that question. she wants to walk off the stage. it was surprising. i felt badly for her actually. >> it was all very, very odd. there startling claims that former miss california is make being how you run your beauty
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pageants. here's what she told cnn's larry king. >> we were on stage and there was some on the right and some on the left. there were some who were devastate and felt donald trump didn't like them and he didn't look at them enough. am i portraying him as a horrible person? no. he is such a small part of my book and people would like me to get distracted by that and i'm not going to let it happen. >> she said it became clear that the point of the exercise was for him to divide the room between the girls he found attractive and those he did not. is that true? >> first of all it's not factual, but it's simple. i happen to have good taste when it comes to beauty and i pick people, but with all of that being said, i shake hands to the girls and i'm nice to everybody. what i have in my mind, only i
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know about. i have a yellow pad although i have a great memory. i write certain things down, but nobody sees that other than me. during the course of saying hello to people, i will jokingly say who should win? the girls will blurt out names, etc. that's all fun. the girls love meeting me and i loved meeting them and i don't know what cary is talking about. >> sheer misinterpreted the situation? >> sadly because i have a good heart and i'm nice to people. the pageants have become so successful not because i'm a bad person. i'm really nice to people. i will go further. the ones that i know can't win, i'm nicer to them. i actually go out of my way. i don't say i feel sorry for you, but i go out of my way to be nicer to the girls that i know can't win. >> make them feel comfortable. you are a very, very friendly guy and i want to ask you about this, donald.
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larry asked care be the comments about her regarding the sex tape. you told extra she is trying to act like a nun. maybe she should release the tape and see whether or not she is a nun. here's what carrie told larry king. >> i have so much respect for him. i think he was thrown into the middle of this and i respect him as a business man and i know at the end of the day, he has to listen to the people who he hires and work for him. i wish he would have done more investigation on what went on. >> does that make you angry because she is intimating that you listen to what people tell you and you don't have your facts straight. 89% of the viewers say cary is in over her head. what do you say to all that was? >> maybe she is in over her head and we have good executives that have taken this pageant to new levels of success of popularity and in all fairness, all of this
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publicity is to the benefit of the pageant. as far as the sex tape, carrie told people about the tape. she admits there is a sex tape. maybe she should reveal the tape to see whether or not it's horrendous or whatever. >> do you plan to sue carrie for what she is saying about you? >> no because she has been nice to me. she was nice to me in the book and i felt warm towards carey and i think she is a nice person. i don't know who is leading her down this path, but it's unfortunate. i don't plan to sue carrie. i think she has been respectful of me, but i didn't like what she said about lining the girls up. i think carrie needs a little bit of guidance. >> you know a good opportunity when you see it. as far as getting attention, publicity. do you think you would consider carrie size a contestant on the celebrity apprentice. people would watch for the fireworks. >> we have such great people and we are shooting and the people
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we have are incredible. that will be for next season. we will have to see where she is next season. >> i have to say, donald surprised me because he was very forgiving of carrie. i think she is oust her mind for going after donald like this. it's so unwise. this man stood by her and defended her. >> worry his arm around her at the press conference. brooke, it takes nerve. if carrie ever even had credibility, she lost it by now. now that donald has told us exactly what he thinks about carrie's claims about her, i want to know who won the smack down. whitney case set pop culture expert and author of the man plan. quickly, carlos, were you surprised by anything that donald told us. i thought the things he said were shocking as far as how forgiving he was. >> he is being classy and i
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think the thing he said in the interview was we will have to see where cary is this time next year and we could not know who she is next year. why am i going to waste my time on the lightweight? >> what surprised you about this interview? >> it's entertaining that the bunny rabbit is thinking that the anaconda is entertaining her. the bunny rabbit is carrie prejean and anaconda is nice and congenial for donald trump. what also shocked me, the result that came in for the question of the day about carrie's credibility. carlos, whitney, do not move. we are getting ready to reveal that. >> it's finally done. oprah's interview with sarah palin and they got a first look. >> final question. will he be invited to thanksgiving dinner? >> wait until you hear how sarah
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palin answered that one. huge news! there was more levi johnston news that i had a hard time believing. levi reveals the startling personal connection to jon gosselin. kanye gets his butt kicked. >> mamas don't let your babies grow up to be kanye. >> kanye gets taken down by the biggest moments in country music standing up for taylor twist. go taylor. >> now the news ticker and more stories from the newsroom making news right now.
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what's your comment about donald trump's involvement in all of this. >> oh, my god. i have so much respect for him. he was thrown into the middle of this and i really respect him as a business man and i than at the end of the day, he has to look at the people he hires and who work with him. i wish he would have done more
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of an investigation of what really went on. >> that's carrie prejean on "larry king live." she said donald trump should do his homework. you heard my exclusive interview with the donald reacting to carrie prejean. he said prejean is headed down the wrong path. who won the smack down between the beauty and the donald? welcome back to "showbiz tonight." i'm brooke ander snon hollywood with aj hammer in new york. the beauty versus the donald. the unbelievable results of the poll just coming in late today. what do you think? was carrie prejean simply out of her mind for attacking the donald? in another big breaking smack down, taylor swift versus kanye west. right there in nashville when taylor made history becoming the youngest entertainer of the year ever at the country music association awards. the buzz was about the guy who
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wasn't there. you have to see the bashing kanye got. making big news, levi johnston revealing a personal connection to, of all people, jon gosselin. joining me in owe is whitney casey, a relationship expert and author of this book, "the man plan." carlos as is a correspondent for extra. you saw my "showbiz tonight" exclusive interview with donald trump talking about carrie prejean. we just got the late breaking results of the "showbiz tonight" poll. take a look at this. we asked carrie prejean versus donald trump. is the beauty queen in over her head? look at it. 91% said cary is in way over her head. only 9% said no. she is getting bad guidance. did the poll get it right? she will regret the day she
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picked a fight with donald? >> i thought larry king was gracious and extremely classy when she was calling him inappropriate over and over again. i can guarantee, carrie, that the donald probably is tougher than that. that's the thing that she has to realize. she can't go at the don't ald like larry and expect the same class that larry gave last night. the donald will take the gloves off. >> larry was very patient and took the high road in that interview and speaking of the donald, he was particularly upset and disappointed aftercayy claimed he divided contestants by their looks. seems like carrie tried to lock horns with the donald. did she fail? >> yes. you divide the contestants left and right and the in the middle gets the crown. i don't understand what the controversy is here. it's a beauty pageant. furthermore, i thought it was horrible that she said he needed
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to do his homework f. he did, he would have found those saucy pictures and the sex tape. ignorance is bliss. go with the blond. >> i want to bring you back, aj. he said he is not going to sue carrie. do you think carrie just watched my interview and is wiping the sweat off her brow. he doesn't like sore losers. >> they have been on the phone saying this is going pretty well. i think she is pretty relieved. you don't want to get sued. she has to be relieved. let me tell you. no sore losers at the country music awards. taylor swift swept up all the big awards like entertainer of the area and "showbiz tonight" was there with taylor. kanye west was not there, but very much on people's minds because it seemed like everyone including taylor was taking
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swipes at the way he dissed her at the mtv music awards. this is great. >> mamas don't let your babies grow up to be kanye. let them take guitars. cowboys have manners, they don't interrupt. >> i want to thank every person in this room tonight for not running up on the stage during this speech. thank you. >> all right. you go. taylor said back stage a wave of emotion came over her when she won the entertainer of the year award. taylor has clearly put kanye west in his place by now. >> everyone rallied around taylor twist and kind of brought her. it was uncomfortable because he lost his mom and to say mamas don't let your babies grow up to
11:49 pm
be kanye, but the rest was great. hopefully he sees it for what it was. it was a big joke and now we move on. >> let me get your take. we know taylor swift is one of the sweetest people, she did love kicking kanye or seeing him get kicked around in her house. >> it was great for many reasons because of the phraseology. i'm going back to the 2004 election with john kerry. i'm saying kanye has been taylor swift boated away. bam. >> let's move on to another story making news. levi johnston for once is not slapping sarah palin. i don't know that this is any better, but she defending jon gosselin and feeling a personal connection. one train wreck to another. he said he met jon gosselin. he's a good guy. kind of in the same situation i am. he's a good dad and gets a lot
11:50 pm
of bad press. he has the same bad image i am and it ain't true. i can relate to that. is levi the last guy jon gosselin needs relating to him in public? >> relating to him right now? >> i can see jon gosselin today somebody told him that somebody is defending him and he is like really, who? levi johnston? great. and today was the first day of the playgirl photo shoot. more good news. >> good timing all around. thanks, guys. >> tonight, oprah's big interview with sarah palin. wait until you hear what oprah asks palin about levi. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. it is time now for the "showbiz" news ticker. this is what is making news right now.
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tonight we have the first big look at oprah's interview with sarah palin. you have got to see what happened when oprah asked about levi john ston. >> one final question about levi. will he be invited to thanks giving? >> that's a great question. it is lovely to think that he would ever consider such a thing, because of course -- he is a part of the family. we want to bring him in the fold and under your wings and he needs that, too. i think he needs to know that he is loved and he has a beautiful
11:55 pm
child. this can all work out for good. it really can. we don't have to keep going down this road of controversy and drama all the time. we don't really like the drama. >> is he coming or no he is shot? i can't picture levi johnston passing the machined potatoes on thanks giving. oprah posted this on her website. >> sarah palin just left and it was really an interesting interview. you know, lots of people didn't want me to have her on, lots of people did. lots of her supporters didn't think she should come here but she did and we talked about everything. we talked about inside the campaign, about what it felt like when she was first asked to be vice president, the candidate. we talked about bristol, the
11:56 pm
pregnancy, we talked about her baby. >> and sarah palin's facebook page, palin is said that oprah was very gracious with the interview. the interview airs on monday. >> we have been asking you to vote on the question of the day, which is this. carrie versus donald. is the beauty queen in over her head. 91% of you say yes. a slim 9% say no. some e-mails --. lou dobbs announced his retirement. i will miss our daily chats.
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i wish you nothing but the best for whatever is next. >> i echo that. lou has made an enormous impact on cnn and it's viewers. the guy loves entertainment. 24 is one of his favorite shows. lou, all the best. >> that is it for us. we thank you so much for watching. i am a.j. hammer in new york. >> and i am brooke in hollywood. you can catch "showbiz tonight" on the 11s. on the 11s. take care. -- captions by vitac -- tonight on the joy behar show, carrie prejean is comparing herself to oprah. and david letterman's alleged blackmailer says he is trying to sell him a screen play.
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the manhattan madame talks about client number nine.
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tonight on the joe behar show, first carrie prejuan threatens to walk off of larry king. what will she do? give anderson cooper a time-out? and an attorney will join me for a one-on-one about screen plays, back mail and david letterman. and shop aaholic. we will talk about that. all that and more starts now.
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christmas is coming and the gift that keeps on giving is back. yes, sarah palin sat down with oprah to promote her new book. that interview will air on monday but why not unwrap this one early. listen to what oprah asks her. >> that was a designing moment for you. >> that is why segment two and three and four and five were scheduled. the campaign said right on, good, this is what america needs to see. it was a good interview. i knew it was not a good interview. >> i am joined now by mo rocca. sarah bernard, and brian, comedian and journalist. welcome to the show.
12:02 am
did you see the interview she did? >> i did. >> did you think it was hostile of katie? >> it was straightforward questions and she did what she was supposed to do. she did follow up. it was like journalism 101. it is sad that that seemed extraordinary. she did a great job. >> why was it seen as extraordinary. >> she wouldn't answer a single question. it is okay if it is for children. she just wouldn't cave in and say it. it was a question that was beneath her and i think that is what ended up biting her. >> i think it was actually really interesting because people in the audience of the oprah taping said that sarah palin intimated that she might be interested in hosting a talk show. i thought that was the most interesting news. is that what we will get?
12:03 am
that will be christmas for a long time. >> i thought that sarah was brilliant in what we just saw. she was doing an amazing impression of tina fey. >> but her hair looks better. >> she is gorgeous. she is very pretty. we all know that. oprah asking palin about levi johnston. >> one final question about levi. will he be invite fod thanks giving dinner? >> that's a great question. it's lovely to think that he would ever consider such a thing. of course he is a part of the family and you want to bring him in the fold and under your wings. and he needs that, too. oprah, he needs to know that he is loved and he has a beautiful child. and this can all work out for good. it really can. we don't have to keep going down this road of controversy and drama all the time. we are not into the drama.
12:04 am
we have other things to concentrate on. >> is he coming or no he is not? >> oprah asks. do you believe her? because you know, levi, these are the things he has said that she said that the little baby, trig, she refers to him as her little retarded baby. it could be affectionate. that she didn't cook. so what. and she wanted to quit the governorship to make money. but palin's response to that was consider the source of the most recent attention getting lies. those that would semitheir body for money, meaning le vie reflects a desperate need for attention and are desperate to say and do anything. why is she playing nice now? >> if he is going, he is definitely sitting at the kids'
12:05 am
table. you have to take the high road on oprah because she will call you out. >> the thing is levi is not a reputable source on any of this. last night on the insider, who would be a better catch, jon gosselin or levi johnston. jon got 80%. >> i would definitely go with levi. >> then you wouldn't have to take care of 8 eight kids. >> i love the idea of that family and being at that thanks giving. it is better for sarah palin to act like that family might actually get back together. >> she is not stopping in the major cities. she is only going the real america. isn't brooklyn, new york, the real america? >> she didn't actually write it
12:06 am
she just put together a series of mad libs. >> who do you think is more powerful? palin or oprah? >> this is the non-aggression path. these two ladies will redraw the map of the world. it is terrifying. >> let's move on. carrie prejean has admitted to having a solo sex tape and that's why she dropped her loout against the pageant. solarry king asked her ability that. >> it was discussed why you were mediating. >> larry, it is completely confidential and you are being inappropriate. okay? >> inappropriate king live continues. >> yes. >> she calls larry inappropriate. isn't it more inappropriate to make a tape of yourself masturbating and send it to your boyfriend? the word inappropriate sticks
12:07 am
out when david letterman called it creepy. >> let's face it. she has something to sell, just like sarah palin. we need not be talking about her. what she did was brilliant in a way. if you realize that she has got everybody -- >> carrie prejean and brilliant? >> if she did a regular interview with larry king we could not be talking about her. >> exactly. nobody cares about her. we are only interested in carrie now. >> it's true. >> and the kanye west school of training. when you say you will walk off you actually get up and walk off. if you are going to do a sex tape, do it in your 20s. >> she claims she was 17 in the sex tape. but tmz spoke to the ex-boyfriend and listen to what
12:08 am
he says. >> there were numerous, i would say probably about 15, 20 videos that she sent. >> and they were all explicit videos? >> yes, very much. >> how old was she? >> she was 19 when i was out there. the videos poured in all the way up to just shy of, i mean, she had to be in her -- 21. >> this was not a lapse in judgment that is when you give yourself a bad haircut. she has 20 tapes. >> she could go into syndication. >> it is important if she was 20. if she were 17, it would be illegal for people to view them. >> can we use the l-word? is she lying?
12:09 am
>> which l-record. >> when you talk about people, they don't like to say lie. they say false hood. is that christian to lie? very she was bearing false witness. is that one of the ten commandments? >> thou shalt not. >> there was coveting going on. seriously you cannot make a sex tape and have a platform on any moral issue. >> that is the exact reason that b everybody is turning on her. and the same with sarah palin. she was talking about abstinence and she has a daughter with a big belly. they always play the victim card. >> if you have an opinion and you voice it you open yourself up to being judged for it. she is forgetting that she cannot say anything she wants.
12:10 am
and she nusled a crucifix in her cleavage. >> she wants to keep jesus warm. >> the funniest thing is like she was having a fight. he was perfectly calm the whole thing. calm down. you are being inappropriate which made him seem more and more in control. >> she was on the view with me and she was very tense. she turned on me. she turned on me. and in this show we had a moment where somebody made a joke. she wants an apology from me because i laughed. i support the comedian. i laugh at jokes. we stick together. >> so they watch the show. >> you remember dead man walking? >> sounds like my ex-husband. >> prejean keeps saying she is being palinized.
12:11 am
>> there is a double standard that conservative women are fair game to be attacked. >> doesn't the conservative media tear down liberal politicians? >> not to the extent that liberals do to conservatives. >> so -- hillary clinton clinton is a bitch and a liar. laura ingram accused of nancy pelosi of having done everything to sell her own body. >> that was called a larry king smack down. he had the information right in front of him. she thinks this is a one-way street. and too bad about the rest of them. >> did laura ingram really accuse her of that? >> did larry king really just say bitch? he is my hero. i am getting upset over larry.
12:12 am
and she backed out of a gop speaking event. >> i think that was the wrong thing to do. i am telling you she is brilliant. if she had just gone there she would have gotten a lot more attention. >> but the right wing loves the air heads. quick programming note. the donald's response to carrie prejean's tantrum did an exclusive interview with "showbiz tonight." stay tuned for "showbiz tonight" at 11:00. the latest in the david letterman extortion case.
12:13 am
12:14 am
12:15 am
12:16 am
joe was not trying to blackmail dave but just trying to sell him a screen play. joe, explain exactly how the screen play defense works? >> i think it diminishes it when you call it the screen play defense. i think i can explain it this way. there was a time when william randolph learned about citizen cane the movie and didn't want it published in the worst way and he offered millions of dollars to see that citizen cane not be released but as we know it was. just this week there are three cases in the news where confidentiality agreements were at the core of the issue. where someone wanted to pay to have something not published, not made public. that's all that happened here. >> it's a little suspicious
12:17 am
here. there are a couple of things. with all due respect to you, why did your client go to him at 6:00 in the morning. it is a little bit weird. it is very god fatherish to show up at 6:00 a.m. with a screen play. >> can i say this? the fact that so many people are relying on 6:00 in the morning delivery of the package is ridiculous. they both went to work at 6:00 in the morning. joe knew david letterman's driver. he knew that was the best way. showing up at 9:00 would not have made it better or different. fedex, does that mean there is no case? >> why would the letter say your world is going collapse? that is not friendly at any hour. >> there is no requirement in the commercial transaction that people be friendly. >> your world is going collapse?
12:18 am
that is threatening. >> it is not threatening. was a reality. and he has the absolute right to go letterman with intellectual property and offer him the right of first refusal. that is all he was doing. joe made it crystal clear, he said to the man representing david letterman, clearly it is your option. you don't have to take this. that doesn't sound threatening to me. his tone was not threatening. if you heard the tapes, when you hear them at a trial. >> let me ask you something. letterman's attorney doesn't buy what you are saying at all. let's listen to him. >> who negotiates a business transaction at 6:00 in the morning in the shadows of somebody's apartment building who says your world is about to
12:19 am
collapse? who threatens their personal and professional lives and who says i need an answer in two hours? those are not the earmarks of a business transaction but are of classic blackmail. >> you want my answer? the fact that in about 20 seconds he had to mention 6:00 in the morning twice and you mentioned it right at the outset. if that is what the proof is, they will be laughed out of court. if that is what they will put before the jury. i don't know if it was dark. but in the dark shadows of night? they will be laughed out of court. >> uh-huh. >> did we say hello yet? >> hi, how are you. i am just here to ask you some questions. >> objectively. >> you are doing a lot of talk shows.
12:20 am
doesn't that taint the jury. the fact that you are on the talk shows talking? how will you get a real jury to -- what's the word here. i am not a lawyer. >> to be fair and impartial? >> to be fair and balanced -- no, that's the other station. >> fair and impartial. >> here is the answer. first of all, when this case goes to trial lit not be for six, seven, eight, ten months from now. i have the right because the press has been all over this asking questions like you are, assuming that joe is government when he is not. i have a right to tooeceven the playing field. but the better question is why does david letterman have a team of lawyers tracking me around? >> david is not on trial for committing a crime.
12:21 am
your client did. >> why did he engage a criminal defense lawyer. what is going on here? >> i don't think that david committed a crime. your client committed the crime. that is why you are trying to defend him. >> you will be on another show before you know it. thanks.
12:22 am
12:23 am
12:24 am
i am back with my panel. we are talking about the alleged extortion plot. what did you think of what the lawyer said and what will happen now? >> i think we are all excited for the actual movie about this whole thing. the screen play came too early. he should have waited until all of this unfolded. >> it is not really what they called a play. right? this was david letterman starring in it. it is a bio. i want to play the missed off
12:25 am
wife. i really would like to play that. >> i think that casting letterman would be tricky. they could go with letterman but he was terrible in cabin boy. >> i never saw that. >> i think nicole kidman can do amazing things. >> who will she may? letterman? >> russell crowe? >> too good looking. >> rick sanchez with a goatee. >> paul would be a good halderman. he has got the look but the character is more one-eyed willie. >> if there is an actual trial, you get to see letterman on his show. fantastic. the other guy will be on the ledge. >> he will kill himself.
12:26 am
>> they will be sigh mull casting the late show on trutv. lit be amazing. he is doing better already. >> letterman is doing very well. >> this is the best thing that could have happened to him. now it makes it seem more silly and more like the is the victim. >> in the beginning -- it was not unfair. he was apologetic. now that people have had time to proesess it. now people feel bad for dave. >> some rooif networks have been unfair. the "today show" is adding a fifth hour to cover this. >> that show will be on until midnight. >> that leads into the tonight show. >> kathy lee will move to the tonight show. she will have a show at like 5:00 in the afternoon.
12:27 am
>> he said he is anxious to cross examine letterman. >> he is a fan. >> or is he a big ego maniac. >> he wants another show. everybody wants a show. >> carrie prejean will get a show and sarah palin will have a show. >> lit be like three's company. >> very nice to have you here. we will be right back.
12:28 am
12:29 am
12:30 am
black friday is coming and we will all be out charging up our credit cards but for many, black friday is every day. how do you know if you are a shop aaholic. if you spend so much money on home furnishings that you actually lose the house, you have a problem. we have two guests here to discuss this. thank you all for being here.
12:31 am
let's start with kelly. how do you know the difference between a person who likes to shop a lot or aaholic? >> anything in moderation is fine. but when you begin to get obsessed with the behavior, when there is negative consequences attached that could be financial, stress, or debt, loss of time, arguments with family or loved ones about it, and just sometimes people literally do run out of room to put things, then you are talking about a behavior that is compulsive and pathlogical. >> like somebody who collects a lot of stuff and has the house filled with stuff. on the other hand, if a person can afford to buy stuff, why are they a shopaholic? >> you can have function al al
12:32 am
co-aholics. a shopaholic may be able to afford what he or she is buying and may have space but if you are looking at what is driving it crow will often find there is an emotion. an importantness or a self-essteam issue. their lives are usually out of balance. they might be losing time and energy in other dreks of their life. it is up to that foreign decide when they have had enough. >> let's move on to our other guests. here is a clip of anjelica. >> i go shopping and the receipts would pile up. i have to important it out. you have no idea how bulky it can get. this is probably from the last few months and these are the ones i have kept. >> those are a lot of receipts. what do you like to buy?
12:33 am
>> i don't discriminate. i like to buy everything. >> what is your favorite? >> boots. >> how many pairs do you have? >> 35 or more. >> 35 pairs or more? >> i have never counted. >> what's up with the boots? >> i happened to watch that segment and i think angjelic ar, you mentioned that boots give you a sense of power. that is a very important thing for us all to feel. can i ask you, how much is enough? >> how much is enough? >> how much would be enough? >> enough is never enough. i toent know how much is enough. i just -- i always find a reason for why enough isn't enough or why i need more. i have to go this party. boots go with everything. they are comfortable and
12:34 am
stylish. >> mom, why do you give her a credit card? >> i honestly gave it to her for an emergency. she wasn't working. i want to know that they are safe. i got my card. they were nice, they were offering a nice pattern, like you know -- i said i would get one in her name and mine. >> the card? >> i think it was like a monet painting. >> you were attracted to the card? >> yes. >> now you know where i get it from. >> so i gave them one and said this is for gas for your car and an emergency. any emergency. that's it. just an emergency. >> okay. let's talk to you for a minute. what's your favorite thing to buy. what about you? >> really, i buy clothes, mostly. but i just purchased a new house, so i have been shopping
12:35 am
for couches and wall decor and comforters and things for my dogs. i like to buy things for my family and people that i love. >> what's wrong with that? >> ali, you and i have met before. i hope things are still going okay with you. i am glad to hear you have bought a home. are you finding yourself sliding back? >> i will ask the questions, terry. >> buying a home is a wonderful accomplishment.
12:36 am
we have seen people have to give up much of what they worked hard to buy. we have to come to grips with reality. >> how much in debt are you, ali? >> about $17,000. i was $20,000 about a year and a half ago. i have been able to pay some of it off. >> i don't know how people pay those off. i read that they are now up to 29% interest rates. you will never pay that off. >> it is either bankruptcy or never -- continuing to pay the bills, pay them. you don't get a break. >> why do you think you shop like that? what is it about yourself? >> i think that i am self-conscious. clothes make me secure with the person i am. i feel better. i feel equal to the other people in the store. i feel great when i am able to
12:37 am
walk out with just as many if not more bags than the person next to me. i love hearing the total is more than the person before me. it is -- a lot of it is being insecure. >> you have your own card and your bill came and it is over $400. okay. so your parents are out of work and you aren't working whoch in. who is going pay that? >> i plan on getting a job? >> where? >> a mall. >> that is like an alcoholic going into a bar. >> now you understand my problem. my first job was at armani exchange. >> i love that place. >> i actually was not a big fan but i just bought stuff because i had a discount and you had to wear the clothes for a uniform. >> and i used to tell her to take the check and try to save.
12:38 am
you pay your bills. no, i am like where's your check. um, i used it. i have to buy clothes. >> she is a very pretty girl. she likes to look good. but you got get a job. is this like a female disease? are men shopaholics? >> men do have this problem as well. almost as many men have this problem. they may buy different things. there are men who buy clothes. but a lot of men spend too much on computers, sportswear. >> the big items. they don't waste their money on the tiny stuff. >> men can buy new cars that they can't afford or vacations or go out to eat too much. men with overdo it, too. >> what is the worst case shopaholic that you know and do
12:39 am
i know that person? >> certainly we heard about nicholas cage since we are talking about men. that was in the news about his mul multimillion dollars spending sprees. interesting behavior. but i worked with a few clients. one man who bought about $200,000 in computer equipment. he was disabled and not employed. he has a wife and a child with special needs. when he got done with the computer equipment he went on to the next hobby. a lot of times people are looking -- >> i want to hear that. we want to talk about what is really causing this. stay right there. 
12:40 am
12:41 am
12:42 am
12:43 am
shop something definitely like getting a fix. it stimulates to me the same kind of things that a drug wouldment it is definitely a high for me. >> that is on mtv's true life. >> shopping is your drug right? >> it is. >> how does it feel? does it fieel like you just too a drug? >> it does. to me it has the same feelings. i think about it when i am not shopping. i get nervous about it. it ruins my relationships. it ruins literally ruins everything around me. when i go shopping, i feel great.
12:44 am
sit a short high. and as soon as i am done i am back down for the low. i realize i didn't have the money. how am i going the pay my bills and i got all of these things in front of me that are a constant reminder. >> do you wear them? >> some of them i do. a lot of things still have tags on them. i will take things, i will sell the clothes back and take the money and go shopping again. >> like a gambling addiction. >> oh yeah. >> the way she described it, it is a little like drugs and alcohol. >> it is a lot like it for some people. >> what are the underlying reasons? >> ali noted she has had challenges with her own sense of self-. so i think a lot of people are vulnerable. it is a bottomless pit. if you don't feel good about who you are, you can focus on your
12:45 am
image. it is a pit that keeps driving you until you figure out where does the lack of self-esteem and self-worth come from? >> when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping. one of the department stores has an advertising campaign going on and the shopping bags say want it. want it. come on in here and spend your money. you know? so hay are like drug dealers. >> they are. >> basically. >> it is a legalized drug deal. >> uh-huh. >> anjelica mentioned feeling empowered. we know in her family life, parents have been out of work, family illness and a lot of crises and it probably left her feeling a lot of feelings and people can use shopping to escape. sometimes because of all the arguments you have been having,
12:46 am
sometimes in an ined a ver tant way, we are looking for negative attention which is better than no attention. i would advise both of you to go somewhere for the whole day that does not involve a store or mall. >> that's a hard one. mothers and daughters like to go shopping together. >> but there have got be other ways. >> a pedicure? a facial. >> some way to connect. >> is he making any sense? >> i don't know. part of my credit card bill is man cures and pedicures. >> never mind. how about a hue seem. >> yesterday, a bill came and i had to. i was dieing to see if she controlled herself. i slit it open and it is $466. man cure, pedicure. >> how often do you get one?
12:47 am
>> once a week. >> once week a man cure. >> a pedicure once every three weeks. >> i do it also. >> the question is -- >> you pay for it. you make the money, you pay for it. that's the bottom line. if you have the money, you can do it. if you don't -- >> joy, do you sit there and do you think about that man cure and pedicure? >> oh yeah. >> weeks before you get it? >> yes, i do. >> they give me what they call a spa pedicure and they rub my legs. i can afford it. >> and a lot of shopaholics they cannot afford it and it is not until a crisis happens. somebody in their family dies. their hours get cut. not until something like that happens that they realize my spending habits are out of control. what makes a shopaholic different is that it takes over
12:48 am
our every thought and ru ruins our relationships and more. >> it is an interesting delimb ma. the doctor said that it has something to do with control that you feel out of control. like an anorexic. you will hear that about anorexics. is there any similarity? >> all addictions are similar and eating disorders, from what i know about them, a lot of times they will be feeling a loss of control over relationships or circumstances in his or her life and the focus on eating or binging and purging or calorie intake or thinness becomes an all-consuming obsession and in their mind they can control that little part of their life. with the shopaholic, if for a moment in time i can buy something and look perfect and project this imskmaj feel on top of the world. -- >> it is like an anti-depress
12:49 am
abo ant. >> we are afraid if we don't buy this we will not be keeping up with the jones. >> there is the element of the advertisers and the parents who are enabling. what should they do? what should they do? we don't have that much time but cure them now. >> i don't know about cure. but they can admit they have a problem. see the writing on the wall that if they continue this it will just get worse. they are young enough and smart enough now to really get serious help before it gets more ingrained. get some counseling. go to our website. read books. medication, find friends and family whom you can do things with that don't involve shopping. there have got be other things do to do.
12:50 am
>> what about christmas. should they not buy giflts for anybody this year? >> i wouldn't go that far but we can be creative. we can give a gift card. we are make a card. we can barter, we can do favors for each other. a lot of americans are going to have to scale back out of necessity. i encourage people not to go to the stores very much during the holiday season. it's a real frenzy. we have two young ladies here who have a lot of potential. >> thank you all very much. good luck to you, two. i hope it stops. thanks, everyone. back in a minute with eliot spitzer's manhattan madam.
12:51 am
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12:54 am
remember the disgraced new york governor eliot spitzer. remember him? guess what he's doing. he's giving a lecture at harvard university's ethics seminar. hello! ethics is the keyword here. with me to discuss this is kristen davis, not the kristin davis from "sex and the city," although she could if that city was albany. but she's not. she's the madam who provided spitzer with his escorts, and she joins me now for an exclusive interview. welcome. >> thank you. >> so let's discuss this. the guy goes to harvard and he's giving a speech on ethics.
12:55 am
but the professor up there says that it's not -- he's not talking about ethics. he's talking about institutional corruption. you wrote a letter objecting to all of this. tell me about it. >> initially i wrote a letter just addressing some very basic questions. i can't attend the conference because i'm on probation so i can't leave the city of new york. >> you were going to go there? >> i would have loved to. >> just to hear it? >> maybe ask some questions, no one replied to my letter so i posted it on my blog. >> i see. why is he doing this? is he trying to meet women or what? >> there's big money in the public speaking circuit. it's sad that he has some influence over the future ethics of any harvard student, of any student in general. i mean the event sold out. it's obviously an economic decision by harvard to increase their bottom line. he sold a lot of tickets.
12:56 am
obviously this press has also helped. >> so do you think he shouldn't be talking about ethics? >> i see some merit in his lecture, however, if we're going to listen to this man, then why don't we talk about the real issues. >> which are? >> corruption by a public official. obviously we can learn something from a public official who committed and covered up his crimes and who when he lied to the same public he promised to protect. >> that's true. as attorney general he went around arresting and making examples out of the same escort agencies he was frequenting. that's what you're ticked off about. >> obviously we can learn something from him if we talk about the real issues, how we as an american public can question our public officials and talk about how he made some mistakes and how he can rectify them and how we can question the people in power. let's not talk about wall street. why does he want to talk about wall street? the biggest ponzi scheme in the history of the world happened
12:57 am
under his nose. >> he's a dog, but he's a smart dog. the guy is not stupid. >> no, of course. i'm sure he's getting paid very well. >> he doesn't need the money obviously. he had a very big bill at your agency. >> sure, sure and his father is a billionaire and he bought his way out jail. >> how often did he use the services that you provided by the way? >> weekly. >> weekly? >> weekly. >> was he a good tipper? >> he was actually a good tipper. the girls were nice to him. he tipped them well. >> why is it that the johns never get into trouble? >> johns never get into trouble because in this country we promote inequality amongst the sexes so the women get in trouble and go the jail. and the men -- we've historically never prosecuted the john. >> what do you say to people that say that's the pot calling the kettle black in your case. >> hey, i served my time. >> what do you do now? what do you do now? >> i'm working on some non-profits to promote legalization of prostitution. >> i love that. thanks, kristen.
12:58 am
thanks for watching. good night, everybody. good night, elliot. 
12:59 am
1:00 am
breaking news tonight, live, north carolina. a 5-year-old little girl vanishes without a trace from the child's own home. mommy tells police she left the little girl on the sofa. 5:30 a.m. one hour later, the baby is gone. how does a 5-year-old girl go missing from her own sofa? the child wearing nothing but a t-shirt and underwear, her little blanket, shaniya's favorite blanket found, discarded. covered in feces in the neighbor's trash. bombshell tonight, an arrest goes down.
1:01 am
who else? the mother's boyfriend. that's right, the live-in. but even with an arrest, still no sign of shaniya. cops still don't know whether she's dead or alive or where she is. a tipster spots the boyfriend driving away with the 5-year-old. timeline, critical. that timeline will reveal whether mommy's covering for the live-in. this after a neighbor tells us she hears loud banging 3:00 a.m. that was the same morning shaniya goes missing. tonight, where is 5-year-old shaniya? >> are you clarence d. coe. >> yes, sir. >> mr. coe, you are charged with a felony of first-degree kidnapping. this is your first appearance. do you understand why you're here sir? >> no, but i'm not guilty. >> police have arrested a suspect in the disappearance of a 5-year-old, shaniya davis. though, still no sign of her. police in fayetteville, north
1:02 am
carolina, say they took clarence coe into custody. he's charged with first-degree kidnapping. he has a record dating back eight years including assault on a female. >> sir, the state of north carolina alleges that on or about the date of november 10th, 2009, that you did commit the felony of first-degree kidnapping of shaniya davis and terrorizing antoinette davis. do you understand that? >> i understand. >> sir, i must advise you that first-degree kidnapping is a "c," class "c" felony. you could get 261 months in prison. do you understand that? and tonight, live to oregon in the disappearance of a gorgeous young satellite tv saleswoman, mother of two.
1:03 am
jayme sue austin? she calls her mom to say her water is on the blink. wants to shower at mom's. fine. noon, the workplace calls mom to ask, where's jayme? she never made it to work. mom races home to find daughter's car still in the driveway. the shower used. signs in the bathroom of a struggle. tonight, we learn clues uncovered in the home. jayme's mother with us live. tonight, where is 31-year-old jayme sue austin? >> stunning details emerge in the search of missing mother of two say jayme sue austin. jayme's mom says many potential clues left behind in her bathroom. a wet rug and freshly vacuumed floor. the throw rug folded on the counter. >> i called another friend. he called me back just a few minutes later and said her car was in my driveway.
1:04 am
he said that she wasn't here. someone had been in my bathroom. the sheriff's office, because of what the bathroom looked like, they've listed it as suspicious as a crime. >> perhaps most disturbing, a necklace jayme really liked found broken inside the vacuum. her mom says jayme wouldn't have thrown the necklace away. she would have given to her mom to fix instead. investigators expanding their search trying to find jayme in the crucial 72-hour time window. how does someone taking a shower just disappear? >> good evening. i'm nancy grace. i want to thank you for being with us. live, north carolina. a 5-year-old little girl vanishes without a trace from the child's own home. now, mommy tells police she left the little girl on the sofa, 5:30 a.m. why? why do you leave your child alone on a sofa 5:30 a.m.? one hour later, the baby gone. a 5-year-old goes missing from her own sofa? little shaniya's favorite
1:05 am
blanket covered in feces found discarded in the neighbor's trash. bombshell tonight, an arrest goes down. but we still don't know where shaniya is or even if she's dead or alive. >> what are you going to do about an attorney in your case? >> i'll go with court appointed lawyer. >> you have already completed an affidavit, sir. i have reviewed the affidavit and it appears that you're eligible for a court-appointed attorney. and i'm going to appoint a member of the public defender staff to represent you. do you understand what i'm doing, sir? >> yeah. >> do you have a public defender helping you on any other matter in this county at the present time, sir? >> no, i don't have any other charges. >> police in fayetteville, north carolina, have made an arrest in the disappearance of a 5-year-old girl. little shaniya davis reported missing tuesday morning from her mobile home.
1:06 am
well, now witnesses tell police her mom's boyfriend, clarence coe, was seen driving off with her. the 30-year-old is charged with first-degree kidnapping, but again, still no sign of little shaniya. >> you have an additional right and that is the right to remain silent. do you understand that, sir? >> yes, i do. >> this concludes your first appearance. your new court date is december 2nd. do you have any questions? >> no, i don't. >> did you see him rolling his eyes in court? just a couple of hours ago? he's charged, formally charged with the kidnap of this 5-year-old little girl, shaniya. and he rolls his eyes and says he doesn't have a question? well, i got some questions for him, but tonight i'm going to have to settle for ken smith, reporter with wral, joining us there on the scene in fayetteville, north carolina.
1:07 am
ken, tell me the latest. >> well, here's what we know. 30-year-old clarence coe, he's got a record. he has a sordid past dating back eight years. he apparently a few years ago already served time in jail for -- >> wait a minute, wait a minute. wait a minute. i'm very interested in his resume, ken, but can you start with this little girl, for pete's sake, please. what can you tell me? >> yeah. >> i mean, he gets arrested and we still don't know if she's dead or alive? >> absolutely. and this disappearance of this little girl has just devastated this community. we've talked to neighbors today. they cannot believe that this could happen to this 5-year-old little girl. they're apparently not getting any information out of clarence coe. they're reinterviewing witnesses out of that mobile home park. now that coe is behind bars. they're hoping that people will start coming up out with information that they were not willing to share initially. they're going back now to interview those people, because
1:08 am
now that he's in jail, they're thinking, well, maybe they will give up some of that information, nancy. >> joining us gurnal scott. with wptf radio. they arrest the guy, to my understanding, based on a report from somebody in that area, somebody in that residential area neighborhood that saw him leaving in his car with the girl. one question, gurnal scott, yes/no? do we know what time they placed the child in the car with the defendant? >> the answer to that, as far as police are saying, they're not giving up that information so, no, we do not know exactly what time that is. >> so the answer is, no. and you know where i'm going with that, marlaina schiavo. if somebody could tell me the time that they see this man right there on the screen with
1:09 am
this little girl in his car, then i will know if mommy is lying because mommy says to police, i put the baby on the sofa at 5:30 a.m. why she left the child unattended, i don't know. at 6:30 a.m., she says she notices the child is gone. so unless he had the child between 5:30 and 6:30, then mommy's timeline is way out of whack, marlaina schiavo. >> that's right, nancy. and what we're trying to find out from police is who saw these two in the car and where was shaniya in this car? and police said about the mother, they have not cleared her, nancy. so they are asking her about this timeline. they're trying to figure out exactly when they were driving out of the mobile park community. >> got it. i want to go to special guest joining us tonight barbara davenport. she is the park manager who rented the home to shaniya's family.
1:10 am
ms. davenport, thank you for being with us. >> caller: hi. good to be here. >> what can you tell us about this clarence coe, the suspect in the disappearance of little shaniya? >> i had very little contact with mr. coe other than two instances where i had to tell him to stay off of the property. and during the second instance he became very confrontational, and when he got out of his vehicle, i thought he was going to assault me. >> ms. davenport, why were you telling him to stay off the property? i'm very intrigued with that. >> because he came in violating the park rules. and when i told him he was violating the park rules and to please not do it again, he became rude and disrespectful and belligerent so at that point i said, fine, if that's how you want to be, i do not want you on this property again. >> what was he doing to break the rules? >> he said that's fine with me.
1:11 am
i won't come back. >> ms. davenport, what was he doing to break the rules? >> he was playing his car stereo very loud. >> just what you don't want to hear when you get home from work is somebody with their boom box playing outside. >> boom, boom, boom, vibrating your walls, yes. >> but obviously he did get back in. how often did he stay in the home with shaniya davis and her mother? >> now that i have no idea. i only encountered him one time after that. and that was when the confrontation got kind of ugly. and i did call the police. >> are you clarence d. coe? >> yes, sir. >> mr. coe, you are charged with a felony of first-degree kidnapping. this is your first appearance. do you understand why you're here today, sir? >> no, but i'm not guilty, sir. that's all i've got to say about it. >> sir the state of north carolina alleges that on or about the date of november 10th, 2009, that you did commit the
1:12 am
felony of first-degree kidnapping of shaniya davis.
1:13 am
1:14 am
1:15 am
shaniya davis was kidnapped from this mobile home at sleepy hollow drive in fayetteville. police believe clarence coe is the one who did it. >> are you clarence d. coe? >> yes, sir. >> mr. coe, you are charged with a felony of first-degree
1:16 am
kidnapping. this is your first appearance. do you understand why you're here today, sir? >> no, but i'm not guilty. >> a witness says they saw coe driving off with the girl. they don't think this is a random act but won't give any insight as to how coe knew the victim or the family. >> we're getting i guess very differing stories constantly. so we're trying to piece together the truth of the situation and what was going on at the time. >> the girl's mother previously told police she put shaniya on the couch in their mobile home around 5:00 on tuesday morning. an hour later she says the girl was gone. but then a neighbor says that someone placed the little girl's blanket in her garbage can. >> from what i was told, there was feces spread all over that porch and rail at the little girl's house. and this blanket was covered in feces. >> while authorities work toward the truth, one fact remains -- shaniya davis is missing. >> straight out to ken smith
1:17 am
with wral. he was in court today. what happened? >> i'll tell you what, coe walked into court. he was rolling his eyes. showed no emotion. when the judge asked him if he understood the charges he was facing, he initially said, no, i'm not guilty, and that's all i have to say about it. but, of course, once he said that the judge laid out charges for him. he's facing charges of kidnapping and for terrorizing antoinette davis which is shaniya's mom and she's somebody that investigators are paying attention to because investigators are telling us that over the last several days she's given them conflicting reports about how her little girl went missing, nancy. >> wait, wait. back it up. ken smith, the mother's changed her story? >> absolutely. initially she told investigators that she put the child on the couch at 5:00 a.m. an hour later the child was gone. witnesses telling police tonight that at 3:00 a.m., she heard a
1:18 am
wrestling in her garbage can and that's where they found that blanket that's now into evidence. so for the last several days investigators have been talking with antoinette davis, and still not getting any information so they're trying to sort through her different stories and all of the tips and leads that they're getting to hopefully get to the truth, nancy. >> right, of course, they are. out to dr. bethany marshall, psychoanalyst and author of "dealbreakers." she's joining us from l.a. bethany, take a listen to this. >> karen, are you ever surprised? i always was, no matter how many times it happened. i'm trying to remember one time a mother sided with the dead or molested or abused child over the husband or boyfriend. and i'm not remembering out of ten years of felony prosecution a single time the mother sided with the child. >> well, nancy, i think you're right about that.
1:19 am
>> out to bethany, why? why? i'm hearing from ken smith, reports that the mother has changed her story several times about the disappearance of her 5-year-old girl. everybody, look at this girl. look at her. look at shaniya. 3 feet, 40 pounds. beautiful brown eyes, brown hair. thin build. she was wearing a blue sleep t-shirt and pink underwear. no shoes. the little thing didn't even have on any shoes. the tip line is 910-433-1856. $100,000 reward. when i think of little lucy or little john david out there with no shoes on, a t-shirt and underwear, what do you make of this mother? >> nancy, she knew that her boyfriend had a criminal history. he was once in jail, and she allowed this perpetrator into her home with her children. i believe that it's either a possibility she was more
1:20 am
attached to him than her own children. nancy, there's a possibility that she and her boyfriend beat the little girl and because of traumatic abuse that's why there's feces all over the blanket and all over the back porch, and she solicited the boyfriend to take the little girl away because the little girl was dead. >> as of tonight the mother is not charged. just this man, clarence darrell coe. we'll be back with marc klaas. >> what do you want to do about an attorney in your case? >> i'll go with court-appointed lawyer. >> you have already completed an affidavit, sir. i have reviewed the affidavit. and it appears that you're eligible for a court-appointed attorney. and i'm going to appoint a member of the public defender's staff to represent you. do you understand what i'm doing, sir? >> yep.
1:21 am
1:22 am
1:23 am
1:24 am
you have an additional right, and that is the right to remain silent. do you understand that, sir? >> yes, i do. >> you should not speak about the facts of this case with anyone unless it is an attorney who is properly representing you. >> i know. >> if you speak with anyone else, sir, it'll be used against you in a court of law. you do not want to talk with anybody about this unless it is your attorney. do you understand your rights including your right to remain silent? >> yes, i do. >> all right, sir. this concludes your first appearance. your new court date is december 2nd. do you have any questions? >> no, i don't.
1:25 am
>> what are you going to do about an attorney in your case? >> i'll go with court-appointed lawyer. >> i guess you are getting a court-appointed lawyer and i've got to pay for it. unleash the lawyers. john burris, defense attorney renowned in the san francisco area and throughout. and paul bautista. a veteran trial lawyer. defense attorney in the new york jurisdiction. author of "death's witness." good evening, gentlemen. first to you, burris. yeah, i'm paying the bill for him. and while he's getting two hots in a cot tonight, his breakfast is cold. he's not even telling police where the little girl is, john burris? now if you were his defense attorney, would you advise him to tell where the child is? if he's not telling, that means one thing to me, she's dead. >> well, it doesn't necessarily mean that at all. right now he's been charged and so the first thing we have do is
1:26 am
figure out what happened. what his story is. i wouldn't advise him to talk to the police at all until after i've had a real thorough conversation with him about what he knows and doesn't know. right now the evidence probably isn't all that great against him. it seems to me he ought to -- >> yeah, there's only an eyewitness spotting him leaving that morning. >> you don't know how good that eyewitness is. you don't know that yet. that person hasn't been tested. we don't know what time this was seen yet. >> you are right, paul bautista. i guess that you and burris would attack the witness on the stand. >> of course. >> you didn't have your glasses on? but forget that. what i want to does you is knowing that he may very well know where the child is or where her body is, you would advise him not to speak to police. yes/no, bautista? >> of course not. he's a defendant in a criminal case. a judge has told him he's exposed to 240 years in jail. do you think he's going to tell you anything? of course not. it's his right to remain silent, nancy.
1:27 am
>> we're treating this as she's endangered. she was abducted. we're taking it of the utmost importance and seriousness. so we're aggressively look for her.
1:28 am
1:29 am
1:30 am
are you clarence d. coe? >> yes, sir. >> mr. coe, you are charged with a felony of first-degree kidnapping. this is your first appearance. do you understand why you're here today, sir? >> no, but i'm not guilty, sir. that's all that i have to say about that. >> sir, the state of the north carolina alleges that on or about the date of november 10th, 2009, that you did commit the felony of first-degree
1:31 am
kidnapping of shaniya davis and terrorizing antoinette davis. do you understand that? >> i understand. >> sir, i must advise you that first-degree kidnapping is a "c," class-c felony. you think get 261 months in prison. do you understand that? what are you going to do about an attorney in your case? >> i'll go with court-appointed lawyer. >> straight out to marc klaas, the president and founder of klaaskids. marc, it's not looking good and the fact that he is under arrest, having last been seen with the little girl, don't know when. i cannot get a timeline out of police when that neighbor saw him driving off in his own car with her. we still don't know if she's dead or alive or where she is. that does not bode well. >> well, no, it doesn't bode
1:32 am
well, and i don't think that anyone has to tell this character not to say anything. i don't think that he intends to speak one word to anybody about this case. the weak link is obviously the mother. what exactly are these conflicting stories of hers? how exactly is it that she puts the little girl down at 5:00 in a house full -- with six other people. and five other people. and is able to fall asleep to the point that she doesn't notice somebody else comes in and gets the little girl within the next hour. none of this stuff makes sense. if they're going to break this case, she's probably the weak link and the one that they're going to use to break it. >> liz, let's show the shots. the new shots that we have of little shaniya. the tip line, everyone, 910-433-1856. there is a chance this child is still alive. take a look. straight out to bethany marshall. bethany, explain to me your thoughts on the mom. now, i think that klaas is correct. they're not going to crack coe behind bars. >> no.
1:33 am
>> this is not his first time around the block. he's been behind bars on several occasions. he knows not to talk. she's not the same. if i were the cops, i would be honing in on her to crack her. >> i agree. because like most women who allow men to abuse their children, her primary loyalty is going to be the abuser. was there a history of domestic abuse in this household? the neighbor heard a huge commotion around 3:00 in the morning. the mother and the boyfriend arguing and the little girl got caught up in the fight. was he abuse the little girl and he tried stop her? was there ritualistic abuse being performed against the child and then they had to get rid of her. >> i want to go out to dr. leigh vinocur at the university of maryland, school of medicine. dr. vinocur, thank you so much for being with us. >> my pleasure. >> doctor, this is not a pleasant question, but we do know her favorite blanket was found crammed in the neighbor's dumpster covered in feces.
1:34 am
now obviously there may be a way to identify bodily fluids and determine if it is from shaniya but my question to you is, assuming the child potty trained, what would make her poop like that? would it be from -- could it be from an intense beating or from some type of an abuse? >> speculating it possibly could be from a beating. was it from sexual abuse? or did she just have an accident and they used her favorite blanket as a form of punishment and then maybe beat her too badly. i mean it's really hard to say. >> well, you know, you brought up a good point, dr. vinocur. because if she had been -- i will give the mom at benefit of the doubt. if she had been lying there on the sofa, maybe she was lying on her favorite -- or with her favorite blanket and had an
1:35 am
accident. so maybe that is the best, the most innocent explanation that i could come up for that. >> true. but even in those instances if a situation of either domestic violence or child abuse, sometime when a child has an accident, the abuser just goes into a rage and you know possibly harms the child too violently but it's hard to speculate without much evidence right now. >> back to ken smith with wral. ken, what can you tell me about alleged conflicting statements by the mommy? give it to me in a nutshell. >> i'll tell you what, she's saying that she put the child down at 5:00 a.m. and an hour later, she -- the child disappeared. investigators aren't saying what those conflicting stories are just they are conflicting and they're trying to gets to the truth. >> gurnal scott, what do you know? >> well, you have to look at the timeline. you heard the commotion at about
1:36 am
3:00 a.m. the child was put on the couch at 5:30 a.m. none of us know what happened in that timeframe in between. so they're looking at these stories and trying to make it fit together so they can actually find out what happened to this little girl. >> to bill majewski, former nypd detective, now at majewski associates inc. what do you advise cops to do right now? >> the key is this witness who saw him walk away with the child. what was the condition of the child -- >> drive away. drive away. >> drive away. what was the condition the child when he drove away? was the child awake? was he carrying the child? was the child wrapped up in the blanket? and the key is this blanket was thrown away. if it was an accident, more likely than not the mother would have taken it and washed it. they got rid of that blanket because that blanket had some kind of evidence on it that could attach a crime to those two people and that's why the blanket was thrown away. >> majewski, you are so correct. and in all of the times i've washed the twins' clothes, their blankets, their sheets very
1:37 am
often in the middle of the night i never think of throwing them away. i wash them. you are so correct, bill majewski. back to you, marlaina schiavo. what more can you tell me? you've been in touch with police all day. >> i have and what they're telling us right now, nancy, is they're going over -- they're reinterviewing a lot of people that they have spoken to, going over areas that they've already searched and this surveillance video from the mobile home park. they're still going through all the footage and they're concentrating on that morning, specifically, of you know the timeline of when the video caught people walking around. >> right. everyone, tip line, 910-433-1856. we'll all be right back. but tonight, the n.g. family album. now, here are some our photos. our favorites. these are the twins, lucy and john david, after their birth. there's lucy in the laundry basket and little john david on my side of the bed all propped up for a photo. now photos from friends.
1:38 am
here's 3-year-old pennsylvania twins, brianna and brooklyn hugging in their pink pjs at bedtime and kansas friends of the show, the hardings. jordan, susie, casey, burton, matt, evan, reid, and doggie dog nell at their favorite pumpkin patch.
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1:41 am
jayme always punctual to work. she called her job to tell them she'd be running a few minutes late because she couldn't get water at her house. she called her mother just a few doors down and asked to use her shower. but jayme never made it to work. and is never heard from again. >> as the frantic search for missing mom jayme sue austin emerges, new information about the bathroom where she is said to have taken a shower. the bathroom floor was soaking wet. >> someone had taken a shower. the carpet was wet, clear out to my counter. the counter on the other side of the room.
1:42 am
it was quite wet, yes. >> jayme's prized puka shell necklace found not on the counter but broken and inside the canister of the vacuum. what happened? >> i suspect something's up. i don't know. this is too unusual for her. >> investigators continue to question scores of witnesses as the search by land, air and water continues. >> i will go to my reporters in just a moment but first jayme's mother. jayme sue austin, age 31. a beautiful mother of two. her mom is with us. this girl literally vanishes out of the shower. with us tonight, special guest, the mother, jayme sue's mother, ms. cindy gisholt. thank you for being with us. it's my understanding after you and i spoke last night, your daughter calls you earlier in the morning. she never misses work. she's a satellite tv sales lady. says my water is on the blink. scan can i come down the street
1:43 am
and take a shower at your place? you go, sure. you're already gone. then her place of business calls you around noon and says, where is she? then you go looking for her. you know something's wrong. and then you get a phone call. you're out looking up and down roadways that her car is parked at your house. what are police telling you that you can share with us? i know you've been extremely tight-lipped and i understand but what can you share with us, anything? >> you know i really don't have anything to update to date that i didn't let you guys know about yesterday. everyone's still out searching. you know your show has been tremendous to get the word out. you know the newspapers, word of mouth, friends and family. just getting the word out that she's missing. we've got posters -- >> well, i just don't understand it, ms. gisholt. what time did you leave home that morning? >> 7:00. >> so you leave the home 7:00. what time did she call you?
1:44 am
>> you know i think it was probably around -- it was between 8:00 and 8:30. you know maybe 8:15. i'm not positive. >> now at her job, did she go door-to-door? did she serve people that came into the office? did she make cold calls on the phone? what was the nature of her business? >> no, she was strictly inside sales. >> okay. so she dealt with sales there in the office. all right. i'm just trying to think. so she went to work typically at what time, ms. gisholt? >> she worked different hours at different times, days of the week. but normally i think 9:00 to 6:00. >> okay. so she calls you. wakes up. her water's not working. she calls you. you were there at 7:00. everything was fine. she was alive and well, 8:00 to 8:30. coming to your place. and then all of a sudden by noon she's gone. i want to go to stacey newman.
1:45 am
stacey, ms. gisholt, understandably, is not sharing everything that she knows from police. but stacey, what have you learned from your sources? what have we learned about clues inside the home, stacey? >> well, we told you last night that there were signs of a struggle in that bathroom that obviously was wet. now here's what we're hearing now. >> wait. no, no, nobody told me obviously, wet. don't just jump ahead. what do you mean, obviously wet? >> well, we reported last night that the shower had been used. >> right, that's not the bathroom. you said the bathroom's wet. >> and the carpet is soaked as well. >> put newman back up there. you are telling me the carpet is wet. that tells me that the water came out of the shower for i don't even know for how long. because if the carpet's still wet at 12:00 noon, that's not just her stepping out of the shower wet from the shower, all right? that is the water coming down on the carpet which she would not have done at her mother's bathroom.
1:46 am
what else, stacey? the carpet's wet? >> the carpet's wet. also a throw rug was folded on the counter. we also have learned as well the bathroom was completely vacuumed. and in the vacuum canister, jayme's favorite shell necklace. alarming clues, nancy. >> now, her necklace, why do you say it was her favorite necklace? >> well, this was a necklace that she wore so many times and even when it would fall apart -- this is a puka shell necklace. >> right the little white shells? >> correct. when it would fall apart she would ask her mom to restring it that's how much she loved this necklace. why was it in pieces on the floor? at some point it had been vacuumed. that is also an alarming clue, nancy. >> okay, this is what's disturbing me, marc klaas, right now in addition to everything, marc klaas, president and founder of klaaskids foundation. his expertise is missing people. marc. >> yes. >> whoever vacuumed up that
1:47 am
sopping wet carpet in the bathroom felt that there was no rush. they had plenty of time to vacuum, to clean 7, to fold up the rug and put it away. now we know she, the victim, would not have vacuumed up her own necklace. she would not have done that. she would have put it back together like she did every other time. so the perpetrator obviously felt that he had time to clean up after himself. he was in no danger of anybody coming home. now who would know that, marc klaas? who would know that? >> someone who is familiar with the routines of the home is somebody who would know that. first i would like to tell cindy to stay strong because she's going to be jayme's strongest advocate throughout this and she needs to continue to take care of herself so she can see this thing through to the end. i am really kind of stuck on this scenario that was built out last night about the stalker. that somebody was so obsessed with this young lady that he would go in multiple times and change the settings on her social networking accounts and
1:48 am
that this was something that really concerned her because this kind of obsession can become very dangerous and it can become very deadly. i really believe that probably the least likely scenario, because it's such a remote location, would be the out-of-town stranger. again, this is one that is probably very close to home. and if they can't find her in the immediate area, perhaps they're able to pick up a tire print and follow that to wherever she may end up -- may end up being. >> to the lawyers, john burris, paul bautista. it seems to me to be an easy thing to backtrack and find out who is calling her. >> you would think so. i'm like marc though. i think this is someone who knew her, knew her routine, had some real interest in her. you cannot go to someone's house and help clean it up and vacuum unless you really know something. >> a tiny, a tiny crease in
1:49 am
that. this wasn't her home and this wasn't her routine. >> but -- >> she didn't go and take a shower at her mother's house every morning. >> knew something about her. that's what i am saying. >> what about it, bautista. >> clearly someone she knew, someone close to home. someone who would even know her mother's habits. they were living in the same community. marc is absolutely right on this issue. >> bethany? i've got bethany marshall with me. >> can you hear me now? >> yes. >> stalkers stalk complete strangers sometimes, somebody they have seen in the store, in the grocery store and they develop a fixation on them. the m.o. of stalking is to go after the victim to undo the perceived objection. he was going into her facebook account. she locked him out. she changed her cell phone. that could be the moment of rejection. so what does he do? he changes the mode of stalking and he starts surveilling her home. he knows her comings and goings. and when she goes to her mother's house, she is in a vulnerable position and he strikes.
1:50 am
>> to cindy gisholt, this is jayme sue austin's mother. ms. gisholt, when this guy, we think it's a guy, right, would call her and call her and call her. does she have even -- even a suggestion as to who was? >> no, no. >> no, no. how serious it is, i hear you people talking. but to her it was kind of like, gees, i have a stalker. she didn't take it serious. >> i would take it serious when somebody hacked into my e-mail account for the second time. >> that's when she did start taking it serious. >> to laurie with "the oregonian." what more can you tell us? >> i think i have reported pretty much anything that i have uncovered in today's story, the necklace, the folded towels, the wet carpet, the cell phone left behind. she left her dog and her cat locked in her bedroom. had the cell phone with her.
1:51 am
cindy has told me that she tried to call the cell phone and it goes right to voicemail which tells cindy that it's off. they're continuing to search and they're searching burnt mountain which i believe is 50 miles west of fairview. i am wondering what they know. >> did you say burnt mountain? did you say burnt mountain? >> yes.
1:52 am
1:53 am
1:54 am
stunning details emerge in the search for missing mother of two jayme sue austin. many clues left behind in her bathroom. a wet floor. freshly vacuumed floor. the throw rug folded on the counter. investigators expanding their search trying to find jayme. >> do we have any idea who police have questioned? >> we don't have specific names, but i know they are zeroing in on people who were close to her. one other quick fact i want to tell you. the car in the driveway was found with the window down, there were car keys on the floor as well, nancy, so again,
1:55 am
something must have terribly gone wrong. >> another question, about her boyfriend, have we confirmed that he is in fact overseas right now with his job? >> that is what we're hearing, cops are not coming out and completely confirming that, but that's what we're hearing. we have also confirmed that he's in alaska. >> ms. gisholt, that's right? >> actually, he's a commercial fisherman in the bering sea. >> he is overseas with his job? >> and i confirmed it with his employer. >> marc klaas, this has got to be somebody that knows her very well and followed her that morning. this is not just somebody that was hanging around the mom's house and this is a random act. >> and she's a grown woman. i find it very difficult to understand how this character
1:56 am
could have attacked her in the bathroom as it seems happened and then get her outside without a huge struggle ensuing. it's very difficult to control an individual that doesn't want to be controlled. particularly an adult individual. >> tip line, 541-396-3121, extension 371. let's stop and remember army first lieutenant kevin gaspers, just 26. hastings, nebraska, killed iraq. a university of nebraska, lincoln, grad. awarded the purple hard. remembered as humble, dedicated. loved hunting, fishing, time with friends. leaves behind parents, pam and john, sisters katie and audrey. kevin gaspers, american hero. thanks to our guests, but especially to you for being with us and a special thank you to friend of the show laurie for
1:57 am
these beautiful pajamas for the twins and thank you to tennessee and south carolina friends of the show who are with us for mr. snitzel's cookies books and all the berenstain bears books. i'll see you tomorrow night at 8:00 sharp. until then, friend. until then, friend. good night, friend. -- captions by vitac -- this is the "showbiz tonight" newsbreak. here's what's coming up at the top of the hour. carrie prejean blows her stack on live tv. the must-see video of the controversial former beauty queen threatening to walk out on "larry king live." and a "showbiz tonight" exclusive. donald trump's fired up response today to carrie's tantrum.
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that's your "showbiz tonight" newsbreak.
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