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tv   Capital News Today  CSPAN  November 13, 2009 11:00pm-2:00am EST

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right now on "showbiz tonight," the supermodel extortion shocker. cindy crawford allegedly black mailed over a disturbing photo of her young daughter in revealing cloaking and bound and gagged. the man allegedly behind the plot and the story revealing where the photo came from. the chilling extortion plot almost too alarming to believe. brand-new revelations from sarah palin's tell all book and her tell all to oprah winfrey. what she thought when she found
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out her teen daughter was pregnant. revelations about the father of the baby, levi johnston. the oprah, palin, levi johnston bombshells. sarah palin in the running as "showbiz tonight" names the most provocative celebrity of the week. palin, carrie prejean, or lindsay lohan's dad, michael? tv's most provocative entertainment news show starts right now. . >> i'm a.j. hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. >> coming to you from hollywood, tonight the extortion nightmare. when i first heard about this story, it made me sick. supermodel cindy crawford's daughter photographed when she was just 7 years old in
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revealing clothing, bound and gagged. today a man is accused of trying to get crawford to give him big time money not to make the photo public. if that's not disturbing enough, we learn the disgusting picture was taken by the girl's nanny and it made for big news breaking today. . >> it's a sick, twisted story that plays out like an episode of law and order only this script is very real. cindy crawford and her husband randy gerber are fighting back over a plot for tens of thousands of dollars. the worst part of this drama, the reported scheme involves a provocative photo of their young daughter. i photo they didn't even know was taken. court documents say the photo shows crawford's daughter bound, gagged, and dressed provocatively. she was just 7 years old at the time. >> extortion cases are nothing
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new in hollywood. if you look at the david letterman case, you put that up against the cindy crawford case, the current case is so much more ickier because it involves a child and exploiting that child. >> this man, a german model allegedly contacted cindy and her husband, saying he had a photo of their daughter. "showbiz tonight" obtained the criminal complaint against the man and it claims the suspect said he had a "sexy photograph " of the victim's daughter in revealing clothing bound to a chair and gagged. he threatened to release the photo to the media. >> the crawfords are really torn over this. cindy said they had no idea that the photo existed. >> the complaint also said that cindy's husband comply and obtained a hard kaub and gerber gave him $1,000 cash for his trouble. shockingly, she discovered a nanny she had just fired was the
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one who took the photo, telling the little girl they were playing a game of cops and robbers. >> it's shocking for any parent to discover their 7-year-old daughter is being exploited for money and it involved a former nanny. did you really have those feelings of betrayal. >> it gets worse. kayalar continue to harass, demanding more money. crawford's complaints led her to find kaiaular harassed her family. two months later, he stated that $100,000 was a reasonable amount of money to keep him from releasing the photo of their daughter to the media. the star couple haven't given him any more money and kayalar
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is at large and allegedly still threatening to release the photo. >> there is a chance he could be arrested in germany and believed he is in the city and the authorities are looking for him. >> in the meantime, a spokes person for cindy and her husband said randy gerber and cindy crawford intend to pursue any and all legal action against anyone who aids the perpetrator in the distribution or sale of the photograph of their daughter. he could serve up to two years in prison. >> for any celebrity to be involved extortion is awful, but cindy in particular is a very private celebrity and doesn't like to air dirty laundry and discuss her family. for her to have this come out is a slap in the face. >> it really is such a slap in the face for her and her family. the explosive new plot is not the only news that made for big news breaking today. jon gosselin is claiming he is
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just too famous. it's true. in court papers that we are seeing for the first time today, he claims he just can't find regular work because everybody knows who he is and filed a $5 million lawsuit against tlc, the network that made him famous. unbelievable. joining me tonight in hollywood, an entertainment journalist and his attorney vicki ziegler. let's go to the cindy crawford extortion plot. you heard the disgusting details about what this guy allegedly tried to do with the picture of cindy crawford's 7-year-old daughter in revealing clothes, bound and gagged. i kept on thinking today, what made this guy think he could actually get away with this? this is plain crazy, isn't it? >> disgusting. zero tolerance i have. abuse on women and abuse on children. this guy is a punk and someone needs to find him and do
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vigilante justice on him. >> cindy crawford, by the way has done such a great job keeping her family out of the public eye. does it seem to you they had no other choice but to go to the cops or what happens is it almost as bad that we now know about the existence of this possible picture now that she had to talk about it? >> it's a catch 22. they have to get a copy of the photograph and go to the police. they did the right thing there. they are a class act couple and they have kept their children and entire career out of the media as best as possible. at the end of the day, this is about who can you trust? bring a nanny into the home and firing her and somehow a picture on her cell phone gets out and to her ex-boyfriend. it's disgusting. >> let's hope if this proves to be true, they have everything coming to them. let's go to jon gosselin's claim that he is too famous. if court documents that surfaced
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today with a $5 million lawsuit, get a load of what he said. i love this. i find myself unemployed and without the ability to secure non--entertainment related engagements because of the media interest, cameras, reporters and public interest it makes it impossible to carry on normal daily activities let alone maintain a job with an employer who is willing to be exposed the intrusions that impeded my life. he is saying i can't get a famous because i'm too darn famous. do you buy that? >> you know what, it pains me to say you could admit he could be right. who is bigger than him and getting more publicity than jon gosselin? who is on the cover of more magazines? the guy is huge and maybe his lawyers figure out a way that maybe we can make some money out of this. >> i will go to you, vicki.
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you are probably right. he is not just famous, but infamous. who wants him flipping burgers at their mcdonald's with the paparazzi hanging around. can he sue tlc? >> this is ridiculous. on the face it sounds great and maybe he was flipping burgers before he had eight children and got the show, but he has a contract and this guy is a joke. if he can't make money in any other fashion, go away. go home. who wants to see this guy anymore. i don't think he is any good. i think he is going nowhere from a legal standpoint. >> let this serve as a warning to anybody who wants to go for the 15 minutes of fame and try to go back to a where you don't have that. you may have difficulty and that's sort of the collateral damage that's done. the price of fame. in this court document, jon is claiming that some of the jon and kate plus eight show was staged. the horror. the people involved with the
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show actually rehearsed and staged scenes, directed actions and suggested dialogue, words, responses and conduct. obviously we don't know whether or not that is true. we heard claims like that before about reality shows, but what does it have to do with suing tlc? >> i have no idea. he is trying to muddy the water. this is not new. there is scripted reality. this is the way reality shows work. someone needs to say a line over. i don't know what he is trying to prove by putting this in this lawsuit. >> does claiming that some of jon and kate plus eight get him mileage? >> no. they are trying to throw as much mud that can stick on the wall. i don't think they have a strong legal argument at all. nobody said they were forced into entering into the contracts. they may not have had attorneys in 2005, but they renegotiated and had attorneys. she going nowhere. hang it up. he makes $45,000 an episode,
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more than most people in the country make. >> thanks so much, guys. >> does sarah palin want to play nice with levi johnston? >> we don't have to keep going down this road of controversy and drama. we are not into the drama. we don't like this. >> shockers from the interview from oprah and her tell all book. what levi johnston has to say today. explosive reaction to my exclusive interview with donald trump about his war of words with carrie prejean and disturbing new information today that carrie may be lying about being only 17 when she made that solo sex tape. "showbiz tonight" names the most provocative celebrity of the week. will it be carrie prejean, sarah palin for her tell all or michael lohan for releasing phone calls about lindsay? >> the news ticker has more stories from the newsroom making news right now.
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>> you are watching "showbiz tonight." keep on watching the bottom of your screen for more nonstop, compelling and provocative news from show biz tonight.
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> we welcome you back to "showbiz tonight." i'm brooke ander in hollywood with a.j. hammer in new york. an awesome week for awkward moments on tv. carrie prejean threatening to walk off "larry king live" to a dumb struck kid on the today show. this week's most awkward tv moments. >> we never turn up our nose for news. not at the wonderfully -- awkward moments. >> larry, you are being inappropriate. you really are. >> what? i'm asking a question.
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>> this week had more than its share of walkard tv moments thanks to the former miss california usa. maybe you saw her taking off her mike. >> is she leaving because i asked what motivated the settlement. >> did you hear the question? >> i can't hear you. >> i'm answering what i can't hear. >> who are you talking to? >> we crowned carrie prejean miss awkward moments. >> you say you were a victim. i don't buy it. >> it's the best thing that happened to you. >> the best thing was barbara walters describing her home movie. >> you were alone doing whatever you were doing with yourself. >> using video of a major rally to illustrate a small proer test against health care reform. >> not a cloud in the sky and
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the leaves have changed and the trees turn green again and it's cloudy. >> a mistake said hanity, but he apologized. >> mr. stewart, you were right. i want to thank you for watching. >> cnn's situation room went to pot this week. >> would you know a marijuana plant? >> i'm not sure i would. i could smell it. >> but you probably wouldn't recognize a plant. am i right or wrong? >> you are dead wrong. >> cert tud and attitude. what a dude. we are going to miss you. >> this will be my last broadcast here on cnn. >> the "today" show announced the winner of the kid reporter competition. it's you. it's you! you are the winner. >> you are today's kid reporter winner. i are the winner, dear girl. >> you have to learn to fill
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dead air. he said fill it, not kill it. >> that are is so funny. that was cnn's jeannie moos. brooke, the phone lines have been ringing nonstop -- >> hold on, a.j. i will let you finish, but i have to say our operators are the best of all time. >> very funny, brooke. all the calls have been coming in about country's biggest stars giving kanye west a swift kick. ♪ mamas don't let your babies grow up to be kanye ♪ >> they think it helped taylor big time. >> the little fray between kanye west and taylor swift, i think it's brought taylor swift more popularity. i had never heard of her before
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then and now she is a big deal. i think she won. >> casey calling in to arizona said enough already. >> i think enough has been said about that whole thing by now. at this point people are starting to not look any better than him. initially it was fine, but there is overkill. at this point taylor herself will not be america's sweetheart much longer if this continues. >> thank you for your call. call us and let us know what you think about this or anything else on your mind. >> we keep the phone lines open all the time. all weekend long. 888-sbt-buzz. leave us a voice mail so we can play your call. it is the interview that everyone, even me, we have been waiting for this. sarah palin going head to head with oprah. >> we don't have to keep going
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down the road of controversy and drama. we don't really like the drama. >> new revelations to oprah. what does she have to say about levi johnston and secrets from her book. what did she think when she heard her teen daughter was pregnant? >> will the most provocative celebrity of the week. carrie prejean, sarah palin or michael lohan who did the unthinkable of releasing recordings of his daughter. chris brown that beat up rihanna getting a standing ovation from a roomful of women. are you kidding?
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>> this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. keep watching for more provocative news from show biz tonight.
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ryan seacrest and ellen degeneres are dishing what the next season of "american idol" will be like. today on the ellen show, ryan said he is excited that she is joining the idol team. watch this. >> it's fun to have a good friend on the show. i can't wait to see what the dynamic is like between you and cowell. everybody asks me. what's it going to be like with the two of you? no doubt, you are very quick.
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he's quick and not so shy. i can't wait. you look much younger next to him as well. i can't wait to see what it will be like. >> that's what everybody is looking forward to more than the judging. he is opinionated and i'm opinionated. i respect him. >> i don't have to do anything but sit back. we will have the results tomorrow night. >> sometimes she too mean. i respect his continue and i think he is right a lot of times, but that's not the way you say it. if he is rude, i will tell him. >> god answered my prayers! >> we don't have to wait much longer to see what the dynamic is really like. the new season will hit the airwaves in january. >> our facebook page is overflowing with the war of words with donald trump and the interview with the donald. people are writing about whether care ke take on someone like
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trump. yvonne writes donald doesn't play petty games. he will capitalize where he can and ignore her when he has to. karen g. has this to say. her only strategy for saying in the lime light is making controversial remarks that are so ridiculous, it will keep people talking about her. >> the show biz lineup. here's what's coming up at the bottom of the hour. does sarah palin want to kiss and make up with levi johnson? >> we don't have to go down the road of controversy and drama all the time. we don't really like that. >> shockers from the interview with oprah new informs that carrie prejean may be lying when she said she was only 17 when making her sex tape. more in the interview with donald trump. "showbiz tonight" names the most provocative celebrity of the week. will it be carrie prejean, sarah
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palin or michael lohan for releasing private phone calls. more stories from the newsroom making news right now. > you are watching "showbiz tonight." keep on watching the bottom of your screen. more compelling and provocative news from "showbiz tonight."
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>> are now on "showbiz tonight," brand-new sarah palin revelations from her tell all book and interview with oprah. the startling things sarah said about levi johnston. >> we don't have to keep going down this road of controversy and drama. we are not into the drama. we don't like it. >> what she thought when she found out her teen daughter was pregnant. >> the fired up reaction to brooke anderson's interview with donald trump about carrie prejean and carrie may have been
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lying when she said she was 17 in the tape. will carrie be named the most provocative celebrity of the week or will it be sarah palin or lindsay lohan's dad for leaking secret tapes about his daughter? more stories breaking from the "showbiz news ticker." tv's most provocative continues right now. welcome back to "showbiz tonight." it's 30 minutes past the hour and i'm a.j. hammer broadcast for example new york city. >> i'm brooke anderson from hollywood and when sarah met oprah in her first interview with oprah about her all book, going rogue. >> it is the come back tour and he is kicking it off by opening up to oprah winfrey. do you remember when katie couric asked what newspaper she
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likes to read? >> all of them. any of them that have been in front of me over all these years. >> can you name a few? >> i have a vast variety of sources. >> we learned what palin told oprah about that and it made for big news breaking. palin reveal how she really feels about levi johnston, the father of her grandson. there is a contradiction about levi. "showbiz tonight" breaks more news about levi posing nude for play girl. from hollywood, tamika ray, an entertainment journalist. let's begin with sarah palin's interview with oprah. this is something. palin really opens up to oprah about that katie couric interview that really when you think about it came such a defining moment in the presidential campaign for her
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after it made her look not that bright. watch this. >> that was a defining moment for you. that interview. >> i did not. neither did the campaign. in fact that is why segment two and three and four and five were not scheduled. the campaign said right on, good. you are showing your independence. this is what america needed to say. i said if you thought that was good, i don't know what bad was. i knew it wasn't a good interview. >> she admits that at least that one is bad. really? you think? palin calls couric badgering and writes she felt sorry for katie couric. does any of it make sense to you? >> i'm confused about the whole thing. why are you attacking katie couric? she asked questions and she was a new candidate on the scene. we didn't know anything about her. what newspapers do you read? that's not katie couric's fault
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for not being able to answer "the washington post" or 100 others you can choose for. >> for doesn't make her partisan, but we reached out to katie couric who wanted to hear what she said h to say and they said no comment. sarah palin is obviously not going anywhere. neither is katie couric. would you not love to see a rematch? wouldn't that be great? >> i love oprah and this interview will be unbelievable. everybody will watch it over and over. her against katie couric is a wwe matchup. i want to see it again. maybe she knows -- >> i would like to say palin is opening up to oprah with another big thorn in her side. levi johnston who is the father of sarah palin's grand chile. in the new book, you want to
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know how many times she writes about him? not once. zero. his name is not mentioned. take a look at what oprah asked her. >> will he be invited to thanksgiving dinner? >> that's a great question and it's lovely to think that he would ever even consider such a thing. he is a part of the family and you want to bring him under your wing. he needs that too, oprah. to know that he is love and has the most beautiful child. this can all work out for good. it can. you don't have to go down this road of controversy and drama. >> this is refreshing to watch. keeping in mind she called him malicious and someone in desperate need of attention. is palin acting like a politician? >> she has gone hard on him in the media and he won an award
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and that warmed her up to levi a little bit. that is a porn industry award. hopefully that won't be awkward, but this is smart pr. don't lower yourself to his standards. you are the future presidential candidate for the republican party and you can't go toe to toe about a guy in play girl magazine. she got smart on oprah. >> off that point, you and i said all along as far as sarah and levi are concerned she would be better served to really not even respond to him or to even talk about him or say anything. she is talking about him, but at least she is saying something nice. think she is dealing with it the right way? >> yes. this is a huge contrast to the past when she talked about him. i think it will work in her favor. she was classy when she so easily could have been trashy. let levi do the trashing. i hope her responses were
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sincere. who wants a family feud? nobody. >> if she wants a future and particularly if she wants to run for the presidential office again, the high road is the road to take. levi is keeping busy in the meantime. he had the nude play girl photo shoot in a new development. he is revealing how he thinks that guys, not girls will respond to his nude photo shoot. listen to what he said on sirius xm satellite. >> how do you feel about fact that gay guys are going to rush out to take a look at all you've got to offer? >> that's totally cool with me. i don't have a problem with gay people. >> what's next on your agenda? >> i'm thinking about going into acting classes back in california and start the modelling gigs and you will be seeing a lot of me. >> good for all of us. we will see a lot of levi.
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let's put that aside for a moment. whatever you think of levi johnston, we have got to live give him credit for getting the biggest bang for 15 minutes of fame for anybody in the history of the world. >> 100%. you have to give him a high five. he was trying to milk what was thrown in his lap. all of us would take advantage of it. i wouldn't throw my junk around. but a.j., maybe you would. >> i don't think that will be happening any time soon. tamika, we all talked about when we first learned he would pose for play girl, he was not informed or didn't realize it was a magazine predominantly read by men. he actually handled himself well, all that considered. he did go on the show and put it all out there. >> i don't think he cares. i have seen him on different red carpets. he just wants to be famous.
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whatever will do it for him when it's gay men or teen girls. he is down for it. >> he said i never wanted to do this. >> he didn't want it, but he is taking it. >> thanks so much. oprah's interview airs on monday. make sure you tune in on monday night for a "showbiz tonight" exclusive. we will have on the always fiery and controversial ann coulter for her reaction to the bombshell claims in her book and the interview with oprah minute night on "showbiz tonight." now the question of the day. was it a good idea for sarah palin to sit down with oprah? e-mail us. >> a.j., i think it was a great idea for donald trump to sit down with us. everybody is talking about our interview with him about carrie prejean. there is other big news about carrie tonight. disturbing evidence that she may
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have been lying when she said she was only 17 in that sex tape. plus, will carrie be named the most provocative celebrity of the week. how about sarah palin or michael lohan for releasing secret tapes about lindsay? the most provocative celebrity of the week. chris brown gets a standing ovation from a roomful of women? are you kidding me? >> time for the news ticker. more stories from the newsroom making news right now. >> you are watching "showbiz tonight." keep on watching the bottom of your screen. we have more nonstop and compelling and provocative news
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from "showbiz tonight." rare are are are
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>> tonight, "showbiz tonight" names the most provocative celebrity of the week. will it be carrie prejean from the fallout of her disastrous "larry king live" interview or sarah palin for her tell all
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book or michael lohan for his leaking of tapes involving his train wreck daughter, lindsay lohan. welcome back to "showbiz tonight" with a.j. hammer in new york. we will be naming the most provocative celebrity of the week in a moment. first, the explosive reaction to my interview to donald trump and carrie's tv melt down and her claim of humiliating contestants. the revelations from the boyfriend she said she sent her solo sex tape. he disputes the claim she was 17 and she wanted him to lie about it. joining me is brian who is the editor for pop goes the tamika ray is an entertainment journalist. let's tart with my interview with donald trump. i asked him what he thought of
11:45 pm
her downright embarrassing tantrum on "larry king live." watch what he told me. >> i was watching this and very surprised to see it because she was talking about how inappropriate he was. inappropriate is more of a sexual term as far as i'm concerned. inappropriate? he asked a very, very easy question. i was surprised that she just didn't say listen, i can't answer that question. >> tamika, here's what i was hearing. as news outlets everywhere reported on my exclusive interview with trump that donald was absolutely right. carrie prejean blew it big time. what do you think? do you agree? >> absolutely. the yean she stepped out of the interview is she doesn't have anything to stand on. any time anybody peels back the vail, she cracked under the pressure. for donald to not give it to her, i was surprised. he is being sweet it her.
11:46 pm
that's not really his nature. remember rosie o'donnell and star jones. he goes to toe. she hasn't missed him off enough and shocking that she is crumbling. >> she had a real chance to say something meaningful and she didn't. she gave canned responses when she did, but for the most part she refused to answer questions. it was awful. speaking of awful, i really don't think she had anything meaningful to say and it's a parent now. >> she certainly didn't on "larry king live." tonight there more shocking revelations about carrie prejean regarding her sex tape. her ex-boyfriend said cary is lying and she was older than 17 when she made her solo exhibitionist sex tape. listen who what he told tmz. >> how old was she? >> she was 19 when i was out there and the video poured in
11:47 pm
all the way just shy of -- gosh, she to be 21. 21 years old. i got a call from carrie basically screaming at me asking me why did i do this? then she basically at that point said will you tell them i was 17? >> how did you respond when she said will you say i was 17. >> i said hell no, i won't. >> who are you believing? >> i'm believing him. the first thing we can learn is there few people out there who will say to themsz ielves i'm g i made that sex tape. if it's being released, the only way to keep from seeing it is if she was a minor and say she was under 18.
11:48 pm
that was a gut instinct. i almost can't blame her, but the problem is she puts herself in a position of kind of being high and mighty and conservative. people will forgive a lot, but not hypocrisy. >> hard to forgive lying. she is not coming across as credible. a.j., all of this makes her a leading candidate to be named "showbiz tonight's" most provocative celebrity of the week. >> dingdong, i don't think that's what she was referring to. >> another nominee is sarah palin for the revealing and intimate tell all book, going rogue. michael lohan is slammed for leaking private voice mails left for him. who is the most provocative celebrity of the week? the winner is of course carrie prejean. are you with us on this pick? >> look, she is obviously
11:49 pm
controversial, but the two ladies cancel themselves out with their hypocrisy. i will go with michael lohan and will tell you why. i feel like in all the people in the world that you trust, your parents should be the number one people that come to your aid and don't betray you. for him to betray lindsay, i feel bad for her. my vote is for him. >> fair enough. brian, i'm with sarah palin. she called larry king inappropriate. you don't call the king inappropriate. >> it's a tight race. sometimes it's hard to tell if they this foolish naturally or making an extra effort. i will say that i think this is one crown that carrie has won and earned. >> won and t and earned it and nobody will take it away from her. the most provocative is carrie prejean. >> she can wear the crown. >> thanks, guys. >> here's something else that i think is so provocative. chris brown gets a standing
11:50 pm
ovation from a room full of women? are you i cannikidding me. >> from the "showbiz tonight" news ticker making newses right now. >> it's time now for making it work. this is where we reveal the secrets of how hollywood's biggest stars make it work. tonight faith hill. faith is married to another big time country singer, tim mcgraw. they have been together 13 years. when we caught up with faith, she told us that family is priority number one. >> our family is our main focus and we just work around their schedule, really. it's a lot of behind the scenes working trying to coordinate the schedules so i am not doing
11:51 pm
something big and time consuming while tim is in the midst of doing something time consuming, so we try to even it out so one of us is always there. >> a little juggling but faith is definitely making it work. >> you need to continue watching the bottom of the screen.
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>> please welcome, chris brown. [ cheers and applause ] >> chris brown getting a standing ovation from a roomful of women. wait until you hear what chris has to say about rihanna. chris gets almost a heroes welcome. the audience gave him a standing ovation. brown was on the show to debut his new music video but of course the talk did turn to the night that he did beat rihanna. when asked, watch this.
11:55 pm
>> i respect her opinion and her decision to speak on her behalf. but me, personally, i would rather keep the situations and the incident what happened between me and her private. but i can only just be responsible for my actions and what i did. so -- >> would you get back with her if you could? >> at this point i am really just focussed on my life and getting me right. >> are you dating? >> of course. i love women. >> eloquence is good. when asked what chris has to say to people who say he doesn't act like he is sorry for what he did. >> what i think the steps that i have taken to show that i am sorry probably have been perceived wrong like doing different interviews and my pos chur and how i am acting. at the end of the day, i am definitely remorseful. i don't think it is under the
11:56 pm
rug. i think it is something that is a serious matter and i am learning from. >> chris said that he is going anger management classes and they are helping him. tonight, does brittaney spes really worship the devil. you might have thought so based on her posts yesterday. that was apparently the handy work of a hacker. after spears management regained control of her account, they deleted a bunch of messages. on thursday we asked you to vote on the question of the day. just moments ago we received the final results. is the former beauty queen in over her head? 92% of you think so. look at that. 8% of you said no. here is r a couple of e-mails.
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perhaps that is why she was voted the most provocative celebrity of the week. thank you for watching. i am a.j. hammer in new york. >> and i am brooke anderson in hollywood. remember you can catch us on the 11s. coming up on the "joy behar show," the legendary dolly parton tells us why she said no to elvis presley. that's a first. then we'll go from the queen of country music to the daughter of hollywood royalty. carrie fisher tells us why she didn't say no to anything. "good morning america" co-host robin roberts won't say yes or no about who's replacing
11:58 pm
diane sawyer. all that and more next.
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tonight, it's a wild tale of booze, pills, and shock therapy. enough about me. it's actress and author carrie fisher who joins me to reveal how she turned personal pain into career game. "gma's" robin roberts talks scuttlebutt about who will replace diane sawyer. maybe she'll tell me what scuttlebutt means. i'll talk to dolly parton about why she's known as the iron butterfly. all that coming up now.
12:01 am
i'm excited today. this woman has had an extraordinary career. seven grammys, two oscar nominations, ten country music association awards and sales of more than 100 million records. the list goes on and on. it's hardly over. her latest a dvd and cd combo platter called "dolly live from london." it's a pleasure to have you here today. >> thank you. i'm so excited. i love your show. you're doing a great job. >> thank you. we always get along with you on the view. we love you at the view. you're here and i have you all to myself without anybody interrupting me. >> let's just do it all by ourselves. we like that. >> let me start with the country music awards last night.
12:02 am
we'll get to your cd and dvd. don't forget. we'll get there. but taylor swift -- taylor swift just made history as the youngest winner of the country music association awards, and as entertainer of the year. you won that award. right? what do you think -- >> i did. i did. long time ago. >> you've won every award except the nobel peace prize. i think i'm going to nominate you for that. i'm nominating you. >> thank you. i was really so very proud of taylor. she's very young and very talented. she deserved every bit of it. she has had an unbelievable last several months, year, year and a half. she's just killed them. so i wasn't a bit surprised that she won that last night and all the other things she won. we all love her and we think she's really representing herself as well as nashville and country music very well. we were excited for her. >> she's adorable. what did you think of the incident with kanye west? >> oh, i think that's always silly when people show their butts like that.
12:03 am
i feel like he probably was embarrassed about it later. anyway, i thought she handled it really well and i think everybody just wanted to smack a knot on his head. i think it was all -- you know, what can you say? it was what it was. you know? >> you know, you've had so much success in your career. do you ever just -- you made a lot of money at this point. let's tell the truth here. did you ever think of maybe giving it up and just rolling around in your money? >> no. i never just wanted to roll around in my money. i always said i'd count my blessings more than i, you know, count my money, but i have had a great career. i really like what i do. like you. i really enjoy the people, i enjoy the performing. i love making things happen and seeing things happen. i've been at it since i was a little bitty kid. i hope to be doing this from now on. i have enough money to do what i need and want to do but i still love to work.
12:04 am
>> what was the first thing you bought when you made money in the beginning? because you didn't start out with a lot of success. what did you do when you first got that big check? i always like that question. >> well, actually, i bought a cadillac. i think every country music star back in those days, back when i started out, i thought if i didn't have a cadillac i definitely was not a star. that was the first thing i bought. for myself. when my "little coat of many colors" song became a hit, the first money i got from that, i bought my mother a mink coat back when it was still okay to wear it. my mother didn't know what to do with it. i think she probably resold it and used the money on something else. >> uh-huh. it's always interesting to read that in the beginning people were telling you to change your look which you never did. you were so original in the way you looked and act and it certainly is, you know,
12:05 am
something, we always know what dolly parton is going to look like and how beautiful you have been all these years. what did you say to them when they said, dolly, change your hair, you look a little bit too, you know, whatever. i don't know what they said to you. >> cheap. cheap would be a good word. actually i really did kind of pattern my look after the town tramp and was always overexaggerated. i think the way i looked felt the way i felt inside. i didn't want to be plain and ordinary. i wanted a little more pizzazz. the way i started out looking was a country girl's idea of glamour. that's what i still do. i feel more like myself. i just feel happier when i'm overdone. >> see, we have in common that i admire the neighborhood tramp also for some reason. i don't know why. i just didn't model myself after her because she was homely. the one in my neighborhood. yeah. she was tramping around, believe me. >> yeah, well this lady, she
12:06 am
wore her clothes, you know, her skirts all short and showed her legs and wore high heel shoes, red nails, red lipstick and piled her peroxide hair on top of her head. i thought she was absolutely beautiful. i did. everybody said she's just trash. i always told the story, i thought when i was little i thought i was going to grow up to be trash. that's how you and me both look. >> you know, the wonderful song that you wrote "i will always love you" that whitney houston has recorded and was a big hit for her, i understand that you -- i understand that elvis wanted to record that. i mean, you said no to elvis. why? >> well, i didn't say no to
12:07 am
elvis. i loved elvis presley. he loved my song and had intended to sing it. he had been working it up. i had been invited to the session because felton jarvis, a guy that was a friend of mine and he was a great producer in nashville at the time. elvis loved it and had planned to do it and it was the day of or the day before that colonel tom parker, a brilliant man, i don't blame him for doing it. he called and said, you know, we don't record any songs that elvis and i don't have the publishing on. i thought, well, that's already been a hit by me. it's one of my most important copy rights. so i just didn't -- i just didn't let them have it and it broke my heart because i still think about what it would have been like to hear elvis sing the song. there's no work tapes of it anywhere that i'm aware of, but it was just a decision i had to make. one of my first big business decisions i guess and it was only after that whitney recorded it and it did so well i was really happy i had made that. >> uh-huh. no wonder they call you the iron butterfly. as a businesswoman you're really very good at that, aren't you? people don't know that about you, i don't think.
12:08 am
>> well, i love the business end of the business. i had to learn that early on. when they say you're in the music business you have to think about those things, about your contracts, about the money you have to make to keep the band on the road and the expenses and to have a bus or ways to travel. you have to kind of start thinking early on that yourself until you can afford to hire people that will help you out with that. i enjoy that part of it as well. >> uh-huh. you know, during your live shows you banter with the fans quite a bit, don't you? >> yeah. i love the fans. it feels more like a reunion to me, like a family reunion. they're out there, i know they've paid money to come see me. i appreciate that because they're the ones that keeps me in, you know, cheap clothes and hair. but seriously, i do have a wonderful, warm relationship and i see in their faces.
12:09 am
i sense how people are. i can look out in that audience and see all the different faces and i feel like i can perceive what their moods are. i'm out to kind of work with that and cater to that person. it's a love fest, if you're a true entertainer and really like the audience. i'm not afraid of the stage. if i mess up i mess up and try to make that part of my show. >> when you were a kid, i'm just wondering, were you -- you grew up with 12 other kids, right? you were 1 of 12? >> yes. six girls and six boys. >> wow. how did you get attention for yourself? >> well, i actually learned early on that there was not a lot of attention in that family of that many kids, and to have a special attention unless you were in trouble or sick or something. i learned early on by playing my guitar and writing songs it was fascinating to my mother and a lot of my relatives, although we were all very musical. all my mother's people played and sang. so -- but i realized early on i was getting a lot of attention so i thought that was something i wanted to do because i needed
12:10 am
a lot of attention. and i still do so it served me well in my lifetime. >> do you think the kind of talent you have is genetic? >> yes. i know that -- all of my mother's people are very, very musical. some of my big musical heroes, uncles or aunts, even my mother was a great singer. a lot of them sang in church or sat around and enjoyed the music. i definitely inherited the music from my mother's side. i like to think i get my business sense from my daddy. even though he wasn't an educated man, he was a brilliant, intuitive, wonderful person. i have his work ethic. most creative people will sleep all day and get up and write songs when they feel like it and sing when they want to. me, i'm up early, early just like i'm going to work. i never think of myself as a star. i'm still just a working girl in my own mind. >> you're a working girl to us, too, but a good one. don't move. we're going to come back with more with dolly parton. ♪ jolene, jolene, jolene, i'm
12:11 am
begging of you please don't take my man ♪ ♪ jolene, jolene, jolene, i'm begging of you please don't take my man ♪
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12:14 am
♪ stumble in the kitchen, pour myself a cup of ambition ♪ ♪ jump in the shower and the blood starts pumping ♪ ♪ folks like me on the job from
12:15 am
9:00 to 5:00 ♪ ♪ working 9:00 to 5:00, what a way to make a living ♪ ♪ barely getting by it's all taking and no giving ♪ >> i'm back with the legendary dolly parton. you've got me moving over here, dolly. >> i know. are you singing along? ♪ 9:00 to 5:00 i can see you now. >> your music is very hummable. you don't walk away from your shows not humming your tunes. >> it's always a big thrill for me to be on stage. i used to think when i used to work with other people that we're stars and have hit songs and have the whole audience singing along. i thought that must be the neatest thing it in the world to have the crowd singing your songs. when we do songs like "9 to 5" it's a major, major thrill.
12:16 am
>> i was reading your grandfather was a pentecostal preacher and said to you at some point in your life you were going to hell in a hand basket. what is a hand basket? >> oh, that's just an old expression. it just means you're going to hell. it just means you're going to get there quicker, like satan's going to carry you there, i guess, in a basket. i don't know. but my grandfather was, like you say, a holy roller preacher. it was a very strict religion. it was not in the rules to be wearing makeup and tight clothes and all that, but my grandfather was very, very proud of me. he lived to see me become a big star and see people really did care about me and i wasn't as bad as i looked. i looked like jezebel but he got over that after he saw that -- after i wrote a song about him called "daddy was an old time
12:17 am
preacher man." he was really proud of that. that smoothed it over for me. >> the other thing, you have a very big gay following, dolly. why do you think that is? what do they like about you so much? >> i think it's because they know i'm different, too, and it took me a long time to be accepted and i think that they just kind of relate to that and plus a lot of my gay guy friends, you know, they love to dress up or they're very sensitive and very creative. i think they relate to that side of me as well. i think they just appreciate the fact i just love everybody for who they are. we're not supposed to try to change people. we should allow people to be who they are and love them as they are. >> so then would you say you are pro-gay marriage? i'm curious. your background would say otherwise. >> oh, i know that's true. i always say, sure, why can't they get married? they should suffer like the rest of us do. >> that's good to know. what would we do without our gay audience? no back lighting. the studio would be barren.
12:18 am
it would be terrible. we need them. >> that's true. >> here's a twitter question for you. dolly has a huge gay following. what are your views on joel osteen's view on gays? he says gays are not god's best work. that was his quote. >> i don't get into really talking this issue to those degrees but i don't want to talk about him, i don't want to talk about them. i think god made us who we are and who we are. i don't think if he was a religious person he would be judging people. >> that's nice. that's good to say. you just released your double disk cd dvd live from london. are british fans different from your fans here in the united states? >> oh, we have wonderful fans in the united states. we do have great, great fans in europe when we get a chance to go there, especially london we love to play. we had actually been on a five-week tour and just -- we were winding up our tour in london at the '02 arena and
12:19 am
thought we're going to film this because this has been a wonderful trip. we had such a great time, such a wonderful audience. all the songs, of course, that they love and all the popular songs. then we do a lot of variety of other things. we do interview, talk to the band, show the rehearsal, show the town. this dvd is a wonderful thing to watch. it's colorful and entertaining, but you can see for yourself on the dvd how involved the audience really gets. they knew all the words and they were swinging their arms back and forth on all the songs, singing along. it made for a wonderful experience for all of us and i'm very proud of the dvd and cd. it's all in one package. i have it right here. i call it my double ds. it's like double disks here. on one side you've got the dvd and the cd -- it makes a nice little stocking stuffer, too. >> you don't get tired of those boob jokes, do you? you love those boob jokes, don't
12:20 am
you? >> i might as well learn to love them. if i ain't telling them, somebody's telling them about me. it's not like i'm trying to hide them or anything. >> a lot of people pay a lot of money for those boobs. >> i did. >> that was a good one. okay. now, one more question about the record. you now have your own label. the dolly records, right? >> yes. >> why did you do that? why do you need your own label? >> well, because -- well, the music business in general has totally changed since the early days with us and a lot of the major labels are not doing that well, so a lot of the artists are really starting their own labels and, of course, everything has changed since then. we thought it would be a smart move to make. i've been putting my own records out for a while now.
12:21 am
i always say i will always do that even if i have to sell them out of the trunk of my car. we've had actually three records on dolly records. we had the cast album from the "9:00 to 5:00 musical" and the "back woods barbie" one of the songs from the "9:00 to 5:00" but also a cd of mine, the first one. we're doing good with our label. >> we'll be back more with more dolly parton. stay right there.
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12:23 am
12:24 am
thank you. any how, thank you for remembering jolene. that show is kind of loosely based on a little truce that happened years ago when i first got married. this old redheaded gal who was working at the bank decided she was going to steal my husband. well, she didn't get him. >> i'm back with the beautiful and talented dolly parton. dolly, i want to read you twitter questions because your fans are out there and want to know certain things. is that okay with you? >> awe, sure.
12:25 am
>> here's one. i know you've been married for 43 years. this person wants to know, how has dolly kept her marriage together for so many years when most celebrities don't last? >> well, i stay gone. >> stays what? i didn't hear you. i'm sorry. >> i stay gone from home. i stay gone a lot. so he doesn't get tired of me. >> you stay gone. i got along with that. i have a friend who says she and her boyfriend or her husband, whatever he is at this point, they have quality time apart. i like that. >> yeah. that is good. we have quality time together and quality time apart. >> all right. >> we get along real good. >> that's good. okay. dolly has a lot of dead people in her songs, it says. does she have a morbid streak? >> well, i think -- i think all country people have a morbid streak. i think that's sort of like country music in general because i know i have this one song that
12:26 am
i wrote called "me and little andy" and it's about a little girl with her dog and the little girl dies and the little dog dies, too, and somebody said i'm used to kids and people dying in these country songs but did you have to kill the damn dog? so -- >> there's a theme for a song. >> yeah. >> are you writing anything about a dead cat we can look forward to? >> no, i'm not. i'm not. i am still writing, though. anyway, to get back to -- in all sincerity, i think that's -- a lot of people you just write about things that happen. yeah, we have a morbid side but i have a happy side too. >> it's funny you say that, because, you know, i'm italian and the italians love opera and it's also very sad and from the
12:27 am
guts and morbid in many ways. and the grand ole opry. i just realized it. >> oh, yeah, it is similar. >> here's one more question before i have to go. what's the biggest misconception folks have about you? >> well, lord, i can't even imagine. i've been so out there. i think people know just about everything there is to know about me. i always just say i want people to not just see the big hair, i want them to know that there's a brain under there. and not just to see the big boobs, that there's also a heart under there. maybe it's just to see me and just think that's all there is. hopefully there's a little more than that. >> i think everybody knows that you're as smart as you are beautiful. everybody knows that at this point. don't worry about it. >> thank you. again, i wanted to tell you, i watch your show because i'm usually up that time of night and getting ready to do my things. you're doing a great job and i love your hair. >> thank you, darling. it was great to see you. come back again whenever you can, okay? >> okay. >> all right. the cd and dvd, dolly live from london is available now. dolly parton, thank you for joining us. and we'll be right back.
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12:30 am
all right. welcome, class, to hollywood 101. thank you so much for enrolling. all right, so over here we have debby and eddie. in the '50s they were known as america's sweethearts. those of you that are younger, all three of you, and you can't, you know, you can't relate to any of this, try to think of it
12:31 am
this way. think of eddie as brad pitt, debby as jennifer aniston, and elizabeth as angelina jolie. does that help? >> that's the very funny carrie fisher in a scene from her hit broadway show. "wishful drinking." this week i talked to the former princess leia about her life and loves and took time out for a call from a special guest. >> hello, there. >> hi, mom. >> hello, darling daughter. >> so, debbie, you've seen the play, right? >> i've seen it about seven times. it's great. >> so is there anything in there you can relate to or that you would say --
12:32 am
>> i would just say that she should have put everything in then it would have really been an overnight sensation. >> what did she leave out? what did you leave out? >> mom? oh, yeah, there's stuff -- >> why are you looking up? do you think she's god? >> because she's god. >> debbie is god. >> i hear the voice from up there. >> you're close to her now. >> we live next door to each other. >> in california. how is that working out? >> good. >> i adore my daughter. she's my daughter. she's my child. very talented. >> she certainly is. so are you. >> if i did not have you as a role model there would be no way i would still be working. when she stopped working out, she went to nightclubs, plays. she reinvents herself. i do that also. >> she's a great role model for that. >> i finally did turn into her, right, mom? >> you are a wonderful talent and i want to thank joy for coming over to the carlisle hotel to see your mother. that was very nice of you, joy. >> deb birks e, i was looking for you after the show. you disappeared. you must have wanted to get away from everything. >> there was no dressing room there. i had to change -- naked in the lobby, i didn't think the carlisle was up to it. >> anyway, debbie, you were great and thanks for calling in. you and your daughter can bond later. >> we're going to do a gray gardens thing i think. >> it's the greatest.
12:33 am
i love you, carrie. >> love you, mama. talk to you later. >> good-bye, hon. you know, debbie, she's an incredible icon in american -- >> my mother is awesome. >> she's awesome. she really is. as a mother there's a few things that i have to question. does your mother really suggest you get pregnant by an ex-husband? tell me about that. >> yes, she did, but she wanted me also -- it would make the show too long. she thought, though, she couldn't have children. richard didn't -- ended up being an awful husband. awful. >> one of your husbands. >> one of my mother's husbands. >> your mother's husbands that's not the one that drove her into the poor house?
12:34 am
>> richard ham het. >> is he alive? >> oh, yeah, i wonder who he's taking advantage of now. anyway, my mother thought, though, you could get pregnant -- this was explained recently because i finally said, really? she thought you could get an injection. like a sperm in the arm injection and the sperm would go down here. >> this is what happens when you're raised catholic. >> my mother is excentric. she's not catholic. she's raised by a very strange group of people from texas. >> so she figured that that would be the way to do it, huh? >> yes, that's one of her ideas. >> let's talk about elizabeth taylor for a second. what was she like?
12:35 am
>> i didn't get to know her until much later, but i think she's terrific. >> everyone loves elizabeth taylor. >> she's lovely. >> she did steal your father away from your mother. >> i once gave her an award and thanked her for getting daddy out of the house. the thing is, i did say to her once, did you love my father? and she said, we kept mike todd alive. >> oh, it was really on the heels of his death. >> he was best friends with mike todd. i said -- mike todd was fantastic. >> he was like sort of a surrogate mike todd. that was weird. your father, was he in love with her? >> i'm sure he was. look at the woman. she's fun. she's a lot of fun. >> she's a lot of fun. so is your mother. they're both fun broad. >> they did very well. >> in a certain way you had a great, great time didn't you? >> yes, absolutely. then i have other stuff to make sure i know that time was great. that's what's good about bad times. you appreciate the other stuff. >> how about your father?
12:36 am
>> he was not -- my father is adorable. he's lovely, he's charming, you can see why he got all that [ bleep ], but -- >> i can say it. >> oh, come on. >> my girlfriend -- >> he loves women. >> he loves women. >> and we have a very large relationship now so it's like now i'm sort of, you know -- but he -- no, my father was a boyfriend. my father's a boyfriend. his children are a by-product of sex. he was not a bad father at all. when you saw him you loved him. i wanted -- that was the tragedy of it if there was. you know, there was so little of him available at that time. >> nowadays when you hear about these horrible fathers and sexually abusing their children, you look back on our fathers who were negligent and say thank you. >> he had elizabeth. >> meryl streep, i want to go here. do we have time for this? she played a character loosely based on you in "postcards from the edge." can we see some of that? >> will you please tell me what is this awful thing i did to you when you were a child? >> you want to know?
12:37 am
>> i want to know. tell me. >> okay. fine. from the time i was 9 years old you gave me sleeping pills. >> that was over the counter medication and i gave it to you because you couldn't sleep. >> you don't give children sleeping pills. >> they're not sleeping pills. it was store bought and it was perfectly safe. >> that was one of my favorite movies. i love the way shirley mcclain -- >> is she like debby in the movie? >> yeah. >> sort of self-absorbed? >> you know, my mom -- i don't know that that's what -- i wouldn't call my mother self-absorbed. i mean -- >> all actresses are self-absorbed. >> we are. this isn't narcissistic. you're probably that. >> narcissistic is a disorder. self-centered -- >> a good form of narcissism. >> you think so? let's do a little bit on your men before we run out of time. you were married to paul simon. >> you're kidding. >> i went to college with paul simon. >> how was that for you? >> we used to hear him playing his guitar on the library steps. >> he said bar mitzvah was standing room only. >> i mean -- that lasted a
12:38 am
little while. i remember when you were married to him. >> paul was great. >> are you friends with him now? >> that's complicated. we've moved on. >> yeah. has he come to see the show? >> no. >> no? >> i mean, there's nothing in it that, you know, would be bad. i'm very -- i mean, i admire paul. i'm, you know, i had a really -- some of our relationship was fantastic. >> yeah. she's had such a fascinating life. we could have talked for hours. "good morning america's" robin roberts on a search for a new "gma" co-host. %
12:39 am
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12:42 am
i am not my -- i am a soul that lies within, and that's it. no more wig. not going to do it. >> how did you decide to do it? was there a particular reason? >> i was finally strong enough. fear keeps us from doing the things we all want to do. i realized there was a part of me that was holding on desperately to the old robin, holding on desperately to how i look. >> do you believe us when we all say you're beautiful? because you are. >> you really are. >> my mom says i look like a little greek boy. so i don't -- >> i had a chance to sit down with "good morning america" co-host robin roberts earlier
12:43 am
and began by asking her who's going to take diane sawyer's seat on the couch. >> i really don't know. >> how about levi johnston? he's cute. that's what we love. >> give me other names. >> george stephanopoulos. he'll have to sit on your lap. but still -- >> come on, joy. you were doing so well there with levi and then you do that. >> i love george. >> he is phenomenal. >> he would be great. looking for a man or woman? >> we're looking for the best available person. i mean -- >> the best available person? could be the security guard down the hall. >> i feel like an athlete. you know, the best available in a draft. draft by position. the best available athlete. let me just say this in all sincerity. i have had -- >> don't get too sincere. >> i've had the time of my life sitting next to diane and have learned from her. i am so grateful for that. so it's going to be difficult for anyone to -- there's no one that's going to be able to replace her and so we'll find out how we're going to move
12:44 am
ahead. it's about "good morning america." it is. it always has been, always will be, no matter who sits there. >> that was pretty. very sincere. >> it was sincere. >> are you part of the discussions? are you like jay leno hiding being the closet listening to the negotiations? >> we have a very open door policy there. we have discussions. i think that we all have a say. i don't know who will have an ultimate vote. they listen to us and we listen to our audience to see what they want from us. >> what have you heard from the audience? >> not much, actually. let us know -- go to our shout-out board. the audience are like family. people don't like change in the morning. you have your routine in the morning. i have my routine in the morning. >> it's always been painful when we changed the cast of t"the vie view". you go through growing pains. >> how have you been able to do it? you have mad made a lot of changes there. you have yet, been able to maintain what it is about "the view." how have you done it? >> barbara and i are still there. the pillars, the twin towers are still there. that's why maybe. i mean, maybe if they took everybody off at once and changed it all at once it wouldn't work, but because it's gradual it's not so bad.
12:45 am
don't you feel you have to have chemistry when you're sitting there with those people? >> there's something intimate about morning television. people are there in their pjs, watching you between their feet and want to feel comfortable. chemistry is important. making the audience feel comfortable. at the end of the day the audience wants to be -- it's a different world now. they want to leave the door and know what's going on. that's our main objective, making sure we give them the information they need. >> but not too much. not so much it's going to wake them up. >> that they're going to put the covers over their head and say i'm not going to get up this morning. >> you were talking about your looks. i thought that was an interesting thing about how, you know, they had to shave your head. you really had to go look in the mirror and say, who is this woman? right? how tough was that? >> it was very difficult, joy. it really was.
12:46 am
many women will say they'd rather lose a breast than lose their hair when it comes to fighting breast cancer. >> really? >> you can hide that. you can't hide the fact -- that was the first time throughout my battle when i lost my hair -- that's when i really felt i looked like someone facing cancer. up until that point i just, you know, i wasn't feeling well and people knew i was going through something -- >> you didn't wear a wig. >> only on the air because i didn't want to distract. i didn't want people looking like this.
12:47 am
it was an election year during that time. it was very important. around the streets of new york city i was like, hey, how are you doing? >> what kind of reaction did you get from people? >> it was great. people were wonderful. people embraced me. they told me their stories. >> i think people are in awe of that in a way that you could do that. >> because it really is something you're saying to the world, like, you know what? i'm so grateful i'm here. i don't care if i hair or not. >> you've been through the health care system now. how do you think it faired for you? >> i was very blessed, very fortunate. >> you have good insurance. >> i'm very grateful. that's why i decided to make my mess my message. my mother said to me she knew i had a good job, i had health insurance. that's not the way it was for everyone. i could not imagine facing cancer as i did if i had to worry about how i was going to pay for it and worry about the care was receiving. >> many people do. >> that's why i was speaking out and letting people -- and not getting into the whole debate about universal coverage of anything like that. just saying if you are going through something like this that i cannot imagine going through it and having those concerns as well. >> in your job, though, would you actually come out and say i'm for or against the public option? you don't do that?
12:48 am
>> my job is to -- that segment you just did was great. you bring people out to talk about the subject. you let your viewers get the information. they're supposed to make their informed decision. they don't want to hear my opinion. my opinion doesn't really matter.
12:49 am
give me a litting something. a little taste. what about the film? >> has not watched it. >> did you see it. >> she does not want to see it. maybe at some point. like her brother -- her brother was a perfectionist. it would be like the outtakes of what we are doing here.
12:50 am
>> even when he is not at the top of the game he is better than 99%. >> but if you are a perfectionist, the lighting and shirt tails, i'm kind of hanging out. no, you know, i'm demanding of myself but i cut myself a lot of slack, especially post-cancer. i mean, i really -- >> there's nothing like a near-death experience to snap you out of any stupid stuff you're into. >> it really is. >> great lady. we'll be back in a minute.
12:51 am
12:52 am
12:53 am
12:54 am
remember the disgraced new york governor eliot spitzer? remember him? guess what he's doing? he's giving a lecture at harvard university's ethics center. hello? ethics is the key word here. with me to discuss this is kristin davis, not the kristin davis from "sex and the city," although she could be if that city was albany. she's not. she's the madame that provided spitzer with his escorts and joins me for an exclusive interview. >> the guy goes to harvard and gives a lecture on ethics up
12:55 am
there. the professor up there says it's not -- he's not talking about ethics. he's talking about constitutional corruption. you wrote a letter objecting to all of this. tell me about it. >> initially i wrote a letter just addressing some very basic questions. i can't attend the conference because i'm on probation. i can't leave the city of new york. >> you were going to go there? >> i would have loved to. >> just to hear it? >> maybe ask questions. same questions i asked in the letter. no one replied to my letters. i posted it on my blog. >> i see. why is he doing this? is he trying to meet women or what? >> big money in the public speaking circuit, you know? sad he has influence over the future ethics of any harvard student. of any student in general. i mean, event sold out. it's obviously an economic decision by harvard to increase their bottom line. he sold a lot of tickets. obviously this press has also helped.
12:56 am
>> you think he should not be talking about ethics. is that your point? >> i see some merit. in his lecture. however, if we're going to listen to this man, why don't we talk about the real issues? >> which are? >> corruption by public official. how, you know, i mean, obviously we can learn something from a public official who committed and covered up his crimes, who lied to the public he promised to protect. >> that's true. attorney general, he went around making examples out of the same ex-court agencies he was frequenting. hypocrisy is his middle name. >> obviously we can learn something from him if we talk about the real issues. how we as american public can question our public officials and let's talk about, okay, he made mistakes and how he can rectify them and how we can question the people in power. let's not talk about wall street. why does he want to talk about wall street? the biggest ponzi scheme in the history of the world happened under his nose. >> he's a dog but a smart dog.
12:57 am
the guy is not stupid. >> no, no, of course. i'm sure he's getting paid rather well. >> he doesn't need the money, obviously. he had a big bill at your agency. >> sure, sure, his father's a billionaire. >> how often did he use the services you provided? >> weekly. >> weekly? >> weekly. >> was he a big tipper? >> he was a good tipper. if the girls were nice to them and had a good time, he tipped them well. >> why do jons never get into trouble? >> jons never get into trouble because in this country we promote inequality. the women get in trouble and go to jail and the men, you know, we've historically never prosecuted a jon. >> what do you say to people saying it's the pot calling the kettle black in your case? >> i served my time. >> are you still a madame? >> no. >> what do you do now? >> i'm working on non-profits to promote, you know, legalization of prostitution and that sort of thing. >> thank you for watching.
12:58 am
good night, everybody. good night, eliot.
12:59 am
1:00 am
breaking news tonight in the case of 5-year-old north carolina girl shaniya davis. little shaniya reported missing from the sofa of her own home. major developments tonight. is there a break in the case? little shaniya spotted on surveillance video in the arms of a man at a hotel 40 miles away. the sighting at 6:11 a.m., 40 minutes before mommy reports shaniya missing. investigators make a new arrest after a tipster sees mommy's boyfriend driving away with the little girl. charges are dropped with the
1:01 am
boyfriend. cops say 29-year-old mario mcneill confesses. there's still no sign of shaniya tonight. where is she? >> police in north carolina say a man has admitted to kidnapping a 58-year-old girl, but we still do not know where shaniya davis is. >> the 58-year-old vanished from her home in fayetteville, north carolina. someone was arrested yesterday but that guy is out of jail. charges dropped. an ex-con is behind bars. there he is. >> we were table to gain information from tips and interviews we conducted overnight. we picked mr. mcneill up at a location that was disclosed to us. we found him there. we brought him in. he was questioned continuously through the night. he was arrested and charged with first degree kidnapping for shaniya davis. >> november the 10th of 2009
1:02 am
with first degree kidnapping, unlawfully. shaniya davis, a person under the age of 16. >> shaniya was spotted an hour after she disappeared back on tuesday. she was seen with him in a hotel about 40 miles away from her home. police used surveillance video from hotel to confirm their identities. >> what we know from investigators is they were only at that hotel for about an hour, around 6:11 a.m. just this past tuesday morning. >> police are going to have to see if there's a relationship between cole and the mom. what had happened prior to this? why was the child targeted? >> what exactly are the conflicting stories of the mother's? none of this stuff makes sense. >> i ask that they let her go and bring her home safe. we miss her and love her very much. breaking news tonight out of
1:03 am
oregon in the disappearance of a young satellite tv sales woman, jayme sue austin, the mother of two, apparently vanishing from the shower. signs in the bathroom of a struggle. breaking tonight. the search for 31-year-old jayme comes to a tragic end. her body found buried in a grave site in the last hours. the murder suspect, jayme's own brother-in-law. >> shocking developments in the search for missing mother of two jayme sue austin. police believe they've located jayme's body buried in a grave and arrested her own brother-in-law in connection with her murder. >> someone had been in my bathroom. the sheriff's office, because of what the bathroom looked like, they've listed it as suspicious, you know, as a crime. >> jayme's mom reveals potential
1:04 am
clues left behind in her bathroom including a wet rug. the throw unfolded on the counter. the most disturbing, a necklace jayme liked in the bathroom. >> whoever vacuumed up that sopping wet carpet in the bathroom felt there was no rush. >> someone who knew her mother's habits. >> police charging 35-year-old patrick lee late last night. days of intense search by air, land, sea and tracker dogs culminate with bad news. >> good evening. i'm pat lalama in for nancy grace. breaking news. is there a break in the case of missing 5-year-old north carolina girl shaniya davis? little shaniya spotted on surveillance video in the arms of a man at a hotel just 40 miles away. >> we have made another arrest in the davis kidnapping case.
1:05 am
we have arrested mario andrette mcneill. we have apprehended him now. we've been able to charge him with first degree kidnapping. he admitted he did take miss davis. >> new arrest in the kidnapping of 5-year-old shaniya davis. a convicted felon admits he took the girl from her home. he's behind bars. there's no sign of little shaniya. >> she was spotted with this man an hour after she disappeared tuesday. shaniya was seen with him in a hotel 40 miles from home. police used surveillance video from the hotel to confirm their identities. >> mcneil checked into the hotel in sanford with little shaniya after 6:11 a.m. tuesday. a tip led them to the hotel. by the time police arrived mcneil and the little girl was gone. >> with mcneil's arrest, kidnapping charges have been dropped against the man police arrested wednesday. police are looking for shaniya. her father just wants his little
1:06 am
girl home safe. >> i miss you today. i miss you so much, honey. i'm waiting for you. i'm not going to give up. you don't give up, either, honey. >> astonishing images of this little girl in that man's arms. perhaps a little bit of hope that she is alive. it gives us something to believe in. gurnal scott, reporter from wptf radio. what is this man telling cops? >> right now, absolutely nothing. they have him in custody. they have been questioning him as you heard. when they took him in custody, they questioned him all night. he has not given up the location of little shaniya. police are frantically trying to search to find this little girl who looked in the pictures as we've all seen them, that she was in reasonably good health and was being taken care of. now they don't know where she is.
1:07 am
she has apparently been handed off again. >> so -- okay. that's a very good point. is she handed off? did he indicate he gave her to someone else? do we have any knowledge that that, in fact, happened? >> if that has been told to police, they are not sharing that with us in the media, that maybe to protect their investigation, but what we know at this point, we have no idea where the whereabouts of this little child is, if she has been handed off to someone else who may be involved. that is the big question here right now. >> it's just extraordinary to look into the eyes of that child, grainy as it may be, and just ask yourself what is going through her pretty little head? marlaina schiavo, nancy grace producer. motive? we have to look at the scenario. we believe this man to be the ex-boyfriend of the mother's sister. do i have that right? >> that's right. we're only getting that from -- we're getting that from two sources because we spoke to shanaya's half brother today and
1:08 am
he said that's the relationship. we also spoke to clarence, the man falsely arrested yesterday and said that is the ex-boyfriend of the mother's sister. the sister that they were living with in that trailer. >> so we have the mother, the sister, and shanaya. are there any other children in this scenario? >> reports originally came out, we heard that there was a 7-year-old also in the home and then there was one report that said there was an infant. police will not talk about the children in the home. they've been very tight lipped about a lot of the details of this investigation and much of which, you know, was the people who were actually in the home. >> okay. sheryl mccollum, crime analyst, director of cold case squad, pinelake pd. we have the trailer, we have the hotel. what are police going to be focused on? >> they're going to focus on the direction he was traveling.
1:09 am
if he did drop that child off with somebody else, it's passed that hotel. he drove 40 miles with her, pat, he went in the same direction to drop her off. >> it's absolutely frightening to imagine, gloria all red, family law attorney and victim's right advocate. the person in question -- he has a criminal history but nothing sex-crime related. nothing child related. what concerns you tonight? >> it concerns me he had this sweet little girl and there doesn't appear to be an allegation he had her with consent. what did he do with her? is she okay? in whose hands or arms is he right now? what is he telling law enforcement, if anything? >> are you concerned about the other children? child or children who may be in that environment? >> i am. it may also be that this little girl knew him, if, in fact, he was the ex-boyfriend of the mother's sister, and maybe -- who knows what he even told her. i am concerned about the others, although the other little
1:10 am
children appear to be safe at this time. >> all right. now, i want to go to lillian glass, psychologist and body language expert, author of "i know what you're thinking." you know, when you look at those images, i'd like to believe she's not scared out of her mind. okay? tell me what you're thinking when you look at those images. >> it's very interesting because she does look like she knows him. she does look comfortable. there something that is a giveaway that doesn't look comfortable. you can see later on in the pictures she does cross her legs. her knees are together. is she sexually molested? what has happened to her? what is being done with this girl or what has been done with her? >> dr. jake deutsche, doctor of emergency medicine, the question, we're all hoping and praying there has been no harm. i mean, kidnapping bad enough. putting the fear of god into this child. but, you know, any physical harm. if and when she's found, what will we look for so we know?
1:11 am
>> the doctors are going to have to do an overall assessment to look at her medical condition, look for signs of trauma, bruising, head injury, general well being. in order to determine if there's any rape crime they're going to have to do a rape kit. that's an investigation where they're going to collect evidence, secretions, body fluids, hair samples in order to seal the case and understand what the extent of the trauma was. >> doug burns and bradford cowen, defense attorneys, this man apparently has confessed to kidnapping. you know, if he wants to make a good deal for himself he better tell where that child is, correct? >> yeah. i'm sorry, brad. >> that's one thing. it could happen. i mean, what's unusual here is the timeline and that she saw the baby at 5:30. he gets to the hotel at 6:11. i'm concerned with what the mom knows in terms of how this all occurred. how he got into the trailer, how he grabbed the child. i mean, there's a lot of things they're going to have to look at here.
1:12 am
>> we're still conducting interviews and following up on leads this morning. >> is she alive? >> i can't speak to if she's alive or not. again, we're hoping we find her alive. >> you haven't found her yet? >> no, we have not found shaniya yet.
1:13 am
1:14 am
1:15 am
investigators say mcneil's time on the run with 5-year-old shanayi davis ended in this courtroom. investigators say the little girl was not with him when he was taken into custody but he admitted to kidnapping her. judge david hasty laid out the trouble mcneil faces. >> you are charged on november the 10th of 2009 with first degree kidnapping. unlawfully, willfully and kidnapped a person under the age of 16. >> investigators have not been able to locate the 5-year-old who was kidnapped from her home tuesday morning. investigators are reinterviewing residents at that mobile home park.
1:16 am
mcneil's arrest cleared the way -- mcneil was originally charged with first degree kidnapping. >> as for mcneil investigators got a loin on him after releasing pictures of surveillance video from a hotel that shows mcneil with little shaniya. this is the comfort sweets where mcneil took shaniya. after police contacted mcneil's family, he turned himself in. >> i'm pat lalama in for nancy grace. extraordinary, breaking news. you saw those images and it gives us some hope she was alive on tuesday, she's alive today. gurnal scott, reporter wptf radio. we need to talk about this timeline. there are questions being brought up.
1:17 am
mom says she put the child on the sofa at 5:30 a.m. take it from there. >> that is the case, and it's also said that the last time she saw her was at 5:30. then she made the call to police at close to 7:00 in the morning. now, you have to add into that the neighbor who said around 3:00 in the morning she heard a ruckus around her trailer, so between that and the last time she saw the child and the time that the police were called to report the child missing, there's a little bit of time in there that police are trying to hammer down and find out exactly if all the -- if there is a lot of truth in what's said here. >> defense attorney doug burns. if the child is put down at 5:30 and the surveillance tape shows 6:11, that doesn't give him a lot of time to get to from the trailer to the hotel? >> the time chronology is a little bit odd. i find it very odd, pat, working off your original point that a confession would usually go hand
1:18 am
in hand with information about the whereabouts of the child. for the report to come in, okay, he's confessed to kidnapping, confessed to taking her, but we don't know where the girl is strikes me as puzs. >> marlaina schiavo, any clue of a motive? we have two sisters living together, one boyfriend who is no longer considered a suspect, was charged and was a suspect and another boyfriend who confesses to kidnapping. it seems everybody is a little interconnected. >> they are interconnected. as far as a motive goes, we would have to have somebody admit to what is going on here. so he says he confessed that he kidnapped her and obviously we have this video, but by the same time, i mean, we don't have any information from the mother. we have no information because the father doesn't know anything and we certainly aren't hearing about other adults in the home. no one is actually giving up the information. it's hard to determine why this happened. >> i want to take some calls from our viewers. regina from tennessee.
1:19 am
good evening, what's your question? >> caller: hi, question. thank you for taking my call. because of the timeline, i am very worried and i'm wondering if the mother or any other of the adults in this have taken a polygraph? >> sheryl mccollum, crime analyst, what would be the scenario there? drag them in, ask them to take a test in. >> definitely. everybody in that trailer should be taking a polygraph. >> it doesn't seem at this point we have indication they have. tina in illinois. your question? >> caller: yes. why hasn't the mom stepped and and ask, where's my child in all of this? you haven't heard anything from her. >> lillian glass, psychologist, is the mother thinking it's best if i stay out of the limelight? would we expect her as a mother to plead for the safe return of her daughter? >> you would expect any mother to be frantic and plea for her daughter to come back. this is off is beautiful little girl.
1:20 am
it's very disconcerning what's going on. just the mother's silence speaks volumes. >> gloria allred, a suspect comes in says, yeah, i kidnapped her, but i don't know where she is. what are your thoughts. >> well, it's very bizarre. i might add, pat, too, that yes, it's interesting that the mother has not come forward. one has to ask, why is she not coming forward? ordinarily law enforcement would want her to come forward. is she afraid, herself, she might say something that might implicate herself even if she's innocent? i don't know. we'll have to wait and see. >> we were finding out that dss was no stranger to this household. there have been custody issues that they have dealt with in this household from time to time. there at some point had been drugs found in this house. they're not saying this is involved in this case, per se, but if you're a police officer and you're doing this investigation, you have to keep
1:21 am
that in mind. we're receiving new leads
1:22 am
1:23 am
1:24 am
we're receiving new leads all the time. again, since that footage that was aired last night, we've received a lot of phone calls. every single phone call has to be followed up on. with on the to follow-up on leads and tips we have. >> extraordinary breaking news. you saw the images of shaniya davis by a man who admits he kidnapped her but won't talk about who she might be or or what fate she's dealing with at this point.
1:25 am
i have to talk about clarence co, the mother's boyfriend who has been cleared. he's not a happy man tonight. he feels he's been treated unfairly. i'm sure you as a defense attorney feel the same way. >> anybody who is arrested and immediately freed, of course, is going to be extremely upset. you know, as gloria allred's been saying, this is a bizarre family circle here of all kinds of interrelated actors. and, you know, it's very, very hard -- it was very, very hard to determine who's doing what. of course he's upset. we'll see what happens, you know, in terms of any claim he might make. >> lillian glass, did i hear you say or tell someone earlier it's possible maybe he could use this as a defense, he was trying to protect the child? take the child out of a horrific existence? >> that's a possibility, too. when you look at the pictures, initially, you see her hair is
1:26 am
pulled back. she looks very, very well kept. you see in this picture the hair is dishevelled, it's very wild. you wonder, you know, was the mother tending to her? were the family members taking care of her? that speaks volumes, especially when you look at how well kept she was ahead of time. >> gloria allred, are you inclined to believe this man was trying to help her out? >> n-o. i have no belief in that because, look, if she was in some sort of abusive situation and we don't have any information that would support that theory, but if she were, then the right thing to do would have been to call child protective services. not to engage in some sort of act of self-help, taking her away and not providing any information to any of her relatives about where she was. >> sheryl mccollum, crime analyst, we were hashing this out today in the newsroom. i mean, what's the motive of taking a child for an hour or two to a hotel and then lord knows what next?
1:27 am
>> pat, there's three motives for kidnapping a child. one is for ransom, one is to harm her and one is to assault her and turn her loose. that would be like revenge. we're down to two here. >> dss was no stranger to this household. there have been custody issues that they have dealt with in this household from time to time. there had at some point been drugs found in this house.
1:28 am
1:29 am
1:30 am
a north carolina man admits to kidnapping 5-year-old shaniya davis, why is the little girl still missing? >> we have made another arrest in the davis kidnapping case. we have arrested mario mcneil. >> cops say mcneil admits kidnapping the little girl and there is shocking new surveillance footage. police say that's mcneil carrying little shaniya into a hotel room. he's in jail. but shaniya is still missing. >> she looks relaxed like she's
1:31 am
waiting for elevator to come. she's in his arms. not like she's fighting him. >> the key piece of evidence or the key clue in this may have come right from that girl in that video. i'm wondering, myself, who was in the elevator? if they could get footage as to who was in the elevator, that might give us something to look at. >> they're looking at the stories and trying to make it fit together to find out what happened to this little girl. >> kidnapping charges have been dropped against the man had arrested on wednesday. please take a good look at shaniya here. her father says he wants liz little girl back home. >> i miss you so much. i'm not going to give up. >> i'm pat lalama in for nancy grace. extraordinary surveillance footage we're looking at tonight. this girl, at least, as of tuesday, was alive and with any
1:32 am
luck and hope she still is. gurnal scott, reporter wptf radio. tell me about the suspect. i know he has a criminal history but nothing related to children or sex crimes i know of. >> from what we understand, no. he has been arrested for fleeing police, assault on a female, many drug arrests that we understand, but as far as any kind of harm to children, that we have not seen in his record. we're giving it no indication he has a history of that. >> was he recently released from prison? i know he spent a few years in prison. am i wrong in. >> that was mr. ceo who was recently released from this i think as recently as august. in his case after a charge he was in jail on. >> marlaina schiavo, what's next for this person? arraignment? i understand he's going to plead
1:33 am
not guilty? >> yes. he put in a plea of not guilty and he's being held right now on $100,000 bond. the same exact situation that clarence ceo was facing yesterday. >> bradford cowen, if he's saying, admitted to kidnapping but he's going to plead not guilty, are you going to argue or would you argue about this alleged confession? >> of course. i would always argue about a confession. >> dumb question, huh? >> see if it's voluntary, how the confession was made, when the confession was made, if they read him his miranda rights. there are so many issues surrounding a confession, first of all, that's number one. number two is you don't know the circumstances surrounding these kidnapping. i'm a bloodhound. i'm going to go after this and smell out what's going on. these cops need to get the mom in. they need to start questioning her. she's nowhere to be found. that's very suspicious what's going on. i think it's a smart thing for him to plead not guilty at this point. let's see where the chips fall. >> gloria allred, i'm curious about this -- i don't know, argue, banging, noise the neighbor heard at 3:00 in the
1:34 am
morning. are you thinking there might be some sort of correlation? >> it may be. also -- one wonders why was that little girl on the couch? was the door to the trailer, was it open? >> right. >> was it locked or was it unlocked? why is the mother not saying anything? by the way, maybe she's so emotionally upset she can't say anything. another issue that hasn't been addressed is if there's been drugs in the past, is this little girl being taken and held hostage in order to pay off a drug debt? you know, suggesting that, perhaps, until that debt is paid she doesn't come back. >> good point. i have to ask this one question after gurnal. do we know who was in the house, for instance, in the hours leading up to this kidnaps? were the boyfriends hanging around? was it just the sisters? who was there that night? the night leading up to the kidnapping. >> from what we understand the mother was there, the sister was
1:35 am
there, the mr. ceo, the boyfriend was there. there were either two or three small children in the house including young shaniya. so there were, i believe, as many as six people, i understand, in the trailer at the time this all happened. >> interesting. all right. marlaina, you want to add something? >> actually just one thing. it was actually the sister's boyfriend that was in the house. mr. ceo was at home at his step mom's house. that night. >> okay. so in other words the suspect now was in the house but not mr. ceo. >> no. i'm sorry. the suspect is the ex-boyfriend of the sister. the sister's current boyfriend was allegedly in the home and, of course, the main that was falsely arrested, mr. ceo, was not in the house at all that day. >> casey, you've been waiting a long time from florida. are you with me? >> caller: yes, ma'am. >> question. >> caller: okay.
1:36 am
they have surveillance of her going into the hotel. is there any of her coming out of it with somebody else or with him possibly? >> very good question. gurnal, any other surveillance video? i understand he was only there for an hour. so somebody must have some understanding of when he left and how he left. >> you would think they would. the only surveillance video and pictures that we have seen and we have been privy to are the ones when they were checking into the hotel. if there was surveillance of them coming out, police are keeping that close to the vest and we have not seen that yet. >> i want to take claire from indiana. your question, claire? >> caller: oh, yes. i'm wondering, well, has anybody noticed somehow, i don't know, his body language or whatever, as he's carrying that child into the elevator and all that. he just seems -- he reminded me of a cheshire cat. >> interesting. let's ask lillian glass.
1:37 am
we asked about the child. we didn't ask about him. >> he does. he looks very confident like he knows he has a purpose and knows what he's doing. that's an excellent observation because you really -- you really do see that. the thing that concerns me is just the fact of how her legs are positioned. that really bothers me. >> dr. jake deutsche, as a doctor of emergency medicine, does anything strike you in looking at this child? >> it hasn't been a long time, so severe dehydration or malnourishment doesn't concern me. i agree the well being of this child is the utmost importance and getting to the bottom of what happened to her is important for the medical field. >> absolutely. sue in minnesota. let me take a question from you. >> caller: to confirm the mother's story, is in the picture, in the surveillance video, is she wearing the same clothes that the mother said she was wearing when the mother last saw her? >> marlaina, tell me about that. the clothing in the surveillance tape, i believe the mother said she had a blue t-shirt on and pink panties? >> yes. that's correct. that's all she was wearing when the mother said she last saw
1:38 am
her. but, again, pat, you have to remember that we're not completely clear on the details about what the mother's saying. >> in other words we don't know for sure that's exactly what she had on? >> that's what i'm saying. >> sheryl mccollum, as a crime analyst, as an investigator, what next? >> they're going to look at his cell phone, see if there were pings in the directions he was moving and how long he was in certain places to determine the location of this child. hopefully if he has dropped her with anyone else, the best thing they can do is drop her in a safe place. drop her off. hospital, police department, somewhere. >> you know, that's a very good point. gloria allred, as a child advocate and activist, what would you implore anyone who knows anything tonight for this child? >> absolutely to even call anonymously to law enforcement. if they are afraid, themselves of being implicated. and disclose the whereabouts of this child or even if anyone has
1:39 am
a suspicion but is not sure and thinks they may have seen the child the that resembles this child to call law enforcement and give that tip. i have every reason to believe law enforcement will follow-up on each and every tip. >> brad cowen, if you were defending this person, what would you be doing with them tonight? >> obviously telling him to keep his mouth shut. besides that, looking at the sloppy police work going on. >> why is it sloppy? >> because they arrested -- i'll tell you why. they arrested a man too early. that's why. they should have investigated their case. they should have built their case. they should have gotten more witness statements. the mom's nowhere to be found. the sister's nowhere to be found. >> wouldn't time be of the essence with a missing child? >> absolutely. you need to start taking statements of the people that know what happened. >> what did you hear around 3:00 a.m.?
1:40 am
>> it didn't sound like anyone was trying to literally get into my house, but i heard noise outside of the house. >> what kind of noise? >> sounded like a struggle but i know it wasn't anybody, per se, fighting, but it sounded like banging on my side of the house. breaking news. $$$$$$$
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breaking news. police say they found a grave believed to contain the remains of missing mother of two jayme sue austin. jayme's own brother-in-law has been arrested and charged with her murder. >> new details emerge about the bathroom where jayme is believed to have taken a shower. her mom tells "the orgonian" that bathroom was soaking wet and someone vacuumed. >> someone had taken a shower. the carpet was wet. the carpet out to the counter on the other side of the room was quite wet. yes. >> jayme's prize pucca shell necklace not on the counter but broken inside the vacuum. >> officers seal off the scene. and continue to process the area for >> i'm pat lalama in for nancy grace.
1:44 am
another breaking news story evidence. tonight in a very, very strange case. leslie lauder, reporter for "bicoastal media." this guy, the brother-in-law leads cops to her body? >> yes. what i'm told from the d.a. is on monday, apparently he went along with search crews looking for wherever, you know, ms. austin might have disappeared to. on monday night they questioned him and he appeared to be acting strangely, so they questioned him again on tuesday night and then they further thought that he was acting stranger, so they questioned him yesterday and he led them to the grave. >> so i can assume he confessed to killing her? >> they are not saying he confessed. i guess there are ethical reasons for that. the d.a. says that it's, you
1:45 am
know, against the bar rules for him to say that, but it sure seems like that. >> all right, clark goldband from nancy grace, one of our great producers here. we have to set the scene here. this is an interesting scenario. we have three houses. we have the victim. we have her sister and husband who live in the middle and her mother on the other side, correct? >> yes, pat. >> remind the viewers what happened. she had to go take a shower at her mother's house. meanwhile, her brother-in-law is home that day in the middle. take it from there. >> it started at 9:00 a.m. this week on monday morning when the victim's shower wasn't working. she didn't have water. she called her mom and said i need to shower at your house. mom says no problem. what happens is jayme goes over to the mom's house about 9:30. car found in the driveway. jayme never shows up to her job. she called her job that morning to tell them i'm going to be a few minutes late, i don't have water in my house.
1:46 am
mom gets worried. checked on jayme. lo and behold, jayme's gone. car in the driveway, shower soaking wet, and her prized pucca shell necklace that she treasured and took care of was inside the vacuum. >> okay. obviously, we need to look for a motive. what is this, the case of an obsessive brother-in-law with the hots for his sister-in-law? >> absolutely. he's a stalker. he's stalking her. he's in love with her. he's living next door to her, absolutely, no question. >> do we have a reason to believe she could have been having any kind of relationship with him? what do we know? >> we don't know. we haven't been told anything. the sheriff is pretty hush-hush about any type of motive. i guess they are trying to seal the case up for, you know, he will be arraigned on monday. maybe we'll hear some more over the weekend. there's going to be an autopsy tomorrow. we don't even know at this point how she was killed. >> i'm going to take a caller. hi, sheeba, what's your question?
1:47 am
>> caller: hi, darling. my question is, it's really odd to have one house in the middle of a block without water. could somebody have turned her water off? this brother-in-law, like? >> well, i guess that's always a possibility, gloria. i'll throw that one at you. if he's obsessed, we don't know that, but if he is could he have turned her water off? >> i guess that's possible. it's also possible the bill wasn't paid and that was why the water was turned off. i'm not saying it was not paid, but there are many reasons why the water may not have been working. the fact that that necklace appears broken and that was a prized necklace of her, there was an act of violence against her and she probably didn't leave with any kind of consent that she may have given. it was against her will. >> doug burns and bradford cowen, we'll go with brad first. we have another seemingly confession here.
1:48 am
we don't know for sure. he led police to the body. doesn't look good if you are the lawyer. right? >> i'm not trying to be cute. conceivably he could know what happened to her and led them to the body. that's probably very unlikely, pat. again, the police, as has been said before me, are playing it very, very close to the vest as they should. of course, you're right. if you lead somebody to the body, that's not a good sign. >> i agree with doug. it's not a good sign. again, if that confession was not valid and that confession gets thrown out, any fruits of that confession also get thrown out. now, where the body was or if there's semen or fluid on the body, that would also get thrown out. you need to take a look at that confession. it was done over a three-day period. when was he read miranda, when he wasn't read miranda? that's going to be the question. >> lillian glass, what does it smell like to you? obsessed brother-in-law? >> yes, it does, very much so. >> by the way, he's still married to the sister.
1:49 am
she had been cell phone stalkered. i know that's not a word. is it likely he was the one that was hacking into her cell phone? >> it's a good possibility. the fact that the behavioral changes were noticed. the people noticed he did have a strange behavior. perhaps the guilt consumed him and perhaps he just had to let it out once and for all. >> very quickly, dr. deutsche, what are they going to look for on that body? >> the smoking gun. any dna evidence, blood, tissue, fibers that may lead to the person who killed her. also cause of death. how was she killed? what was the circumstances of her death? >> a mother of two, ladies and gentlemen, another horrid story. now tonight's "cnn heroes." i'm jewel. two years ago, i had the honor of serving on the blue-ribbon panel that helped select the top ten cnn heroes of 2007.
1:50 am
as founder of project clean water which works to improve the quality of life for millions of people by helping provide clean water around the world, i'm thrilled to help cnn introduce one of this year's top ten honorees. i live on the street. >> when you are hungry, you are hungry that is it. they are desperate, and they ne need to eat. every night, i bring food to the neighborhoods of new york. i'm born in columbia, and i'm a bus driver. when i come home my second job starts. prefer the meals, pack them up, it is like 7 days a week. they are waiting for me. just line up.
1:51 am
the best part is when you see this man and for me it is easy. compared with them. >> pretty good. >> tired, but good.
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now a look back at the stories making headline this is week. >> where is little shaniya davis? the 5-year-old reported missing is in extreme danger. her mom put her on the couch and noticed her missing about an hour or so later. >> she reported her missing about an hour after she found her gone. >> they were in the home at the time. her 7-year-old brother, the mother, and a person whom they have only identified possibly as a boyfriend. >> 31-year-old mother of two jamie sue austin was running late for work after her water stopped working.
1:55 am
she called her mom around 8:30 asking to use her shower, a few houses down. she never heard from again. >> with us tonight, the mother of jamie sue. was there anything oust place? was everything in place in your home? >> everything was in place in my home, but not in the bathroom. they asked me not to disclose the information about it, but because of what the bathroom looked like, they listed it as suspicious as a crime. >> he's standing by his wife and believes she was kidnapped. because of her bipolar disorder she bonded with the suspect and began to participate in the plot to extort $50,000.
1:56 am
>> did you take money from your husband? >> if i wanted $50,000, all i had to do was take it out of the bank account. >> somewhere between the beginning or the end, the boy toy lover starts taping mommy, 37-year-old quinn gray during their sex sessions, while they are discussing the fake kidnap plot and discussing blowing the head off of her husband, the father of her two little children. >> cody stanley, 21, was on a second tour of duty and served in afghanistan. awarded the purple heart and national defense service medal. he loved growing up on the family ranch, hunting, fishing and four wheeling. he leaves his parent, brother, and best friend.
1:57 am
an american hero. thank you to all of our guests and you at home for being with us. thank you, nancy for letting me sit in. 8:00 sharp eastern and until then, good night, everybody. i'm brooke anderson and this i'm brooke anderson and this is the "showbiz tonight" news break. here's what's coming up at the top of the hour. the supermodel extortion shocker. cindy crawford plaque mailed over her daughter bound and gagged. brand-new bombshells from sarah palin's book and her sit down with oprah winfrey and what levi johnston is saying today. tv's most provocative news show
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starts at the top of the hour.
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