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tv   American Perspectives  CSPAN  November 14, 2009 11:00pm-2:00am EST

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right now on "showbiz tonight" this weekend, carrie prejean blows her stack on live tv. >> larry, you are being inappropriate. >> tonight, the must-see video of the controversial former beauty queen threatening to walk out on "larry king live." >> you're being inappropriate. >> larry: okay. >> okay? >> the explosive fallout. was carrie totally out of line and does she look absolutely ridiculous? a "showbiz tonight" exclusive, donald trump's fired up response to carrie's tantrum after she dissed him big time and what he is telling us about
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carrie's big tantrum. in the headline-making interview you will see only on "showbiz tonight." tonight, jon goss lynn's incredib incredible funny or die video. can he turn back time and right his wrongs? ♪ i don't know why i did the things i did ♪ ♪ i don't know why i said the things i said ♪ >> tv's most provocative entertainment news show starts right now. hello, i'm a.j. hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. >> hi there, everyone. i'm brooke anderson coming you from hollywood and this is "showbiz tonight" this weekend. tonightt beauty blows her stack. >> this was pretty amazing. we are bringing you the absolutely remarkable fallout from carrie prejean's incredible down right embarrassing tantrum live on cnn's "larry king live"
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threatening to walk off the show. >> larry: did you hear the question, carrie? >> excuse me? >> larry: did you hear the question? >> no, i can't hear you. >> but wait, there's more. so much more i still cannot believe what she did. carrie prejean got slammed for the hissy fit on "larry king live." after she was asked about the solo sex tape she admits making saying she sent it to her boyfriend when she was 17 years old but hold on because that boyfriend reportedly claiming that care vie lying and she was 20 years old when she made it and accuses her of trying to get her to lie about that and in a "showbiz tonight" exclusive, donald trump goes one on one with us responding to carrie's claim that he humiliated contestants and tell us exclusively what he thinks about carrie's meltdown on live tv. right now in new york, whitney casey, a relationship expert and author of "the man plan.
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qults in hollywood tonight, carlos diaz, a correspondent for "extra." carrie prejean's brand new interview with cnn's larry king astounding. i was sitting there live watching the show as it happened and just thought, holy moley. i can't believe this is going on. larry asked carrie why she settled the breach of lawsuit confronted with the solo sex tape she made. larry asked the question, now watch what happened. >> larry: so what you're saying is in mediation, it was discussed why you were medicating? >> larry, it is completely confidential. and you're being inappropriate. >> larry: okay. >> okay? so you can -- you're being inappropriate. >> larry: inappropriate king live continues. >> yes. >> larry: detroit, hello. >> caller: hi. i'm calling from detroit. >> larry: yes. >> i'm day man and love pageants. i'm sure that you, carrie, got great gay friends that helped you win.
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what would you give them as advice if they wanted to get married? >> larry: did you hear the question, carrie? did she hear the question? is she leaving? i asked what motivated the settlement. >> excuse me? >> tell him you couldn't hear the question. >> larry: did you hear the question? >> no, i can't hear you. >> larry: you took the mike off. you put the mike on, we could hear you. >> yeah. i think you are being extremely inappropriate right now and i'm about to leave your show. >> yeah. i'm going to call it a tantrum but she's smiling the whole time because she's a beauty queen after all. carlos, was carrie just out of line? are you with me on that? >> i felt like i was watching the tv show "v" saying, larry, don't ask me any questions. it will paint me a negative light and then the true monster comes out. you know? it's funny. it is very funny because she's all about freedom of speech. >> yeah. >> you know? that's the big thing, freedom of
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speech. real close to freedom of speech there, carrie, freedom of the press and you can go on all the show you want and have an agenda and can and can't ask, not larry king. he asks what he wants to ask you. you have been around for snoulg you can't control larry king and came off looking pathetic. >> if you really listen to what larry was asking, he wasn't asking her that breach the agreement agreed. it was just yesterday carrie, i think, just made fool out of herself on "the view." today the ladies had a field day with what happened on larry. watch this. >> but that phone call was i'm gay and want to trap you f. a question came through, i love you and sarah palin more than life itself, she would have taken the call. >> she had no idea who was on the call before the caller started talking to her. be fair. be fair about this. >> you know? she is also got to be fair. you know? she's got to be fair. >> sure. >> we had her on the show and asked legitimate questions. maybe they were not the most
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comfortable. shaefs little bitcmy, i have to say. >> yeah. >> and we didn't start out like this. >> all right, whitney. is whoopi right? the tantrum, you know, it really showed the true colors is what she went on to say there. didn't start out as a big argument. >> i'm sorry, a.j. that was a really inappropriate question. seriously, though, this was some great television. i'm sorry. i was just -- i was entranced by it but i'll say i thought, too, a.j. she couldn't hear and could hear and every blond has espn. besides that tom foolery, you saw this with hasselbeck, it was the finger pointing. i don't know what it is about the right but i'm going it right now. finger pointing thing. she almost said with the -- you're inappropriate with a finger pointing. it made me think of sarah palin. and then, of course, i go online and read that now they've become pals. prejean and palin are pals and
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now all about being perfect and you're inappropriate. >> whitney, don't palin-ize her, okay? donald trump was watching last night. today donald trump on a "showbiz tonight" exclusive interview, dhe not hold back one bit on what he thinks of shall i call her little miss ex-california. that is woman that bashed donald trump in her new book saying he humiliated the women. brooke anderson, you got that exclusive today. >> that's right, a.j. i asked trump what he thought about outrageous temper tantrum. watch this. >> i'm big fan of larry king and watching this, and i was very surprised to see it because she was talking about how inappropriate he was. inappropriate is more of a sexual term. as far as i'm concerned. inappropriate, he asked a very, very easy question. and i was surprised that she just didn't say, hey, listen, i can't answer that question.
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it's very surprising. it was really very strange to watch it. too bad. i felt badly for her, actually. >> he felt badly for her. i was a little bit surprised he said that. carlos, i thought that he would be a lot harsher, didn't you? >> yeah. and you're thinking the same way i was thinking. talking to him the other day, he is very diplomatic but he's genius in that way because if he starts to bash the girls that go out for the miss usa pageant, then no one will go out for the pageant. he is smart and own it is pageant and wants to keep generating money and being diplomatic in this case. >> yeah. >> but i think at one point, he's got go all rosie o'donnell on her at one time. >> he is going to lose it. he's a smart businessman and being very careful with his words. and coming up in just a few moments, you are going to see the rest of the "showbiz tonight" exclusive with donald trump. he tells me whether he's going to sue prejean for what she wrote in the book and, a.j. i have the outrageous reaction to
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the sex tape, as well. >> i want to hear that and the controversy, brooke, even hotter today. more shocking new revolutions as prejean's ex-boyfriend speaks out. this is the guy reportedly at the receiving end of carrie's sex tape. he was so she says and claims she was 17 when she sent the sex tape to him and he tells tmz she is lying about how old she was --
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>> all right, whitney. if what her ex claims is true and she was 21, will anybody have any reason to believe anything she says again? >> well, no. that started with being miss california. i'm sorry. but i'm saying this. this guy, let me defend -- he's kind of a louse. he is to bring this out. it is entertaining for all of us, right. >> right. >> great for the book sales as we talked about yesterday but it is a jerky thing for him to do and real quli is he doing it? we have to ask that. >> no, it's good point tie saucy pictures of her from the tryst in san diego, incredibly funny with the reece's cup and stuff, tough see, that come on. why is he doing this? >> no. that's some -- definitely a question worth asking. thank you very much. for the record, we did reach out to carrie prejean and did not hear back from her as of show time. >> i spoke with donald trump and
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he is really fired up over this. this is my "showbiz tonight" exclusive t. reaction from donald to carrie prejean's "larry king live" tantrum and telling me of her big diss of him. you will see it only on "showbiz tonight." plus, fresh on the high heels of a stripper, claiming she had an affair with josh dumal, fergie says she is tempted to cheat with other women. also this -- >> i just want to go back to the normal, simple life like i used to have. ♪ if i could turn back time >> tonight, is jon gos lynn cleaning up his new act? can he really turn back time and right his wrongs? this is "showbiz tonight" this weekend on hln.
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welcome back to "showbiz tonight" this week. i'm a.j. hammer in new york with brooke anderson in hollywood. tonight, it's showbiz special report. dark secrets of the stars. from heart breaking confessions of abuse to jaw dropping revelations of abuse. i can't get over how many celebrities recently decided to come out with their darker secrets. from houston's drug addiction to jackson's tapes alleging abuse by his father. tonight, "showbiz tonight" reveals the most incredible, the most heart breaking celebrity dark secrets ever. dark secrets from some of america's most beloved celebrities. >> he spit on me. he actually spit on me. >> secrets we have never beli e believed unless we heard it straight from their mouths. >> i started waking up in my father's hotel room bed. >> secrets both shocking and
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heart breaking. >> he'd whip all over your face, your back, everywhere. i'd always hear my mother, no, joe. you're going to kill him. you're going to kill him, no. >> whitney houston stunned america confessing all to oprah about the drug use with now ex-husband bobby brown. >> you were free basing cocaine? >> basically. >> yeah. >> yeah. and weed. >> your drug of choice was weed combined with cocaine. >> rock cocaine. >> dropping bombshells about life with bobby brown and how emotionally abusive the relationship was. >> he starts to paint in our room, my bedroom. >> uh-huh? >> eyes. just eyes. evil eyes that were looking at every point of the room. >> but secrets don't get much darker than mackenzie phillip's revelations about her relationship with her father, john phillips. >> all i remember is arriving in
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the room, getting high. if you are in a blackout and you are not your body and then you come to and n your body, i was in the act of having sex with my father. >> the best selling book "high on arrival" revealed the gruesome details of this dark secret she carried for 31 year ice i said we need to talk about how i used the word rape for want of a better word. how you raped me and he said, raped you? don't you mean when we made love? i thought to myself, wow. i'm so screwed. >> her claims divided her family. >> i went, why? it's had a somewhat of a negative impact on my family and some of the relationships. >> her half sister chynna told "showbiz tonight" she believes her sister and took courage to come out with such a painful and dark secret. >> i can't hold any resentments. i just can't. i love my sister and really, really proud of her. >> and for michael jackson, many
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details didn't come to light until the tragic and sudden death in july. >> when michael jackson died, all of a sudden the pandora's box of dark secrets was opened tie world was shocked when investigators uncovered jackson's outrageous abusive prescription painkillers including a highly dangerous an stettic called propofol. the drug that ultimately killed him. one of the most alarming and tragic of jackson's dark secrets are audio tapes revealing the graphic descriptions of being abused by his father, joe jackson. >> he makes you strip naked. oil you down. it is a ritual. so when the flip of the ironing chord hits you, it would just -- you know? and it was just like me dying. >> rabbi revealed the interviews to "showbiz tonight." >> even when i hear it now, it is painful.
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because it shows a side of michael that is so contradicted to the superstar who played before millions of fans. >> i would just give up. like there was nothing i could do. you know? and i just hated him for it. hated him. >> i don't think michael was ever known as a man. i don't think we understood his brokenness. i think we judged and rejected him. >> i think every one, all of michael jackson's fans embrace him despite the things we are finding out after his death but i think that's the thing about most pop stars. finding out the dark secrets actually makes us really love our celebrities and pop stars even more than we did before. >> and tonight, another brand new michael jackson secret revelation. michael's dad filed court papers to get an allowance from the late son's estate. he wasn't included in the will but joe says he has $15,000 worth of monthly expenses that
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michael was helping him with before the death. tonight, my interview with donald trumpt fired up response to carrie prejean's tv trantrum and the diss of him. high school the headline-making interview you will see only on "showbiz tonight." also, stunning new developments around the reported j.lo sex tape. will jennifer lopez's ex rethere's video? and this outrageous new jon gosselin video. >> people say, jon, you can't go back but i am going to go back. i'm going to learn from my mistakes, move forward and be the righteous person i can be. >> sounds like a good move but do you mean it? you have to see this. will it help jon's image? this is "showbiz tonight" this weekend on hln. more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now.
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now on "showbiz tonight" this weekend, a "showbiz tonight" exclusive. donald trump's fiery response after carrie prejean lashed out at him. we are one on one with the donald. it is the headline-making interview you will see only on "showbiz tonight." explosive developments in the reported j.lo sex tape shocker. will the ex relesion a steam my tape of her? i want to go back to the normal, simple life i used to have. >> is jon gosselin trying to change his ways? the outrageous new video, the
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weekend edition of tv's most provocative entertainment news show continues right now. welcome back to "showbiz tonight." it is 30 minutes past the hour. i'm a.j. hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. >> i'm brooke anderson coming you from hollywood. and tonight, a "showbiz tonight" exclusive. donald trump strikes back against meltdown beauty queen carrie prejean. wait until you hear my explosive exclusive interview with trump getting his very first reaction to prejean's over the top tantrum on cnn's "larry king live." you are not going to believe what the don add has to say about that. i asked him if he plans to sue prejean about the way he run it is pageant, accusing her of singling out the beauty queens and humiliating them. and i just had to ask trump if
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he would ever consider making carrie prejean a contestant on the hit tv show "celebrity apprenti apprentice." this is the interview you will see only on "showbiz tonight" beginning with donald trump's very first reaction to carrie prejean's meltdown on "larry king live." >> i want to start first with carrie prejean's meltdown on cnn's "larry king live." i don't know if you caught the show but at one point larry asking carrie why she settled the lawsuit against the pageant. she told larry he is being inappropriate. at one point she even took off her mike. >> larry: i'm not asking you what the settlement was. >> it's confidential agreement and not allowed to talk about that. >> larry: so the agreement discusses the motive behind why each party agreed? >> larry, you are being inappropriate. you really are. soy'm not going to talk about -- >> larry: i'm asking a question. >> i won't talk about anything that's discussed in mediation.
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it is completely confidential and a confidential settlement. >> larry: so what you're saying is in mediation, it was discussed why you were mediating? >> larry, it's completely -- >> larry: it was discussed? >> you are being inappropriate. >> what's your reaction to that? >> i actually was watching. i'm a big fan of larry king and i was watching this and i was very surprised to see it because she was talking about how inappropriate he was. inappropriate is more of a sexual term as far as i'm concerned. i mean, inappropriate. he asked a very, very easy question. >> yeah. >> i was surprised that she just didn't say, hey, i can't answer that question. it was very surprising and really very strange to watch it. too bad. i felt badly for her actually. >> it was all very, very odd. donald, there are startling claims that former miss usa california carrie prejean making about how you run your beauty pageants. here's what she told cnn's larry king. >> we were on stage and there
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were some women on the right and some women on the left and some women devastated. they felt that they didn't -- that donald trump didn't like them. that, you know, he didn't look at them enough. and am i portraying him as a horrible person? no. he is such a small part of the book and people would like me to be distracted by that. i won't let that happen. >> she says and i quote, it became clear for him to divide the girls we personally found attractive and those he did not. is that true? >> it is all very simple. first of all, it is not factual. but it's all very simple. i happen to have very good taste when it comes to beauty and i do pick people. however, with all of that being said, i shake hands with the girls. i'm not nice to them. i'm nice to everybody. and what i have in my mind only i know about. and i have a yellow pad, although i have a great memory, i write certain things down.
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but nobody sees that other than me. now, during the course of saying hello to people, i'll jokingly say, who should win? and the girls will blurt out names, et cetera, et cetera. that's all fun. the girls love meeting me. i loved meeting them. >> she just misinterpreted the situation? >> well, sadly because i have a good heart and i'm nice to people and, you know, the pageants have become so successful, not because i'm a bad person. and i'm really nice to people. in fact, i'll go a step further. the ones i know can't win i'm nicer to them. >> right. >> i go out of my way. i don't say i feel sorry for. but i actually go out of my way to be nicer to the girls that i know can't win. >> yeah. make them feel comfortable. well, you are a very, very friendly guy. and i want to ask you about this now, donald, because larry also asked about the comments made her regarding the sex tape and you said she is trying to act
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like a nun. maybe she should release the tape and people would see whether or not shaes nun. here's what carrie told cnn's larry king. >> i have so much respect for him. i think he was thrown into the middle of this and i really respect him as a businessman and i know that he has to listen to the people who he hired. and who work for him but i really wish he would have done a little bit more of an investigation on what really went on. >> donald, does that just make you angry? she is intimating here you listen to what people tell you and don't have the facts straight and also 89% of the viewers say that carrie in over her head here. what do you say to all of that? >> well, maybe she is in over her head. frankly, i have very good executives that have taken this pageant to new levels of success and popularity. in all fairness, all of the publicity goes to the benefit of the pageant. as far as the sex tape, i guess carrie told her about it and she
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openly admits of a sex tape. maybe she should reveal it to see whether or not it's horrendous or whatever. >> do you plan to sue carrie for what she's saying about you? >> no, because she is very nice to me, actually. she was very nice to me in the book. i always felt warm toward carrie. i think she is a nice person. i don't know who's leading her down this path. but it's unfortunate. but, no, i don't plan to sue carrie. i think she really is respectful of me. i didn't like what she said when i lined the girls up. i think carrie needs a little bit of guidance. >> you know a good opportunity when you see it, donald, as far as getting attention, publicity. do you think you would consider carrie a contestant on the "celebrity apprentice"? >> we're shooting right now and the people we have are just incredible so i don't know. that will be for next season. we'll to see where's carrie next
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season. >> a.j. i got say donald really surprised me because he was very forgiving of carrie. and you know, i just think she is out of her mind going after donald like this. >> he defended her with his arm around her at the press conference and takes nerve. if carrie ever even had credibility, she is completely lost it by now. and now that donald has told us exactly what he thinks about carrie's claims about him, i want to know who won this verbal smackdown. it is the hot debate tonight. whitney casey, author of "the man plan." from hollywood, carlos diaz, correspondent for "extra." quickly, carlos, were you sir surprised by anything donald told us today? i thought some of the things he said were a little shocking as far as how forgiving he was. >> yeah, well, you know, he's being very classy throughout this because -- the thing he said in the sbeer have you most telling is we have to see where care vie this time next year.
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we could all not know who carrie prejean is next year and donald's around for so long, why would i waste time far lightsfwhagt whitney, quickly? >> it is entertaining that the bunny ragt always thinking that the anaconda entertaining her. the snake being the nice and congenial donald trump. it is a smackdown. he's won. done. >> whitney, carlos, thanks, guys. i cannot believe my eyes seeing this brand-new jon gosselin video. watch. >> i want to go back to the normal, simple life like i used to have. ♪ if i could turn back time >> yeah. that's really jon. you have got to see this thing. it is pretty funny. will it help jon's image? brand new developments around the jennifer lopez reported sex tape. will j.lo's ex be able to release it? also this --
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>> that's incredible. did she not think anybody woumd notice? that's outrageous. >> what video did "showbiz tonight" sthoe get that kind of response? just wait until you find out. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln.
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♪ ♪ if i could turn back time ♪ if i could find a way tonight, you have got to see the absolutely hilarious, brand new funny or die video with jon gosselin and might change
11:44 pm
everybody's opinion of him forever. welcome back to "showbiz tonight" this weekend. i'm brooke anderson in hollywood with a.j. hammer in new york. tonight, jon's big laugh. after months of being a laughing stock for everything from dating three women at the same time to living it up in the hamptons with michael lown, tonight he's the center of a hi lair jous video about his outrageous drama-filled life. but why is he doing this now? is it more fact than fiction? we'll get to those burning questions in a moment. but first, jon's big laugh. watch this. >> for the past few months, i've been looking back and thinking, man, this is not me. this is not what i want to do. you know? i just want to go back to the normal, simple life like i used to have. i try, try, try. people always say to me, jon, you can't go back. but i am going to go back. i'm going learn from my mistakes. i'm going to move forward and be the righteous person that i can be. ♪
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♪ if i could turn back time if i could find a way ♪ ♪ i'd take back all those words that have hurt you ♪ ♪ and you'd stay ♪ i don't know why i did the things i did ♪ ♪ i don't know why i said the things i said ♪ ♪ cuts like a knife it can cut deep inside ♪ ♪ words are like weapons they wound sometimes ♪ >> i'm sorry, bikini deejay t. party's over. >> i'll never forget you, jon gosselin. ♪ i know i made you cry. >> seriously? ♪ if i could turn back time ♪ if i could find a way
11:46 pm
♪ i'd take back -- >> you have to take my name off the list forever. >> off the list? >> peace. >> j. dog, you're breaking my heart here. come on. >> what's going on, guys? >> we heard jon gosselin might be in there. >> cool. tell him i said good-bye. >> later, buddy. >> people always say, jon, you can't go back. but at least i'm going to try. >> after watching that, i'm wondering why in the world is jon gosselin making fun of himself and giving us more to goof on him about? right now in hollywood, hila with five dollar and carolina bermuda, a correspondent for "in touch weekly." was this really the best move for jon? >> huge move for jon.
11:47 pm
this was great. listen. he just -- this is a breaking news alert. okay? exclusive on "showbiz tonight." jon gosselin is here to stay. we think of jon as -- >> no! >> the tlc show is gone. when is it going to be over with jon gosselin? he just came back with a vengeance. this is the best pr tactical move to ever make. >> i'm sorry, hyla. i'm sorry. >> will farrell, natalie portman does. >> we're laughing at him after this clip. i'm sorry. it takes more than him ditching the hair gel and the vodka to think that this guy's legit. seriously. this is so sad. >> who will i talk about smore? jon gosselin's everywhere. he manipulates us to talk about him and making fun of himself. >> filling out job applications and not doing spoof videos. the guy's going to be unemployed
11:48 pm
in a couple of months. i would think he'd doing something better for his future. >> you don't think he'll gate show any time soon? we know he'll be back on reality television. >> now if tlc has their way. >> i hope not. i'm with you. what makes this so funny is that we're all wishing that jon would simmer down, drop the gel, go back do the normal life for the sake of the eight, young beautiful kids. >> sure. >> are you with me although spoof is hilarious, you kind of hope it's true? >> i do. i really think that jon needs a wake-up call and maybe the reactions from the video gives him the kick in the fwout start really getting the family back together. >> yeah. give him some motivation. well, kate gosselin, his ex showed she has a funny bone taking a swipe at her own infamy on "the jay leno" show. twhach. >> kate, kate, kate! >> what did you buy? >> seriously, i am exhausted.
11:49 pm
leave me alone. stop taking pictures. >> just a couple more, kate. >> couple more. >> hey! what did mommy just say? >> what? >> i asked you to stop taking pictures and you continued. >> okay. but we are not your kids, ma'am. >> we are not part of the plus eight. >> don't talk back to your mother. >> hyla, who's got the better comic chops, jon or kate? >> jon gosselin on this one. this is just a small little funny or die clip and it is hi lair jous. kate gosselin had the entire jay leno writing staff behind her on that one. i give the edge to jon. >> giving the edge to jon right now. okay. i want to move now to explosive new developments in the j.lo sex tape shocker a. judge just extended a temporary restraining ordering preventing her first husband from releasing a sex tape of her. is she out of the woods yet? >> not yet. there's -- these two battling back and forth for years now. there's something that he has on
11:50 pm
j.lo and doesn't want anybody else to know. i don't think this is the last to see of this case. >> now he needs to stop it and stop trying to live off his ex, for goodness' sake. goodtonight, wait until you see the unbelievable caught on tape moment that has people outraged. >> that's incredible. did she not think anybody would notice? that's outrageous. >> i cannot wait to show you this. what video did "showbiz tonight" show her to get that reaction. wait until you find out. this is "showbiz tonight" this weekend on hln.
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tonight on "the joy behar show," first carey threatens to walk off larry king. now she wants to apologize for laughing. what will she do next, give anderson cooper a time-out? and the attorney for alleged extortioni extortionist/writer halderman will join me p screen plays blackmail, david letterman. shopaholics. it is just a real addiction or a case of what you can't afford. all that, and more, starts now. -- captions by vitac --
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christmas is coming. and the gift that keeps on giving is back. yes, sarah palin sat down with oprah to promote her new book. that interview will air on monday. but why not unwrap this one early. oprah released clips. listen to oprah ask her p the infamous katy couric moment. >> did you think that was a defining moment for you? >> i did not. neither did the campaign. that's why segment two, three, four and five were scheduled. the campaign said, right on, good, you're showing your independence. and it was a good interview. i'm thinking, if you thought that was a good interview, i don't know what a bad interview was, because i knew it wasn't a good interview. >> i'm joined by comedian and contributor to cbs sunday morning. a great show. sarah bernard, contributing editor of new york magazine and comedian and journalist, welcome to the show. did you see the katie couric
12:02 am
interview? did you think it was hostile of katie? >> katie did what she was supposed to do. and i don't say that just because i work at cbs. she did follow up. it was like journalism 101. it's sad that that's seen as something as how extraordinary. she did a great job. >> why was it seen as extraordinary? >> because everybody's so afraid. >> of what? >> she wouldn't answer a simple question by what do you read? it's great if it's highlights for children. and she just wouldn't cave in and just say, i read "the new york times" or the "washington post." it was a question somehow pe neath her. i think that ended up biting her. >> are you on her side? >> i don't know about that. i think it was actually interesting, because people who are in the audience of the oprah taping said that she, sarah palin, intimated that she might be interested in hosting a talk show. >> aha? >> i thought that was the most interesting news actually to come out of that. is that what we're going to get? that's going to be christmas for
12:03 am
a long time. >> i better watch my step around here. >> i thought that sarah in that clip was brilliant that we just saw. she was coulding an amazing impression of tina fey of doing an impression of sarah palin. >> she's gorgeous. that's another situation. we don't want to go there. she's a very pretty girl, we all know that. oprah also asked sarah palin about her pseudoson-in-law, levi johnston. >> one final question about levi. will he be invited to thanksgiving dinner? >> that's a great question. and it's lovely to think that he would ever even consider such a thing. because, of course, you want -- he is a part of the family. you want to bring him in the fold and kind of under your wing. and he needs that, too, oprah. i think he needs to know that he is loved. and he has the most beautiful child. and this can all work out for good. it really can. we don't have to keep going down this road of controversy and drama all the time. we're not really into the drama. we don't really like that.
12:04 am
we're more productive, we have other things to concentrate on -- >> yes, he is coming or no he's not? >> oprah -- do you believe her? because, you know, levi johnston, these are the things he has said that she said that the little baby, trig, i believe his name is, she refers to him as my little retarded baby. which could be an affectionate way to talk about the kid. but i don't think sarah would like that. >> no. >> that she didn't cook. so what. and she wanted to quit the governorship to make money. that was according to "vanity fair." palin's response to that via the spokesman, consider the source of the most recent attention-getting lives. those that would sell their bodies for money reflect a desperate need for attention and likely to do and say anything for more attention. why is she playing nicy nice now? doesn't she really want to kill him? >> absolutely. if he's going, he's definitely sitting at the kids' table. she's trying to take the high road, because you have to take
12:05 am
the high road on oprah because she will call you out. >> his head will end up in the oven at thanksgiving. levi cannot -- is not a reputable source on this. on the insider they said who would be a better catch, jon gosselin or levi johnston. it's bad. >> i love it. >> i would definitely go with levi. >> really? because you wouldn't have to take care of eight kids. >> exactly. the other ones are rageaholices. >> i love the idea of that family, being at that thanksgiving. it's better for sarah palin, better for her to sell books right now, let's face it, all that she's doing, to act like that family might actually get back together. >> she's not stopping in the major cities on her book tour, you know. she's only going to what she calls the real america. isn't brooklyn, new york, the real america? it certainly looked like that when i was there. >> she didn't actually write it, she just put together mad-libs.
12:06 am
running for vice president was neat, you know, that kind of thing. >> who is more powerful, palin or oprah? >> this is the non-aggression pact of 2009. these two ladies are going to redraw the map of the world. it's terrifying. >> it's like magellan. let's move on. carrie prejean has admitted to having a so lo sex tape. tmz said that's why she dropped her lawsuit against the pageant. solar i king asked her about the settlement last night. >> larry: in mediation it was discussed why you were mediating. >> larry, it's completely confidential. and you're being inappropriate. okay? >> larry: "larry king live" continues. >> she calls larry inappropriate. isn't it more inappropriate to make a tape of yourself masturbating and sending it to your boyfriend? the word inappropriate sticks out like when david letterman called it creepy what he did. the word is weird, isn't it?
12:07 am
>> i think let's face it, again, she has something to sell, just like sarah palin. we would not be talking about her. i think what she did actually was kind of brilliant in a way. if you flip it around and realize that she has got everybody -- >> brilliant in this circumstance? >> am i the only person saying that today? i think she's actually got everyone paying attention. if she just sat there and did her regular interview with larry king, we would not be talking about her right now. >> poor miss north carolina, she won and everybody forgets. >> we're all interested in carrie now. >> it seems like she went to the kanye west school of media training. customarily when you say you're going to walk off, you actually get up and walk off. i think the one thing she did right, if you're going to do a sex the tape, do it in your 20s, because gravity and time is not kind. >> the ex-boyfriend she made the tape for, listen to what he said.
12:08 am
>> there was numerous, i'd say, probably about 15, 20 videos that she sent. >> and they were all explicit videos? >> yes. very much. >> how old was she? how old was she? >> she was 19 when i was out there. the videos poured in all the way up to just shy of -- i mean, she had to have been 21. >> this was a lapse in judgment. that's when you give yourself a bad hair consult. she has a cottage industry of tapes. >> 25 more and she can go into syndication. >> oh, my gosh. >> we should explain its-important she was 20 and not 17. if she was 17, it would be, i guess, illegal probably for people to trade it. >> can we use the l word here? is she lying? >> oh, which l word?
12:09 am
>> the l word, when you talk about people, they don't like to say lie. it was a falsehood. but is that christian of her to lie? >> she was bearing false witness. is that one of the ten commandments, though? >> thou shalt not attack your neighbor. >> a lot of coveting going on. even if it's just of herself. you cannot make it -- seriously, you cannot make a sex tape and have a platform on any moral issue. you cannot. you can't do that. >> the same with sarah palin, with her kids, she has the -- she's talking about abstinence and then tracking the daughter around with a big belly. it's ridiculous. yet the victim card, they always play the victim card on these topics, right? >> if you have a opinion and voice it you open yourself up to being opposed to it and judging you for it. she's forgetting she can say anything she wants and no one's going to hold her accountable
12:10 am
for her. and holds a crucifix down in her cleavage. >> she wants to keep jesus warm. that's okay. >> i think the funniest thing about that interview, though, is how it was almost like she was having a fight, or she seemed like she kept telling larry to calm down and he was perfectly calm the whole time and wasn't actually getting upset. and she was just saying, just calm down, you're being inappropriate. >> when she was on "the view" with me, she was very tense, how shall i call it, she turned on me. and on this show, we had a moment where somebody made a joke, a comedian, and we all laughed and she wants an apology from me because i laughed. i support the comedian. i laugh at his jokes. we stick together, babe, okay? >> she watches your show. >> they're out that watching. >> is she related to sister -- >> wait a minute. prejean keeps saying she's being palinnized. listen to this. >> there is this double standard that conservative women are fair
12:11 am
game to be attacked. and it's not right and it needs to stop. >> larry: doesn't the conservative media tear down liberal politicians? >> not to the extent that liberals do to conservative women. >> larry: the conservative media calls hillary clinton as a bitch and liar, laura ingram accused nancy pelosi of having to do everything but sell her own body to get the health bill passed. >> that was called a larry king smackdown. he had that information right in front of him. she thinks this is a one-way street, poor me and too bad about the rest of them, right? >> did laura ingram really accuse nancy pelosi of whering herself? >> did larry king just say bitch? i love him. he's my hero. i'm sexually atracked to him right now. >> very inappropriate, joy. >> she backed out of a gop
12:12 am
speaking event in d.c., by the way. >> i think that was exactly the wrong thing to do. this, again, i'm telling you, she's brilliant. this is only helping her. if she had just gone there, she probably would have gotten a lot more attention. >> the right wing loves these airheads. everyone stay right there. the donald, trump, response to carrie prejean's tantrum. stay tuned right here on hln. "showbiz tonight" at 11:00. when we come back, the latest in the david letterman extortion caves. what a show this is tonight.
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12:15 am
the lawyer for the man who allegedly tried to extort $2 million from david letterman
12:16 am
says joe halderman was not trying to blackmail dave, he was just trying to sell him his green play. the man accused of black mailing the late night host. gerald, explain exactly how this screen play defense works. >> i think it diminishes it when you call it the screen play defense. i think i can best explain it this way. you know, there was a time when william randolph hearst learned about citizen cane, the movie, and didn't want it published in the worst way. he went ahead millions of dollars to see that citizen cain not be released, as we all know it was released. just this week, there are three cases in the news where confidentiality agreements were at the core of the issue. where someone wanted to pay to have something not published, not made public. that's all that happened here. joe halderman has -- >> it's a little suspicious, though. there are a couple of things.
12:17 am
with all due respect to you, why would you -- >> i'm listening. >> why did your client go to him at 6:00 in the morning? i understand it's kind of a little bit weird. it's very godfatherish to show up at 6:00 a.m. with a screen play. >> no, it wasn't. can i say this? the fact that so many people are relying on 6:00 in the morning delivery of the package is kind of ridiculous. first of all, it's easily explained. they both went to work at 6:00 in the morning. number one. number two, joe halderman knew david letterman's driver. he knew that was the best way to get to david letterman. showing up at david letterman's apartment at 9:00 in the morning wouldn't have made it any better or different. if he fedexed it, does that mean there's no case? >> why did he say your world is going to collapse. that's not exactly friendly at any hour of the morning. >> there's no requirement in the commercial transaction that people be friendly. there's no requirement in a commercial -- >> your world is going to collapse is beyond friendly.
12:18 am
it's threatening. >> it's not threatening. it is a reality. it was a reality, number one. and number two, he had the absolute right to go to letterman with the intellectual property and offer him the right of first refusal. that's all he was doing. you want to draw on the tapes or the communication? in later meetings? joe halderman made it crystal clear, he said to jim jackohway, you don't have to take this. that doesn't sound threatening to me. he wasn't threatening at all. his tone was not threatening. you will hear the tapes one day. when you hear the tapes -- >> when will i hear the tapes? >> at a trial. at the trial. >> let me ask you something. first of all, letterman's attorney doesn't buy what you're saying at all. let's listen to what he said on "good morning america"." >> who negotiates a business transaction at 6:00 in the morning in the shadows of their apartment building saying your world is about to collapse.
12:19 am
who threatens their business and personal life. i need an answer in two hours. those are the earmarks of a business transaction. those are the earmarks of a blackmail. >> the fact that in about 20 seconds he had to mention 6:00 in the morning twice, and as you mentioned # clock in the morning right at the outset, if that's what the prosecution's proof is, they'll be laughed out of court. if that's what they're going to put before the jury, statements like in the dark shadows of night, first of all, i think it was daylight savings time. so i don't even know if it was dark. in the dark shadows of night. they'll be laughed out of court. >> you know, the thing about you going on -- >> and we say -- >> i'm happy that -- >> can you say hi yet? >> hi. i'm just here to ask you some questions. >> objectively, yes. >> i have to ask you a question. you're doing a lot of talk shows. doesn't that taint the jury a little bit that you're on all the talk shows talking?
12:20 am
how are you going to get a real jury to, what's the word i'm looking for here -- i'm not a lawyer. >> to be fair and impartial. >> there you go. to are fair and balanced. that's the other station. >> fair and impartial. >> how are we going to do that when you're all over the tv? >> here's the answer. first of all, when this case goes to trial it's not going to be for six, seven, eight, nine, ten months from now. second of all, i have the right, because the press has been all over this asking questions like you're asking, assuming that joe halderman's guilty when he's not. i have the right to try to balance that, and even the playing field. you asked the question, i'm giving the answer. >> but that's in a court of law. >> but the better question is, why does david letterman have a team of lawyers tracking me around, taking -- >> david is not on trial for committing a crime. your client is. david is not on trial. >> why did he engage a criminal
12:21 am
defense lawyer? is he expecting trouble? why does he need a criminal defense lawyer? >> your client committed the crime. that's why you're out there trying to defend him. thank you, gerald. thanks for doing this. you'll be on another show before you know it. thanks. we'll be back in a minute. eee
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black friday is coming, and we'll all be out charging up our credit cards. but for the 25 million compulsive spenders, black friday is every day. how do you know if you're a shopaholic if you spend so much money on home furnishes that you actually lose the house, you have a problem. a therapist and founder of the schulman center for compulsive theft and spending, that's a long title, plus two shop a alcoholics. thank you all for being here. okay. let's start with terry. how do you know the difference between a person who just likes
12:31 am
to shop a lot, you know, or a shopaholic? what's the difference really? >> like with any behavior, like drinking or eating or gambling, anything in moderation is fine. but when you begin to get obsessed with the behaviobehavin there's negative consequences attached, that could be financial, stress or debt, loss of time, arguments with family or loved ones about it, and just sometimes people literally do run out of room to put things. then you're talking about a behavior that is compulsive and pathological. >> on the one hand you're talking about somebody who collects a lot of stuff. and has the house filled with stuff. on the other hand, if a person can afford to buy stuff, why are they a shopaholic if they have the money to pay for it? >> you can have functional alcoholics who can get up and go to work every day and seem just fine. but for everybody, it may take a different toll. a shop a alcoholic may be well
12:32 am
able to afford what he or she is buying and may even have the space in your home to store it all. but again, if you're looking at what is really driving it, you'll often find there's a driven kind of emotion. there's an emptiness or there's a self-esteem issue or their lives are usually out of balance. their relationships might be lacking. they might be losing time and energy in other directions of their life. but it ultimately is up to that person to decide when they've had enough. >> let's move on to our other guests. here's a clip from "secret lives of women. ". >> the receipts will pile up. and it's like, all right, i have to empty it out because it's so bulky. you have no idea how bulky it can get with all those receipts. this is probably from like the last few months. these are only the ones i've kept. >> that's a lot of receipts you have there. what is it that you like to buy, angelica? >> i don't discriminate. i like to buy everything.
12:33 am
>> specifically? >> boots. i think i said that on the show. >> how many pairs of boots do you have? >> i'd have to say 35 or more. >> 35 pairs of boots? >> i really never counted. but i have a lot of boots. >> what's up with the boots? >> well, i happened to watch that segment on women's entertainment tv. angelica, you mexed to the camera crew that boots seem to give you a sense of power. what i find is a lot of people are shopping to get power. and that's a very important thing for us all to feel, empowered. but can i ask you, angelica, how much is enough? >> how much is enough? >> 35 -- how much would be enough? >> enough is never enough. now, i mean, i don't know how much is enough. i just -- i always find a reason for why enough isn't enough, or why i need more. or i have to go to this party, and i need a new pair. boots go with everything. they're comfortable, stylish and they make you feel comfortable and powerful.
12:34 am
>> why did you give her the credit card? >> i initially gave it to her for emergencies. i wanted to know they're safe. i got my discover card. they were offering a nice pattern like, you know, and i said, i'll get one in her name and one in my son's name. i think it was a -- it was like a monet painting by seymour. i got one for each of them. >> you were attracted to the card? >> now you know where i get it from. >> i gave them one and i said this is for gas for your car, and god forbid an emergency. any new jersey. that's it. just for an emergency. >> ali, what about you? >> really, i buy clothes mostly. but i just did purchase a new house. so i have been shopping for couches and wall decor and
12:35 am
comforters and things for my dogs. i like to buy things for my family and the people that i love, too. >> we all love that. what's wrong with that, terry? come on. >> ali, by the way, hello. you and i have met before. >> hi, terrence. >> i hope things are still going okay with you. you've been in recovery for a while. >> i have. >> i'm glad you bought a home. are you finding yourself sliding back into overshopping and overspending again? >> terry, i'll ask the questions. this is not a therapy session. >> i thought it was. okay. >> we'll do that later. >> go ahead. i'll give you this last one. >> well, you know, so if what you're asking, buying a home is a wonderful accomplishment. can we afford it, hopefully. and how we fill it up and how quickly we fill it up, everybody has different values. but we do need to be careful. what we've seen individually and collectively in our society is people biting off more than they can chew. and then actually having to give up much of what they've worked hard to buy, and filing bankruptcy, and having home
12:36 am
foreclosures. we're living in a new age where we have to kind of come to grips with reality with what is want and what is need. >> how much in debt are you? >> about $17,000. i was $20,000 about a year and a half ago. and i have been able to pay some of it off. >> i don't know how people pay those credit cards off. because i read somewhere they're now up to 29% interest rates. you'll never pay that off. you have to pay it every month. >> it's either bankruptcy or never, you know, continuing to pay these bills, pay these bills, pay these bills. you don't get a break. >> ali, why do you think you compulsively shop about that? >> i think that i am self-conscious. clothes make me secure with the person i am. i feel better. i feel equal to the other people in the store. i feel great when i'm able to walk out with just as many, if not more bags than the person
12:37 am
next to me. i love hearing the total is more than the person before me. it's definitely, you know, a lot of it being insecure with myself. >> angelica, you have your own card right now. your bill came and it's over $400. that's what i heard from my spies. so your parents are out of work and you aren't working. who's going to pay the $400? >> well, i plan on getting a job. >> where? what kind of job? >> at the mall. i don't know. >> at the mall? that's like an alcoholic going into a bar. you can't go to the mall. >> now you understand my problem. my first job was at the armani exchange in the mall. >> i love the armani esks change at the mall. it's fabulous. >> i waste a big fan of it, but i just bought stuff because i had a discount and i had to wear the clothes for uniforms. i thought, i can't wear the same thing over and again. >> i tried to tell her to take her check, put some in savings, checking, pay your bills.
12:38 am
i was like, where's your check? i used it. for what? well, i have to buy clothes because they want me to look good. they want me to wear their clothing. >> she's a very pretty girl, she wants to look good. but you've got to get a job. is this like a female disease like diverticulitis? >> well, joy, men do have this problem as well. you know, almost as many men have this problem. they may buy different things. there are men who buy clothes and things like that, too. but i've worked with a lot of male clients who maybe spend too much money on computers, electronic equipment, sportswear. the. >> the big items. >> well, yeah. >> they're not wasting their money on little earrings and things. >> men buy new cars they can't afford or go out to eat too much or entertainment. men can overdo it, too. >> what's the worst case of shopaholic that you know, and do i know that person? >> we heard recently about
12:39 am
nicolas cage, that was in the news recently about his multimillion dollar spending sprees. very interesting behavior. but i've worked with a few clients, one man in particular i've been working with ongoing for a couple of years who bought about $200,000 in computer equipment. he was disabled and not employed. he's got a wife and a child with special needs. and then when he got done with the computer equipment he went on to the next hobby which cost tens of thousands of dollars. a lot of times people are looking -- >> i want to hear that in the next segment. we want to talk about what really causes this, a little bit, okay? stay right there. more when we come back.
12:40 am
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12:43 am
shopping is definitely like getting your next fix. it simulates to me the same kind of things that a drug would. it's definitely a high for me. >> that was shop a alcoholic ali owen on mtv's "true life." ali, shopping is your drug, isn't it? >> it is. >> how does it feel? does it feel like you just took a drug? >> it does. talking to people that have done drugs, it, to me, has the same feelings. you know, i think about it when i'm not shopping. i get nervous about it. it takes over my entire thought. it ruins my relationships. it ruins -- it literally ruins everything around me when i go shopping, i feel great.
12:44 am
it's a short high. as soon as i'm done, i'm back down to my low, i didn't have that money, i shouldn't have spent that money, how am i going to pay my bills. then i've got all these things in front of me that are a constant reminder. >> do you wear them? >> some of them i do. a lot of things in my closet still have tags on them from years and years ago. i'll take things -- i'll sell the clothes back and then take the money and go shopping again. >> kind of like a gambling addiction in a way, terry, isn't it? >> yeah. >> the way she describes it, it sounds a little bit like drugs and alcohol, there's a rush you get. >> absolutely. it's a lot like it for some people. >> what are the underlying reasons for a shopping addiction? >> i think ali noted that she's had challenges with her own sense of self and insecurity and self-image. i think a lot of people are vulnerable. it's a bottomless pit. if you don't know who you are, feel good about who you are, you can focus on your image in terms of looking good, having all the latest brands. and it's a bottomless pit that
12:45 am
keeps driving you. until you figure out where did that lack of self-esteem and self-worth come from. >> but it's a hard one to deal with, because it's out there. there are slogans like, when the going gets tough, the tough goes shopping. one has an advertising campaign going on, and the shopping bags say, want it. want it. >> exactly. >> like come on in here and spend your money. so they're like drug dealers, some of these department stores. >> they are. >> basically, yeah. >> legalized drug deal. >> angelica had mentioned also wanting to feel powerful, or feeling empowered. we know in her family life over the last few years, she has parents who have been out of work, family illness. a lot of crises. it's eprobably left her feeling a lot of feelings. and people can use shopping to escape to help them feel good. and sometimes because of all these arguments that you've been having with your mother, lisa, sometimes in an inadvertent way,
12:46 am
we're looking for negative attention, which is better than no attention at all. i would advise both of you maybe to get together as mother and daughter and go somewhere for the whole day that doesn't involve being around a store or mall, and really try to connect with each other. >> that's a hard one. mothers and daughters like to go shopping together. >> but there's got to be -- >> a pedicure. >> maybe that. just some way to connect. some way to connect. >> yeah, go to a musical or something. >> is he making any sense? >> i don't know. because part of my credit bill this month is manicures and pedicures. >> how about a human? >> her mail is personal, i'm not supposed to open it. but yesterday a bill came, but i was dying to see if she really controlled herself. i slit it open. oh my god, it's $466. and i'm like, manicure and pedicure. like three times in a month. >> how many times can you get a
12:47 am
manicure and pedicure? >> once a week. a pedicure once every three weeks. >> i'm not a shop a alcoholic, i do it also. >> but the question -- >> you have to have the money. but you need the money to pay for it. let me explain it. that's the bottom line of this conversation, darling. if you have the money, you can do it. if you don't have the money, your mother's not going to pay for it. >> joy, do you sit there and do you think about that manicure and pedicure? >> oh, yeah. >> weeks before you get it? >> yes, i do. >> i mean -- >> they give me what they call a spa immediate i cure and they rub my legs. i'm in heaven. but i can afford it. i can afford it. >> and a lot of shop a alcoholics can't afford it. somebody in their family dies, they lose their jobs. an illness. it's not until something like that happens that they realize my spending habits are out of control. but what makes a shop a alcoholic different from every other american is that it takes over our every thought. it ruins our relationships.
12:48 am
it ruins our self-esteem and our emotions. >> you said, the doctor, i think, i don't know, terry said that it's got something to do with control. that you feel out of control. like an anorexic very often, you will hear that. is there any similarity? >> well, yes. all addictions are similar. eating disorders in particular from what i know about them, i'm not a specialist, but a lot of times the anorexics or bulimic will feel loss of control over relationships or circumstances in their life. the focus on eating or binging or purging or calorie intake or thinness or whatever, it becomes an all-consuming obsession. and in their mind they can control that little part of their life. and likewise with the sh shopaalcoholic, if for a moment in time, i can project this image and feel like i'm on top of this world. but we know it's fleeting. >> like an anti-depressant in many ways. >> it is.
12:49 am
frankly, the advertisers, that's how they want us to do it. they want us to feel like we're buying an experience, like we're buying a feeling. also, that we'll be afraid if we don't buy this item, that we won't be keeping up with the joness or keeping our image. >> there is that element, the advertisers that are kind of enablers. and parents who are enabling their children also. >> and the parents -- >> what should they do, terry? we don't have that much time left. i would like you to cure them now. >> i don't know about cure. but what they can do is honestly admit that they have a problem, see the writing on the wall that, if they continue this, it's going to just get worse. they are young enough and smart enough now to really get serious help before it becomes more ingrained. get some counseling. go to groups like debtors anonymous. go to our website find friends and family you can do things with that don't involve going to the malls or going to the store. there's got to be other interes interests. >> it's a problem right now because of christmas. you want to buy gifts for other
12:50 am
people. should they not buy any gifts for anybody this year? >> i wouldn't go that far. but there's a lot of ways to be creative with our gift giving. give a simple gift card. we can make a gift, barter, do favors for people without giving. we can give a gift card, we can make a gift, we can barter. a lot of americans scale back out of necessity. i encourage people not to go to stores. two young ladies with a lot of potential. >> thank you. i hope it stops. >> back in a minute with eliot spitz spitzer's manhattan madame talk about an addiction. 
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breaking news tonight. live, florida. exclusive enclave, ponte vedra coast. a high-powered money man comes home to find his young wife with covergirl good looks, the mother of his two little girl, gone. vanished. left behind? a handwritten ransom note demanding $50,000 in exchange for the life of the wife and mother, quinn gray. she allegedly suffers a horrific ordeal of kidnap, abuse, sex attack. tonight, ponte vedra, after $50,000 cold cash is paid, cops close in to nab the alleged kidnapper and accomplice.
1:01 am
kicker? it's mommy. mommy, herself, along with her brand new boy toy. that's right. they faked it. bye-bye, good times. hello, hard time, mommy. >> sheriff's office 911 what's your emergency? >> my name is quinn gray. and i was kidnapped and i'm not sure where i am right now. >> she is not with me. she called me and said she was held by gun point by three men. >> did she tell you where she was at? >> no. >> $100,000 ah lot of money. >> i know. >> $50,000 is a lot of money. either that or you just blow his head off. >> it's just been the most
1:02 am
incredible ordeal to go through something like this and in a 24-hour period to be brainwashed so significantly that you actually believe that your husband is trying to kill you or that he's not trying to keep you from being killed, i should say. >> right. >> i don't know. it was just the craziest situation i've ever been in in my life. >> did you try to get money from your husband? >> of course not. if i wanted $50,000, all i would do is take it out of the bank account. and tonight, live, maine. police say a beautiful 2-year-old baby girl in extreme danger. baby hailey snatched from her own home after her young mother brutally attacked. every minute counts. tonight, where is baby hailey? >> an amber alert has been issued for a 2-year-old girl in sanford, maine. police say 38-year-old gary
1:03 am
traynham took his little girl hailey after a violent assault on her mother. police say the pair disappeared from sanford a little before noon and may be in the lakes region of new hampshire. traynham is believed to be driving a green 1998 dodge 1500 pickup truck with maine plates. good evening. i'm nancy grace. i want to thank you for being with us. live, florida. exclusive enclave, ponte vedra coast. a high-powered money man comes home to find his wife, the mother of his two little girls, gone, vanished. left behind? a handwritten ransom note demanding $50,000. after the $50,000 paid in cold cash, the cops nab the alleged kidnapper and accomplice. kicker? it's mommy. mommy, herself, along with her brand new lover. that's right. they faked it. bye-bye, good times. hello, hard time, mommy.
1:04 am
>> took me from my home. and that's all i have to say. i would never try to take money from my husband. >> if they just knew you were here by yourself all night long with a gun they would have a fit. >> that's why i'm starting to feel like i'm the sinister one doing this to my family. >> it's reid. remember? >> i know. >> when this is all over do i have your word? >> what. >> whatever story we come up with you stick to it. >> we both have to stick to the same story because we both are
1:05 am
[ bleep ]. >> yeah. >> okay. >> well, i was thinking that i wasn't even going to tell. if they wanted me to describe anyone, no way, they will kill me. >> did you have a sexual relationship with osmanovic? >> no, i did not. i don't know him. >> why would someone make this up? >> you wouldn't make it up because it's the truth. >> straight out to frank powers with wjxt. frank, this is a little hard to believe. what happened? >> well, the latest on this case, nancy, is that just this morning, reid gray, who investigators have called the victim on this case, was on national tv. he's standing by his wife. he believes she was kidnapped. and then because of her mental disorder, bipolar disorder that she bonded with the suspect and began to participate in this plot to extort $50,000 from reid gray. now, there are a number of times when they tried to arrange a ransom drop of the $50,000. it never worked out. and she was released before any of the money was exchanged.
1:06 am
>> take a look at these photos. she looks like heather locklear. she's absolutely beautiful. okay. to mark williams, anchor and reporter, also joining us out of the florida jurisdiction. mark, tell me the background. this guy is extraordinarily wealthy. they live there on the ponte vedra coast. why did she need money? she had money. she had his money. >> oh, she had -- she said she could go to the bank and get as much money as she needs. her husband, reid gray, is a health care executive, makes over $1 million a year. >> wait a minute. didn't he found the company? >> yes, he did. plus, they live in a $4 million home right along this exclusive seaside resort. she found this gentleman, this 26-year-old boy toy, as i call him, by the name of jasmin -- >> whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute. did you say 26? >> he's 26. >> okay. go ahead. >> hey, i can't make any of this up, nancy. you know that. my credibility rides on everything.
1:07 am
jasmin osmanovic. he and quinn gray cooked up this scheme to extort that $50,000. it was never delivered. obviously, there's audiotapes of them making love. >> take a listen to quinn, the alleged kidnap victim, along with boyfriend on tape. >> i don't think anyone in their wildest dreams would think that i could concoct something like this. >> what's why youer with with me. >> i'm so nervous. i'm going to have to have a few more margs before doing this, don't you think? i'm going to be hysterical, don't worry. because the-minute i'm back in the real world without the safety net of you i'm going to be freaking out. >> straight out to the lines. beverly in new york. hi, beverly. >> caller: hi, nancy. my question is, i want to know why would her husband be standing by her, if she wanted
1:08 am
to blow his head off, as she said on the tape recording? >> yeah, i noticed that. take a listen to what he just had to say in the last hours. >> i believe in all my heart she was kidnapped. i also believe at some point, i'm not sure exactly when, she believed that she needed to be a part of this. it was hard for me to understand when or why that happened. devastating, to say the least. but i am standing by her now because i believe that she has a mental illness, and that's why we are here. >> why don't you think this was just another episode of infidelity? >> that last such episode in june led to quinn going to rehabilitation, alcohol rehabilitation, and it was that point where i made this decision that we would end this marriage unless she went forward with this. that eight weeks before this abduction were some of the best eight weeks we've ever had in our life. i couldn't imagine for a second that she would have made this up.
1:09 am
>> okay. i guess he didn't know about the 26-year-old boyfriend. you just saw sound from nbc's "today" show. we are taking your calls live. let's answer beverly in new york's question. after leading police and her own husband, much less her two little girls, on a wild goose chase with all these tearful calls about how the husband's screwing up the money and they're going to kill her, telling police she was sexually assaulted, beaten, brainwashed during all of this, why, dr. janet taylor, psychiatrist, joining us out of new york, why is the husband standing by her -- oh, by the way, everybody, she's gone to a rehab facility in st. simons island, georgia, which is really a resort. now the husband is claiming she's bipolar. okay. dr. taylor, give me a crack at it. >> well, he described himself. i think he's in shock. he's in denial. everything he's been holding on to. his whole world is crumbling
1:10 am
around him. also, he does apparently believe he has a bipolar disorder, and he said he didn't want to split the family up if she indeed has a mental illness and needs him. but i have a hard time believing that he can stand there and listen to her say "why don't we blow his head off" and he's still standing right by her. it's hard to believe. >> to ellie jostad, our chief editorial producer. everybody, we're taking your calls live. mommy is now in a rehab facility. what about it, ellie jostad? what more can you tell me? >> as you heard her husband say in that "today" show clip, she got treatment this past summer for alcoholism at a clinic in minnesota. now she's at st. simons by the sea. she was actually released on $200,000 bond. it was a million. her attorney asked for it to be lowered so she could get this mental treatment. she's there right now being evaluated. don't know when she'll be able to go home. >> out to the lines. donna in maryland. hi, donna. >> caller: hi. how are you? >> i'm good, dear. what's your question?
1:11 am
>> caller: well, i wanted to tell you i've been with you and following your pictures on the beautiful babies. >> they just turned 2 this past wednesday. >> caller: i know. my birthday's this month, too. they're beautiful. i noticed in the audiotapes that she identified three men. she said it was three men. did she give any description on the men? and did any of the descriptions fit maybe one of the young lovers? >> back to you, ellie jostad. didn't at one point she ask police to go back and look at the video footage, the surveillance video of -- what was it? a target or a sam's warehouse or -- >> yeah, it was a publix. she actually -- and this was after she'd already been interviewed by the police. she called them and said how come you guys haven't gone to publix? my kidnapper went to publix at one point. he should be on surveillance. and they said, well, you've actually never mentioned that until now, but we'll do that. they got the surveillance tape and sure enough, she says there's him, there's the guy on the tape.
1:12 am
>> $100,000 is a lot of money. >> i know. >> $50,000 is a lot of money. now that i'm looking at it, what that might mean to me in the future. either that or you just blow his head off. >> say what? >> either that or you just blow his head off.
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1:16 am
>> sheriff's office 911 what's your emergency? >> my name is quinn gray and i was kidnapped and i'm not sure where i am right now. >> she's not with me. she called me and said she was held by gun point by three men. >> did she tell you where she was at? >> no. she was in her car. she said our girls go to school at jackson country day. they are still there. i need to go pick them up, bring them home. there's a note on the table with the gunmen's demands. if i call the police they will kill her. it sounds like a freaking movie but it's not. >> okay. >> i have to make a decision whether i involve you guys or not on this. >> hmm. >> i'm not an expert on this but the gps tracking of some sort, i
1:17 am
don't know what is going on, but they will shoot her and kill her. >> we've been staying at the emerson inn on phillips highway. it was room 207. she stayed the whole night by herself. she didn't want me to stay with her so i'm going to right now back to there. as you can tell i'm driving. my radio, right now i'm turning it on so you can hear it. walking up to the hotel now. i'm just reading this ransom note. it goes on and on and on about, well, you can only get this amount out of this bank, but they don't care where you get the money. she goes through about starting with $7,000, that's good enough for right now, but they want $50,000. to wear a tight t-shirt when he comes to drop off the money. but it doesn't end there, does it, ellie jostad? after all of that, after all of that, the dad, the victim digs up the $50,000 cold cash.
1:18 am
he leaves it next to a jones stone cold crab -- some crab shack, and then somebody else picks up the money? >> what happened is the alleged kidnappers apparently lost patience with the husband. they started dealing with the kidnap victim's mother. she tries to drop off the money at joe's stone crab. a bunch of guys, some german exchange students from valdosta state actually pick up the money instead. they think it's drug money, they freak out and call the police. >> it sounds so melodramatic. let's go out to the lawyers. joining me tonight, felony prosecutor eleanor odom. tamara holder, defense attorney out of chicago. peter odom, defense attorney out of atlanta. eleanor, listen to this. this is her writing her mom. she's got plenty of time to lounge around and write ransom notes about herself. "drop the money out of the car. don't look back, mother. don't look back."
1:19 am
all right? it's like sodom and gomorrah. don't look back. you'll turn into a pillar of salt. it goes on and on and on. she says to her mom -- she does this to her mother. "put your cell phone in the mailbox and drive without it. they won't hurt you or me as long as everything goes to plan." what about it? >> you know, nancy, this is the craziest thing i've ever heard. but that doesn't mean she's crazy. and what i'd look at is her competency at this time all this was happening. does she know the difference between right and wrong? and clearly from what we're hearing she does. >> out to the lines, jennifer in pennsylvania. hi, jennifer. >> caller: you know, nancy -- >> hi, jennifer. i think you're there. do you have a question, dear? okay. can't hear. let's go to angela in illinois. hi, angela. >> caller: hi. >> hi, dear, what's your question? >> caller: my question is how do they get all these audiotapes if she was already kidnapped? >> okay. how did that work? out to you, mark williams. >> the boy toy, the 25,
1:20 am
26-year-old boy toy, decided to make audiotapes of them making love, and then later they talked about -- >> you know, i hate when that happens. >> -- getting their story straight. >> right in the middle of you trying to kidnap yourself and get $50,000 cold cash, your lover makes tapes of you having sex. now, that kind of threw a monkey wrench in the whole thing, mark williams. how did they surface? >> well, they surfaced when -- >> he got arrested? >> yeah. he delivered the tapes. he says, listen, i don't want to get nailed on a kidnapping charge. so he gave them the tapes, said listen to them. and that's why they were released. part of the investigation. >> no, i did not. i did not know him. >> why would someone make this stuff up? >> you wouldn't make it up if it was the truth. @@@@@@@@@
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he started kissing on my ear and my neck, and -- >> how did you react at that point? >> i just -- i kind of reacted just still at first, you know? a little bit still. and then i started to act like i enjoyed it a little bit. and he started to kiss me and -- >> and what was your frame of mind at that point? what was going through your mind when this was happening? >> my frame of mind was we're
1:31 am
going to have sex. and i'm going to have sex with him, and that's all. yeah, all my clothes come off. >> okay. >> yeah. he helps me, but i'm helping too. and i acted like i enjoyed it. and i'm not going to lie. sometimes i almost did. i knew i wasn't going to -- to resist him. so i tried to make it the best possible. you know? and he would just over and over and over and over and over and over again, and sometimes i would -- i would say what he wanted me to say and do whatever he wanted me to do. >> there was a mole on the back of his neck. have you told anybody else that? >> i knew he was moley. he had moles. you know, but not a lot. >> did you see him with no shirt on? >> yeah. there was nothing distinguishable. his nipples weren't very dark. >> okay. why did you see him with no shirt on? >> because we were -- we had sex
1:32 am
a lot. >> sheriff's office 911. what's your emergency? >> my name is quinn gray, and i was kidnapped, and i'm not sure where i am right now. >> she's definitely participating. i'm not sure after four days of being with this person what she believes and what she doesn't believe. but i agree with you. there are times when i just want to shut it off and be finished with the whole thing, but i have to remember that there are many times when i heard his voice and him saying things that i believe he knew i would hear this audiotape at some point as well. >> if you go under the assumption that she didn't know she was being recorded, that makes her sound guilty. >> as guilty as can be. it's probably the most hurtful, devastating words i've ever heard. i think of my children. i think of myself. and i think of how this is going to affect their lives going forward. and i know at that point when i
1:33 am
heard that, i was so shocked that i knew something was wrong. i knew something was definitely wrong. that person that i knew so well would go to the extent of talking about that. >> that last sound was from nbc's "today" show. let's go back to the lawyers. but first, to lisa lockwood, former police detective, author of "undercover angel." what do you make of this? an entire faked kidnapping where she tried to rip off her husband of $50,000. forget about the two little girls. >> have you ever heard the saying "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?" that's what i believe this is about. this is a woman who was after her husband. revenge. >> for what? >> to make him suffer for his affair. >> okay. hold on just a moment. let's backtrack. tell me about the affair. >> he allegedly had an affair before she went into rehab with a spanish woman. and these were written in a few of the letters.
1:34 am
it was disclosed that she was envious of this and this is her way of getting the money back. if you watch her physicality and her tonality in those interviews, you can clearly see this is a woman who is extremely calculating and was deceptive. >> you know, that's a really interesting take on it, lisa lockwood. i didn't really put that much stock in the whole theory of the husband's affair. but maybe you're right. with us, lisa lockwood, former police detective, author of "undercover angel." marc klaas, what's so disturbing to me is that while she was leading her husband, her children, and all the police on a wild goose chase there were legitimate kidnaps, legitimate children missing calls that were not getting the cops' full attention while they were dealing with the heather locklear look-alike. >> that's absolutely true. there's three points i'd like to make. number one, nancy, if alcoholism or mental illness were a justification or excuse for committing crime, then we'd have to open the doors of every
1:35 am
prison in the united states and let every one of those inmates out. secondly, we don't have kidnapping for ransom in the united states. it was mentioned by the husband in this that it sounded like a bad movie plot. well, it is a very bad movie plot. notwithstanding hollywood, these things don't happen. the last time there was a fake ransom like that was in the jonbenet case, another long, rambling note which we know was fake because the little girl was dead in her -- in the basement. now, the real concern here, though, for people in my industry is the whole idea of faking kidnappings. what that does is it creates cry wolf scenarios so that the next time something like that happens there's a cynicism on the part of the public, or very well could be a cynicism on the part of the public about whether or not -- >> i agree. >> -- that kidnapping is an actual kidnapping or not. not to mention the resources that are taken away from legitimate situations.
1:36 am
>> back to the lawyers. eleanor odom, peter odom, tamara holder. peter odom, what about her telling the cops? and this is obviously a voluntary statement. "i tried to make the best possible sex ever over and over and over again." then she goes on. and this is a new one on me. i've heard a lot of descriptions of a lot of perps. she describes his nipples. peter? thoughts? >> nancy, in the recordings that we're hearing, you know, it was the perpetrator, the so-called kidnapper, maybe hoax kidnapper, that decided what to record, not the victim in this case, ms. quinn. so you have to wonder what's going on during the times when he's not taping, himself. we've heard of stockholm syndrome, where sometimes kidnapping victims actually -- >> wait, wait. put him back up. >> -- identify with kidnappers. >> peter, there's no kidnapping, so there's no stockholm syndrome. okay? there was no kidnapping. that was her with her lover. okay? you do get it, right?
1:37 am
she was never kidnapped, peter odom. >> this case still has questions all over it, nancy. >> could you explain to me, peter odom -- >> he had some power over her. he had some power over her. he had some power over her, but we haven't explored it yet. >> i heard you the first four times you said that. to you, tamara. maybe i can get it out of you. since there's no kidnapping, how could there be a stockholm syndrome where you start to identify with your kidnappers? >> i don't think there's a stockholm syndrome here, but i do think that the woman has mental problems and -- >> let's talk about that. just one moment. >> -- and alcoholism -- i'm sorry. >> dr. marty makary, physician and professor, public health at johns hopkins. let's explore tamara holder's theory. we know she went into rehab this past summer for alcoholism at a very ritzy rehab. nothing wrong with that. but what about the theory she had an untreated, undiagnosed mental disorder? that's what the husband is saying. and then in the last hours he says, yeah, she's bipolar. she's never been diagnosed or treated for that.
1:38 am
>> i'm glad you're making the distinction, nancy, between behavioral problems and psychiatric illness. psychiatric disease, those are problems with pathways in the brain that result in behaviors that have a clear pattern. paranoia, schizophrenia, behaviors which meet clear-cut diagnoses. addiction, manipulation, extortion, those are not psychiatric behaviors. and they don't fit any of the criteria for known psychiatric conditions. >> out to the lines. kim in georgia. hi, kim. >> caller: hi. >> hi, dear. what's your question? >> caller: i would like to know is it possible that she's going to be charged in this case? >> oh, kim, in georgia, she will be charged in this case. what i don't understand is how they let her go to a fancy rehab instead of sitting behind bars. that's what i don't get, eleanor odom. >> i agree, nancy. first of all, let's start with false report of a crime, and then we'll go on from there. some of her terroristic threats and whatnot. but you know she's going to be
1:39 am
charged as an accomplice to this fake kidnapping. >> we are taking your calls live, but i want to go back to frank powers. frank, what more can you tell me about the case? is the husband still standing by her at this hour? >> he has remained steadfast in her support, nancy. >> and to you -- >> go ahead. >> go ahead, dear. >> the reason that we see a lot of interest in this case, this case has really gone global. you also have a lot of pressure from the law enforcement community. we were talking about that earlier. they spent about $200,000 that weekend, both state, local, and federal officials, looking for her. and they're not too happy about that. >> to you, mark williams, why did the judge let her go to a fancy posh rehab at st. simons island? >> well, they thought probably -- more than likely that was the best thing to do in this case since the issue of her possible bipolar disease cropped up. so they put her there. >> okay. that's complete b.s. everybody, as we go to
1:40 am
break, happy 100th birthday to georgia friend of the show, miss sybil marsh-bateman. a faithful member of mikado baptist church, proud mother of three sons, billy, ken, bobby. mrs. bateman never misses a show. happy birthday, miss sybil.
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police issuing an amber alert for a missing 2-year-old girl taken by her father this morning in sanford, maine. police believe 2-year-old hailey traynham was taken from her mother's home by 38-year-old gary traynham. authorities say the two may be in the lakes region of new hampshire. >> straight out to dennis hoey,
1:44 am
reporter with the "portland press herald" and "maine sunday telegram." dennis, this is the only amber alert out of the state of maine. what happened? >> that's correct, nancy. it's the first amber alert ever issued by the state of maine since it was implemented seven years ago. what we do know is that maine state police and sanford police issued an amber alert around 5:00 this evening for 2-year-old hailey traynham, who was abducted from her apartment by her biological father, gary traynham. the parents, gary and lisa gould, are the biological parents, but we're not certain whether they're married or not. and they're still searching for mr. traynham, who is believed to be in the lakes region of new hampshire. >> stacy newman, our producer on the story. stacy, what more can you tell me about the little girl? >> this little girl, 2-year-old baby hailey, cops believe she is in extreme danger tonight, nancy. why?
1:45 am
because her mother was violently assaulted moments before she was snatched and taken by her biological father. >> okay. back to dennis hoey. dennis, i know this is the only amber alert out of the entire state of maine. and it is a parental kidnap. a lot of people don't take that as seriously as other like stranger abductions. what do we know about the father, dennis? >> we know that the father, nancy, is her biological father, but i'm pretty certain right now from what police have been telling me that he is not married to the victim, lisa gould. that's the mother of the girl. he lives in kennebunk, which is a town near sanford, with his parents. and he has a child, a 12-year-old child by a prior marriage who does not live with him and his parents. >> so he doesn't have -- whoa, whoa, did you say him and his parents? >> he lives with his parents in kennebunk. >> he's 38 years old and he lives with his parents? >> correct. >> okay.
1:46 am
he does not have custody of either of the two children, and we know there was a brutal assault on little hailey's mother. and then he took the girl and left. out to marc klaas. he is the president and founder of klaaskids foundation. marc, what do you make of it? and why is it that when we have a so-called parental abduction it's taken less seriously than stranger-on-stranger abductions? >> well, it's not really taken less seriously, but it's thought that the children are not in nearly as much danger as they are in a stranger predatory type of a situation. but i have to say, nancy, that if this woman was violently beaten at 11:00 in the morning it makes no sense that they would wait almost six hours before activating the amber alert. that tells me it's a failed alert for the simple reason that children who are murdered as a result of an abduction, 76.2% of them will be dead within the first three hours. this should have been called immediately. >> how does that break down to parental abductions?
1:47 am
same stats apply? >> yes. absolutely. children that are murdered as a result of an abduction. that's across the board. >> and you know what else, marc, at some point the kidnapper, if he believes that cops are on to him, could very well kill himself and the child. they never just kill themselves, marc. never. that never happens. they kill the mother, they kill the child. they throw the child off a bridge when they're about to be apprehended. i believe that's why cops think this is so dangerous. >> yeah. i completely agree with you. they need to find this guy, and they need to find him fast. they should have gotten this alert out much sooner than they did. >> what do you think the problem was? >> i have no idea. but basically, the way the amber alert is established and set up in this country, there is this built-in delay. the original intent of the amber alert in texas in 1996 was very different from the thing that it's transmogrified into here now in 2009.
1:48 am
>> i want to go out to dr. marty makary. dr. makary, we have seen this scenario play out so many times. and you on your end at the hospital, what is your concern tonight? >> well, there are certain characteristic injuries that this person's at risk for, and dehydration and malnutrition compound the potential risk of those injuries, causing long-term problems with development. we're talking about learning disabilities down the road. we're talking about long-term problems that could come from a major trauma, psychologically and physically at this time. >> dr. makary, that's if the girl lives through this ordeal. what i'm concerned about is what this guy's going to do when he realizes cops are on to him. let me tell you what i know about this. gary traynham, age 38. he's 5'11", 230 pounds, balding brown hair. can we show a picture of him, liz? a picture in full since we're describing him right now. hazel eyes, dark goatee, which is not pictured here. maybe in the lakes region of eastern new hampshire. we believe he's driving a '98
1:49 am
green dodge pickup truck with a maine license plate 8629, n, nancy, b, bermuda. 8629 nb. the tip line, 207-324-3644. after a brutal attack on the little girl's mother, the child is reported missing. out to the lines, laura in florida. hi, laura. >> caller: hi, nancy. >> hi, dear. what's your question? >> caller: first of all, i wanted to say your twins are beautiful, and we watch your show every night. >> thank you. thank you so much. and thank you for calling in. what's your question, dear? >> caller: what is the status of the mother? is she going to live? >> good question. what about it? dennis hoey joining us from "portland press herald" and "maine sunday telegram." what do you know about the mom's condition? >> the mother, nancy, is being treated tonight at a hospital in sanford for her injuries and is expected to recover from her injuries and be released sometime later tonight. >> so she's still in the
1:50 am
hospital? >> police would not describe the nature of the assault other than that it was a violent assault. >> okay. we know cops are saying this child is in extreme danger. she's only 2 years old, shoulder length blond hair, blue eyes take me down off the screen. let's show her in full so the viewers can take a look at her. she weighs around 35 to 50 pounds. father allegedly assaulted the mom brutally and took off around with the little girl at 11:15 a.m. today out ott sanford, maine. 207-324-3644. a '98 dodge 1,500 pickup truck. quickly to tonight's salute the troops. texas friend angela gaffener saluting her son.
1:51 am
>> this is angela gaffner, specialist cory gaffener's mom. i'm so proud of my son. i want to tell my son to stay strong and stay safe and let him know i love him very much. y8
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