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tv   U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  November 17, 2009 10:00am-1:00pm EST

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if you're a woman or know a woman in her 30s or 40s, you want to hear this. a government panel contradicts the american cancer society on mammograms and self-exams. and many of you got a tax credit that was, well, more than you needed, actually you much needed. but now uncle sam is saying it may have paid you too much. stylish sneakers often mean expensive, like $200 expensive. how about $1.50 adidas?
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the body of a 5-year-old girl was found yesterday and all signs point it to it being shaniya dade davis. police will not get specific. shaniya's half sister told nancy grace she cannot believe the girl's mother is a suspected. >> this woman, i mean she didn't come from much and stuff, but her -- if you just met her, she had the sweetest voice, she had the sweetest personality, and especially towards me. i would never think that she would do anything like that? >> and still so many questions remain unanswered. shaniya's mother antoinette davis is accused of selling the girl for sex. another man, mario mcneill is facing kidnapping charges as well. let's move on to president obama who's wrapping up a busy day in china with a lavish state
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learn in china. he had a long conversation with the president. >> as the two largest consumers and producers of energy, there can be no solution of this challenge without the efforts of both china and the united states. and that's high we have growed to certain new initiatives in this area. we are creating a joint energy efficiency and renewable energy, cleaner uses of coal. electric vehicles an shale gas. >> china's crackdown on tibet and other issues have been a thorn in the united states -- a storm with winds of 95 miles an hour and sustained
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winds of 55 miles an hour and higher are expected before the storm is over. these winds that have battered western washington state have eased up a little bit and floodwaters are easing up a little bit. the bad news by the way is the stormy weather may not be -- new guidance for you this morning that says women in their 40s do not need routine mammograms. that comes from a government task force of doctors and scientists. it contradicts the american cancer society's recommendation of annual mammograms starting at the age of 40. but the task force warns frequent screenings can cause false alarms by breast cancer. some women worry the new guidelines could influence how insurance covers mammograms and dr. sanjay gupta tez that's a valid concern. >> i do see two opponents, in the past they have taken these task force recommendations and adopted some of their own policies regarding insurance
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based on those. and two is who knows how this is going to translate a year or a new years down the road? could this make it more difficult for women to get the routine mammography around the age of 40 covered. >> nen when it comes to self-exams, the benefits of breast exams by doctors are unknown. sarah palin, coming down on some former campaign advisors and the former republican vp candidate said that the campaign did not let her speak her mind or be who she is. >> at the end of the day, i'm the candidate and if everybody i got sucked into that and allowed that handling of me to the detriment of the campaign, that's my fault narks's not their fault, they were just doing, i guess, what the staff was hired to do and that was to write this script, though my
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team, the vice presidential candidates team, my handlers if you will. we never did really find that script, so we couldn't really stay on the script. >> and levy johnston has been in the news lately. he's the father of her grandson and he's often criticized palin. and what she says about running for president in 2010. one of elizabeth smart's accused kidnapers is expected to plead guilty. wanda bar see and her estranged husband are accused of taking her from her home at knife point. smart says mitchell repeatedly raped heavy. she was found nine months later. you may be one of 1,500 people who may have to give back stimulus money back to the government.
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>> and basically a lot of people, you were expected to get a little bit more, a little bump in your paycheck, but some people got a lot more, they got the tax credit, $400 or $800 depending and then some. so basically every week there was a little bit more in there that wasn't supposed to be in there. the calculations, they weren't just right for these people. you can read the list here, but mostly the guideline is if you've got more than one job for a tax return. so that you would could be a single person with two jobs or more, or a married couple where there's two jobs per tax return, so in general those are the people that were going to be affected. mostly what it will mean is a little bit of a headache at the end of the year, for most people just a little bit masmaller refd at the end of the year. >> thanks amount. bob van dillen, 95-mile-per-hour winds in the
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northwest? is that like hurricane level? how big is that? >> that's a category 2 strength hurricane and it's all because of the cold front that's coming assure now. in central washington and down into central oregon ahead of it its still acting like a big siphon to get moisture off of the fact and all the way in toward the northwest. moderate rain, even know in the higher elevations. look at some of these wind gusts. even near waldport. these were sustained at near 70 all afternoon long yesterday. now they're winding down a little bit. but you're going to see a little bit of rain come in on thursday afternoon. so you get a little bit of a bother today, in towards tomorrow when it comes to the wind. >> pomt right now, deeper rain getting into northern parts of
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california. here's that portland, oregon radar. and it moves on through, it's picking up decent rain, that rain stretches all the way into the northern parts of washington. from the olympic mountains all the way across the coast. we're looking at about three, maybe four inch lgs of rain today and then you get a little bit of a breatheer again and it comes right back into for thursday as another cold front approaches the region. the grant total near the olympic mountains, but it's mostly rain. >> that means it's got to be tough to get on a plane too. >> we have got a lot of pictures coming out of cairo, we're looking at the affects of a mud slide, kiro in washington state, this is the result of all of that rain you have been telling us about. >> there's been so much rain
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there for the last 36 hours. we're going to see more rain in this area, probably a grand total of about that to four inches of rain. it's not going to end until probably this weekend. >> thanks a lot, bob. there's a big change if you use gift carts that affect the value of the cards you got. plus a real warning about fake money, you may be passing counterfeit cash a and you don't even know bit.
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a woman went to work and found a note on the door, her job of 12 years and her company
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in atlanta was kaput. it had papers in atlanta, houston, washington, d.c. and florida. no comment from the parent companies which filed for bankruptcy. yeah, maybe the passing here some fake $20. the secret service says it's seeing a spike in counterfeiting and that means some inept people are getting duped. >> here i'm thinking, don't call the law on me, i have never done anything to get put in jail. >>ing as say the recession may be a factor here, but it's usually something that happens during the holiday shopping season this year. sarah palin kicks off her book tour tomorrow in michigan. but the interview blitz started with oprah yesterday. palin started with a comment her
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dad made right after she left the governor's office. >> she's not retreating, she's reloading. >> does that mean you're reloading for 2012? >> i'm concentrating on 2010 and making sure that we have issued tackled as americans to make sure that we're right on the road. >> would you tell me what you're thinking about? >> no, i won't. >> cnn watched the interview with women of different political leanings? >> i don't feel like there's a lot of political substance and i don't know if you girls feel like that. >> you know, 432-page book, only 13 pages were dedicated to policy issues, which is i think a little bit telling of even, you know, her interview or her dedication to really look into. >> a new cnn research poll found just 28% of people think that
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mail palin is qualified to be president. 70% said she is not. >> who doesn't get aggravated when you get to use your gift card and find that you have been socked with all kinds of different fees along the way. our minute expert jen westhoven is here and the feds want to make it a little bit more fair. >> they do protect you from some of the most egregious, the most outrageous gift card policies out there. it's going to eliminate many of the junk fees, junk fees are, one example, they're basically knees that just ding you out of nowhere. say you went and looked up how much the car was worth, you could get dinged with a fee for that.
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dormancy fees for not using the car, they're going to charge you for that. it's kind of a pain in the next neck when somebody gives you a really nice gift card and you find out that half the money is already gone in fees. gift cards cannot expire for five years. that won't help in terms of the gift cards this christmas. if you're going to give them make sure you read the fine print if you give them or receive them. but next year some of the more outrageous fees will be gone. saturday morning, maybe you watch cartoons. >> when i'm awake, yeah. >> maybe you go out to check the mail at a leisurely pace. the post office lost almost $10 billion in kurts. nay have been trying very hard to get in shape there. it's planning to propose so congress to ask can we drop the mail on saturdays starting sometime next year.
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this is time for our special tech check richard is one of the oldest tablet users, we had a tablet a long time and he loved it. could there be another tablet? we decided we would talk about it. apple hasn't said anything. that's a palm, which is not what we're talking about. that's my phone that used to be cool and now it's a clunker. the idea would be, no more carrying around your phone in one pocket, and a lap top in another bag. this would be one gadget. >> one of the oldest, it's like moses came down to give me that. >> but it's said to be the size of a magazine, then it would be able to be an all in one device like a kendall. play games, watch tv, movies, search the web like a computer, but it's also your phone.
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apple will blow everybody away with it. >> looking forward to see what it's like. an nfl owner got his punishment for making an obscene gesture, or two, or three or for our five. >> tennessee titans owner bud adams using the flighted animal gesture at the buffalo bills were losing to his tennessee titans. now he's got to pay up big. we're taking your thoughts.
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do you remember the velvet rev lougs, it started 20 years ago today. when the people of sclex low vacca stood up against communism. thousands of people protested for ten days and communism finally began to crumble. checks slovakia. the nfl owner caught flipping off to the other team now has to pay for it. each and every one of them. >> somehow he managed to turn single digits into six zigts.
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he was caught on film flipping the bird. he did apologize saying he got caught up in the excitement of the game. but michael vick was fined 10 grand for doing the same thing. ray e. posted i have an idea, fine aggressive drivers in this country for the same then, nyc would have no more deficit. liam wrote, if he owns the team and has that much money, how is that snimt i would be like fining me $1. besides who cares? i like seeing rich people fined. >> you see the goalie doing some cart wheels getting ready for the shoot-out here. here comes the kick, wait for
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him and then watch him rubbing it in the goalie's face, turning cart wheels. at least he showed restraint, didn't pull his air. y8
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we're waiting to hear north carolina police confirm the identity of a girl's body found yesterday. it is believed to be missing 5-year-old shaniya davis. a vigil was held for her last night. police say they got a tip that led them to the body. cold, calm weather is helping firefighters contain a major wildfire in southern california. it's burned more than 2450 acres, but no homes are near. it started after a tractor hit a power line and there are no reports of serious injuries. right now astronauts start checking for any damage to the space shuttle atlantis.
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they're making sure that debris did not hit it during yesterday's launch. atlantis is on track to link up with the international space station. nay hope to be able to allow the space station to stay in operation a little bit longer. so spare parts on their way. sarah palin's new book by the way has some harsh words for katie couric. she writes that the cbs anchor was condescending, biassed and badgering during their interview. and palin said that she was annoyed by couric's constant president. >> my friend betsy, she-s the curtain to get back stage, and there's the perky one again with the cameras rolling, i'm like, dang, give me a couple of minutes to gather -- >> the perky one.
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>> the quality of the interview and the questions speak for themselves. five men have been arrested after allegedly using a fake sir war hadn't rying to rob a back. they demanded money. the fbi says they handcuffed and threatened a bank manager when he refused to turn over the cash. four people have died after their car was hit by a train. this happened near the south carolina, georgia state line last night. the car tried to get around a crossing arm and beat the amtrak train. it pushed the car a mile down the tracks before coming to a stop. no one on the train was hurt. more folks across the country are going hungry, about one in seven u.s. households struggled to put food on the table last year. president obama says the report is a bit unsettling here, he's urging congress now to pass a --
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military police arrested a single mom with an enfant son for refusing to deploy to afghanistan. alexis hutchinson was going to take the baby while she was away, but was too busy taking care of sick relatives. >> i don't think they should deploy anybody with an infant child. >> hutchinson claimed that her family care plan was no longer eye viable. however the army did give her a 30-day extension and like all soldiers was given enough time to work out another care plan. >> so far hutchinson has not been charged but they're still investigating this case. what word for you sums up
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2009? it's a word you use to boot someone off your facebook page. unfriend is the new word of the year. the oxford american dictionary chooses a word to sum up the year. sexting came up second. >> unfriend? this is facebook, it's like a public outcry that you're not even on there yet. >> so far, it's okay, just a lot of clouds out there, but look at the big spin in the atmosphere, that's the upper level low. and that's producing a lot of snow for you in central and northern parts of kansas. look at the rain wrapping around the south of chicago. it was all snow earlier, now switching back over to rain, the blue is all the rain, you can see the white, a couple of spots in there trying to get going with some light snow. about eight to 12 inches of snow
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is what we had. but it's all liquid when it comes down into central parts of illinois, back into indiana, so it's not freezing snass. down in the southeast even farther, a little bit of broken shower activity near central georgia. but then you get out west, look at the rain coming in, that's all the cold front, that's cold front number one, moves on ashore today, look at the wind gusts coming out of here. waldport, 90 miles an hour an hour. you're going to get a breather overnight tonight and then tomorrow. the rain comes back on strong thursday with more winds. look at that shot, that's absolutely majestic looking almost. >> we see the camera headacshak little bit. >> the winds have died down.
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but then on thursday they pick back up to 450, 45ib 55 to 60. you have a break through tomorrow, but then back at it again. >> new year's eve, they gouds at a shot on that needle. >> getting close. >> former basketball star dennis rodman allegedly skipped us on a party tab. you'll hear about rodman's huge drink tab and what he did about it.
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a marine made a video diary for his parents but they did not get the videos until after he was killed in action. this video you see here shows billy spencer leaving for iraq
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at the age of 19. >> i'm fixin' to fly into iraq from kuwait. i love you mom. >> no doubt his parents say it's he's talking directly to them in those videos. >> i can look at those videos. every one of them and say, that's my kid. >> lance corporal billy spencer was posthumousley awarded the silver far. in august, nine people died when a small plane and a sightseeing helicopter collided. the air says there is like the wild west. so the faa is splitting it into separate zones now. a helicopter industry group says they support this. bad news from the pan who
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oversees the economy. fed chief ben bernanke says the bad weather in the jobs market is going to stay with us for a bit of a time. my next guest jen westhoven, we got to lynn? >> not only have we had enough economic news out there, but this is the number one guy it comes to the economy unemployment is like to remain quite high through 2010. mostly because banks are refusing to lend money and they are not lending to small businesses. the startups can't start up. if that's where a lot of new jobs come from, then we're losing a serious source of jobs in the new recovery. don't get a case of coke in cosco for a while. they're having a price dispute.
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coke is working to resolve this. it looks like costco is saying coke is not giving us a good deal. they have got to get it at some kind of a discount. especially if you have got some kids in your life and you want to give them the christmas gifts, they got to be under the tree in time for christmas morning. the deadline will be on december 17. you can wait until december 23rd, but you'll pay more and i think it's a risk, right? but you can ship as late as december 23 for christmas eve delivery. >> we find ourselves doing that every year. it's something about it, you always get behind.
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>> all right, thank, jen. i absolutely agree. >> all right, a government panel coming out on mammograms contradicting the american cancer society. this is your views questions today about these suggestions from the panel. >> everybody seems to be talking about this, not just women. men are talking about it because they're thinking what do we do now. women in their 40s don't need routine mammograms. that goes against everything that women have been told. this is coming from a government task force of doctors and scientists. this directly con from dictionaries the american cancer society's guideline of starting annual mammograms at the age of 40. but frequent screenings can cause false alarms about breast cancers. those self-breast exams that
10:43 am
women have been taught to do for years, says they have no value. and the benefits of breast exams by doctors is unknown. you're probably thinking this is the direct opposite of everything i have been told or i had a friend who did a self-breast exam and she found a lump. >> what do you think about these guidelines, do they cause you relief? are you concerned? will the new guidelines make the way that you look at your cancer prevention strategy? call us at 1-877-835-5456. richard, i think people don't know what to any now. we're also going to have someone from the cancer society on during the noon to talk about this. but what do you do now? >> quite a contradiction.
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>> coming up in about an hour arrest 15. and a big step for helping poor people around the world. one of the biggest shoe companies in the world wants to start offering shoes for under $2.
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♪ >> so the adees das is slashing prices to help the poor. the shoe giant says it wants to make a shoe for about $1.50. they'll be made and sold there. if it goes well, adidas will expand the program toaround the world. a california businessman pleaded guilty to destroying 6
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million bottles of wine. he admitted to setting his own wine warehouse on fire in 2005. this wasn't a small warehouse. as part of a plea deal he agreed with that and it put the entire winery out of business because they lost most of their inventory. a boxer made history hen he became a champion. but he has another goal. this is interesting. he wants become a rabbi. >> he's got a good intimate relationship with pugilism and judaism. there's never been a world champion boxer who was a rabbi. yuri foreman became the first israeli boxer to be a world champion when he won the wba welter weight title.
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he expects to complete his studies in about a year. he started boxing at age 8, his mother made him because he was bul bullied. two frahm football playeres football players have been kicked off the team because of being accused of a armed robbery. and within of my favorite former nba players, dennis rodman was temporarily detained in germany for allegedly skipping out on a $5,000 bar tab. officials say that rodman was playing an exhibition game. now organizers agreed to pay his hotel bill, but not an extra $5,000 on drinks at an after party.
10:49 am
he paid the tab and another $2,500 to avoid a possible legal procedure. tennessee titans owner bud allen was fined 250,000 for shooting the bird. gabriel wrote on our facebook page. it seems like the nfl takes a look at your checking account before they find out how much to fine you. doug d. wrote, who gets the $250,000? i think that would make a great postseason us in for all the folks at morning express. doug d., our hats off to you, sir, you get the post of the day. >> that's right, doug, we'll take it, you are the man.
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je gestures or no gestures. >> a man comes back from gracy,? oh, my god. >> this actually did bring a tear to my eye. >> it does. and it's nonstop. this dog is so happy to see him. >> look at him go crazy right here. >> people have clicked on this nearly 800,000 times. we found today's viral video on the big wireless providers are locked in a fierce price war and now walmart is getting in on the action. hln money expert clark howard explains what all this mobile madness means for your wallet. >> okay. i get a kick when i travel and i'm sitting next to a corporate type on an airplane and he or she is there, busy working with their smartphone, blackberry, iphone, whatever. and i'll say, hey, how much do you pay a month for cell phone
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service, alreadying kn knowing answer. and they'll say, i don't know, my company pays for it. most of us, just normal earthlings, pay for our cell phone service. and never has there been a time that's more important than right now for you to re-shop your cell phone service. there is brutal price competition going on and especially now that walmart has jumped into the cell phone business with both feet, with their plan offering you 1,000 minutes a month and 1,000 text messages for 30 bucks a month. or you want unlimited stuff, $45 a month. generally, their rates are half what the competition is. check it out. i'm clark howard. check me out at >> thank you, clark. by the way, clark will teach you how to save more, spend less, avoid getting ripped off and you can catch him at noon eastern on saturday and sunday right here on hln. an amazing marathon
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operation to help conjoined twins. you'll hear how the 2-year-old girls are doing after 25 hours of surgery.
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right now on "showbiz tonight," when sarah met oprah. tonight, brand-new bombshell revelations from sarah palin's interview today on oprah. palin's new slams against levi johnston. >> a bit heartbreaking to see the road that he is on right now. >> how palin screwed up the devastating katie couric interview. >> i don't blame people for thinking that i was not qualified, that i was ill-prepared. >> plus, is sarah palin pushing for a talk show? and should oprah watch her back? tonight, the brand-new
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screaming headlines that brad and angelina may be breaking up. but what's the truth? tonight, "showbiz tonight" with the dramatic very new public way brad and angie are trying to put those rumors to rest. and tonight, the startling big bucks offer to carrie prejean for her solo sex tape. or should we say, sex tapes? and will carrie go for it? the offer, we mean. tv's most provocative entertainment news show starts right now. hello. i'm a.j. hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. >> hi, there, everyone. i'm brooke anderson, coming to you from hollywood. and tonight, when sarah met oprah. the much-hyped, long-awaited face-off between sarah palin and oprah winfrey was finally revealed to the world today.
11:02 am
and "showbiz tonight" is here to tell you, in one word, wow. there's a good reason why they're calling palin's new revelations a tell-all, because she is telling all. about the shocking pregnancy of her teenage daughter, bristol, about her feud with the baby's father, soon-to-be "playgirl" centerfold, levi johnston, and of course, the katie couric interview that many say did her in for good. and it all made for big news breaking today. she's the former governor of alaska and running mate of john mccain. she's the queen of daytime talk, who in the last election supported the other guy. >> please welcome sarah palin. >> reporter: but today on "the oprah winfrey show," oprah and sarah palin finally shared the same stage. and right off the bat, they shot down rumors of a feud. >> there were reports last year that i had snubbed you during the election by not having you on my show. did you feel snubbed? >> no offense to you, but it
11:03 am
wasn't the center of my universe. >> okay, good. yeah. >> no, it wasn't. >> reporter: even if she isn't feuding with oprah, sarah palin still got some others to keep her plenty busy. on today's "oprah," she settled scores with the media. >> i was naive to think that the media would leave my kids alone. >> reporter: levi johnston. >> a bit heartbreaking to see the road that he is on right now. >> reporter: and katie couric. >> there's the perky one, again, with the microphone. >> reporter: for the very first time today, palin shared brand-new details about the surprise pregnancy of her teenage daughter, bristol, smack dab during the presidential campaign. >> perfectly honestly, she was quite embarrassed. she called me, in tears, and was saying, oh, mom, not just wasilla, do they know what's going on in my life, but now the whole world knows, mom. i knew right off the bat with that episode that the kids would be a part of it, good, bad, or ugly. it would be quite taxing on them. >> reporter: what's now taxing palin is her daughter's ex-boyfriend, levi johnston,
11:04 am
who's the father of bristol's baby. >> everybody's waiting on the levi question, i know. >> reporter: 19-year-old levi has made a virtual career out of bashing palin and making embarrassing claims about her home life. he's also posing nude for an upcoming spread in "playgirl." and on oprah today, palin could not resist getting in a dig or two. >> i don't know if we call him levi, i know he goes by the name ricky hollywood now. if that's the case, we don't want to mess up this gig he's got going, kind of this aspiring -- aspiring porn. >> reporter: still, palin is trying to make peace with levi. >> levi forever will be the father of this most beautiful baby and i continue to hope for the best and to pray for levi. >> reporter: then there's palin's infamous interview with cbs news anchor katie couric. the interview that virtually destroyed her image overnight during the campaign. >> what newspapers and magazines did you regularly read before
11:05 am
you were tapped for this, to stay informed and -- >> i've read most of them, again, with a great appreciation for the press, for the media. >> like, what ones specifically, i'm curious? >> all of them. >> on oprah today, palin admitted the obvious. the couric interview wasn't her best moment. >> if people only know me for that interview, i don't blame for people thinking that i was not qualified, that i was ill prepared. >> reporter: palin reveals for the very first time that palin didn't answer couric's question partly because she was annoyed. >> it was more like, are you kidding me? it was like she was discovering this nomadic tribe, a member of a tribe from some neanderthal tribe in alaska, asking me, how do you stay in touch with the real world? >> reporter: palin didn't directly answer oprah's other big questions. is palin planning to host her own talk show, or is she thinking about running for president. but with her new book, "going rogue," palin is proving that love her or hate her, she remains a powerful voice who cannot and will not be ignored.
11:06 am
>> all right. what do you think? how did palin do today? could we be seeing a sarah palin show? joining me tonight in chicago, roland martin, the host of washington watch with row lan martin on the tv one network and a longtime supporter of president obama. in new york, kim serafin, the senior editor at "in touch weekly," who often defends slaip. all rig all right, roland, by and large, i think sarah palin did a pretty good job on the oprah show, how'd she do? >> as these things go, obviously, this was not the same interview when katie couric gave when palin couldn't answer anything with any kind of sense whatsoever. but, clearly, i think how folks are -- look, if you love sarah palin before the interview, you still love her, and if you thought when she talked it was like scraping nails across a chalkboard, you probably feel the exact same way. >> what do you think, kim?
11:07 am
>> i think to a certain extent, that is true. people who like her will continue to like her, people who don't like her will continue not to like her. but i think she came across very likable in this interview, came across funny, made jokes, took responsibility for things, she talked in that early piece about the katie couric interview, says she understands why people wouldn't think she was qualified to be vice president. she also comes across very relatable as a mom. she's very open about her family, her relationship with todd, about her daughter's pregnancy, and i think that is one thing that people will definitely relate to. and she was funny. she could definitely host a talk show. she makes jokes. she's good. >> i'll tell you what, a.j., she is lucky, that this interview took place before the mccain folks came at her. that happened really later in the week. this interview took place before that. people questioning certain aspects of her book. if she does any interviews after this, she's going to have to answer all the discrepancies where the mccain people are saying she was flat-out lying what she said in the book. she'll have to answer those kind of questions. not sure if she wants to. >> it will be interesting to see if the places she is now going
11:08 am
for new interviews will be asking her those questions. and we know she's been getting a lot of publicity lately, not just because of her book, but quite frankly because levi johnston won't stop talking about her, won't stop bashing her. watch what she told oprah today about the father of her grandson. >> i don't think a national television show is the place to discuss some of the things that he's doing and saying. and by the way, i don't know if he call him levi. i hear he goes by the name ricky hollywood now. if that's the case, we don't want to mess up this gig he's got going, kind of this aspiring -- aspiring porn, some of the things that he's doing. it's kind of heartbreaking. >> roland, are you with me it would be a whole lot better for palin to take the high road and stop taking digs at levi every time she talks about him. i think she should be above this. >> look, levi is getting under her skin. it is obvious. she cannot resist firing back at him. and it's no different than we saw during the campaign. so she can't take the kind of criticism.
11:09 am
that's why, look, if she chooses to actually run for president, i don't think she can be under that kind of scrutiny. every time he says something, she has to fire right back. my deal is, let him say what he wants to say. you know what, he's getting paid, just like she's getting paid. >> i have to say something, though, about levi. i think she actually handled this well. she can't just completely ignore it. she couldn't have just said, no, i'm not commenting, because then people would have said, why isn't she commenting? she's so angry with him. what she said is, look, he's a teenager. she said something that we all realize, that he's being brought into something that he doesn't quite understand. exposed to hollywood, exposed to the limelight and being succeed into that -- >> no, he's not! >> but he is. he's 19, suddenly exposed to the lights of hollywood, getting awards -- >> he knows exactly what he's doing. >> getting in "playgirl." she's saying, look, he's a teenager. she welcomed ed him to thanksgig dinner. i think it was her first gesture to him that he's welcomed back in the family. she also did say, it's between him and her daughter to work out
11:10 am
the schedule to see the child. >> all right. let me jump in. >> a.j., first of all -- >> roland, hold on. >> little ricky hollywood dig. >> my point is, she's making a dig at the same time she's being a little bit sympathetic. everyone now saying she should do her talk show. she said on oprah, oprah, you have nothing to worry about. roland, would that be a hit show if sarah palin did one? >> no, i'm sorry. stick to what you know. being a talk show host is not it, sarah. >> that's what i asked for, straight answer. roland martin, kim serafin, thanks, guys. appreciate it. here's our "showbiz tonight" question of the day. sarah palin, should she get her own talk show? what do you think? vote at or e-mail us at okay. so you've heard about the carrie prejean sex tape? tonight i can tell you that there's big news tonight that there might be many more carrie sex tapes out there and there's
11:11 am
a big offer on the table for her to sell them. also tonight, the startling new reports today that brad and angelina are breaking up. we're going to show you the dramatic way they're trying to put those rumors to rest. also this -- >> reporter: believe it or not, some people are actually announcing their intention to kill themselves to avoid confronting the fictional doomsday. >> the shocking and disturbing news that the blockbuster new movie "2012" is making some people thinking of killing themselves. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. >> now the "showbiz news ticker." these are more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now.
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it was a huge disaster at the box office, but in this case, it's a good thing. "2012," the movie about the disastrous end of the world, pulled in 65 million bucks in the u.s. and an amazing $225
11:15 am
million worldwide in its opening weekend. welcome back to "showbiz tonight." i'm brooke anderson in hollywood with a.j. hammer in new york. and tonight, the "2012" panic. sure, the blockbuster movie shows what might happen if the world started coming to an end, but what it doesn't show is right now, at this very moment, there are people all over the world who truly believe that when 2012 comes, we are all toast. and some are so scared they are even threatening to commit suicide. this is one scary story and "showbiz tonight" kareen wynter did some digging to find out what's really going on. >> reporter: hundreds of miles from the tremors of hollywood -- >> it's not just california, it's the whole world. >> reporter: in this quiet suburban california community, a nasa senior scientist sits dumbfounded. >> i never thought i'd be doing this. >> reporter: what dr. david morrison is doing in his california office at nasa's lunar science institute is in
11:16 am
his words, mind boggling, answering the strangest of e-mails on a topic that scientifically is bogus. >> i don't know why so many think the world's going to end. >> reporter: and end, many believe will come on december 21st, 2012. a crucial date in the ancient mayan calendar, that's been the subject of thousands of websites and hundreds of books. he says although there's no truth behind any planetary catastrophe -- >> this year -- >> reporter: the new apocalyptic movie, "2012," about the earth's end, has spiked fears. the movie's trailer directs viewers to a fake website warning of world destruction, even a survival lottery. >> the film may be okay, but it's scaring people. >> reporter: nasa bombarded with questions from the public had to post a special section on its website, just to dispel the myths. but morrison says it hasn't worked. he still gets e-mails accusing
11:17 am
the government of a 2012 cover-up. >> "may you rot in the hell you've made for yourselves." >> reporter: and believe it or not, some people are actually announcing their intention to kill themselves to avoid confronting the fictional doomsday. and morrison isn't the only scientist calming 2012 fears. >> none of this is the true. >> reporter: an astronomer and director at los angeles's griffith observatory says tour guides were so overwhelmed with inquiries, he had to issue a press release to squash rumors. has it worked? >> yeah, in fact, it has. because there has been a tremendous amount of interest by various media outlets in getting real facts on the ground about 2012. >> people will know it's a movie. trust me, one the world's going down, we will not look as spectacular. >> reporter: as for nasa scientist dr. david morrison, he's anticipating 2012 for different reasons. it just may bring a little calm
11:18 am
to his scientific world turned upside down. >> come 2013, it will all be over, but maybe somebody will think up another disaster. >> what are the odds? >> that was "showbiz tonight's" kareen wynter. and that nasa guy, dr. morrison, says he's actually going to check out "2012," but maybe not for the next few days. the space shuttle "atlantis" just launched this afternoon, so we think he's probably pretty busy with that. >> i would guess. now, brooke, all weekend long, our "showbiz on call" phone lines kept ringing and ringing. you know what people were calling in about? >> what's that, a.j.? >> carrie prejean. so many calling into "showbiz on call," our operators were working all weekend long. and regina in oklahoma is no longer on team carrie. >> caller: when carrie prejean started out, i was behind her. i felt like she had credibility and she was just standing up for what she believed in. now i think she has absolutely no credibility. you know, i wouldn't buy her books when it ends up at the dollar store, which it will,
11:19 am
because it's not going to sell. so i think people just need to write her off. >> appreciate your call, regina. >> nancy calling into "showbiz on call" from california thinks everybody is ganging up on carrie and that's not right. >> caller: i just think that people are just so jealous that this woman is so beautiful and they are just looking for something, some way to bring her down. she has her own opinions and i wish her good luck. >> thank you, nancy. call us at "showbiz on call," let us know what you think about this or anything else that is on your minds. >> the "showbiz on call" phone lines are always open, this is the number, 1-888-sbt-buzz. that's where you can leave us a voice mail so we can play your call here on "showbiz tonight." tonight, the brand-new blockbuster revelations about farrah fawcett's will. i'm going to let you know who is getting something and who is not. and you've got to stick around, because you will not believe who may be getting nothing. not a dime. zilch. and wow, this brand-new sarah palin interview on "oprah"
11:20 am
today has everybody talking. just listen to palin's new slam of levi johnston. >> he's on a road that's -- it's not a healthy place to be. he's a teenager. i don't think he realizes, quite yet, what it is that he is being handled and orchestrated around. >> sarah also reveals how she screwed up that devastating katie couric interview. and right here, controversial conservative ann coulter. ann is going to have her very first reaction to palin on oprah. plus, rosie o'donnell's very personal revelations. the confessions of her love life just out. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. let's roll out the "showbiz news ticker." these are more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom and they are making news right now.
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now on "showbiz tonight" sarah palin's explosive revelations to oprah about levi johnston. >> he's on a road, it's not a healthy place to be. he's a teenager. i don't think he realizes quite yet, what it is, that he is being handled and orchestrated around. >> so what's really going on with levi and bristol? plus, the real story behind that infamous katie couric interview. and conservative lightning rod ann coulter right her with her reaction in the interview you'll see only on "showbiz tonight." carrie prejean gets a big offer for her solo sex tape. will she take it? and could there actually be more carrie sex tapes out there?
11:31 am
startling new reports today that brad and angelina are splitsville. tonight, the dramatic way they're trying to put those rumors to rest, once and for all. plus, more stories breaking from the "showbiz news ticker," tv's most provocative entertainment news show continues right now! welcome back to "showbiz tonight." it is 30 minutes past the hour. i'm a.j. hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. >> and i'm brooke anderson, coming to you tonight from hollywood. tonight, when sarah met oprah. sarah palin today makes her much-anticipated appearance on oprah. >> yeah, brooke, it was sarah palin's very first interview with oprah winfrey. she was on to sell her new book called "going rogue." and nothing was off-limits in this interview. i can tell you, it made more big news breaking today. sarah revealed all of what she really thinks of her
11:32 am
almost-son-in-law, levi johnston. why she wasn't happy about how america found out about her daughter's pregnancy and what she really thought of that uncomfortable katie couric interview. >> i was so annoyed and it was very unprofessional of me to wear that annoyance on my sleeve. >> tonight, we cannot wait to hear this lady's take on the oprah/sarah face-off, conservative anne ann coulter. what does she think about the carrie prejean sex tape scandal? and the explosive news today that a porn distributor is offering carrie millions of dollars for eight tapes they claim they have of her. and of course, is the author of the best-selling book, "guilty: liberal victims and their assault on america," which is now out in paperback. ann coulter joins me now. good to see you. you talk a lot about sarah palin in your book, "guilty." let's start off with sarah palin, her brand-new interview
11:33 am
on oprah today. was it a good idea for oprah to be the first place that sarah went to talk about her book. let's remember, oprah endorsed our president, barack obama. >> right. and refused to have sarah palin on during the campaign. >> refused to have anybody on during the campaign. >> well, she had obama on. >> not during the campaign. not once the presidential campaign was under way. want to be fair to oprah. >> okay. but it's kind of a big story, kind of perfect -- the vice presidential nominee did seem like a little bit of a diswh wh she didn't -- >> and they addressed that on the show. in any event -- >> in any event, she's not doing the usual book media tour, she's on the sarah palin bus, going out to grand rapids, michigan, and tuscaloosa. she's going out to where her fans are. but, yeah, sure, i think it's probably better for oprah than it is for sarah palin, but it was a terrific interview. >> they left no stone unturned and it was really interesting to hear sarah palin speaking very frankly about some intimate subjects, including, of course,
11:34 am
her real feelings about the guy who was almost her son-in-law, the father of her grandson, levi johnston. let's take a look at this little conversation. >> are you aware of all the other things that he's saying, that you really weren't a good parent, that bristol really raised piper, that, you know, you and your husband really don't get along, that you're really not a shooter -- all those things -- >> right, i did hear that he said i never really went to hockey games too. that's levi's gig now, and i don't want to comment on it, because he's on a road that's not -- it's not a healthy place to be. he's a teenager. i don't think he realizes quite yet what it is that he is being handled and orchestrated around. >> now, i liked that in one way, because for the first time in all the back and forth exchanges between sarah palin and levi, she said some constructive things. but at the same time, she still feels the need to take digs at him every time she talks about him. do you think that she should just ignore him altogether? >> well, she was asked the question.
11:35 am
and the last time she famously gave a blowoff answer to a question she didn't like, with katie couric, everyone jumped down her throat. so i think she has to answer and she did answer it in a lovely way. the thing about levi johnson is -- or johnston, it is -- the media's obsession with it is pretty outrageous. the double standard here. this isn't even her child. al gore's son had some problems. joe biden's son had some problems. there has always been this gentleman's agreement, that the press doesn't go after the children of vice presidential candidates or the vice president, right now. i mean, we are comparing apples to apples, specific types of apples to specific types of apples. and i think it is outrageous that they are going after the guy who impregnated her daughter when she tried to keep him away from her daughter. but unlike most democrats, i might add, you know, she sent her kids to public schools, where you're going to run into people like levi johnston in a public school. >> separate from that, this keeps coming up, and every time sarah has talked about him, and
11:36 am
again, she said some nice things this time, but she does take digs. it seems to me, somebody, particularly, if she's considering running for office, just take the high road and say, i'm not going to talk about him, i'll answer your question, but why take a dig at him? >> i think she has taken the high road. >> right there we watched her take if a few digs -- >> no, i think she was speaking honestly. i think that's good advice and he ought to listen to her. she is going down a bad path and he is not the kind of young man anyone would want his daughter or her daughter, in this case, hanging around with. but what could sarah palin do? but the media keeps covering this like this is the guy who invented a cure for cancer. but while leaving gore's children alone, while leaving joe biden he's child alone. >> he did do a commercial for pistachios. let's move on to that katie couric interview, because obviously this got a lot of play in the media and she was very frank about this interview. you'll remember, katie couric asked the question, and i thought a perfectly legitimate question, looking for some
11:37 am
insight into sarah palin's world view, what informs that world view, what magazines, what newspapers do you read? sarah knows that she fumbled that answer and everybody made a big deal of it. let's watch her address that with oprah. >> obviously, you've read books and magazines. why didn't you just name some books or magazines? >> well, and obviously, i have, of course, all my life read. i'm a lover of books and magazines and newspapers. by the time she asked me that question, even though it was kind of early on in the interview, i was already so annoyed -- and it was very unprofessional of me to wear that annoyance on my sleeve -- >> is it because you couldn't think of any in the moment? >> no, it was more like, are you kidding me, are you really asking me? >> i don't want to debate the merits of the question that katie asked, but i do think it was a legitimate question -- >> then you're going to have to debate it. >> so let me just tell you, i did not buy what she just told oprah about why she answered the question the way she did instead of actually running down, hey, i read "the new york times,"
11:38 am
whatever -- >> no, i buy it entirely. what was going on there, with both katie couric and charlie gibson is you have these morning tv hosts who are normally doing, you know, inexpensive getaways and here's a nice souffle recipe. charlie gibson and katie couric are not names -- they're dropping around the new york review of books to get street cred as an intellectual and this was katie couric trying to impress the editors of "the new york times" by coming up with this sort of quiz show question. like the guy who had the question of name the leader of swazyland or whatever to george bush when he was running for office. they come up with these quiz show questions. what are the last five books you've read? okay, katie, what are your five favorite operas. >> newspapers and magazines will tell a person what informs your world view. >> no, it was trying to be snippy and i think sarah palin is absolutely right. look, obama was never asked, name, you know, your favorite books and magazines. >> okay. >> and moreover, i think sarah palin was absolutely right that
11:39 am
whatever answer she gave, it would be jumped on. i mean, my guess is, she reads "guns and ammo," some religious publications, i bet she reads my publication, probably "the new york times." whatever she says, they'll jump on. >> overall, you think she did a nice job on oprah, and i did too. but we have another explosive story to talk about. former miss california carrie prejean and her sex tape scandal getting even more heated as a porn distributor says they want to pay her for eight alleged sex tapes that she did for her boyfriend. they say she could stand to make millions. a lot of people have been calling carrie prejean a hypocrite for doing this speaking circuit talking about family values while she knew she had made these sex tapes, or at least the one that we have verified. what do you say to that? i mean, it is hypocritical, isn't it? >> what i say is don't do it, carrie, don't do it. this is where the rubber hits the road. yeah, you're being offered a lot of money, do not take this step. yes, it was a bigger problem on friday or thursday, whenever it came out, when it turned out
11:40 am
that she had lied about how old she was, it wasn't back when she was 17, she was only 20, there's more than one. it also wasn't a sex tape, someone else. >> that also hasn't been confirmed. >> you're saying stay clear. we've got to wrap it thereupon. always good to see you, ann coulter. thanks for being here. are the most famous and glamorous couple in hollywood splitsville? there are startling new reports today that brad pitt and angelina jolie are breaking up. could it be true? but wait, we'll show you the dramatic way they are trying to put those rumors to rest once and for all. also, the shocking news today from farrah fawcett's will. who she left out and who she included. plus, rosie's personal revelations. rosie o'donnell's confessions about her personal love life just revealed. it is time now for the "showbiz news ticker," more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now.
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welcome back to "showbiz tonight." i'm brooke anderson in hollywood with a.j. hammer in new york.
11:44 am
tonight, are we about to see a brangelina breakup? are brad pitt and angelina jolie heading to splitsville? there are brand-new screaming headlines that brad and angelina may be breaking up, the end is finally near. but tonight i'll reveal to you a dramatic new, very public way brad and angie are trying to put all those rumors to rest. also making big news right now, rosie o'donnell's brand-new bombshell confession. it's about her relationship with longtime partner kelly carpenter. rosie let something slip on her brand-new sirius radio show and it is huge. and farrah fawcett's will shocker. reported today that farrah did not leave a single penny to her longtime love, ryan o'neal. joining me tonight in hollywood, laura sanchez and hyla, an entertainment journalist. lauren, hyla, let's begin with brangelina. i want you to take a look at the
11:45 am
headlines today on all the celebrity weekly magazines about brad pitt and angelina jolie. "life & style" weekley with the headline, a total fake. "star" has "mind games" with a picture of jennifer aniston and angelina jolie. we've seen this before. lauren, more of the same here, what we have been seeing, or does this raise a big red flag? >> oh, no red flag at all. these magazines, of course, they're trying to sell their magazines right now. what if they put "brad and angie in love"? yeah, that wouldn't sell. they're completely a couple. they were just at an event together on saturday, and they didn't walk the red carpet, but there were cameras inside the event, and they have this little loving touch you see. there's no truth to these rumors. i think the magazines are just trying to get out there a little bit. >> just trying to get those magazines to fly off the shelves. speaking of their public appearance, it really would see
11:46 am
that nobody told brad and angelina about all their problems, all their supposed problems. i want to show you the brand-new pictures that we got today of this past weekend. their very publicly attended a museum gala in los angeles where they got a private look at an exhibit. hyla, does this seem like a very dramatic public showing to maybe put the kibosh on all the rumors? >> no, this is just another day in the life of brad and angie. for some reason, the media, especially the tabloids, are obsessed with breaking up this couple. and i don't understand why. they're one of the few couples in hollywood that seem to have figured out how to have a semi-normal relationship and raise a family under the circumstances. why they're obsessed with breaking them up, it hurts me and breaks my heart. stop it, please. >> and they are art lovers, so they probably would have attended that no matter what. i do want to move to rosie o'donnell's brand-new bombshell confession. it's about her relationship with longtime partner kelly carpenter. she and kelly lived together for five years. rosie spilled the beans on her
11:47 am
brand-new sirius xm radio show while speaking with a pet psychic about her dog, o'donnell let this slip. "what happened was, when kellie moved out two years ago, i got the dog because i wanted another child or something to love and i got the dog." but just a couple of weeks ago, rosie told howard stern on his sirius xm radio show that she a and kelli were working through stuff. >> we've been together for 12 years and we're a family and a family is a family is a family. and we will stay a family. we're working through a lot of the stuff we have, the children will be a priority. we're working through what's going to be best for all of us. >> lauren, i was amazed that she kept this a secret for two years. do you think that rowsie was keeping the fact that kelli moved out two years ago private for the sake of the kids? >> i think the story is she was
11:48 am
talking to a pet psychic. but rosie really does wear her heart on her sleeve and she lets it all out. and the fact that she kept it, that she was living apart from her partner for two years means something. and i think part of that is because of the kids, because she loves them deeply. you see that. and they want to shelter them from all the public scrutiny. so i give her kudos for doing that. >> they are both very committed to their children and keeping their family together. i do want to move now to the brand-new bombshell report today about farrah fawcett's will. radaronline reporting that farrah fawcett left $4.5 million to her son, redmond o'neal, but not one penny to ryan o'neal, or elana stewart. hyla, are you as shocked as i am? >> once these slescelebrities d you kind of see their true colors and what their relationships were about.
11:49 am
people can claim they should be entitled to some money, but at the end of the day, if farrah wanted any of these particular friends or family close to her to have money, they would have included it in her will. it's the same thing with michael jackson and his dad. it just shows exactly where their heads were. >> well, in an interview with barbara walters for "20/20," just before farrah died, ryan o'neal claimed that farrah had agreed to marry him. >> i asked her to marry me again and she's agreed. >> really? >> swear to god. >> why don't you just go do it? >> well, we will as soon as she can do it. i promise you, we will. >> laura, were you stunned that ryan was left out here? >> i was a little shocked, but you have to remember, they weren't married, so they might have had separate accounts. he might have his own money somewhere else and property. he might have all of the property in his name. so why she didn't physically say, i want to give you this, ryan, there are a lot of things we still don't know yet.
11:50 am
we kind of have to reserve all of our -- all of that until more comes out. >> we know that -- >> and i didn't want to be insensitive about this, but i hope somebody's hoping redmond manageredman manage that money. >> thank you both. good to see you. oprah is apologizing to robin gishe gibbons. robin was particularly upset with one moment and oprah says she's sorry. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. now the "showbiz tonight" news ticker making news right now -- tonight hollywood's a list retchedary actress lauren bacall gets an honorary oscar. presented its oscars off-camera over the weekend at a ceremony
11:51 am
in los angeles months ahead of the ceremony in march. it was the first-ever governor's awards event. "showbiz tonight" caught up with lauren bacall and asked how she felt had she heard she was getting the award. >> i was in shock. i thought they'd make a mistake when they called me. i hadn't expected it at all. but then i welcome it. so -- you never know how you're going to respond to these things. >> movie king roger corman also received honorary oscars. this soldier says her role
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as mother outranks her military duty so she skipped deployment when her child care fell through. the charges she faces now, what the saerm saying, and who's taking care of her baby. life saving or unnecessary. new recommendations about mammograms leave women wondering what they should do. we'll talk to a doctor from the american cancer society with his reaction. and janet jackson blames a doctor for her brother's death. what she thinks should happen to michael jackson's personal physician now. thank you for keeping us company on this tuesday. i hope that the day's turning out well so far. i'm christi paul welcome to "hln's" "news and views." to our top story here.
12:01 pm
a soldier says she cannot serve her country overseas because her 10-month-old son needs her here at home. christy hutchings of our affiliate explains how a change in child care led this specialist to skip deployment. >> reporter: it's this little boy. 10-month-old kamoni now at the center of a major legal battle currently in california with his grandmother while his mother specialist i lexus hutchinson is confined to hunter army airfield awaiting possible criminal charges for refusing to deploy to afghanistan. hutchinson told her commander she had no one to look after her son. >> i know she signed up for that, but to me it should be some type of circumstances. i don't really think they should deploy anybody with an infant child. >> reporter: her mother was supposed to look after him while her daughter was gone, but a few weeks before her daughter was set to deploy, things changed. >> i had him for a couple of weeks in october.
12:02 pm
by the end, i was like, oh, my god -- let's see if we can do something else. this is too much. >> reporter: hughes says she can't give him the attention he needs and take care of her mother and her other special needs daughter. so hughes sent him back to savannah. at the end of october. just a few weeks later, it was time for hutchinson to deploy. time was up. >> how she's been treated. >> reporter: while her attorney is busy fighting foreher client, the army is tighting back saying her commanders tried working with hutchinson prior to the deployment. >> i can tell you all of those statements are essentially mgs misleading and not true. specialist hutchinson claimed that her family care plan was no longer viable and that her command was not giving her adequate time to find a new care provider for her child. however, the army did give her a 30-day extension and like all soldiers was given plenty of
12:03 pm
time to work out another care plan. >> reporter: ford's spokesperson says until it's resolved she won't be sent to afghanistan but could not comment on what charges she may be facing. >> i want to thank our affiliate for the report. superiors told hutchinson she'd have to put her child in foster care. the ford stewart spokesman says the army would not deploy single parents who have no one to care for her children and skipping deployment wasn't the way to handle the situation. the father of 5-year-old shaniya davis plans to make a live announcement this afternoon about her daughter's death. north carolina police found her body yesterday off a dirt road in sanford just southwest of raleigh. witnesses say her body was on the ground clothed only in a t-shirt. nearly 400 people attended a candlelight vigil last night and he distraught father had to be held up as he cries out in in prayer.
12:04 pm
>> don't give up on me and don't give up on shaniya, she's right will with you. know my little baby's up there with you is making me comfort right now. >> the medical examiner is conducting an autopsy to positively identify the child's body and determine her cause of death. police say evidence indicates shaniya was alive when she left that sanford hotel. that's where she was seen on surveillance video carried by a man who's now charged in her killed knapping. shaniya's mother, an fwanet davis, arrested on charges she prostituted her daughter. she went to court yesterday and is held on $51,000 bond. shaniya's half sister told "nancy grace" she's stunned by the charges against davis. >> she just seemed like the sweetest woman. i mean, she didn't come from much and stuff, but her -- you just met her, she had the sweetest voice. she had the sweetest personality. and especially towards me. i would never think that she would do anything like that.
12:05 pm
>> 29-year-old mario mcneill you see here, charged with kidnapping in the case. investigators say he confessed to taking the girl but his attorney says he'll plead not guilty. a news conference scheduled at 4:30 p.m. eastern to update the public and we plan to bring that to you live when it happens. breaking news tonight though. now that investigators have found shaniya davis' body, police begin the hunt for the killer. who killed shaniya davis and dumped her body in the woods? "nancy grace" every night at 8:00 p.m., 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on hln "news and views." a doctor and scientists issued new recommendations for breast cancer screening and set off a huge debate. the u.s. preventative task service says most women don't need mammograms until their 50. for years doctors urged women to start getting them every year at age 40. the panel concluded frequent screenings only lead to a lot of
12:06 pm
false alarms and unneeded biopsies. what's more. the panel says breast self-exams don't do any good. the american cancer society still is recommending annual mammograms starting at 40. some people are worried insurance companies might adopt the recommendations and stop paying for mammograms for women ages 40 to 49. so you probably are going, what's right here? what the government task force says or what women have been told for years and what should women do? the american cancer society disagrees with the recommendations which did not include any cancer doctors on that task force, we should point out. the chief medical officer for the american cancer society joins us now. otis, thank you so much for talking to us. we appreciate it. what is your reaction, your instinctive reaction to these new guidelines? >> well, while i have respect for the task force, i disagree. the american cancer society believes every woman should get a mammogram starting at the age of 40 and get it annually.
12:07 pm
i think a high-quality mammogram is important. the task force actually found that mammography does decrease the risk of death for women in their 40s. they just decided that the 15% reduction was not enough. >> i want to ask you a couple of our facebook -- posted this question on our facebook page so viewers can post a question on the page as well, that they would like to ask you, and wenty wanted to know, what percentage of women get breast cancer between the ages of 40 and 50? seems risky to take away routine mammograms for that age group. what do you say to that? >> yeah. it's between 12 and 14% of all women who get breast cancer are below the age of 50 when diagnosed. i agree with her, that this is actually an important reason why we should be focusing some screening for women in their 40s. it's important to realize -- mammography is not a perfect test but it's the best test we have right now.
12:08 pm
>> what about the question of self-exams? this task force is saying they do no good. what do you say to that? >> now, that's a complicated problem. every woman should be aware of her breasts and every woman who finds a mass should seek medical attention. that frequently does not happen. women are not aware of their breasts or if they do find a mass, they don't seek medical attention. to schedule a monthly retchmented check of the breast, that, in two randomized studies has found not to save lives. >> i'm sorry? >> it does not save lives. >> does not save lives. >> a regimented monthly, every first of the month examining the breast does not save lives, but one should be encouraged to be aware of one's breasts and if one finds a mass, seek medical attention. >> seek medical help nap could be life threatens. brenda e-mailed on my facebook page and wants to ask this question bp there's a history of
12:09 pm
breast cancer on both sides of my family. i am more at risk than the average person who doesn't have it on both sides. should i be worried? how would you advise her? >> that's an excellent point. the preventive services task force actually said they only spoke about women at normal risk. the task force did not speak about this young lady, and about what she should do. the american cancer society believes that all women at all risk, including normal risk women, and certainly high-risk women, should start screening at the age of 40. >> all right. doctor otis, we appreciate it so very much you're with us and that you helped walk us through this. we'll hear from viewers i think a lot today, but you've certainly given us great answers. dr. otis for us. thank you again. appreciate your expertise. let me ask you what do you think about the new government guidelines on mammograms? are you surprised? are you shocked? are you confused? we're going to have your views next.
12:10 pm
12:11 pm
12:12 pm
we've been talking a lot today about this new government panel of doctors and scientistses that are giving new guidelines saying most women do not need mammograms until we're 50 years old. for year, 40 was always the recommended age. so this has a lot of people talking. richelle carey is listening. here are some of the things she wants to highlight with viewers who are logging on to your facebook page. >> they're just mad. like, where's my head? what am i supposed to think now? we thought we would make this a topic and christi, you've been getting comments. i have as well. a lot of calls. ruth from texas, you are 45 years old, and you called about something very personal. you just found out you had cancer. what is yourself reaction to these new guidelines? >> caller: i couldn't believe it.
12:13 pm
especially it's so fresh for me. i just found out friday and am waiting on more tests this week. if it wasn't for the self-exam at i h done eight months ago, that i -- and i had found the lump, what would have happened? i had another mammogram done then, and i was still told that it was nothing. it wasn't until i went to an oncologist that she said that the cancer cells are there. she just doesn't know the extent of it, which we're waiting for this week. >> are you concerned that other women won't follow through the way that you did, because of these guidelines? >> caller: well, it's like the doctor said. i understand that sometimes you won't be able to always find them, but mine were in an obvious place. so i -- i quickly -- i quickly felt the difference. yes, it concerns me. we know our own bodies. i find it disheartening that a doctor would say, you just have the to wait.
12:14 pm
>> wow. >> caller: i've been waiting for eight months to find out what this that i have. >> ruth, thank you for your phone call and for your perspective. the best of luck with your prognosis. absolutely. thank you. >> caller: thank you. >> got a lot of comments on my facebook page as well. richelle carey, hln. this was what rosalynn said. how she's processing this information. as long as women continue to do self-examinations in the privacy of their own homes and discover no lumps, why opt for the excessive radiation and possible false positive diagnoses at 40? all right. tina says this -- to me they're asking people to use the systems in place properly. just asking people to ask a doctor before running to the mammogram machine every month. it's costly and draining resources. the study doesn't want blanket mammograms. at age 40, discuss the pros and cons. still a lot to process. >> melina wrote, this is
12:15 pm
ridiculous. i know multiple women who found lumps and all under 50. kind of what ruth is saying. i will still continue mine and i'm only in my early 230 -- 20s. and kimberly is really ticked off by this? >> caller: i am. it's absolutely criminal. this is based on the same information from ten years ago when they told us to have them down and now -- there's no new information on this. there's just interpreting it differently. isn't it odd it comes out at the same time they're pushing for this public option? and i think what we're going to do, what women are going to have to do is start lying. going in and saying, i have pain here. i think i felt a lump, and -- so that we can get our mammograms. >> tina, i think that's the first time i've heard someone go that far in the discussion this morning. basically you're saying, go, take any means knows get a mammogram, if you think you need one? >> caller: absolutely.
12:16 pm
>> kimberly, thank you for your phone call. let's keep talking about this. tell us what do you think about these new guidelines that say most women don't need a mammogram until irtheir 50? will this make the way you change the way you look at cancer strategy? e-mail us. or call or text us. hlntv. cristty, a lot out of that segment a minute ago. >> we did. i know. boy, thinking about those people certainly. and some of the people, the other thing they're bringing up, too what is the motivation behind this? is it money is? that it's too costly? are we compromising health? so, please, keep telling us what you think. that's what this segment is all about. richelle, thank you. >> you bet, christi. one of the two people charged in kidnapping elizabeth smart seven years ago will be in court today. how will wanda plead?
12:17 pm
12:18 pm
wanda barzee, the woman
12:19 pm
charged in the 2002 kidnapping of elizabeth smart is in federal court this hour expected to enter a guilty plea. she's charged with kidnapping and unlawful transportation of a minor. she could face a life sentence for the kidnapping charge alone but she and her now es strained husband brian david mitchell accused of kidnapping smart from the bedroom of her utah home at just 14. smart was found nine months later and reunited with her family. president obama wrapped up a busy day in china with sight seeing and a lavis state dinner. earlier a closed door meeting with the president hu jintao. they worked and ending north korea's nuclear program. the biggest may be a pact to come up with joint solutions on climate change. >> as the two largest consumers and producers of energy, there can be no solution to this challenge without the efforts of both china and the united states. now, that's why we've agreed to a series of important new initiatives in this area. as president hu indicated we are
12:20 pm
kroeting a clean energy center and achieved agreements on energy efficiency, renewable energy, cleaner uses of coal, electric vehicles and shale gas. and president obama encouraged china to resume talks with the dalai lama's representatives. china's crackdown on tibet and other issues had been a thorn between the u.s. and china for years. the big wireless providers are locked in a fierce price war, and walmart getting into the action now. so hln money expert clark howard explains what it means for your wallet. >> okay. i get a kick when i travel and am sitting next to a corporate type on an airplane, and he or she is there busy working with their smart fone, blackberry, iphone whatever, and i'll say, hey, how much do you pay month for cell phone service? already knowing the answer. theysy, i don't know. my company pays for it. although there are the corporate over-privileged types that get stuff just handed to them, most
12:21 pm
of us as normal earthlings pay for our cell phone service, and never has there been a time that's more important than right now for you to reshop your cell phone service. there is brutal price competition going on, and especially now that walmart has jumped into the cell phone business with both feet. with their plan offering you a 1,000 minutes a month and 1,000 text messages for $30 a month, or you want unlimited stuff? $45 a month. generally, their rates are half what the competition is. check it out. i'm clark howard. check me out at >> great consumer advice, clark howard every saturday and sunday at noon and 4:00 p.m. eastern right here on hln "news and views." clark's going to help you save more, spend less and avoid getting ripped off. well, music superstar janet jackson has not spoken out since the death of her brother last summer but she's breaking her silence now. what she has to say about the
12:22 pm
doctor at the center of the michael jackson investigation.
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the woman charged in the 2002 kidnapping of elizabeth smart has just pled guilty to federal charges of kidnapping and unlawful transportation of a minor. wanda barzee there, could face a life sentence just for the kidnapping charge. she appeared in a salt lake city court this morning. barzee and her estranged husband of accused of kidnapping elizabeth smart from the bedroom of her utah home at just 14. found nine months later. at a hears last month, the now 21-year-old smart testified mitchell raped her daily over those nine months. we could learn the cause of death of 5-year-old shaniya
12:31 pm
davis today. the medical examiner is conducting an autopsy to officially positively i.d. the girl whose body was found yesterday off a dirt road in sanford, north carolina. witnesses say her body was on the ground clothed only in a t-shirt. police say evidence indicates shaniya was alive when she left a samford hotel. a man is charged in her kidnapping. her mother, antoinette davis you see here, also arrested on charges she prostituted her daughter. she went to court yesterday and is held on $51 now, bond. police now say more charges coming in the case. shaniya's half sister told nancy grace she's stunned by the charges. >> she just seemed like the sweetest woman. i mean, she didn't come from much and stuff, but her -- like you just met her, she had the sweetest voice. the sweetest personality, and especially towards me. i would never think that she would do anything like that.
12:32 pm
>> 29-year-old mario mcneill, the man here, is charged with kidnapping. investigators say he confessed to taking shaniya be but his attorney says he'll plead not guilty. fayetteville police say additional charges, again, will be filed in the case. they've scheduled a news conference at 4:30 eastern and we do plan to carry that live for you. nearly 400 people, though, attended a candlelight vigil for shaniya last night and her distraught father, bradley lock hartd, had to be held up as he cried out in prayer. our affiliate wncn has the heartbreaking details for us. >> don't give up on me and don't give up on shaniya. she's right there with you. just know my little baby's up there with you is making me comfort right now. >> reporter: a father's pain. ♪ shared by a community. >> our babies, you know, that -- it would devastate me alone to know that -- that it would
12:33 pm
happen to my children, and to know that someone that this little girl trusted. trusted with all of her heart. trusted she would travel with them, that they would take advantage of her innocence. >> we don't know what happened, but we know that the devil did this. >> reporter: those who came were filled with a combination of grief. >> looking for another, to find her alive instead of this way, and how she died was just horrible. >> reporter: and anger. >> still can't understand why they did this to her. i still want to know why. she's only 5. >> reporter: for one of shaniya's aunts the answers just aren't there. >> crazy. crazy when it first happened. nothing is making any sense. nothing is making any sense. nothing. none of the stories. nothing. nothing is making any sense from day one. >> take those who can't present themselves, because we don't know how to protect them here. >> reporter: but fayetteville needs to make sengs of it which is why it came together. >> now is the time for us to come together and see what we
12:34 pm
can all do, when we all come together as one. >> pretty powerful with all those people there. our thanks to steve, our affiliate reporting. shaniya's father plans to make a live announcement this afternoon about her daughter's death. the break news tonight, now that investigators found shaniya's body, police begin the intense manhunt for her killer. who killed shaniya darchs and dumped her body in the woods? "nancy grace" investigates every night on hln "news and views." a soldier says her commitments as mother outrank the call to serve in afghanistan. 21-year-old specialist alexis hutchinson was supposed to deploy on november 5th. she did not, because she says her mother was no longer going to be able to take care of her 10-month-old son. her civilian attorney says her superiors told the single mother she'd have to deploy anyway and put her son in foster care. so she just didn't report to -- to deploy. hunter army airfield spokesman
12:35 pm
says the army would not deploy single parents who have no one to care for their children, but skipping her deployment was not the way to handle the situation. now hutchinson could face criminal charges while the army's investigating, she's confined to the georgia air base and her mother is taking care of her son in california. a government panel of doctors and scientists, have you heard about this? they issued new recommendations for breast cancer screening, and they have set up a huge debate. the u.s. preventive services task force says most women do not need mammograms until they're 50. for years doctors have been urging us to start getting them every year at age 40. the panel concluded that preect frequent screenings leads to false alarms and unneeded biopsies. what's nor more, the panel says self-exams don't do any good. the american cancer society still recommends annual mammograms starting at 40 and some worry that insurance companies might adopt the recommendations and stop paying for mammograms for women ages 40 to 49.
12:36 pm
>> i absolutely agree. >> the best thing -- >> a huge story -- join's in on our discussion here and tell us what you think about the new guidelines. will they make you change the way you look at your cancer prevention strategy? e-mail us at or call at 1-800-tell-hln and text us at hln-tv. two generations of a missouri family accused of sexually abusing children and now they face new charges. why prosecutors have filed 15 new counts against a man and his four sons.
12:37 pm
12:38 pm
well a connecticut man is
12:39 pm
accused of setting his girl frechbd on fire and trying to do the same thing to her 12-year-old daughter. 50-year-old howard stewart was arraigned yesterday on arson and assault charges. he's being held on $2 million bond. police say the 12-year-old was able to escape the flames and rescue her 3-month-old sister. now, her mother's in critical condition with burns on about 40% of her body. a police report says the 12-year-old girl told her mother that stewart inappropriately touched her. she threatened to go to police and that's what reportedly led to a fight. five members of a missouri family are appearing in court today to face charges of sexually abusing children. prosecutors are filing 15 additional charges against burrell mohler sr. and his four son, all in custody. the original charges accused the men of sexually abusing children between 19 88 and 1995. the new charges allege similar crimes dating back to 1984. a sixth suspect, darell mohler,
12:40 pm
held in a florida jail on two counts of rape and scheduled for an extradition hearing today. i'm jane velez-mitchell, here's my issue. a mother accused of selling her daughter as a sex slave? turning her 5-year-old little girl into a prostitute? this story makes me sick to my stomach. she vanished and wound up in the arms of a man seen taking her into a hotel room. sex rings are a huge problem in this country. we like to think these crime rings are part of an international ind kit bringing girls from overseas into a life of prostitution and while this is true, there are also home-grown operations wreaking havoc across our nation. according to the justice department, 300,000 children in the u.s. are at risk of being sold into the sex trade. this, every year. let's hope this horrific case shine as light on this hideous
12:41 pm
problem. i'm jane velez-mitchell, and that's my "issues!" watch every night at 7:00 eastern right here on hln. pop star janet jackson believes her brother michael would still be alive if it hadn't been for her doctor. the physician conrad murray is the focus of the investigation into michael jackson's death, and he's admitted giving the senger ap anesthetic called propofol. murray appeared in a las vegas courtroom yesterday on an unrelated manner. appearing on abc's "good morning america." janet jackson said she blames murray for her brother's death. >> he was the one that was administering. i think he is responsible. >> what would you like to see happen to him? do you think he should be practices, based upon -- >> no, i don't. not at all. so this could happen to someone else? another family? huh-uh.
12:42 pm
>> now that was the first public comment jackson's sister has made since his death in june. he died at the age of 50. last night on "the joy behar show" joy welcomed gauss up guru who talked about carrie prejean. >> she believes marriage is between a man and woman. i don't happen to go along with that. that's how she believes. shouldn't she get credit for that? >> absolutely. you know, she gave the politically incorrect answer, in her words, and even watching her interviews recently. she's like i didn't want to be politically correct, but i flip that back to her and say you know, do you want a politically insensitive miss usa? no. you've got to know what you're running for. >> it's "the joy behar show" right here on hln. bernie madoffs 55-foot yacht
12:43 pm
is the latest of his personal things headed for the auction boat. that and his mercedes could dech several million dollars. the proceeds will help investors who lost money in the ponzi scheme. he's certain serving a 150-year prison sentence in north carolina. if you plan on stocking up on coca-cola products, why costco is upset with the soft drink giant.
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12:45 pm
president obama wrapped up a busy day in china with sight seeing and a lavik state dinner his honor. earlier, a closed door meeting with the president hu jintao. they're working together on ending north korea's nuclear program. and also joint solutions on climate change. >> as the two largest consumers and producers of energy, there can be no solution to this challenge without the efforts of both china and the united states. that's why we've agreed to a series of important new initiatives in this area. as president hu indicated we are creating a joint clean energy
12:46 pm
center, and have achieved agrimts on energy efficiency, renewable energy, cleaner uses of coal, electric vehicles and shale gas. >> he encouraged china's crackdown on tibet a thorn between the u.s. and china for years. do you remember the velvet revolution? is started 20 years ago today when people in the former cze czechoslovakia rose up against communism. that was a milestone event that helped bring down the iron curtain. czechoslovakia later, of course, peacefully split into the czech republic and slovakia. the pentagon investigating ways to spot problems with members of the military before they erupt in violence. a response to the ft. hood shootings. a department, a defense department spokesman says the
12:47 pm
investigation will go beyond that case. one military official tells the associated press the probe will try to quickly assess whether the armed services are missing any red flag behaviors among their troops. things may get safer for you on long distance bus rides. the ntsb twaunts to require seat belts and tougher roofs on buses. this is after an accident such as the one in georgia where 13 college band member was lurt. the plan also bans drive frers texting and tries to prevent driver fatigue. the american bus association says it welcomes the idea but objects to some of those proposals. startling new news how distracted teenagers may be while driving. listen to this. a new survey by pew research center says one-third of kids between 16 and 17 say they text while driving. about a half say they talk on their cell phone. the poll results appeared in "usa today." many teenagers say their parents do the same thing when they're driving. ouch.
12:48 pm
"atlantas" astronauts using their first full day in orbit doing inspections. they plan to check the shuttle's thermal shielding to see if it was damaged in yesterday's launch. nasa officials say it doesn't appear there's anything to worry about, but today's survey should give them more conclusive answers. atlantis and its crew of six will hook up with the international space station tomorrow. some of our lucky i-reporters got a close up view of "atlantis" as it blasted into space. alan lives nearby and took this seconds after the launch. a beauty. says it was perfect. he goes to as many shuttle launches as he can. rebate i-reporter from georgia among 100 twitter followers of nasa at the launch. the tweeta event sponsored by the space agency. she took this one of the countdown clock.
12:49 pm
10 101 participant was invited for that tweet up event. thank you so much to all who participate and we hope you'll send photos of the launch or other cool pictures or video from your part of the world. go to click on the upload now link. instructions how to submit your stories there. wind gusting to 95 miles per hour is pounding oregon's coast, and sustained winds of 55 miles per hour and higher are expected before the storm is over. the winds and rain have battered western washington state, but they've eased up a little here. floodwaters are receding in some areas after yesterday's flooding and mudslides. forget about buying coca-cola products at costco. at least for the time being. costco says it's no longer carrying it at any of its 560 warehouse stores because of a pricing dispute. coke says costco is an important customer committed to working
12:50 pm
with in a spirit of fairness. that's a quote. you could be one of 15 million people who may have to give back hundreds of dollars in stimulus money to the government. government. apparently some people received a tax credit as extra money in their paycheck and got a little more than they were supposed to. and now they may have to pay it back. the treasury's inspector general says the government did not calculate just right for people with more than one job, married where both spouses work and if the dependent has a job and if you're on social security and have a paying job. those are red flags. they got more than they were supposed to. $400 for singles and $800 for married. the inspector general's numbers are overstated some say and most people will just end up with a slightly lower refund. you may be passing some fake 20s and not even know it here. the secret service says it is
12:51 pm
see a spike in counterfeiting meaning innocent people are getting duped. >> don't call on me. i've never done anything to get put in jail. >> agents say the recession may be a factor but it's really something that happens during the holiday shopping season every year. counterfeiters you can't on clerks dealing with long lines and getting distracted and feeling rushed. be diligent out there. thousands of screaming fans showed up to see the stars of "new moon" at the premiere in l.a. the second film in the "twilight" saga. the die-hard fans started camping out thursday. there were 800 tickets for people wanting a place by the red carpet but after those ran out the lines stretched for blocks. this one could go down in the dumb criminal file. police caught a teenager selling marijuana door to door and the way they nabbed him makes the story even better. stick around to hear this one. @
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