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tv   International Programming  CSPAN  November 23, 2009 12:00am-12:30am EST

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eastern on c-span. tomorrow on "washington journal" b. "washington journal -- indeed national security reporter talks about how parts of the administration communicate with each other. . >> on the first day of a new parliamentary session, the queen travels from buckingham palace to deliver a speech from the
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throne in the house of lords. it outlines the priorities for the coming year. members of the house of commons and the house of lords attend. a panel of british politicians provided commentary. it also included interviews with students, current mp's, and the new speaker of the house. >> today is the last time this will happen before the next election. with that thought, it is bound to dominate our discussion. our lovely studio just across the way from the palace of westminster, lovely vantage point of the events taking place after year of turmoil for
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members of parliament. scandals caused by a parliamentary expenses have caused a great deal of discussion. that is the backdrop. this is where the queen will be arriving in 45 minutes time. with an election is expected in six months at the most, there is hardly any time to start an ambitious new program of legislation. plenty for us to talk about and plenty to watch. i'm pleased to say that some things never change. the colors and traditions of the state opening are reassuringly familiar. a short while ago, the yeoman of the guards before their ceremonial search of the bolts of westminster, insuring that all was secure.
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the yeoman hard work. more modern security arrangements are in place. let's have a look inside the house of lords. it is a magnificent sight as ever. that is where the queen will give her speech, from the throne. pierce and gas and distinguished figures already starting to our right to secure their seeding. this is the most prodigious event in the parliamentary calendar. a much colmar seen at the other end of the building. mp's will send be crowding into the lobby, ready for the speaker to our right. later on it will be summoned to the house of lords to hear the speech. in a short while, we expect to see gordon brown making his way to parliament from number 10, knowing full well that his program will be seen in one
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context, before the coming election. will it be his last or will it be dead and cameron's last as opposition leader? he set off from home early this morning. >> this queen's speech is not about the good of the country. this queen's speech is going to be about trying to save the labour party. it is not actually doing anything. i think that is why it is such a waste of time today. >> of provocative thought to get underway today. we have the shadow home secretary, for the liberal democrats, their spokesman. for labour, the olympics minister, and as ever on state opening day, we have the bbc political editor. this is a great event to be a part of. i am going to pick up david cameron spot. he made a very strong political statement about content.
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a waste of time? >> that will be the insistence of the opposition throughout the day. we get to see what the party have inserted the odd phrase into the majesty speak. i can put it with some confidence that she will not say, my mom or 10 members of the housing,, my government's priority is to be reelected. but let's say this on behalf of the ministers, of course they believe that giving guarantees to school children and to their parents will make a difference in people's lives. it is a good thing to regulate the financial sector. there are a series of things that will be in this great queen's speech. the possibility of a flood of water management bills, which can be described as a lectionary. but what the opposition will say is that there is hardly any time
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left. they're just big gestures designed to say that we will have the deficit but not how. we will see a change the social care service but not how. that is the great joys that will face the country in a few months' time. -- the great choice the will face the country in a few months' time. dollars why did he say was a great waste of time? >> it is a ceremonial state. so in that context, it is a great day for the nation as always. it's all about the politics of the general election, and for example, the guarantee on education. the government has been in power for 12 years tens of billions of pounds and education, and 12 years later, they want to write a guarantee into the rule. they should have already delivered high-quality education for every young person the proposed piece of legislation,
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they have not achieve the things they said they would. >> it was suggested that one state -- one stage that this should be scrapped. >> he meant the contents of the queen's speech. this is about policies, this is taking place against the backdrop of the expenses scandals. we have very few months left. clean -- a clear priority is to clean up its act to make sure that the new parliament coming and has a clean slate. we should do the job that we should of done to end years ago. we should have members of parliament suspended for serious conduct. we should clear up how much can be suspended on election and take big money out of politics. these things are key. then it would be the last thing that would change politics
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forever. >> i turn to you. six months away at most from election, and after next easter, very little time to do anything here. there is very little that you can achieve in the next six months. >> i do not accept that at all. it is a challenge to these is are they going to support the government in the measures taken to extend social care, to 400,000 of the most vulnerable elderly people at home, or are they going to make it easier for antisocial behavior will order to control the at the social behavior of young people, and a range of other measures which are in this queen's speech. what will obstruct the government is that the opposition deliberately and willfully it stands in the way of measures that certainly the people i represent and i think and suspect the people that they represent would like to see on
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the statute books. >> there is strong feelings and good things to discuss. all those calls for 32009 was an extremely different -- difficult year at westminster. trust and the mother of parliament was badly dented. >> make no mistake, this has been a year like no other. at times it felt like this grand old palace has been under siege. details on what they had been paying themselves exploded into the public view in the reputation and his place and its politicians was driven violently down. in the end, the speaker, meant to be a respected figure head of the commons, since i came to this house just a year ago, i've always felt that the house is at its best when it is united.
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in order that unity can be maintained, i have decided that i will relinquish the office of speaker. >> the details were hard to believe. some were accused of flipping -- using taxpayer money to renovate their homes and then transferring that status to another property and doing exactly the same again. but it was a more colorful and outrageous claim that really stuck in the mind. a bill for cleaning and notes, a home for a duck. and horse manure for the garden. it was not just parliament and to attack, a departure from the parliament should gordon brown. -- shook gordon brown. there was a blatant attempt to remove him from office. >> i have spoken to james personnel, who is resigning from the government in order to force
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of leadership ballot. >> gordon brown hung on, it just. he had to deal with a fork -- the worst economic climate in decades. he had to reluctantly admit that the public spending spree had to win. the political contest for all three main parties is now the character of their cut. this is the last time labour will set out a program for government before the next election. and it is the last time for many p's who are planning their own exit. with an economy under stress, a squeeze on public spending, and of war in afghanistan, the next parliament is certain to received a difficult political inheritance. >> some things that we will discuss and a wall. this is the scene in the royal gallery. one of the most expressive rooms in the palace of westminster. this is the gallery through
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which the queen will process on her way to the house of lords to deliver the speech. and there we have the great house of lords. open by queen victoria beckham 1870. some very familiar faces here. lady thatcher with us, feeling very well in the last few months. good to see her. another familiar face, poured sugar, presenting the government with all kinds of minute -- business matters these days. and the house of lords for his first queen's speech. the speaker of the house of commons some years ago, a very prominent role on this day, leading the mp's into the house of lords to listen as to the speech. an illustration the archbishop
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of canterbury, and the archbishop of york, and others. pakistan always says, and one of lords are in their gowns, some of them are more friendly these days. they're very keen to tell us that, absolutely aware of the financial circumstances. i am not sure whether he is wearing a gown but he is clearly having a good time talking to lord morris. can we pick up on the theme which really is the backdrop for today, all the damage that has been done by the scandal of the
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last 12 months? we will start with you and ask, do you feel that there is any sign that parliament is even beginning to take the necessary steps to door -- to repair the damage? >> definitely, it yes. the establishment of the independent parliament authority board, the changes that gordon brown put in place in the immediate aftermath of the expense of scandals, and a recognition among every single member of parliament that change is essential. christopher kelly's proposals may be tough and they may be rough justice for some members of parliament, but parliament has to accept them. >> have a look at the cavalry, on their way again. you'll see a lot of the scene today. this is the base of the victoria tower, and the norman staircase. this is where the queen will ride.
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this is the point of entry for the palace of westminster. the members of the house of calgary will be lining the staircase in an attempt to protect the queen as she enters the palace of westminster. the traditionally give these roles to younger members of the house of calgary, sometimes even their first ceremonial duty. so it is a great honor for them and they're being led to day by captain who was a lot on his plate, especially on the first page of the ceremony, making sure that everything is in place. it will wait patiently for the queen to our right. quick -- picked up very quickly on that theme before we talk to some young people in birmingham about their perspective. i'm sure there will be interested what do you think that parliament is impressing people outside with the seriousness of its intent?
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>> i don't think it is impressing people at all. i think that attempts to change the expensive system is too little, too late. why on earth did it take the scandal being across the front page of national newspapers for three months for us to realize that we need to do that? nick cleeg has been arguing for a citizens' assembly. that would make a real difference in the long term. if you look at the kind of people have found themselves in the middle of the scandal on expenses, they were much likely to be in very safe seats. if you look at who found themselves in real difficulty. in order to get rid of these, the system of safe seats, that would make a real difference for politics in the long term. make people genuinely accountable to the public.
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>> what about the response to it? >> the expectation is that we will continue the job of reforming the situation -- a system that we operate within. the queen's speech also commits the government over the next few months to continuing the process of reform -- for example, the kelly report recommended that pay and pensions should be completely outside the control of mp's and in the hands of the independent parliamentary standards authority. will we see further steps to implement the kelly reforms or not? if we do not, then it is a failure on the part of government and i think we should be challenging them to say, why not -- why do not understand the seriousness of this? we need to complete the job of things that people question at of the control of a mp's and put it into the hand of an independent body. >> let's take a look inside the royal gallery.
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the yeoman of the guards are wrong their way. the royal gallery itself, the oldest military court in existence in britain. there were created by henry vii back and 1345 -- 1745. the captain of the yeoman is always a political appointee, the deputy chief whip. but the of color in ceremony. still too early to tell how the events of the past year -- what we have been talking about -- will affect the choices that people will make an election day. one of the issue is the effect on young vote, those taking part in an election for the star first time. -- for the first time.
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>> i am with three young people, all of them study here at the university, and who will vote for the first time in the next election. let me introduce you to them. 80 so much for joining us. fabian, a difficult year for politicians. had you feel about them at the moment? the boilers it is quite sad because politics is now about the personality people other hand writing. that is why people are disillusioned. i am looking forward to politics because i think they can outline how people can be battered in the workplace and attacking unemployment. >> i don't feel particularly dissolution though i can see why people feel that way. you come out what thousand pounds of debt at a very young age, and there are high levels of unemployment. until the government makes concrete policy about these issues, then we will continue to fill disengage.
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that alienated generation of people very -- a generation of people are very important. >> are at the government doing their job? they're doing things that may not be accepted or may even be wrong. i think this is it the opportunity for them that they can do their job and i feel this upcoming campaign for the general election will be a great opportunity to let the public know what their job is and restore the public trust in them. >> you are a student leader. how does the growing population of students feel about this course among >> students care a lot about issues such as tuition fees and debt. we need to take students seriously because they will vote and go out and cast their votes in terms of issues that matter to young people. it is not about going on youtube are having parties, but to engage the student and how can
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we work for you. >> thank you very much. we will listen to the queen's speech and we will ask you what you think about it. >> we will be back in birmingham for their responses. just a sense of disconnect, really. it is like all the gestures and despite all the talk about connecting in different ways with and people, you still that -- you still have them coming up feeling that this communication is affected. but the one under it -- we do not understand the politics is about. why is that? >> i am one of the people do -- like the prime minister -- in favor of lowering the voting age. >> why is in the queen's speech? >> you have not heard the queen's speech. it is about priorities and we have a lot of stuff about how little time there is. it is about the priorities,
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between now and the general election. making the country better in the time that is available in this parliament. but in relation to young people, i feel that we have got to stop seeing young people is the problem and actually engage their wisdom, their ideas about making the policies and policy ideas that we have. to make their good intentions better and practical. last night i was meeting with young people about a big program we're doing as part of the olympic spirit became up with some fantastic ideas. if you had the adults, they had not thought of it. it will make the program better as a result. >> what is interesting is that there will be bills in which it is hard for people who are not paint like me to follow politics to distinguish between party positions on banker bonuses. they all say they want to in that very slightly different proposals.
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but it will be very clear about some clean different philosophical approach. take education. there is a bill to guarantee, as the government puts it, better standards in schools. it is the government's job to pull the leaders and make sure that government does make sure that every school in england, certainly, because it is limited, will deliver what people want -- tory opposition wants to say, that is not a word. but schools are good because they are local. the government does not get in their way. that is an interesting idea that needs to be debated. >> will pop into the local gallery and three the next day to the ceremony is about to begin. these are the gentleman at arms. another group of her majesty's bodyguards. but have a very good look at that caller, that banner, because they are celebrating their 500th anniversary this year. the queen presented them with a new ribbon and color back in
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june because they were formed as a troop of a gentleman by henry vii in 59. a very special year for them. but in 59 -- in 1509. a very special year for them. this is a signal to the outside world of the queen will be on her way shortly. crown -- the crown and the sword of state and the cap of maintenance have been brought by river, which is why one of the figures here today is called the barge master.
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the crown jeweler has retrieved the crown and is handing it to the barge master, who will been handed to the gentleman who is emerging from the queen alexander state coach. he is a very central figure today. his formal title is comptroller of the lord chamberlain's office. that is an office in the royal household it deals with investitures and garden partisan state events of this type. it is his duty to take the crown, the imperial state crown, into the palace of westminster and put it on display in the royal gallery. that is where it will stay until the -- until this taken to the queen. a good look there at the imperial state crown.
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it was made in 1937 for george vi, but it is a replica of the 11 by queen victoria beckham 1828. it was refashioned in 1937, because they've won it all light her crown. the tenant for this on his way -- lt. ford is on his way. he will be speak -- it's stepping very carefully up the staircase. that will go to the regalia room where they would change the commission on which the crown is laid. that display cushion will then be taken out to the royal gallery itself. the great throne and other
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familiar figures here, the former leader of northern ireland. the prime minister of scotland is also here. or darcy, and to the left a base from the past, norman fowler. just a the right, another former conservative cabinet minister. and we've not seen that before. the coat of arms of the supreme court, which has been newly created in britain, and the judges of the supreme court very much in evidence in their crown
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uniforms today. the very solemn part of today's ceremony, the carrying of the crown, the sovereign staircase into the royal gallery. it is worth a good look because we do not see this crown very often. it is only seen at the coronation at the state open of parliament for the queen does not wear the crown at any other time. the sword of state can be seen right behind. and the cap of maintenance, to other symbols of royal authority, and they also will be placed on display in the royal gallery.
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symbols of the queen's power and authority. this is an important hand over, because the man receiving the crown is a very important figure, the earl marshal. the lord great chamberlain, and the markets of chamberlain -- just to the big if -- just the right, you can see him in the crimson cloak. the lord chamberlain has put the crown on display. it will stay in the royal gallery until the queen of our rides a little later. she will ride and put on the imperial state crown itself, ready for the procession of state. in the chamber of the house of lords, the audience is growing


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