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tv   Weekly Addresses  CSPAN  March 11, 2012 3:10am-3:20am EDT

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invest in a clean energy industry that has never been more promising. we should invest in an industry that is building cars, trucks and jets that will prevent us from dealing with the higher prices year after year. ending the cycle of rising gas prices won't be easy, and it won't happen overnight. but that is why you sent us to washington, to solve tough problems like this one. i am going to keep doing everything i can to help you save money on gas, both right now and in the future. i hope politicians join me. let's put aside the bumper sticker slogans and remember why we are here and get things done for the american people. thank you, god bless you, and have a great weekend. >> hi, i am jack dalrymple, governor of north dakota. where i live, we run government with common sense. we don't spend more money than we collect in revenue each year. we don't have generally obligation debt. and we only borrow when we have
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identified a revenue source to pay it back. these are big ropes why north dakota is doing so well compared to the rest of the nation. we have the lowest unemployment rate of all 50 states at 3.2%, and our prude fiscal management has allowed us to lower taxes each of the last three lidge slave sessions. we have lowered substantially our real estate taxes, our individual income taxes and even corporate income taxes. our growing budget surpluses allow us to make large investments in infrastructure and job growth. think of the wise investments our country could be making right now if the federal budget was managed as carefully. as a nation, what progress has been made to balance our annual budget deficit? have any real spending reductions been proposed by the
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democratic majority in the senate? has president obama made any real attempts to reduce spending? all we see are budgeting games. the american people are growing tired of the constant pleas for tax increases from this administration. long before any real proposals appear for spending reductions. but keeping government's house in order is only part of the equation. the other part is focusing on creating good-paying jobs. north dakota has been ranked number one in the nation in job creation for each of the last three years by a gallup poll study. we have created a friendly business climate in north dakota. taxes and insurance rates are low. the regulatory environment is reasonable, and we have the most responsive state government anywhere. companies want to expand in north dakota because of the
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ease of doing business and because of our well-educated, well-trained work force. why do fortune 500 companies like caterpillar, and john deere choose to expand in north dakota when they could go anywhere in the world? they do it because they know that north dakota people are friendly towards business and will work hard to help their employers be successful. our economic success is broad-based. we have thousands of job openings in north dakota today. but almost every day the national media asks me if it isn't all due to the oil boom in northwestern north dakota. i enjoy telling them the county with the most job openings is not among western oil counties, but is the county surrounding fargo, our largest city and on the opposite side of the state.
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our technology parks around our research universities create great jobs by the thousands. advanced manufacturing adds jobs in north dakota, while most of the nation has lost manufacturing jobs. over the last 10 years north dakota has been number one in the nation in income and job growth according to the u.s. chamber of commerce. why is our national economic policy on the wrong track? there are two main reasons. first, the federal government is unnecessarily adding to the cost of living and the cost of doing business in america. just one example is our cost of energy. the price of gasoline is rising rapidly because we continue to depend on foreign oil. it is now within our reach to
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become energy independent in north america if we simply develop the resources we already have available. in places like the gulf of mexico. non-sensitive public lands across america, and in our friendly bordering countries. the second reason we are on the wrong track is the federal government is killing energy development with overly burdenen some regulations. the best example of this is the keystone pipeline, which the obama administration will not allow to be built. the stayed of north dakota is currently experiencing an oil boom. we have doubled our oil production in the last four years and are about to become the second largest oil-producing state behind only texas. but we cannot effectively market our crude oil
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domestically without a large north-south pipeline. north dakota oil producers were scheduled to feed the keystone pipeline with 100,000 barrels of crude oil per day. now we will not be able to supply the choice american markets because president obama says he needs more time to study keystone. the fact is that he has had over three years to study this issue. congress should step in and pass the measure which would authorize the keystone project. it's the common sense thing to do. the other key to north american energy independence is the rapid development of natural gas. production from shale. the e.p.a. is threatening to regulate this production out of existence by forcing rules that end hydraulic fracturing.
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in our part of the country, hydraulic fracturing takes place two miles below the surface of the earth and nowhere near any water supplies. it is time for this administration to stop using phoney excuses. america needs to return to government based on common sense. three presidential candidates have visited north dakota, and i have told them all the same thing. build america back on the same blueprint that north dakota has adopted, and our country will surely be rewarded with the same great economy our state is enjoying. thank you for listening. >> next, a senate hearing on the 2013 budget request for the u.s. agency for international development. then ron kirk talks about the obama administration's efforts to increase exports. and later a house hearing on the 2013 budget request for the
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securities and exchange commission. >> now the senate foreign relations committee looks at the president's 2013 budget request for the u.s. agency for international development. it falls under the state department's $51.6 billion budget request and would have an increase of 1.6%. this is an hour and a half.
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i had the opportunity to serve with donald payne in the house of representatives, and he was always a champion for our involvement in the continent of africa and around the globe for the right reasons. he will be sorely missed in the congress of the united states. i want to compliment usaid for naming a fellowship under his name. i think it is a fitting tribute to work he has done throughout his career. we offer our deepest condolences to his family. today's hearing we have the usaid administrator to provide with us to provide testimony on the fiscal year 2013 budget request. i believe our international developmen


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