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tv   Road to the White House  CSPAN  March 19, 2012 12:35am-2:00am EDT

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nhs? vulnerable and elderly people will be made scared to ask for treatment? >> of course. that has been issued under the current system. he does touch on a very serious issue. developmentle authority. we have health care systems that were not designed for a massively aging population. an increasing amount of old people have long-term chronic conditions. we have to make sure that they are kept well and strong in their homes and communities. that is what this nhs bill is all about. >> students at school are just as likely to study a level history as their private school
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counterparts. they are onlhalf as likely to study math or sence. what are we going to do with the issue we have in the sciences? what do we want to do to help address this issue? >> this is an incredibly important point. it is a reason whyhe english baccalaureate has emphasis on the scientific interests. that is why we protected the science budget. it is why we place such a emphasis on subjects. we need more subjects taking up math and science courses for our collective future as a country as a whole. >> you said that the house bill would be going through unamme nded. would you listen to the people up and down the country that know the real truth? the tories would not be doing this without him and hismp's
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propping him up. >> i thought he wod have welcomed legislation that outlaws the practice on an industrial this week, it airs an hour later at a clock. coming up, a campaign event with mitt romney. a political roundtable discussion looking ahead to illinois's primary on tuesday. after that, the launch of a campaign to reduce corporate money and influence in the elections. fbi director testified about the president's $8.2 billion budget request in 2013.
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the c-span that works will show several live events on monday. the u.s. chamber of commerce will host a forum looking at business priorities this year for the world trade organization. business representatives from microsoft and boeing. on c-span3, and education conference. participants including the secretary of education will talk about increasing high school graduation rates. live coverage begins at 8:00. >> 15 bombs were dropped on a neighboring village. when we got there, we found children filled with shrapnel, including a nine-year-old boy who had both of his hands blown off. as we travelled further north, where were greeted by hundreds of villagers carrying signs.
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as the mets with their leaders, we were met with 300 millimeter rockets fired overhead. we witnessed hundreds of people running to hide in caves for their safety. that happens every day. these people are not the case people -- cave people. they live in farms. now they are forced to hide. >> and george clooney is one of many actors who promoted social and political causes and washington over the years. searched the c-span video library. >> mitt romney held eight meet and greet sunday in illinois. the former massachusetts governor is campaigning throughout the state ahead of the tuesday primary.
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69 delegates are up for grabs. i wish everyone could have the opportunity to see the goodness of the american people. the heartland, the goodness of america is still strong. we need to win. [applause] i told mitt four years ago that i would never do this again. here we are. we had better get this done
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this time. i laughed because i say this after every pregnancy. i am the mother of five boys. we have been blessed with a wonderful family and a wonderful country with wonderful parents. so i am so grateful to my mom and dad and grandparents. for mitt's parents too. my father is an immigrant. he came from whales at the age of 15. his father was a coal miner and spent all of his childhood working in the coal mines. i am just so close to how so many of you have these stories of families that sacrifice so much for us to be here and have the freedom that we enjoy as a nation. i am so grateful to the folks that did that. i am more worried because i
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have 16 grandchildren of my own. i do not want to leave them a legacy of debt. my grandfather left a legacy of hope. i want to leave the same legacy for my grandchildren. there is all leased one person who can straighten out america and get us out of this mess. we want to hear what he says about how he is going to fix america. >> thank you, sweetie. the people in the back room up would love to see you. you will not have to listen to me again. she has only heard me once or twice in the past two years. so i appreciate you being here and your willingness to vote on tuesday. i would like to become the nominee of our party. i believe i have the best chance and only chance of replacing barack obama as the president of the united states. [applause]
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i say that in part because i do not think we will replace an economic lightweight with another economic light weight. my career was spent in the economy. so i did not learn about the economy just hearing about it or hearing about it in the faculty at harvard for debating it in congress. i learned about the economy by starting a business and helping other businesses getting started. and getting other businesses back on track. i am convinced that to pete barack obama, it is going to take somebody that understands the economy in his bones and i do. i have gone across the country and met americans of all different backgrounds and different dreams. i am more optimistic as i see the entrepreneurial innovative
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spirit of america continues. it thrives. i met a fellow working for the city of st. louis. he went off and started a landscaping business. i think he has over 100 employees. i met another fellow in the advertising business. he and his son started making amplifiers for guitars. they have a business that employs a few hundred people. i meant anotherguy who has patents on his wall. he has over 100 patents to his name. he manufactures electric designs. he puts over 100 people to work. i said, where did you get your engineering degree? he said that i did not. where did you go to college? he did not go to college. just an entrepreneur, an innovator. it is the nature of america to
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have this innovative, creative spirit. i have come away more optimistic about our future, not less optimistic. a lot of americans are struggling. we have 24 million people out of work or who have stopped looking for work. i met a person that talked about the fact that he has a hard time getting to and from work. when you look at his wage and how far he has a to driveand how poor the gas mileage is on his vehicle, it does not make much sense to drive back and forth to earn that kind of money. i spoke to a teacher who had been laid off. she could take a part-time job or a replacement job volunteering and doing other things that we get her back into the teaching profession. when she considers how expensive
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it is with gasoline to get her to and from the substitute teacher positions, it makes more sense to stay on unemployment. americans are having a hard time with low wages, high gasoline prices, home values that are down. you lost a lot of manufacturing jobs here. i understand that this is very different than what you were promised three years ago when president obama was then candidate obama. he said that if he could not turn the economy in three years, he would be looking at a one- term proposition. we are here to collect. one of the great overhangs over our future is the massive debt that this president is putting in place. he said that he would cut the deficit in half. instead, he has doubled it.
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he has not follow through on his promises. he has no new ideas. in 2012, we will make sure he has no new lease at the white house for four more years. his one promise that comes to mind that he kept was the one related to energy. his energy policies would cause energy prices to skyrocket. when asked about gasoline prices going up so quickly, he said that he would prefer bank it would just go off gradually. we have seen the results of these policies. he put together a trio of individuals to put together his views on energy. a secretary said that he would feel comfortable with gasoline prices getting up to european levels, that is about $8 a gallon. we have the secretary of the interior that said he would not
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give permits for drilling even if gasoline got up to $10 per gallon. that we have the epa administrator. she was not given the cap-and- trade that she wanted but was put into place the, the burdens on our energy system that is making it harder to get coal and natural gas and energy out of the ground. we have an energy outlook than thisbleak and expensive. the president has endured an election year conversion. he is looking at his poll numbers. he decided that he wants to get gasoline prices and energy prices down. if that is the case, he should fire that trio of gas hike individuals. and open up the pipeline from canada, the keystone pipeline. if i was president, i would go to work to get our energy resources develop and make sure we have a secure energy future and keep the hundreds of
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billions of dollars that we send out of our country to buy energy elsewhere, must keep those dollars here and put america back to work. this is an election about a very distinct choice as to the course of the nation. we have a president that is comfortable with budgets with trillion dollar deficits. those things are adding up. $15.50 trillion in national debt. we are aiming towards what greece is experiencing and spain and other nations. we cannot keep going down that road. we must cut federal spending. we must capet as an expenditure of our economy. we must get america back on
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track to have a balanced budget. that is what i will do. [applause] if we have a president whose view of the economy is an interesting one where he sometimes believes that the government can do a better job picking winners and losers, in his case, losers, then the open market. he invested in places like these that were campaign contributors. what this does is the very opposite of what he thinks it does. because he has not worked in the economy, he does not understand that when government picks winners and losers that the rest of the free economy shutters. it goes into retreat. when he put $500 million in solyndra, there were probably about five frederick albert solar ventures. does what happened to their financing?
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when they heard that the government put five fronted million dollars in one, says they had to fight a lot harder. instead of encouraging solar energy, he made a lot harder for it to be developed. i would not have the government pick winners and losers. i would return to the principles of the free-market. that is the best way to get the best products for the people of america and the world. you know his view on health care? the heavy hand of the government can do better than you can in picking the kind of insurance that you have better than you can? the kinds of procedures that you have will be decided by the government. if i am president of the united states i will stop obamacare in its tracks and get it repealed. his jobs plan is associated with a decision to raise the marginal tax rate from 35%-40%.
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i know that he thinks that is a good thing. it will take money from high income people. he does not realize how many people in america that work for enterprises that are taxed on the individual level, not the corporate tax level. 54% of america works for businesses that are taxed as individuals. when you raise ? to 40%, those businesses will have less money to hire people to put people back into good jobs. the right course is not to raise those taxes, but to cut the marginal tax rate, as i will do across the board. i will also limit the deductions and exemptions because -- so that this becomes tax neutral. i want to make sure that we get more jobs, not punishing americans.
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let me mention one more thing. that is this. with regards to our military, the president has one place where he is willing to make a dramatic cut, and that is the military. about $1 trillion in spending over a decade. i hope you know the state of our military. our navy is older and smaller than at any time since 1917. our air force is older and smaller than any time since its founding. our troops have been stretched to the limit in the conflicts we are in. he won twocut the number of troops. i would want to do the opposite. i would increase shipbuilding to 17 per year. i would make sure our veterans
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get the care that they deserve. [applause] my view is not just that we want a military that can win wars, it is mainly to prevent wars. ronald reagan said roughly these words. he had seen four wars begin during his lifetime. not one began because america was too strong. i want a military that is second to none in the world so that nobody will think about testing america's might. this is a battle for the course of america. we are going to have a president who would put in place more $1 trillion deficits. who is going to hurt small businesses and employ ohsobamacare on the nation. he will continue shutting off
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some of the fossil fuel sources that power the majority of our economy. that leads to a continuing american decline and difficulty at the pump and workplace. my policy is different. i will balance the budget. i will get rid of obamacare. i will pull resources back into the united states of america. i will make our military second to none in the world. this is a critical choice between two different contrasts. to win it, we need somebody that understands how the economy works, living in it. there are other good people running. newt gingrich and mr. santorum. they spent their careers in washington. that is fine. there are too many politicians there. they go there and they stay there.
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even if they do not get reelected, they stay there. they should serve and go home and get a job and understand how the economy works. i spent my life in the real world. i want to go to washington to bring the real world experience. i do not think that a washington politician, somebody that spent their life there, will be able to successfully stand up to barack obama and present the type of contrasts that you have to to replace him. i do not think that we can replace one economic lightweight with another economic light weight. i am not one. i took those skills that i learned in business and turned around and olympics and became the governor of a state. a conservative governor of a state.
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i worked together with democrats. we were able to get the job done by doing something impressive. we balance the budget four years without raising taxes. even though at the beginning there was a $3 billion budget gap. i did not just slow down the rate of growth of spending, i cut spending. despite worked very hard to cut taxes. 19 times we cut taxes in our state. we also thought to have english immersion. we drove our schools to be no. 1 in the nation. i hope they are listening to me in there. i am hearing those cheers. i am proud of the fact we were able to get highways and bottlenecks taken care of. i was a pro-life governor.
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i came down on the side of life on every issue that came to the desk. thigh also came down on the side of traditional marriage. i am a conservative. those credentials are desperately needed in washington. i intend to do something different than this president. he says that he wants to fundamentally transform america. i want to restore to america the principles that made america the hope of the earth. i want to do that. those principles spoken so clearly of in the declaration of independence. were they cheering for you in there? the founders said that we were endowed by our creator with our rights. not the state, not the king, the creator gave us our rights. among those rights were life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. we are free in this nation to pursue happiness as we choose, not limited by the circumstances of our birth or where we live or limited by government.
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we are a nation that seeks freedom and seeks opportunity. people came here for hundreds of years seeking those freedoms. it has made us who we are economically. this president is chipping away at our economic freedoms. he is putting in peril our economic greatness. i will restore those freedoms. i will restore not just our liberties, but our economic freedoms. in doing so, i will restore the greatest economy in the history of the earth. i love america. if we came together, we will keep america as it has always been, the hope of the earth. thank you so much. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] [captioning performed by national captioning institute]
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that is fine. perfect. >> that is also where emann's family is from. >> isn't that amazing?
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>> she came over in 1909. isn't that amazing? >> what was your family's name? ok. >> there we go, thank you. >> reagan, good to meet you. hi, how are you? did to see you. thank you.
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>> thank you, thank you. >> what is going to make your decision? [applause] there we go. hi, how're you. good to see you guys. thank you for being here. how did you get her signature?
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isn't she great? could you hear me in here? i hope so. did you guys get lunch here today? thank you. how're you doing? thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> this is from the bicentennial. >> thank you.
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welcome home. >> thank you. >> thank you. how are you? >> you got my vote. >> how are you doing? good to see you.
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>> south carolina. >> that is good. there we go. i will sign this. there we go. hi, how are you? [applause] [laughter] hi, how are you? thank you. hi, how are you?
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>> 30% of the companies are going to drop their employees. we need to get obamacare out of there. >> i will get it out. i have to get quavers to all the states. >> -- i have to get waivers to all the states. >> my wife had breast cancer, too. good luck to you. thank you. there you go, thank you ag. hi, how are you? nice to meet you.
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>> this is my one chance to have you looked me in the eye. >> there you go. >> i will do everything i say. good to meet you. thank you. look at bats. -- look at that. do is jeffrey? -- who is jeffrey? how old are you? >> 5. >> ok. i will do it here. thank you, jeffrey. is this your sister?
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look at that. i wish you could vote for me, i will tell you that. >> you have to be at least 18. >> you are absolutely right. you know what is going on, right? >> she is 13. she is getting close. >> how many years before she can go? >> 5. >> you got it right. >> can we take a picture? here we go. [applause]
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>> president romney. >> thank you so much. how are you? look at that. >> thank you. there you go, good to see you. thank you. how are you? how are you doing? wow. >> he will get to you. >> thank you. how are you?
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thank you. how are you guys doing? make sure and developvote. >> take a picture?
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>> there we go. good to see you. how are you guys doing? this looks good. >> thank you. thank you. how are you doing? thank you, how are you doing, buddy? >> c-span's road to the white house coverage continues monday with several campaign events in illinois. the state holds its primary on tuesday. at 1:00, mitt romney will be delivering a speech at the university of chicago.
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also at 1:00, on c-span2, we will bring you a rick santorum event. this is in the city were ronald reagan grew up. we spoke with several reporters covering the race about the significance of illinois and the battle for the republican nomination. we still have 50% of the
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primaries to come. host: the essence of this story, the party is preparing for the possibility advising campaigns, about what the rules state. guest: that is true. it is possible. you cannot rule it out. you have eight strong candidate for mitt romney. you can see the possibility of people refusing to drop off. if mitt romney can come up with the right number of delegates, before then, this argument will end. they are wise to prepare for the possibility. it is a pretty small possibility. >> i know you are quite familiar
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with the rule number 38. mitt romney may have a million more votes than rick santorum and newt gingrich. mitt romney may have more delegates than the other candidates combined, but when you come to tampa, anything goes. we need somebody who can beat president obama.
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guest: rick santorum needs to prove he can when. if mitt romney loses, it is a huge loss. either way, they will wind up splitting these delegates. it is not winner-take-all. it is a big prize. >> we talk about -- rick santorum did not have the money to file and the organization to file in all 18 congressional districts in illinois, even if he does very well, he will be shut out in several districts. guest: this has happened to him before. he was not on the ballot in virginia. this is a big problem. it demonstrates how mitt romney is out financing and out organizing all of these candidates.
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if you were to get rid of newt gingrich all of those voters would come to rick santorum. that is not necessarily true because if you look at some of the polling that has been done, it suggests that only some of the vote for gingrich would go to support -- rick santorum. it is not a guarantee that santorum would get ahead of romney. the two of them are competing to be the sole alternative to mitt romney. >> this is a primary and turnout is everything. you do your job.
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if we are able to come out with a huge win, i guarantee you we will win this nomination. we will nominate a conservative. if we nominate a conservative, we will beat barack obama. guest: we have heard predictions before. newt gingrich insisted that he would be the nominee. it will be a big story if rick santorum wins in illinois. we keep saying mitt romney has to win florida. he has to win ohio, michigan. we keep saying he has to do better and better. every time rick santorum pulls off a victory, the headlines are dead. -- big.
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host: isn't this -- guest: what it demonstrates is there is a big divide in the republican party. mitt romney comes across in moderate some ways and as more of a centrist. then you've got conservatives like santorum and gingrich who are to the right. the party is divided. the party is not all in lockstep. it is demonstrating there is some divide over which candidate should best represent the party going into the fall election. some people backing santorum saying you need to have a big contrast. others say mitt romney will track that key independent segment of the voting population. mitt romney may be better at winning them over. host: one of our viewers says -- guest: somberly think that in
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the party. -- some really think that in the party. there are people that back newt gingrich that say they are tired of the gop establishment saying they should tell them who they should vote for. many people say that. they are tired of being told and being forced to pick a candidate they don't like. they like newt gingrich as a big ideas kind of person and a great debater they think he would be the per person to go up against barack obama in the fall. depends who you ask. host: he can also be a kingmaker, rick santorum. guest: you don't get to 1140 quick enough and in that sense, newt gingrich could make a difference of it gets to tampa. if you look at the arithmetic, it looks like mitt romney could
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very well have these numbers in hand by the end of the primaries on june 5. host: let's go back to the party rules. there are some changes from 2008 on the republican national committee rules. guest: originally, they looked at what happened in 2008 and how exciting that was and hillary clinton and barack obama, they could not stop talking about it. the republicans looked at that and said that would not be so bad for us. they set the example of this thing would be more protracted than has been. i think there is a lot of regret by the republic is that this thing could be over by now but by their own design, they have it set up so it has allowed santorum and gingrich to pick up delegates along the way even though they are not winning all the states.
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it is retracted until we get into the winner-take-all and that is where it will order -- really matter. santorum have to win if he was to keep winning delegates. host: the president will have five campaign fund rises. this is what he had to say in illinois. [video clip] >> you might have noticed that we have some guests in illinois this week. apparently, things have not quite wrapped up on the other side. [laughter] so there's actually some interest in the primary we have here on tuesday. my message to all the candidates is welcome to the land of lincoln. because i am thinking maybe some lincoln will rub off on them while they are here. [applause] licoln, the first republican president knew that if we as a
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nation through our federal government did not act to facilitate these things, then they likely would not happen. as a result, we would all be worse off. he understood that we are a people that takes great pride in our self-reliance and independence and we're also one nation and one people and that we rise or fall together. host: the president on the campaign trail friday raising money for his own reelection effort. yesterday was st. patrick's day, about a block and a half from here, the president going to one of the well-known irish pubs, the dubliner and this is what the scene looked like as the president was greeted. he had about 3/4 of his guinness before he departed. guest: that is why he spells his nameo'bama.
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the rules are different but the party is different. look at what happened in 2010 with the advent of the tea party with more conservative candidates elected to the house and that is reflected in the electorate in the 2012 primaries. host: tuscaloosa, alabama, good morning. caller: i am a c-span junkie. i am african-american. you talk about christians. pascrell were the people who brought the institution of slavery into the united states. the election of president barack obama let the world know what our people lived under for 400 years. i will say another thing -- i love this president but if he had not had a white mother and
1:28 am
he had gone through the institution of slavery as our forefathers did, he never would have gotten elected in this country. there was some young intelligent white people whose grandparents voted for this man because they are not as prejudiced as the 60-year-old and opera there are some good ones but the good white people do not often get elected to office. do this for us -- to this for me as an african-american -- when you say that the solid south for the republican party -- that is not true for black people. host: he pointed out that the president's race is the subject of this story inside " the new york times."
1:29 am
any comment on the caller's view? guest: barack obama did not campaign as an african-american. he campaigned as an american who happen to be an african- american. barack obama said in 2008 that all the issues that affect the economy, unemployment, job growth affects blacks and whites. i think his race and color was not a big issue. it may have been more of an issue for the voters and may be a big issue in 2012. guest: we are not beyond racism as a people. barack obama ran as that would not be a big issue and that helped him. guest: there were other issues to worry about in 2008, the wars, the collapse of the
1:30 am
financial system, but perhaps there will be other directions this year. host: dan ball writing in illinois for "the washington post." guest: mitt romney is ahead in illinois and it doesn't win, this is an opportunity for rick santorum to pick up more momentum. mitt romney is aware of this and he has to win this in the same way he had to win michigan and some of the other states outside the south. he has to win these other states.
1:31 am
these are big industrial states or he will not look like a viable candidate. host: if mitt romney loses illinois, what does that mean? guest: it is more doubts about mitt romney as the inevitable nominee? it is now up and tucked between himself and rick santorum. they're still -- is people are still preparing for a united republican party to take on obama but if he is seen as a social conservative, he could have problems. caller: good morning, gentlemen and the lady. anybody from the republican party, anybody can beat obama. mr. obama kept only one promised since the election, redistributing wealth. everything for mr. obama, if you pay attention, everything is a joke.
1:32 am
he has a little smarter than any time he comments about the republicans, he makes a joke. all the people that vote for obama, 70% of the white people, will wake up and say we made the biggest mistake and it is time for change. thank you, guys, have a nice day. guest: this caller and the collar that was falling in earlier, there is a really big divide over the direction the country should be going and whether we should be pursuing policies that seem to be redistributing the wealth or should we pursue more aggressive policies to straighten out the economy that would result in pro-business kind of measures. i think you really see that divide especially when you talk to voters. everybody has a different philosophy on what the government's role should be. as we move into the general election, in the primary season, is less an issue and wants to move into a general election that will have a can trust -- and we have a contrast between the democrats and republicans, we will talk more about what the different parties want to do to
1:33 am
move the country forward. host: power we doing? guest: if we are talking about jobs, you can make the case that 220,000 jobs were created last month and is a president obama's numbers move up. he was up to 50 percent but we also see a continuing drag on employment numbers. 8.3% unemployment and no president since fdr has been elected on those numbers. every month, the numbers go up and down for president obama depending on the news that way. if present obama is beatable and it is about what he accomplished, he could have a tough battle.
1:34 am
if he frames the issue of us against what the republicans are suggesting, he has a better shot. host: this is our sunday roundtable, independent line, good morning. caller: i would like to clear something up. i live in the 23rd congressional district and four years ago we had an election here. we had a very conservative candidate and we had a democrat and a third candidate who was a progressive. mr. gingrich is a progressive, not a conservative. rick santorum is the only conservative and he's the one his policies will be the best contrast to obama. thank you.
1:35 am
host: thanks for the call. guest: newt gingrich has definitely had some issues with people taking moderate stance is in the past. he did that commercial was filmed like public-service advertisements with the former speaker nancy pelosi where the two been talked about climate change. that hurt him. things like that that mitt romney used and ron paul used more effectively and i want to really hurts newt gingrich in that state. it made it impossible for him to win just by highlighting some of the things he has done in the past that show maybe he is not such a conservative candidate. after he left office, he has a bit of a checkered past in terms of embracing moderate views and it has come back to haunt him. it was most important in iowa where he was unable -- he lost all of his momentum and his campaign was damaged.
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host: this is from one of our twitter followers -- guest: the republican party got more religious after 1980 but it has always been a white and conservative party. the question is is it losing female voters as well. with all the debates and language on contraception and reproductive rights and planned parenthood, that may play well to the base but many independent women are looking at this and saying we're not sure which way to go. the mitt romney numbers in women and independent voters have collapsed in the wake of all of this of this rhetoric going on in the debate. that is something the republicans need to recapture. host: trivia question --
1:37 am
how many campaign button do you own? guest: have about 70,000. you can send me your buttons and send me yours. guest: going back to what year? host: going back to 1876. where do you keep 70,000 buttons? guest: is privileged information. host: i have a button room and everything is organized. it sounds like we should visit. let me go back to an issue that will drive this election, health care.
1:38 am
we will have a chance to hear how this debate is unfolding. guest: it will be a fascinating debate. we will see how they will debate on states having to buy insurance to be a citizen in the united states and that will be the big anchor of the argument from opponents that say this thing should be overturned. the big question is whether this will be overturned and when and will it happen. it will be a huge issue in the coming general election season depending on who the nominee is. some republicans don't like mitt romney because they feel he endorsed the individual mandate as governor of massachusetts. they feel like he would be weaker candidate because how could you contrast his ideas about health care reform with the obama ideas when obama has talked about mitt romney as a person whose ideas about health care reform or the basis for the national health care reform law that the democrats put forward.
1:39 am
that will be a big issue once we get into the general election. host: this is in the outlook sectio of "the washington post." guest: anthony kennedy has become the sarah -- sandra day o'connor and the modern-day corporate you get anthony kennedy on your side, you get the majority of the court. guest: it will be fascinating and this could really shape what will happen in the general election, too, because what do people think of the health care law. some people love it and some people can't stand it and it will decide to the next president will be, frankly.
1:40 am
host: guest: he voted for some things that republicans said expanded the debt ceiling for one. that increased our bar wing and put us further into debt. there are things he has voted for the people think did not go the standard republican voting history. he calls and selfish conservatives. he has worked on things that are really important for the conservative base like welfare reform. some people consider him the most conservative of the three candidates.
1:41 am
host: franklin, new york, democrats line -- caller: morning, everybody. i believe in a brokered convention and i think they will bring in governor petechia after the first votes. host: governor pataki? caller: is strong in the northeast. newt gingrich flip-flops' on marriage three times and on the issues are you have mitt romney who has taken a position on every issue for and against. rick santorum is far off to the right. i cannot imagine a woman voting for him. your guests said the republican party has always been a white party. if another history of lincoln, 99% of the african-americans always voted republican up until the 1930's and 1940's.
1:42 am
that has changed due to the flip-floping of the democratic and republican party. host: thank the for the call. >> guest: we had these fantasies that someone will come in and save the party. it will not happen and when these candidates get in the race, they get tarred and feathered. ted kennedy was the ideal candidate in 1979. he runs and a moment he announces his candidacy, he went downhill. in the fantasy world, these other non-candidates would be great but once they come in, they need to be vetted all over again. host: "politico" has a story that mitt romney had with rick santorum and newt gingrich and it was an agreement that they would vote for each other if
1:43 am
one should drop out. guest: why would any of them agree after spending the money they spent on the campaign trail, millions of dollars, will they let someone else walk away with it? no way. it is natural for the three of them to get together to agree on this one thing. host: donna is joining us from louisiana, good morning. caller: good morning, i was curious about this campaign and what is politically correct and not correct with republicans. they are no longer kissing babies. obama, on the other hand, every woman for the last three years have pulled let him to them and kissed them very that is improper for president of united states. host: you are smiling. guest: we have seen a lot of strange things in 2012 but the
1:44 am
thought of the president kissing babies, that is one of the perks of being president. this is more from team gingrich -- [video clip] >> it means that anybody who can tell you can drill our way out of this problem does not know what they're talking about or just is not telling you the truth. [no audio] >> if you would like to have national energy has a national energy policy, never bowed to a saudi king and pay $2.50 for gas, newt gingrich will be your candidate. [applause]
1:45 am
host: on this issue, $2.50 per gallon, the president has been going after new gingrich and others on his strategy. louisiana is next for the new gingrich campaign. guest: newt gingrich needs a win. this is ripe territory for him to pick up a win. the drilling issue is perfect down there. he proposes that if we just go for the energy sources we have here through drilling and other means of getting out fossil fuels that will deliver the gas prices and america and he is going full bore with his campaign strategy and he will do it in louisiana which is the perfect state where more july is certainly supported by many people there. it is the south. he was not able to win and the two southern primaries a week ago and that was a big blow to his campaign but he said they are not giving up and they will go for winning more states and louisiana is prime territory.
1:46 am
what you just showed is the perfect example of the way newt gingrich has been trying to pick up voters by showing the way he has this drill here and now strategy. that is what he is using as his big campaign push. we will see how that works in louisiana. host: roy from illinois, independent line, will you vote on tuesday? caller: yes, probably will. i am hoping that mitt romney loses. he is spending a fortune here in southern illinois. i cannot watch a television program or pick up my telephone without hearing from somebody that is related to him or 1 cent to be elected. i wonder what the panel thinks about this superpacs.
1:47 am
will we be in bark -- bombarded by them forever? i have never seen anything like this. i think obama is a slam-dunk in the fall because of these people that are running. that's all i got to say, thank you. guest: that is interesting. the super-pacs a big story in this primary. they're propping up newt gingrich in some cases and resort -- and rick santorum because they have the money and a way to put forward the message. they are behind a lot of these calls and a lot of these ads. host: this is the latest from the mitt romney campaign in illinois. >> who can turn around the economy and beeper barack obama. not rich sent thornberry his weakness is the economy. he has never run a business or a state.
1:48 am
his plan -- economic illiteracy, the worst idea of any gop candidate, rick santorum, another economic light weight. mitt romney is ready to lead the nation to a new era with the ball this gop agenda since reagan. >> i am mitt romney and i approved this message. host: we have had a tweet and an e-mail of being inundated with television advertising. at what point do you get to the law of diminishing returns? guest: may have happened in some states already. i was in iowa and illinois and you cannot get away from them. if you had the impression that mitt romney is buying the election and all you see our mitt romney commercials or these super-pac ads, it may boomerang on him very you need to overwhelm them because of mitt romney does not have a
1:49 am
conservative message that conservatives want to hear, he will have to attack on the airwaves. host: this is a political story about mitt romney approaching rick santorum and newt gingrich. he was the one that initiated the conversation and said it has to be one of us, no late entries into this race. guest: if we are still having this conversation in june, things could change. we still have 25 -- 24 states to go and things could change. we have plenty of time to look to another candidate who might be thinking of coming in. host: you even have buttons for 1976. guest: these guys are not liberals but when ronald reagan tried to win the nomination in 1976, he picked a liberal hoping that that would get the pennsylvania delegate on his side and that failed.
1:50 am
host: this gives you a sense of what was like in 1976. this is the picture from "the new york times." this gives you a moment of what it was like and potentially what we might be able to see in tampa this year. [video clip] >> i think he was a vice chairman of one of those delegations. what reason did he give? >> don't know. >> which phone is that? where does that go? >> that goes next to the trailer.
1:51 am
>> of the ford trailer? >> yes. host: you see ronald reagan watching the proceedings. there was a lot of back-and- forth and horsetrading great going into that convention, it was not clear that gerald ford would have enough delegates on the first ballot. if that did not happen, potentially pandemonium with the specter that convention hall. guest: yes, they would have made the party structure in november and they were only off by 2%. given all the things that gerald ford had coming in, a disastrous debate, a debatable choice as bob dole as a running mate and yet he only lost by 2points. ultimately, voters don't decide until late october and that could be the case this year.
1:52 am
host: headline from " the new york times"--- many viewers say this is a fantasy. guest: mitt romney is way ahead in delegates. his lead will increase as time goes on and we move into these winner-take-all states like connecticut, delaware, new york, pennsylvania, rhode island. these are the states are highly favorable toward mitt romney. it comes to the point where he will start getting so far ahead that the rest will be trailing. i think will make it more difficult for them to have financial support. guest: has to win. >> guest: that's right. i'm assuming he will win in illinois and will continue to win in states that technically favor him in polling numbers.
1:53 am
if that does not happen, that is when we get more into this looking more fuzzy. at this point in time, it is hard to imagine this of this will be a brokered convention for there is a chance to record is small. look host: and at that video for 1976 -- kathleen on the phone from chicago, good morning. caller: i almost forgot what i had to say. if the republican party does not like the people they have running in their own party, why in the world do they think democrat, independence, and some republicans who will vote for president barack obama, not obama, president barack obama -- i don't understand. these republican candidates,
1:54 am
mitt romney, he said around talking about obama care. there is no suspect. it is the affordable act health care. we have been looking for health care for 70 years and why is it such a nasty were all the sudden? the same model that he has, the president almost endorsed his. how could you get rid of something that you said was good for your steak but is not good for the whole country? if it is good enough for one state, we are all in the same union. host: to the call and that is what rick santorum has been talking about with red mitt romney and it was in -- and it is an issue that will come up in the general election guest: mitt romney point is that he believes in states' rights. rick santorum said the precursor of obama care was romney care and mitt romney does not like that term.
1:55 am
host: republic in line, welcome to the program. caller: i have at least two points. host: we will not cut you off. caller: i voted for newt gingrich and i hope the day to all the way to the convention. mitt romney and rick santorum wants to raise the age in which you collect social security to age 70 and only newt gingrich is in favor of keeping the age the same. during the last presidential election, john mccain took his 90-year-old mother on the campaign trail with them. they had the primary debate and remember that asking what would you do about social security. mitt romney gave the on a master of response that he would increase the age to 70.
1:56 am
a member of my family cracked -- if they keep increasing the agency further, the only person that will be eligible to collect will be senator mccain's mom. the other thing has to do with the rules -- in this country along with our name, our vote is one of the most sacred things with our person's good name. our vote is one of the most precious things we own. i have concerns about whether the republican establishment is trying to push the boat toward mitt romney. in iowa, i think they said eight districts lost their vote. how you lose your vote in eight districts? host: who are you supporting in this republican primary? caller: i am supporting newt gingrich. i voted for him.
1:57 am
they lost district in maine and then fla. -- i don't get it. they said mitt romney got all the votes. host: we will stop you there and say goodbye and thank you for the call. guest: she makes some good points. and tell the programs are in trouble. democrats agree that there has to be some kind of get back on entitlement programs. at the same time, democrats insist the republicans need to give something as well and that could be tax increases. that is a no-no on the republican side. as far as continuing with the vote, it is precious and important but the establishment does not vote for it 1 million more republicans voted for mitt romney rather than the other candidates. ultimately, you either make the choice whether it is more important to beat barack obama and did you think mitt romney is the guy, you vote for him.
1:58 am
if it is ideological purity, mitt romney is not that candidate and that is what the argument of rick santorum is. host: he will be spending all lot of time in ohio, new hampshire, pennsylvania. barack obama was campaigning in pittsburgh. this is the headline for the pittsburgh "post-gazette." guest: it will boil down to a handful of states. look at the red and blue states and it boils down to these purple states, a swing states. there's a big fight over voters which will be those states. ohio is probably one of the most important swing states. you may remember back in 2004, it boiled down to what would happen in ohio and that is what gave the election to george bush.
1:59 am
you look at this time around, pennsylvania is important and ohio and florida and virginia will be really big this year. in these places, -- look at where the president is doing fundraisers and endorsing his agenda and talking to the public. he will be going to these very important states, these battleground states, making these points. these are the voters he needs to win over if he is going to be a second term president. host: here is what the president said friday in chicago on that very point. [video clip] >> our politics may be divided but most americans understand we are greater together and no matter who we are where we come from, we rise and fall as one nation and one people and that is what is at stake. that is what is at stake in this election. that is what we are fighting for. for.


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