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tv   President Obama  CSPAN  May 20, 2012 12:00am-12:15am EDT

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so cute.yet there's no right, so summary but we do have a way for you to wear them in the fall. we will give you a sneak peek of colors and then, talk about the durability denim the comfort of an elastic waist it stretches 18 in.. have the barbecue, marker read as if he gained a little way, who cares. we call at the jay king de potato chip jean the issue can't have just one. nobody knows you are wearing an elastic waist the comfort level is incredible. >>host: and look+ at thatmost affordable today's special and 18 years. wec13 this an petite we will go through the colors. jegging is a cross between 18 and a jean and is the most and is the it looks.
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>>guest: get two different and seems, 24 in. a petite, 25 in. for an average qt inch side slips black, we both love the coral so yummie. khaki and is absolutely gorgeous. indigo we cannot live without. and as scientists sham brite treatises gorgeous it is a calgary definition of course the optic white. the most beautiful shade of pink, we the teacher at amy morrison has gone and every single color to match back. >>host: shot with your hsn card because you do, why our today's special is on to credit card payments. we have reduced shipping and handling only
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$12.96 also the short eye @ shirt i am wearing you voted the today's special, you receive the animal print exotic, is part of the bonus buy and you can save $10 off. two credit card payments inheart out that, $20 for the en pop to get a helm. >>guest: we're talking about summer chic classic with 10 oz denim, year round and we're talking about saturated color, not only the black super double dips but the coral, khaki is utilitarian cargo gorgeous. i do want to think about chic but also comfort and your ability to carry giddy think to yourself does all this go together? it does when is dg2.
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this is possibly the most jeanette garment the most comfortable- splattering bottom you will ever have. once in awhile you are lazy and want to be with you what what you want and relax and our little secret that this is an elasticized waist it.. cute put it on exactly the way you pull that off in it is a but it is 10 oz denim turn again aging legging, jegging this is traveled around the world as a new. this is not scan tight you can see it is definitely easy formfitting. tons of stretchout away throughout this period the sham bridge which is
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a gorgeous and kissed color.yet it is a finish that we put on all of these. we know when it comes to summer you 1 comfort so send kids is a way washing the denim that makes it super soft. super saddle and super easy to wear in my goodness comfortable is just unique. scientists if she were stretched. many of you love the skinny and jegging. this is just cutoffs slightly approximately six and half inches shorter and then, a little bit of bayside . audrey hepburn, very cool bardot, i am in,% saint-tropez having fun in the sun way to take
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everything else you have in your wardrobe and freshen it up a little bit. chambray is that the one you love? this is very3 and send test carrying >>host: minutes and this will sell out early and a lot of you are ordering more than one color she is never done cropped jeggings ever. >>guest: but this talk. >>guest: for any of you out there that have never tried dg2 will get a of testimonial phone calls that will take you over edge if you are sitting on the fence.this is an extremely unique product because i ain't priced to quality ratio, we do have the most outstanding customer peck's and customer comments about this
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is worth so much more anybody who says i am a jeans knob and i have spent $200 on aging i will put my jeans and again stress in a day and i will say this enough and to embarrass any morrison. you very jeanette snob. you will one of those clothes that was funny way $200. of jeans and what was your experience when you put on the first dg2? >>host: it was like a religion finally i do not have to have been him, i don't have to worry about the impending down. the other genes, there is in the stretch and this is the first time that i can put on a skinny, i do not wear any other skinny of hers, it is the only jean that makes me look skinny and sending skinny jeans. you have to try these
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for $25.90 since we have waited 18 years to have a cropped jegging the most versatile summer (...) >>guest: look, too. if you aren't thinking as they are telling the truth and this is as good as they say it an at this price, i couldn't swing but i say go for a neutral, white black, khaki and then, go3 basic and save the chambray which is totally new looking. he gorgeous coral, it is high or the hot pink color of the season. regina rocks the tacky. she just does and look at how easy this goes on in what looks like such an elasticized version of a jegging which is just sitting here and when you put it
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on, it lays flat to your never rolls because it is going keep it completely stable and i am in seventh heaven when we are doing a jeggings today's special we've not done one with this elastic waist for months or 11 months. this will not come back this year.this was done especially for the 18th anniversary of the senate price that will make so much sense to everybody.denim should be democratic. it should be inclusive for all of us. if you are a denim collector dg2 collector, kisses heaven. is the softest, rich's, plumpest finished and it does feel like silken side.f you are 8 collector, we have not changed our prices in years in
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what the inflation toppingpercent on cotton, we are probably the only major of 10 and that keeps the price even. i love wearing these state and so much and once in awhile will be at the gym and there'll be a lot of women around and i will be wearing my skinny jeans and have been wearing these in new york we have bagworm days in you good to take your top often they're looking at you kat chocolate you are and how do you fit into those great, skinny and you take your top of the first thing of the body says is where can i get those? of course that we do have the discussion that to a place you can get them is here at hsn >>host: will never
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do what we are doing tonight for you. let's hear from how many thousands of you own dg2 collection for the past 18 years? already 5000 of these have just been ordered and that thousands upon thousands of you calling in and remember, at average, theto think of a last time you $25.90 and how it changed life.there is a reason why diane komen (...) >>guest: that is true. say to yourself how can buy bottom of television and also, what are we talking about? miracles? help in this change my life? if you're somebody less than or has not been in denim for years which is what happened to me when i went into middle age and my body changed and everything went south, east, west.
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this will be a game changer. for your self-esteem, and game changer forwardrobe contemporizing your look with one ec peace. when we look better we feel better. when we feel better we function better and it is a visual world and also3 says i gained a lot of wei in middle age. how but i ever get a skinny? here is the opportunity. and 18 in. stretch that goes all the way throughlittle slit at the bottom is so forgiving but frankly, it comes to such a great part of your leg, i do not like a clam digger style because they do hit at the broadest part of your cap. >>host: for me and
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i am a bit tedious in the shorter. also is aware this in the wintertime. >>guest: i was taking all of my skinny jeans in skinny jeans and i was going and getting a kitchen scissors and cutting them off because i do not want the ball down around my ankle and having to wrap them as you put on one of the stretch boots. after maximum offered thought this could double purpose. if you have the tacky, the black, the these colors are going to function so well as your skinny jeans in the wintertime. who will know when you have a new high boot on in your ankles look slimmer issue will not have any bulk around it at. and with an easier fit like this,
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anyone who says that you don't want to mess around with zippers and buttons and pockets or if you like to wear a mean teacher in the summertime, you have none of the boat going on.this becomes a life saver to take on vacation, what could be more comfortablecruise? we all eat on cruises. >>host: it ok, these are so forgiving and chopped their hsn car, dollars and 95ยข and do not forget the shirts i am e match back to that, $10 off as part of the bonus buy. we never do shipping and handling we have waited 18 years for diane gilman to create what she has created for6 c13 tonight that he to say this but this one arm that will change your life. this one chain will change her life.if
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you what a lot like these girls, you will what is high end fashion. >>guest: this is so much more put together a than just a baby, baggy cotton pants which is what you have been wearing. no, elastic waist is so hip among the younger customers and the teenage girls in europe they're all wearing jeans because they have no confrontation of i have to put an elastic waist. they think it is cool, they think is great they think it is hysterical but they're wearing an elastic waist. this is chain that has a gorgeous fit to it and this is 10 oz denim. kiss, we only do once in awhile and that is because you only have to use so many washing and sock stain ages agents and it does cost a fortune to do this. >>host:


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