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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  December 2, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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it?t to >> we're working with the u.s. conference of mayors pretty closely. mayors. know they are just movers and shakers. they don't -- they don't have luckry of being insulated from the constituents. >> no. sit in washington and -- and not be, you know, to making ntable change when change is needed. hey have 1200 mayors that have already signed climate pledges. these are not republicans and democrats. mayors. they're public servants who have a job to do. they're the people i want to talk to. every day. to figure out how we support get effort and how we actions moving. and i know people across the really ration are working together heart breaking to see the disasters we keep lining up week after week after week.
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to face that together as a country community by community. >> final question. you optimistic we'll get this right? >> i'm very optimistic that we absolutely everything in our power to do that. i have people in the agency who are the most talented dedicated people. to do it in a vacuum. vacuum. pumped. an see, i'm >> it's been wonderful to have you here. we wish you well on your trip and on your domestic journey to requirementsstrong to reduce carbon pollution. thank you for your public service. >> thank you very much. >>. [ applause ]
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. >> coming up on c-span, the discussion on the administration's november 30 deadline for the website. series, first ladies' features the life of betty ford. >> on the next washington journal, republican of kansas on healthlementation of the care law. then congressman gregory meeks, democrat of new york. with ks about the deal iran over the country's nuclear program. scott patterson on the volcker rule and how it implemented. live every morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> president obama's use of power related to the health care law. immigration policies and drug laws. coverage ofour live the hearing starting at 10:00 c-span 2.rn on
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are you walk in, there tables in front with lots of pamphlets, prior to entering the gun show. temperature pamphlet is how the take ment is trying to away the right to own guns, obama is doing that and obama is that and obama care is awful. talk to them. they said, who are you? i'm an academic, a researcher. research about these organizations and ideas. i study men who believe this stuff. and a bunch of them said -- they looked at me suspiciously and and i said, tions look here's what i am. don't get it. but here's my job. i want to understand how you see the world.
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i want to understand your world view. you will not convince me. you.l not convince that's the table. i want to understand why you think the way you do. downward mobility, racial and gender equality. "angry white men," sunday night 9:00 on "after words" part of c-span 2. > vice president biden is in asia this week. his trip comes eight days after would required it all aircraft travelling through the zone previously recognized air space to al dentify themselves as chinese authorities. asked jay carney was about this. you can see all of his remarks at here's a look. remains ited states
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announced hat china the air defense identification zone. provocative to be a attempt to unilaterally contain east chinaquo in the sea. that increases the risk of miscalculation. and e consulting coordinating closely with japan, the republic of korea and our allies in the region. china announced the adiz. newly announced diz even though it overlapped with the adizs and includes japan.ry administered by we do not accept the legitimacy requirements for newly declared adiz and china caused confusion the increase of the accidents underlines the need rescind the
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procedures. and our actions have demonstrated, we believe these provocations are and e risks of provocation we don't accept the legitimacy of what china announced. we're holding important meetings. > carrying that specific message you just had directly to the chinese leaders? >> yes. that with the re regulation of the civilian aircraft. identify and go to the the china has now requested even though it does not recognize and consider adiz invalid? >> for safety and security of passengers, u.s. carriers operating internationally perate consistent with notices to airmen issued by foreign countries. however, and let me be clear, in no way indicates u.s.
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government acceptance of china's in the newly declared adiz and has no bearing the firm and consistent u.s. government position in a we do of accept the legitimacy china's requirements. this is about the safety and security of passengers. any is not an indication of change in our position. we do not accept the legitimacy chinese requirements. we'll spend the next 45 washington he journal this morning taking a with bureau chief scott wilson. the sense of what the mood is inside the white house of the riticism
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affordable care act and the polls that we talked about already in the show showing the hitting new lows on measures of job approval. what's it like to work inside the white house right now? >> the mood is grim. and it has been since the beginning of october when the very t began and then quickly started having its flaws shown. approval ratings dropping. one of the things most concerning to the white house is the public perception that the is dropping.onesty think at the moment they're taking a deep breath. yesterday they announced prooichlts to the health care website. gives them ng that some space. they're taking quite a bit of criticism over their egotiations with iran and the agreement that was reached recently to freeze that nuclear program. it's -- like many times in the it's sort of their dealing with the whole host of time.s for the same
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so this time's different in particular because of the honesty problems the president course, this , of sort of deep flaw that -- that rollout of his signature domestic policy. >> you bring up the approval issues.nd the honesty here's what the poll numbers say as we pointed out. the real clear politics average the polls out there put the president's job approval at 40.1%. disapproval, 55.6%. you can see a chart here showing job approval s since the beginning of his presidency that black line, his rate, that red line being his disapproval rate. want to ask you, does the president pay attention to -- to these numbers, these tracking there, your e out colleague dan balls with "the a piece n post" had yesterday that said president obama favors the long game with culture that so often dominated the politics washington. does he pay attention to this?
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>> he does. and while he does pay attention to the long game and believes hat some of these periods can be weathered, he pays attention to approval ratings given that a his governing philosophy and the political leverage he elieves he has comes from public support. it's why he tends to rally the outside the beltway at times when he's trying to legislation. it's why organizing for action exists when enthusiasm for him down, he believes his political power goes down. biggest ne of the concerns he has now watching the pproval ratings is in contrast to the last time they were at this low which is in the end of first debt ceiling showdown, there are few opportunities for him to regain ground. the last time was followed by a whole election year when he secondake his case for a term, defend his record. this time, you don't have a moment like that where he could say, give me
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another chance. so it will be a lot harder for like dig out of a hole this. >> even with three more yearles to go? inwhat point does the public washington, d.c. start to look ahead to the next president? >> quickly, given our media environment for one. and you highlighted another obstacle he's facing and trying perceptions are set. and increasingly, the closer we 2016, the there are going to be more and more fixed. o that's a big challenge the white house faces. >> you want to talk to him about president obama, the legacy, how he's dealing with the most recent issues., the
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rollout of the website. the criticism he received. a the phone lines there. 202-585-3881. democrats, 3880. 202-55-32882. on l take your comments e-mail and facebook and twitter. i want to ask you about the end of october. inattention to detail may hurt the presidential legacy. talk about the inattention to that you're seeing here? disclosures ping you'll recall. he said he was not aware that he united states was eavesdropping on the cell llor's personal phone. the glitches to the website is another that he has acknowledged has not prepared for.
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may are -- on their own seem relatively minor. of the the perception white house and a management team there that is trying to do things a it the same time. and not necessarily paying to the implementation of these major policy issues. whether it's national security and the nsa. or his health care law. it asit inattention or is some people have suggested people not wanting to tell the president bad news? himself with nd people who are willing to tell wrong?en things are going >> that's a good distinction to make. the ng to people inside white house is the fastest way to get on the president's side is not telling him what he want to hear. but that said, there was a lot shared with the
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president. and this goes back to this year irs turned inspector auditors report about paying attention to conservative groups. he wasn't aware of that, wasn't told that at the time even staff knew that. he increasingly surrounds himself with people he knows well. he does not have a lot of contacts in washington. time not spend a lot of here before becoming president. his small circle of close advisors are getting smaller and his time in office wears on. >> the first 45 minutes of the ashington journal this morning talking about congress. scott wilson, "the washington ost" white house bureau chief focusing on the white house and president obama's recent issues, the rollout. criticism and the legacy looking down the road.
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we start with angel from woodbridge, virginia. you're on with scott wilson. >> can you hear me? >> yes, go ahead. >> i want to address if you want and keep ance company it issue. the president was speaking for the american people. insurancespeaking for companies. which doesn't make him a liar. you can keep your insurance it.any if you want he wasn't speaking for the insurance company. i would like to address also to guests, what are epublicans doing to help this country? thank you? >> scott wilson, some of how the public perception is on some of the issues of the health care law. the president t if you quently about like your insurance plan, you plan, p your insurance
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that was a pithy way that people ho try to get their insurance, the vast majority of americans, should not fear the new legislation. it did not turn out to be the case. the fact of the matter is that the legislation was written in a way to weed out insurance that were not meeting minimum standards set out by the law. so the white house knew that that was not going to be the case for every american. they just saw it was going to be a small percentage of americans who were not going to be able to keep their plans. generalized in a way that was not -- not accurate, not honest. republicans are doing and particularly in terms this has been the white house response frequently to republican have ism which is if they a better plan, if they have a etter idea on how to insure americans without -- without health insurance, bring it forward. congress, republican house in particular has a line -- has put itself in opposition to the white house.
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it defines itself, certainly not by new laws passed. and that is what they're going accomplishment. but the answer is they have not put much forward at all in terms to change 're going the health care system. >> sticking on the subject of the affordable care act. ames writes in on twitter, sebelius should have been fired yesterday, she says. she have on valerie nyway referring to the house advisor valerie jaret. when the a shake-up dust settles after the rollout of the health care website? think there could be. sebelius might move on. from the first term. there probably will be some accountability at some point. people in the o white house, there, the basic
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want to get this thing fixed before they start finding out what happened. in the process now. when it's over, you might see secretaries,abinet someone like secretary sebelius staff inside the west wing moving on. >> sort of the long view of president obama's eight years in office. he national journal has a headline recently -- does obama's credibility matter? jimmy carter is the headline there. t quotes frank newport gallup polling's editor and chief on the difference between approval ratings and trustworthiness traitings. approval ratings go up and down. asic faith in a person is more precious and a more fundamental judgment about a president. it's hard toe that, get back. where does a president stand on of trustworthiness. is that a bigger problem now than job approval?
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i think so. first of all, this is a his dent from the start of administration made honesty and transparency and trustworthiness a central part of his brand, of his politics. e contrasted himself with the previous administration, the weapons of mass destruction in appear.t did not he said he wasn't going to be that kind of president, he feels going to be honest. when his approval ratings were low, his marks for honesty and ss and personal likability were very high. and that helped to buoy him his overall when low.oval rating was the recent this year, because of you can keep your insurance plan, those lines, the nsa disclosures, it's taken a blow. it's hard to get back. without credibility, you're going to have a hard time like the iran nuclear freeze to a skeptical
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and to an increasingly skeptical public. the white house more than any other. >> here's the abc news polling obama's n trustworthiness. that red line shows that obama honest and trustworthy, down to 46%. saying obama is not honest and trustworthy, up 52%. bill is waiting in massachusetts this morning on the line for republicans. we're on with scott wilson of "the washington post." >> yes, sir good morning. i'm a c-span junky. i have two issues. talk about legacy. leaves an be before he office or after. but benghazi is going to rule and hillary. trying to protect votes through consistent lies
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as g various people spokespeople and also perception that they didn't need that they in benghazi ssful they didn't have to decrease any security. second issue, another 15 seconds and i'm gone. is affordable care act nothing more than a trojan horse for getting reparations to sins of the he past. it's to ease the conscious of gilders all through wealth redistribution. i want to thank you and have a day. >> from north fallmouth, massachusetts. f you want to pick up on some of the issues that he brought up. issue hazi will be a big for hillary clinton in particular if she runs for president. correctly that there was a -- this was a that the united states and benghazi in articular as the hub of the insurgency against gadhafi at the time, that the united states ut his military resources into
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to try to help and free from gadhafi. nd for it to turn around so quickly and become a place where the american ambassador and three-point others were killed real problemn as a for the administration and the secretary of state at the time, hillary clinton. that will be something that she'll have to explain probably repeatedly if she tries to take office. r >> bill, again, brings up this issue of legacy. oscar writes in on twitter. effectively talk legacy midway through his presidency. emember ronald reagan, iran-contra. or do we forget already. >> i think it's fair. begins the white house to look at its own legacy. to look i nt starts had and count years and months. is he most remembered for. t's on the white house's mind in particular. i think oscar raises a good point. we can't sum up his legacy yet, certainly. it's important to be mindful of sees y that the president
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his remaining time in office and achieve. ost wants to >> your colleague, dan balls and talkinge from yesterday about this exact subject talking would hat the president cite for the -- what's kept him from advancing some of the goals advance.ought to he notes that the president ould site republican obstructionism as a cause. past year s both the and during his first term. how much is that issue of to be a onism going part of this legacy as well, at least how the white house is trying to portray it. i think it will be an important part. i think historians will assess that and will be a big part of the president was able to achieve and what it wasn't able to achieve. i think in particular it's the time that's been spent and political energy spent around the fiscal issues in particular. the debt ceiling standoffs, the government shutdown.
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that those are obviously symbolic and highlight the lack of the white house and get essional ability to together and solve problems and so i think it will be a big part. lso, this congress apparently is going to go down -- the 113th congress as the least productive terms of passing new legislation. ouse speaker john boehner said that's fine. that their primary focus is on -- is on impeding was his word. so i think in their own epublican words, that's a big part of what they hope is their legacy. > let's go to fey now from wardcove, arkansas for our line for independence. you. morning to >> good morning. the one thing i was wondering about this insurance care or ealth care, whatever they call it, are there other countries that force the citizens to buy do, is it nd if they
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all american insurance companies noticed that se i the banks bought up a lot of insurance companies. just before this went into effect. > well, we're going to be spending 45 minutes on the care t of the affordable act next with a cq roll call reporter.e is there anything you want to say? >> there are obviously other ountries that have government programs that insure their citizens and so it's not ecessarily about forcing your citizens to buy, but having their itizens through support their own health insurance. about the president and the difficulties he's faced with the affordable health care challenges he faced. is thisate of the union
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issue whether president obama is competent enough and whether the public sees him as competent in the wake of all of the issues. ere's a bit of what rick santorum had to say? >> this feeds to the president's competence. is he competent to do his job. obama care is certainly front and center. what's going on in the middle east is another area. group of issues now that people are questioning. and you talk to anybody. talked to an insurance -- some people in the insurance industry this morning. most of told me that the front end may be looking good, people may be able to get on and get responses. information coming out of the back end to the insurance garbage.s is still it's indecipherable. nd it's requiring them on a case-by-case basis have someone go because there's isinformation, there's triplicates, there's husbands labeled as wives. there's all sorts of problems data coming to the
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insurance companies. you think you may have signed up. but you may not. insurance company may not have the data available in the system. > scott wilson, talked about job approval numbers, numbers.thiness how do you measure competence? >> it's caught up in some of hat trustworthy and honest figure. it's a huge problem again. because president obama has made uch an issue of his administration's competence. e called the predecessors not in so many words, but incompetent. he came to office and very ledged he's not ideological. that's debatable, obviously. ut the competence in getting things done is what he wanted to be known for. and what senator santorum is is true, for one the , the back end of health care system, we're going have to wait and see. there's still bad data coming
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it. of and it races basic questions about, again, is management listening to.s is it time for new people? attention to implementing policies that he's present.rd to that's where his interest lies, ot in the day-to-day functioning of government. but in the -- in the policies and the politics of passing them themselves. >> showed our viewers clips of ick santorum, former senior white house advisor david plouffe was on abc's this week about whether ng people trust the president. here's what he had to say. >> shut down everybody but let's go to the state of the union. economy continuing to strengthen. no washington shutdowns. i think the president will people's d the confidence will recover. we need to push congress to do immigration, to do smart things
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to help the economy. the american people are sitting at home talking about all of the issues which is most important to me. job and my -- my income. and that's what washington needs to focus on. are merican people screaming at us. focus for us what's important to us. plouffe there writes -- paints a bright picture on the in zon for the white house terms of how things could go. how do you see that? >> the president said this is in hands. we can try to turn this around as david said about is health working. are people getting insurance? are insurance companies saying yes? right data.g the and, yeah, there are -- there not in that maybe short of term where the -- where the country starts saying, okay, bumpy start. but it's getting better. the economy is improving. at the same time, you -- you have a series of, again, fiscal coming up between the president and congress. those have not gone well. team see ent and his
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those as opportunities again to sharpen the difference between what he's trying to do for the and what republicans in their words are impeding. opportunity for obama to regain approval rating, some trustworthiness. some competence, perception of competence among the public. there's a rosy scenario. a lot between now and then has fixed. if the white house will have to rebrand, by the way, to get the to getollout of the plan going again. >> you talk about sharpening the difference. asks, does the president have any relationships r friendships with members of congress. obama many -- president looks to senator durbin as an ally. ancy pelosi, they think highly of. harry reid, they think highly of. i wouldn't call those personal
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but it's a fairly shallow relationship in general and evenhe white house democratic leaders in congress. >> taking your calls and issue.s on this we go to marie now to minnesota for the line for democrats. scott wilson of "the washington post"? much.s, thank you very there's only one thing that i can say about what's been said this morning. it's nonsense. man was to if this he for office tomorrow, would be elected. saying on tv is today is very, very negative. how you got your job is beyond me. marie, let's not attack our guest here. everything he can, everything to -- to get the health care through. not the head of the you can smileyes,
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there. it's really funny. but our president is the best and we have had obstructionists and everything he's done in the middle east e's trying to bring peace and that's more than i can say for a lot of the republicans. war.uld have been at >> scott wilson, marie says that the president were to run today, today, he an election could win. do you think that's possible? >> i think it's possible. runs ends on who he against, obviously. he's a good campaigner. he's still popular. i think marie is sort of rystallizing a lot of the frustration out there. hat if you are dealing with an obstructionist congress, how much can the president actually do? is -- he lear that he is trying. of as proposed a number initiatives. he's working hard in the middle east. are going on for the first time in many years administration and
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secretary of state kerry. the frustration that she clearly feels is among democrats in particular. independents who would like the government just to work better and see it more a republican problem as a president obama problem. >> jim writes in on twitter that obama legacy would make jimmy carter look like a competent president and that ain't easy. >> and the question from sea dog support r, is obama's of the transpacific partner's trade agreement hurting him democrats? >> trade agreements are always difficult. t raises questions among democrats always in particular reasons and ntal for work place reasons, asia is where work lace are low.ndards
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we have selling to do among democrats. would trade policy that open up a lot of asia and really this administration has placed a emphasis on, rebuilding, refocusing on asia. so it's an important part of president's economic agenda. >> back to the phones. spotsylvania, virginia on our lines for republicans. wilson of ith scott the "washington post." >> good morning, scott. our country paid over $300 billion for a website work.oes not why is it that not one word has our moneyn to address being returned. when i bought a product that didn't work, i demanded a refund. how can this money be gone with nobody demanding any money in return? at the least, we need a breakdown of where this money went? disagree with the accountability of that money and
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would be -- it is in the public's interest for how it was spent and how it was misspent. it's hard to say why we're not getting money back. what's important from the perspective now is making sure that what has been spent is turned into something and that's what's being done and it remains to be seen how repairs are ese going to be. >> we played a clip earlier of talking about these -- these fixes that are needed for the website creating for the whitessue house. how does the white house keep from ompetence issue bleeding over to immigration or other -- iran talks to policy areas that it's looking to move ahead on in the next years.of months and >> on immigration? you have -- you saw david talk about it as well. he encouraging the congress to
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take up immigration -- you know, it, up immigration, pass is -- it just begins to sound like the same thing. a weaker ou have president, you're much less inclined to support what he's you to do. the white house position has republicans have to see it as their own best right ts to make things with the growing hispanic electorate that they did poorly election.e last on iran, it's more pressing. what the president is asking for now is six months of time to get iran to reement with enrich ts capacity to uranium. he's answering questions about it. in six months from now, it supporters of the president is will he be willing agreed to not
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dismantling some of its nuclear program to end this process, zacse sanctions and take step toward more of a footing with iran. a president who has low approval credibility low ratings right now, more than half of the country does not believe he's honest. it's going to be a hard sale for hat president to say bear with me for longer than it is for a strong president who has a lot country.ility with the >> we write an article from "the washington post" this morning white house put out a full court press to get ongress to hold off on new sanctions on iran. ow successful do you think the efforts will be in the in between time before that period up. s >> challenging particularly with of democrats. normally democrats who
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would give the president more foreign policy as sensitive as the diplomacy with iran has been. power to veto legislation. to the pentagon policy bill, that's going to be problem mattic. so, you know, the veto is out there, but if it's not a stand alone sanctions bill, they're a lot of work to do to convince congress and most importantly democrats not to join. thanks for getting up this and watching us on the washington journal. >> thank you for taking my call. i get my news is rt or press i'm an independent now. i used to be a die hard republican. but my priority has changed how the country changed
11:39 pm
to foreign policy. i thought obama -- even though i voted for the party at ron paul to ron republicans did paul at the convention was disgusting. the party because -- took over the republican party. that's a jewish movement. controls the foreign policy. is led by the nose by netanyahu and they were horrible. who's the biggest influence the white house outside of the political realm. >> strong opposition to iran at iran deal.on the
11:40 pm
six months for now will some how much pressure is being applied for the pro israel israeli d the government. he governs on an insular way, it's a phrase used a lot. he keeps his own counsel, he listens to a small amount of people. e pays attention to the democratic base. he raises a lot of money for the midterm elections. responsive quite a bit to democratic concerns. is. he pays careful attention b to the government, and the allies.l lot has to do with the ideology and the importance he places on the security. or sure if it's overstated
11:41 pm
bigger than is outsized. it's an me time, important part of what he feels about iran and going forward. >> don, good morning. >> good morning. i've been on g, this phone 15, 20 minutes. everybody else get up there and speak.rybody but you keep comment tating. don't nobody get a chance to call in. >> all yours, don, go ahead. this -- so n why much turmoil up there in ashington is because these republicans and these white folks think that obama is a negro, a black person which and americanfrican black people are israelites from israel. is -- ma >> we had this subject come up before. do you think it's a racial issue? obama don't -- obama
11:42 pm
don't -- just like the white people, on't like black okay. so i don't know why the white folks so scared. he ain't going to do nothing for us. because he -- you know, he hate us just like y'all do. got to say.l i >> scott wilson, if you want to talk about racial politics right with this -- with this white house? know, this white house has -- president obama has tried -- alk a fine line between between being the first african-american president of and the president for all americans at which is what he has said he is. he is often asked by the caucus, by l black african-american supporters for is your agenda african-american communities in this country. where is your urban policy. things that help black people in this country. he has said, my policies are
11:43 pm
help all people, the economy is a central issue. improving economy improves everybody's lives. frustration a that's not quite resolved. it's extremely popular among between what ans he's doing specifically for it's communities, whether economic l, america, ty in urban college affordability, those are the issues he had to think about. on his part to be too closely identified as the first black president. still frightens people in this country. >> now to barbara from red rock, oklahoma on our line for republicans. barbara, you're on with scott wilson of "the washington post." good morning, guys. thank you for taking my call. i just want to say that i think obama's going to be the worst president we ever had.
11:44 pm
he is worthless. the affordable care act is a said.ike so many have as far as downsizing the military, its's one of the worst things we can do. high-ranking military fficial on the other day said so as much. homosexuals, or he's for abortion. and as far as iran, they're as liar as obama is. >> barbara from oklahoma this morning. downsizing of the military, sequestration cuts impact on.
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>> it was an economic message. talked about bending the cost curve, helping long term budget this country by bringing down the cost of medicare. then it became more of a about people in this very wealthy country deserve health insurance. be a right. the message is confusing for people. what is it about? about the economy? or about the morality of this country and the values of this country. problem with messages came to a head with do you want to keep your plan. you recall, he began that formulation by saying if you like your doctor, you'll be able your doctor. that quickly turned out not to obama dropped it pretty quickly and went to plan. are confusing -- it's a
11:48 pm
confusing law. and messaging is mixed cloudy and -- and not entirely undermine's really the president's ability to say trust us on this. subject.all on this dennis is waiting from hobbs, our line for independents. you're on with scott wilson of "the washington post." >> good morning. how are you? >> good. >> mr. wilson, are you surviving attack? >> what attack is that? >> by the callers? >> oh. up him more ating than they beat up the president or the senate or congress. answer trying to do is some questions. you brought up a point earlier get on obama's bad side, don't let him know things. him sound like people inside the white house left hand is not telling the right hand on.t's going is this your perception or is this what is actually going on? >> i -- it is actually what's going on. and i do believe that in any
11:49 pm
it's hard to , tell the president bad news. administration had this problem. and this one has this problem. why he wasn't told more and he's these questions as well, more about the problems that are evident in the runup to the he's ut is something that going to have to figure out. he also -- it's important to focusing what he was on during this last six months also. the government shutdown. e had a budget -- a debt ceiling negotiation to worry about. he nsa disclosures were a big distraction. he had syria and whether or not intervention an in syria to consider. he had negotiations with iran taking place. he had a lot going on. now presidents do. he's not necessarily an excuse, of priority atter and a matter of message that the
11:50 pm
his dent sends inside administration, how much he wants to know about a certain issue. seem that e does not he wanted to know as much as he now would have liked to have known. >> scott wilson of "the washington post." he white house bureau chief, the last minute here. some recent reports that came out that the president may sticking around washington, d.c. after the end of his -- his term. what do you think that will do to his legacy? >> it will -- it will be interesting if they do decide to do that. suggested this last week that they would stay to allow sasha here, it high school would be 2 1/2 years after he leaves the white house. it's -- it's an issue that many working parents think about. where should they be. what's best for their kids. it's difficult for presidents to stick around washington. done it.has that's wood row wilson. he did it because he was consequences as a stroke.
11:51 pm
of an arena rt still. he will be asked almost every day about issues facing this country. one administration following the blames the predecessor for problems. obama was no different. to answer re in town those accusations and i'm just -- i'm not sure it's going e something that the family really wants to be a part of. it's not bad to get away from through n once you're here. >> scott wilson of "the washington post." you can see his work at or follow him on twitter at post scott wilson. appreciate you joining us this morning. >> thanks, john. >> on the next washington tim al, congressman huelskamp, republican of kansas n the implementation of the health care law. and gregory meeks, democrat from new york, he talks about the over the iran country's nuclear program. that's followed by scott volcker rule he and how it will be implemented.
11:52 pm
ashington journal, live every on ing at 7:00 a.m. eastern c-span. >> the house education examines the college of affordability and the pell grant program. at 10:00 e it live a.m. eastern on c-span 3. eastern, juan manuel santos speaks at the the nal press club about economic and political situation in colombia. that's also live on c-span 3. >> as you walk in, there are tables out in front with lots of right?ts, not the -- prior to entering the gun show. how he pamphlets are about the government is trying to take away the right to own guns and the government is doing this, that. is doing obama care is terrible. those were the guys that i wanted to talk to. were the guys with the leaflets, with the ideas. like this yourself. you?id who are i said i'm a -- i'm an academic.
11:53 pm
i'm a researcher. the researcher on these rganizations and these ideas and try to understand the guys. and study the men who believe this stuff. said -- they m looked at me. they asked me questions. here's what i ok, am. i don't get it. but here's my job. i want to understand how you guys see the world. i want to understand that your is -- look, you will not convince me -- and i will not convince you. that's off of the table. what is on the table is i want to understand why you think the way you do. downward mobility, racial and gender equality. kimmel on the fears, anxieties, and rage of angry men. sunday night at 9:00 on "after this part of "book tv" weekend on c-span 2. >> saturday was the deadline set to fix thenistration health website.
11:54 pm
white house press briefing, jay carney took questions on the improvements of the site. briefing e all of the on here's a look. >> there were reports over the weekend from administration the status of the health website indicating the worst of the over and still other problems. is the president comfortable with the level that the website at at this point? >> the president believes that has been significantly the teams in hat place have worked 24/7 for weeks improvements, ose including significant improvements that were made over the weekend. the work is not done. as we've been saying for ometime, there would be continued issues that we needed to address and we'll continue to do that. improvements that were made and discussed over the
11:55 pm
believe that the website is and will function vast ively for the majority of users. will continue to take steps to make further improvements so that that enhanced for users every day. >> insurers are seeing that on the a problem still back end where those folks that are able to enroll, the nformation that the insurance companies are getting is garbled, incomplete, and in some cases totally unusable. can the administration assure people who have been able to will, in fact, have coverage beginning on january 1? me that ad you asked question. there's a couple of things i wanted to say about that. all, we are very indful of making sure that consumers who want coverage starting in january are able to get it. consumersching out to who have selected a plan to let
11:56 pm
them know to be in touch with heir plan to pay their first premium to ensure that coverage kicks in and know that plans are working hard to make sure that their new customers are covered as well. effort to a joint reach out to those that have enrolled to make sure that every is being -- they know they need to take all of the necessary steps to make sure that coverage kicks in. further more, cms is having daily conversation with issuers to get feedback from them. we have instituted a number of fixes to the forms hat's the vehicle by which the information is transmitted to the issuers? the majoritye that of fixes have been made, made ing significant ones over the weekend. e expect the info now sent to insurers to be vastly improved but we'll continue to work with to make sure that whatever remaining problems
11:57 pm
exist are addressed and fixed. >> you can assure folks who have signed up through december 23 beginning on rage january 1. would say is t i cms is reaching out to those who have enrolled to make sure they kicking in.erage f the consumer has a plan by the 23rd and set payment set by their insurer, they're covered 1. january if they're not sure if they are enrolled, they should call the ustomer call center or the insurer of their choice to make sure they're covered by january 1. so we're making -- this is a priority, making sure those who are enrolled are aware of they need to take, including that they need to pay their premiums on time for coverage. insurers to with make sure that those who are -- know this information and we're reaching
11:58 pm
out. we're telling consumers that sure that they're enrolled they should call the call center or insured directly. so i didn't get the idea for series.dummies i had the idea to do a beginning dos, about computers, specifically. and i kind of inspired myself to do that just dealing with the magazine editing job i had. and being on the radio at that in the public out and talking to people about computers, it was obvious that people wanted to learn more. but the material that we had available at the time wasn't doing the job. we had beginner books on how to use computers, but they sucked. -- just didn't have that you know, they were condescending, patronizing, the was arrogant, he was like -- well, you'll never get this stuff anyway. cool.look at this, this is and people didn't want to know that. computer.d to use a idg planned to publish one book.
11:59 pm
then, there was some reluctancy with the title when the owner found out that they book, dos for dummy unless the press, he said, you can't offend the reader. that book. and unfortunately -- or fortunately, 5,000 copies came the press. originally, it was going to be 7500. but they stopped it at 5,000. and they figured. out in ll will shove it the marketplace and it will go away. at the time, not all of the book stoefrs wanted to have it. walden books didn't want to insult the reader. didn't want that. with 5,000 copies out there, this is before the internet. this is before we had bookstores, real bookstores that people went into, they came in week, it gone in a was sold out. because people wanted it. it was like they saw it and they that's for me. i'm a dummy. i want that book. >> today there are more than 250 in print, and over 1800 for dummies titles out
12:00 am
there. more this weekend as book tv and american history tv history and literary 'alene, koeur d asks daho, >> being lady like does not require silence. why should my husband's job or yours prevent us from being ourselves? i do not believe that being first lady should prevent me from expressing my


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