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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  July 18, 2014 10:00am-12:01pm EDT

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less fuel and therefore less money. the joining us from trinity, florida. good morning. i am really some of us are leaving from malaysia, some of us have connecting flights in malaysia. we are just afraid to fly. what should we do? host: are you going to take the trip? caller: i don't know, we are scared to death. you are sharing the sentiments we hear from others. let's go to david in south carolina. president obama keeps blaming cute and for what is going on in the ukraine.
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yet he hasn't come out and said .nything to poroshenko host: thank you for your call and comment. this is from "the denver post." this is from "the miami herald." and from the state newspaper. let's go to glenn in tallahassee, florida. i just wanted to pay a compliment to c-span. if you want gossip go to the regular tv programs. if you want to be exposed to the fact is, listen to c-span. knows what the facts are this time? i don't blame obama because we just don't know.
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it seems like 95% of the black black folks in -- calling and always defend him regardless of the issue. i don't understand that. why don't they have a mind of their own and consider history a little deeper rather than knee-jerk support just because the president is black? good luck to c-span. this is from "the washington times." the headline --
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raul --actually we will go to john next in maryland. good morning. everyone seems to fail to miss the point that short of us actually talking about it there is nothing we can do. republicans and democrats don't want to go to war. the second point is we have to do something because if we don't stand up -- if we don't stop
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them now -- they just shot down an airline and they are breaking to the press and photographers who take pictures. if we don't stand up to that evil now, these are not normal people. and what can we do to stop any type of aggression? this has been going on for far too long. and they invaded georgia -- when they invaded jordan nobody said anything. host: a look at the flight path and debris on the ground. inside "the washington post" is a similar situation -- the un security council is beginning to gather. we have live pictures from inside the united nations. of it is expected to get underway under six or seven minutes. the president will have comments
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at about 11:30 eastern time. live coverage also on the c-span networks. mary is joining us from atlanta. good morning. you are on the air, go ahead. could you please tell me who is the highest authority on c-span? i have been watching your shows every morning and i need to have some knowledge about what you stand for. host: what is your specific question? caller: the bias that you have guests that you invite, they are always the american institute, the cato alwayste, they are
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talking about the president in the wrong terms. i am very concerned with your station. we appreciate the call. we are a very transparent organization. you can get a lot of information on our website. i would take two different that we do not have a bias toward any particular organization or think tank. if you watched the three networks and what is available on our website, hopefully you'll get a sense of everything we do to provide context and information on all of the events. check it out at this is a very open and transparent program. we are going to wrap it up because we are going to take it to the u.n. or the security council is getting underway. live coverage here on c-span television.
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them at -- >> the agenda is adopted. at the outset, on behalf of the members of the security council, i would like to express the deepest sympathy and condolences of those whoes lost their lives aboard on julyn flight mh17 17, 2014 and also to the people and governments of all those countries who lost their citizens in the crash.
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ask that all those present stand and join us in observing a minute of silence in the memory of those who lost their lives. i thank you.
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37 ofordance with rule the councils provisional rules of procedure, i invite representatives of belgium, indonesia, malaysia, the philippines, and ukraine to participate in this meeting. it is so decided. rule 39 ofce with the councils provisional rules of procedure i invite -- and the secretary-general to participate in this meeting. it is so decided. council will now begin its consideration of item two of the agenda.
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i'll now give the floor to mr. jeffrey -- >> distinguished members of the a rapidlys we face deteriorating crisis in the ukraine that there's consequences far beyond the country's borders we deeply regret that the glimpse of hope that follows the announcement of president poroshenko's please plan -- poroshenko's peace plan has quickly dissipated. i my briefing to you today will focus on developments in eastern ukraine as well as on the international efforts towards a peaceful resolution. first the situation in eastern ukraine -- while the u.n. has no independent verification of the circumstances regarding the tragic crash yesterday of a malaysian airline passenger , the secretary general is
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alarmed at what seems to be seems to be credible reports that a sophisticated air missile was used. the secretary-general strongly deliver this apparent it downing of a civilian aircraft. servesrrifying incident as the starkest reminder of how dire the situation in eastern ukraine has become and how it affects countries and families well beyond ukraine's borders. nearly 300 innocent people from many countries -- some of whom are represented by members of this council -- were killed. of this includes a professional staff member of the world health organization. i was shocked to learn just now that nearly two thirds of the victims come from the netherlands and there were 80 children on board that flight.
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our deepest condolences to the families and friends of the victims. the secretary-general stated yesterday that there is clearly a need for a full and transparent investigation. the united nations is fully ready to cooperate. we have been in touch yesterday and today with i keio. ukrainian officials are speaking secretary-general is expected to speak with ukrainian president poroshenko tomorrow. following the announcement of the end of the 10 day cease-fire and subsequent presumption of the security and lawn foresman operation in the eastern parts of the country, the fighting between government forces and armed groups has intensified
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dangerously, resulting in numerous deaths. including -- a number of towns has been returned to their control. however, relentless fighting has continued, particularly in and ,round the cities of the desk where the armed groups appear to have consolidated their presence. earlier this week a fierce battle was also fought over the international airport that now appears under the ukrainian government's control. the situation on and around the border is of particular concern. for the is impossible united nations to independently verify these accounts, in recent
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days a number of fatal incidents as well as intense fighting has been reported. the ministry of foreign affairs of the federal -- of the russian federation issued a statement knowing that one russian national died and two were injured him -- were injured when an -- injured when a ukrainian army shell hit a house. eitherarea have reversible consequences of which ukraine will be held responsible. according to ukrainian authorities, border guard units have come under continuous attack with rockets and borders -- rockets and mortars. severale reports that military aircraft have been shot down over the past weeks, most recently on july 16. as the secretary-general has reiterated on countless occasions, armed groups need to
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disarm immediately and stop engaging in lawful -- in unlawful and violent acts. at the same time we continue to urge strongly to ukrainian authorities to act with maximum restraint and to make every effort possible to ensure the protection of civilians caught in the fighting. estimations of the total number of civilian casualties very, but according to the office of high commissioner of human rights there have been approximately 500 casualties so far and 1400 injured. the crisis has displaced tens of thousands of people as of july 11. grievances can and must never justify endangering the lives of those one claims and aims to theect freedom secretary-general welcomes the
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intense -- the intensive diplomatic efforts taken by this council and others to de-escalate the crisis. declaration -- is similar to the geneva statement and provides a clear and constructive way forward. ,s the declaration underlines there is an urgent need for sustainable cease-fire in eastern ukraine to be fully observed by all concerns, as well as secure and effectively control the russian ukrainian border. we arefighting continues disconcerted by the apparent lack of tangible progress toward a political solution.
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the secretary-general calls on the international community to support and ukraine in accordance to principles with the u.n. charter and to preserve peace and security for the broader region. we will continue to do our part. the secretary-general is in close contact with world leaders and has asked me to return to moscow in the coming days in the spirit of good offices. this requires a concerted effort by natural -- by national actors across the political spectrum, backed by strong and unified support of the international community. while the security, political, economic, social, and human rights issues in the ukraine should be addressed and are indeed complicated, we hope that the shock of the downing of a civilian passenger jet yesterday will prompt a serious and
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sustained effort to end the fighting and concentrate positively on ukraine's future. thank you. >> i give over to the members of the security council. we meet today on the most tragic of circumstances. yesterday malaysian airlines h17 appears toe m have been shot down over eastern ukraine, killing all passengers and crew. our deepest and heartfelt condolences go to the families of the victims and to the people and governments of those affected. in the united kingdom we are mourning the loss of at least nine british citizens who are on the flight. is a dark moment for the international community. the senseless violence unleashed
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by armed separatists in eastern ukraine has reached monstrous proportions. mr. president, the precise circumstances and causes of this event must be established quickly and beyond any doubt. as the council has affirmed, thoreaul require a full and independent national investigation in accordance with international civil aviation guidelines. the international civil aviation organization, which provides the international legal framework for the investigation of air accidents, should have a central in ensuring there is credible international involvement. we welcome indications from the unit -- from the ukrainian authorities that they want international investigators to join their efforts. provideed kingdom will whatever assistance is necessary to support the investigation.
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the immediate priority has to be for investigators to gain access to the crash site so they can start their work. they must be able to operate under security. there must be no interference or tampering with the evidence. armed separatist groups in the vicinity must allow such access. despite assurances that were made yesterday evening, we understand this has not yet happened. itsall on russia to use influence with these groups to ensure that this happens. the osce special monitoring minute should -- monitoring mission can play a key role in safeguarding this access. early indications of the malaysian airlines flight was brought down by a surface-to-air missile. aircraft the first
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that has been brought down in this area. armed separatists claimed overnsibility and gloated the shooting down of a transport aircraft with the loss of 49 on board. armed separatists shot down a transport aircraft with a surface-to-air missile. on july 16, ukrainian jets were shot down in circumstances that have yet to be fully clarified. ask searching questions about why we are confronting this tragic situation. claimedofficials have that armed separatists in eastern ukraine represented a spontaneous local insurgency. leadingthe three
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figures of the so-called people's republic are russian citizens and have come from outside of ukraine. weapons and the just tickle support has been systematically provided to armed separatist groups by russia, pats, 15 to to 100 25 battle tanks, not to mention rocket launchers and other armored vehicles. urges russiangdom to reflect carefully on the situation they have created. we urge russia to cease its policy of supporting armed separatist groups and violent actions of the stabilizing a neighboring country, of generating his placement of social and economic hardship. let us hear clear and unequivocal, -- unequivocal condemnation of. of these do not resent the people of ukraine.
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without russian support they would wither. is the council's responsibility to respond to such tragedies and work together by can -- work together to prevent the repetition. with those who have supported, equipped, and advised them. the council must be united in condemning these actions and that demanding that these groups desist from violence and intimidation and engage in dialogue through the deck met -- through the democratic mechanisms that are available to them. they have been given the opportunities to do so, most recently through president poroshenko's peace plan. these opportunities have all been spurned. the members of the security council expressed their to anences and call
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international investigation and appropriate accountability. it is welcome but it is not enough. the armed separatist groups should lay down their arms and political objectives they have through exclusively ,eaceful and democratic means that armed fighters and majestic support is fully halted and the borders secured. a in the light of yesterday's tragedy, any other course of action would be unconscionable. thank you. the representative of the united kingdom -- i now give it -- he representative of
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>> [indiscernible] chad conveys heartfelt and compassionate condolences to the families of those who were killed during the malaysian airlines crash. incident impacts the peace and security of the international community. given the diverse nationality of , the origin -- whatsoever the origin of the -- etrators, human life and chad would like to join the international community and in demanding the full and transparent international investigation be launched in order to clarify the
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and establish accountability for this disaster. readiness of the ukrainian authorities to broaden the investigation. -- we reiterate our appeal to those present. we call upon the countries who so that they seek dialogue and reconciliation. statement note of the made by the insurgents who uphold the cease-fire. so as to create a basis for
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inclusive political dialogue. this is the only possible way to solve the serious crisis. i give the floor to the river sensitive of the united states. >> thank you, mr. president. yesterday we were shocked by the downing of malaysian airline flight 17. aboard, 290 three passengers and 15 crew were killed. as we stare at the passenger lists we saw three of the passenger names. a the letter i stands for infant. to the families and friends of the victims it is impossible to find words to express our condolences.
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we can only commit to you that we will not rest until we find out what happened. credible and unimpeded investigation must begin immediately. be wroughtators must to justice. they must not be sheltered by any member state of the united nations. me share with you our assessment of the evidence so far. we assess malaysian airlines flight 17, carrying these 298 people from amsterdam to kuala lumpur, was likely down by a surface-to-air missile, operated from a separatist held location in eastern ukraine. the airliner was traveling at a cruise out to tune of 33,000 feet and was typical for an airliner a long established -- along and establish flight corridor. itsflight was transmitting
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assigned transponder cold -- transponder code and public data was available on the internet. there was nothing threatening or provocative. of the operational systems located near the border, only 22 systems are capable of hitting an aircraft at this flight's altitude of 33,000 feet. we can rule out fa 13 systems, which are not capable of hitting an aircraft at this altitude. early thursday a system was reported by a western reporter and separatists were responded and people responded with a system location near the site where the plane came down.
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separatists initially claimed responsibility for shooting down a military transport plane and posted videos that are now being connected to the malaysian airlines crash. separatist leaders also boasted on social media about shooting down a plane that deleted these messages. a because of the technical complexity of the essay 11, it is a mike lee the separatists could have effectively operated the system without assistance from knowledgeable personnel. thus we cannot rule out technical assistance from russian personnel. have essay 11 do systems in their inventory. we are not aware of any systems in the area of the shootdown. the importantly, since beginning of this crisis ukrainian air defenses have not fired a single missile, despite several alleged violations of their airspace by russian aircraft. the this also follows a pattern
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of actions by russian backed separatist. on june 13, separatists shot down the ukrainian transport plane carrying 40 transport tubers and nine crew. as this council was welcoming the unilateral cease-fire we received word separatists down and a ukrainian helicopter. on july 14 separatists claimed credit for the downing of .krainian military cargo plane if indeed russian backed separatists were behind this attack on a civilian airliner, they and their backers would have good reason to cover up evidence of their climb -- of their crime. the first instance, the osce special monitoring mission should act as a first response or -- first responder.
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yesterday president obama assured that president poroshenko will offer assistance upon his request. he has invited independent and critical international civil aviation organization to join in investigation. international investigators must be granted immediate and full unfettered access to the crash site. concerned should agree to support an immediate cease-fire to facilitate access by international investigators. snm to reach an agreement with others in the region to make this possible. all evidence must remain undeterred and all evidence removed from the site by russian separatists should be promptly returned and handed over. russia needs to help make this happen. while it may take some time to firmly stepless to shut down the
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plane, most members of the international community have been warning for months about the devastation that would come if russia did not stop what it started, if it did not rain in what it unleashed. separatist forces backed by the russian government continue to be stabilized and undermined the to build a democratic ukraine that is stable, unified, secure, and able to determine its own future. russia says it seeks peace in ukraine. we have repeatedly provided this council with evidence of russia's continued support to the separatists. we have called on the russian government to de-escalate the situation by stopping the flow of fighters and weapons into the ukraine. time after time president putin has committed to working dialogue into peace.
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every single time he has broken that commitment. -- more advanced air defense systems have also arrived. several military vehicles cross the border. after recapturing several ukrainian cities. cities,al ukrainian catches of stockpiles have been found. ukrainian forces have discovered large amounts of provide military equipment, including accompanying documentation verifying and the origin in recent days. recruiting efforts are expanding inside russia and separatists have openly said they are looking for volunteers.
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officials has allowed to establish a recruiting office in moscow. she is now being held in a prison in russia. according to the government she was transferred to russia by separatists. in addition, this past monday a ukrainian air force cargo plane was shot down in ukrainian airspace and on wednesday a ukrainian fighter jet was shot down in ukrainian airspace. the ukrainian government believes these planes were fired on by russian territory. continued of these destabilizing actions that the united states imposed sanctions on the defense, and financial
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sectors of the economy. him these include freezing the assets of russian defense blocking some of the most important companies. these are significant and also targeted. , designed to have the maximum impact on the calculus while limiting spillover effects. the european union has announced expanded sanctions against russia this week. if president putin continues to de-escalation, this is not what any of us want. remainour allies committed to a diplomatic solution, as is the ukrainian government and ukrainian people who have seen their neighbors, friends, and family members killed in the needless conflict. he proposed a comprehensive
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peace plan and declared a unilateral cease-fire, both of which were cynically object did. to plan offered amnesty separatists who lay down their arms voluntarily and who are not guilty of capital crimes. he is committed to providing a safe corridor for russian fighters to return to russia. he established a job creation program for the effective areas, including broad decentralization , including the promise of early local elections. and granted increase local control over language holidays and customs. he has also reached out to the residents of eastern ukraine and is pursuing constitutional reform, which will give more authority to choose their regional leaders and protect locally spoken languages. he said he will meet with separatists at any safe location inside or outside of ukraine. the goals throughout the crisis has been consistent, to support a stable and peaceful and
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democratic ukraine. we will not be satisfied with a temporary halt to violence. as we sit here the remains of nearly 300 people of innocent infants, children, women, and an are streamed across smoldering blacks -- smoldering black landscape. we must treat all of them as our own victims. it we have a duty to each and every one of those individuals, their families, and their countries to determine why that chet fell out of the sky and to hold the perpetrators accountable. we must stop at nothing to bring those responsible to justice. this appalling attack occurred in the context of a crisis that has been fueled by russian support and separatists and by russian failure to follow .hrough on its commitments
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this tragedy only underscores the determination in which we taket russia immediately concrete steps to de-escalate the situation in ukraine. this war can be ended. russia must end this war. >> i give the floor to the representative of -- >> we are deeply shocked by yesterday costs -- by yesterday's downing of a malaysian airline. ourxpressed -- we express sincere condolences.
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our deepest sympathies go to the families of the victims. must beumstances established through an independent international investigation in accordance with's -- with civil aviation guidelines. arbitrators cannot escape proper but -- cannot escape responsibility. circumstances are impossible to ignore. crime as part of ukraine. thosesponsibility lies on who prevent ukraine to effectively exercise its sovereign rights. it would not have happened had investigated
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separatists in advance progress in spain international community cannot stand by in the face of such aggression. it has become a threat to international security. we have been saying that all along. ability -- a fighter jet and cargo plane was shot down from separatists for -- shut down by separatists from a high altitude. a transport plane and have a dozen helicopters went down by pro-russian fighters. separatists -- in june the
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separatists had held a system used to shut -- used to shoot down a cargo plane. commander claimed to the media to have shot down another aircraft. mr. president, we are truly shocked by the number of victims of the civilian population in 18 ukraine. armed separatists and foreign fighters and their supporters bear the responsibility for the deaths and injuries among civilian population, including women, children, and elderly. the carnage must end. ukraine announced a unilateral cease-fire. the agreement provided a vehicle. a continued influx went unabated
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. along came tanks. small arms. had to remove the markings of the russian military units. helicopterstary violate the ukrainian space as 40,000 troops are within the ukrainian border. russian citizens, many of them , -- ans the mouthpiece of these [indiscernible]
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hostagetaking by the terrorists and separatists continues. ukrainian pilots were trafficked straight into russia detention centers. we condemn the local detention of ukrainian citizens in ukraine. we remain appalled by the carrier ration of human rights in crimea. a fullus to conduct independent investigation into the downing of the malaysian airlines flight. unequivocally to distance itself from any kind of direct or indirect support from separatists and the fighters. insurgents must lay down their weapons.
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the goal in russia to construct a peace plan -- that the nomadic solution is possible. ukraine's independence, sovereignty, and independent nonnegotiable. to thek you representative of lift when you from making a statement. i give the floor over to there are present at it from -- -- we aresident -- ond and we grieve
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behalf of the chinese government and people i expressed deep condolences and sincere sympathy to the victims and their families. international aviation must be guaranteed. -- pending that it is not advisable to jump to any conclusion, make any assumptions, or trace accusations. a support conducting independent, just, and objective investigation. we also call upon the parties to false -- to offer coordination and cooperation in the process of the investigation. the recent situation in ukraine continues --
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china is deeply concerned about the situation. mind the well-being of the peoples of [indiscernible] -- to plan further -- to preventn of further intensification of conflict. the crisis has gone through a long history. political sentiment is the only way out. -- political settlement is the only way out. we hope the parties concerned will remain committed to a dialogue and negotiation, taking
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the full consideration rights and admiration of all the people of the ukraine. the rights of all the parties -- [no audio]
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>> i now give the floor to the river sensitive of australia. and to the representative of australia. the -- to the representative of australia. flight mh17ng of has shocked the world. we witnessed the tragic death of 298 people. there were 28 australians on board. our nation is in mourning for all of the victims. the news that the lives of 80 has beenhave been lost devastating. flags will be flown at half mast across australia. we express our heartfelt sympathy and condolences to all of the families of this tragedy. witharticular thoughts are the governments and people of the netherlands and malaysia.
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there is mounting evidence that the crash was caused by a insile strike and was downed territory controlled by ukrainian authorities. credible information that this was conducted by separatists groups acting in the assistance of others. we honor the victims to unequivocably establish the facts of what happened, and who is responsible. this is an unspeakable crime. the perpetrators must be wrought swiftly to justice. there must be a full and impartial international investigation. do you is fully willing to corroborate -- the u.n. is fully willing to cooperate with any investigation. thelso look advice that
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government of ukraine are speaking in regard of an investigation. there must be immediate preservation of the crash site and unfettered access to independent investigators. axis must be provided to allow recovery of the bodies of those who have lost their lives in this tragedy. we must allow access and -- made ite minister has clear that russia possible cooperation is expected. the council has issued a pressure statement -- a press statement calling for immediate access to the crash site. australia believes, given the gravity of the incident, it is not a subsistent -- a sufficient indication of the councils result.
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mr. president, this is the 19th time this council has met to discuss the situation in ukraine since the crisis began. again theime overwhelming majority of this council has called for an end to the violence and the stabilization. council members consistently called for a de-escalation or tension -- de-escalation of tension and for separatists to lay down their weapons. it is time for the equivocation narratives forof those to stop. situation has become increasingly dire good separatists have ignored repeated calls to disarm and have continued their attacks on ukrainian military forces, facilities, and border posts. two ukrainian cargo planes have
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been down in eastern ukraine in only the last week. ukrainian armed forces have responded to these attacks. it has every right to restore law and order and has underlined its commitment to do so in a proportionate manner. russia has a crucial role to play in de-escalation. and provocations and and the support for separatist forces. it must control its border with ukraine and prevent the flow of weapons, equipment, -- of weapons and equipment into ukraine. it must actively work to de-escalate tensions and use its considerable influence for separatist groups in the crane to that end. political efforts are essential. showed somety talks profit -- showed some promise.
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-- an extension of the osce observer mission to include border monitoring may activities -- monitoring activities. mr. president we have thought the situation in ukraine has already caused too much tragedy. the horrific loss of this flight has added immeasurably to that told you it is time for the international community to stand as one to ensure those responsible for this tragic crime are held to account and to make every effort to bring to an end the violence and destabilization in ukraine. thank you. >> i give to the floor to the representative of luxembourg. >> [speaking foreign
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[no audio]
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as for ask and implement a >> -- and is -- implemented a unilateral cease-fire. diplomatic efforts should continue. the personal commitment of the secretary-general since the beginning of the crisis should
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be mente and that should be maintained. -- of the crisis should be maintained. we welcome the efforts undertaken here by france and osce, toas well as the foster dialogue between russia and ukraine. he truly hope these efforts will help the de-escalating -- will help in de-escalation the situation and putting in and to a crisis that has lasted too long. yesterday's disaster demonstrated the consequences that this crisis could have been -- could have. thank you. i think the representative
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from luxembourg for their statements. >> mr. president, thank you for this briefing. for livel leave this coverage of the u.s. house. we will return to coverage after the house.
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international community in order to stabilize and ensure territorial integrity. the day before yesterday, the that thestate noted many calls upon moscow to prevent non-cooperative action have not been heard. thus, the stepping up of sanctions by the eu. have just one goal, that is to say, to
11:05 am
facilitate the emergence of a political solution. our priority remains their first, and then to the escalation and then maintaining a cease-fire, a lasting one. for this region -- reason, itsia must also bring [indiscernible] the activities of the separatists must end. we were able to curb this by calling upon negotiations between the ukraine and russia. these weapons escape all control. they hurt people without discrimination. i thank you.
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>> i think the permanent representative from france. to jordan.floor >> thank you, mr. president. expresses its condolences the the events that led to downing of the malaysian and craft over ukraine yesterday. we offer our deepest condolences to the government of malaysia and to all families of the in thiswho were killed disastrous incident. we have called for a complete
11:07 am
investigation of the incident with the participation of the ukrainian authorities and other relevant authorities, including malaysia. the deteriorating situation in eastern ukraine having thus taken a new and very dangerous great --erday cause is causes grave concern. had expressedsly its grave concern for the deteriorating situation in eastern ukraine. and here we reaffirm our call to all influential parties act in order to end the pressure, to exert over the insurgents to disarm,
11:08 am
and to withdraw from the facilities and the buildings they occupy, and to find a peaceful slew should desk solution -- find a peaceful slew --solution. return ofll for a people to their homes. we call upon all relevant the u.n.o facilitate mission in ukraine.
11:09 am
jordan recognizes the territorial sovereignty of ukraine. for theusion, we look government to continue its efforts, which promotes [indiscernible] and taking into consideration the concerns of the ukrainian and non-ukrainian speakers. thank you, mr. president. i think the representative of jordan for his statement. -- ie now to the floor give now the floor to the representative from argentina. you, mr. president. .hank you, mr. feldman
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thank you for sharing with us to her on the latest events in ukraine. thank you for the undying willingness of the secretary-general to contribute to the peaceful dialogue of our urbanization. -- of our organization. andpresident of argentina our people wish to express our sadness, our pain, and our with the family members and victims of the malaysian air pressure -- airliner crash yesterday. we give our condolences to the ukraine and to the governments of the other countries who had
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victims lost in the crash. ourin particular, colleagues from the from thoseives countries that were on that plane. particular pass along our condolences to those family members to solve the hope of the future, the children who ed.ish [indiscernible] argentina calls upon impartialnal investigation that will allow for an objective determination .f what happened the fax and responsibility must
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be determined immediately, and unhindered access must be .rovided with the media present not something for the meeting today, i would did there were indicators that tensions were lower in some thects in ukraine, however armed groups are straining to their own actions. no more human abuses and violations. we are worried for the situation, particularly for the innocent population.
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and we need to respect the internal affairs of the economic political and . argentina calls for the international law and human rights be respected in their entirety by all parties. mr. president, this is a time to decide. these are difficult and sad moments. argentina calls for prudence. we will not join into geopolitical disputes or the blame game. time, the pain and
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reflection on the search for determining what happened and who is responsible. may the victims rest in peace. >> i think the representative of argentina for her statement. i give now the floor to the representative of nigeria. >> thank you very much, mr. president. i want to say to our colleagues and nick countries involved -- and the countries involved, our condolences to your families, to your citizens, and to your government. president, yesterday at noon the world watched in horror at the downing of the malaysian jetliner. seemedppened yesterday
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like an apocalyptic end of the world. it is described in the book of revelation "mayhem of fire mixed ."th blood fell upon the earth that is what i saw yesterday. president, no matter your religious beliefs, this area has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. there is war and conflict in every corner of the world. the world will self annihilate.
11:16 am
enough is enough. the fact that the incident in ukraine, where for sometimes -- for some time another has been conflict contribution by the conflict. this is not the time for the blame game. if it is established that this was shot down deliberately or on purpose, then this would mark a new to mention in the ukraine to the one that goes stability of the international association. at this point, it is important for the fax of the crash to be well ascertained dispassionately through independent international investigation, as called for by the inspector general. arealane went down in an
11:17 am
under control of the rebels. and unconditional cooperation into the investigation of the crash. we have no doubt that without the ongoing conflict in ukraine and the widespread insecurity and lawlessness engendered by the activities of the rebel groups in the eastern part of the country, this accident would not have occurred. we call for the secession -- cessation of the tvs in that part of the country -- the cessation of separatist activities in that part of the country and the return to talks in berlin. together resolve this issue. beforeogether do this
11:18 am
the section becomes manifest in other parts of the world. >> i think the representative -- thank the representative from nigeria for her statement. i give the floor to the represented a from russia. >> thank you. first, we would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of the passengers and crew members of the malaysian flight, which , as well as to the governments of the countries whose citizens were the victims of this tragedy. april --the need for an impartial and open investigation into what happened. be trying to prejudge the outcome with broad statement and insinuation. it is a difficult situation. we think you're right to bring in a -- an international
11:19 am
cooperation for investigation. mr. president, any normal person , i'm sure first and foremost, a question will arise -- why did the ukrainian aviation dispatchers send a flight into -- an areamilitary where they were carrying out against the military and had antiaircraft capability. [indiscernible] in the territory where the flight is being carried out, the state must provide aviation information to ensure the security of aviation. international law extends for the possibility of a time the closure -- timely closure by the
11:20 am
state for flight. it would seem there shouldn't be -- should be an investigation. and it should be established that they did everything necessary to ensure that the military campaign [indiscernible] full, kiev declared becauseof the airspace of antiterrorist operations. why could this have not been than earlier? not waiting for hundreds of victims. during our last counsel meeting, showed our colleagues restraint. where is that restrain now? there is storming of aviation,
11:21 am
to the retained, as well as artillery fire. the operation is increasingly full-scale. there have been dozens of civilians killed, as well as transport systems destroyed. according to the u.n. data, there are four point 5 million people in the area of clashes. but there has been no evacuation from these areas by kiev. peoplere many reports of seeking refuge in russia, those who are intentionally targeted.
11:22 am
110,000 refugees from new canaan -- from ukraine and the number rises daily. in this regard, in the six regions of russia, the artillery and mortar shelling by the ukrainian armed forces has become regular. the targets are the border crossings as well as civilians. there are killed and wounded amongst our civilians. we see this as an aggressive act from ukraine into sovereign russian territory and citizens of the russian federation. ukraine all blame on sideall for the ukrainian to take decisive measures in the future.
11:23 am
we call for inclusive dialogue that is respectful between all political forces. however, at a crossroads moment, kiev chose the wrong path. of course, talking about the u.s. here. they actually push them to escalate the crisis. blamere trying to lay the on russia. [indiscernible] as well as the roadmap from the chairman. we had declarations in april as well as in july that are all
11:24 am
irrelevant. [indiscernible] became pretext for military deployment and the of military operations. [indiscernible] on channel five there was a commercial shown stamping out in sex with the backdrop of eastern ukraine -- stamping out insects with the backdrop of eastern ukraine. doesn't have disappeared. they are those who politically
11:25 am
oppose kiev. would seem that kiev would of the garner a portion european structure, but not give it to its people. the problems that they've had for months are not being planned for. representatives -- the political problems are well-known and have long existed in ukraine. bringing them into data would allow for prevention of the crisis. -- into dialogue would allow for prevention of the crisis. but they have chosen to beat them. arrest them.
11:26 am
much at stake, but to settle the situation, nothing is done. the security council and the russian delegation three times for post a solution that would allow for the halting of violence, but western colleagues responded to our proposal with citizens some -- with cynicism. it seems that whatever the government arbitrarily does [indiscernible] seems that the victims of the geopolitical epic -- geopolitical ambitions of ukraine are the people. any to be stopped as soon as possible. the right choice must be made. thank you.
11:27 am
>> i think the revisited a from the russian federation for his statement. i give now the floor to the representative of chile. >> thank you very much, mr. president. saying onke to begin and in they country wake of the attack yesterday in 17 malaysian airlines flight was shut down and 298 condemned this act in the strongest terms and extend our solidarity to each of the families of the victims, and the citizensts that had among them. no cause can justify an act of this magnitude.
11:28 am
we continue to follow the for aation and call transparent independent investigation pursuant to in orderonal standards to ensure accountability. provided,ties must be guaranteeing also security, and access immediately for the investigators on the ground. on the crash site to determine the cause of this. determine who is responsible, and that they are brought to justice. to thethis pursuant obligations of international also that the relevant
11:29 am
security council authorities act cooperatively with the relevant authorities. [indiscernible] brings the nature of even more violence, and escalation of violence, drawing new actors into the fray. on more than ever, we insist showing restraint to contain the crisis. thank you. >> i think the revisited of of chile for his statement. i give the floor now to the representative from the republic of korea. >> thank you, mr. president. express our to utmost shock and rage over the downing of the malaysian airlines flight in eastern
11:30 am
ukraine yesterday. we deplore the loss of nearly 300 innocent civilian lives aboard the commercial airliner. on behalf of the people and the government of the republic of korea, i extend my deepest condolences to the governments of belgium, australia, canada, netherlands,ysia, philippines, and other affected countries. our heart goes out to the families of the victims at this difficult time. an investigation must be immediately. whoever is response will for this tragedy must be held fully accountable. if this incident turns out to have been caused by a deliberate , the republic of korea as
11:31 am
of this attack against the civilian airliner ourselves believes everything should be done within our power to bring the perpetrators to justice as quickly as possible. no one should be allowed to get away with killing so many innocent people who have nothing to do with was -- with what is happening on the ground, no matter what the reason is. having said that, we support the ongoing approach to bring stability to ukraine, in particular those of the united nations, the european union, osc, and bilateral partners. such efforts to de-escalate the violence in ukraine should continue, despite the daunting challenges. thank you. >> i think the representative from the republic of korea for his statement. i shall now make a statement in
11:32 am
my capacity as the representative of rwanda. i thank jeffrey feldman, undersecretary for political affairs, for his ability and detailed briefing. allow me first to express my 298 sorrow over the loss of lives, including eight children. killed it on the malaysian airlines flight mh 17. it was shot down in eastern ukraine. on behalf of the government of rwanda, i present my deepest condolences to the families who , as wellr loved ones as to the people and the government of the victims. the loss of those innocent
11:33 am
civilians is beyond comprehension. their lives will count in the middle of a crisis, in that this very council has been able to take action since it started in february of this year. with the shutting down s carryingn airplane civilians, the ukrainian crisis is no longer the conflict between the ukrainian military and armed separatists. this conflict has clocked -- has endangeringd line, , as it did fors the men, women, and children from different countries.
11:34 am
[phone ringing] thank you for the music. [laughter] hass saying, this conflict endangered all of our lives, the did for the men, women, and children of different countries who were in mh 17. we condemn in the strongest , and this reckless attack recall for a comprehensive, independent, and international investigation in accordance with international guidelines as agreed upon in the statement adopted this morning. this should establish responsibilities, so that the perpetrators can be held accountable. in this context, we further urge to cease fire, to
11:35 am
fully cooperate with the investigation, and to grant unhindered access to the crash site in order to allow the investigators to carry out their work. we note that the criminal act of yesterday following the shutting down -- shooting down of the ukrainian jetfighter on wednesday, and that of military cargo on monday. of surface tose air missiles in the past few as to has posed questions those weapons now capable of downing a civilian airplane flying at more than 30,000 feet. councile, the security and the larger international affordty can no longer to turn a blind eye on this matter.
11:36 am
it is unfortunate that this tragic event came at a time when national and regional efforts were underway to find a political and diplomatic solution to the ukrainian crisis. this act undermines valuable initiatives of the trilateral content group of senior representatives of ukraine, the russian federation, and the organization for the security cooperation in europe, who were making all necessary efforts for of stability with eastern ukraine. on tuesday, the group had confirmed its support to president poroshenko's peace plan for a cease-fire, stated in the declaration in berlin on between the
11:37 am
ministers of germany, france, and the russian federation, and ukraine. we call on all groups to respect sovereignty, and territory of ukraine. their weaponsdown and engage in constructive dialogue with ukrainian government. parties to immediately ease -- cease-fire and de-escalate the crisis to bring peace to the region. the shooting down of a civilian plane over the conflict in eastern ukraine is a stark reminder of there are moral -- of the moral response ability of security council members to put aside their division on this and hold the perpetrators of this criminal act to account
11:38 am
of uphold its mandate international peace and security. i thank you. i resume my function as president of the council. i now give the floor to the representative of ukraine. you have the floor, sir. president, the sting which members of the security council, thank you for convening this meeting. jeffrey feldman for his briefing. i would like to start addressing mystart with addressing government's deep sorrow and condolences to all of the citizens and nations of those who were killed aboard the airliner. our thoughts are with the greek families and friends and those affected -- with the grieving
11:39 am
families and friends and those affected by the incident. ordered to lay down flowers and express their sorrow. ukrainian people have already addressed international organizations to major poll, and others to undertake a full investigation of the accident. impartial an investigation will bring the truth, and all perpetrators will be punished. leadershipukraine happening.hat was it was stated that it was an act of terror. theposition is based on coinciding data from different intelligence and open sources. these data are that the aircraft in shut down -- shot down
11:40 am
territory controlled by the terrorists. several days before, near the same location, to ukrainian jets were shut down and terrorists claimed responsibility. phone --ion of tarot of telephone conversations between the terrorist leaders and their coordinator, the russian intelligence coordinator, confirms the crime. immediately after the crash, military leaders of the terrorist, of russian origin, commented on social networks having shot down the -- what he believed was a ukrainian jets. he said, "a ukrainian jet was shot down."
11:41 am
and another one "don't fly in our skies." highrget a plane at such a altitude would only be possible using sophisticated antiaircraft systems such as sa 11, known as buk, or similar. this was confirmed by visual , that the by locals terrorist have at least two of these systems. the question is, where they got this sophisticated air defense system from. again, interceptions, photos, and confessions of detained terrorists, including detained russian citizens who were going that the buk ists
11:42 am
system arrive from russia. all this will be provided in the international investigation. this tragedy would not have been possible if russia did not support the terrorists and did not provide sophisticated antiaircraft missile systems to terrorists from russia. mission and the united nations expressed many on russianeelings action in ukraine. just yesterday, the right -- the president expressed it in the media. this has been documented by media and the public and is no monger secret to anyone.
11:43 am
action by terrorist groups to placing key of a few days ago. russia is the origin of most of those weapons. this is available on the ukrainian mission website. you can also find it on the website of the united nations. it has been raised several times here in this hall, the concern that the russian nation directly participated in the action in eastern ukraine. today, some evidence was given by colleagues. and the nets, their military commanders, all of them are of russian origin. -- in donetsk, their military
11:44 am
commanders, all of them are of russian origin. they are looking for volunteers with experience operating weapons such as tanks and air defense. russia has allowed establishing offices in moscow that are opening and openly communicate -- openly recruiting for fighting in ukraine. sitese investigated these . russian kazakhs are actually supporting terrorists in spreading terror in eastern ukraine. from the artificially created conflict supported by russia, it has never called on its citizens to him legally -- to refrain from joining illegally armed groups to fight in the ukraine.
11:45 am
this speaks for itself. article two of the russian federation states, " participation in such armed groups on the territory of purpose ofte for the the russian federation is punished by five to 10 years ."prisonment or since the one has been brought to justice, there is only one conclusion. notaction on ukraine does [indiscernible] the state of the border has did. in recent days as a result of what is coming from the russian side of the border.
11:46 am
several times a day, problems with russian mercenaries who undertake attempts to break through the ukraine border from order, facilitated by protection units. antiterrorist forces in ukraine repeatedly shelled the territory of russia. ukraine has evidence of those ask for the appropriate international response. the ukrainian state border has increased security substantially. this has caused the deaths of russian citizens. the russian side accused the of aiming fores the russian territory.
11:47 am
ukraine and armed forces have never attacked or fired into the territory of russia. all of these acts are committed by russian terrorists in order to find grounds for further escalation. mr. president, today, colleagues of theed some evidences deterioration of the ukrainian-russian borders. every day through the month of july, we observed such violations, including the shot down ukrainian jets. using this opportunity, i would attention to your
11:48 am
the fact that russia continues to the ploy its forces extreme and close to the border. -- deployed forces extremely close to the border. they have provided 33 battalion tactical groups, totaling at least 30,000 troops, and in donetsk area, up to 18,000 troops. and in crimea, up to 21,000 troops. those constitute a flagrant violation of -- by russia of its obligation under the u.n. charter and the principles and norms of international law. they are incompatible with the geneva agreement and the declaration of june 2. despite all international andrts to avoid escalation bring forth a presidential peace
11:49 am
plan, the russian federation has no intention to leave us in peace and lay down arms. they are still struggling against high-capacity military actors who are intent to bring instability. stop hindering efforts of the ukrainian side and put an end to terrorist and other violence. peace plan ande stop threatening the peace and security in our country, region, and the world as a whole. thank you, mr. president. >> i think the representative from ukraine for his statement. i give the floor now to the representative from malaysia. thank you, mr. president. at the outset, let me congratulate you on assuming the
11:50 am
presidency of this council for this month, and i thank you for convening this emergency meeting of the council on ukraine. mr. jeffreyso thank feldman, undersecretary for political affairs, for his briefly -- briefing earlier. --comments are timely, inc. timely, given the tragic event of yesterday. i appreciate the goodness -- the expressions of condolences and sympathy from across the world. at this time, we wish to also express our profound sorrow and convey our deepest sympathy and condolences to the family and on mh 17. those mr. president, malaysia is theked and distraught by downing of malaysians airlines flight mh 17.
11:51 am
the scheduled flight, which departed amsterdam yesterday to arrivewas expected kuala lumpur international airport this morning. unfortunately, it crashed near -- it crashed in the donetsk region of eastern ukraine. 298 people perished. those who paris were from the 189, malaysia, 44, australia 27, indonesia, 12, united kingdom, nine, germany, four, belgium, four, philippines, three, canada, one, new zealand, one, and for passengers -- four has nurses
11:52 am
nationalities have yet to be verified. the amsterdam-kuala lumpur crossedhich regularly ukrainian airspace was one of the most popular routes for the airlines. to officials at the time when contact was lost, their plane was flying over unrestricted airspace. furthermore, the internationalization had declared the fight last -- the flight path say. and the airline did not make any distress calls. hasgovernment of malaysia taken action to dispatch a special malaysian disaster assistance and rescue team. comprising this smart team --
11:53 am
>> we will leave this for her marks from president obama. >> yesterday, malaysian airlines flight mh 17 took off from amsterdam. and was shot down over the ukraine-russian border. newly 300 innocent lives were nearly 300 innocent lives were taken, men, women, children, infants, who had nothing to do with the crisis in ukraine. outrage ofs are an unspeakable proportions. we know at least one american johnson --in lucas hontzman, was killed. yesterday, i spoke with ukraine, malaysia, and the netherlands, and i told them that our thoughts and prayers are with all of the families and that the american people stand together
11:54 am
with them in this difficult time. later today, i will be speaking with prime minister abbot of australia, which also suffered a terrible loss. by far, the country that lost the most people on board the plane was the netherlands. days of our founding, we have been close friends and allies. i want the dutch people to know that we stand with you shoulder to shoulder in our grief and in our absolute determination to get to the bottom of what happened. here is what we know so far. evidence indicates that the plane was shot down by a surface-to-air missile launched from an area that is controlled by russian backed separatists inside of ukraine. we also know that this is not the first time a plane has been shot down in eastern ukraine. over the last several weeks, russian backed separatist have shot down a ukrainian transport plane and a ukrainian helicopter
11:55 am
, and they claimed responsibility for shooting down a ukrainian fighter jet. theover, we know that separatists have received a steady flow of support from russia. this includes arms and training. it includes heavy weapons. and it includes antiaircraft weapons. here is what must happen now. .his was a global tragedy an asian airliner was destroyed in european skies filled with citizens from many countries. there has to be a credible international investigation into what happened. hasun security council endorsed this investigation and we will hold all its members, including russia, to their word in order to facilitate that investigation. separatist,russian and ukraine must adhere to an immediate cease-fire. evidence must not be tempered with.
11:56 am
-- tampered with. investigators need to access the and returning what was lost to their loved ones must start in this -- immediately. the fbi and the national transportation safety board, which has experience with working with international partners on these types of investigations, they are on , personnel from the fbi and the ntsb. i will be in close contact with leaders around the world as we respond to this catastrophe. focus will be on recovering those who were lost, investigating exactly what happened, and putting forward the facts. i want to point out there will likely be misinformation as well. i think it is very important for folks to sift through what is factually based and what is simply speculation.
11:57 am
truth in theny the awful images that we've seen. the eyes of the world are on eastern ukraine. we will make sure the truth is out. more broadly, i think it is important for us to recognize that this outrageous event underscores that it is time for peace and security to be restored in ukraine. have supported a pathway to peace and the ukrainian government has reached out to all ukrainians, put forward a peace plan, and we have done a cease-fire despite the violations by separatists, violations that took the lives of ukrainian soldiers and personnel. moreover, time and again, russia has refused to take the concrete steps necessary to de-escalate the situation. i spoke to president putin yesterday in the wake of additional sanctions that we had imposed. he said he was not happy with them, and i told him that we
11:58 am
have been very clear from the outset that we want russia to take the path that would result in peace in ukraine, but so far at least, russia has failed to take that path. instead, it has continued to violate ukrainian sovereignty, and to support violent separatist. theas also failed to force separatist to abide by a cease-fire. that is why we have imposed more sanctions on russia. it is time for all of us to step back and take a hard look at what happened. violence and conflict inevitably lead to unforeseen consequences. russia, the separatists, and toaine all have the capacity put an end to the fighting. meanwhile, the u.s. is going to continue to lead efforts within
11:59 am
the world community to de-escalate the situation, to stand up for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of ukraine, and to support the people of ukraine as they courageously worked to strengthen their democracy and make their own decisions about how they should move forward. before i take just a couple of questions, let me remark on one other issue. this morning, i spoke with prime minister netanyahu about the situation in israel and gaza. we discussed in israel -- israel's military operation, including efforts to stop military operations, including tunnels into israel. i reaffirmed my strong support for israel's right to defend itself. no nation should accept rockets being fired into its borders, or terrorists settling into its territory. in fact, while i was having a conversation with mr. netanyahu, the sirens went off in tel aviv. clear that the united states and our friends and allies are deeply concerned about the risks of further escalation and the loss of more
12:00 pm
innocent life. indicatedy we have them although we support military efforts by the israelis to make sure that rockets are not being fired into their territory, we have also said that our understanding of current military ground operations are designed to deal with the tunnels. we are hopeful that is where israel will continue to approach this process, in a way that minimizes civilian and that all of us are working cease-fireurn to the that was reached in november of 2012. secretary kerry is working to initiative.t's let me close by making one additional comment. on


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