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tv   Society of American Indians Conference  CSPAN  August 20, 2015 7:52pm-7:59pm EDT

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ago in 1914, the society of american indians conference took place. the society of american indians was the first secular indian led rights association that sought to impact policy and to help indian people on the reservations. it was made up of professional people, educators, lawyers, members of the bureau of indian affairs, 52 of them actually gathered here to set the agenda for the future. what was happening at the time, for american indians, the reservation system was appearing to be a failure to many different parties. indian people were poor,
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undereducated, they were losing land, economies were in bad shape, and the feeling was it was time for a change in indian policy. the specific items on their agenda, getting citizenship for indian people. wards of the were u.s. government. the other thing they wanted, by 1914 there was a 100 year backlog of complaints that they had about failure of the treaty relationship, so indian people wanted the court of claims open to them so they could litigate claims against the government. memoriald assemble a and actually present it to the wilson, inwoodrow
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december of 1914. woodrow wilson did not have anything on his political agenda, though he did indicate he would take the matter seriously. it wouldn't be until 1924 that indian people would get citizenship. the people that came and formed this society and people who came to this meeting were the first generation of prominent indian national figures, perhaps the cloud,ominent was mr. the first graduate of yield -- first indian graduate of yale. he wrote legislation that would have a big impact -- he was really the scholarship behind the indian new deal. and ms. cornelius, and activist. was an said that another
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activist and lawyer. carlos montezuma was a member. also an author and physician. so was charles eastman, he had written books. also a physician. all of these people had teasing -- tribal they were working out ideas of the indian race. -- group had been formed. so the idea of race was changing. aboutciety talked different issues. one was, the role that the
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bureau of indian affairs would have. there were several people who were employees of the bureau and other people in the society that did not think that the girl had a place in the society. they also talked about the issue of the native american church, a movement that was growing, and the society debated it. inimately, what would happen the 1920's, the society would dissipate over these issues of conflict, so that by 1943, they had their last meeting in chicago. this would lead it the national council of american indians, and the national congress of american indians, which still operates today. it is important to recognize the th anniversary of the society
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of american indians conference, because it seems this conference started a relationship between the university and the tribes of wisconsin. shortly after this conference, the university reached out to tribes in the state, sending researchers, and you get the beginning of a relationship. you look back on those and also look forward. tomorrow the c-span cities tour heads to columbus, georgia. we will hear about the history of the city to the textile industry, as well as a look at confederate gunboats. it starts at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. follow the c-span cities tour
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as we travel outside the washington beltway to communities across america. >> the idea is to take programming out on the road, to produce pieces that are more visual, that provide a window into these cities that viewers would not normally go to. and have rich histories rich literary scenes. >> a lot of people here about the histories of the big cities, but what about the small ones? 75we have been to over cities. we will hit 95 cities in 2016. >> must of our coverage on c-span is even coverage, these are shorter, they take you someplace, a home or historic site. >> we partner with affiliates to


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