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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 25, 2015 2:46am-2:53am EDT

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up. easy and simple. >> you have to make sure that all the schools are high-quality. options.uld not be i remember reading about that school district after the situation last year. the idea that quite intentionally the schools and -- that you went to were kept very much on -- very much any. there is tons of policy fixers for us to have done it way before we intentionally touch the issue of segregation like making sure we have a healthy, robust tax base. going back to what you plan being paid for their work, what are the tax policies, our people ask to pay their fair share into the common? we have to be fearless about arne duncan was willing to take on -- comic for became this whole thing.
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the fat she would go to that over a completely unproven. we have all the evidence in the world that it works created it makes no sense. something that we may be certified for work. of issuesre lots around neighborhood schools. just two examples of different charter schools trying to create integrated, economically racial schools. one is in rhode island. ceo changed his schools. deliberately integrated, racially and economically. the idea that [inaudible] in two veryrked diverse districts, one that had a voluntary desegregation
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policy. governance matters enormously. there are levers and there is a bully pulpit and things that you can do policy wise, monitoring-wise. it is a decision of local politicians and has to do with so many others. people talk about this for hours and hours. i want to thank our candidates for their contributions. [applause] i want to think -- thank the and for your partnership your support of this work and thank you for coming. i hope you go to the website and look at the report. if you are tweeting about it, first off, follow me. use the polls so we can
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keep track. if you have comments, thoughts, or anything you want to share with us, we are here for that. thank you for coming. we hope we see you soon. thank you. [applause] >> on the next washington journal, the role of immigration in the 2016 presidential campaign. aguilar willar -- join us. then a middle school math teacher from new york city will share his perspectives on race and class as they relate to education. he is the author of "this is not a test or co-what do you think about standardized test? we will take your phone calls, e-mails, and tweets. isrica -- washington journal live every morning at 7 p.m. eastern. the congressional will release an update the tenure economic and budget outlook tomorrow.
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then the director said we will talk to the press about it. here on c-span. >> so thrilled and excited to be here and i want to thank cease ill -- c-span for covering this. i hope the camera shows behind is.ow huge the crowd thank you for coming today. this is a wonderful event. it has been said that heaven is a library. if that is the case, haven't has gone outside today and we are in heaven at this national book festival. >> young people are not the leaders for tomorrow. you must say to yourself i am a
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youth leader for today. an article tried to show that we had this red-blue mass. the divide was not a chasm. it was a little divide. political scientists were just in town. the idea that the country is as polarized as washington is just wrong. i do not know a single political scientist to believe that. >> i hope that all people will realize that whatever they have done in life is something that ought to be recorded and also to the next generation of -- generation. we learned for the future that trying to understand the past and all of us have a past. >> when you talked about [indiscernible] you did not talk that much about guam. why did you do that? graseck goes to the heart of all
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the questions we have talked about. realize there was no way they can tell the whole story. there is no way we could be sure of an encyclopedia or having a serial red like the telephone book. to list and do justice for everybody. next the opportunities are open now. when i was in law school, i graduated in 1967, there were 13 women in my class of 500. today the law schools are 50-50. >> the key is he never liked people who put profit above the public good. his view was his parts where the american series belonged to the american people. they need to be handed on as places to awaken the spirit. >> i made a career out of my love for books. to helre


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