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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  October 9, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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elizabeth st will join us to discuss gun violence in the united states and what can be done to prevent it. facebooklso comment on and twitter. >> we have a lot going on in washington this week. we are drawn from the speaker's race. talk about what is going on in policy of politics. what story you would talk about this week. that is what we are asking on the washington journal. you can see phone numbers up there. area code is 20274 8004 democrats. 748 8002 for independence. you can also make comments of the social media. andcan comment on c-span
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the journal at if you want to send an e-mail. the new york times this morning under the headlines saying republicans in turmoil. here is a little bit from this article. after ms. mccarthy's announcement many were visibly shaken and upset republicans. inside were so poor that some had failed to fully take in what had happened. hadman with the most votes given up on what was once the most desired job in the house. webster hasve offered to be the face of the republican party. and the speakership mr. webster and a low-profile former speaker in the house. so that he would assemble a principal based member driven caucus that would presumably play a great deal of power from the speaker.
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the other was mr. chase it in ambitious lawmaker. was the first member of congress to focus vigorously on the benghazi matter. needrepublicans said they the time to contemplate today's votes. the republican of wyoming said we need a breather. we cannot elect a speaker under these terms. we need some time, space, and healing. nothing good ever happens in a crisis. they have a picture of kevin mccarthy at the top. they have a picture of representative paul ryan who people say should be the speaker. from the hill newspaper this morning gop pressures reluctant right. ryan has insisted that he has no interest in the speaker's job. he made that clear within minutes of weiner announcing his resignation. he has not shifted from that position since.
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on top of that the house freedom caucus 40 conservatives who oppose boehner would fall in line behind a right candidacy. i am grateful there were encouragement i have received. i will not be a candidate. a spokesman for ryan said later in the day that the wisconsin republican was still a hard know after gop lawmakers continue to urge him to run. that is a little bit from what happened yesterday on capitol hill. pamela is calling from the suburbs. upper maryland. democrat good morning. hamlet. caller: thank you for taking my call. i just want to say in my opinion this chaos is a gift for the democrats. it should show americans help dysfunctional the republicans are. that's the small band of
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own, ists, one of their forget who it was, said they were a band of rejects. he said they are able to get away with this kind of conduct to the point of chaos it is outlandish. all he did was let the cat out of the bag. with the benghazi and witchhunt of hillary clinton. they have been talking about all of this. ready to go with e-mails. the next thing you know they will focus on the fact that she is a grandmother. it is outlandish. it is outlandish. something should be done about it. president reagan who they hail and love, he said a house divided against itself cannot stand. that is scripture. this is an example of it. host: that is pamela from maryland. here's kevin mccarthy after the gop caucus met yesterday.
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>> i think i shot some of you? listen, we have been going through this campaign, talking to a lot of members. the one thing i have always said to ernest majority we are servants. we should put the conference first. i think there is something to be said for us to unite. we probably need a freshfaced. i will stay on as majority leader. the one thing i found in talking to everybody was that if we're going to unite and be strong, we need a new face to help us do that. nothing more than that. i feel good about my decision. i feel great having my family here. i think we will only be stronger. we fought hard to win as majority in turn the country around. be the best foot step -- ms that up. >> if you're going to run for the speakership why change it at noon? what changed in those four hours?
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had our conference. there were calls to the district. i do not want to make the vote for speaker and tough one. i do not want to go to the floor and when with 220 votes. i think the best thing for our party is to have two and 47 votes on the floor. if we're going to be strong, with be 100% united. you know what? let's put the conference first. that is one of kevin mccarthy's daughters on the side of him. here's an article from the hill this morning. this is scott long writing house gop lawmakers this week contrived desk in front to majority leader kevin mccarthy at a closed-door meeting on tuesday. with texas gop delegation. members pressed mccarthy for reassurance.
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those at the session said the rumors were not true. and the members delegation endorsed him for speaker. they said do not let me support you and find out later once we elected you you did not commit. i was satisfied with kevin's answer. therepresentative dean of texas delegation would not share details of what was said during tuesday's meeting. but confirmed a meeting did occur. now, that is in the hill newspaper. we went to show you this article from the daily card. and coming to headline here is that somebody at the department of homeland security edit the wikipedia pages of kevin mccarthy and rene elmers. and, this is only the front page of the drudge report. an internet address originating from the department of homeland security was tied to entries made on the wikipedia pages of north carolina representatives in california representative
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kevin mccarthy alleging that the two republicans were having an affair. unclear if somebody at the federal agency was behind the edit, which are first noted washington free beacon reporter. both changes show that a user at the ip address, here it is, made them on thursday. an alleged affair between mccarthy and elmers became the source of intense speculation on thursday, after mccarthy announced his closed-door meeting that he was dropping out of the race to replace john boehner. this article is in the daily caller this morning. a lot of the issue began at the bright our website. so, the next color is nick in fairview tennessee. -- fairview, tennessee. look, let me preface
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what that lady said before about for hillary the wanted left the white house vote. she started the fire. and all this stuff. you know, she is a two-legged individual of a line head. she is a criminal. i'm one of those as a prison refers to come -- one of those people who clings to his guns, his bible and constitution, and traditional american values. i am their worst nightmare. say the democrats republicans have to compromise and work together. like harry reid. let's get this right. one of the biggest hypocrites to walk the face of the earth. now, i am right-wing extremists and i'm proud of it. the fact is, we do not want compromise with them, they have
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been destroying the country since they implemented the federal income tax in 1903. we want to crush and destroy liberalism. liberalism has cause at 90% of the country's problems. it's also some republicans get me wrong. liberalism.nd modern liberalism like the nazis and the old soviets. this will help our country turnaround. that is why outsiders get so much power. you liberals, your time is up. thank you very much. wall street journal lead editorial this morning. the republican crackup. they told mr. mccarthy that he was contaminated years of john boehner's leadership.
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daniel webster of florida is unknown outside of his district to might have 40 votes at most. the rebels do not have enough votes to stand up their own man. they can blow up all house business and decapitate the leadership of their own party. the danger is that having proposed mr. weiner and mr. mccarthy they will refuse to back anybody who does not meet their demand. writes that donald trump is one vessel for his frustration. notably, the freedom caucus met the presidential candidates earlier this week. in this age of political polarization they are trying to tap into the anger among americans who believe correctly that washington is a mess. wall street journal goes on to write, we share most of the freedom caucus's policy goals. but what they have not offered is a realistic or plausible strategy to achieve what these conservatives say they want. their demands on mr. mccarthy
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include electing one of their members as majority leader, but not one of them to get the votes himself. some are also demanding that protectionist members be put on means to block trade deals. couldrrent house disorder continue for days or weeks as republicans search for somebody, anybody who can command 218. one idea is to nominate a caretaker for the next 14 months. but, a speaker known to be in a short timer will be week with little hope of standing the internal dysfunction in an election year. terry, from oakland, california. what is on your mind? caller: good morning. i had to call it. i was helping credit would be on the line. unfortunately she is not. that biasedth newspaper here, in washington,
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it refers to president barack obama, a legitimate president two times elected. need her to classify him as mr. obama. i do not care how that biased newspaper goes. he needs to be referred to with his title like every other president. president barack obama. getting to the point here. happening, the chickens have come home to roost. thisgo from the time african-american man took office, president barack obama, have been a thorn in his side. got the most -- god does not like ugly. every democratic member here. as i mentioned, my husband and i are members. far as been stellar as coming to work every day doing a good job. the rnc has not done a thing.
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they are still line. what a novel idea it would be if all these people had to come in when they got from the microphone to have on a lie detector. then, we could we'd all be liars out. the gentleman who called here one minute ago. talking about how proud he was. and blaming everything on harry reid. saint harry reid and nancy pelosi, president barack obama, come on. we have been there to vote for the veterans benefits. the women's rights. thatnemployment benefits the rnc destroyed. they have been the problem here, not the democrats. this is cliffs in maryland. independent line. what is on your mind? caller: good morning.
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i appreciate c-span. i watch it every day. that ire two new stories think are the top stories. one of them received a national coverage. the other one received almost no coverage at all. first i would like to talk about the one that received no coverage. that was the congressional hearings on what they call airplane emissions. they could not even call it temperatures. they called it airplane emissions. this congressional hearing came out that the chemtrail is actually part of un's agenda 21. the gentleman from the epa, which i doubt he still has a job, but, he was talking at the new world order. the fascist take a look at -- takeover of this nation. the second story that was a national story was another staged false flag shooting.
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they keep doing these false flag staged shootings in order to manipulate the people of this country into disarming themselves. oregon,ma is going to is going to whip up some more gun control support for this fascist takeover there of this country. it is all a hoax, just like 9/11 was, just like the manufactured war on terror. just like these manufactured shootings. it is all part of the new world order's agenda. they want a one world government. host: that is chris in maryland. read, in texas. about thedo not know last color's theory of the false flag necessarily come there are dead people. i do nothing that comes in a full slag. i am a very strong supporter of the second amendment. the basic thing you want to say is that the reason things in
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history that need to be mentioned are would boehner resigned, i think the beginning of his demise was when i saw a press conference mocking the tea party, not saying i don't agree with it, he did that crying routine. he said they were crying. i believe when he mocked the tea party that was the beginning of his demise. i like people to look up at a fact, you had them on your stage the number of times that they won the pulitzer prize. search for all false statements involving barack obama. you will see four pages. 15 per page. every single one leans to the left. every single one of his statements, above 80 have been proven false. he is president barack liar obama. they can address mrs. name come he is president liar.
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-- his name. i want to address the color brought up nazis, look this up. the nazis stood for in german, it stood for the national socialist labor party from germany. stalin, same thing. pol pot, chairman mao. all of these were far left people in politics who took people of their own country and combining all the soldiers that fought against those efforts, it is estimated that 200 million people died in the last century fighting the left. looking up for yourself. host: are you a member of the tea party? caller: i am, spiritually, i agree with most of what they stand for. but i do not go to the meetings. i have too much tax debt, have to work extra hours. i'm self-employed. i have tax debt i am paying for five years. time, yes i would
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be there. i support the tea party. they want to get our federal rate check. people call in the washington journal say that his right-wing. that is not right wing. that is the context of your own family. when your children are spending you to oblivion. you want to put them in check. that is not right wing. i resent when people on the left collis right-wing extremist. i have a t-shirt that shows a reproduction of an oil painting back of the founder's time and it shows them signed the declaration of independence and it says right-wing extremists. host: what kind of work do you do? caller: i'm a software developer. i work out of my home. i have been self-employed. host: george calling in from florida. what is on your mind? caller: you are like the
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original new c-span guy. listen, i would like to reinforce with less judgment said. i am self-employed. socialism has bought the volt. a long time ago. i think half the country is receiving some type of assistance. so, the republicans have nowhere to go. everybody receiving a check is a lifelong democrat voter. and most people are. if you want to talk about lobbying, here is how it goes. whether it iss that i see a or irs. it goes to some person that is sitting back. writing a check or collecting a check. they will vote for hillary clinton. i am paying them to vote against myself.
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that is a form of lobbying against oneself. now, these programs are set up that i do not qualify as why make too much money. i pay for some wheels to vote against me so that they can collect from a program that i do not qualify for. up that form of a situation? that form of government? a four-year-old? when fdr set of socialism, he had to know that he was buying the vote out from under the government. he was going to take all of the power away from the anglo and put it in the hands of the other people. he had to know that or he was too dumb to be present. so, i do not see why we have to continue this until the implosion and there is no more money left. now is that the world
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moving towards global capitalism again. we are trying to move into some type of a socialism into an isolationism. they want to have taxes now, everything coming in this country. by the way, 12 the black votes, 90% of them are pro-obama. we don't dislike him for the color of his skin, he is a communist. can't they see this? we send trillions of dollars trying to stop, try to integrate this country, and all of a sudden we have a black president and it seems like 98% of the blacks vote based on color. the front page of the new york times this morning. the united states is waiting out who his moves. president obama defined his
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approaching crisis like the civil war in syria as strategic, patient and persistent. jets andrussia missiles now rocking to the skies over syria what he calls patients looks too many critics like paralysis. his advisers say there is little motivation to change the situation. propels a zombie drafter for meetings in coming days, but mr. obama has made clear he is not willing to confront the russian and risk and escalation. nor does he have a strategy to resolve the conflict. solutionere is not a this point that they will get it done on their watch. mcfaul and oh -- and advisor is going to contain it. he said mr. obama's views suggestions, he views
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suggestions for more robust actions as a prescription for disaster. his advisers are exploring whether anything can be done to protect syrian allies. they are unwilling to provide defensive arms to use against russian warplanes. they might bethat able to help the allies cope with the bombing after the fact. art, central square, new york. republican. go ahead. morning.ood i will not get into the name-calling that most people do. i'm just going to say that all these people are humans. they're just like me, they have their faults. as far as jobs, you can trace , nhl had a big that place 1999, close down that was the beginning of the end.
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the government is watching all the statistics. they have the website. if you go on, they will show you what part of the country is shutting down. thatast time a look at site they were working on the financial district. back in 2000 my back -- factory job went away. you can trace it all back to that. as you know, you have choices. yet the republicans, which customarily when i was growing up that was big business. upn i was growing customarily they were the government. so, when big business walks way from america you have a void. all that is left is big government. what anybodyknow else does. this is what has happened to our jobs. we go back and a 92.
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from the wall street journal, clinton gives biden an opening. hillary clintons moved to distance herself from key policies that once one. vice president joe biden to run as the natural heir to the obama legacy. president obama wrote over a major pacific free trade deal. just as the white house begin selling congress. that decision follows harsh congress -- comments from the former tech -- secretary of state. a review of the syrian policy and a call for revealing a key piece of the south carolina law. those moves bought her political points with some important democratic constituencies. particularly labor unions. they oppose the transpacific partnership and health care provision which opposes a new
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tax on the high end insurance plan that many of their members have. this is clinton spoke. judy woodruff spoke about her opposition to the pacific deal. here it is. clinton: i have said from the beginning that we have to have a trade agreement that would create good american jobs. raise wages, and advance our security. and i still believe that is a high bar that we have to meet. i have been trying to learn as much can about the agreement. i am more eight, i am worried about currency manipulation not be part of the agreement. we lost american jobs to the manipulations that countries, particularly in asia have engaged in. i'm worried that the pharmaceutical companies may have gotten more benefits. and patients and consumers of gun fewer. i think that there are unanswered questions. -- and patients and consumers
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have gotten fewer. it comes down to the three decisions i've made, we learned a lot about trade decisions. sometimes they look great on paper. when president obama came into office he inherited a trade agreement in south korea. i, along with other members of the cabinet, worked hard to get a better agreement to make improvements. it does not back, have the results we thought it would have in terms of access to the markets. >> are you saying this is something you cannot support? today, i am not in favor of what i've learned about it. there is another element of to point out. trade agreements to not happen in a vacuum. us to have a competitive economy in the global marketplace, there are things we needed to do at home to help raise wages.
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for republicans to block everything oprah said obama has tried to do, for the larger issue, again, would not have all the details. i do not believe it will meet the high bar i have said. is calling in from richmond, virginia. democrat. yes, please not cut me off, i've been listening to c-span for 25 years. i was calling about the second who called caller barack obama communist. barack obama is a great president. he has done great things. yes, he has made mistakes. is letting our military rest. everybody is americans enemy. republicans practically destroy the institution of respect. they do not how -- they do not know how they have offended black americans. they have done so we things to black americans, but we still love the country. i'm talking at once you hate black people. i love black americans.
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i get a good dedication, i could have what they have. there is no hate. we have to do something about virginia. it is a white supremacist state. our police department is out of control. a kill us, they beat us, they lie in court. some of us in virginia are doing very well. this is the greatest president on the planet, and i am glad the militaries on break. russia should go over there and make a fool of themselves. he's been there for a million years in syria. we have ourter, next president, we are going to have to make a big footprint over there to calm things down. call down the white supremacists here in virginia. they are losing their minds. c-span is the greatest organization that america has. that is my secret weapon, c-span. host: what do you do for living?
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caller: i'm retired. host: what he retired from -- what are you retired from? caller: doing shifts. any job you don't want to do, i do. i want to say this again. we have got to find a way to give the people some way of getting here but not being here illegally. our citizens have to be citizens. blacks know the 14th amendment. every immigrant has contributed in some way or form, but they came the right way. there has to be a rule of law. i apologize, i am not being rude. c-span, you keep doing good work. you got a start doing some thing with the phones that the public uses. they have got a be quality. keep up the good work. you are the only chance america has got. host: that's wayne in richmond, virginia.
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says obama has had several years to come up for syria. this is the louisville independent line. you're on the washington journal. my name is joe. my concern is about the division of america. half the country does not like the other half of the country. that is why putin is after us. he is coming because not because obama is weak. we divide ourselves. in order to make america great, like we have been for the last 70 years, we have to come together. united we stand, divided we fall. that is the definition for democracy -- as the definition for democracy says, 13 words, it is each individual's civic duty to work for the betterment of others. if each of us works for everyone
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else, than the country is great. -- then the country is great. that america returns to the greatness it always has been. we will never be great any longer if we are fighting among each other. marcos is with the hill newspaper. what is going to happen in the house of representatives? guest: chaos is raining right now. g right now. the deep internal division that exists right now is not going to be solved within an hour or two. they're going to head back to their districts for a weeklong recess this afternoon. host: were you standing outside
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of the conference after kevin mccarthy decided not to run for speaker yesterday? what was that like? guest: i was. there was probably at least 100 reporters in the hallway along the office building, and the meeting started at noon yesterday, around 12:25 or so. i salsa members come out and thought that a couple were coming out -- i saw some members coming out and thought that a couple were coming up for bathroom breaks, but when i came over, we all realized they were telling us, no, they are calling off the election and kevin mccarthy is pulling out. ught by all caps surprise. what are the chances that paul ryan will be drafted at this point? ryan putthin minutes,
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out a statement saying he would not be a candidate. the widen, because of republican review, paul ryan is the only person who could be a unifying figure for the conference. speaker boehner, thkevi mccarthy, and others have been urging him to run. they are expecting him to want to run for president someday. congress has favored poorly in the eyes of many americans. children and demanding fundraising schedule of the speaker would conflict with that. host: is the house going to
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adjourn right after 9:00 a.m. the sorting some republicans to have this meeting? guest: they are expected to. for some thing like this, you are going to have a couple of republicans miss it. so the timing of this right now is to be determined. host: what is the purpose of the 9:00 a.m.? guest: they're going to discuss how they are going to be moving forward and select anthe new speaker. the floor vote is totally in flux. that he ishner says going to step down at the end of october. right now, he says he will stay on as speaker until the election of the new speaker. host: will you be outside of the
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conference this morning? caller: guest i willguest: i wi. host: thank you for being on this morning. don from florida. independent line. what is on your mind? when back in 1989 george -- in 1991 george h to be bush made a nintspeech, he dd that. -- the republicans cut funding. they don't remember that.
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people who call themselves conservatives and all this other ,tuff, evangelicals, look you're always talking about your care. we are dealing with different issues. daily thing they care about is a child in the womb. once a child is born, you don't do nothing for them. let us be honest here. you walk around here like you are righteous. i see the things that the democrats are doing. they allow the republicans to do what they want. with ahead goes, the tail will follow. -- wearing the head goes, the tail will follow. where the head goes, the tail will follow.
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t.erica was never grea i served in the army. let's be honest. it was never a great nation. we can make it great. bigotry.ide hatred and host: thomas in houston texas. texas. i want people to get perspective that we need an educated middle-class and workers. we need workers in this country, and now there are a few right-wing people who are electing people who do not let the government function. goes, the white
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elephant in the room is the ecological disaster that is the earth. things for calling in. -- thanks for calling in. wing rebels who overthrew john boehner." that's the article. new york republican peter king may have called boehner's unseating a victory for the crazies, but there's little lunatic about this fringe. the freedom caucus features whip smart politicians who know how to tell it plain to the folks back at home. he sports a buzz cut and a goatee and has the offhand bearing of farmhand washington.
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-y phd studies- other members of the freedom caucus include mark sanford. where southerners predominate, freedom caucus members come from all corners. including newll, mexico, wyoming, michigan, and new jersey. for of arizona's five 4 oflicans are -- arizona's five republicans are members of congress. -- the freedom caucus. of 435 members, why would this small block of republicans matter?
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by standing firm against planned parenthood, this gang of 31 gopaled that the house could not unite behind any budget bill that president obama would actually sign. mulvaney has set the clock ticking on another government shutdown, a timebomb the later found john boehner could only diffuse. that is an article from the national journalists morning. -- journal this morning. i apologize, that is not the national journal. that is rolling stone. laura is in michigan. laura, go ahead. caller: sitting here this at the, i am appalled hostility that has been shown by the callers. about how them talk they are worried about the debt.
7:43 am
about thiss to think defense spending that we are incurring. 19 totalmore than countries underneath us on the war. war equals killing. i am at a loss for words. who care the people about america? it is appalling. america."ove nobody wants to get in and pitch in and help for the betterment of mankind. i am almost a senior citizen. , though i havee been interested in politics since i was 12 years old, i have never seen such hostility.
7:44 am
i want to bring to the listening public's attention that the men today, most of them are very angry. they want to get in and fight and do all kinds of things. i think it is about time we looked at what women say when they get on the phone. their thinking is much more peaceful. they are not nearly as malicious or hateful. reason, i think, ladies, we ought to think about putting a woman in the white house. a republican. i'm fed up with what is going on here. move ontoe going to another woman republican calling in from houston, texas. caller: i am a black, 82-year-old republican. i left the liberal nation years
7:45 am
ago and i have not looked back. i want to respond to a caller from early on in the program. and said they called all of the presidents "president." does she remember what they called my president bush? they called him a cowboy, said he could not read. somebody threw a shoe at him. in my community, the dominant black community, they thought that was so funny. i don't know where she got this from that they respect all other presidents. i want to say to my people. obama has not been good for us. i get tired of people calling and saying he is an african-american. he is a half-rican.
7:46 am
he had a white mother and spent more time with that side. we do not identify with him. we are way behind everyone else. obama has been a disaster for the blacks. i do not understand why we cannot see this. of blacks in by 90% who voted for him. all because he had a black daddy. racism is worse in this nation today than it was when obama was elected president. to my people, please stop taking up with this man. he has been a disaster for us. we are worse off. we're still in the ghetto.
7:47 am
we are still living off food stamps and welfare. we need jobs. we don't need a black president. i don't care if it is a man or woman, we need a person this white house who is going to differentiate between right and wrong. there is wrong in this nation. host: why did you leave the democratic party 40 years ago? caller: i left the democratic party because they would come on every time it was election and they would feed us and tell us that the old republicans hate us , and we love you, but then i saw this downward trend. i saw neighborhoods being turned into ghetto neighborhoods. they would still say, oh, they love us. they would come out in election time in these rundown neighborhoods and stick these democrat signs at the ragged
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houses in the neighborhood, and i would say, what is wrong with my people? can't you see what they are doing to us? we are on the lower end of the totem pole. everybody is ahead of us. we're sitting around talking about how they hate obama because he is black. he was not ready to be pres ident. he could not run a lemonade stand. he is running this country to destruction. who do you like in 2016 for the republican nomination? i want a person who is going to do what is right for this country. i don't care about color. i don't vote color. i don't vote smooth talking. i want someone that stands with my principles.
7:49 am
wherever comes up that i feel like that, that is who i'm going to vote for. right now, i would say that one thing that has happened to us is that we sit and we let some white democrat plantation owner tell us how to vote instead of going out and choosing. stopping manipulative. manipulated. -- stop being manipulated. host: jane is in jacksonville. she's 82 years old, i am 80. she is still down on the plantation. it takes allr says kinds of people to make a world, and i guess it takes one of those. kevin mccarthy is stepping down.
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peopler any of the gop talk about him stepping down, they say they are surprised. he let the cat out of the bag. he told the truth about benghazi. hearts, theytheir know that the whole benghazi andg was just a conspiracy sabotage against president obama and hillary clinton. god is getting ready to make the truth come forward. he is putting a hole in the wall of the american people and those were doing evil in this party, or republicanatic
7:51 am
or tea party. no world can see and will just what is going on in america. just what is going on in america. host: go ahead, carl. caller: the way i see it, if hillary clinton was an ordinary person, she would already be in jail. if they can go after general patreus for a lotal less than what hillary clinton did on an unprotected server, i don't understand. .he problem i see is the media .ast week, they did a poll
7:52 am
guess what came in last place? c-span. september, go back and read the transcript. straight seven democrats and one independent who turned out to be a democrat. the man who ran this organization, he did it there and above board. if someone called him on the wrong line, he would chastise him and told him off. off.ll them just tell them never to call again. host: we're not. it's very interesting what you have to say. maybe we should get a prime lamb back out here and get him to do the calls again.
7:53 am
would you like that? caller: i love that. host: send him a letter. call from berkeley springs, west virginia. up, representative steve king from iowa. they will be adjourning for a republican congresrepublican coe meeting. we will be taking your phone calls. ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2015] >> our road to the white house coverage continues from new hampshire.
7:54 am
eastern, 10:00 speakers include a republican and democratic -- eight republican and democ ratic presidential candidates who will talk about making america energy secure. on tuesday afternoon at 12:30, we are live with republican john kasich as he speaks in new hampshire. and on wednesday, live at 7:00 p.m. eastern time, jeb bush will have a meeting in concord. c-span, taking you on the road on c-span,e house, c-span radio, and i think every first lady should do something in this position about the things she cares about. i think everything in the white house should be the best. the entertainment is given here.
7:55 am
here.t is given i think it is good weather is quite -- i think it is good in a world where there is quite enough to divide people to unite people. jackie kennedy's first 100 days in the white house. it was ultimately the tragic images of her at john f. kennedy's federal that cemented her in the public mind. our series, first ladies, investing theage, private life of the women who served as first lady and their influence on the presidency, from marshall washington -- martha washington to michelle obama. sundays at 8:00 p.m. eastern
7:56 am
time. >> washington journal continues. host: representative steve king. turmoil, chaos, peril. these are all terms that are being used to describe what happened in the house today. guest: i don't know about the peril part. a bitis turmoil, there is of chaos. there is a lot of a motion going back and forth. there is a lot of confusion. when kevin mccarthy made the announcement that he would withdraw his name as a candidate for speaker, the speakers themselves, the mic system that we had in the room, were not functioning well at all. some of the people in the front of the room heard what he said. a good number of people in the back of the room knew something dramatic had happened. they were saying, "what did you say?" room whispered to each other what was happening while that happened.
7:57 am
john boehner stepped up to the microphone and made a motion to adjourn. a gavel came down. that was the quickest conference i ever remember. it was already full of press and cameras. it was hard to get into the room. some members peeled out of the room. steve king, was it going to be a secret vote? guest: i suspected it would be. i don't know for sure on this. we may have had that discussion. i think it was going to be a secret ballot. host: can you tell us how you would have voted? guest: i would have voted for dan webster. i have been talking for dan for two and a half years. he was the speaker for the house in the state of florida. he did a terrific job as the speaker of the house in florida. democrats who you never would expect would be supportive of his style and his management style were speaking in favor of him, as well as all the way
7:58 am
across the board in the republicans. i have been talking with him about that. he decided to accept the inination and jenny were, -- january. votes a majority speaker ever received since the civil war was 12. dan is making the case strongly that he would take the top down on this pyramid structure of power the way the house is being run and turn it upside down and have it the membership driven. rather than a handful of leaders making this decision, he would be bringing it directly to the floor. host: there seems to be pressure on paul ryan to run for speaker. guest: i don't know the answer. i'd like to hear how he would approach the difficulties we
7:59 am
have ahead. paul is no doubt a capable individual. he has broad support in the conference. whether he is bought enough to win the speakership, i think that is a hard thing to know seeing how kevin mccarthy's broad support disappeared. host: does this current situation in parol the gop's majority in 2016? guest: i think back on the government shutdown of 2013 on the conventional wisdom was that republicans had made a blunder for standing on principle on a constitutional issue. punished because the poll numbers have dropped off. when they win the united states senate, it is hard to be analytical and say that standing
8:00 am
on principle hurt the republican image. we see what emerges from this, i think will have a better conference and we've had before. hopefully, he becomes the speaker of the house in the next few days or a couple of weeks. in any case, he has laid down the parameters that we need to pay attention to on how to restructure, and in the end, we will be better if we hear and listen to the people and respond to the voice of the people. we will be better and better respected. down a littlees longer and we come out of it better, we will be reported rather than punished. host: webster is staying in at this point? guest: he is staying in the race. atncourage members to look what he has to say and encourage him as speaker. host: what is going to happen at the conference meeting this morning? guest: it will be a family discussion. some families have food fights.
8:01 am
i will say it has never happened in our conference. i don't think that will be the case this morning. i think there will be another time of introspection. i think we will be talking more about what we need to do to help up a process then who will be the next speaker. things change. i want to listen to what all the members have to say. my advice would be, let us have the discussion. what other candidates are emerging, also. -- let us see what the other candidates are saying, also. representative steve king, when you hear your namesake and fellow family member peter king from new york say this was a victory for the crazies, what is your reaction? and i i noticed that he are both wearing a bright green tie yesterday.
8:02 am
i don't think there's anything constructive about throwing those kinds of allegations around. saying those things about folks yesterday who are advocating that we need to pic k a speaker that the democrats could vote for. we get along very well. if anyone asked for me to tone it down, i suppose they are the asking some of the folks on that side of the argument also tone it down. host: steve king, from iowa. hello, lois. caller: they kicked that man out because he told the truth about benghazi. that is all it is. they want someone who will keep it safe. listen to this. they want to get rid of john boehner. they are not saying anything up there about doing work for the people. who areople like that
8:03 am
hurting. unemployment checks are running out. people need food. people have worked all their life since they are 16 years old and i laid off now. they have got children. ,nemployment here in tennessee i've been there for six months. you're not talking about jobs. you won't help the people. there's no transportation bill. some democrats to. i'm not going to get on you. what about the people here in america who are starting? -- starving? do you think?u guest: we want to have the government running under regular order. the constitution guarantees a republican form of government. fromlect representatives
8:04 am
your district, and they have obligation to you. they only their judgment and best effort. part of that is to listen to their constituents and gather all the information they can, and use that the political together, take the best ideas they can, and bring that to washington -- poll that pull that all together, take the best ideas they can, and bring that to washington. the president said, "i demand that you fund planned parenthood or i will shut the government down." we saw on amendment that was seeking to take the confederate flag down everywhere in america. we come to the continuing resolution with the president's command that we shall put a half billion dollars into the coffers of planned parenthood. i watch the videos. -- watched the videos.
8:05 am
we want a government that does function in a way that your voice can be heard. host: john on the republican line. caller: i'm a registered republican. anould consider myself to be eisenhower republican. the party has changed so much that i find it very hard to vote for republican today -- a republican today. if the republican party was opposing both slavery and mormonism, if you look at any map of the political parties states in thedest united states are the 11 former slave states and the mormon states.
8:06 am
that is who is controlling this republican party today. if you remember, like i did, i am 66 result, and i know what a conservative is. conservatives always paid their bills. my father, who just recently died, never had a credit card. if you remember, if you go back to history, everything changed when ronald reagan became president. these conservatives are so quick to tell you about how reagan produced spending, but -- heuced spending, but tripled our national debt. 'sst: i am on john; side.
8:07 am
on september 30 passed a continuing resolution. they kept the government running. the next morning, the white house said we now have a debt ceiling crisis coming up and the dropdead deadline is november 5. here's what i would like to do, john. i would like to create a constitutional amendment that would require a balanced budget. i think your father would have appreciated such a move. i would like to see it sent to the states for ratification as a condition of raising the national debt. if they ratify a balanced budget resolution, they would say, we do not want to see you in the red any longer. i think we should do that. we have not had a balanced budget under this president.
8:08 am
edwin christian tweets to you that if the freedom caucus can shut down the house, it will never run under regular order. guest: i am the chairman of the conservative opportunity society. i have shared that group -- chaired that group for years now. we try to be the conscience of the conservatives, the full spectrum of constitutional conservatives. we will work with the freedom caucus and the liberty caucus and the tea party caucus. we came together and cohost the meeting where we spoke to each of the candidates for speaker and listen to their arguments -- listened to their arguments.
8:09 am
at this point, the speaker candidates need to be able to do and onad discussions, both sides, be reasonable -- have discussions, and on both sides be reasonable. our approach is a little different, but i agree that there is concern there, and we need to put this thing that is membership driven in, bottom should not beers punished for the speakers 's conscience. the: how much affected walter jones letter about skeletons in the closet seem to be a part of kevin mccarthy's decision not to run? guest: it is hard to speculate on that. the question is a sense of how --h affected would have had effect it would have had.
8:10 am
i have not digested that information. i suspect there were many who had announced their support for kevin mccarthy who were getting that information for the first time. there is also the story out there that there was an e-mail of a significant amount of that information that went to many of the members. ton you are kevin mccarthy, measure the impact of that is difficult to do. with a rumor, if you go around and say it is not true, what if you speak to someone who says, what rumor? now you have inadvertently spread the rumor. there were other issues along the waway, too. host: this is a tweet from sandra. defundre any plan to
8:11 am
city?" citsanctuary guest: there's a plan in each of the appropriations bills. an amendment has passed over the years but been killed in negotiations process for a continuing spending bill. we are still in crisis management. a situation in where we cannot argue for any of these amendments. the white house will be at the some point. havee now that i at least state to are not going to honor ice detainers.
8:12 am
whenever i see a picture show up on the internet about a young lady with bright blue eyes and long brown hair, i always think of kate steinle and think that her image tells us what we need to do. host: mitch is calling from lewes, delaware on the democrat line. i appreciate: your program and want to thank you, senator king. i and what you might call a tea party democrat , a minority in my state. the reason i am calling is because i wanted to just briefly bring up what i saw on another station. i don't recall his name, was discussing his frustration that is being shown right now over the leadership fight. moreinted out that it is
8:13 am
of an expression of the frustration with the people of the united states that is mirrored in the primary elections and that the people see that nothing is getting done. the legislature has passed several bills, but they have either by the veto of harry reid, extending his to take over the veto requirement of the presidency and pocket veto legislation. i wish we would go to a simple majority, nuclear option. guest: the nuclear option in the
8:14 am
i am one who has supported arguments made by institutionalist's who have been there for years that have a feel for how the majority changes in the rights of the minority are protected in the senate. i watched the uranium nuclear deal come through, -- iranian nuclear deal come through, and i the rules in the senate are what allowed that deal to come through. those rules are bigger than the specter of a potential mushroom cloud over the united states, i think it is time to rethink those rules. the republican senate blow the place up, so to speak. exceptions for the
8:15 am
agreement,the full treaty,ly declare it a that might be what saves millions of potential deaths. i want to have respect for the institution of the senate. host: we are talking with representative steve king, republican of iowa. he is currently in his seventh term. terry is calling in from dexter, iowa. calleris that in your district? caller: thank you for having steve on this morning.
8:16 am
i voted for you many times. i want to thank you for all of supporting christian values. you and your family are super representative of christian and , and are profamily values.ueour iowa . want to thank you i want to continue to support .ou in your work i want america to support you.
8:17 am
oft: give us your sense 2016. who are you supporting? caller: ted cruz. he is hard-working. , wey work in the church work with processing refugees all over the world and social services. rubiouz and marco understand human struggles and .he struggles of refugees guest: thank you, sir. host: thank you, terry.
8:18 am
thank you for the call and the long list of things that do matter. i would say directly to you and the people of iowa, nn hampshire,, south carolina, each of you have more to say the nexto will be the th president of the united states than anyone else. go meet the candidates. listen to what they have the say. tell them what you have to say. that will help them set their priorities. in the earlyright states, maybe by south carolina, we might be able to see how that breaks. get involved.
8:19 am
get engaged. you have a lot of voice and accounts. host -- it counts. host: why haven't you endorsed anyone yet? guest: this is a gauntlet we go through. we started with 17 candidates, it is down to 15. i don't want to diminish anyone. i admire and appreciate them all. i want to see this process go on iowans to make decisions. donald trump sits at the front of this, half a lap in front in a nascar race.
8:20 am
take ally, he will fill upn the pits to his tires. all of them have called me. we meet along the way. we go to two or three or four presidential events. i want to be able to showcase them. host: you attend events with all the candidates that invite you? guest: if i am able to. where i step up and share a stage, it is always complementary. when you decided that you are going to dive into the fishbowl of the presidential race, you know that every part about your life, real or imagined comes up before america. the higher you get in the polls,
8:21 am
the more scrutiny there is. i admire the people that have that courage to take on all that criticism that could possibly come from the most sophisticated communication system the world has ever seen. preibusreince indicated that iowa and new might not be the first in the upcoming primary. guest: we need to have a talk. you need to get caught up with the articles. his commitment to supporting iowa, here's what happened. we had a straw poll, a great big political fair. we had big tents and air-conditioning and wonderful food. people bring their families.
8:22 am
they walk through in the presidential candidates. they get caught up in all of that. there is a straw poll. is a measure of organizational ability for each of the candidates. that has gone on multiple times. there has never been a president who didn't first win the iowa caucus. the undermining took place. they pulled the plug on it sometime in the midsummer. areid to them that if they able to plow through the straw poll, the next target will be to take i was out of place in the next caucus. i predicted it six months ago. eince and i are going to
8:23 am
have time to talk. from the independent line montello, wisconson. you were talking about talking to your people in the district to there. watch c-span, and more and more republicans when speaking to the general public and say theyfloor are one way when their constituents say no. they say their constituents don't have all the information. that therying to say
8:24 am
25% who are against something all live in your district? , how are wewould be supposed to teach children about the constitution in this day and age? god was not put into the original constitution. that has happened later. every time scott walker doesn't agree with something, he has the state constitution changed to go with what he wants. if you can comment on this, i'd appreciate that. guest: to the first question, i'm not sure. and scottonstitution, walker, i don't know about that. he cannot change the constitution without a super majority rule of the people. that's a fairly high bar.
8:25 am
we don't change it very often, th in iowa. the president is supposed to serve, protect, and defend it. i take that seriously. if there is a bill on the floor that is unconstitutional, i am compelled to vote no on it. if there is a bill with an unconstitutional act, i'm compelled to vote no on it. andve great respect appreciation for the people in this country. i travel around this country and meet people in all 50 states. lotsd out that there are and lots of great people everywhere, and most of the time we think we are isolated in our neighborhoods. americans together as and look over the little
8:26 am
differences, that is how i view america. thank you. host: i think she was talking about the diversity of districts. if a member goes on the floor and says i'm voting this way so,use my constituents say even when 25% of americans disagree with this, maybe a kind of speaks to -- it kind of speaks to the gerrymandering of districts. guest: on the gerrymandering, i want to make the statement on national television. i've always thought the gerrymandering was wrong. knownwas a case in 1961 as "one man, one vote." they said the state had to
8:27 am
redistrict to optimum population balance so there would not be distortion. so, they forced redistricting after the census that takes place every 10 years. at that time, they started gerrymandering in the states to build republican districts from democrat districts. that has polarized our state legislatures. congressional seats are determined, further polarizing that. districts,-american a non-african-american cannot very well represent african-americans, and that was
8:28 am
further polarized based on race. you cannot depose an incumbent. you end up with districts that end up polarized. there are people in congress who have strong republican districts, strong democrat districts, and it does not represent the mix of people you see in wisconsin. you wonder how it can be so polarized. that is a dysfunctional set up the group from a 1961 supreme court case and the political bargains that took place that accelerated gerrymandering. i don't see the window to change it, and i would if i could. host: matt smith tweets and that dan webster's gerrymander will be going through a court-ordered redrawing soon. why not nominate a guy on the way out -- white nominate a guy
8:29 am
on the wa the wayominate a guy on out? guest: the house could choose a speaker from anywhere. there are no qualifications required. the american people will weigh in. it is a consideration. newt gingrich is a brilliant man. he is brilliant. he understands the function of the house of representatives. he had his own friction in the times when he held the speaker's gavel. i think it was constructive to listen to john king.
8:30 am
i would like to hear nudes ewt's cousel on this. i think it would be best to have a family discussion and come out of there with a sense of what candidates have emerged, if any have, and what candidates might be considering that. by the time we come back, i think we will be ready to take some action. host: your colleague, very real chance gop will need the democrats to help elect a speaker. guest: when has that ever happened in history? i would pute -- that on my long list of options
8:31 am
as a last option. host: as always we appreciate you coming over and taking callers from our viewers. coming up next, elizabeth esty, a democrat from connecticut and represents newtown. should be out in just a minute on the "washington journal." ♪ >> every weekend programs on politics, nonfiction books, and american history. marking the 20th anniversary of the million man march. live coverage from the national
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mall. sunday evening at the national discusses, ben carson his new book, which she wrote with his book, candy. from new, we're live hampshire for the problem solver convention. saturday, coverage of the brooklyn book festival, on barackjulian reed obama. the middle east needs a sexual revolution. gregory on the current religion,t faith and
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interviewed by sally quinn. professor ont, alexander hamilton, his role in the creation of the federal government. theay afternoon at 4:00, u.s. information agency film on the first three years of the war in afghanistan and alleged war crimes. get our complete weekend schedule at "washington journal" continues. host: i want to introduce you to elizabeth esty. newtown, dan barry, some of the cities she represents. democratic members of the house yesterday talking
8:34 am
about gun legislation? guest: a number of us took to the floor because frankly we have had enough. we need to have a vote on common sense gun safety legislation. the tragedy happened in newtown. america came together and people again.ever we just put the flag back up to full staff this morning. we had another mass shooting in america. ands time to start action, the house needs to vote on this legislation. host: what is the legislation? guest: what had been brought up in the last congress in the senate, comprehensive background checks. we want to keep guns out of the
8:35 am
hands of dangerous people. we need to ensure all commercial , all of them have to complete successfully a background check. that has stopped millions of gun sales over the years. it is so easy to avoid going to a background check. it makes a big difference and it has stopped many crimes. host: i'm sure you saw this front-page story in "the washington post." consideringama is circumventing congress and imposing background check requirements. guest: it is understandable.
8:36 am
evadingw, people are the law. it is time for action. i do not blame the president for acting. callut in the country, your members of congress. demand we have a vote on that. we sends a letter to john boehner to allow us to vote on this legislation. host: what would be the practical impact on background checks? guest: they stop dangerous criminals from getting weapons, and they work every single day. we have laws against murder but we still have murder. we have resources and tough laws and we enforce our laws. this is about ensuring we do everything we can, and the
8:37 am
background checks are the first place to start. we have the buddy or the gun fornd buys the someone who cannot buy one. host: i am sure you heard these remarks about what ben carson have to say. [video clip] mr. carson: i would not just stand there and let them shoot me. meould say, "he may shoot but he cannot get us all." >> these seem to suggest the victims should have done more. there and if you are they shot other people, what would you do? that was the original question. i would much rather go down fighting.
8:38 am
if all of us attacked the shooter, the chance is strong that not all of us would be killed. context,take it out of that is when it becomes controversial. host: congresswoman. guest: the answer is not to have the wild west and everyone armed everywhere. there were students who had weapons in that school and wisely chose not to use the weapons, knowing they could get caught in the crossfire. not turning our schools into prisons keeping our children in. the answer is to have sensible laws. we can pray in synagogues and churches and temples and not be afraid a crazy person or felon
8:39 am
would come in armed with an arsenal and mow down a bunch of people. and we can do better. these are not natural disasters. we can take action and action will make things better. group ands what this the american people are calling for. start with a straightforward -- law enforcement agrees on. start with the things that already work. it is simple and common sense. host: how is newtown? guest: every time one of these mass shootings happen, people are traumatized. the first responders, the families, the elected officials, everyone there.
8:40 am
that is true in aurora and across america where these awful crimes happen. 20e of the parents -- children were ripped from us. of of parents have decided to bring new children into the world. that needs to the met with the action of the u.s. congress to help protect these new children. host: sandy hook, has that been torn down? guest: it is in the process of being rebuilt. host: elizabeth esty is our guest, a graduate of yale and harvard. first call is a democrat. caller: good morning.
8:41 am
i would like to say two things. the ones who have killed people, they have the guns legal. they are gun shows that will sell guns without identification. $600, they are charging $900 and let people have the gun s. i am sorry what happened to the children. we need people who will stand up for us. unemployment. why aren't you trying to do something about the unemployment? people, money is running out.six months for unemployment. line are you trying to do something about that? guest: thank you for calling in. you are absolutely right about
8:42 am
the gun show loopholes. that is absolutely right. there could be two booths. in one, they will ask you if you're a felon and will get an answer back with a thumbs up or not. if you're a felon, why would you not just go to the next booth where they do not bother with the questions? that is wrong. imagine if you went to an airport. imagine you are a terrorist and you can choose whether you can go to security or walk on the airplane with a bomb. on your second point about unemployment, we are working every day. i just passed a bill to help
8:43 am
with education on science education. all of our children need to have the excellent skills in a global economy. so your child and my child have the opportunity. we need to be working on getting folks back into the workforce. we need to have retraining and make sure everybody who wants to work has that opportunity. host: independent line. caller: yes. things -- lot of go.le have nowhere to excepteves nothing millions for weapons.
8:44 am
we could have will -- and taken them out of the jails, instead of being in isolation like an animal. host: could you give us your first name, please? caller: [indiscernible] host: what is your first name? caller: ann. host: ann? caller: ann. guest: you are right we need to do something on that. we have not met the demand very well. there was a decision in the 1980's, where we would provide better treatment in communities, and it just did not happen. we have come together with some legislation that would increase
8:45 am
funding for mental health and identify the children who would be most vulnerable. we need to help those kids early on, help their families and that is going to require resources. host: elizabeth esty, i'm sure you saw the front page of "the new york times," the story from roseburg. this is in. "the new york times." the security guard should be armed at the college. guest: there is a desire to do something to stop the bad guys. in reality, a return to the wild west where everyone has weapons and you may not know who the bad guy is. i remember the shootings in newtown. there were conflicting reports.
8:46 am
a gentlemen worked in the school who was treated like he was a shooter, and he was a beloved custodian trying to protect children. it was a chaotic situation. i want to say something. there has been discussion. congressmanrmer talk about how sorry he is that 20 years ago there was language that prevented the centers from disease control from doing research on the causes of gun violence, thinking it would stop advocacy dollars going to the c dc. our cars are safer because we did research about what makes
8:47 am
accidents happen. we can make our guns savor. -- safer. we cannot do that unless we lift and make informed research. we have done it before on other issues, but not the congressional ban. host: how did you get to harvard? guest: my collie was just here -- my colleague was just here. i grew up in minnesota along the mississippi. my dad and my grandfather were both engineers. my grandfather helped to build started adams a help manufacturing company.
8:48 am
that's when we moved back to minnesota. .ome of the win hawks i took a flier, having very little idea how tough it would be to get in. host: the republican line, hi. caller: hello. lady, goike to ask the down to the ghetto in baltimore and chicago and to detroit and them.up the guns from thin i wouldn't have anything against registering everybody else. shoot at the school. i do not know why you have to toister because obama wants
8:49 am
register so we can have all of the guns when he gets ready to take them. host: are you a gun owner? caller: no, but my son-in-law and my daughter is. i am a oldn woman. i wasn't going to shoot anyone anyway. do.ow that what he wants to it has come to reality. what he wants to do. gunsne said, giving these so weekend get control of our guns. host: thank you, marnie. guest: you and i disagree about the president's motives.
8:50 am
i i know him and the vice president. i have no problem or any americans who have a problem with lawful abiding gun owners. the illegalng about guns that cause every day violence in our cities. so easy to get your hands on illegal guns. we need to close the loophole and make it a federal crime to engage in traffic in of weapons. places like hartford are seeing an explosion in gun violence this year. part of that is weapons coming in from out of state. to transport -- not to transport
8:51 am
illegal guns across state lines. lead to empower law enforcement -- we need to in power law enforcement to do their jobs. 30,000 americans are being cut down, which is now surpassed deaths in autos. we can and should do it, respecting the rights of lawful gun owners. host: to close the so-called gun show loophole? guest: this bill will pass when it gets called up. it will cause some discomfort from members. some have said, 'i do not want to put mining on the bill.' john boehner knows that. increased pressure.
8:52 am
honors an opportunity to the words of the pope, when he spoke to us two weeks ago. he talked about the most vulnerable. put others ahead of self. who is more vulnerable than a child or college student at the other end of they gun, are a child walking school in chicago or new york or anywhere, and we can and must do better. this is not a challenge or threat. asked john boehner to do the right thing. the american people deserve the vote. america needs to respond. it has been almost three years since newtown and not a single vote in the house.
8:53 am
would need to be responsible. host: as a democrat, what is your view about what is going on in the republican party? john boehner has agreed to stay on. playbookbody has the for what is going on. i have talked to a number of friends yesterday. we do not know what is happening. this has to be something the republican party sorts out. it is the prerogative of being the majority party and the responsibility to govern. the best thing we can do for the economy is have a rational congress that was moving forward to reauthorize the export import bank, to refill the highway
8:54 am
trust fund. those are sensible things that need to happen right away. this is will have more confidence and higher more people. i want to put people back to work. you do that by having a grown economy and a predictable congress. from winter haven, florida. the m: get rid of all of -16's and whatnot.the go tol guns, you can almost any neighborhood and buy an gun. you cannot tell when a person will have an illegal gun. make laws that have penalties
8:55 am
that are good consequences. if you have illegal guns, you go 40years and you do not get out. guest: it is a paperwork violation right now. gun for someone who is not supposed to have one. you have someone who is an authorized purchaser or get them from the back of a van. open up the lack and they sell them on the street, and for not a lot of money. people are renting guns. how long do you want the gun for? we need to empower our law enforcement. there is no reason that illegal
8:56 am
trade should be going on. local police do not have the resources to deal with illegal syndicates selling them across state lines. tougher penalties. host: the house is due to come in and about four minutes or so. the republicans are on the way to meet in the basement of the capital. these are live shots of republicans going into conference. meetingl have a family to discuss what is going on. the house will be in at 9:00 a.m. and will probably adjourn and "washington journal" will willnue until 10:00 and continue to take your calls. we have elizabeth esty on the set with us.
8:57 am
mike is i bostonn. caller: my condolences to the families in sandy hook. has the government looked into bulletproof vests for those who want them? we always seem to have gun violence. make them.still i was curious if the government was looking into that. guest: i do not know. they are looking at that for our military. we are constantly looking on the military side to keep our military site. i think it is unacceptable that our answer to gun violence is for every american to have to wear a vest.
8:58 am
the answer is to have laws that were better. and to do more on mental health so we don't have people having recourse to guns whenever they are angry. the answer should not be, gr grab your gun and fire it off. study this the way we study other epidemics, other disease. disease ine is a this country. there are ways to make gun violence safer. we need to help identify people and allow them to pick a better way then whipping out a gun. that is a better way.
8:59 am
i cannot imagine sandy hook, those little children wearing vests. host: newtown basically said we do not want to talk to the media. it has really been on lock down, in a sense. guest: i have gotten to know the folks very well. they need to heal. it is very hard. some of the families are still struggling. they need their privacy to do that. i have tried to run interference. masy time we have another shootings, for many people, it is posttraumatic stress. they relive that. they do not want any other
9:00 am
community to go through what they went through. how to cope with tragedies. is not havenswer other communities go through what newtown went through. host: the house is now in session.