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tv   The Issue of all Issues  CSPAN  April 17, 2016 2:00am-2:11am EDT

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it was one of the ironies to be so antigovernment and own your future -- fortune to the government. >> author sally didn't talks about her book, "the profiteers." it takes a look at one of the largest construction companies in the world. sally: who else does the united states government try to get to build these projects throughout the world. i think it is fine for it to be them. if the taxpayer is paying for it, it would seem the taxpayer should have some access to the contracts,ut the amount of money, the worker safety. the political relationship. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q and a.
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♪ >> this month we showcase our student camp winners. c-span's annual video documentary competition. this year's theme is road to the white house. students were asked what issues you want candidates to discuss? one of our second prize high school winners are from maryland. matt, 10th-graders at sherwood high school once presidential candidates to discuss campaign laws in a video titled "finance -- campaign-finance, the issue of all issues. about an issue that affects every other issue across the nation. it may not be what you immediately think of because campaign-finance is not exactly a glamorous issue. that is right. campaign-finance.
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money gets from donor to candidate, the message, the amount. the inherent problem with unlimited money in politics. 84% of americans make money has too much influence in politics. yet for being such a monumental problem in the democracy, campaign finance is sorely undiscussed -- under discussed. candidatesesidential need to step up and tell us their plan for campaign-finance reform. because it is the issue of all issues. to learn more about the basics of campaign-finance i went to talk with my u.s. government teacher at sherwood high school. mr. allen, why do candidate care about money in the election? name -- ey buys you >> money buys you name recognition. without recognition, they will not vote for you. the -- what is
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>> what is the court case? in the public funding of federal elections. whatmoves restrictions on outside money, money not connected with the campaign can be used for outside groups which can raise unlimited sums of money can now spend them. money in politics even be a problem? claimple who are opposed that if you are going to equate money with freedom of speech, those people with the most money will then have the most influence in the election. >> these are 120 individual .miley faces, really each one represents one million american households. here is a number for you --
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$567.3 million, that is all the money raised in 2015 for the 2016 presidential election. half of all of that came from just 158 families. to represent that you would have to take a single smiley face and its original1% of size. 50% of all the money raised for the 2016 presidential election so far came from this tiny sliver. you might be wondering how the government make sure all of that money stays regulated fred i went to the federal election commission in d.c. to talk to commissioner allan wall trout. >> we work for the federal agency that administers the loss. -- laws.
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we are in charge of the management of the agency. unitedhas the citizens supreme court case offended the flow of money in politics. >> we are starting to see more money raised and spent, the coming from fewer donors. the money is shifting to be super pac's. in some cases to other organizations where they can accept unlimited contributions. >> do you think that is good? >> i think it is not a great trend for democracy. we believe that every citizen has the same rights. fines thethink the fcc up -- imposes are enough of a deterrent? >> i think they are an important deterrent. it is important that the agency does play a significant role in monitoring and making sure
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people that violate the law are held accountable. we have seen challenges in that regard. >> if -- are you working to stop the breakers? >> i think this agency has works and can work. think it needs to be restructured, six commissioners, by law no more than three can work for one party. some people think it is designed to gridlock, i think it is designed for compromise. unfortunately, remise is in short supply around here. the sluggishness should concern you, candidates are raising a ton of money. 2016 presidential candidate jeb has already raised four times more than every candidate in 2012 combined. lessig professor, larry ran his campaign on this issue. when i talk to him, he had harsh things to say about the current system. you often say that money is
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corrupt to government, house of? -- how so? >> i think the corrupting candidateis the spends 30% of your time raising money. >> do things like super pac's make that worst? -- worse? >> the buildings -- business model of fundraising is increasingly concentrated on a smaller number of people. that creates a dependence on ace the -- on a tiny slice of 1%, which is not representative of the american public. >> at this point you may be wondering what can even be done? you would be surprised at how many different ideas are out there and just waiting to be of limited. -- waiting to be implemented. >> we need citizens united overturned. >> they need to make sure the law keeps up with the changes the supreme court makes.
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>> the more important change is to establish small dollars citizen funding. public funding of elections. >> we should fully disclose to the public the sources of campaign expenditures. >> free television time is the core of the solution. >> it would essentially amend the constitution to permit congress to regulate kind 10 -- campaign finance. >> it is ok that people have different ideas on how to approach the issue. what matters is doing something. in action and silence are not options. the 2016 presidential candidates need to tell us their plan. until then, every issue will be affected by this one. ♪ >> to watch all of the prize-winning documentaries and this year's's cam competition visit student cannot or -- student ♪ >> the campaign 2016 bus
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continues to travel to winners of this year's student cam cover edition. we recently visited sparks, nevada to recognize a winner for her third prize document a on the wildhorse population in the u.s., titled "wildhorse management." we've then met with winners and will california -- we been met with winners in california. congressman peter's took part in the ceremony. in all ambra, california, congresswoman judy joined second prize winners. they had a winning documentary on social security. a special thanks to our cable partners, charter, comcast, cox, and time warner. every weekday this month, he sure to watch one of the top 21 winning entries at 6:50 a.m.
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eastern before washington journal. >> on tuesday, the present the unit -- european parliament discussed efforts to combat the islamic state and other terrorist groups following the recent attacks in brussels. intelligencessed sharing, islamic radicalization and the migration crisis in europe. as of the first hour of the debate. -- this is the first hour of that debate.


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