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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  November 6, 2016 5:39pm-6:01pm EST

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to elect the new sheriff of maricopa county. paul is doing that right now, talking to voters getting them out to vote. we're candidates who will make sure that the education system works for all students. we will make sure that michelle robinson is the next maricopa county school superintendent. elect a going to teacher to do a teacher's job to take care of kids and our teachers. elect aoing to treasurer is going to look after the finances of maricopa county. the first act will be what? >> to fire russell pearce. [applause]
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>> russell peers can follow the footsteps of sheriff chair are pile and we will show them the door come tuesday when the voters decide we will elect a new county treasurer. it will also elect a new prosecutor. we will elect someone who will bring new justice to this very important office. were going to make sure that diego rodriguez is our next county attorney. someone who will respect the rights of all citizens. we will arrest someone who will change the direction the way maricopa county is going when it comes to conducting our elections. we are going to elect a gentleman who will undo many of that maricopa county
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elections department has done. no more five-hour lines, no more long lines at the vote center. anwill make sure we have election system that works for all presidents -- residents. we will have an election system that is fair and just. the way to do it is to say thank you to helen purcell, but it is time for you to go. we are going to elect democrats up and down the ballot to make sure we we have a county government that works for everyone. it isn't just maricopa county we're going to deal with, we are going to elect the first female u.s. senator from the state of arizona, ann kirkpatrick.
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kirkpatrick personally. i have worked with her one-on-one at the arizona state house. i've seen how hard she works and how much she will do as our next u.s. senator to make sure all arizonans are represented. allow me to introduce our next u.s. senator, congresswoman ann kirkpatrick. [applause] rep. kirkpatrick: how many people have already voted? all right! let's make it happen. i started in flagstaff where i live. drove up to yuba city -- yuma city. i went to sedona. people are phone banking,
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canvassing -- it is fabulous what you are doing here. as steve said, we will make history on tuesday. it is already happening. there is energy and excitement out there that i have never seen before. there is a part of my background now that i treasure more than ever. mother's family were republicans in the white mountains, my dad's family were democratic businessman. it made for interesting get-togethers because there could be heated discussions. at the end of the day, we were all family, arizonans, all americans. everywhere i go, people tell me that they want leaders who can work together. they are sick of the gridlock in washington and the obstructionism. we all know that john mccain has already vowed to vote against
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any supreme court justice that hillary clinton nominates. obstruction?re no! arizonans are angry that john mccain isn't doing in his -- his job and hasn't been doing his job. they say that arizona taxpayers are paying you to do your constitutional duty which is to confirm a supreme court justice. this is the longest we have ever gone without filling a vacancy on the court. all of these people are going to make such a difference here in maricopa county. electingake history by the first female senator in arizona. john has got to go. we believe,fter me,
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we believe that we will win. [applause] let's do it! >> this is probably one of the exciting elections i have been involved in a long time. you see a lot of folks that want to change here in the state of arizona and a change in maricopa county. these are candidates that will change the direction of maricopa county and serve all of its citizens and we have four more days until we have one hell of a .ictory on tuesday >> do you want to say a few
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words? >> what i want to talk to you about today is, when you had the stories about the long lines, what i want each of you to do is outnd make sure you reach to your family and friends. anyone trying to vote and dealing with the efforts to suppress the vote we are dealing with here in maricopa county. support, they need us to go and talk to them to tell them don't quit. let's do this. >> i'm running for maricopa recorder, that is the administrator of the elections. a lot of folks are wondering how critical you will be of the elections department? i'm not. not today.
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today i will say that i believe the american public and those voters here care enough about their democracy to stand in five-hour lines. these are eligible american citizen voters and we should not be here wringing our hands about how bad these things are. we should be excited about how great these americans are and how excited they are to exercise their right to vote. this is positive. when we look at the character of the people here i am positive that republicans, democrats, independents, libertarians and everyone voting is voting for change and a better tomorrow. when i become maricopa county recorder they will not have to give up that much time anymore. >> i am running for maricopa county treasurer. as you know, one party politics
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has destroyed maricopa county. the cronyism and the incompetence. now is our time to flip the tables and start again. we have a trifecta of hate. we need to dump trump. with your help, we will get rid of russell pearce once and for all. thank you very much. >> i will be your next county superintendent. i know we are turning arizona blue because i'm talking to they are voting for us. we need to represent all, not special interest groups. we need to make sure that all of our kids have equitable resources and quality public education. it's time that we take back our education system. we make sure our families can
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make it livable wage and we make sure to represent the best interest of all. >> we have four days to turn maricopa county blue. are you excited? what do you think about our candidates? [applause] we have four days to get it done. thank you for coming. [applause] let's make this happen! >> election night on c-span. watch the results and be part of the national conversation. watch victory and concession theches starting live at
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clock p.m. eastern and throughout the following 24 hours. watch live and on-demand or listen to our live coverage. this headline, a final poll, hillary clinton leads donald trump by three as voters lock in. thank you for being with us. number ofy, one of a new polls looking at the state of the race. what have you learned? >> we have three new national polls today. our poll has hillary clinton had of donald trump by three points. we're seeing similar numbers -- the latest abc news, washington post tracking
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call which cannot early this morning has hillary clinton ahead of donald trump by five points. what we're finding is hillary clinton with that low-to-mid single-digit lead is consistent but the one thing that has been striking is in our poll and the nbc news wall street journal poll is the large share of voters learning up behind the -- lining up behind the third-party candidate or who are still undecided. still ahead. both candidates face these ceilings. lower.trump is >> we have been so immersed in this campaign for so long. why there arender still undecided voters. how do you answer that?
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>> you don't have to look far past both candidates both low favorability ratings. we found better favorability --ings for hillary clinton hillary clinton was viewed favorably by 40% of orders and donald trump only by 37% of voters. ultimately they are only able to attract so many voters to cast their ballots. the rest are stuck between the third-party candidates or they are voting -- at this point in the campaign you have two candidates for this disliked raises questions about whether they will stay home. hillary clinton does defeat donald trump by a low-to-mid single digit margin. will she get closer to 60%? barack obama and mitt romney at
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this stage in the campaign -- it to basically 50 to 48, 49 48. were not that many undecided voters left between them. it onehen let me take step further. the state of american politics is what? based on your survey and others you have been pouring over, what is your answer? ready to moveis on past the election and these candidates. it is striking to me how low both of their personal image ratings and favorability, ratings and other characteristics like honesty and trustworthiness -- both score lower on that. striking to go back
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and look. the last time we had a presidential race with no -- both presidential nominees were really liked and admired. they both had favorability ratings in the 50's and into the low 60's, both john mccain and barack obama. byers are disillusioned these two candidates in particular. i think these personalities are so well known and unique that one of the things that will be interesting to me moving past election day is how much we returned to what we have seen of the equilibrium and how the voters view politics and politicians and how much we have seen this become the new normal especially for the next president who will enter with
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some of the lowest approval ratings on day one that we have seen in a long time. >> on the calendar, donald trump and hillary clinton's schedule is crazy but both will be in michigan and north carolina on monday. >> these are the key states. michigan is a place where you would have said both hillary clinton and donald trump will be spending time. president obama will be there tomorrow morning -- i would have been very surprised but michigan is a state that does not have significant early voting so the extent to which the race has tightened over the last two weeks that is a state that hillary clinton me needed to worry about. it is a state with 16 electoral votes. that no republican has carried since 1988.
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pennsylvania has been a key firewall for her. similarly, only election day voting. you have to have an excuse to vote absentee. that is a state where the stakes are high on one day. with her running mate, with her husband, president and mrs. obama as well, the whole gang making their big final push. in north carolina, this is a state where hillary clinton will make inroads on the mitt romney numbers from 2012. both candidates can point to pluses. >> stephen shepherd who is a reporter for politico. latest online at politico.
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thank you for being with us. >> after i came up with this idea i did research information. case for a lot of people but mental illness especially, it is a complicated issue and it is so multifaceted that i had to research to get a base knowledge of what i wanted to talk about in this piece. i is so complicated that cannot talk about it all in five to seven minutes. >> pharmaceuticals is a broad topic. before i started interviewing my parents before i started shooting i researched this topic . i spoke to the pharmacist there and i spoke to my mom and her colleagues and coworkers and i went to the library.
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toa lot of internet research find more data and statistics , developmentalt disabilities and to see what was going on. most of the information i got from the internet came from government founded websites so that is how i knew that most of the information i was getting was legitimate. >> this year, your message to washington, d.c.. what is the most urgent issue to address? $100,000 in cash prizes. the $100,000 in cash prizes will be awarded and shared.
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20 so deadline is january help us spread the word to student filmmakers. >> monday night on "the communicators, craig aaron, president and ceo of the free press. also the top tech issues for congress -- they are interviewed by the technology reporter, a er.e noster -- amir nas >> talking about the benefits of
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broadband to all americans in a think there is another strong theme running along the idea of inclusive innovation. >> we all want to see the benefits of the internet be made available to all. we want to see more rapid innovation. what mr. trump is saying is that the way to the path of those objectives is less regulation, lower taxation. communicators on c-span2. >> on c-span, newsmakers is next with a look at the voting process ahead of election day. then president biden travels to his hometown of scranton, pennsylvania to campaign for hillary clinton.


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