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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  January 5, 2017 7:00am-8:17am EST

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115th congress gets underway. reed, who endorsed president-elect trump early in the 2016 election, will talk about how members plan to work with the new president. ♪ with senate action yesterday, the wheels were set in motion for the repeal part of repeal and replace obamacare. the replace part, yet to be figured out by congress. welcome to washington journal for this thursday, january 5, 2017. we are going to ask about your experience with the affordable care act. i'm going to invite you to call in on the line appropriate to your political belief. .emocrats, (202) 748-8000
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, andlicans, (202) 748-8001 .ndependent (202) 748-8002 you can also send us a tweet and we will look for your comments on facebook as well. it was an early vote in the senate yesterday. resolution.e budget here is the reporting in the washington times. republicans put president's health care law on fast track for appeal. the republicans won their first skirmish in the obamacare fight, to begin debating fast-track budget procedures that is successful would allow the gop to kill the 2010 health care law without having to face a democratic bill -- filibuster. the vote underscores how serious republicans are in making good on their repeal pledge, but it
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also signaled that democrats are just as committed to defending the affordable care act and are convinced they have the upper hand politically. republicans now in control of congress and about to take the white house are firing with live rounds. democrats said republicans will take place -- take responsibility for any mistakes. saides schumer of new york after a capitol hill summit with president obama, the president urged congressional democrats to , even to defend his law when he is out of office. plot their will strategy for repealing the law which has been their top target ever since it was enacted. we welcome your comments on twitter, a whole lot of tweets this morning. in six years, the gop has tried
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to appeal the affordable care act. now you have the ball and a replacement. the elderly lied to and working people in this country or veto any legislation that cuts medicare, medicaid, and social security. had no, i have now issues with the aca. i recently had surgery the cost tactically nothing out-of-pocket. that is what we like to hear from you, your experience with the affordable care act. sue is in rossville, illinois, a democrat. caller: thank you for calling me . i am a public health nurse and have been for four years. my son was a marine and after he got out for 10 years, he had to go on the affordable care act is otherwise he would not have been able to afford insurance for himself.
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his wife had insurance for herself and her children, but it was too costly to add him. i just want to say, this is a disaster and one of the cruelest ideas to repeal this health legislation. i have been around when people could not afford health care. i have a letter from a woman who was denied health insurance by an insurance company because she was treated for postpartum depression on an outpatient basis. her husband and children were taken off coverage also. the illinois insurance commission sent this woman a letter that i used to use for , put it up in public because they said they could deny anybody they want to to basically. it is a disaster, and i just cannot believe that these legislators -- i do not think people understood. and by the way, health insurance premiums were going up all along anyway.
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insurance -- insurers were dropping -- employers were dropping health care insurance because they did not want to pay for it. that is why 40 million people had no health insurance. host: do you know how much your son pays in a premium under the aca? it, andhe could afford my son has been without health insurance before he went into the marine corps because after , -- myout of college college students could stay on their parents' health insurance. i used to stay at a hotel because i traveled back and forth. those young people who had no employer health insurance could stay on their parents' after they got out of college until they were 26 years old. this is a huge disaster.
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by the way, i just signed up for medicare. i have pre-existing conditions. if that gets dropped, it will be . disaster host: we go to fred in jessup, maryland, a republican. caller: i am a school bus driver and make under $20,000 per year, compared to a teacher salary which is around $65,000. i was fined $350 last year. the government cannot force americans to buy their product and that is what he has done. he just raised his sword, i mean pen,, and the rest of us have to suffer. ridiculous and it should be repealed immediately. , we: st. cloud, minnesota
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go to minneapolis, here is carol, democrats line. caller: thank you for taking my call. i am a senior citizen that takes drugs in order to stay alive. goes, affordable care act i will immediately pay about $1300 that it now covers in the doughnut hole. the affordable care act pays a larger percentage than it does before -- than it does before. i would have to pay a lot for these drugs and i do not know how in the world i could do it. citizens, itenior will not pay for physicals, maintenance care. get out there, senior citizens, as this is really going to affect your health. host: susan is in johnstown, pennsylvania, republican caller. we are asking your thoughts on the affordable care act.
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susan, good morning. caller: for me, the affordable health care act was a godsend. i wasy husband died paying $500 per month on a cobra plan. this was the one thing that to me, as i said, it was a godsend. condition,ediabetic metabolic syndrome, and high-priced -- high blood pressure. i was told i would be refused for any other health care, and that is not even a severe illness. in, i wascame incredibly grateful. i am paying a lot of money per month and i am covered, and i feel that health coverage is a right. repealingrned about without replacing, or without having a better plan in place
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because this has helped probably millions of people. that is my concern. host: susan, appreciate your call. we welcome your comments on twitter as well. jody tweeting -- now i have the affordable care act pay for 100% of my medical bills but i would rather be working. china got my job. these are the millions and millions of good americans who hate the destruction of health care that democrats have wrecked. both president obama and vice president elect mike pence yesterday on capitol hill. on the front page of the new york times, president obama waving to reporters as he moves through the halls of capitol hill and mike pence meeting with house and senate republicans in a briefing after his meeting with house republicans. here is some of what he had to say.
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pence: obamacare has worked a hardship on american families, businesses, and in a very simple conclusion, the american people have sent new leadership here because obamacare has failed and it has been rejected by the american people. now it is time for us to keep our promise. step one will be to repeal obamacare, but as the president-elect said today, and i admonished members of the house republican congress, it is important that we remind the american people what they already know about obamacare. the promises that were made were all broken. i expect you will see an effort in the days ahead to talk about the facts around obamacare. secondly of course is to begin that orderly transition to something better. commitments, the
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that the president-elect made was to repeal and replace obamacare, and as he said this morning in a tweet, it will be important that we be careful as we do that. we do that in a way that does not work a hardship on american families who have gained insurance through this program, does not work a hardship on our economy. as i told the republican national conference, we are working on a strategy with the leadership of the house and senate for a legislative and executive action agenda, to ensure that an orderly and smooth transition to a market based health care reform system is achieved. the speaker of the house used the word "stable," and we will do that. the president-elect in philadelphia spoke about an orderly transition, and it will be that. make no mistake about it, we are going to keep our promise to the american people and repeal obamacare, and replace it with
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solutions that lower the health care costs. there is a broad range of ideas about how we do this and republicans have been offering those ideas again and again, literally every year since obamacare was first signed into law. we are going to be working with dr. price before and after his confirmation when he steps into the role at hhs, working with republican leadership in the house and senate to bring forth those solutions and to take the case to the american people. host: back to more of your calls and comments dear experience on the affordable care act. democrats, (202) 748-8001 republicans, and independent and all others, (202) 748-8002. in the los angeles times this offered nopublicans plan to repeal as more party members expressed concern. running us is one of the authors
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of that piece, noam levey, a reporter for the los angeles time. what sort of concerns are you hearing from members in the house and senate? side, on the republican there are a number of lawmakers who have said they are concerned that the president and congress not repeal the affordable care act without first identifying what would, in its place. they are reflecting concerns that have been raised by medical associations, the american medical association, pediatrics, as well as advocacy groups representing patients like the american cancer society and american diabetes association who have said if you simply pull the rug out on the affordable care act without first clearly inntifying what would come its place, millions could lose
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health insurance and the markets could be destabilized and there could be general chaos. host: the senate with their vote yesterday, initial steps on repealing obamacare. in the past, since 2010, what sort of plans have been developed by republicans that potentially could be part of a replacement for the affordable care act, or at least a supplement? guest: republicans in general have backed ideas that are much less reliant on government regulation of health insurance. that includes safety net programs like medicaid, giving states more flexibility to design the programs the way they want to, to potentially charge people to participate in the safety net programs, as well as dropping requirements that insurance companies cover a full set of benefits, for example. or that insurance companies comply with all state regulations of insurance, by
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letting insurance companies sell in any state. there is a trade-off in insurance between affordability and comprehensiveness. the more you pay in your monthly premium, the more you can expect to get in protection. if you want lower costs than you have to be as a consumer, prepared to accept a lower level of protection. in general, what republicans have advocated as for less regulation, which would presumably lower monthly premiums, but at the cost of some of the protections in insurance plans like comprehensive set of benefits. host: what are the plans of the members of congress and how they intersect with donald trump? guest: we do not know that much about what president-elect trump is advocating. is of the important caveats that while some of the ideas
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that i just outlined for you have been part of republican plans in the past, republicans have never advanced a comprehensive piece of legislation with all the details and all that messy trade-offs that are necessary when lawmakers engage in that exercise. that is part of what is fueling some of the anxiety about a replacement. has had six years to develop a replacement and has not done that, and part of the reason is because writing health care reform is very difficult. it involves difficult trade-offs , getting money from somewhere to offset the cost of health insurance for low and moderate income people. today, those questions have not been answered. host: noam levey, national healthcare reporter for the los angeles times. thank you for joining us. guest: thank you. host: back to your calls and
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comments, your experience with the affordable care act. sheldon in shreveport, louisiana. caller: i just wanted to comment. wealthiestthe most country in the world and we still do not have universal health care. all the industrialized countries in the world have universal health care beside the united states. according to the who, we rank the 50th. that is appalling. this day and age to not have every person covered under health care. andpharmaceutical companies the insurance companies have just been ripping people off
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left and right. that is one of the fights that people have been waging. have been calling for health care. i read an article, i think it was last year around what was happening with the volunteers in some part of kentucky that had nurses and doctors that were not seenople that had a doctor in years and had not seen a dentist in years. it is just appalling. i want to say that we should be moving towards universal health care. that is my comment. int: hear from rejoice sacramento, california, your
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experience with the aca. caller: good morning. i just wanted to say i think first of all, it is a form of genocide when you take something away from people that will help ,aintain a form of good health and a stability in a society. and then toountry, remove it and not have anything in place, and have so many years that you have threatened to do this, that is frightening for people. a problem with people that actually have insurance because it also makes our premiums go up. if you got six years to work on something, or if you have more time than actually that and then you come to a period where the deadline, or your deadline that , wehave imposed, and say
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are repealing it but do not have anything to replace it with so you are just going to be sick and you are not going to be healthy. we will not have a healthy society. we will not do anything to help encourage and be progressive in helping people be stronger and healthier. so i think that that is a form, to me, it is a slight way of saying this is genocide or this is going to get rid of you because we do not want to really support our citizens anyway. -- i did not even want to say the word how i feel about it, so i will just leave it at, this is awful. host: thank you so much for your call. an article in the wall street journal on another aspect of health care, reporting on the spending on health care -- medicare.
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the u.s. is supporting -- spending more on specialty drugs. federal spending on the medicare program for people with high drug costs has ballooned over the past five years, largely due to the soaring cost of expensive medications. catastrophic coverage pays 80% of drug costs after a beneficiary has paid a certain amount -- is more than triple the amount in 2010. as is a report being released this morning by the department of health and human services inspector general. i want to take a look at another article in the wall street journal that deals with intelligence agencies, the focus of a hearing this morning. their headline -- donald trump top u.s.revamp agencies.
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president-elect donald trump, a harsh critic of u.s. intelligence agencies, is working with top advisers on a plan that would restructure and pare back the nation's top spy agencies. the move is prompted by his belief that the office of the director of national intelligence has become bloated and politicized. as mr. trumpcomes has leveled a series of social media attacks against intelligence agencies, dismissing and mocking their assessment that russia stole emails from democratic groups and individuals and provided them to wikileaks for publication in an effort to help mr. trump when the white house. one of the people familiar with saysrump's planning advisers are also plenty to restructure the central intelligence the, cutting back on staffing and pushing more people into posts around the world. .he cia declined to comment
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we are covering a hearing this morning with the director of national intelligence coming up. the cyber threats hearing at the armed services committee coming up this morning at 9:30 eastern, and you can watch that live on c-span3. listen to what live on c-span radio. we will start our coverage on c-span radio at 9:30, and the c-span app as well as your experience with the affordable care act, silver spring, maryland, isabel on the republican line. caller: i am a first time caller. host: welcome. caller: i do not have a direct experience with the affordable care act. my experience is in the private market. i bought insurance privately that my employer paid for. $400 a month covered me, i daughter, i has been, and it was
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-- my husband and it was a zero dollar deductible. me by myoffered to employer under this act was to hundred $97 a month and it did not include maternity -- $297 a month and it did not include maternity. the affordable care act ruined the affordability of insurance for me and my family. bowie,oolean maryland -- maryland, ed. are going tonk you have a lot of republicans mentioned they had such a bad experience. i had a direct experience with obamacare. i used to work in a job that was very stressful and i had a pre-existing condition based on
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that stress, i had a stroke nine years ago. basically i decided i wanted to go out on my own because the stress level was going to cause me to have another stroke. i went into my business, followed my passion, basically just that the right time for me to take advantage of the affordable care act because i tried to go on cobra. they wanted $800 a month and did not want to cover my pre-existing condition. i got obamacare for less than $50 a month. if you are an entrepreneur, the affordable care act is a godsend . all of the other insurance is based on you working for someone else. people an opportunity to grow and follow their passion and their dreams. the other part of it is that 16 went to ai pharmaceutical christmas party right around the corner from you guys at the st. george hotel.
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republicans, just grassley was there and also gilmore, the former governor of virginia. they were hiding in the corner on the second floor, major drug companies. republicans represent the big corporations. they represent the hospitals, the drug companies, the large doctors offices and what has you -- what have you. worst corporations they represent are those looking to pollute the whole world, the oil companies based out of texas. host: do you think obamacare has been good to the drug companies or bad? caller: i think it has not been as good as they want. they can never have enough. corporations can never have enough and if it benefits me, the small man, who just wants to live and follow my dreams, for me to have a lower
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cost that is money they are missing out on taking away from a and taking away from my employer on my behalf. for me to go out on my own to be an entrepreneur, for all you entrepreneurs you have got to fight for this thing or else you will succumb to all of the problems that will arise from not having it. host: on the republican line, tommy in san jose, california. caller: my experience with the affordable care act was a moment, but i found out why my premiums went up. it was because marco rubio put in a rider in the budget that would compensate the insurance money,es for putting up taking that risk. what i found out, by marco rubio putting that rider in that is the reason the premiums are going up. i just want all of the people of
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the republicans, just check that out and do not let them keep fooling you. host: that sounds like specific information. where did you track that down? caller: i researched it through the internet. host: thank you for calling in with your experience this morning. asking your experience with the affordable care act. democrats,000 for republicans, (202) 748-8001, and .ndependents, (202) 748-8002 the headline -- senate gop opens fight over obama health law, democrats vow aggressive resistance. lawsignature health care has created online insurance health care markets and provided coverage to millions of people
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near the poverty line through expanded medicaid. health policy experts say the system could collapse if andblicans cut off funds, the vicesion -- president elect mike pence said "we are determined to give them that." he said the president elect would use his executive authority to make the transition away from the health care law but did not offer specifics. the democrats vowed aggressive resistance and said they would not participate in drawing up a replacement for the law after the swift efforts to unravel it. senator chuck schumer of new york, the new democratic leader, playing off mr. trumps campaign slogan, said repealing the law plottingublicans are
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and soon will be executing a full-scale assault on the three pillars that support the american health care system. the affordable care act, medicare, and medicaid. the republican plan to cut health care would not make america great again, it would make america sick again. and lead to chaos instead of affordable care. republicans would create chaos in the health care system because they are stuck between a rock and a hard place. they have no idea what to put in place of the affordable care act. for years they have talked about repeal but for five years now, they have had nothing to put in its place. it is all -- it all starts with the aca. as we all know, the aca is a delicate balance and president-elect trump expressed support for the three most popular parts of the law -- pre-existing conditions,
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allowing young people to stay on insurance until age 26, equal treatment for women. republicans will soon learn that you cannot keep the good part of the aca and remove the rest of the law and still have it work. that is what they are struggling with and that is why they are not getting anywhere. what they would do would throw the entire insurance marketplace repeal.os, plain it would increased cost for all americans at all income levels and would blow a trillion dollar hole in the deficit. and now i see the president-elect was tweeting again this morning. he said republicans should not let the schumer clowns out of his web. i think republicans should stop clowning around with the people's medicare, medicaid, and health care. host: all of that briefing and yesterday's coverage at, asking your
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experience and view of the affordable care act. a pew research poll on how americans feel about health care , the health care law in in their latest poll that was run november 30 through december 5, 48% expressing disapproval and approval, 47%. on twitter at c-span wj, bill hunter says -- understanding the plan costs $600, whether the aca or single-payer or whatever, we have to get control of the cost. jerry says -- i have a job and i'm a college student. i bought health care through the market that was affordable. it, one says -- why repeal why not just replace it? the gop has had six years to come up with an alternative yet nothing. miami, florida. caller: good morning to you and
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i do not mean to cut the conversation short, but we are all selecting -- selectively whetherng something, you are in the middle because there is no left in this country. democrats or republicans, our politicians have something called government issued health care which is what i had when i was in the military. ensign out of the navy. it worked for us. you can always make improvements, but i think at the end of the day it is all hypocrisy at work. it is all about money, greed running amok. republicans are the only party that favors the rich and corporations, that is a bag of malarkey. the democrats are in bed with these people as well. you have republicans which are
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basically the party of the oligarchs, and the democrats, that is the party that has ties to those same oligarchs. let's just speak the truth, and more importantly, let's wake up because we are getting jerked and it is bad. it has been going on for at least 40 years. america, when are we going to wake up? know --re is tina -- to tina in pittsburgh on a democrat line. caller: i just wanted to say that my experience with the affordable health care act has been kind of double-edged. i get insurance through my husband's work, and our premiums have gone up. our copayments have gone up. we get less coverage. my children suffer from a neurological condition where a have to have an mri every year for my children. from the last three years we are
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toing almost 600 -- $600 $900. my mother,r side, father, and brother have insurance that is affordable. my mother only pays $99 to see a doctor -- that is her premium. i am glad for her, glad for my father and my brother. when president obama said that younger people will have to pay more to cover everybody else, i thought that was fine, i will do that, but i did not expected to be this much. i think the real problem is that there is too many loopholes in the system right now, so before we repeal it completely we should try to fix it. the insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies are making billions of dollars. they are not seeing loss. they are claiming they are seeing losses but they really are not. they are making money hand over fist and we need to rein them in.
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i hope donald trump can really rein them in and bring them to the table to negotiate prices, have set prices for prescriptions and hospitals where you know exactly when you are going into the hospital what you are paying for, instead of getting bills months later that you did not expect. i am in debt right now -- excuse me, my family is in debt as of our medical bills, not credit cards, loans, or mortgage, it is the medical debt that is killing us. that is the problem with the affordable care act, not the coverage for everybody else, and the fact that some states have denied increasing their medicare for everybody to be included. that is the real problem, and i just wanted to tell my experience that it is good for others but not good for me. , as: your health care debt that largely from hospital stays
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or drugs or doctor visits or all of it? caller: it is the doctor visits. i get charged from the hospital and the doctor as well. i do not know what the bill is going to be. i pay my copayment and then months later i'm getting hundreds of dollars in bills from the position and from the hospital. .hat has to be cut out i need to know exactly what i am paying for when i walk in the door. pennsylvania, adam is on our republican line. caller: the last caller i think really hit it. there is two systems to obamacare, the people getting the tax subsidy and the people that are not. the people that are not have seen their premiums skyrocket. so many of them are still entrepreneurs that have a small business. mine has gone up over 500%.
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now.ductible is horrible this is how it is. some of these people, like that last caller, she said everybody that is older or maybe in retirement or pre-retirement, low income, they love it because it does lower their premium and it is affordable to them. obama said, the price of a phone bill or cable bill, but it is not for so many other people. what the last caller said about, she needs to know what it costs. if we want to have capitalism work and drive down prices and have this whole industry work again, we have to have two doctors on the same block competing for your care. when we know the prices we will be able to choose who we want to go see and who is affordable to us. that hopefully will drive prices down. host: why do you think it is so
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difficult to find out what a procedure will cost, what a doctor will charge for certain practices? caller: i think it is because for most people, like the lady what are they going to actually cover? you pay all this money and then when you actually have to use it you cross your fingers and say, i hope it is covering that amount. nothing is very clear-cut. by keeping the prices in the shadows they can pretty much keep raising their rates over and over. bank,o jump in on a side adding the subsidy money that is people, low income when even the middle class are getting the subsidy for their insurance, all the insurance company is going to do is the next year raise your rate by that amount, just like they do with college.
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if you look at college, every time the government gives more money to students, the college turns around and says, we can charge that much more. host: looking for your experience with the affordable care act, i welcome your calls and comments on twitter. let me read you part of a few lead editorials. -- thel street times coming health care crisis. 52% to 48%ow republicans are seeking to evade a democratic filibuster by instructing congressional committees to draft a budget reconciliation bill to effectively repeal the tax and spending provisions of the aca, gutting the law and increasing the deficit. the house is expected to easily pass a repeal of the aca since it has already done so dozens of times. it should perhaps come as knows a prize that zealots would refer
7:41 am
to using a budgetary maneuver to fundamentally change national policy. but it is still galling, especially because the republicans have put forward no coherent plan for what would replace the aca. they have discussed replacing the law but delaying its and, claiming political victory while leaving mr. obama's plan largely in place, to give congress and the trump administration more time to come up with a replacement. is cynical politics but it is also dangerously irresponsible governance. hospitals and doctors have warned that repealing the law without an adequate substitute could be disastrous. a bit from the wall street journal's take in just a moment. the independent line, buffalo, new york, jim. caller: you are asking for our
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experiences with the affordable care act. ,hen it first came into place the first lie was you can keep your policy. i lost my. the second lie, you can keep your doctor. my friend lost his cancer doctor so we were forced to go on the exchange. anytime i go on health insurance exchange i fill out the information and it pops up the message that the government has no records of such a person so i cannot purchase it. i do not know what they have been doing with the tax money i've been sending in all of these years, but i cannot get insurance through the exchange because i do not exist. recently try this most , they are in open season and you cannot get it? caller: any time there is an open enrollment i go online, fill up the forms, and get the same message that the government has no record.
7:43 am
estate stateyork that has its own exchange? caller: yes. host: you have not been able to reach anybody to say this is not working? can you talk to somebody, local representatives? caller: in all fairness, brian brian wouldce said personally take my stuff over to whatever office to get it straightened out, but in the meantime i found a health insurance company in buffalo that i could buy directly from. to buy one of the government approved plans. i just buy directly from them and avoid the whole exchange. host: are you happy with the plan you bought directly? caller: yeah, i do not quite understand the premiums went up. independent health is the company. increased for a 19.4%
7:44 am
and for some reason the state gave them 19.6%. i do not know why the government than what them more they asked for, and my state representative cannot come u with an answer as to why. host: that is a state commission that gives them that rate increase, right? caller: state commission. --t: kim from buffalo georgia next up, rebecca, good morning. caller: good morning. i am currently on the affordable care act and have been on it for two years. worka lot of americans, i part-time and it is difficult to get insurance. my husband is self-insured -- self employed. in the medical field, you pretty much work as needed.
7:45 am
weekll put in 36 hours a even though i am as needed. way for ast another lot of these big companies not to offer health insurance to their employees. either way, i am grateful for the affordable care act. i did not have any issues and rolling at all. and i havepremium not had any problem at all with it. i know a lot of people who are -- hasployed have been been a godsend to them. i do not see how they are going to remove this without replacing it with something else. i know they are never going to go this single-payer. i wish they would the rest of the world has. they really need to come up with a solution for the working people, the middle class in this country that kind of fall between the cracks. host: rebecca, unlike our caller
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from new york, in georgia you are using the federal exchange? yes, no problem whatsoever. i did have to call a couple of times to verify making my initial payment, but really it was a breeze. host: i want to get back to the editorial from the wall street journal. we read you part of the new york times. as is the lead in the wall street journal. their headline to their editorial -- the politics of trump care. writing some republicans think they can appeal obamacare and blame mr. obama for the fallout but they are kidding themselves. republicans were elected on a promise to repeal and replace. voters tend to politicians -- who do notticians solve problems even if they did
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not cause them. insurance markets depend on stability and predictability and insurers are already planning policies for 2018. butnew system can phase and the uncertainty of a long interval between the repeal and replace stages, or the possibility replacement never arrives could disrupt insurance for millions. ,he wall street journal saying the political risk is that the gop defaults to procrastination or reverts to its pattern of division and grandstanding. rand paul said wednesday he will oppose the gop repeal strategy because it might add to the deficit. only in washington, writes the wall street journal, will a opposeyled libertarian -- rene, your experience on the
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affordable care act. caller: i love it. right now, my co-pay to see my doctor -- i got to see him because he was on it -- my co-pay is five dollars. this is my third year of going on it. before they got the insurance what did we have? we did not have anything. i was first got on it paying $2.65. my deductible was $6,000. mississippi is called the 80/20 rule, if they do not spend all of money we get a rebate check the goes either back to us or we can put it toward our premium to help pay for the year. $961year i got back because mississippi did not meet the 80/20 rule. this year i got back $661.
7:49 am
host: when you get the money back, does it come from mississippi or this that or the federal government? caller: it comes from the affordable care act. they just send us a letter, because mississippi did not meet the 80/20 rule. the majority of mississippi gets a rebate check back if they do -- they have to spend the money so if they do not spend it the majority of mississippi gets a rebate check. everybody i know that has the affordable care act has gotten a refund so that helps you pay for your premium. i pay $103 a month. $661 fromubtract $103, that is like $1200 a year. i only pay like $400 for the year because mississippi did not meet the 80/20 rule. is in costa mesa,
7:50 am
california on the democrats line. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span. my health care would be unaffordable without the obamacare. my wife and i have it jointly. wheres a tax driven bill because we made under $63,000 we are qualified for it, and we pay half of what we would have paid. i have had prostate cancer for the last two years and i got my treatment, my radiation. pron shot nextlu month. kaiser, they control the rates, and my premium did go up.
7:51 am
it has gone up i think $80 or something like that. and also, it would have cost me 20% my deductible would be if i did not pay for my radiation. that was provided for. is right,rnie sanders medicare for all. single-payer would be the way to go, but it is such a big mess, the democrats really had to pull some -- i think it could be a much better system. to allow pre-existing conditions to be a disqualifier is going to kill people. you had a talk show host on that said people do not care about all of this stuff. they just want to go see a doctor, and that is the bottom line. people want to go see a doctor, and when you disqualify people from doing that, which is what
7:52 am
this act was designed for, to care for poor people, there is issues with it, the mandate and all that. you had to suffer from that, but people would have got taxed more from that, that is an issue too. i hear some of the disagreements , but you just cannot throw people under the curve and not provide health care. that is just wrong. i hope they are able to come up with something but i am pessimistic. host: the vice president elect was asked about that yesterday on capitol hill. he was asked in a news conference with that replacement would look like. would command all of your attention to the president-elect's speech in philadelphia where he laid out a plan to repeal and replace the obamacare. allowing americans to report --
7:53 am
purchase health insurance across state lines and he was very using the executive authority to make sure that is an orderly transition. we are working right now, the white house staff is, on a series of executive orders that will enable that orderly transition to take place, even as the congress appropriately debates alternatives to and replacement of obamacare. these provisions might stay in place until there is a new full plan? >> we have been saying all along, we do not want to pull the rug out from people while we replace the law. we want to make sure there is an orderly transition so the rug is not pulled out from the families who are currently struggling from obamacare while we provide relief. host: we hear from alfred on
7:54 am
mike pence's comments. he is saying he effectively said two things, a market-based system which in turn means a properly regulated system and competition. here is laura in patton, missouri, republican caller. caller: good morning. and when i gooyed to the obamacare web kite -- website to get insurance, i cannot afford it. it is two thirds of my income. it is over $700 a month. we do not qualify for any subsidies. we do not qualify for medicaid .nd i'm still without insurance
7:55 am
i have another health issue that will send me to a rheumatologist and specialist, and i have no insurance and no help finding medications. tot: how are you ablehost: pay the bills that come with the procedures? caller: florence hospital in st. louis gives you assistance. that is how i have had to do it. i still have to pay for all my medications. you are saying that through the federal exchange, the least expensive policy for you because you do not qualify for the subsidies, the least expensive policy is $700? over $700 and we live on less than $1000 a month. host: thank you for calling. we hear from lila next on our independent line, gaithersburg, maryland. caller: good morning.
7:56 am
i have been a member of the affordable care act ever since it started. the first couple of years it was helpful and i was getting a subsidy, but the program, the insurance companies increased the so significantly that i've witho take other insurance the same company, i have been able to keep the same company, but the premiums have star -- have gone so skyrocketing high i cannot afford them. are you eligible for subsidies? for a small amount -- caller: first small amount. i cannot afford to pay the difference. insurance, one of the silver plans, and ended canceling, notor
7:57 am
longer wanting to take my insurance. then i went to another doctor. she took me for a little while and then she canceled. where it isoint now not affordable for me to be able .o get insurance right now i have not renewed my policy because i just cannot afford to pay out-of-pocket, even with the subsidy. it is like $500 a month. ?ost: what about the choices you say the affordability is one thing, and the range of choices on the maryland exchange that you use, are there fewer choices than there used to be? caller: there are still the same choices. the only difference is that the
7:58 am
premiums on all of those choices have gone up so dramatically in the last few years that they are really unaffordable. hear, like the lady that was speaking in mississippi, i am like, what? $100 a month? even on a $5,000 deductible, i could afford possibly to get a program like that but they do not have that in maryland. and: we go to rosemary warren, michigan, democratic caller. your experience with the democrat -- the affordable care act. caller: i am referring to a phone call a couple calls back when a woman called saying how she is in debt medical bills. i am in the same position. i want to tell you, i have a neighbor who has supposedly good insurance through one of the big three, and she is not in any
7:59 am
different shape than i am. doctorslem is, these rooms,nto the patients' they do not fall under the insurance plan, and you get bills. you are looking at bills lying across your table you cannot pay . i think the simple answer to this whole thing, if the republicans want to repeal this, instead of giving it a chance or putting in a few good things, is give the american people the same health care insurance that them, paying for, for that is costing us astronomical amounts. and then everybody will be happy. do not try to put the american people in the ground sooner than they have to be. it is a shame we have a country host: wild and wonderful agrees with rosemary at least when it
8:00 am
comes to doctors tweeting that that happened before the aca. doctors have always decided which insurance companies they deal with. next is tom in chicago on our independent line. caller: thanks for c-span. i don't know what we would do without you guys. i will give you a quick synopsis. my wife was a doctor in chicago for 25 years almost. she was a family physician. i was insured through illinois masonic all that time. of course had pre-existing illnesses. at my wife died of lymph node cancer. i could not get insurance areas i have my own business. six months after she passed away i was put on their policy for the six months. i was covered for six months and after that i had no insurance. i tried to get insurance through
8:01 am
blue cross and blue shield. it was a pto. they denied me. they would not allow me to go on their policy even though i was on it for almost 25 years. thanks for the health care plan. i would not have had insurance without them. yes, it was expensive. that is the one problem why we need single-payer. it hurts the people that cannot afford a policy. you guys keep up the good work. host: we hear from texas next. heidi in brookshire, texas. republican line. caller: good morning. happy new year to you. my daughter had been trying to apply for the accord will correct -- for the affordable care act that could not receive it. she has a son and they want to charge her over 700 something dollars.
8:02 am
this affordable care act is not good for young people because they can't afford it. they don't have full-time work. there don't have a job that's paying their insurance or helping them pay insurance for them. host: how old is your daughter? caller: they need jobs in order to survive. because she don't have insurance they want to take what she do work for on her two jobs at the end of the year they want to take that from them. the affordable care act is not good for anyone. my niece, she can't even qualify. she don't even have a job in she's disabled and the affordable care act tells her she's unqualified to receive it because she's not working. she has no form of income. host: what do she do in the meantime to get health care? to take care for kids needs?
8:03 am
caller: shea goes to different doctors. she had to have major back surgery because she had a tumor in her back and she can barely walk now and they will give her disability. or anything to try to help her. texas, appreciate your input. our conversation with gnome m, leavy. no he quotes senator john cornyn of texas saying this is going to take time said senator cornyn the number two republican in the senate. the lack of detail underscored the complexity of undoing, the biggest expansion of the social safety net in decades without interfering with health care for tens of millions of americans. additional time to shore up support for preserving obamacare
8:04 am
in some form. continuing this morning with their calls and comments on your experience with the affordable care act. (202) 748-8000 for democrats. (202) 748-8001 for republicans. .ll others, (202) 748-8002 let's hear from evansville, indiana. angie is on our independent line. caller: i have been employed as a certified application counselor with the affordable care act. i have heard all types of stories. to the highest, in indiana we are the pence state. he actually refused the expanded medicaid for a long time. became to where you pay a certain premium, very
8:05 am
low premium for medicaid if you're able-bodied. medicaid. also, as far as the affordable ,are act in the marketplace what i have heard is high deductibles.high but come on the other hand, there are folks that are working part-time at restaurants let's say. they are absolutely thrilled with it. then you have other folks that not very happy with it because they have to pay a premium every month and indiana is a very red state. i'd heard your other caller talking about his daughter and
8:06 am
there is disability medicaid. this disability medicaid in all 50 states. very knowledgeable about medicaid. she should be able to get that and that would be a blessing to her. if she -- if she makes over and gets thrown, she into obamacare. host: is there an age limit? you said this disability medicaid, do you have to be a certain age to get that? caller: no. i'm a social worker by degree. i've worked with patience anywhere between zero to over 65. disability is determined by the federal government. then, the state actually has a medicaid system. i think all 50 states have a disability medicaid type of
8:07 am
program. you do have to have an income limit and things. you can't make $100,000 and just get automatic medicaid. that's a state thing. asset limits,y income limits, that sort of thing. for the most part you're going to be taken care of. that fellow with his daughter, i feel for him. he's not getting the social work help that he needs to have to get his daughter taking care of. as a certified application counselor with the affordable care act, my job is gone. host: appreciate you weighing in. this another comment on our caller from texas, tiny who talked about experience there.
8:08 am
this tweet says tiny's daughter and a woman making $1000 -- living in a republican state has the expanded medicaid republican first attack on the affordable care. we hear from regina on our democrat line. caller: i'm calling from st. paul minnesota. i do feel blessed to be here. july thatjob back in provided an insurance plan that was pretty high deductible. $50 for office visits. when i lost my job i lost my insurance. i was on unemployment. highst of living is so that i could not afford any
8:09 am
extra bill because i could barely make my mortgage and my utilities. i've been uninsured right now. forward to having to pay some sort of penalty on my taxes for being uninsured. that as goingived to be as much as i would have had to pay out-of-pocket for insurance. my thing is, i have seen the benefit in other people of the affordable care act. friends of mine who are seniors who volunteered who had a lot of chronic illnesses, mental health , and physical, especially folks with diabetes, who have really been blessed. i knew friends who had to split their pills, stop taking their medicine for a month and get really sick.
8:10 am
now they don't have that problem. i don't understand how the insurance companies -- because my son is one of those who fell for the bait and switch thing, they get in there and then your insurance companies ramped up the premiums after you've gotten baited in. host: next we go to our republican line. hear from don in indiana. caller: thanks for taking my call. was, i used to have a garden center business. i sold that and i used to have insurance through that so after abouty insurance was $3500 a year. when obamacare came along it switched up to about $8,000 a year so i could not afford that. to therced me to go on
8:11 am
obamacare thing if i wanted to .eep my doctor also if i wanted to go to a hospital in town. i'd never taken a subsidy before in my life. i didn't like that but i was willing to take some kind of re.k for the i know anything they're going to do -- somebody has to pay for somebody. my thought was to try to do something out of the box by having some kind of workfare for the people who get subsidized or -- mayben have that they could set up something for the government to have people who get any federal help on any programs that they've -- we
8:12 am
-- tosome corporations -- in othereople words we could have the people are not nowthing we producing in the united states which we have lost to china and then they take the profit from that, because the people would -- theyng in the labor take the profit from that to pay for the program, something totally out-of-the-box and totally different brokers got to find some had to pay for it. i also had a question. they said there was 20 million people that weren't covered that were covered by it. i wonder if that includes the people like myself who were
8:13 am
forced to go on obamacare in order to get the subsidy to be able to afford it. host: i don't know that. i know that the enrollments for this time around for 2017 am my current enrollments are ahead of before the reports indicate many of those are people signing up again but in terms of specific, it would be an interesting thing to find out. thanks for all of your calls and more coming up. will broaden up the topic and hear from one of the members of the house democratic leadership, jared polis of colorado joining us to talk about health care in his parties broader strategy with the republican congress and incoming trump administration. republican congressman tom reed of new york is vice chair of the trump transition team. republican plans on repealing and replacing obamacare and more. before we continue, president obama yesterday thanked members of the military community during a farewell ceremony at joint
8:14 am
base my henderson hall. -- joi >> of all the privileges of this office i will miss air force one.i will miss marine i can stand before you today and say there has been no greater privilege and no greater honor than serving as the commander-in-chief of the greatest military in the history of the world. [applause] >> when i took office i noted that presidents and those of you in uniform swear similar oath's. to protect and defend this country and the constitution that we cherish. by stepping forward and volunteering, by raising your right hand and taking that oath,
8:15 am
each of you made a solemn pledge. you committed yourselves to a life of service and sacrifice. and i come in turn, made a , which of the best of my abilities and try to uphold every day since. that i would only send you into harms way when absolutely necessary with a strategy and a well-defined goals, with the equipment and support that you needed to get the job done. because that is what you rightfully expect and deserve. made that pledge at a time when less than 1% of americans wear the uniform. fewer americans know someone who serves. as a result, a lot of americans don't see the sacrifices you make on our behalf.
8:16 am
but as commander in chief, i do. i have seen it when i look at the eyes of young cadets, knowing that my decisions could send them into harms way. i've seen it when i visit the field. bagram, baghdad, far from your families will risk your lives so that we can live hours safely and in freedom. and i have inspired me have been humbled by you consistently. i want every american to know what i know, through year, after year, after year of continuous military operations, you have earned your place among the greatest generations. >> washington journal continues. host: congressman jared polis joining us with a new title in addition to his representation of


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