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tv   Using the C-SPAN Video Library  CSPAN  January 5, 2017 8:55pm-8:59pm EST

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sthe appear in the order they were on the network. you can search for a person's name. every person. 117,000 people have pages that contain all their video and on that page is a link, a search box and you put in a word. so let's say you want sheila jackson lee and then you put in a word. say they talk about climate change. >> members of the congressional black caucus tomorrow will receive the signatures and public statements of those demanding that this body fully support president obama's clean power plan.
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>> ted poe who speaks a lot on the floor and talks about iraq. but in those words and that will get you to particular small pieces almost like paragraphs. >> the soldiers were members of the third battalion 16th field army regiment second armored brigade combat team of the first cavalry division. these american soldiers were volunteers that swore to protect the united states. >> across the top we have a link that says all our video, our clips. you can find all the clips that people make are available for other people to look for. >> who leads first? obama or assad? who leaves first? >> i certainly hope it's assad. >> i do but i don't think so. >> another tab that says mentions. quotes that are valuable. > what a bizarre decision by the president of mexico to invite donald trump down there.
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>> then on the far right side there are breakdowns much like on any shopping website. you can say i want to see a particular person's name, a particular senate committee or a tag for a policy. to the left side is very valuable for narrowing down. >> search, click, and play on the c-span video library at director of national intelligence james clapper today told a senate panel he was confident that russia had hacked into dnc computers in an effort to interfere in u.s. elections. he was joined by a defense official and head of the national security agency at this hearing of the armed services committee beginning with the committee chair senator john mccain.


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