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tv   Open Phones on Health and Human Services Secretary Confirmation Hearing  CSPAN  January 18, 2017 1:58pm-2:25pm EST

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>> a nearly four-hour hearing for georgia congressman tom price to be the health and human services secretary. from the last four hours or so, tom price and members of the health, education, labor, and pensions committee. it is the number to call for democrats.
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others,.ll we will read some of your facebook comments if you want to send us a tweet as well. you'll get to some of those. we have wrapped up this hearing, obviously. one of several we have been covering today. we aim to take you live to the white house in 15 minutes or so, president obama is holding his arel news conference and we expected to start live. first, we hear from michelle on the independent line. whole: i found that the questioning was kind of disturbing. -- the other the other different ones. the hearing yesterday at the education hearing? caller: that was scary. aboutday, the question
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his investing in stock. it was ruled on in a different way -- i hope i'm making sense here. not good. he was asked about investments in various health care companies by a number of senators. how do you think he answered those questions? goter: i don't feel like i an answer. he seemed sly and not very forthcoming. granted, the democratic senators who questioned him were fierce. they opened it up to his nonanswers.
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both yesterday and today, he just want to hear from anybody else. it was his way or that was it. the public hearing, turning in their questions and you will get a written response. and: we have the questions comments about that in just a minute but we will get to a few more of your calls. salem, pennsylvania. it on the republican line. was distressed by how senator kaine was so easy on representative crist. -- price. in contrast to senator warren being very difficult. what interests me about that is i can't help but wonder if that
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was a reason why secretary clinton picked kaine instead of warren to be vp. and if it would have been a different outcome if warren had been vp-elect. i wonder about what it means in terms of if you are trying to see unity. we definitely saw all the different candidates on the republican side. and what does it mean in terms of having unity and moving forward as a country? host: chris is on the line from boulder, colorado. caller: i had a question about what mr. price means by access. i was thinking about, like -- i have access to buy a bmw if i want to if i can afford it.
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but if you take about what is involved in what has been passed in the health care law, to use the car metaphor, you can buy a car without seatbelts, anti-pollution devices, gas mileage requirements. access, thereout are no guarantees about what you purchase. and we hear from oaklawn. caller: i thought today's hearing was a perfect microcosm of the election overall. there is absolutely zero self-awareness. the accusations of racism by mr. kanine.
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accusations of gender discrimination by senator warren i am sure mr. price is tired of being called a racist, a crook because of his financial dealings. good case study for people to observe and see how disgusting politics is. tom price has been in congress since 2004 and was asked a number of times about stock trades he's made or his broker has made with health , including senator patty murray. murray: recent press reports about your investments in the australian biotech company in eight immuno therapeutics raises serious questions about your judgment.
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i want to review the facts. you purchased stock in innate immunotherapeutic, a company working to develop drugs on four separate occasions between january 15 and august 2016. you made the decision to make that without a broker, yes or no? >> it was a decision i made, yes. price were offered a lower than what was available to the general public. >> the initial purchase was at the market price. the secondary purchase in june september of 2016 was at a price available to individuals participating in a private placement offering. >> it was lower than available to the general public? >> i don't know. it was the same price everybody paid at the offering. both an investor and a board
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member of the company on trump's transition team. he was overheard off the house floor bragging about how he made people millionaires from a stock tip. informed meng, you you made these purchases based on conversations with representative collins. is that correct? that is what you said to me in my office. >> what i believe i said you is that i learned of the company from congressman collins. >> i recall you had a conversation with him and decided to purchase the stock. >> that is not correct. >> that's what i remember you saying in my office. to the representative tell you anything that could be considered a "stock tip." yes or no? >> i don't believe so. no. >> you were offered shares in the company a price is not available to the public, you
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bought the shares. is that not a stock tip? >> that's not what happened. he talked about the company in the work they were doing trying to solve the challenge of progressive secondary multiple sclerosis, which is a debilitating disease. >> i'm aware of that. >> i studied the company for a. of time. >> let me go on. the 21st century cures act which had several provisions that could impact developers like innate immunotherapy being negotiated. days before you are notified before a final vote on the bill. are they actively involved in policymaking at the health sector to repeatedly, personally invest in a drug company that
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could benefit from those actions? >> it is not what happened. >> let me just a i believe it is an appropriate and we need if you to this regarding and congressman collins used your access to nonpublic information when you bought at prices that were unavailable to the public. >> i had no access to nonpublic information. host: that issue drew a lot of comments. senator franken certainly give us info about tom price that he wasn't expecting to be public knowledge. sounded like insider trading would only 20 people were told about this great deal. several questions on conflict of interest very well and has put my mind at rest. he should be confirmed. doesck tweets, tom price not believe all people deserve conference of health care.
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for less than five minutes work -- in his final news conference as president, president obama expected to defend manning's computation -- commutation. at 2:15 p.m. eastern we will take you to the white house live when it happens. continuing with your calls on the hearing of tom price to be the next hhs secretary and this is columbus, georgia. republican line. caller: i wanted to say that representative or an -- warren. the air that she displays when she questions someone is terrible in my book. but i am very proud of dr. price. i thought he was very thorough. he answered the questions.
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they carried it around on their shoulder and it is so obvious. them, but there are a few that are so arrogant. it is hard to watch and listen. host: next is three links, wisconsin. i am one of the millions of individuals worried about surviving a problem. i am on a liver transparent -- transplant list. i am stable enough i don't need a liver but the possibility of an infection. on a freighter to milwaukee, you need to have proof of insurance.
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it's not necessarily for the operation itself. you canan't prove that get coverage for this medication, they will not allow you to have a good and viable liver. address.s not an 48 to 72ly have a hours to replace the liver and it takes months to get back on a transplant list. host: how long have you been on the list? caller: i have been on the list for about three years. i had a colorectal cancer. that kind of hurt my immune system. once or twice a year, they do an
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ultrasound to check for any cancer growth or anything like that. they may not have to the insurance for surgery. where does it stand for you and health insurance? caller: right now, i am on medicare and they use medicaid as what they call a backup. i can get the checkups and thiss have been going at point. all it takes is a virus or some type of infection and i have 5% or 7% of my liver remaining. it could knock the river completely out. it is kept until they find something. we appreciate you calling
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in and sharing your story with us. just looking at the confirmation hearings, i am a little worried about the nominee. senator warren alluded to transparency. we have a nominee that is engaged in conflict of interest with stocks and profiting from some of the policy that he's finding. eva before we get it to the , and they have a commonality of this conflict of interest.
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that is worrying to me. host: it was a busy day of hearings today with the tom price hearing. nikki haley, the south carolina governor tapped to be the u.n. secretary. we covered scott pruitt, current attorney general from oklahoma. all of those erring in prime time. here are the coverage plans for thursday. treasury secretary nominee, we will have that for you tomorrow at the same time. we will also hear from rick perry, selected by donald trump to be the energy secretary. you can also watch it live it
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we will continue to take your calls momentarily. president obama and his final news conference at to get underway shortly. from garland texas on the republican line. i have been watching most of the confirmation hearings. the questions coming from the democratic side are not only, shall we say, trying to indict any of the nominees, but they are also asking, what are you going to do to get us out of the mess that we made? with any of the
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nominees so far and god to all of them. let's try to get this fixed. we mentioned rick perry testifying tomorrow for the energy secretary position. we go to sugarland, texas. independent line. i was calling because i heard previously one of the republican callers mention that people are tired of being called names and that that is why trump one. which is interesting because during this hearing, i noticed that -- i can't remember the question that was asked about the southern confederacy, price said that there is good in every heritage. untrueck me both as very and speaking to exactly why people are questioning the racist beliefs of some on the right. i think it is unfortunate. he was asked about his
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support of a piece of legislation in his time at the georgia legislation, correct? yes.r: he was specifically asked about supporting the heritage of the southern confederacy. and he said there's something good about every heritage. to the u.s. he came house, tom price was in the georgia legislature. he was the first republican senate majority leader in that state's history and became a congressman in 2004 and won reelection in november. caller: i was just calling to comment as well. today was a series of unfortunate events to me, quite honestly. i feel like he didn't answer besides saying what the people
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-- when asked about women's health care, women being able to have about birth control. he did not give us a specific answer. and on top of that, the scandalous things going on with the private trades he has done. he did not clear up anything. >> it was a busy day of hearings. tweeting that the republican senates were confirmed friday. that's how many he says the senate confirmed on obama's inauguration in 2009. the president-elect, is he
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writing the inauguration speech echoed looking forward to friday .t the capitol hill producer partly sunny skies over the u.s. capitol where donald trump will be inaugurated as the 45th president in two days. it is supposed to be rainy on friday. coverage begins at 7:00 a.m. eastern. next up, atlanta georgia. republican line. tom price is actually my congressman. he has worked with people like casey cagle, pushing innovation, telehealth in the senate. i think johnny isakson said it best.
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the dedication and the effort, the work ethic that he showed. i think he will carry that over. i think you're going to see that state be one of the leaders, especially with people like casey k. tom price representing the sixth district there in georgia, the suburbs north of atlanta. go ahead, jim. callingi was just because there has been a lot of focus on this repeal and replace when tamika, that should be a last resort. i haven't heard anything that could not be addressed as a repair, a fix. i am wondering if there was something that i'm missing in everyone is so
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anxious to do a full replace without considering repair options. donald trump said he would wait until tom price's approval forward-- before moving with a replacement plan, announcing specifics on those plans. the poll says americans are more happy with the affordable care act. the wall street journal, more in u.s. like obamacare. americans are starting to warm up to the affordable care act amid concerns about their republicans efforts to dismantle it. according to a wall street journal nbc news poll. where waiting to hear from president obama who will be making his final news conference in the briefing room. it jammed to the rafters with reporters and others. we will continue taking your calls and follow the president's comments with your calls as well.
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as hear from carolyn in north highlands, california. caller: what i am concerned about, among other things he said, that phrase that many republicans keep doing even on television shows talking to journalists. access to care for all. it sounds so good. that's what we all want. nobody can disagree with that phrase. when theyt using it asked him pointed questions about specific things. guarantee.k him to he deferred. i am telling you, that's what makes me afraid that they are not answering.
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i know there's a lot of people that believe that is an answer because it sounds so good. and it's got me and many others afraid. host: thanks, carolyn. a for our meeting today in front labor health education and pensions committee. is a little bit of the back-and-forth between tom price and senator chris murphy. murphy: we hear you and president trump prays all of these aspects of the affordable care act. and layout goals that sounded eerily familiar to what we have been living with the last six years. you don't want there to be a gap between the repeal and the replacement. at least as many people would have coverage with the goal of more people having coverage. young adults will get to stay on their plan until age 26. to howt get specifics as that's going to occur.
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and theif you president-elect want to do everything the affordable care act in a different way. i will give up on trying to get at the specifics of the secret replacement plan and ask you about metrics. about how we will measure whether what you propose as a replacement is meeting your benchmarks. for instance, the number of people covered. the cost of health care to individuals. the amount of money out-of-pocket that people have to pay. take you live down to the white house for president obama. president obama: i was sorely tempted to wear a tan suit today in my last press conference. but michelle, whose fashion sense is better than mine, tells me that is not appropriate in january. icovered a lot of ground would want to cover in my farewell address last week.


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