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tv   U.S. House Convenes Ahead of Presidential Inauguration  CSPAN  January 20, 2017 10:00am-10:16am EST

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gal to gel a trere piur fm e capit. e houseeson should st about 10 20 mites. tim: the hseilben de -- the eaker proemreth us will be in order.
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chaplain conroy: let us ay god ofhenirse ve yothanks foriving us another day. you are the father us all an youdivine providence has d ts tionn the past and guides all han aai t is vy day. ts day, the american people join congress a we cl uponouho name. weray fo vice presidenmi nce anmo especlly for your servant dond um o elected 45th predent ohese unit state may your hy spir dce on him tt may s things as you s tngs. may he be strethed ihi work andro in understandi as heroves ever attentive t th peoe. paheespondo e natn' deest needs and -- may he respond to theation's deepes
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needs d lift utoigher standards ofqu jtice, true goodns d pcel unn. ant him health and pteion sincere collaboration and renewefah. lord, may theeople of thi nation a tse around the world stand wh him toace o alngelen how accept every sucss and every failure with gra and support him with encragement and prayer we pray that he becomeis best self. as always, m a thats ne be for yourreeronor and gly. en the spkero tempore: rsnt to secti 3 o house resolution0,he journaof the last day's proceengispproved. thpledgef legianceill be ledy e ntleman fr w rkmr.on. .on: ask allo in
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with me. plgellegiance to the flag the united statesf erica and to the replic for which stand one nation under d, indivisible, wi lerty and juste r l. the spke proemrethe chair lays before the us mmunicion. th cle: e norable th speaker, house of representatives, sir, pursut tohe permission granted in clause 2-h orule 2 of the leofhe u.s. hse of reestaves, the clerk receed theolwi msage from the secretary of the senate on january 17, 2017, at 5:24 p.m. that the senate passed witho amendment, h.r. 72. sign sincerely, karen l. haas. the honorae e ear, house of representives, sir, pursuant to e rmission granted in clause 2-h of rule 2 ofhe rulesf e u.s. house of representativesth clerk reived the following message from the secretary othe senate ojaary 1 2017,t
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9:48.m. that the senate passed without amendment h.9. the speaker pro mpe: t ouse will be in order. the clerk:igned sinrely, kan aa thhonorable the speaker, house rrentives, sir, pursuant to the ctn 603 of thdepartnt of state authorieac fisl year 2017, plic law1423i pleasedo appnthe following individual to the stn hemihere dg policy commissi, . s farr of carmel, cifni thank you foyour aenono this mte signed sincelynay pelosi, demoat lder. the honorable the spear, house of representives, sir, rsuant to section 553 of th tional defense authozaon act for fiscal ye 2017, puicaw 114-328, am ead to appoint the following indivial to the tialommission on mita, natialnd public servic m edward
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allardi of los angel, california. thank you for your consideration of this appointmt. signedincerely, nancy posi, moat lde the speaker prteor pursuant to clause 4 of rule 1, the following enrolled bills were signed by speaker pro tempore upton onhursday, january ,01 39, h.r. 72, and the speaker signed the following enrolled billn thuray, jua 19, 2017, senate 84. the speaker prteore: t house will be in order. thchr announces tt detoe seated on the atform, sitting members of the 115th congress must have an officialin which they will be given as ey leave the chamber. membs e advised there are no extra seats on the platform therefore, oy sittg membe will be seated on t ptform.
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der no circumstaesil former members, former house officers, spouses or chdr will be pceedn e platform. the rgeant at arms will ocd the procession. mbs will be eorted tthe west trace. mbs, the residt mmissioner and delegates shld cgregate in the well to cla. pursuanto w solution7, up cometn the reny, the house will stand jone uil noon on monday, nuy , 27, fororng ur date. and 2:00 p. r legiative busiss. pursua to hoe resolutn 37members wl now proceed to the wt front to attend t inaugura ceremonies for the esident and the vice prident of the it ste
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oomorning. you'reatching c-span's coinuing livcora oth presidtial inauratio c-spanill be throughout the y d thearade this afternoon and taking to inaugural banc tight and we are gng to do o best to ay out of the w amu as poib and ge you the sens yoare here inashington, d.c. there is aitf lit in fallin temperaturesndn the high 40, w 50's and the cro i continuing to grow as it get cler to the time oth
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cemony. things are going to be happenininretty shororder here. membs the hsendenate will be kihe w outo e platforonheesfront ofhe capitol andhe the inodtions willegin. thereside,utin prident obam andrs obama and the trumps will be arriving at about 145abt half an ur fm n, r the cemy and we'r going tbeatin them make th processiodown nnsylvania avee to the catol and into the holding om whe ty'll wait r e ceremonies tbegin. we're going to just watch for a feminutes here from our advantage point. as you look at t platform in the st front, o historical note, the st fntaseen us just since ronald ag's inguti i 1981. thcalifoia predent wante to look to the wt aheoo e th oofce.
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mr. boner: well,ell, well. >>onatulatns. mr boehn: how a you? >> conatulations.
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how are you? good to see you. so good to s y. it's a gre d, isn't it? ["the battle hn of t puicpling]
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[appus >> lies and gentlemen, the chaian of the joint chiefs of staff, general joseph f. dunford sdent a een dunford. dunford jr. andll dunford >>ood mornin good mni. >> h a y? >> good morning. how you doing? ♪


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