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tv   President Trump Reviews Troops at the East Front of the Capitol  CSPAN  January 20, 2017 3:10pm-3:31pm EST

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box. d so iou le s- wod le cgrule e ba tt s enble tmarch t pad th wl aemory for tm to ps tthr cldn d grdcldren and ngratutis r tm come darch in thare and ullio y he presrsouretandinou the desoying pli prer. yb iyou wentnd vontret mergizio d ied toel peoe at you thghor believe in, mae youould he wayf nvcieople yr liefs ite of standg t er dtroying prer. host: d't from rto rgia - dalfr rto rgia. dold has lt a te ca fm bea i tso
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caeri stand me coen i in presintba d a enen j. r psidenthaha t fit f eryineteth heasbltoccplish d yeheastill ae acmpshllhe this at d. tnk he d a phenona j. coralareside tmp i shim t vyes thk isourys ifoa t cngan mbee ed atbui ve hrd l o peleaying aot of bad in autredent obamand ft hdiahemel j. rededouotfo trump? ll: no, d not. i wod like to see h carry thug oth pmis h made heasald goto a
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