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tv   Watch Recap of Inaugural Activities  CSPAN  January 21, 2017 1:37am-4:35am EST

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>> the incoming and outgoing presidents and their families road together in a position to the capitol. 1837tradition dates to when the president accompanied the president-elect to the capital for the swearing-in ceremony.
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♪ ♪
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please stand as the armed color guard presents our national colors. ♪
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♪ ladies and gentlemen, the 39th president of the united states, jimmy carter and mrs. rosalynn carter. [applause] ♪ [applause]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the 42nd president of the united states, william jefferson clinton and the honorable hillary rodham clinton. [applause]
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>> hillary, we're here for you. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the 43rd president of the united states, george w. bush and mrs. laura bush.
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>> present arms. >> ladies and gentlemen, the children of vice president mike ence --
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the children of president-elect trump, donald trump junior, ivanka trump, eric trump, tiffany trump, and barron trump. escorted by the senate secretary and house of representatives chief administrative officer.
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[crowd chanting u.s.a.]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the first lady mrs. michelle obama, and the wife of the vice president, dr. jill biden, escorted by the democratic staff director of the united states senate committee on and and administration, mr. paul pelosi.
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[applause] > thank you. [applause]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, mrs. melania trump and mrs. karen pence escorted by the secretary of the senate's julie adams, the clerk of the house of representatives, karen haas, mrs. abgallon blunt, mrs. jen yan, the honorable elaine l. ciao, and mrs. judy mccarthy. [applause]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states, the honorable barack h. obama, and the vice president joseph r. biden, escorted by secretary democratic and senate rules committee ranking member, charles schumer, and house democratic leader, nancy pelosi. [applause]
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[crowd chanting trump]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the vice president elect, michael richard pence. [applause]
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>> ladies and gentlemen,
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escorting the president-elect, the staff director for the joint congressional committee on inaugural ceremonies, stacey mcbride, the senate sergeant at arms, the house sergeant at arms, the chairman of the joint congressional committee on inaugural ceremonies, roy blunt. rules committee ranking member and senate democratic leader, charles e. schumer, the speaker of the house of representatives, paul d. ryan, senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell, house majority leader, kevin mccarthy, and house democratic leader, nancy pelosi.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the president-elect of the united states, donald john trump. [applause]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the chairman of the joint congressional committee for inaugural ceremonies, the honorable roy blunt. senator blunt: thank you-all. if you have a seat, you can sit down. mr. president, mr. vice
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president, mr. president-elect, mr. vice president-elect, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the inauguration of the 45th president of the united states f america. today the legislative, executive, the judicial branches of our constitutional government come together for the 58th inauguration of the president of the united states. millions of people all over the world will watch and will listen to this event. 36 years ago in his first inauguration, it was also the first inauguration on this side of the capitol, president ronald reagan said that what we o here is both commonplace and miraculous. commonplace every four years since 1789 when president george washington took this
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exact same oath. miraculous because we have done it every four years since 1789, and the example it sets for democracies everywhere. washington believed the inauguration of the second president would be more important than the inauguration of the first. many people had taken control of the government up until then, but few people had ever turned that control willingly over to anyone else. and as important as the transfer of the -- first transfer of power was, many historians believe that the next election was even more important when an 18-1 one group of people arguably for the first time ever in history willingly, if not enthusiastically, gave control of the government to people they believed had a dramatically different view of
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what the government would, should, and could do. after that election that actually discovered a flaw in the constitution itself, which was remedied by the 12th amendment, thomas jefferson at that inauguration beyond the chaos of the election that had just passed said, we're all republicans, we're all federalists. after four years of civil war, lincoln's second inaugural speech tried to find reason for the continued war when he pointed out that both sides pray to the same god, earlier written about those prayers, that one side must be, and both sides may be wrong, but in 1865, he looked to the future and the memorable moment in that speech was, with mall list toward none, and -- mallice toward none and charity toward all. in the middle of the depression
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the country was told that the only thing we had to fear was fear itself. and president kennedy talked about the obligation in democracy to country, the great question that day was, ask what you can do for your country. so we come to this place again, commonplace and miraculous, a national moment of celebration but not a celebration of victory, a celebration of democracy. and as we begin that celebration, i call on his eminence, timothy michael cardinal dolan, reverend dr. samuel rodriguez, and pastor paula white-cain to provide readings and the invocation. [applause] archbishop dolan: the prayer of
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king solomon from the book of wisdom. let us pray. god of our ancestors and lort of mercy, you have made all things. and in your providence have charged us to rule the creatures produced by you. to govern the world in holiness and righteousness, and to render judgment with integrity of heart. give us wisdom for we are your servants, weak and short lived, lacking in comprehension of judgment and of laws. indeed, though one might be perfect among mortals, if wisdom which comes from you be lacking, we count for nothing. now with you is wisdom who knows your will and was there when you made the world, who understands what is pleasing in your eyes, what is conformable with your commands, send her
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forth from your holy heavens, from your glorious thrown dispatch her that she may be with us and work with us, that we may grasp what is pleasing to you for she knows and understands all things and will guide us prudently in our affairs and safeguard us by her glory. men. reverend rodriguez: from the gospel of matthew, the fifth chapter. god, blesses those who are poor and realize their need for him for the kingdom of heaven is theirs. god blesses those who mourn for they will be comforted. god blesses those who are humble for they will inherit the earth. god blesses those who hunger and thirst for justice for they will be satisfied. god blesses those who are merciful, for they will be
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shown mercy. he blesses those who are pure in heart for they will see god. god blesses those who work for peace, for they will be called children of god. god blesses those who are persecuted for doing right for the kingdom of heaven is theirs. and god blesses you when people mock you and persecute you and lie about you and says all sorts of evil things bens against you because you are my followers. for you are the light of the world, like the city on a hill top that cannot be hidden, no one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. instead a lamp is placed on its stand where it gives light to everyone in the house. in the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see that everyone will praise your heavenly father. espectfully in jesus name. pastor white: we come to you,
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heavenly father, in the name of jesus with grateful hearts, thanking you for this great country that you have decreed to your people. we acknowledge we're a blessed nation with the richis o fah dortu. hto ofah d foite. thheute ats ll th pmi a ppo. rogzeha eryoo anevy rfom omound t utestes ari iyo gt. r icweclm r atud asatn n pyor o esenondohtrp, cerede mhaicrd nc a tiramie weskhayoouldesw up o psint t wdo ceartoea ts ea ti thra t ufys,nd t retho an f wt i horae d rhtnou
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3:08 am
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3:12 am
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3:13 am
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3:14 am
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3:15 am
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3:17 am
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3:40 am
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3:41 am
3:42 am
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3:43 am
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3:58 am
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4:02 am
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4:30 am
ys t ectn fo e resul were announced, and all kinds of people are in this painting. people from all walks of life. people who are excited, people who are confused, people who wondered what's happened and people who wonder what's going to happen are all there. actually he painted this painting about the same time in this very room, some of the least successful debates in the history of our country were being held, and, of course, we paid the price for not being able to find solutions. one of my favorite statues in the building is in a room that i have here in the capitol right now. i had it in the whip's office when i was the whip in the house, and it's one of my favorites because nobody knows who it is and i don't mean nobody here can guess who it is. i mean, nobody knows who it is and nobody has known who it was since about 1930. couldn't have been in the
4:31 am
capitol building more than 100 years before people began to wonder, who is this person? and i think it's a great reminder that what we do here is a lot more important than who we are. so we have work in front of us. it's a wonderful opportunity. it is a great day, and i'm asking barry black, the chaplain of the senate, to come nd give us our opening prayer. chaplain black: let us pray. eternal lord god, our refuge and strength, we praise you hat we have nothing to fear. we can stand fearlessly during this season of peaceful your tion because we know
4:32 am
providence will prevail. lord, we're grateful for this inaugural luncheon and for your providence that has brought president donald j. trump to this milestone moment. you have admonished us to pray for leaders and governments so we pray for our new president. with crown his labors success, leading him to the destination you have chosen. surround him, his family and the members of his cabinet with the shield of your divine protection and favor. may president trump seek your wisdom, justice and grace,
4:33 am
leading with your strength, which reaches out to those on light's margins -- the lost, lonely, last, least and left out. may he remember that those who would leave a legacy of greatness must strive to become servants of all. lord, inspire our president to perform his god-appointed duties with such reverence for you that his tenure will be like the sunshining forth on a cloudless morning, like a rainbow after a storm and like the singing of the birds at dawn. bless our food and fellowship.
4:34 am
we pray in your sovereign name, men. senator blunt: lunch will be served. senator blunt: it is to me, my favorite room. sitting -- sitting right back over there by father was a young congressman who served one term. mr. mccarthy: who i believe was our finest president. abraham lincoln. [applause] mr.


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